can you get any hotter


Can SNL get any hotter. I mean… like Thank you !!!

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Cap Sun and Mercury // Taurus Moon // Cancer Rising // Sag Venus // Scorpio Mars

Oh my so like… I can actually feel my knees getting weak on this one here. I have a huge weakness for caps (my 5th house is in cap) and your taurus moon makes my libra moon in the 2nd house freaking excited and your cancer rising to my virgo rising :“) I can’t. And that sag venus and a scorpio mars can you get any hotter calm down pls I need a minute ….. marry me

Can we talk about this little fucker for a second

This guy here, his name is John Simm. And he’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

Just look at him smiling! 

BAM! Like a photomodel! Jesus can you get any hotter John?

Woah, long haired John, damn you’re hot…

That little shit, look at him!

So smug, so cute, who gave you premission to be so god daMN CUTE??!!

Look at that, little rockstar! If that wasn’t enough, he sings too!

And those eyes, jesus take the wheel

He’s adorable and he knows it!

I did not give you premission to ruin my life with your cutness. Fuck you and your stupid smile. 

Just A Movie

Summery: Cas gets jealous when he reads the readers mind during a movie and discovers the readers crush for a certain star spangled superhero.

Castiel x Reader

Warning: none really, jealous!Cas

Word count: 986

A/N: anonymous asked: Can you please make a imagine with cas, where he is dating the reader, and for some reason, he gets really jealous? :33

Castiel loved movies, he loved being able to understand Deans references and make references himself, that’s why movie night was a big part of your relationship. Every Friday at 7:00 PM Castiel would pop by and, whomever’s turn it had been that week would have a movie selected. You tended to favour the nerdy side of cinematic entertainment while Castiel favoured documentaries or varying animals and/or important famous people.

It was safe to say that you were much better at picking movies than your boyfriend, and it just so happened to be your turn to pick a movie, and tonight’s selection? None other than Captain America: The First Avenger starring a one handsome Mr. Steve Rodgers.

You thought Castiel might enjoy a action movie and, hopefully, lay off the documentaries and biographies.

“This does look interesting.” he mumbled as he starred at the movie case in hand, turning it over to examine the back.

“Its amazing, trust me.”

With a nod from the angel you set the disk in and pressed play, cuddling back up to Castiel.

You had made a comfortable haven of downy feather pillows and fluffy blankets on your bed with a big bowl of popcorn resting on the nightstand, not that Castiel would eat any of it.

You thought this would be a nice movie to watch, you loved it and had a feeling Castiel would love it as well, but sometimes you forget just how much of an angel Castiel is, and being an angel gives him certain… mind reading abilities.

The movie was playing and you couldn’t help but smile when a bumbling and tiny Steve Rodgers came onto screen.

You always thought that Castiel was kind of like Steve Rodgers, before and after.  

Castiel could be the most clumsiest person at times, but he’d always stand up for what was right. Even when he was up against his own brothers, when he was pushed around and belittled, he was always there for those who mattered to him. He wanted to understand movie references and the culture of humans. He wanted to do what was right, he wanted to protect those he loved. He was loyal and brave and you loved him immensely for it. 


You looked up at Castiel who was now watching you with curiosity.


“I asked why you are smiling.”

“What? I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not.”

“You’re smiling right now.”

“Oh.” you laughed, snuggling deeper into Castiel and turned back to the movie.

Man oh man look at those muscles. you thought as Steve stumbled out of the machine, now ripped and looking better than ever.

You felt Cas shift under you uncomfortably.

I don’t know how Peggy doesn’t just jump his guns now.

Another shift from Cas.

“You okay Cas? Are you uncomfortable? I can move-”

“I’m fine.” he said rather grumpily, arms tightening around your waist.

Weird… Holy smokes can Steve get any hotter?

You heard Cas scoff under his breath and you turned to look at him.

“Something wrong?”

“I’m not liking this movie very much.”

“It’ll get better, promise!”

Besides, we haven’t even seen him in his uniform yet.

Cas groaned and you ignored it.

