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My current bedspread. I have had it for years so I don’t think you can get it any more… But I just adore the Mermaid and merman, hand in hand with their hair twisted into Celtic knots. Eat, sleep and breathe mermaid.

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Hey do you think that yoongi and taehyung are not that close? I somehow get the feeling that they don't get along very well. Any thoughts? :/

hm? no?? they’re close. they get along well. that’s obvious. at least yoongi understands tae enough to help him explains his words whenever he’s stuttering over something and tae adores yoongi so much you can see that but of course there’s more beyond that but i can't explain much now sry :/ 

Phichit Appreciaton Post

The title says it all, Phichit has got to be one of the most jolliest character i have ever met in any series. 

Just look at this cutie from Bangkok, his adorable smile and that cute fringe

I have to say I love his complexion 



Or his worried faceeeee

And how he loves to take selfie and that phone caseeee




LOOK AT CUTE TINY PHICHIT when he first got discovered 

When he really wanted to skate “Shall we Dance” 


Just look at how precious he is I can’t even 

His world is just fluff and filled with cuteness 


One day we will all make his dream come true 

and he did one again captured our hearts 


bless when he finished his skate 

Can you not see his joy and happiness 

You did it! Really! Well done! 

Thank you lord for blessing us this child 

We must protect him 

The Avengers Preference - His Reaction to You Getting Hurt

Bruce Banner:

Originally posted by phanitori

Bruce would be unnaturally calm. Everyone was fully aware that the only reason Bruce had agreed to stay with the Avengers in the first place was because of you – he loved and adored you more than words can describe – and so you getting hurt would crush him. But when you did get hurt during a mission, the team was surprised when they didn’t get any incoming calls saying that ‘the big guy’ had been unleashed at the Avengers facility. Instead, when they arrived back, he wouldn’t come rushing to the quinjet to see you but instead he’d be in the operating room. He’d have set up everything himself for you when you arrived and have gotten all the best and most trusted doctors and surgeons to be there to examine and operate on you. He knew what would be best for you and that was for him to step back and let a team of professionals work on you – no matter how much he wanted to cry and get angry at the team, he couldn’t. He had to stay calm for you – he had to be there when you woke up, smiling comfortingly and ready to look after you.  

Bucky Barnes:

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

Bucky would panic. He’s never had a girl that he’s cared so deeply for so when he’d hear that you were hurt, he wouldn’t know what to do except begin saying “oh my god” over and over again. Eventually, it’d take the entire team to get him to calm down and reassure him that they’ve gotten medics to you – but as soon as he sees you he’d sprint to your side and start rambling and trying to ask you what he can do for you to help you. You’d have to be the calm one in these situations and tell him to just be there for your injuries are taken care of and he’d do just that – being at your side day and night, carrying you from place to place, running baths for you and doing all your errands. He’d treat you like the most fragile object but it’d be because he cares about you.

Clint Barton:

Originally posted by stormxpadme

Clint would be very assertive and agent-like about the situation. He’s been an agent of a long time so he knows the risks of dating someone who has the same career as him – that’s why he’d act more like an agent than a boyfriend when you get hurt. But it wouldn’t take an expert to see the fear in his eyes and the casual crack in his voice; he’d want to cry or even go out of his way to avenge you but he knew what his job was. But as soon as the two of you were left alone and there were no more doctors or other agents coming in to check on you, Clint would lose it and tear up while telling you over and over again how much he loves you and doesn’t want you to ever scare him like that again. 

Pietro Maximoff:

Originally posted by knightofthefandom

You getting hurt would stress out Pietro. He’d be constantly running a hand through his hair and he’d pace ever so slowly around the room, waiting until there was news about your condition. He’d blame himself for not being there to look out for you and then he’d begin blaming other team members for not protecting you better. Wanda would do her best to calm her brother down but she knew he wouldn’t be fully okay until he saw that you were safe himself. When he did finally see you, he’d smile and tell you that he knew all along that you were going to be fine and that he wasn’t at all stress – but you knew he was lying.  

Sam Wilson:

Originally posted by hogwartsnexttopmodel

Sam would act as if he was totally cool about the situation but his voice squeaked for an update on your condition. Everyone knew though that under his tough exterior, Sam was terrified – you were the first girl he ever got nervous around and he did just about anything you asked him to. He cared about you more than he showed and when Tony thought it’d be funny to test this theory, he told Sam he was worried that your condition may worsen and Sam broke the glass he was holding. When he finally did see you, Sam would crumble at your bed side and tell you how happy he was he you were doing okay and that he so scared that the worst had happened to you. He made you promise not to tell anyone about what his reaction to finally seeing you was though.

Steve Rogers:

Originally posted by thatplaidnerd

Steve wasn’t exactly calm when the news was broken to him that you’d been hurt during a mission. He’d go rushing through the Avengers facility, breaking down doors along his way, until he finally reached the landing space where you’d be arriving. He’d get a full mission report from the agents that arrived with you, wanting to know what had gone wrong and who there was to blame for this because there had to be someone to blame for this. He’d try not to get annoyed with you when, even in your state, you jokingly tease him and tell him to calm down because you’re fine. Steve would insist on staying by your bed side and doing whatever he could to make you as comfortable as possible – he’d even use his Captain tone of voice on you from time to time so you got that he was being very serious about the situation.


Originally posted by yoncehaunted

T’Challa may overreact and have one too many surgeons and doctors on standby when you arrive back at the Avengers facility. He’d pace outside your door, not wanting to disturb the doctors as they examine you, mumbling to himself and ignoring anyone that wasn’t one of the doctors who tried to calm him down. He’s handled a lot in his life time but nothing has frightened him as much as finding out that you’ve been hurt – he’d even begun to come up with all the people he’ll ring in any case that it could turn out to be that could look after you. When T’Challa is told that he can see you and that you’ll be alright and just need a bit of bed rest, he’d begin to tell you a list of reasons as to why you should never go out on a mission again and that he can safely support you in whatever you do for the rest of your life.


Originally posted by thorvalkyrie

The team would approach Thor carefully when it’s discovered that you’re hurt – they wouldn’t be too sure as to how he would react but like they originally thought, he does flip out. Thor would break many things on his way to get to you, demanding to know who hurt you and becoming determined to (no pun intended) avenge you. He also welcomes you to join him, if you like, to destroy whoever it was that hurt you but you’d assure him that there was no need to do that. He’d say ‘okay, fine’ and then he’d start telling you that you should come live in Asgard where you won’t ever be hurt again. He’d then tell you after this that he’ll still try to avenge you.

Tony Stark:

Originally posted by duckbuttt

Tony isn’t the best at expressing his emotions but it’s clearly written on his face how worried he is. It’s not a secret that he loves you more than anything in the world so he decides he’ll do everything for you to help you get better – he’ll even create your own Iron Man suit that’ll get you to and from the bathroom. Rhodey buys him a pink apron after you get better because Tony legitimately becomes your personal assistant; always making you coffee and tea himself, trying to make cakes for you (and then buying one after he fails but pretends he made it) and changing your bandages for you. He’s completely smitten with you and you having a near-depth experience has just made him adore you more.

RFA + V and Saeran with an MC who enjoys stuffed animals.

I’m working on making a masterpost which is absolute hell to do on mobile, a new header and profile picture, and my wifi is being as shitty as ever so that’s not helping with any of those :’)
hopefully I get everything done within at least a few days and my wifi situation figured out so I can focus on requests more, i’m sorry I’m not posting as much as I usually do!

Zen thinks it’s adorable honestly, he’ll even add to your collection by buying you little stuffed teddy bears with hearts on the tummies, they usually come with gifts like chocolate or roses.
He tries to win you a little plush puppy out of a claw machine in some arcade but he’s awful at those games, so ended up wasting all his quarters on some slot machines or pinball instead since he’s a lot better at those.
He earns tickets to get an even bigger stuffed puppy for you from the prize counter.

