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As much as you wanted your brothers to stay with you in the Bunker you told them to go. Those victims and to be victims needed Hunters to take the case before anything got worse. These people were dying. You were fine…weren’t you?

Sam and Dean knew you struggled with mental health issues, which is why they were reluctant to leave you, but you promised them you’d be fine. How could you be fine? 

Your breathing was deep and heavy as you reached for your phone. It didn’t take long for him to pick up: “Y/N?” Sam’s worried voice was supposed to fill you with relief, but instantly guilt washed over. “Hey Sweetheart, you okay?” He spoke much more quickly this time.
“Yeah I’m fine…uh…” You tried to think of a reason to call that would convince him you were telling the truth. “I knew we shouldn’t have left you…” He sighed.

“Sammy everything’s fine.”

“Then why are you calling me? Bug, it’s okay to not be okay. I’m proud of you for calling.” His soft loving voice made you well up with tears.
“I just feel so empty.” You whispered, tears trickling down your cheeks.

“Hey shh, it’s okay. You’re gonna be okay I promise.”

You nodded even though he couldn’t see you. “I miss you.” You sobbed, trying your best to hold it in, but ultimately failing.
“I miss you too, love. Dean can handle the case on his own I’m coming back, okay?”
“Are you sure? I’m not worth it, Sammy. There are people’s lives at stake-”
“Don’t put yourself down like that Y/N. You’re just as important and I’m not gonna let you suffer. I’m coming home….Love you, sis.”
“Love you too Sammy, hug De for me?”
“Of course.”


You didn’t want to wake him but this was important. Creeping down the hallway, your body visibly shaking from crying, you made your way to your brothers room.
You quietly closed the door behind you, your feet padding on the ground as you made your way over to him. He was asleep.

“D-Dean?” You managed, your lip trembling.
Immediately he was awake -Hunters instincts. After his initial panic, he calmed down. But not for long as he noticed your state.

“Y/N?” He got up from his bed and rushed toward your sobbing figure.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?” He knelt down so he was eye level with you. His gentle hand tucked away a strand of hair behind your ear, his hand lightly resting on your cheek before he held his arms out for you. You collapsed into him, his arms enveloped you in a hug as he held you close.

“Shhh, it’s okay. I’ve got you.” He cooed, his arm stroking your hair as you sobbed into his chest.
He knew you struggled with depression, he knew you didn’t need to talk about it sometimes but just a shoulder to cry on. Dean was there for you whatever the need.

He gently led you to his bed where you sat next to him, still clutching on to him for dear life.
He continued to hold you, breathing with you, reassuring you through the occasional whisper and kissing your forehead.
You stayed there for quite some time, even when your sobs died down to sniffles then to nothing.
You remained, your head resting on his chest, the fabric of his flannel shirt a comfort of its own.

“I’m sorry.” You finally said, looking up at him with sad eyes.
“No you don’t have to be sorry, sweet.” He assured you, rubbing your back “Not ever. I’m proud of you, so so proud of you.”
You nodded against him, not wanting to get up from his comfort.

“If you want to talk about anything, me and Sam are always here. Always.”
“Thank you.” You managed a weak smile.
“Come on, you can sleep with me tonight.” He let you go to shuffle up so there was room for you to crawl on. You did, curling back up against him and closing your sore eyes
He wrapped his arms round you protectively, reassuring you he was there. Your soar eyes drooped shut as he held you close and lulled you into a deep sleep.