That’s how the movie went, Castiel would scoff or grumble under his breath, shake his head or roll his eyes, he even started to mutter things like

‘I can do that’

‘I’m much stronger than him’

‘I’m suppose to believe he saved the world?’

‘I’m much more attractive than him.’

You paused the movie at the last comment and turned around so you were facing him.

“Cas, what is this all about?” you demanded, arms crossed with an eyebrow perched in question.

Cas grumbled something, crossing his own arms and looking away from you.

“Cas, what is it? Of course you stronger than him and more attractive than him-”

“You don’t seem to think so.”

It was your turn to scoff as your eyebrows knit together in confusion.


“I was listening to you speak in your head-”

“You were what?! Cas!”

“I’m sorry but you have such a cute inner monologue when we watch movies-”

“Do you always read my mind when we watch movies?!” you yelled, a little more than upset.

“N-not always…” Cas stuttered before he realized his advantage

“You think he’s attractive.”

“W-wha-pfft… n-no I-”

“I don’t think he’s attractive, in fact, I think he looks funny wearing tights.”

Leave it to Cas for the lame insult.

“Yes Cas, I think he’s attractive, just like Sam and Dean are attractive, but do I love them? No.”

“But you think-”

“Just because they look good doesn’t mean I like them!” you laughed “Besides, you’re much more attractive.”

Castiel puffed out his chest a bit, a smirk growing on his face.

“Good, because you belong to me.” Cas said growling a little as he pushed you back onto the bed and hovered over you, arms on either side of your head.

“You wanna know why I like Captain America so much?”

“Why?” Castiel said, eyes darkening in the slightest.

“Because he reminds me of you.”

Cas tilted his head at your words, trying to find a connection.

“You’re both brave and strong, you both protect the people you love. Not to mention you really suck at understating references.”

Cas chuckled under his breath.

“Who do you want?” he questioned, lowering his lips towards yours.

“You.” you say as you wrap your arms around his neck.

“Say it.”

“I want you, Cas.”

Castiel’s smile widened as he pressed a kiss to your lips, his hand tangling in your hair.

“Say it again.”

Cas,” you giggled cupping his face “I only want you.”

“One more time?”

Pushing up slightly you smashed your lips into Cas’, tugging him down by his shirt collar causing Castiel to grab for your hips.

“I’m yours, Cas.”

“Mmmh,” he hummed happily, kissing the underneath of your jaw “Mine.” 

Loving Evil pt. 3

Early the next morning your cell door opens once more. You are on your poor excuse for a bed, lying on your back, your eyes closed although you haven’t slept a wink.

“Where to this time, boys?” You don’t move a muscle, expecting the stormtroopers from yesterday. You can’t make it too easy for them, can you? No one answers. A few seconds pass and nothing happens so you peek out of one eye. No stormtroopers and the door is closed. Sitting up, you glance around the room. Next to the entrance on the floor lies a neatly folded pile of clothes with a note on top. You slowly stand up and shuffle to the pile. The note reads, “Shower, then put these on,” in a plain, black text.
‘Wow,’ you think, ‘real subtle.’

In the back of the cell, there is a doorless bathroom with only a sink, toilet, and a sketchy pipe with some tiny chains your realizing now is supposed to be a shower. There isn’t even a mirror or a towel.

You pull a chain and eventually water trickles out of the pipe high above your head. You hesitantly take off your clothes, they are the last thing you have from home, even if they aren’t the nicest in the galaxy. You take a lukewarm shower because the water won’t get any hotter and do the best you can to clean up with no soap. Once finished, you wring out your hair and contemplate doing a funny looking dance to shake the rest of the water off. Instead, you lean against the wall and slide down until you are sitting with your knees pulled up to your chest. What has happened to your life?
You stay like this for a while, but finally you stand to get dressed, you don’t want the cell door to open and see you like this. You gather the new clothes into your arms and set them on your bed. There are black pants, a long sleeved white shirt, black panties, a black bralette, and thick red socks. It could be worse, you could be wearing a baggy prisoner jumpsuit.

