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happy birthday @spellwovennight! i tried to put together a few of your favorites– college au, derek/stiles, and into the woods

also on a03

“You can get class credits for it,” Laura says, with a knowing look in her eye.

Derek has to admit, he’s been ignoring some of his gen ed requirements, and an independent study in the theater department would be great for boosting his GPA and lowering stress.

But it’s theater.

“What are you guys working on again?” Derek folds his arms.

“Into the Woods,” Laura replies. “Look, I’m just the stage manager, but this quarter’s turnout was really low and I really need help getting the sets together. All you have to do is paint, I promise. Please, Derek?”

And this is how Derek finds himself on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons outside BHU’s art building, painting a forest mural. He’s got a few other murals to paint but it’s self-explanatory, and he and the other set tech, Boyd, get along well. It’s actually really relaxing, and Derek doesn’t have to interact with the cast much at all.

Derek has to admit Laura was right. This is a great idea. He finds himself looking forward to the time rhythmically painting and the companionable silence with Boyd; it’s a highlight of his week, especially as his other classes are getting incredibly difficult. He was worried that Laura might try to convince him to try out for one of the parts, but she’s been busy choreographing dance moves along with her other duties.

One of the best things is that Derek can come in and paint whenever he wants; he gets a key from Laura and he can come in at any hour to the art lot and work on the murals. Boyd takes the most advantage of this, as he’s on the track and field team and has competitions all the time, and it isn’t long before Derek is coming and going at all odd hours.

It’s early evening, and the actual theater class has been over for a few hours. There have been a few people going in and out of the auditorium, but Derek is alone, adding details to a tree, completely in his own world, singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack. If he gets a little carried away in one of his favorite songs, no one needs to know.

“I am the one thing in my life I can control…I am inimitable, I am an original…” Derek is totally lost in the song now, harmonizing and singing the final few verses, flicking his paintbrush at a tree leaf with a flourish.

“Whoa. Who are you and why are you not in my musical?”

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A little help?

I have been searching for some gifs from ‘Before the flood’ Guys, please help me out…. I can’t find it anywhere, omg.

You know, that scene near the ending when the Doctor was explaining how the message wasn’t for Clara but for him? And then she’d reply with ‘Smart’, and he’ll give her this lovesick/drunken adorable smile that absolutely melts the heart.

Yes. Of course you know that.

Please, please, I need that moment in my dash ;3;

Thank you so much!

anonymous asked:

Can you please write a list of what kind of things guys do that you find attractive. ? :)

Lol I suppose I can

i find it attractive when

  • When guys remember the small things you tell him (one of the most important things in my opinion!)
  • They’re good listeners (as in they look you in the eyes while you’re talking and you can tell they’re actually engaged in what you have to say!!)
  • oh! and they have to be good conversationalists. i enjoy people i can have a meaning or fun conversation with
  • Have nice style/present themselves well (but I’m kind of picky with this one because I don’t like it when they overdo themselves… be stylish in moderation. If that makes sense!)
  • Know how to prioritize school/are studious
  • Have manners!! Omg do you know how many guys don’t have manners?! It’s appalling to be honest… like.. c’mon… be a gentleman
  • Speak gently
  • Guys who are more “actions” than “words.” I HATE it when guys (or people in general) say one thing and then do another. it’s like they’re making themselves out to be someone I can’t trust!
  • When they offer to do small things for me/are willing to go out of their way for me
  • I like it when guys have good reaction. I don’t enjoy spending my time with unresponsive people… it gets really boring and tiring after a while
  • Oh I like it when guys know how to speak Korean!! It’s just a plus since I often switch back and forth from Korean and English
  • Ooh I really like it when guys are good at math and chemistry *heart eyes*
  • When they’re generous (with their food, money, time… etc.)
  • when they’re responsible and have good work ethics (as in they’re hard workers!) 
  • Are encouraging but not unrealistic to the situation 
  • Guys who appreciate art, aesthetics, and music
  • Guys who are openminded!! and accepting of all people!! i can’t find people who are narrow-minded attractive… i just… can’t -__- 
  • Guys who don’t belittle others and are humble!!! omg i love humble guys
  • Guys who can be assertive 
  • Guys who are perceptive  
  • Guys who can stand up for what they believe in! i don’t like guys (or people in general) who get swayed by the crowd
  • Guys who try their best to live like a follower of God 
  • Guys who just let me be me and appreciate me for who i am!!

idk does this answer your question? i feel like this is a pretty generic list lol. 

