can you guess what im listening to

just gonna let everyone know that B.A.P has never released a bad song… like ever, just listened to their entire discography and guess what!?!?!

ALL B O P S™ every single one of them!!!!! So do yourself a favor and stan these legends!!!!

neighbor aus; 

you found out i eat the same chinese food from the same takeout place everyday so you now show up at my door every night with dinner wow wanna come in and eat together? 

i screamed at your cat because it was sitting on my doormat and you saw and no i dont like cats at all and no im not a dog person either and what? no im not a horrible heartless person wtf no listen come inside and i’ll show you that i actually like fishies and i have 5 aquariums~

LOL you act like such a tough guy but this apartment has thin walls so guess what? i can actually hear you when you watch horror movies and shriek so why do you watch them if u’re scared also do you want me to watch them with you bc i’m never scared

you used to live in ur apartment with your boyfriend until you broke up and he left and now you’re crying on the floor not because he left but because you can’t sleep alone, so um im here??? 

look stop wearing tiny shorts and coming to my door and asking me to please repair your lights/air conditioner/microwave I SWEAR im not a repair man and also i totally know you’re trying to seduce me

i ran away from home and this is my first time living alone in a dingy run down apartment and you’re my neighbor and you have tattoos and you look scary but i saw you petting a kitten in the road earlier so im hoping you won’t kill me when i show up at your door bc i need a friend? 

first order of business now that im at a comp and can listen to music for the first time in a week:

what are all the best undertale music remixes so far

please link them to me. any will do but my fave songs are ‘Hopes and Dreams’, ‘Undertale’, ‘Dummy!’, and uh… well i love everything else just about the same as the rest so yeah!! I HAVE A LOT OF CATCHING UP TO DO AFTER MY VACATION THANK YOU MUCH!!

(i guess since you cant link in asks just uh… tell me what keywords/artist to type in on youtube to find the specific remix lol)

it’s basically an established fact that in the force awakens the use of the instrument the celeste in the score always means rey like it plays only in her theme and when she’s onscreen BUT at the very end of the movie when rey and luke are staring at each other you can hear luke’s theme played by, you guessed it, a celeste, so what im trying to say here is #reyskywalker CONFIRMED

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hiii this is kinda off topic but im really getting into fleetwood mac and as ive followed you for ages and you like stevie nicks i guess u like fm too??? sooo im just curious what are your favorite songs of them? i literally can't stop listening to rumours i'm obsessed omg

yess I’m so glad you’re getting into them because they’re just so good, one of fave bands ever! WELL, I love a lot of their stuff but I guess if I had to choose my like…top 10? fave songs, I’d say these ones. Also, yes Rumours is a masterpeice but I also love their self titled album “Fleetwood Mac” the one from 1975!!! (not the first one) it’s such a good album.

so anyways, top 10 songs, no particular order:

- Dreams
- Rhiannon
- Landslide
- Everywhere
- Go Your Own Way
- Gypsy
- Songbird
- The Chain
- You Make Lovin Fun
- Little Lies
- Big Love
- Monday Morning
- Silver Springs

that might be more than 10 I’m soz lol

also: listen to some of Stevie’s solo stuff aka Edge of Seventeen, Stop Draggin My Heart Around, also so good

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May I get a matchup please (Parts 1-4 pls because Im not caught up ;n;) I'm 5'11,straight, kinda chubby and Jamaican. Im a former athlete but I love drawing, reading, and playing games.I wear glasses, Im super loyal and passionate about what I do.I LOVE to crack jokes and be obnoxious sometimes around my friends. I can be insecure at times but just making people smile and laugh makes everything better for me.Thanks C: -first time asking for a matchup on a jojo blog btw- hope your blog flourishes

I’d guess a good match would be Okuyasu Nijimura.

Oku would love your passion, first of all. If you still workout(seeing as your a former athlete) he will love to workout with you, if not he’d enjoy listening to you read while he works. He likes seeing you smile so if he knows your feeling insecure he’d help you smile again. 



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Rules are post pics of your lock screen, home screen, last song you listened to, and a selfie.

Fortunatelly, I’m too lazy to customize my phone so that it looks like I’m that boring person u can found everywhere. (except for that shake me app).
I prefer joox instead of my phone’s music player lol. I’m currently in love with that song I listen to it for almost a week now.
And that me selfie in a bright corridor of my campus.

I tag @megaikemen @vemperor @danstvns @mustafarlava @blackwolf7 @professor-creau @wars-with-stars @heysyndrome @victor-von-damn and anyone who want to do this uwu BUT its always okay if u don’t want to.