Jumin thinks it’s childish, but honestly he really doesn’t mind it all that much since they’re something you truly enjoying having. Even considers getting himself a couple of plush Elizabeth the 3rds.
However draws the line at sleeping with a teddy bear, makes him feel like he’s being replaced :’)
Goes all out, gets you a big glass case for you to store everyone of them in so they won’t get damaged or Elizabeth the 3rd won’t mistake any of them for a new toy. He’ll even buy collectors items for you instead of just normal plushies.

Yoosung thinks it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen. It makes him feel like less of a kid honestly, but not in a bad way. He likes to baby you with stuffies galore, his favorites are the fluffy stuffed animals with the ball shape and the big pretty eyes. Totally unashamed to sleep with them too.
After awhile he even develops a slight passion for them, buying a pink turtle keychain-style plushie for you, and a green one for him. You both keep the opposite stuffies on each other’s keychains, he has the pink and you have the green to remind you both of each other when you’re away.

Seven makes a few jokes about how some of those things creep him out just sitting on the bed like that, but he’s fine with your goofy little plushie obsession. Says if you don’t slow down on buying them he might even have to call the TV show ’ My strange addiction, ’ but of course he’s joking. Maybe.
When you two are hanging around Target
( seven basically lives in target honestly )
he’ll buy you the cutest little stuffed kitten that poops out jelly beans. How romantic!

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BTS Reacts to You Being Too Short to Kiss Them

relax-okay: Can you do a BTS reacts to you bring to short to kiss them please? I love the Seventeen and Got7 ones

GOT7 Version

Seventeen Version (Vocal Unit)


V:“Awww! Let’s be cute together!” He finds your struggle adorable and when you playfully hit him because of it, he just laughs even more.

Originally posted by jinkooks

Jungkook: When you accidentally kiss his chin, he starts to giggle like a school boy. He didn’t think you could get any cuter but you proved him wrong.

Originally posted by jung-koook

J-Hope: He’ll try to cheer you up by doing silly things when you’re pouting cutely. He convinces you not to pout and he makes you feel better by randomly kissing you throughout the day.

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

Jin: “I’m tall enough for the both of us.” He doesn’t mind your height and it’s not a problem for him to bend down to kiss you, he LOVES kissing you.

Originally posted by vminv

Jimin:  He starts to laugh when you miss his lips and he starts to run after you chase him for laughing. “Jagiya! You know I love your height, don’t kill me!”

Originally posted by jitamin

Rap Monster:  “Since you’re too short to kiss me, why don’t I just pick you up!? I hate it when you’re sad you can’t kiss me.” The idea pops into his head before you can protest and he’s already got you in his arms, kissing you sweetly.

Originally posted by rookieking

Suga: He’ll do anything to make you feel better, so he dances. It’s not the best but it certainly makes you feel better about your height.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


How Long Has It Been?

Characters: Spencer x Reader
Words: 1802
Requested by Anonymous: Hey could you do a spencer one shot where he and the reader are in a relationship and they both work for the BAU and they can’t seem to find any alone time to have sex (NOT for the first time please) 

Originally posted by gublrnation

        You watched him walk across the room to get more coffee. Your stomach clenched at just the sight of him in his dark jeans that hugged his butt just right, his white dress shirt rolled up to his elbows, making him even more desirable. His tie was loosened and damn it was sending thoughts through your mind.

           He turned around and saw you watching him. He gave you a small, sad smile. You both knew you’d be here for a while. And then quite possible end up on the jet if things went south before you figured out the case. How long had it been since you had spent time alone with your boyfriend?

           Spencer walked to your desk, “I promise, we’ll have some time for us after this case,” he said, knowing what was going through your head.

           You nodded, “How long has it been?”

           “A few days,” he said.

           “Feels like longer.”

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Summary: In which Steve loves art and you’re the muse that inspires him to draw something beautiful again.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1,328

@avengerstories - you’re the best editor ever and I adore you.

Originally posted by your-kylie-me

Everyone has their hobbies.

For Bruce and Tony, it’s spending time in the lab and running as many experiments as possible.

For Natasha, it’s training in the well-stocked gym and sparring with anyone confident enough to go up against her (there are rarely ever any volunteers).

For Clint, Sam, and Scott when he comes by, it’s competing to see who can pull the most pranks in a day without getting caught.

For Wanda, it’s helping Vision grow more accustomed to the world he was unwittingly brought into.

And, for Steve, it’s drawing.

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!! can you do headcanons of how the rfa would react to MC being a professional baker and owning her own shop?

first request whayy– i’m sorry i take so long with these & hope i did it justice;;;


  • admires and respects that his MC is a professional business owner but his outward reaction is nothing short of gushing over you because oh my god how fitting and… adorable??? could you get any more cute, MC, what godsend are you 
  • visits your shop frequently but in disguise 
  • however, one day slips up and fans recognise him, leading to a boom in business 
  • you’re not complaining, though 
  • does NOT realise the calorie intake of your products isn’t exactly suited to his profession or intended for frequent consumption until it’s too late 
  • screeches a little
  • sabotage 
  • he just doesn’t have the heart to deny you when you ask him to taste test possible products & ends up having either longer or harder workouts to burn off the sins of the day 
  • “Are you trying to fatten me up, MC? I wouldn’t mind if it weren’t for my job… As long as you still love me~… ahah”


  • the awe this boy has for you is unfathomable 
  • you’d mentioned cooking from previous talks, but he had no idea
  • instant bombardment of questions is assured, laced with adorable bright-eyed enthusiasm 
  • he wants to know it all: wants to watch you work; wants to taste your pastries; wants your feedback on his monstrosities feats; and on, and on, and on
  • this, inevitably, leads to baking together ((begs “[MC], please!!”))
  • from then on, looks to your approval whenever he makes anything - emphasis on anything
  • “Please, please, I know you’re busy but–” “Yoosung, none of my recipes even use that ingredient- I– ??” “oh;;” 
  • desperately wants to help you out at the shop but has become rather intimidated by how professional it is
  • “[MC], I’m not ready for the adul–” “You’re 20″ “oh;;”


  • both of you tend to relate in your busy schedules, but she never knows how until you invite her to your shop
  • she loves it
  • honestly, the warm embrace of sweet smells and soft lighting are so soothing that she feels at ease as soon as she steps in
  • she tries to make it a frequent stop on her way home, often missing it, but always fails to realise that there’s an obvious thing here: is she coming over because of her love for your shop and all it provides, or her love for the sight of you after a long day at work?? u know the answer
  • it’s both
  • gets a little suspicious when the freshest bakes are out just as she comes in
  • she expresses feeling a little guilty on not being involved, and you have to make her realise that “hello?? it’s not like i’m able to help you on your work either, it’s okay”
  • what she really loves is when you bring it home - not when you’re so busy that you have to, but when you just decide to
  • why? because she loves watching you work: your precision, how refined everything ends up looking even if the recipe just calls for cute little decorations, and how you somehow get her to tag along, sleeves rolled up, and glasses ready to get flour on them like they always do, ready for some carefree downtime that she suspects relaxes you as much as it does her


  • somewhat stunned when you start rambling about it out of nowhere, half-venting about a catering service you’d signed onto & that now entailed a lot more than what had been mutually agreed to
  • you’ve got it under control, obviously, and, while he listens, it’s not as if he’s going to pay much mind to it when you’ve revealed such foreign information
  • watches in silence as you speak, and finds himself thinking it over carefully
  • endearing
  • he finds it endearing and cute, but he’s also proud
  • i mean, srsly ur managing ur own business and the rfa party n he’s fuckin picking cherries for his cat wtf get ur priorities straight jumin 
  • he often asks you questions about it, spaced out in time, and you never think much of it - oh he just wants to know about possible expansion plans, marketing plans, and suppliers that’s fine honey no
  • tries to get some goods delivered to his office but you tell him you don’t have a delivery service???
  • before you know it, he’s offering you resources
  • you’re only willing to take them provided he gets something in return
  • the single most gap moe you’ve ever seen him act when a) finally gets a delivery to his office & b) it’s cat themed