First post!

I guess it’s customary to make an introductory post like this, sooo…

My name’s Rebecca, and I’m currently a sophomore in high school. I’m passionate about writing and foreign languages, and I’m looking at AP Lang and AP Biology for next year.

I discovered the studyblr community only a short while ago, and you’ve all inspired me so much already. Your organized and aesthetically pleasing notes and journals make my lil perfectionist heart so happy. I can’t promise I’ll post much, but I’ll be reblogging stuff. :)

I’d like to thank the blogs @academla, @areistotle, @elkstudies, @hermionegoals, and @studyign. You guys have helped me out a ton in a really short amount of time. *blows kisses*

Anyway, there’s my post. It’s nice to officially join this community, and I’m excited to make some friends!

GUYS GUYS GUYS I HAVE BIG NEWS!!!! My website is finally up so go have a look! (direct link in my bio 💛). You can find the recipe for these delicious date, kamut and hazelnut cookies + a welcome blog post + an excitement announcement regarding my EBOOK Glowing Eats. Please please go read it all and tell me what you think of it! I poured my heart and soul into it and I can’t wait to see how this will evolve in the near future 💪🏻💛

Yoyoyo! Just so you guys know, Im also up for drawing out troll refs if anyone wants/needs them. If my style isnt your things thats fine, but the invitation is open. UwU 

 I would like for you to have refs in the form of google pictures if you can. Like how the hair looks, what the clothes look like and all that good stuff. Just get as close as you can. 
 “this shirt without the buttons” or “this hair style, but wavy.” and all that is fine. 

The signs as things Josh Ramsay said at my concert

Aries: “if you’re the front man of a band your job is to fucking talk”
Taurus: “i don’t know many things about anything really”
Gemini: “if you need advice on wearing leather pants or guys wearing makeup, I’m your fucking guy”
Cancer: “I want some alone time with you guys, I get jealous with those other assholes”
Leo: “I can only have so many fucking hand drawn pictures of myself before I start to look like an asshole”
Virgo: “as a performer sometimes we do this thing called acting maybe you’ve heard of it”
Capricorn: “I have never been at a concert and been like man I could really use a fucking omelet right now”
Sagittarius: “I break hearts not laws honey”
Scorpio: “man I could use some fucking alcohol right now, please don’t buy me drinks”
Libra: “this Canadian to American translation must be off”
Aquarius: *messes up the verses* “man you guys know my songs better than me why don’t you be the fucking lead singer”
Pieces: “it’s hot in here so I’m just gonna take my shirt off because I’m a fucking slut”


Hey guys!

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Yixing's health

I guess you have all heard about yixing’s accident by now. Guys, I’m getting worried…Yixing cares so much about us and worries that much that he is capable of putting his health at risk in order to not disappoint us. Look i love him, he is the absolute sweetest but this is getting dangerous! He can really end up getting hurt permanently! HE NEEDS TO REST! Go home, visit his family, eat properly and sleep. Maybe a month or two will do. I know it sounds like a lot but guys he really needs it. I’m seriously getting scared now.
Of course i could sit here and whine all day about the situation but that isn’t going to change anything is it?
That way he wont feel guilty if he leaves for a while. I love him and i really want to see him happy and healthy again.
Anyone agree?

So far all we know about Zude S03E04

we know this happens

And then those 3 words we’ve been dying to hear

The three words we didn’t want to hear 

Jude asking for some type of public acknowledgment about their relationship  (probably)

hopefully they have a talk about their situation but i doubt that’ll happen it’s only episode 4 i don’t think their issues will be resolved this early in the season (i really want them to be an official couple by the end of this season! Please make it happen James, i’m begging you). What do you guys think will happen between these two?

Oh and then this happens at some point in the season (If things don’t end well in episode 4 this is something we can look forward to)

That is so Jude’s bedroom

oh and @deityguardian pointed out this scene also from episode 4

This is how I see the outfit of Juvia in the last cover ! I can’t help but want to cosplay this version of Juvia because please look how adorable her hat is ! I’m out. She’s too cute please.