Requested by @winchesterjackson

Going ahead with my request XD Okay, I have an ideia. Can you do one with that the reader!sister is feeling down and depressive, and Sam notice that and try to cheer her up. (Fluff, pleaase, like I’ve told you lol)
I thought I might as well do both Sam and Dean Idk I guess this blogs been too Sam-centric recently and as much as we love our Moose Squirell deserves some love haha, Hope you liked it! x

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♥ valentine’s day starters, angst edition

{ the fluff edition is here! }

  • “we’ve had this planned for weeks.”
  • “this was important to me. you knew that.”
  • “how could you – and today, of all days?”
  • “you can keep the fucking flowers.”
  • “well, you’re only about…two hours late.”
  • “there’s dinner in the microwave. just fucking reheat it for yourself.”
  • “i thought you’d forgotten about tonight.”
  • “is getting piss drunk your idea of romance?”
  • “if you think chocolates are going to make me feel any better, you better think again and think fast.”
  • “was one night too much to ask for?”
  • “i warned you that i wasn’t looking for anything serious.”
  • “i never asked for you to give me the world. all i’ve wanted is you.”
  • “you know, i don’t know why i’ve stayed this long.”
  • “i don’t know why i keep expecting one year to be any different.”
  • “you forgot. i can’t believe you forgot.”
  • “am i not a priority for you?”
  • “are we not a priority to you?”
  • “i waited for you.”
  • “i really thought you would show up this time.”
  • “i should have known not to get my hopes up.”
  • “can we at least pretend to be happy tonight?”
  • “can we at least pretend to be fucking normal tonight?”
  • “can you at least pretend you give a damn about me tonight?”
  • “i never promised you anything.”
    “i know it’s a shit day to bring this up, but…i don’t think it’s working out anymore.”
  • “please don’t start this. not tonight.”
  • “i’m sorry. i’m so fucking sorry.”
  • “i’m sorry. what else do you want me to say?”
  • “i forgot and i’m sorry. what else do you want me to say?”
  • “i won’t apologize for something that isn’t my fault.”
  • “i didn’t know this meant that much to you.”
  • “i don’t know why you’re acting like this.”
  • “it’s just a stupid holiday.”
Like you used to // Shawn Mendes

Request: Combo again of: Can I request a older husband shawn one!! With fluff if u could?? Your writing is the bee’s knees

and:  Can you write like some fluff (whenever you can hun) where the reader is like feeling insecure for whatever reason and Shawn like reassures her and kisses her all over to make her feel good

“Life is hard Shawn,” I whine, falling back on the bed, my hair tickling my neck. 

“Really? I thought it was just a walk in the park.” Shawn’s voice calls from inside the closet where he was hanging up his blazer from tonight’s dinner at a fancy restaurant. We were celebrating our 5 year anniversary so Shawn took me to an expensive dinner where we sipped red wine and ate tiny mains for a ridiculous price. 

“This is not the time to be sassy.” I retort, rolling my eyes even though he can’t see me.

“Sorry, it’s my natural response with you.” I hear him chuckle, before he emerges, chucking a sweatshirt over his head.

“You never say anything sweet to me anymore.” I grumble, turning on my side, facing the wall. 

“Baby,” Shawn murmurs and the bed creaks as he climbs onto the mattress, crawling to where I layed. 

“What?” I say, my voice surly.

“I tell you I love you all the time.” His hands reach out to grip my side near my hips and he pulls me over and I flop onto my back.

“Yeah but… you say to all your fans great things about them and you never say anything to me.” I whine, crossing my arms over my chest. Shawn looks down at me, legs folded and one arm propped up which he leans his chin on.

“You want me to say cute things to you more?” He asks, smiling at me fondly.

“Like you used to.” I say, voice small in the quiet room.

“Okay,” Shawn smirks, entwining one of my hands with his. “What about this?”

“Mmhm,” I prompt, waiting for him to say something.

“You make me one of the happiest guys on the planet. The day I married you was the best day of my life and everyday I spend with you comes almost as close".

“Shawn,” I mumble, my cheeks flaming. 

“I love it when you smile because you have the most beautiful smile that I’ve ever seen. I also love it when you look at me when I’ve said something stupid and you- There! Thats the look!” He laughs, squeezing my hand gently.

“What look?” I scoff, unable to keep the grin off my face.

“That one right there.” He tries to imitate me but I end up laughing at his attempt. 

“I don’t do that!” I scowl, grinning anyway. 

