can you feel your heart as it hits the ground

People usually think the worst thing about falling is the initial impact of the fall, but for me it’s the feeling of falling, that sudden rush that you feel in your stomach, that feeling of losing control for just a second. Once you fall that pain from hitting the ground will eventually fade, but that fear of losing control, that fear of feeling your heart wanting to explode out of your chest never truly goes away. Thats how I can explain anxiety, always feeling like you are falling but never truly hitting the ground.

You ruin me.
Not in the typical chick flick way.
In a way so hard to describe.
If I were to tell you how I feel, I’d have to get you to imagine it for it can only then be slightly more understandable.
So close your eyes and put yourself in my shoes.
Can you imagine someone walking into your life and flipping it upside down?
They make you feel warm inside and make your heart almost burst.
They’re someone that can make you smile without even trying and make you feel wanted.
This will last for the first couple of weeks until they realise you’re hooked on their addictive company.
You’re now falling.
Imagine falling so fast that you’re scared to hit the ground.
This is then when the once bursting heart is ripped out, shattered into pieces, trampled on and then thrown back at you.
Now he’s decided he’s done.
He’s succeeded in getting you to adore him and by god it’s a strong hold.
They’ve now got you sat on your bed crying into your pillow repeating the same thing over and over again.
“Why did I let him in?”
And so when I say you ruin me.
I meant it.
You left me empty, broken hearted and alone.
I just wanted you and you didn’t want anything to do with that.
You left me to rot.
I wish I could hate you for that but it seems I still make excuses as to why you’re still untouched and perfect in my eyes and the fact that I know I’m a complete disaster in yours is the worst of all.
—  E.T // I’m a disaster in your eyes

the first time
you meet her,
she appears
out of thin air
with skyscraper shoulders
and eyes full of wonder.
the way her feet
dance through the world
makes you believe
she could stop
a war and you realize,
you are nothing
compared to her.
she creates art
with one twirl
and you can
only admire her
from a distance.

no one is ever
able to feel
her coming
but you feel it.
oh, you feel it.
your heart shakes,
palms turn into
a hot summers day.
you begin to memorize
the soft sounds
of her toes
hitting the ground.
you begin to memorize
the way her arms
swing to her sides
and the way her hair
moves as though
it is stronger than any wind.
you’ve never believed
in gods, but
when you stare into her eyes,
you’re sure someone must’ve spent
ages painting the warm
colors of her skin.

she believes
she is invisible,
yet you see her
in everything
- every little thing.
every step she takes is the
start of a beautiful dance
that you could watch
for hours, and hours.
she never makes
the wrong move
so you hand
her your heart,
hide it in every
piece she creates.
you’re sure she’d
never drop it
but the thing is,
does she even realize
she has it?
do you even realize
she has it?

the first time
you see her
blood spill, you catch
her with shaky arms.
you hold all the
hope in your heart
in your arms
and wonder, if
she was gone,
would the dim light
in your eyes
completely fade?
you tear wounds
open on anyone
that had dared to touch her
yet when she opens
her eyes again,
you pretend you
didn’t skip sleep
thinking of her.

some days, your head
spins and her laughter
is the only drug
that can stop
the world from
moving too fast.
when darkness falls,
you hear her voice
call your name.
you hear the
ringing songs of
her laughter
and you hear
your own heart
pounding for a girl
who deserves someone
with delicate hands
instead of blood
stained fingers.

you wonder
how a boy
like you,
broken and cruel,
could find a girl
with fire in her heart.
in every corner
of this world,
there is darkness
but somehow,
sun kissed skin
crept up on you,
and a flame in
your heart was ignited.

one day, she is
suddenly taken away.
she is thrashing
and kicking.
her movements have
never been so violent.
this is a dance
that is painful to watch.
when her hands
are too far to reach,
you whisper
her name and wonder
if you’ll ever be
able to hold her
the way you have
always imagined to
in your dreams.

you’d tear apart
every piece of land.
you’d tear apart
every tree, every boat,
in order to hear
the gentle sound
of her breathing again.
you’d tear apart
your own heart
in order to see
her finally
live out her dream.
so you begin
to search for her
and aren’t afraid to
see red everywhere.
you’ve never believed
in gods, but
now you’re praying
and praying,
and praying
for her. for her. for her.