BY THE WAY ! I have 400 followers and it makes me really really happy, I want to thanks all of you so if you have a request, please ask, I can draw it ! ^^ Kiss everybody. Thanks you so much !

anonymous asked:

Please answer these 2 following questions! Have you heard the rumour that a cold front will move towards Polis and Clarke will need to move to Lexa's bedroom so that she can be warm? And what about the rumour that Aden dies and, in that scene from the season promo where Clarke's crying and Titus is comforting her, she's looking at Aden's body?

uhhh….well the ‘rumor’ about Aden was a theory of mine HERE. (jfc. did this spread to other social media?? GUYS IT IS A THEORY!!) 

As for the bedroom thing, maybe the ‘cold front’ is referring to the Ice Nation. I can see Lexa wanting Clarke to be in her room so she can protect her. Maybe Clarke told her that Roan was able to buy off some of her guards and Lexa doesn’t trust them to protect Clarke. Clarke IS still Wanheda, and her life is still in danger. The Ice Queen might want to kill Clarke to take her power, and if she finds out that Lexa cares for her… that would be even more incentive to kill her.  

Maybe at the end of the episode 4, Lexa asks Clarke to move to into her quarters so that Lexa can protect her. Maybe this is when Clarke fixes or redresses Lexa’s wounds and SPOILER: we see the ‘night gowns’ and Lexa’s tattoo. 


me:*draws the crew in spring clothes in the middle of winter*


also this is a uni au of some kind , Erzsi’s moles and Gil’s bodytype is inspired by a super talented artist i just can’t find right now , but i will link their tumblr when I do!

Edit:found the artist, it’s zmeess!!! :)

oh, and please klick on the pictures, tumblr resizes it weirdly :/
Tell me, Tell me
Who and what are your favourites?

I present to you the long awaited second round! 

This survey covers half of the prompts that you guys requested to be asked after the First Survey ended. 

They all have a common theme: as you can see in the description, I’m asking you about your favourites.

Unlike the last time, you won’t have a month to submit your answers, but two weeks. Please use your time wisely and particpate within the time limit. For those of you who do not wish to partake, it would be appreciated if you could help spread the word for those that might be though!

That said, have fun filling out this form and look forward to the results! ♥

anonymous asked:

i'm not against it, i just don't understand it, how can you ship noya and oikawa? what made you ship them? they barely have any interactions. i dont get it, please explain it to me. i want to understand.

Okay, let’s take a look uvu

- Interaction -
They did in fact interacted back in middle school, just not on screen :3 According to what noya said, Chidoriyama lost to Kitaichi by 2:1. Kageyama’s serve reminded him that there’s also a one-grade higher person that can hit super strong serves in Kitaichi back then - i.e. Oikawa.

*tries to screencap with subtitles but apparently the key subtitles on kissanime is not properly translated*
Noya: You, the guy doing serves. The guy with the nasty glare!
Noya: Which junior high are you from?
Kageyama: Kitagawadaiichi.
Noya: Seriously?! That’s a really strong school, no wonder you serve like that!
Noya: My team played against you guys and lost 2:1! Back then there was a guy a grade higher that serves super strong too, and- (cuts into another scene)
Suga & Daichi: He’s noisy as ever.

That person with super strong serve in Kitaichi before is later on confirmed as Oikawa when Noya said he has received Oikawa’s serve back then but it wasn’t this strong, and that Oikawa must’ve put a lot of hard work into it.

When Oikawa purposely aims at Noya in their IH match, he said ‘あいたーやっぱ凄いなー (Aw, man. He really is amazing)’, which means Oikawa also remembers Nishinoya.

- Oikawa & Nishinoya as Counter parts -
Whenever Oikawa tries to beat up Karasuno, most of the time the next scene appears would be Nishinoya calming his teammates. Not to mention the obvious - Oikawa serves, Nishinoya receives.

- Oikawa & Geniuses -
Oikawa hates geniuses as they always stand before them. While Kageyama is kind of the first genius he dislikes, there’s a possibility where Noya is actually the first genius he met but didn’t take note of, as Oikawa would only start disliking geniuses when things form a pattern in his life.

The difference between Nishinoya and Kageyama is that there’s a super positive side to Noya’s way of improving himself, and he’s always SO straightforward and objective when it comes to his own principles and beliefs. So say if one day Noya and Oikawa meet each other properly, Noya could very likely becomes Oikawa’s inspiration to get out of his hates-geniuses mindset.