“You do! And its adorable.”

“There’s something wrong with you if you find that cute.” I tease, moving so my head rested on his knee. His hand immediately goes to play with the strands of my hair.

“Its probably because I love you that all your awful qualities seem beautiful to me.” I gasp and Shawn laughs, pulling some hair back off my face.

“You suck Shawn.” I pout, turning my head up to look into his eyes. 

“Not as much as you.” He retorts but his eyes shimmer with humor. 

I chuckle, reaching one arm up to hold the side of his face, my thumb stroking his cheek. “I’m so glad I found you.”

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The Wait

Summary: Eileen tries to be patient while Sam figures things out.

Warning: brief smut, mostly just Saileen feels

Word Count: 1350ish

A/N: I am currently in the Sam x Eileen trash can. Join me, won’t you?

Eileen doesn’t mean to move into the bunker. It’s just one of those things, one of those changes that’s so slow and subtle she doesn’t realize it’s happening at first. And then one day she wakes up with a new, wonderful life. She can’t remember when or where it changed so much. None of the decisions she’s made over the last several months felt huge. But they add up to her hairbrush sitting on the bathroom sink, her favorite cereal in the kitchen, and Dean arguing with her about laundry.

It’s perfect.

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A ZOOTOPIA fancomic: Can You Feel The Fluff Tonight

Chapter 1: “SPY” – Page 01


Today is my birthday, but here’s something for you guys! :)

Bad Cook [Matt Murdock x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Can you write female reader x Matt Murdock? Maybe some domestic bliss, or whatever you feel like? Thanks so much!!“

A/N: Need some fluff to even out the angst from yesterday.


One of your favorite things to do was just having a lazy day with Matt. Loving to just cuddle up into his side and watch, or listen in his case, to a movie. You’ll often explain what was happening on the screen and what the actors look like.

Tonight, he also didn’t have to go out and take care of his ‘night job.’ Leaving the both of you to be sitting on the couch laughing at the classic movie Night at the Museum. He had an arm wrapped around your shoulder as you had your arms wrapped around his waist, snuggled against his chest.

Listening to the steadiness of his heart beat and the vibration of his laughter in his chest.

Both laughing at one of the jokes made in the movie. One of your arms unwrapped itself and your hand moved to play with the ends of his hair. Making him move to kiss the top of your head. “Are you hungry?” asking him softly.

“A little” He shrugged, you let out a small sigh before escaping from his side and standing up. Leaving him to feel a bit cold from the sudden disappearance of your body heat.

Walking around the couch, you went into the adjoining kitchen. Matt standing up following you. Having the layout memorized, he leaned against the opposite side of the counter. 

“I can cook if you want” he spoke up as you pulled out some pots and pans.

You laughed, “No you can’t” a smile on your features. “Why? You know I’m more than capable. It’s something we can be taught you know” he chuckled, misunderstanding what you meant.

“No it’s not that I’m saying you physically can’t cook because of your sight. I mean you’re just a terrible cook” laughing whilst beginning to put a meal together. Cutting up carrots and potatoes, deciding to make some sort of chicken dish.

“I resent that statement” looking at you with a look of pain. Of which you knew was all just an act. You shook your head chuckling, “Do we have to talk about when Foggy was sick and you attempted to make him chicken soup?”

Remembering a time where Foggy had fallen ill with the flu. To the point where he couldn’t make it to the office. Matt thought it a good idea to make him some chicken soup. Though he botched it and it ended in Foggy getting sicker. Since then you make the chicken soup, especially for Foggy.

Matt opened his mouth to protest but closed it before mumbling “Good point”

You shook your head smiling, “You’re beautiful when you smile” making your eyes shoot to look at him. “I still don’t know how you can do that, I know it’s probably something I physically do but–”

“It’s your heartbeat” he cut you off, leaving you to stare at him before he began to elaborate, “When you’re smiling your heartbeat skips a little” saying as he withdrew from the counter and walked around to be in front of you. “Like when you’re excited it speeds up some. When you’re scared or sad your breathing gets labored. When you’re nervous your heart races and your breathing picks up.” You stared at him dumbfounded as he proceeded to wrap his arms around your waist.