- you are in love with a girl who no one seems to see but you, oh god, you see her everywhere (ms)

The first time you smiled, not even at me, I knew you were the one I would never forget.
The first time you said my name, I felt the sensation it caused and I knew I’d always hear your voice whenever somebody else said it.
The first time we kissed, it was magical, words can’t even explain how amazing that feeling was.
The first time we argued, I hoped was the last, since if I had to hate anything about you, it would be the sound of your voice raising.
The first time you cried, it was the most beautiful and gut wrenching site I’ve ever witnessed.
The first time you broke me, and the last time, because never again would I put myself through that.

So now I leave without a sound,
Except for my heart shattering as it hits the ground.

—  A.M // epilogue from a book I’ll never write
Sirens Call~Part 1

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Peter’s POV

It feels like it was just yesterday… we were just walking into camp when you got shot through the heart. I didn’t even react right away… I was so stunned, I fell to your side before you hit the  ground… 

“Y/N! J-Just stay here,” You grabbed my hand and pulled yourself into my lap…

“D-Don’t… The Dream Shade is already in my bloodstream will get to my heart in a matter of minutes… just stay,” I never held your hand so tightly before…

“D-Don’t say that… I can save you…” I looked around frantically…. I knew I couldn’t save you, but still…

“You are such an idiot sometimes Peter…” I chuckled… you had always been so honest,

“I know just please I can’t lose you… I can’t love anyone else because no one is like you Y/N…”

“You’ll survive Peter you dumbass don’t be stupid… just promise one thing?”

“Anything for you,”

“Don’t bury me on the island,” I looked at you confused

“W-What do you mean?” You smirked, god your smirk…

“You know what I mean Peter… just… I-I love you…” Your eyes fluttered shut… I shook you, I needed you… I still need you,

“NO! Please no… I love you too…” I held back my sobs… as I lifted you up and instructed Felix and other Lost boys to build a boat to send you off on.

Sending you off into the endless sea hurt more than watching you die in my arms…  The last words I said to you before we let you go into the sea were,

“May you find another place better than here… my love, my equal, my… one and only, no one can replace you Y/N…” then I let go… and watched you float away… 

I stayed on the beach for days aching at the fact that you weren’t next to me,all that was left was the waves crashing onto the shore… and the emptiness that consumed me.

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*Neutral POV*

The boat floated on the harsh waves as a storm brewed. The mermaid queen looked over the girl in the boat… she was beautiful and would be even more gorgeous as a mermaid. The Queen pulled out a small vial and delicately poured it into the poor dead girl’s mouth.

“My these tears bring you back to become a new beautiful creature.” The girl started to transform as her legs turned into a gorgeous mermaid tail and she gasped for breath. 

“Hello young one, what is your name?” She sat up admiring her new tail,

“I-I’m Y/N…” 

“Is something wrong?”

“No no… it’s just I can’t stop thinking about the name… Peter Pan?”

“Hmm well just keep that in the back of your mind but come with me to your new life,” The girl smiled as she jumped into the water going to her new life but the urge to know who this Peter Pan still on her mind.

~~Present~~ Two years later 


Me and 3 of my friends decided to try and drown one of those idiotic Lost Boys. Honestly, I was ecstatic, they have had this coming for a long long time now.

We swam to a cove we normally would find them relaxing at, luckily today was no different. 

“I want to take this one girls, you’ll have my back?” They all nodded and I swam up closer to the group of boys. 

I started to hum to get their attention, I heard one of them whistle,

I giggled,

“Hello boys,” I laid head on a rock batting my lashes all the boys staring at me.

“Hello gorgeous,” I smirked,

“Why aren’t you boys swimming the water is amazing,” One of the boys dropped his weapon and jumped right in,

“Boys she isn’t wrong about the water, it’s fantastic!” He swam closer to me and I smiled, noticing the other 3 moving closer… getting ready to drown him.