  • like zen, finds it so amazingly adorable
  • waltzes right in
  • what’s the issue in that?? well, you hadn’t ever uttered a single word about it
  • you’d never even mentioned baking
  • but oh boy is he there and ready to feast
  • while he loves everything you have to offer, sweet and savoury, it wounds him to say - crocodile tear in his eye, you are so sure - that his budget only allows him to feed off his precious honey buddha chips and ph d pepper
  • liar you know it, he knows it
  • you get the most suspicious ass monthly orders in bulk, more than the quantity someone would consume even if they visited your shop daily, and you know. he knows too
  • grants himself vip access to your kitchen and misplaces things so he can be of use to you but has no time for it a lot of the time and gets 15 missed calls because you have customers and you dont know where the hell anything is
  • pls forgive
Joining the Dark Side Together

Prompt/Request: ‘’So I was watching the part 2 of deathly hallows and there’s this part when Voldmort thinks Harry’s dead and he starts to talk and he asks who will join his side. Then Draco goes because his mother calls for him. So I imagine if he has a girlfriend? And his girlfriend is friend of Harry, Hermione and Ron, but they don’t know about they. When Draco goes to the other side she goes too and Ron and Hermione gets angry with her… I’ll let you finish and add more things. If you can’t do, its ok!’’ - Anonymous.

Word Count: 828.
Pairing: Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.
Warning(s): None.
Note: I liked to write this and I don’t think it should be any longer if you ask me. :) Always adored this scene in the film and it was a pleasure to give it my own twist. :D ALSO, this is my new ‘’’’lay-out’’’’ for my imagine posts, so you can read it normally on my blog instead of only seeing a gif (on the laptop/pc).

+     +     +     +     +     +

There was a menacing silence, no one dared to breathe. Harry Potter was dead, the Dark Lord won. The students of Hogwarts faced the Death Eaters of Voldemort, Hagrid on their side with the body of the poor Potter boy in his big arms.

‘Harry Potter is dead!’ Voldemort called out so everyone could hear. There were some laughter from the dark side, but not a single student made a noise. Not even Draco, who was standing beside you. Your hand was intertwined with his, secretly, so no one could see. Especially not your friends, Ron and Hermoine. Their and your best friend has been killed minutes ago. When they discovered you were in a relationship with Draco for all this time, they would be so disappointed. You could already imagine their faces, the guilt washing over you.

As you were drowned in your thoughts, you missed all the bullshit Voldemort said, but when Draco stiffened beside you, you knew something was going to go down terribly wrong.

‘Come forward and join us,’ the Dark Lord exclaimed, spreading his arms for the people who’d join him, but you stayed right there, not even a single thought crossed your mind to do such an idiotic thing. But then you remembered your boyfriend Draco, who was a Death Eater himself. He probably had no choice. He never had a choice.

‘Or die,’ Voldemort continues, you whimpering softly as Draco wrapped his arms around you visibly. People around you started to look at you two, some even gasped, but since the words of this cruel man really affected you, all you needed was a pair of strong arms embracing you.

No one stepped forward. No one wanted to join the dark side. Everyone wanted to fight for their freedom and for their school. Whoever did join, was a straight up dumba-

‘Draco,’ Lucius hissed, your eyes widening. How could his father set him under such pressure? Why would he? Draco slowly parted away from you, looking at you with so much sadness. The sorrow was written on his face as he cupped your face, closing the gap between you two. Lips connecting, feeling his chapped lips full of bitter sweetness. Another call for his name was heard from his mother, making you sob when Draco separated himself from you.

He slowly backed away, still holding your hand as he whispered: ‘I love you, and I’m so sorry.’

It was like a stab in your back. Something you never expected to do, did happen eventually. Panic was taking over you, your eyes flicking from your friends to your boyfriend.

‘I’ll join. I’ll join him,’ the words left your mouth and immediately people started to whisper, Ron and Hermoine gasping as Ron yelled: ‘Bloody hell Y/N, are you out of your mind?!’

Tears were streaming down you face as you reached out for Draco his hand again. A baffling expression was visible on his face, but he didn’t say anything about it. While you were walking over to the man you loathed so much, your friends were yelling terrible thigs at your head.

‘Y/N, bloody traitor!’ Ron yelled, face red as Hermoine tried to hold him back from fighting Draco and you.

‘Ron, calm down. I-It’s her own choice,’ she said, but the hate she felt was evident on her face. You bit down on your lower lip as the arms of Voldemort slowly closed around you, him doing the same to Draco.

‘Ah, well done Draco, Y/N, well done,’ Voldemort spoke, letting you go to walk over to all the other Death Eaters. Draco pulled you close, pressing a kiss on your forehead before his mother threw another arm around you. Draco’s father tried to give him a pet on the shoulder, but missed as you three were pushing through the rest of the Death Eaters, standing at the very end of the crowd.

‘Baby, it’s going to be okay,’ Draco whispered, cuddling you while you nuzzled your head in his chest. Narcissa her hand went up and down your back in an attempt to calm you down a bit, but the regret you’ve got from the decision was enormous.

Moments later, people yelled yelling and explosions were everywhere.

‘He lives! Harry Potter is alive!’ Lucius ran towards his family before pushing everyone to the bridge, ‘we have to get out of here.’

You were still in Draco’s arms, sobbing until you felt too tired to cry. So many screams and spells were heard as you just walked away from all those problems, still ashamed of your choice while Draco tried to make up for it.

‘Don’t worry babe, you’ll be fine, it’ll be fine,’ his words were laced with doubt, but you just believed him for that moment, hoping this nightmare would end soon so you could apologize to your friends.

And there you walked, with the Malfoys, walking away from Hogwarts in the distance, praying everything would turn out alright.


Ask or feedback

thanks to Julie for:

- having a scene with all the girls together, laughing and being adorable

- having a parallel scene with all the boys together



- “you’re not getting any of it. It’s not good for you

- smiling soft boyfriends!!!!


- Magnus x Vilde aka “taking desperate to a new level”  can we talk about Magnus’ face when he looks at her???? He’s so gone

- …everything honestly??? this clip THIS SHOW is perfect???!!


anonymous asked:

Germany, Russia, and BTT reaction to an S/O who likes stealing their hoody and wearing it because it big, warm, comfy, and remind the S/O of them?

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt

Ludwig might be a little flustered about it, but over all won’t really mind you wearing his things. He might get irritated if you take it without asking, but that’s nothing a few kisses can’t make up for.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky 

He is also one to get flustered when you wear his things. Unlike Ludwig though, he won’t get irritated by you taking them without asking. If anything, he’ll actually leave them out for you. 

France/Francis Bonnefoy-Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo- Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt

They’ll find it absolutely adorable anytime you try on any of their clothing, and hoodies are no exception to that. Gilbert might tease you a bit about it though. More than likely they would also purposely leave their hoodies laying around, so that way you would have easy access to them. 

-Admin K. 

Sweet Envy (M)

REQUEST:  A smut scenario with anyone from the maknae line where you are greek and he finds the while thing really sexy like your accent and the way you look and stuff. Teheheee =^^=

AUTHORS NOTE: 2,706 words of fluffy smut with taetae (but can i just mention how outrageous taehyung is getting) ally xx

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A gift for @underfart-snas (a.k.a. @sans-vanille) ‘cuz these AUs are amazing X333

Top drawing is Vivaldi and Verdanda being adorable little twits (What the frick, dude?!? I can’t get outta Babyhell!!!) and last pic is French Vanilla Sans and German Chocolate Frisk. Like, finally, these two sickos smooched. Vanille, you sick dweeb. That took long XPPPP

Hope you like it, senpai! You’re awesome!!~


P.S. If you got a prob with this ship, that’s fine. Blackmail the “sans x frisk” tag. Besides, I won’t post much Frans anyway (Babyhell, doh… Expect a few more sketches about them :3). And I don’t think Frans is going make an appearance in any of my comics. But if you want to unfollow me because of one post, be my guest. You’ll miss out the fun.