Pulling you closer to him, leaving you completely in awe at his words while looking into his unshaded eyes. Even though he was blind, and usually their eyes looked different. You couldn’t help but find his beautiful.

He smiled before adding, “Or when you’re in awe by something, everything evens out and is in sync.” resting his forehead to yours.

“You’re amazing” He shook his head, “No, I’m just.. different”

Sighing you whispered, “I love you Matt Murdock.” Hearing him chuckle lightly, “I love you too [F/n] [L/n]”

You smiled a small smile before connecting your lips to his. The kiss not heated or feverish, but slow and loving, passionate even. Pulling away you muttered against his lips, “You may be different, but you’re a good different”

He grinned again, “How about we just order take out and continue this else where?” rubbing his nose against yours. You nodded before he kissed you again, this time the passion strongly present. Eagerly returning it.

Until you felt him smirk into the kiss… He heard your heart pick up.

Otayuri fic recs #3

Sweet Summer Mornings by thelonelywriter (oneshot, nsfw)

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER OH MY GOD HOW CAN SOMETHING BE SO PERFECT Listen to me this fic made me smile so hard just when i needed it the most. So basically this is 10k words of Otayuri fluff and smut. They are so perfect together. SO BEAUTIFUL ❤❤❤❤

Hashtags by abrandnewheart (oneshot, sfw)

It is gonna kill you and your life will be ruined after reading this. In other words beutiful angst thet will leave you with a lot feelings. I hate it and I love it at the same time. Thank you @mylittlesecretshelter for recommending me this.Don’t read if you dont want to be sad,

Honey, We Broke the Children by blackmountainbones (oneshot, teen and up)

OMG this is so funny I’ve been laughiing the whole time while reading this. Victor is a main character and he is super worried about Yurio( Yurio has a daddy kink #daddybek ;) ) and it is super funny and adorable. 

Gold Medal by howlingmoonrise (TheDarkStoryteller) (oneshot, nsfw)

So in this one Otabek is completely different than in most fics but it is so cool to read. Also this one is super hot.

Halsey Series of Sin by siren of old (series, nsfw)

Ok so this is series of 6 short fics that shows development of their feeling for each other. I love it so much because you can find here fluff, smut and angst (aka everything I need from a good fic). and OMG everything is perfect here you have to read it you won’t regret it I promise

How Long You Walked For (til you got lost tonight) by LiviKate (oneshot, nsfw)

OH MY GOD I AM SCREAMING I LOVE IT SO MUCH the ending just killed me with its cuteness everything here is just perfect I am so in love just asdfghjkl AMAZING okay i am done screaming about it so Otabek here loves Yurio so much but is completely oblivious to the other boy feelings

I really hope you are gona like it. If you do, don’t forget to leave kudos and comments under the fics. This authors deserve them so much

The Dark Side

Summary: Both the reader and Jughead don’t know what to call what they have, but they do know they both want more. When Jughead shows up wearing a Southside Serpent jacket, it forces things into motion. 

Word Count: 1141

Author’s note: Okay this might be short but I can assure you it’s filled with both smut AND fluff…it’s gonna hit you in the feels! I wanted to write something for people who don’t like long stories:)

Tonight had been full of surprises, and when you heard a knock on the door you knew they weren’t finished yet. Currently you were sitting on the kitchen counter in FP’s trailer, your arms wrapped around Jughead’s neck while his were around your waist.

He stopped kissing your neck when he heard the knocking again, “ What’s a guy gotta do to get some privacy around here?”. Laughing you urged him to go open the door, the quicker he opened the door the quicker you could go back to what you were doing.