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Listen im faced with a dilemma!! Ive been developing my art style and its fallen into the same sort of style you, shoatloaf, and reggaetron use, except kinda different! It looks a lot like your art though, and im scared that if i post more of my art, people will accuse me of copying you. What do i do?

i think youre fine?? i mean, i can only say for myself idk about the other artists but i guess ?? if anyone comes after you ???? you could just explain

NOBODY ELSE BUT ME, a reaper76 mix 

01. thnks fr th mmrs, fall out boy
02. bitter rivals, sleigh bells  
03. our perfect disease, the wombats 
04. E.V.O.L / hermit the frog, marina and the diamonds
05. lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, panic! at the disco 
06. genghis khan, miike snow
07. only you, ellie goulding
08. kiss with a fist, florence + the machine
09. this is love, air traffic controller
10. love me dead, ludo
11. nicotine, panic! at the disco

listen: [8tracks] [spotify]

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Hi! So im new to the kpop fandom, i mean i listen to songs bt never been deeply involved and idk im a bit surprised abt shipping? Just nvr thought it'll be smth popular in this kind of fandom bt i guess its inevitable these days i am a shipper trash myself 😂 just curious if shipping culture is also popular in the korean side of the fandom? Esp in bts and maybe if its ok what ships are popular XD


From what I can see, there are whole websites dedicated to KOOKV alone, mini-conventions held for specific ships, and monthly collaboration projects between writers/artists for the ship etc. IT’S INTENSE SHIT 

And it’s not very surprising if you think about it! I mean, if the popularity of Larry Stylinson is anything to go by.. :’) And I dunno about western boy bands but the kpop industry is very aware that shipping happens and that fans love it. This is why most newbie groups play the pocky game or something similar whenever they come on variety shows - these types of interactions are very intentionally marketed!!

I’m not sure how the bts fandom compares to other boy bands though. Ummm I also don’t know what ships are particularly popular in Korea cos I only follow the taekook side? But in the international fandom some of the most popular are taekook, jikook, vmin, vhope, yoonmin, namjin.. I think!! 

"I'm gay" Louis Tomlinson Vine

Okay so many of you know that in the vine Louis said he was gay. This morning i read in the comments that you only hear it because you think it. Well, today at school i made my friends, (who btw don’t ship larry and don’t give a fuck about one direction) listen to the video. now, i did not tell them anything, i only said “here, listen to this video and tell me what the guy say’s in it” and i shit you not, all of them said “the guy said he’s gay? so what?” and then i told them that it was louis from 1d saying “I’m gay, it’s pretty unfortunate Eleanor” which he does as EVERYONE can hear. Plus someone (im guessing his body guard or liam) tells him to be quiet…

Listen, even if you don’t ship larry, you KNOW that he said that. YOU KNOW BUT YOU MAKE YOURSELF BELIEVE THAT HE DIDN’T.

don’t even fight me on this.

I showed my friend some larry moments and now she 100% ships it plus, her gay mum KNOWS that they in love. So why are you people blind? Don’t fight yourself, believe in BULLSHIT and support Louis and Harry cause right now, that’s all they need.

it’s 2015 for fuck sake, why are people still homophobic? I honestly believe we can all be mature about this and stray away from these idiotic thoughts.

I’m not trying to be rude so spare me the hate. I just want to open people’s eyes and let them see what has been blurred from thier vision for all these years.

Call me stupid or obsessed about larry but trust me, they’re are people out there who look at them and know they’re in love.

Adults, who think this band is insane even see it!

Now, I don’t want anyone to send Eleanor hate, she’s a beautiful human being that is stuck in this situation, if you send her hate I will probably kill you. Sending hate in general is bad sooo, if you disagree on my persepective then I suggest you keep your mouth shut and your hands away from the keyboard.

but if you agree, please, share this so everyone can see what I see. 

(if you want to talk about it please feel free to message me here x)

its so good but it takes so long to listen to like,

im a pretty fast reader so when i read stuff i can get through it pretty fast + at my own pace but with like. podcasts youre Consuming Content at the rate the speaker is speaking

like you cant. listen to it faster

and with youtube videos like lets plays you have visuals + audio to focus on but with podcasts theres just audio. its like listening to an audio book i guess?

no its like. when you’re in class and somebody volunteers to read so you have to follow along with what theyre reading except theres no book

i dont know how to explain it

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ur either the kpop mutual or the funnyman mutual,,, even though you dont post actual kpop theres like kpop residue on your posts usually

xdtfcygvuhb meghan i dont even listen to kpop what the Hell is this. fool. i guess i can kinda see funnyman mutual because im fuckin Wild but. where do you get kpop