“Why aren’t any others getting in? Come on I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Would I?” They only chuckled but no one else came in. That’s when I heard a shriek of the other boy being dragged under the water,  The other boys stood up, but did something I didn’t expect. 

They threw a net over me and the 3 other mermaids with me, I struggled as they pulled us onto the shore,

“You demons…” One of the boys muttered, I glared and grabbed my shell dagger and stabbed it into his leg. He yelped in pain as I dug it deeper. Until someone pulled him back out of my reach with the dagger still in the boys leg.

“You idiot don’t get too close,” The boy who pulled the other one wore green… why do I feel like I’ve seen him before?

“You are a tricky one aren’t you,” He merely glanced down at me, 

“You could say that, but you are the fool greenie boy,” I jumped up and pulled him back down to the ground.

He flipped us over so he was on top, the net separating us,

“Y-You…,” I glared at him… why was he looking at me like that?

“Do you have a problem?” he stood up and whispered to another boy who wore a cloak and had a scar on his face. 

“I don’t have a problem just a question, do you know my name?” I shook my head, I have never seen him before but yet he looked so… familiar,

“Peter, Peter Pan, and you get to be my new prisoner,” 

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“W-What?!” I looked over as he let the other 3 go and they swam away… 

“Why do you want me?” He merely smirked,

“Because… you recognized my name and because of other reason that you don’t need to know right now. Take her away.” They dragged me away into the thick jungle… 

Peter’s POV

I watched as they dragged her away… That only left me and Felix on the coast of the cove. 

I combed my hands through my hair and paced anxiously.

“Pan… calm down,”

“I can’t just CALM DOWN! I just saw my true love as a bloody MERMAID!!” 

He didn’t reply,

“God… how is she.. AGH! HOW IS THIS POSIBLE!?” 

“Maybe the Mermaid Queen knows?” 

“She has to know, send a message to her… but no matter what I am getting back the Y/N that was mine once before…” All that anxiousness disintegrated as the darkness that filled me back up again after Y/N died… but now that was mixed with determination… to get my love back.

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He’s been deflating kisses to marry the stars her eyes have cried, and though I lost you in the mix of spilling hugs between our lips, the wind still shines through your smile. The road to my heart is plagued by external scars, but I’ve been holding your voice as a bandaid I can never fully pull off. I once dreamt that you were the sky, you were falling and I didn’t know how to catch you..and maybe that’s how our story ended - words hitting the ground without feelings to suffocate beat out of our bones. Though we’ve lost lifetimes trying to squeeze our infinite selves into a finite line, you still color silence in unspoken goodbyes. But, if one day I met the end of time, I would still tell it how much I love you. They say that when you love, you love alone. They say that when you die, you die alone. They say that when you live, you live to find home. The say that when you cry, you cry alone. They say that when you burn, you burn the bridges that could never quite hold our balance as if we didn’t fall hard enough in the name of love, right? I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll ever find a way back to who I used to be. A lady told me the other day, we change every seven years. I’m 23, so I’ve only changed three times. By the time I’m 28, I pray my daughters date better men. By the time I’m 35, I pray my sons learn how to respect women. By the time I’m 42, I hope I’ve found something lost within my years of searching, I hope I will have quit cigarettes by then. By the time I’m 49, I can only dream that my smile is real. By the time I’m 56, I will have been a millionaire inside of my heart, a million bucks won’t hurt though. By the time I’m 63, I hope my grandchildren write poetry for my birthday. By the time I’m 70, I hope my poetry still sparks a few souls. By the time I’m 77, I hope a star holds my hands and tells me to let go. If I change every seven years, I hope each direction is only towards the better chapters of the unwritten. And if it isn’t… I hope maybe one day, some estranged poet will find my poetry and decide that loving will always be our final wish upon any given star. I wish they speak about me as if I had nine more lives, I would still spend it writing a century of love letters that no one may read. I hope, they spark their souls within me.
—  I see different versions of you everyday. Maybe love is learning how to hold all of them. I have seen your consistency in every shade. Maybe hope is believing we’ll never be alone again. Maybe believing in tiny stars, works out.
// The Ate & The Bunso

“For the angst prompt, nalu with END!natsu and the prompt: I’m a monster? What about you? (love all your writing by the way)” - kamamo1

Thank you :)

Lucy’s back hits the wall hard, knocking the breath from her lungs. The back of her head collides with the wall and she gasps, her ears start ringing and her vision blurs until she can’t see anything. she slips to the ground on her side, rocks cutting into her skin in places, but she hardly feels it.