Jughead opened the door, stepped outside, and was completely taken aback. There stood all the Southside Serpents, which was the last thing he expected to see. The leader stepped forward and explained that they were grateful FP didn’t name names, and this gratefulness extended to Jughead.

He handed Jughead a Serpent jacket, and let him know that they were only a call away if he ever needed it. Jughead immediately put it on, but he wasn’t really sure why. Stepping back into the trailer, he remembered you were there.

For a second Jughead was scared how you would react. The last thing he wanted was for you to reject him, especially because after the events of tonight he realized he loved you. Love was not something Jughead thought he deserved, but fuck you made him feel otherwise.

You both weren’t exactly together, but it wasn’t like you were messing around with other people. Jughead had always had feelings for you, but he didn’t know you felt the same way until some insisting from Archie and Betty.

It had all started once you signed up to help write for the Blue and Gold. You’d just moved here and had wanted to get to know some people, and with your love for writing signing up for the school paper just made sense.

You automatically became close with Betty, you were both positive and happy people. The difference was that you were more down to earth and Jughead loved you for that. You shared your happiness, not pushed it onto other people.

From the moment he saw you Jughead was attracted to you, and he remembered the moment like it was yesterday. He had been with Archie standing outside the classroom where they edited.

Jughead had stopped mid sentence, and also stopped walking altogether. Betty must’ve told you a joke because you were smiling, and Jughead didn’t know a strangers smile could make him feel so warm.

Your eyes lit up when you smiled too, and all he knew was that he wanted to be the reason you smiled like that. Archie picked up on it too, “ Why don’t you go talk to her Juggy, or I could-”.

Jughead placed a hand on Archie’s shoulder pulling him back, “ You need to choose between Cheryl and Veronica Arch, I don’t need to lose this one to the orange side too”. Archie of course just smiled, he’d been teasing Jughead.

Jughead walked over to the table where you and Betty had been sitting. Instantly you looked up, and when you looked him over you got butterflies in your stomach. He was somehow so beautiful but sexy at the same time.

He smiled at you and asked, “ Who have you recruited here for the dark side Betty?”. His joke made you laugh, god he was funny too? Betty opened her mouth but you intervened, “ You don’t need to be recruited for the dark side when you were born on it”.

That was of course a joke and to make sure he understood you winked. Jughead raised an eyebrow but smirked, “ You don’t seem like the type, maybe I’ll just have to test you out then”. Archie and Betty just looked to each other in shock, they’d never seen Jughead talk like this.

Was he flirting? Shrugging your shoulders you responded, “ Well then it’s a plan-”. He sat down, “ Jughead Jones”. For a moment he got scared that you might laugh at his name, he knew it was weird but everyone in Riverdale was used to it.

Smiling you responded, “ Jughead Jones…I like the sound of that. I’m (y/n) (y/l/n)”. Jughead sat down across from you, and from there it all just started. It was like from the moment you’d seen each other a fire had been ignited, and the flame just grew.

You’d become insanely close with Jughead and were now in this weird undefined relationship, but you wanted more. There was no one like Jughead Jones and you didn’t want anyone else. You loved him.

When you saw Jughead in the jacket you smiled, “ Am I going to have to pull a “Grease” and get a makeover because I-”. He just rolled his eyes and walked back over to you, resting his hands on your hips.

Jughead smiled, “ You don’t hate it?”. You ran your hands up and down the jacket, “You look fucking hot Juggy….I approve of the jacket”. Jughead smiled, feeling the relief wash over him.

Jughead wanted to trust you, but your face was telling him otherwise. He knew there was still something you weren’t telling him, whenever you bit your lip you were hiding something.

He looked to you with concern in his eyes, “ You can tell me anything (y/n) trust me”. You wanted to laugh, he was reading you completely wrong. Smirking you answered, “ It’s just I now have the urge to call you daddy when you’re wearing that but I didn’t know if you’d like that”.

Jughead bit his lip shaking his head, god he had read you wrong. He dragged down your bottom lip with his thumb, “ If that didn’t turn me on so much I’d kill you for making me so concerned”.