- Personality-wise & Ship’s Potential -
Oikawa is the kind of person who likes to casually jokes about things while actually takes things seriously in behind - which, is an aspect of him that Nishinoya will most probably appreciate a lot if he gets the chance to know him better as Nishinoya is quite an observer (again, similar to Oikawa, good at observing his teammates). Imagine Oikawa’s first impression of Nishinoya being extremely noisy and single-minded, then discovering that Nishinoya actually has other sides as well. If you’re interested in my Nishinoya interpretation, go here. They are both extremely serious at improving themselves.

Since Oikawa is such a brilliant Setter and Nishinoya being a real talented Libero, there’s a real high chance where both of them would end up being professionals. Now what if they’re on the same team? Imagine Noya being the first genius in his life who finally wouldn’t compete against him for his setter position, not going against him as an opponent, but stands alongside him as a very reliable Libero.

Imagine Oikawa teasing Nishinoya, who then all of a sudden turns into a smoll thunderstorm.

Imagine Oikawa saying something about self-confidence out of the blue, and Nishinoya just returns him a real simple obvious honest straightforward objective answer that hits Oikawa hard right in the head.

Imagine Oikawa makes fun of Nishinoya about love-related things and Nishinoya blushes in shock.

Imagine Oikawa jokes about something indirectly and Noya just looks back confusingly because he simply didn’t get the subtext.

Imagine them being a couple, Nishinoya goes blank minded in shock and blushes hard when Oikawa suddenly kisses his hand (because Nishinoya is just too noisy sometimes).

Imagine Nishinoya being an extreme loyal lover; while on the other hand Oikawa thinking maybe it’s better for him to leave Nishinoya for a better life, but couldn’t out of slight selfishness as Nishinoya is such an inspiration and motivation in his life, and too important to give up. So in the end both of them just wouldn’t separate unless there’s some real tragic things happen.

Imagine Oikawa arguing with Nishinoya because Oikawa thinks Iwa-chan is stronger and Nishinoya thinks Asahi-san is stronger - both being super proud of their spiker. (…If they are a couple, Oikawa would probably be annoyed at Nishinoya who keeps going on and on about Asahi-san and feels insecure because of this. Just bring me some fanfics now gawd I dun care if my frd already wrote this I need more

I’m sure I’m still missing something my friend and I talked about (since we’ve been on this ship for a year already), but here are the key things I like about Oinoya uvu  It’s the potential that’s captivating. It’s how good their personality matches - for me this ship sails no problem from comedy to nsfw.

S Coups’s friend with benefits means...
  • he’s frequently blowing up your phone
  • “jagi, I need to see you”
  • “please, can you come over?”
  • you were always more than happy to meet him at the dorm and fulfill his needs
  • and late nights when he was stuck at the studio, you still knew how to have fun with him
  • you’d send him suggestive texts or half naked pictures
    • knowing it would drive him absolutely mad
    • and that it would get him home to you faster
  • behind closed doors, he couldn’t keep his hands off of you
  • he loved being in control and pleasing you
  • his attitude in the bedroom completely different then how he normally acts toward you around the other guys
  • around everyone else, he acts shy, but when they aren’t looking he’ll throw a wink your way and his hand might find it’s way near you
    • anything he can do to feel close to you
  • he hates having to hide this relationship
    • but he knows that anything further would be a waist of time because he wouldn’t be able to love and care for you like you deserve
  • he lets you stay the night, neither of you finding it awkward
  • the other boys are always suspicious when they see you the next morning
    • but they don’t ask
  • you unfortunately can’t help but fall for S Coups, but you never open up to him about your feelings
    • because you know things wouldn’t go any further, and you didn’t want risk loosing what little relationship you two did have

Happy Black History Month!

First up for download is Carlton Kimball. He’s just your typical romantic, noncommittal guy on the shorter end of the spectrum. He loves the ladies though. And his music. Anyway, he’s yours to use in your game. I don’t know if you guys can tell, but I did use the height slider on him so if you don’t have that in your game he may look lankier or “less balanced”.

TOU: He is not a base sim, or else I wouldn’t have named him. Please don’t use him as one. Otherwise, tag me with the tag varkadens(my Origin ID) so I can see him in action.


CC List (he’s dressed in EA base game clothing for every category except Everyday):

Skin by @sclub-privee/ Eyes by @annamsblue/ Brows by @pralinesims/Beats by @black-le/ High Tops by @sims4-marigold/ Jeans by @blvck-life-simz/Hoodie by EA/ Hair (I know y’all cant see it but credit is due) also by @blvck-life-simz/ Snapback by @jinglestartk