Just let me ship what I like and mind your own business. If you have any opinions against some ships, please keep it to yourself. I’ll respect your opinions. You respect mine. No hate on you guys :333

Let’s all just have fun here, okay? ^u^

Unexpected Feelings

Genre: Angst/Fluff

College AU

Character: Professor!Yixing (Lay) x Student!Reader

Word Count: 6,627

A/N: I finally got around to finishing this! Maybe now I can get some sleep…

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post any sooner I’ve just been so busy lately, especially now since school started not so long ago (cries). There is not enough Yixing writing out there, so hopefully you can all enjoy this! I adore this sweet pure cinnamon roll, WE DO NOT DESERVE HIM! ;A;

Check out our Masterlist 

-          Admin Mochi

               Y/N pouted as she stood outside under the huge campus entrance where she was shielded from the pouring rain that seemed to only get heavier. She heaved a sigh as she looked down at her phone, it was already past four. She had been standing there for an hour in hopes that the rain would ease up, but she had no such luck. Tlaloc was showing no mercy today. Not having any more time to spare she put her phone up in the safety of her backpack, a little water wasn’t going to kill her. It wasn’t that she disliked the rain, it was just that she didn’t want to risk getting sick. She had to take two busses to get home and doing that while being completely drenched didn’t seem all that fun. Nevertheless, the rain didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon and she just wanted to get home before it got dark out.

               Y/N could feel the droplets of water hitting her skin, it was a scorching summer day and the rain only made it feel hotter with its added humidity. She cursed under her breath with every step she took, had she known there was a high chance of precipitation she would have picked another day to come and set up her fall semester schedule. No wonder the college was virtually empty.

               “Excuse me?” Y/N heard a sweet soft voice call out, she quickly turned to her right to see a tall man with dark hair in slacks and a white button up charmingly smiling down at her. She tilted her head in confusion as to why he was stopping her, as far as she was concerned they didn’t know each other.

               “Yes?” came her muddle response.
               “Here, I think you need this more than I do.” He said extending his arm out to hand her his purple umbrella. “Take it, please.” The man kindly insisted, she could feel a jolt of electricity throughout her body the moment his fingers brushed against hers, the girl shyly grabbed onto the handle and smiled up at him appreciatively.

               “Thank you… But what about you?” she wondered.
               “I don’t live too far from here, I’ll be fine.” He reasoned. Selfless and cute, I like him already.
               “Are you sure?”                
               “Positive.” The man replied with a chuckle.
               “Once again, thank you um…?”
               “Yixing. I’m Zhang Yixing.”
               “Ah, thank you Yixing-ssi.” Y/N shyly murmured looking down at her feet, good looking guys always made her feel nervous. The more she gazed at him the more it made her heart race and her palms sweat. “I- I’m Y/F/N Y/L/N.”
               “No problem Y/N, get home safely!” he called out before running off in his own direction.

               “Wait, but how will I return your umbrella…” she whispered staring at his disappearing figure. Will I ever see you again?

               For the last couple of weeks Yixing occupied her mind, all she could think about was the kindhearted and handsome stranger. She found herself going out on spontaneous walks, she liked to tell herself that she was doing it because she needed more cardio but in reality she secretly hoped to run into him once more. Y/N wanted to know more than just his name. There was a lot she was curious about. For instance, does he like dipping his fries in ice cream too? Is he a cat or a dog person? What does he do for a living? Is he single? She looked at the purple umbrella that laid on her nightstand one last time before she exited her room. Today would be her first day back in school as a college junior, it was exciting, yet frightening. Exciting because she would get to see her friends a little more often but frightening because a new semester meant new classes, which involved new teachers and classmates.

               Y/N sat silently in her seat, it was her first class of the day Philosophy – Introduction to Ethics. It wasn’t so much that the subject interested her, but more along the lines that she needed to take it because she was required at least six credit hours of it and with this course she would get three out the way. Y/N played on her phone out of boredom while she silently waited for her professor to arrive, soon enough she could hear students shifting in their seats along with the sound of someone clearing their throat. Curiously she looked up and was shocked to see the man standing in front of the whiteboard. He was tall, fair skinned, and had beautiful dark brown eyes that shined in exhilaration. He wore a periwinkle colored dress shirt that was tucked into black fitted slacks, he had a black silk tie, and black leather dress shoes. It was none other than him.

               “Hello class, my name is Zhang Yixing-“ he wrote on the board in blue expo marker. “-I’ll be your Ethics professor.” At least now she could return the umbrella.

               “Professor Zhang…” Y/N softly called out after the lecture was over, by now all the other students had left.

               “Yes, Y/N?” she looked at him in astonishment, he remembers my name?

               “I wanted to return this.” She mumbled taking his umbrella out her bag, she had been carrying it in her backpack for the past week in hopes that she would eventually build up the courage to return it. That day was today.

               “Ah! Thank you, I’m surprised you still remembered…” he responded taking it.

               “That’s because it’s hard to forget a face like yours.” She blurted out subconsciously, his eyes widened hearing those words come out of her mouth. Y/N slapped her small hand over her mouth and Yixing couldn’t help but laugh at her panicked face. “Oh my god.” She muffled shutting her eyes tightly wishing she could take that back, she was beyond embarrassed.

               “I’m flattered.”  

               “Do you get it now?” he questioned watching the girl scribble down her answers on the homework assignment. It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon and the birds were chirping out of delight due to the pleasant weather. Yixing was finished with all his classes but that didn’t mean he was done with all his work, which is why he had been sitting in his office going over the following weeks lesson plan. That was until a very distressed Y/N had entered his room asking for help on the work he had assigned the previous class, Yixing being the wholesome guy he is kindly offered her a seat and his assistance.

               “Yes, thank you so much professor Zhang!” Y/N beamed, he smiled in return showing off his signature dimple.

               “You’re welcome, but feel free to call me Yixing outside of class hours.” He suggested amiably.

               “Ah- Okay, thanks again Yixing-ssi.” She timidly answered before packing up her belongings in order to leave.

               “See you tomorrow Y/N!”

               “Yixing-ssi.” She whined looking up from her paper frustrated. Today was one of the few days his allergies were acting up so instead of wearing his usual contacts he wore glasses because he didn’t want to further irritate his eyes. She couldn’t help but stare at him, how is it possible for someone to look so good with glasses on? He was wearing a powder blue dress shirt but had the first couple of buttons undone teasingly exposing his milky skin, for bottoms he had khaki slacks on and no tie for today. Yixing looked up from his paperwork and hummed in acknowledgement, while Y/N continued to gawk at him. Little by little she could see him inching closer, all she could stare at were his pink taunting lips only millimeters apart from hers. Is he going to kiss me? She couldn’t stop the eagerness bubbling at the pit of her stomach, they were so close. Please.

               “There, this was in the way.” He whispered gently tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear, she could feel his hot breath tingling against her skin causing her heart to beat faster than usual. Y/N looked away flustered trying to stop all the inappropriate thoughts, he’s your teacher… She tried to reason with herself. “Y/N?” he called out finally being able to break the girl out of her thoughts.

               “Y- Yes?” Y/N looked at him hazily trying to pull herself together.

               “I said, what is it?”
               “I forgot…” she honestly had.

               “Silly girl.”

               “Do you need help with anything else?” Yixing asked looking up from his laptop.

               “No, that’s it for today. Thank you Yixing-ssi!” only having his class Mondays and Wednesdays it had become a habit to visit him Tuesdays and Thursdays. They would usually sit there enjoying each other’s company while they did their own thing. When and if she needed help with any of her work he was always more than happy to help her, he was like her own personal tutor. Whether it was history, math, science or any other subject he was always more than willing to go out of his way to lend her a hand.

               “Take this before you go.” he quickly stood up and grabbed his coat that was draped over his chair. “I know you hate the cold.”
               “But what about you?”