After getting dressed, you realize you are oddly satisfied with your outfit. The pants hug your hips just right while the top is a bit bigger and very soft. The socks are a nice addition, too, in the cold space ship.

The entrance opens just as your last boot slips over your foot and you look up to see a stern looking redhead standing rigidly in the doorway, “Well, it’s about time. Follow,” he says and walks stiffly down the corridor.

Without much of a choice, you do as he says, jogging to catch up to him.
“Wait, how did you know I was finished?”

“Cameras,” he says irritatedly. You shut right up and your face turned the same shade as your ridiculously bright, yet warm, socks. Of course there are cameras, you SAW them last night! How could you have forgotten? Now you’re glad you didn’t shake the water off, but you aren’t too happy you sat naked for so long.

You walk the rest of the way in silence, it’s my longest walk I’ve had here yet. You guys must have traveled to the opposite side of the ship! You’re just about to make a snarky comment when the stuck-up man stops at a door and lets himself in, gesturing for you to come in as well. You roll your eyes and step inside.

It’s a bedroom, you think, and it’s much better than where you’ve been staying.
There’s a gigantic plush bed, a window full of stars, and even a bathroom with an actual door. It looked almost livable if it hadn’t been for the absolute dullness of it all. Everything is either black or dark grey, and while you have no problem with the colors, you like at least a tiny splash of color. Maybe that’s why your socks are red. You are about to ask the redhead where you are when he just ups and leaves. You stare at where he disappeared through the door, “Well, what am I supposed to do now?” You whisper to yourself.

“You can start by taking care of that mop on your head, too bad Hux didn’t give you a hairbrush,” a deep voice replies from across the room. Kylo Ren? Where the hell did he come from?

You draw your eyebrows together, searching for him in the black room until you spot him leaning into a shadowy corner, “My messy hair is your own fault, you know! The prison cells are due for an upgrade,” you cross your arms.

He steps out of the shadow with an emotionless face, no mask, and pointing with his gloved hand towards the bathroom, “Use what you must, just fix it.”

You huff and stomp dramatically to the bathroom, seeing your reflection in the huge mirror for the first time in days. You really do look terrible, you have purple circles under your eyes from lack of sleep, your hair is still dripping wet and hopelessly tangled, and your skin looks impossibly stretched thin. On top of that, your own eyes look wild, as if they aren’t yours but an animal’s.

You do the best you can with your hair, at least getting it to lay flat, but don’t bother with the rest. You don’t even know what any of the products in there are for, there aren’t any descriptions on them! Feeling like you just don’t care enough, you go back to the bedroom. Kylo Ren did this to you, if he doesn’t like it, so what? Despite this mindset, you still feel self conscious when you walk out of the bathroom and feel his eyes on you. You don’t even know how to rest your hands, so you settle with crossing your arms once again, “Now what, sir?” You drip as much sarcasm as you can into “sir” and draw your lips into a straight line, watching him.

He is standing in the same spot as before, but begins walking closer.
“I’m impressed,” he croons, “Not frightened in my own quarters?”
You didn’t know this room was his, you feel your heart skip a beat. This isn’t because you’re scared, it’s because Kylo seems so much more human to you now. He has a bedroom where he sleeps, changes clothes, breaks down, and…
You’re thoughts are cut off as Kylo stops coming closer when he’s a mere breath away from you. You have to strain your neck to even look to his eyes, you don’t enjoy him looking down on you like this.

“Why are you so dang clo-”
Your breath hitches as Kylo grabs your wrists, his long fingers easily wrapping around your arm.

“(Y/N), you’re so feisty, it drives me insane,” his voice has gotten deeper, if that’s even possible, and he is practically whispering as if he’s going to scare you away, “Feisty like a kitten trying to act as a tiger,” he smirks, inching closer.

“Kylo Ren-” you start, but he stops you.
“Just call me Kylo,” his grip on your wrists tighten.

“Stop cutting me off!” You stomp your foot, “Kylo, you’re so… Condescending, it makes me angry.”