Shrugging your shoulders you explained, “ Killing the love of you life Jughead Jones? I thought we both agreed that dying for your partner was overrated and that Romeo and Juliet was-”.

You were cut off when Jughead kissed you, but you didn’t mind being interrupted that way. He broke the kiss to tell you, “ I love you (y/n)”. Smiling you decided you didn’t want to ruin the moment and stopped yourself from being sarcastic.

Wrapping your arms around his neck you replied, “ I love you too, I love you for who you are Jughead”. And in that moment Jughead finally felt safe, for once in his life he was finally home. Even though it was a sentimental moment he couldn’t help himself, “ You know you sound fucking hot calling me daddy (y/n)”.

He was mocking you from earlier, but you didn’t care. You both laughed for a moment until you realized how turned on you both were. Once again you kissed the love of your life, it had never felt better to be on the dark side.

anonymous asked:

39 with namjoon? Thanks ❤

Make You Smile (Namjoon x Reader Angst + Fluff)

Prompt request: “Do that again.”

Summary: Namjoon comes home late from the studio and completely forgets about your date night. You plan on ignoring him, but he does his best to fix what he had broken. 

Word count: 844 words

Originally posted by bangthebae

Namjoon arrived home like he did every day–with a loud bang and the sound of something falling. The door swung open and ricocheted off the spring door stop, no doubt denting something. His work bag landed on the ground with a thud, and Namjoon discarded his shoes and jacket haphazardly before stepping over them.

“Y/N, I’m home!” he announced, padding heavily through the hallway. He spotted you sitting on the couch, your arms crossed and the corners of your mouth pulled downwards into a frown. “Y/N? Are you okay?”

You continued to ignore him, staring at the muted television instead. A movie was playing in the background–a movie you and Namjoon were supposed to watch together nearly four hours ago.

“Why are you ignoring me?” Namjoon asked, genuinely confused. His eyebrows scrunched together adorably, and if you weren’t so upset, you probably would have cooed. “If you don’t tell me, I won’t know.”

You just stared at the screen, waiting for Namjoon to follow your line of vision.

“Y/N…” Namjoon trailed off, going silent once he finally turned to look at the television. “Oh. Shit.”

“Mhm,” you hummed, still refusing to look at your boyfriend. You weren’t being petty–Namjoon had spent the past week almost entirely at his studio and came home late at night. He had promised one evening with you, and again, he had gotten lost in his work.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry,” Namjoon hurried to say, throwing himself onto the couch beside you. He grabbed your hands and tried to get your attention. “Please, just look at me.”

You shook your head, keeping your eyes downcast. You could feel tears beginning to form, and recognized that you were being a little ridiculous. Still, you couldn’t help but feel hurt that Namjoon could forget about you so easily.

“I really did mean to forget about our date night,” Namjoon tried to explain, squeezing your hands with his larger ones as he spoke. “You know how wrapped up in work I get. I can’t keep track of time. Right now it’s really busy, too. But if I can just get through these next few weeks, we’ll be able to spend much more time together.”

“It’s not about that, Namjoon,” you said finally, your voice wavering. When you turned to look at your boyfriend, his face fell at the sight of your eyes brimming with tears. “I get that you’re busy, and I’m okay with that. But don’t make promises you can’t keep. Don’t forget about me when it’s convenient.”

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” Namjoon whispered, bringing his hands up to cup your face and gently brushing away a few fallen tears with his thumbs. “Fuck, Y/N. I never forget about you–you’re always on my mind. You’re the reason I come home every night.”

“It doesn’t feel like that sometimes,” you replied quietly, your voice still weak.

“I know that now, and I’m sorry,” Namjoon repeated, sounding as pained as you were. “You’re the most important to me, and I never meant to take you for granted. I know I’m stupid and I make all these mistakes.”