               “I’ll be fine I don’t get cold that easily.” Yixing commented in a teasing manner. “Unlike you.”
               “Are you bragging now?” she playfully asked cocking a brow.
               “Maybe.” He said letting out a low chuckle that made her insides churn in delight. Every time she heard his laugh she couldn’t stop her lips from twitching upwards into a grin, the things you do to me. “Get home safely.”
               “I will, thank you Yixing-ssi.” Y/N couldn’t be any happier, she walked out into the breezy fall weather with his coat wrapped around her small frame mentally thanking him over and over for letting her borrow it. It was a bit chillier than she had expected, Y/N was grateful to have Yixing looking out for her. She buttoned it up all the way and nuzzled into his oversized jacket taking in his scent, the smell of cologne and a tinge of vanilla filled her nose. She could only imagine what it would be like to have his arms wrapped around her, the simple thought of it had her dazed. “Ugh, why do you have to be my teacher?” She grumbled pouting.

               It was a Friday night and Y/N had decided to spend it with her friends rather than staying home cooped up. Having gotten her homework out the way she wanted nothing more than to have some fun and spend some quality time with them. Except this wasn’t her idea of fun, they had decided upon themselves to try something new, go to a club. It was four against one and she was the only one opposing. It wasn’t that she didn’t like to try new things, but sitting alone while her friends mingled around wasn’t on her list. Having had enough of the loud insufferable music and people she sent a text to her friends informing them she would be taking an early leave, her excuse being she had an assignment due Monday she had forgotten about.

              Her burgundy platform pumps made noise down the dimly lit streets while she wandered around searching for a taxi. The further she got the emptier everything seemed and she didn’t like it. She could hear the sound of footsteps becoming more audible causing her anxiety to increase.
               “Hey there pretty lady.” Y/N didn’t have to be close to the man to know he was drunk, it was obvious by the way he slurred his words. Not wanting to interact with him she turned the other way and started to walk away from the stranger. “I’m talking to you bitch!” he yelled following after her, she could feel herself start to tremble in fear as she tried to take faster steps, but the heels prevented her from doing so. With one swift movement his grubby hands had pushed her up against a wall. Panic was written all over her face, Y/N knew she shouldn’t have strayed too far. Not wanting to be another one of his possible victims she started to thrash and yell in hopes of bringing attention to herself. Y/N attempted to hit him, but he grabbed her wrists with one hand and pinned them above her head. “If you behave then oppa will be good to you.” The man cooed, the stench of alcohol present in his breath was nauseating.
               “Oppa? More like ahjussi.” She snorted trying to escape his grasp, as frightened as she was Y/N wasn’t about to let him control her through fear.

               “Rude little wench!” he hollered raising his free hand up to slap her, Y/N shut her eyes tightly awaiting for his rough hand to make contact with her face, but it never came. Suddenly she felt him free her wrists and that’s when she opened her eyes. She noticed her aggravator on the floor howling in pain, while the silhouette of another man hovered above him.

               “Are you okay?” her savior asked worriedly rushing over to her side, she knew that voice. It couldn’t be… “Y/N, did he hurt you? Please answer me.” The man who was previously on the floor was now stumbling away from the two.

               “Yixing-ssi…” hearing Y/N’s voice crack he wrapped his arms around her protectively letting her bury her face into his chest. His hands soothingly rubbed her back, he could feel her small frame quivering in his arms and he knew it wasn’t because of the cold weather.

               “Shh, it’s okay. I’m here now, everything will be alright.” His comforting words only caused her sobs to get nosier. Yixing tightened his grasp around her in hopes to calm her down, had I not showed up when I did who knows what would have happened. He didn’t even want to think about the possibilities, he was simply grateful to be in the wrong place yet at the right time.

               “Th- Thank y- you.” The girl cried out circling her arms around his neck, he stiffened a bit at their intimacy. The closer she got the more his body refused to let her go, he wanted nothing more than to guard her from everything and everyone.

               “Don’t worry Y/N…” He whispered softly pulling back a bit. Y/N looked up at him with teary eyes and trembling lips unable to form any words. “I’d never let anyone harm you, ever.” Unknowingly Yixing found himself gazing down at the vulnerable girl while caressing her cheek, she felt herself get flustered because of his words and gentle touch. Yixing couldn’t fathom how anyone in this world could ever think about raising their filthy hands at such a pure girl.

               Dulcet music played in the small homey café, her fingers tapped against the hard plastic table to the beat of the song. Only she and a few other customers remained, it was a slow workday since it was a weekday night. It was nice and cozy inside the establishment which made it a perfect spot to hang out during the freezing winter weather. Y/N glared at her formula sheet in despair, she had an exam in less than forty-eight hours and had to have everything on the chart memorized and on top of that she had to know how to use all the equations on it.

               “This would be so much easier if he just gave us the damn formulas on the test.” Y/N groused taking a sip of her Frappuccino. It was 10:48 pm on a Tuesday night and she was spending her time studying, unwillingly.

               “Y/N?” the girl looked up from her scattered papers and towards the direction the voice came from only to be pleasantly met with Yixing.

               “Yixing-ssi!” she squealed out a bit more enthusiastically than she intended.

               “Ah, it is you.” He tittered. “What are you doing here so late?”


               “Do you mind if I sit with you?” she shook her head in response.
               “Not at all, what are you doing here at this hour?”
               “I usually come here to grade papers.” He placed his own work on the table while Y/N made a mental note to visit the café more often. “You know, if you need help with anything I’d be more than happy to help you.”
               “Really? I’ll keep that in mind.” Came her grateful response. Before Y/N knew it she was on her second cup of coffee and the only thing that occupied her mind was math, Calculus II to be exact. Her pencil tapped against the table as she tried to recall the last equation on the chart. Yixing couldn’t take his eyes off of her, she bit her bottom lip while gazing at the paper with a look of determination plastered on her face. How cute.

               “Aren’t you tired?” Y/N eyes broke away from her sheet and wandered over to him, his face was scrunched in concern.
               “What time is it?”  
               “Almost one in the morning.”
               “Oh my god, I need to get home! I still have school tomorrow.” She dreadfully groaned. “Thank you for keeping me company Yixing-ssi.”
               “Wait, how are you getting home?” Yixing inquired as he took a sip of his now lukewarm Americano.
               “The bus.” She answered thoughtfully.
               “Are you crazy? At this hour?” he asked incredulity. “I’ll take you home.”

               “I don’t want to bother you-“
               “You’re not, trust me.” He tried to assure her. “I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.” Because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

               Y/N had noticed Yixing seemed a bit distracted throughout class, she couldn’t help but worry. Is there something wrong? I wonder what’s bothering him… Throughout the class she found him stealing glances from her, but he wasn’t the only one. She finished copying the notes as the lecture finished, Yixing began to erase what he had written on the board signaling that the class was now over.

               “Y/N!” one of her classmates called out, she turned to see a boy smiling at her.

               “Oh hey, Jongin-ssi!” she smiled bashfully at the bronze skinned male who walked towards her.
               “Yah, I’ve told you plenty of times to call me oppa.” He whined with a pout.
               “I’m sorry oppa…” he internally squealed hearing her call him that, it sounded so sweet coming from her.

               “So cute. It’s alright.” He dismissed not being able to resist her unintentional charm. “I was wondering if you could let me borrow your notes from last class, because I wasn’t here.”
               “Of course! Here you go, you can return them to me by next class.” Y/N dug through her backpack until she found her notebook, then handed it to him.
               “Actually I was wondering if you could go over them with me, we could maybe go to a café somewhere…” his hand rubbed the back of his neck nervously.
               “And then maybe we could-“
               “Y/N!” Yixing called out once more interrupting Jongin, who was irritated by their teacher’s terrible timing.
               “Yes, professor Zhang?” she turned away from Jongin and towards their professor who stood two rows down.
               “I need to discuss something with you… It’s about your last assignment.” His eyes judgingly racked over Jongin before landing back on her.
               “I’m sorry Jongin oppa, I need to see what’s up.” A tinge a sadness evident in her voice. “Maybe next time?”
               “Definitely.” He agreed eagerly before leaving, but not without the notes.

