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Supernatural Preference- What they love most about you

A/N: Sorry they’re short

Crowley loves that you’re up for what ever it is that he can imagine ;)

Dean loves that you can always help him see the good and help him to smile

Lucifer loves that you’re always there when he’s feel self conscience 

Claire loves that you can sass her back just a well as she can

Saying You Should Or Shouldn’t Do Something

There are several ways to say something like this in Japanese, mostly depending on the tone or implied meaning of the sentence.

For this post I’m only going to be going over the “should” in a suggestion because the other ways usually sound a little….bossy? But maybe I’ll just put it at the end to give a comparison.

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squadleaderchase  asked:

(Mobile wont show me rules) are you a harry potter fan. If so, could i ask for slytherin x huffpuff headcanons. (If this is a no, or stated in the rule, apologies. I tried)

haha don’t worry you’re not breaking and rules :^))

  • whoever keeps on saying hufflepuffs are weak and the lamest house better get ready to be hexed to jupiter and back how dare you say that to my bumblebee coloured cinnamon roll
  • you’re in slytherin and I’m terrified of you cause I thought you were plotting to kill me cause I always see you around, but it turns out you’re just super shy and have been trying to talk to me
  • I want to hate you but you’re so damn cute and small and extremely nice it’s like the sun shines out of your ass goddamn.
  • you’re a slytherin and your patronus is a badger, I’m a hufflepuff and my patronus is a snake??
  • we have to sleep in the goddamn dungeons where its cold and kinda wet and you guys have this comfortable basement that’s right next to the kitchens wtf can I move in??
  • “remember when that crazy, nastyass honey badger ate that snake?”
  • I was making fun of you cause you were in hufflepuff but then you lowkey sassed me back so hard I can still feel the burn and holy shit
  • you said badgers were lame?? well watch out bitch I’m going to transfigure your pillow into one when you’re asleep just you wait

- jo

anonymous asked:

May i please request hansol fluff, but kinda bad boy hansol, but still fluff? Thank you xx

Due to my mistake of not stating that we only write reaction scenarios, anything in the group of asks that I still have to get to will be answered. Also because I have something for this one too ;D

    “I don’t usually like good girls,” he sighed, leaning up back against the brick wall across from you. “But you’re not really a good girl,” he smirked.

    You opened your mouth, ready to argue when he laughed out loud. He pushed himself off the wall, making his way towards you,towering over you.

    “Don’t try to deny it, I see the way you look at people and the things you do when you think no one’s looking,” he cracked a grin before his eyes glowed darker. “I don’t usually say this…”

    “You don’t usually a lot of things,” you quickly muttered under your breath.

    He smirked again before leaning in even closer while sliding his hands into the pockets of his jeans, “There you go.”

    You glowered back at him before turning to look down the alleyway.

    “Whatever, what did you want anyway, I don’t have the whole day,” you sighed in fake irritation as he examined your facial features. Before he could answer though, someone you recognized from his group of friends rounded the end of the alleyway.

    “Loverboy! We’re heading out,” he shouted while Hansol nodded in response with a small smile on his lips. He quickly ran back before Hansol turned back to you with a playful glint in his eyes.

    “Looks like they’re looking for you,” you simply shrugged walking away, trying to ignore the look he was giving you. You were suddenly tugged back though when he grabbed your wrist, pulling you closer to him.

    “I haven’t finished,” he immediately said, and you swore it almost sounded like he was nervous.

    “Well… can you finish then?” You lightly sassed him back, feeling his light breaths caress the skin on your neck.

    “As I was saying, I don’t usually say this…”

    “I know…” You cut him off before he glared at you again.

    “But… let’s go get some ice cream.”

    You couldn’t really believe what he had just said and didn’t get a chance to process it as he smiled, something you had never seen before, and pulled you after him out of the alleyway. You honestly couldn’t deny it either, that he had a cute smile, or the fact that you actually liked how he had been called loverboy.

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