“No matter what, I’ll always be here waiting for you,” you admitted, sniffling. “But it doesn’t hurt any less when I have to eat dinner alone, or when I go to sleep without you beside me. You don’t have to work less, but just let me know that you haven’t forgotten about me.”

“Y/N, I told you that I never forget about you. You’re my inspiration. Nearly every song I write is about you,” Namjoon said earnestly. “I’ll work less, I’ll come home earlier. I’ll do anything to make you feel better.”

“I’m not asking you to do that,” you sighed, shaking your head. “I know how much music means to you, and I’d never ask you to change that. But just text me, or try to spend some time with me when life gets busy.”

“Okay,” Namjoon agreed, his voice breaking. “I’m sorry that I made you feel like I forget about you. I never knew that you felt that way. I’m so sorry for taking you for granted, Y/N. I never thought I would.”

“I know,” you whispered, pressing your cheek against Namjoon’s wide palm. “I know you never meant to do that.”

“What can I do so that you’ll forgive me?” Namjoon asked, pressing a gentle kiss against your forehead. “What can I do to make you smile?”

“Do that again,” you mumbled, your eyelids flutter shut.

“This?” Namjoon questioned, leaning in to brush his lips against your temple. You nodded slightly, and Namjoon just chuckled. “You forgive me too easily.”

“Cause I love you,” you said simply.

“Yeah,” Namjoon breathed, a smile in his voice. “I understand, because I love you too.”

Namjoon peppered soft kisses all over your face–your forehead, your jaw, the tip of your nose, and finally, your lips. He whispered quiet declarations of love until a tiny smile tipped the corners of your lips upward.

- Girl in Luv

A shorter one tonight! I was feeling like writing some cutesy shit. I know this prompt is calling for smut…plus I keep seeing that gif of Rapmon adjusting his belt. But like…the smut!!! I don’t know if I can do it!!!! Anyway, thanks for requesting, and sorry this took so long to get to. I hope you all enjoyed! Happy reading 🤓

“Don’t go, Cas,” Dean whispers, a soft plea in the dark, his lips pressed against Cas’s.  “Please.  Just stay.  I just got you back.”  I just learned to love you, he wants to say.  Dean clings to him tighter, pulls his warmth closer.  His fingers stake real estate in Cas’s hips, pinning the angel against him.  He changes his mind, and slips his hand up Cas’s back, letting himself drink in the hills and valleys of Cas’s muscles.  

“I’m sorry, Dean,” Cas whispers, cutting himself off with a kiss.  Dean hates that it’s Crowley who’s pulling Cas away from him.  He hates everything about the situation.  He has to fight the bitterness rising in his throat at the thought of Cas and Crowley working together again.  “I have to.  I have a lead.”  Cas buries his fingers in Dean’s hair, and Dean wants to lose himself that feeling again and again.  The heat of Cas’s skin against him where they lay - chest-to-chest beneath Dean’s covers; the slide of Cas’s lips on his… it’s incendiary, and Dean doesn’t want to douse the flame.  Watching Cas nearly die in front of him; hearing those words that have been on the tip of his tongue for years… all at once it was too much and not enough, and he’s terrified of letting go of it.  “We have to find Kelly before it’s too late.”  Dean exhales slowly, dragging Cas in for another long, lingering kiss.

“I know,” Dean whispers, pulling his hands up to Cas’s face.  “But every time you leave, I’m scared something’s gonna happen.  To you.  To all of it.  I’m scared I’m never gonna see you again.  Especially now, after–”

“I’ll come back to you, Dean,” Cas says, rocking back enough to look at Dean, their eyes meeting in dark.  His voice is soft and reassuring, and it makes Dean’s heart ache.  “I always do.”

Dean sits on the edge of his bed, still in his boxers, and watches Cas dress in silence; watching the soft amber light of the lamp dancing across him as he moves.  Always the adios, he thinks.  He knows, in the grand scheme of things, this is necessary.  What Cas is doing is important.  But for once, he wants to be selfish.  He wants to say fuck it all and disappear.  