               “Yes, Yixing-ssi? What about the last paper I turned in?” did I do badly?
               “I- It was great! Y- Yeah, you did a really good job!” his voice shaky as he offered a lopsided smile. I’m so lame, he scolded mentally.
               “Oh thanks! Is that it?” she was expecting bad news because of the way he had called her over, Y/N didn’t understand why he made such a big deal. She usually did well in his class, it wasn’t anything new. “I know you have your department meeting today, so I’ll get going.”
               “Looking like that?” Yixing accidently blurted out softly staring down at her with a troubled expression.
               “What was that?” fortunately for him she hadn’t heard him.
               “I said here, take this.” Reaching behind his desk he took out his jacket and held it out for her to take.
               “Oh, it’s okay! I brought my coat this time.” She replied with a giggle as she slipped on her gray jacket.
               “But mine is longer.” He muttered.
               “And?” what is he getting at?
               “Did you really have to wear that?” his irked tone caught her off guard, what’s wrong with him?
               “Wear what?”
               “That skirt Y/N, it’s not even hot out and you’re parading around in such a short skirt… If you can even call it that.” He snapped, her eyes widened in shock at his tone and words. His facial expression went from an annoyed one to a remorseful one.

               “Excuse me?” disgruntled by his words she tried to keep calm, after all he was her teacher.
               “No- Look what I meant to say is…” he licked his lips, his mouth felt dry and suddenly it was hard to swallow, even the simple action of taking a breath seemed difficult. “It looks good on you, it really does… But it’s attracting more attention than I would like it to.” Did he just say I looked good? “I don’t like the way other guys are looking at you.”

               “Why?” she waited for his response anxiously, there’s only one reason why he wouldn’t want other guys checking me out.

               “Because it’s disrespectful towards you.” Came his smooth lie, the gleam in her eyes disappeared when she heard his reply. What was I thinking…? Of course he doesn’t like me.

               “Joonmyun oppa!” Yixing heard a familiar voice whine, his knuckles stopped right before they made contact with the door. He was currently standing outside of Joonmyun’s office seeing as how they usually had lunch together, but it seemed there was already someone in there with him.

               “It hurts, stop!” he was certain that was Y/N, he could hear her shaky voice cry out in pain. “Oppa!” came a high pitched moan.
               “Stay still or it’ll only hurt more.” He heard Joonmyun groan, Yixing’s breath hitched in his throat. What the fuck is going on in there? Not liking the unsettling feelings he was having he abruptly opened the door to see Y/N sitting on Joonmyun’s desk while he kneeled in front of her applying what seemed like ointment.

               “Oh fuck, you scared me Yixing!” his friend yelled holding his hand over his chest, Yixing then looked over to see a teary Y/N sniffling while Joonmyun continued to disinfect and bandage up her knee.

               “What are you two…?” he couldn’t stop the words from coming out of his mouth.
               “Oh, this idiot over here tripped over her own two feet.” Joonmyun murmured rolling his eyes, the younger girl pouted crossing her arms. Great, now he’ll think I’m a klutz. “She was too embarrassed to go to the nurse so I decided to treat her.” He added gently patting her thigh signaling she was good to go. Yixing frowned seeing his friend’s hand make contact with her like that, it peeved him for some reason. “And we’re done.”
               “Finally, good thing you’re a teacher because your touch is everything but gentle.” Yixing could feel the corner of his lips twitch hearing those words. Calm down, it’s not what you think… She was referring to him helping her out… He told himself taking a deep breath.
               “Yah, maybe if you didn’t squirm around so much!” this better be the only time she’s squirming under your touch. He venomously thought.
               “Whatever… But thanks op- I mean Professor Kim.” She corrected herself. Y/N quickly glanced at Yixing and bowed feeling too embarrassed to say anything to him before exiting the room.

               “Is Y/N your student too?”
               “Used to be.” Joonmyun replied with a smile. “She took my course the first semester of her freshman year, we became friends and have stayed friends ever since.” He said thinking back at how they firsts met. “Wow, now that I think about it, it’s already been two years.”

               “I see…” Yixing replied quietly unsure of what else to say.
               “Ah, don’t worry Yixing-ah, we’re just friends.”
               “You know, you don’t have to worry about me.” The slightly older man sniggered.  
               “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
               “Right, right. Don’t worry as her friend I’ll put in a good word for you.” Joonmyun commented playfully nudging his best friend.

               She stood in front of Yixing’s office taking a deep breath. Part of her wanted to run and forget her stupid plan while another part wanted to get this over with, curious as to what his response would be. From the corner of her eye she could see Joonmyun smile and mouth ‘fighting’, she nodded and smiled back. She had to do this. Knocking on his the door Yixing’s velvety voice invited her in.

               “Hey Y/N, what do you want to work on today?” he asked as he continued to grade the last exam his students took.

               “Yixing-ssi… There’s something I need to tell you.” Her voice wavered, he set his pen down and gave her a small nod letting her know she had his undivided attention.

               It had been a week since her confession meaning it had also been week since she had spoken to Yixing because the moment his class would end she would be the first one out. Y/N had also stopped visiting him Tuesdays and Thursdays for help on her assignments, Joonmyun was in charge of that now. She missed their late night coffee sessions in the café where they would enjoy each other’s company. Coming to school had become a hassle because she wanted nothing more than to leave the moment she would set foot inside the spacious campus. She tried her best not to let any of this affect her, but that was hard when he consumed most of her thoughts. Joonmyun looked at her worriedly, he found out because he saw her crying the day of the incident and in a moment of vulnerability she told him everything that had happened. He couldn’t help but feel a little guilty since he had been the one to push her to tell him how she felt.

               “I don’t know why I listened to you.” Y/N mumbled dully working on her homework.

               “I’m sorry Y/N, I honestly thought he felt the same towards you…” Joonmyun replied. “I saw the way he would look at you and believe it or not he’d talk about you a lot. I’m sorry, I guess I was wrong-“
               “Don’t apologize, I’m not mad at you.” she murmured setting her pencil down with a frustrated sigh. “I’m mad at myself for ever thinking that someone like him could like someone like me.”

               “Don’t say that-“
               “It’s true! God, what was I thinking?” the girl grumbled shaking her head. “He’s too good for me anyway…”
               “Yah, enough.” Joonmyun slammed his hands down on his desk and walked around to the other side where she was. “Y/N, he’s an idiot for rejecting you. He has no idea how lucky he is to have someone as yourself like him.”

               “I know you’re just trying to comfort me and-“
               “I mean it, so stop crying. Please.” He muttered stroking his friend’s hair.

               “Oppa…” she whined gazing up at him with big glassy eyes.
               “Don’t look at me like that or…”
               “Or what? Joonmyun oppa, what are you going to do?” screw it, he thought biting his lip.
               “You’ll thank me for this later.” When and if he doesn’t kill me.  
               “For wha-“ before she could even finish her sentence his lips crashed down on hers, Y/N froze she wasn’t expecting this. She could feel his soft lips move against hers hungrily, his teeth lightly bit on her bottom lip. Still being unresponsive he decided to shove his tongue in her mouth causing her to moan as he sat her on top of his wooden desk. She found herself circling her arms around his neck in fear that she might fall, Y/N had to admit although she may not have any type of romantic feelings towards him that didn’t stop her from enjoying the kiss. While one of his arms wrapped around her waist to pull them closer his free hand slowly rubbed up her thigh. Suddenly Yixing came to mind, for a split second she felt guilty but at the end of the day he was the one who had rejected her. They weren’t anything, so why should she feel bad? Nonetheless Y/N found herself trying to push him away, the more she squirmed the tighter his grip on her got. Since when did Joonmyun oppa get so strong?

               Yixing stood outside of Joonmyun’s office, earlier that day his friend had asked him to come over but he didn’t say for what. He clenched his fist, he knew her voice well enough to recognize that was Y/N in there with him. After having heard what sounded like a moan he could only imagine what they were doing which made his stomach churn.

