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Paolo asked Morgan to join him for a bowl of soup at the new place near the studio and of course she said yes.
P: “- Wait, you’re only 17, right? Soo you can’t drink beer.”
M: “- Soon 18! but yeah, I’m not allowed…yet”
They had a great time and later they checked out the gallery.
M: “- Do you like this stuff?”
P: “- I do, but I prefer photos!”
P: “- What a great day and… night!  Wow! I didn’t know it was that late. Are you ok getting home alone?”
M: “- Of course, I’m just going to jump on the tram.”
P: “- Alrighty, I guess I’ll see you at the agency then! Take care! Bye!”
P “Note to self… she’s only 17, Paolo...”

Young Luke vs. Old Luke

The other day @mysimblruniverse said @neopixiesims‘s Auggy looked like a young version of Luke in @simsomedia’s game. First of all I want to remind you Luke’s still a young adult and HE IS NOT OLD lmao And then Mel asked me to show her some teenage Luke photos and I though I had them but I didn’t so I went in game and made some photos to prove that Auggy looked nothing like younger Luke lmao I couldn’t exclude Gavin as Luke’s childhood friend from this adventure so I aged him down as well and… what can I say? Gavin, you cheeky little bastard, you rock! lmao

As for Luke, I guess being a teenager he was a pretty obvious guy. I mean he’s a Hospital Administrator, and to succeed in his career he needs to be a great leader, he needs to know how to take responsibilities upon himself, he needs to know how to manage people. Obviously, he started to build himself as a person while growing up. So I’d say when he was a teenager he was a leader. But there are two kinds of lea- well three, there are actually three kinds of leaders. 1 - the one who leads from behind; 2 - the one who leads being a personification of average expectations and dreams (every classic ‘popular’ kid is pretty average; they are norm, not a deviation* of any kind); 3 - the one who leads being a deviation*, differing somehow from the common standard. So, I’d say Luke was #2 because it was an easy way for him to gain respect and admiration. But while growing up he was hit by realization that to make a difference you had to differ. You can’t do more than the average, staying the average. So now he’s more like #3 and aiming for deviation*. All of this, by the way, will affect his judgments and his attitude towards guys that would come into his daugh- oops.

I guess you can consider this kind of ‘facts about my favorite sim’ to do which I was tagged by @stories4sims (thank you ♥) :p

* I use ‘deviation’ as a term here, it’s not an insult; it’s just something that differs form the average.

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Oh my ghhhhh.. how do you come up with the hugging/kissing/couple poses (where 2 ppl interact.. haha Idk how to describe)??? They are so so cute! !!! Aah!

AHH thank youuu ^^!!!! sorry for the late reply i’m a lil busy w school…

 if you have a hard time coming up with poses you can try practicing w photos! senshistock has a lot of great couple poses (and poses in general)!! i also sometimes use designdoll to pose the figure until i can find something i like too… but usually i  just think of an idea… sketch out a pose and then go from there..


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Vampire bun and his stressed out cat.

Thanks to you, I got introduced to the Bunnicula cartoon. :) Although I have to admit that Bunnicula can be a huge jerk to Chester.  :/

That’s great, I’m glad! :) Hardly anyone knows about this cartoon thanks to CN not airing it properly, so I guess it’s up to me to spread the word ha.

Yeah no lie about that. They both can be jerks to each other and sometimes take things too far. But they also have plenty of sweet moments as well. It’s like, even though Bunnicula gets on Chester’s nerves to where he hates him and vise versa, they know they couldn’t live without one another (and Harold). And that’s what I love about these two.

Another old comic I found.
The bottom panel reads:
M: “Oooooo, what can I blow up first?”
D: “Mikey!”
M: “Whaaa? Isn’t that what science is all about? You blow things up all the time!”



CY: What’s the matter, Bacon?
BH: This piece of crap! Who told him to post the pictures?!
CY: *Uh-oh!*

SH: Are those your prenup photos?
KAI: I guess so! But Why did Tao post them? KYUNGSOO will be very mad!


Flashback to be continued…


KRIS: Honey! I’m here!!!
SUHO: That’s great, honey!

KRIS: Told you I’ll be there! I can’t miss my——
KS: Please stop acting cool, dad! Let’s do this!
KRIS: Okay! As you said!

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So I’m in Disney World and I found out with their photo pass thing I can save my pictures by tapping my magic band, the thing that lets me access my room and the park and many other things, to a little kiosk.

Great, awesome, I love my pictures.

But it also for some reason lets you have other people’s photos as well.

In case you weren’t happy enough I guess?

Thanks for making my family vacation greater, by giving me other families’ photos too!


last pictures of 2015;))). My dear tumblr friends,a world too long I didn’t say thank you for all! For your kindness,your ongoing support,your warm words,your flying hearts,your ongoing inspirations,for your reblogs,your time to take a look at my blog,for your following…. I love it to be here on tumblr. It’s so much more than a photo community. Preferably I would like to write every name of you,but I guess I’ll bore you. I feel honored by your friendship! I appreciate your love!!! I wish you a great,happy,magnificent,amazing 2016!!! I hope,we can still share very much in the next time!!! Lots of love for all of you and a Happy New Year!!! Xoxoxo Jalouise

One Week Left!!!

Hey! Hey, buddy! How’s everything goin’?  Going great, huh? That’s sweet.  You submitted your entry for TheMysteryShack’s cover photo contest yet?

Ahaha, of course you haven’t! I can see the guilt radiating from your soul like a space heater, kiddo!

That’s right, I’m talking directly to you, buddy!  There’s only one week left! Seven measly days!  Lemme guess, you’ve been on the fence about sending in your art, huh?  Well, as your friendly neighborhood multi-dimensional overlord, let me do you a favor, and shove you right over the side of that fence

Take a chance, kid! Who knows what could happen?

But don’t say I didn’t warn you–You’ve got exactly one week left to submit!  Contest ends May 31st!

So unless you wanna slip up on one glorious opportunity to showcase your art to thousands, I’d get on top of things!

So all you little single-formed artists out there:

Surprise me!


Oh well, still not finished with WGT posts. This was my costume of the third day at WGT. I thought about dressing up as a moth for a long time (as you can guess… I love moths) and even if I didn’t had the time or money to craft great wings I was really satisfied with how the costume turned out. Sadly you cannot see it that well in front of the white wall but I’m still waiting for the professional photos. It also turned out quite different than the sktech I made… time and money was my main enemy (-‿◦).


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 50

Heiko and I thought we make a little break in our museum series and wish you all some great Easter days. We hope you have fun and will find a lot of Easter eggs and candy. The good observers among you maybe can guess that Heiko’s photo is the first one (because it’s b/w) and the second one was taken by me.
This week’s praise to the Easter bunny because it has a lot of work hiding the candy (and because it’s cute).


2016/01/17 (5:12pm PST) — i found really great textbooks in my grandmother’s house omg you guys these actually made me close to tearing up the bio&chem nerd in me is so in love i really felt like crying 😭💕😍 (and i bet you can guess why i added a photo of plants with rays of sunshine in here hmmmmm)