Kylo narrows his eyes at you, “You are such a child.”

“I’m a fully grown lady!” Your voice gets higher and you put your hands on your hips.

He stands up straight and raises his eyebrows, “Yeah? Prove it.”

“A lady need not ‘prove’ anything,” you close your eyes and tilt your nose up in the air, as if it wasn’t already up from looking at Kylo.

A split second passes before his lips are on yours, giving you a soft and cautious kiss. Saying this startles you is an understatement, but you dare not move. His hands sneak from your wrists to your waist and he brings you in close, the kiss becomes more passionate and you join in, pressing your lips against his and moving to deepen it. 'How are you attracted to him?’ You wonder, 'he’s caused nothing but trouble.’ Yet the two of you kiss as if you survive on it.

Too long???? I just couldn’t stop, and I needed the kiss at the end! People, we’re getting to the good stuff! :D but for now, it’s bedtime ❤️ goodnight dearies 😘


That moment you realize Stephen Amell can get hotter at any moment….😍😍

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Can you do an imagine for me where like you are dating Sammy, so when the two of you and the Jacks go to a party you and Johnson get kinda tipsy and kiss, so Sammy gets angry and they get in a fight? Thank you, love your imagines and ships so much, you're amazing just saying(:

External image

You walk into the party. The smell of vodka quickly fills your lungs. You look around looking at each individual, most of them are dancing, or on the floor because of being wasted already. The party started about two hours ago. You look near the corner of the room and see Sammy, Jack & Jack sitting, drinking shots. You eye Sammy and walk over to them.

Sam stands setting down his glass and putting his arms out pulling you into a big hug. “There you are, baby.” He said, his words slightly slurred. You knew when Sammy got drunk and he wasn’t even near drunk. He looked at you and bit his lip. He leaned in near your ear. “Damn, can you get any hotter.” He said. You looked down at your short black dress and smiled.

You took a seat between Jack and Sam. Sammy kept whispering in your ear, but you could barley hear him over the music. The only thing you heard was when he asked you if you wanted a drink. You nodded and he stood and walked to the bar. You looked over at Johnson who was downing shots.

“Want one?” He asked handing you a shot glass. You took it. You let the liquor slide down your throat. It burned but it tasted amazing. Sammy came back handing you your drink. “Thanks.” You said.

You started drinking and drinking, one right after the other. You looked over at Sammy who was still not drunk. You leaned near his ear, “I’m going to go to the bathroom.” You said, your words slurred. “Alright.” He chuckled. You stood and walked to the bathroom.

When you came out of the bathroom Jack J. was standing outside of the door. He glanced down at your feet and his eyes caught at your eyes. He started slowly walking towards you, inching his way. He pressed you up the wall behind you. He grabbed your chin and started kissing you. You were surprised and didn’t know how to react so you kissed him back. As seconds passed the kiss was turning passionate and lust full. You were wondering if you should stop him. He was getting drunk but, you were dating Sammy. You look over to your right and see Sam standing there. His jaw is clenched and his fist in a ball. He walked over to where you guy’s were kissing and pulls him off you.

“What the hell!” He yells at Jack. Jack just stands there now realizing what he was doing. Sam put his arm up backing Jack into the wall. Sam starts punching him and they start fighting. You feel two hands grab your arm pulling you away from the scene. It was Gilinsky.

“Don’t stand there and just watch that.” He said. You walk up the stairs not even caring. You felt like terrible. Sam was nothing but good to you and you treat him like that. His own best friend. Now what have you done. You walk into Sammy’s room and lay on the bed and start crying. You hear footsteps near the door.

Sam enters his nose dripping blood. You stand up walking over to him. You pull your shirt up and wipe the blood away. “Look, I’m.” He cut you off with a kiss.

“You’re drunk I know and people are stupid when they’re drunk. I think you need to go to sleep and we can talk about this in the morning.” He said kissing your head. He took your hand and laid you down on the bed. “Alright.” You said.

Sam then started kissing you.

External image

“You’re mine, got it.” He said.