Everything hurts.

Her arms, her legs, her head.

Her heart.

Lucy rolls onto her stomach, pushing herself onto her knees. Her keys are gone, lost somewhere in the rubble. She wheezes as she sits up, an arm pressing against her chest as she winces. She has one–maybe two broken ribs, she’s sure of that. A cough racks her body, making her double over herself.

Her hand comes away red and she flinches.

“You’re a monster,” she spits at the creature walking towards her. She glances over at it, fire in her eyes. It’s Natsu’s face staring back at her, lips curved back in a cruel smirk, sharp teeth bared threateningly. His dark eyes have gone red, almost like Gajeel’s, but so much different at the same time. It’s like there’s blood swirling around in them, and maybe there is. Blood red scales line his face, around his eyes and scattered over his cheeks. Dark horns protrude from his messy hair, his bangs falling into his eyes, and his nails have twisted into jagged claws. A dark, swirling mark has wrapped its way up his arm, swallowing his guild mark whole.

Her heart lurches. His guild mark is gone, almost like it was never there in the first place.

And she hates it. She hates that it’s not Natsu looking at her, instead it’s some monster wearing his face as a mask, controlling him like a puppet.

And he’s gone. Natsu is just… gone. And standing in front of her is some monster that was inside him all along. They all have monsters inside them, but not like this.

Natsu–E.N.D’s face twists in a snarl, but then he throws his head back, laughing. Lucy shakes her head, pushing herself to her feet, her body screaming in protest. It’s Natsu’s laugh, only it doesn’t sound right.

“I’m the monster?” He scoffs, shaking his head. Another laugh bubbles out of his throat, and her heart squeezes in her chest. A lump catches in her throat, choking her. “What about you?”

Lucy sucks in an angry breath through clenched teeth, grinding them together. Her legs give out and she collapses on her knees. Her right hand trails over the top of her right boot, flitting over the buckles and straps on it. Her fingertips brush against soft leather. Her eyes slip shut, tears burning her eyes as she swallows thickly. She murmurs something he can’t hear.

He cocks his head to the side mockingly. “What was that?” he hisses. “I couldn’t hear you.” A dark chuckle rumbles in his chest. Her hand clenches. He crouches next to her, smirking.

I’m so sorry, Natsu, she thinks, I’m so sorry.

He opens his mouth to say something else, but he’s too late. Lucy looks up at him. “I said ‘you’re right.’ ” He never saw her move. A sick, squelching sound rips through the air between them, the knife in her hand sinking into his chest easily, right through his heart. His laughter chokes off, a gargled gasp leaving him. Her eyes lock with his, cold and hollow, and she presses harder, the knife slipping in further. Her eyebrows knit together, confusion flitting across his face, and suddenly it’s Natsu looking at her again. “I am a monster,” she whispers, her heart breaking. The red leaves his eyes, the scales disappearing, and he just stares at her, confused and hurt, like a kicked puppy that doesn’t know what they did wrong and just wants you to love them again.

A sob rips from her chest as she watches blood seep out from around the knife, slipping down his bare chest and dripping onto the ground. The inky blackness staining his right arm drips away like water.

He exhales slowly, shuddery. “Lucy?” he whines softly, eyes shining with hurt. His hand raises slowly, his fingertips trailing to hers and the knife sunk deep into his chest.

She gasps, tears streaming down her face. “I’m sorry,” she whispers, voice trembling. Her hand starts shaking, fingers still clenched tightly around the grip of the knife. She releases it, her fingers brushing against his, curling around them lightly. She feels bile rise in her throat. “I’m so sorry.” Another sob tears through her, her eyes never leaving him. “I couldn’t let you hurt anyone else.”

His fingers fall from hers.