               “What’s going on here?” Yixing growled slamming the door open as his eyes darted to Y/N. Joonmyun didn’t bother to move his hands off her. A flabbergasted Y/N stared up at him with her doe eyes, her lips were red and swollen from the kiss. He had always been a calm and composed person, but this was toomuch. He bit the inside of his cheek harshly as he glared over at Joonmyun. As much as he wanted to punch his supposed friend in the face they were still on campus which was also their workplace so he had to remain professional. Y/N hastily started to compose herself, her cheeks were tinted pink in embarrassment about having been caught in such a predicament by Yixing of all people.  

               “Professor Kim offered to tutor me for an upcoming exam…” she tried to cover up.
               “Looks like he was helping you with something else.” Y/N couldn’t help but bite her bottom lip in annoyance at his sudden attitude. He had no right to be mad, he had his chance.
               “And even if he was, what’s it to you?”
               “Y/N…” his heart hurt hearing her speak to him like that for the first time.
               “No, just stay out of it Professor Zhang. What I do outside of your classroom is none of your business, you’re just my teacher and nothing more.” She bitterly hissed storming out of the small office.

               “Oh my god and then he walked in? No!” her friend exclaimed before taking a sip of caramel macchiato.

               “Trust me, I know!” Y/N groaned burying her face in her hands, even talking about it was embarrassing. “I tried to push him off… I really did, but he wasn’t letting go.”

“But… Was he good?” Mirae questioned giving her a wide knowing smile as she waited for her response.

               “You know… Is Joonmyun a good kisser?” rolling her eyes she motioned for her to answer the question, as if she had a choice.

               “Yeah… He is.” Y/N squeaked out earning a high pitched squeal from her best friend.
               “I can’t believe you!” her friend wholeheartedly laughed giving Y/N a smack on the arm.
               “Oh shit.” Mirae’s laughter died down quickly and her smile was gone in a matter of milliseconds as she looked towards the café’s door.
               “What?” Y/N couldn’t understand why her mood had dropped so quickly in such a short span of time.
               “Don’t look behind you.” Mirae warned, Y/N’s brows furrowed in confusion. What’s going on?
               “What why-“
               “Y/N, what a pleasant surprise to see you here.” His velvety voice filled her ears, Mirae could see her friend tense immediately. “And who’s this?” he asked grinning at her friend.
               “Hello, I’m her best friend Mirae. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She remained polite and respectful as one should, but Mirae wanted nothing more than to yell and curse at the man who was the source of her friend’s misery. Maybe even beat some sense into him because she couldn’t comprehend how someone in their right mind could reject such a girl.
               “Hello, professor Zhang.” He slightly frowned hearing Y/N not address him by his first name, they hadn’t spoken properly in over a week now not counting the encounter in Joonmyun’s office the other day. By the looks of it, it seemed like the last thing she wanted to do was talk to him. With a sigh he excused himself for a moment so he could go buy his usual Americano.
               “Where did Y/N go?” Yixing looked around for her, but it seemed like only her friend remained.
               “Oh, she had to go. She has a date today. With… What’s his name again…? Joonmyun or something?” Mirae smirked inwardly seeing Yixing stiffen, his jaw was clenched, his free hand was balled into such a tight fist that his knuckles were white, and the cup of coffee in his other hand shook, he was trying so hard to control his rage.
               “I see, thanks. It was nice meeting you.” He curtly spoke through his gritted teeth, Mirae smiled and nodded in response. Her smile dropping as soon as he left the café.
               “Idiot.” The girl mumbled glaring in the general direction he had left.

               “Have fun on your date?” Yixing hissed before she was able to walk out the door, she was the last one remaining.

               “What date?”
               “Don’t feign innocence.”
               “I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”
               “Your friend told me! The reason you had left is because you had a date and with none other than Joonmyun hyung.” That girl did not… Y/N groaned mentally.

               “What do you care? Professor Zhang, don’t you think you’re a little too concerned with my personal affairs?” Y/N scoffed as she crossed her arms. “I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, what I do outside of your classroom is none of your business, you’re just my teacher and nothing more.”

               “Y/N…” while he took a step forward she took a step back managing to get closer to the door. “You’re not going anywhere.” Yixing growled grasping her wrist. “I’m tired of this.”

               “Wh- What?”
               “I’m tired of you calling me professor Zhang, I liked it better when you called me Yixing, it would be even better if you added ‘oppa’ in front of it.” The girl made no attempt to break from his clutch because she was interested in what else he had to say. “My office is empty without you and my coffee taste bitter no matter how much sugar I add… Everything seems so dull without you, I miss you so much.”
               “Professor Zha-“
               “Stop calling me that!”
               “Yixing-ssi…” Y/N called out softly correcting herself.
               “Do you have any idea how I felt when I walked into his office and saw you all over each other? His filthy hands on what’s supposed to be mine… I could hear you two from the outside, you know? Had I not stepped in when I did who knows how far you two would have gotten.” It wasn’t even like that, she thought inwardly sighing. “Then I finally encounter you for the first time in a while outside of school and you abruptly leave to go on a date with him! Y/N… Why are you doing this to me?” She could practically taste his bitter words.
               “I’m not doing anything.” Which was very much true.
               “Yes, you are! You’re breaking my heart…”
               “Just like you broke mine.” She retorted.
               “Y/N, please-“ Y/N snatched her wrist away from his hand and shot him a harsh glare before she continued.
               “No! I don’t understand, I confessed to you and you shot me down. So why do you care about what I do?”
               “Because I like you, I always have!” Yixing finally revealed.
               “Then why did you reject me?” came her devastated response.
               “Because I’m your teacher!” that and everything had been so unexpected, he wasn’t sure how to deal with it all.
               “And? This is college not high school, there’s nothing that says we can’t date. At least Joonmyun oppa understands that.” Y/N could clearly see Yixing stiffen at the mention of the other man’s name.
               “Stop, don’t even say his name.” he snarled balling his fists.
               “It only reminds me of what could have been mine…” his voice was soft and full of sorrow causing the girl’s heart to ache.
               “I was yours from the start.”
               “Then why did you let him kiss you? Why did you go out with him?” It just doesn’t make sense…
               “I never went out with him, my fried lied about the whole date thing.” Yixing could feel his ears heat up and his cheeks pink hearing that revelation. “I left because it was suffocating being in the same room as you.”
               “You let him kiss you though…” the man reminded. Y/N couldn’t help but chew the inside of her cheek as she fiddled with her fingers.
               “Well… Not really. He took me by surprise, I tried to push him away but… he was stronger than me.”  Yixing’s facial expression switched from relived to furious.

               “He’s fucking dead.” He dangerously whispered walking past her ready to storm out of the room and to Joonmyun’s office. He knew, Joonmyun knew how he felt about her. So he couldn’t understand why he had forced himself on her.

               “Wait!” Y/N squeaked grabbing onto arm in an attempt to stop him, Joonmyun’s words before he had kissed her echoed through her headYou’ll thank me for this later.’ It wasn’t until now that she understood what he meant. That sly boy had purposely invited Yixing over and kissed her in order to provoke him, which resulted in what he wanted and that was getting his best friend jealous in order to confess.

               “Let go Y/N, that son of a bitch had this coming the moment his lips touched yours!”

               “Yixing oppa, please…” she sweetly muttered wrapping her arms from behind and pressing her cheek against his back. “Please don’t hurt him.”


               “Oppa please!” the girl begged tightening her hold on him. “Wait- Just listen to me…” she muttered before explaining to him Joonmyun’s intentions.

               “That still doesn’t justify what he did…” Yixing grumbled turning around to face her.

               “He meant well…” Y/N tried to defend, unlike him she was secretly grateful his plan had worked.

               “Whatever…” he groused.

               He felt bad for keeping her back so late, but Y/N was stubborn and insisted on keeping him company until he was done. Yixing lovingly ran his fingers through his girlfriend’s hair as she nuzzled her nose into his lavender knit scarf that she had balled up to use as a pillow while he finished grading the last of the papers he had. He tenderly tapped her body wanting to wake her up so they could leave the school.

               “Y/N-ah.” He called out gently not wanting to startle her. Her eyes fluttered open and she was pleasantly met with none other than her boyfriend.

