can you find waldo

So I was at the Nucleus Gallery the other day. Here are some pics:

^^Was walking around for a half hour before finding this hanging from the ceiling. Caught me by surprise! 

^^Sadly, these weren’t for sale.

^^ This was too funny to NOT take a picture of.

^^ Pretty much the entire gallery, save some cells and making-of pictures behind me.

^^ A lot of background cells

^^ I rreeaallllyy wanted to buy this huge canvas. But sadly, $8,000 was just a tad too pricey…

^^ Realistic pony-head

^^It was a lovely day. Clear, blue skies on a calm and cool Sunday.

^^ Originals by Daron Nefcy herself! Sadly, since I couldn’t make it the opening day, the top left piece was already sold (what I originally wanted).

^^ I ended up buying this instead. I’ll see it again towards the end of the month when the exhibit ends. They’ll ship it to me. Can’t wait to show you guys!

^^ A fun where’s-waldo type piece. Can you find them all?

^^Also ended up buying a couple of prints. I’ll buy frames for them later. The one on the left is unrelated, but I loved the Avatar: The last airbender series, so I got it. The one on the right is one out of 50 available prints. So I got that too. And the hot-sauce above is for scale. 

All-in-all. It was pretty neat! I wish I was there for the opening day but it’s all good. At least I have an initialed original by Daron. :)

Who else went? How was it?

What to Pack: Seoul, South Korea - The Study Abroad Edition

South Korea has been treating me well so far. With the adventures I’ve gone and the adventures I will be partaking, I have really enjoyed my time here in this country. I still have a lot to learn and so many other actives I want to indulge in, but I’m taking it all in one stride. Nevertheless, being in South Korea for a while now, I’ve come to realize that there are certain items I should have packed with me before departing the US because in doing so, I would have saved myself some money that could have been used for other things. This blog post today is dedicated to what to pack and what you should consider packing when traveling in South Korea. And I don’t mean the usual like clothes and such.

Thing #1: Power Adapter

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Can you find Nath in this “Where’s Waldo” reference?


yo i dont usually make follow forevers since i cant make decisions, but since I reached 1k a few weeks ago i was like hey why not lmao. hashtag krystal’s sacrifice. so then i ended up making one in celebration of everyone’s coolness. Thank you friends for following an ass that is I uwu and thank you to my dumb peeps (???) who are cooler than ill ever be and i still have no idea why youre friends with me lmao. I couldnt include as much as i want to on here bc of the lack of space and im just that bad at making decisions, so if i follow you and you arent here youre still hecka cool and i luv u ok.  +blogroll

I really dont want to clog dashes (haikyuu hype. dont want to disturb that) so i wont be typing all the names down. i am so sorry. you can put your find waldo skills to use for this one though. There shouldnt be any typos (did some double checking), but then again im typing it so there might be some ¯\_(ツ)_/¯