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Pretty boy Pika

Step Up/Dance AU bc I’m sucker for those

  • Andrew, Aaron and Nicky are leaving together after Tilda died and the Hemmicks kicked Nicky out for being gay
  • Andrew is a sight when he dances, the dancefloor an only place where he feels something.
  • All three work in Eden’s Twilight and when they are not working they’re partying there

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My son :’)

I’ve dated guys where I was a nervous wreak.
Where I couldn’t eat around them.
I didn’t want to show my body in the daylight.
I was nervous to say the wrong thing.
To be myself.
Until there was this one guy.
Who I was unbelievably comfortable with,
Even on the first date.
Where I could stuff my face in front of him and not care.
Where I was free to say anything I wanted.
Where I could show my body in the daylight.
With all my imperfections visibly all out there.
And he looked at me like I didn’t have a single flaw.
Where we were completely ourselves.
Where we didn’t have to second guess.
It’s so strange how you can spend all these years with people;
And never find one to feel comfortable with.
Until one person steps out,
And you feel like you’ve known them forever.
And the peace and comfort you feel with them,
Is amazing.
—  Chapters from my life

What we got was 4 minutes of Mark talking about s4 in a very Mark way. I’m sure you can guess. He says ‘125 year old spoiler’ when referring to the end of TST. He then talks about TLD being an 'emotional wringer’ and an 'emotional punch in the gut.’ He did not officially announce the title of TFP, still trying to keep it on the down-low (even though it isn’t). HE TALKS ABOUT TFP BEING 'THE BREAKING POINT OF EVERYTHING THATS BEEN BUILT UP OVER THE LAST SIX YEARS’ (!!!!) AND THAT 'THINGS WILL N E V E R B E T H E S A M E. SHERLOCK COMES TO A SHATTERING CLIMAX LIKE A GREAT PIECE OF MUSIC.’

So yeah. That’s what we got. Don’t know if they’ll be dropping it tonight or tomorrow or ever but there it is. TJLC is real. This is Ollie Asa Elric, signing off. (Also there was some het shit with the baby in the beginning but it’s still fake. I don’t know her.)


✨Happy New Year!!✨

Things I have learned today:
1. Have your holiday drawing done before said holiday is nearly over.
2. Kimonos are hard to draw.

Thank you and goodnight.

(oh and I assume you can guess, but the japanese says “akemashite omedetou” - “happy new year”)

For Throwback Thursday and in honor of the 2017 ceremonies Sunday in London, we look back fondly at Eddie Redmayne (2015 Best Actor) at the BAFTA awards through the years. (Can you guess which year he was so sick from eating “dodgy salmon” airplane food that he had to leave before presenting an award?)

pre-Viktor Yuuri (aka: Yuuri Had Resting Bitch Face)

So I’ve been thinking more and more about Yuuri since entering his headspace requires you to enter the Lost Five Years. We can kinda sorta guess where he was while in Hasetsu, but his years in America are just…. the more you think about it the more you’re like—it’s basically that sports movie where the protag changes their life to follow their dream except there’s no fucking climax.

(Unless someone will do the thing of screenshotting all of his trophies and guestimating which ones match which competitions. No I didn’t attempt this. Don’t judge me.)

But… here’s me throwing my hat in the ring of how he was as a competitor.

The best place to go for nearly any of younger!Yuuri would be the younger skaters. Aspects of them, I’m assuming, are mirrors of where Yuuri was. JJ’s fall at the GPF was a direct mirror of Yuuri and the moment where he finally admits what all of fandom knew—You Are One of the Best Six Male Figure Skaters In the World Please Stop Shitting On Yourself.

So, we have:

Guang Hong.

Since Cao Bin was in that roster for the GPF fail, let’s assume he retired gave up on beating Viktor and Guang Hong now has his shot.

(Also: Please think of Yuuri and Christophe as these goddamn stubborn ice skaters that won’t give up on beating Viktor. Assume that they have random ice skating fans who are their sole fans for the reason of “You gotta appreciate the Final Two. You can do it! (You really can’t)”)

Guang Hong is just… not connecting with this choreography and music. If he wasn’t screwed by YOI being Yuuri’s narrative then he was screwed for not liking his program.

pre-YOI Yuuri: (canon confirmed) Just went with whatever Celestino gave him.

And then you have Seung Gil

Seung Gil is making friends with no one. Which makes his later reaction important.

He does the human thing of crying. A shock for Yuuri, who has spent the last couple days being super freaked out by Seung Gil’s resting bitch face.

Parallel: Yuuri bottling up every single reaction while he’s literally reading news articles discussing his possible retirement and saving it for the bathroom stall, where no one can see him.

Also, it’s been confirmed on the wiki that Christophe and Yuuri competed against each other several times at the Junior World Championship and Christophe has Yuuri’s number. You’d think they’d be tight-knit pre-Banquet Strip Show?

Banquet was probably the first time Yuuri instigated a Friendship Bonding moment.

And then, you have one of the few moments where the show breaks from Yuuri’s very close narration (Absolutely All Of These Moments Are A Gift) and, from Minami’s pov you see:

Resting Bitch Face.

This is what the skating world knows Katsuki Yuuri as, that super serious skater super set on beating Viktor Nikiforov.

Can you imagine being one of those skaters that kinda-sorta knew Yuuri and then being at that banquet where he got drunk and dance-battled everyone??? From any of their povs it would probably be like one of those high school movies where the Type-A Valedictorian gets drunk at a party and finally just monologues all their secret thoughts at everyone. 

(Hell, this is also probably why Viktor had no fucking clue who Yuuri was during that “commemorative photo” incident: Not only does Yuuri not look like Ice-Skating-Bishounen!Yuuri, but he’s not wearing competition face. Viktor’s also forgetful. There were so many reasons.)