               “Mmm, what?” came her groggy voice.

               “Wake up, it’s time to go.” He whispered stroking her hair.

               “You’re done already?” the girl asked as she stretched.

               “Mhm. Come on let’s go sweetheart.” he ignored her protest as he grabbed her bag and slung it over his shoulder. “What do you want to eat today?” Yixing wondered as they walked towards his car located in the parking garage.

               “Something warm… Oh, I know! Ramyeon and dumplings!” the girl squealed excitedly causing him to chuckle at his girlfriend’s cute actions.

               “Ramyeon and dumplings it is.”

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I adore that you're a fan of the Prequels. I'm more of a cartoons fan myself, but the prequel hate can get tiring, so things like acknowledging Mace are just. Great.

I’m not a fan of any fandom hate in general so I try to keep things positive. I love Mace! He’s such an interesting character and I think we definitely need more Mace-centric fic and art. Padawan!Mace, JediKnight!Mace, JediMaster!Mace, AUWhereHeSurvives!Mace, Mace goes on an undercover mission, Mace training, timetravelling!Mace….basically more Mace! (I’m also a huge Sam Jackson fan so that probably contributes to my Mace love.)

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Werewolf!Jimin Part Two

Someone requested werewolf!Jimin falling in love with a human (you can find the original werewolf!chim right here) so I decided to do that today! So it’s time for our lil angel with a smile that could compete with the sun, Park Jimin aka chim aka his smile is honestly so precious though like when he smile his eyes do the thing that’s so adorable and his cheeks get all !! and most of the time that cute lil giggle isn’t far behind and it’s so cute and wow I feel like Jimin’s smile could make just about anyone smile how does one not smile when he does is the better question tbh

  • For a more in depth explanation on werewolves and humans, you can go to Jin’s post bc I kinda explained it there but I will do a quick summary here
  • It isn’t against any laws or is forbidden in any way to fall in love with a human
  • But it also isn’t something that’s encouraged
  • With humans, there’s always a chance of them rejecting their werewolf partner once they find out and for a werewolf, a breakup is a b i g deal
  • They fall hard so when there’s nothing to cushion that fall it’s just like well shit
  • I feel like Jimin himself is someone who falls really hard so when you add in the whole werewolf thing that’s a lot of love
  • His parents always had a lot of human friends and he always went to public schools so to him, humans weren’t that big of a deal??
  • Like some werewolves avoided them a bit bc they didn’t want to have to worry about their secret being let out
  • But Jimin was smart enough to hide it well and it was never his main concern bc he just liked making friends
  • Plus he’s best friends with Tae who’s an incredibly social lil bug
  • So he does get to be friends with quite a lot of people, human or not
  • Jimin is the second to fall in love
  • Tae is the one to introduce you two
  • Tae knows Jimin is open to dating humans
  • So he does kinda hint about how you’re single and chim’s single too what are the odds
  • “You two should like idk do something about that maybe with each other idk idk”
  • Jimin just laughs it off bc he’s used to tae bc childhood friends but you kinda get flustered and are just wait what
  • Tbh it only makes Jimin laugh even more bc he finds you really cute and you being super !! is making you even cuter
  • He jokingly offers for you two to get away from tae but also just wants to hang out with you alone
  • Bc Tae knows Jimin like the back of his hand and wouldn’t try hooking him up with someone he thought Jimin wouldn’t like
  • So Jimin’s a bit curious as to what it was about you that made Tae think of him
  • You two go off to this lil park near the school
  • It’s actually lowkey a bit romantic ?? like he didn’t mean for it to be but he isn’t complaining and neither are you
  • Like they’re aren’t too many people there, it’s the perfect weather, you can hear someone playing a slow song on a guitar not too far away
  • You two start talking and it’s casual but also like a lowkey date but neither of you can tell if it’s an actual date or not
  • Like neither of you asked the other out but at the same time, neither of you would mind it being qualified as a date
  • He tries to figure out if you think of it as a date or not by holding your hand
  • If you let go, you most likely think of it as a friends only type of thing, if you allow the hand holding you maybe think of it as romantic
  • You do give him a huge smile when he grabs your hand bc lil shy Jimin makes an appearance and it may just be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
  • Like he can’t make eye contact, there’s a lil hint of a blush starting to form on his cheeks, you can feel his fingers fidgeting around with yours and it’s all just adorable
  • Normally Jimin is quite confident, at least from what you’ve seen, so to see him turn into this shy lil puppy is so endearing
  • Your relationship takes off from there
  • Dates start happening more often and those dates turn into "will you be mine??“
  • You soon meet his family and his pack (although you don’t know the pack’s a thing but he does tell you about it later)
  • You start to notice he does some not so human like things
  • Like this one time you two were out at night and you were both laughing and goofing around and he lowkey howls a bit
  • You brush it off as him goofing off so you copy him and he’s v v thankful bc that could’ve blown the secret but instincts told him to howl he couldn’t help it
  • There’s also the time you were playfully ignoring him while trying to find something to eat
  • “Jimin I have bigger issues to deal with, I’m hungry and I need food immediately I’ll cuddle in a second”
  • He literally just lets out this lil whimper that sounds so identical to a puppy’s that you almost think it’s your actual dog
  • You’re too wrapped up in how cute it is to really think about it so he gets another pass
  • But it’s when you two walk by these two kids who’d just found a dog whistle that all of your suspicions go crazy
  • You don’t react to the whistle bc not a dog but he just covers his ears and is like we gotTA GO RN
  • You question him about it when you get back to your shared apartment
  • You have all of these different cases of him doing things that aren’t really human like and you’re just really confused and he figures it’s time to tell you
  • A part of you wants to think he’s joking when he tells you but the other part is just “that makes a l o t of sense”
  • Jimin’s never lied to you about anything bigger than like eating the last piece of cake (which he later confessed to out of guilt) so you know he has to be telling you the truth
  • “…so is that why you get along so well with my dog??”
  • He’s just super glad that you aren’t packing your things and leaving
  • He spends the rest of the night cuddling you all tight and shit and you keep making dog puns but he can’t even be mad bc he’s just so happy
Guzguz Tickle Talks

I started thinking about raspberries and why I like them so much and here’s what I came up with. First, they tickle. A lot. Second, you can give them on practically any tickle spot and it’ll tickle like crazy! And third, they are just so silly! It is impossible to give someone a raspberry without making a loud, obnoxious farting noise. The louder and more obnoxious the raspberry is, the better reaction you’ll get. I just love raspberries in all their adorable, silliness.

There’s nothing more amazing than being in the city of love and being able to cuddle with the most amazing guy on the planet. And by most amazing guy on the planet I mean my new adorable baby moopig Gustavo—you can’t get any better than cuddling up with a batpig. In case we haven’t met before, I’m Stefani. If that name doesn’t sound familiar to you, I’m also known as Lady Gaga or that crazy woman who wore a meat dress to an award show before. 

Boyfriend Series - ASTRO: Sanha

- Super shy and extremely blushy

- Flustered by all of the skinship you initiate but loves it

- Always holding your hand and giving you backhugs

- His hugs would include him hiding himself in your hair as comfortably as possible

- Overall adorable with his constant want to have couple items and do couple things

- Gives you piggy backs all the time

- Smiles when you koala him in a hug

- Teases you about your height when he gets more comfortable with you

- Would do anything for you if you were to ask

- Always wants hugs from you and wouldn’t let you go unless you made him

- Wants to talk about any and everything with you

- Pouts when he can’t hug, talk to, or see you

- Extremely shy kisses

- Like he’d run away after probably

- Pouts when you don’t give him a kiss

- Whether it would be on the cheek or lips

- Plays with your fingers when you are upset

- Rests his chin on your head all the time

- Doesn’t want to move from your arms

- Leaves random gifts around for you to find

- Sends you the cutest texts and photos

- Always wants to take selcas with you

- Says ‘I love you’ at the most random times

- Stares at you until you pull him back to reality

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This is lowkey revenge for Admin Lionheart for those Daeil snapchats hehe -Admin Sunshine