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, Dean.”  Cas’s voice pulls him back.  Cas’s hand is on his cheek, and he leans into it, chasing the warmth.  “In the meantime… Keep busy.  Do what you do best.”  Cas smiles, and Dean inhales.  It’s a staggering - and rare - sight.  “Save people.  Hunt things.  The Winchester family business.”  

Dean huffs out a laugh and stands, surging forward to wrap Cas in his arms.  He pushes Cas back against the door and kisses him hard, burying his fingers in his hair.  “Be careful, please,” he whispers desperately.  “I love you, Cas. Please be careful.”  His voice breaks, and he hides his face in Cas’s shoulder.  It kills him, being vulnerable.  But if there’s one person in all of creation with whom he can be, it’s Cas.  

“Always,” Cas murmurs, pressing a kiss to Dean’s temple.  And then he’s gone, and Dean’s chest aches at the loss.  He crawls back under his covers and dreams of Cas until Sam wakes him with a case.  

“Push” Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 2,011

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request from Anon: Is it possible that you can write a daryl x reader one where the reader is Maggie and beth’s sister and she tries to get Daryl to open up to her? And daryl just keeps pushing her away bc he has feelings for her

Setting: The prison

Warnings: Fluff, occasional swear word

A/N: Super excited for the new episode tonight!

Originally posted by onlydarylnormanfic

There’s just something about Daryl that intrigues you. The way he presents himself. He’s a quiet man- doesn’t talk much. He stays out of everyone’s way and does his own thing. That just makes you want to know him more. Ever since he and his group showed up at your farm a while ago, you can’t deny to yourself your feelings for him anymore. He was a handsome, strong man. He has a hard exterior but you saw a different side of him after Sophia’s death. He was caring.

The only person he ever really speaks to is Carol or Rick. Sure, he’ll “talk” to other people, but that’s different. You want to be able to talk to him like he talks to Carol, you want it to be deep. You want to get to know him for his true self, not the shut off redneck he makes himself appear to be. If you’re in the same area, you’ll try and start conversation, only getting a mere grunt in response. If it’s a good day and he’s in a chatty mood, he’ll give you a short response. But those days only happen on a rare occasion.

“Mind handing me that gun? I see something.” You say to Daryl as you two patrol the outside of the prison. Rick had put both of you on duty today. Usually it would be Glenn and Daryl, or even Rick himself, but Glenn was out doing a run and Rick was having some… issues dealing with Lori’s death. He was coming to terms with it, he had finally come back from disappearing for a few days, but you could tell he was struggling. So he assigned you to patrol with Daryl today, as you were the only other person available who was as good of a shot as him. Truth is, you were pretty excited to spend time with him.

Daryl handed you the gun, not saying anything as he raised his crossbow. You look into the scope, seeing a walker on the outskirts of the prison. Nothing to worry about- they couldn’t get in.

“False alarm.” You lowered the gun. Daryl grunts and sets his bow onto his back again, walking in front of me.

“What are you thinking about?” You attempt to make conversation, hoping that this day wouldn’t be spent in boring silence.

“None of ‘ya business, that’s what.” He responds. Despite his rude response, you smile- it’s a good day.

“Alright, I’m sorry.”

“Why are you talkin’ to me, Y/N? You’re always with your sisters, you’ve never even tried to talk to me until a few weeks ago.” He asks.

“Why not talk to you?” You shrug, walking faster to catch up to him.

“People like ya don’t talk to people like me.”

“Well what am I doing, then?” You smile up at him. You could’ve sworn you saw the faintest hint of a smile, but if you did, it was gone quickly.

“I’m gonna go take watch on the tower. You got it down here?” His good mood seemed gone. His face seemed strained, like he was rushed to get away from me.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” You mumble. Daryl doesn’t say anything as he walks away, leaving you to be alone.


Ever since that day, it seems as if Daryl is avoiding you. If he’d walk into a cell and you were in there, he’d turn on his heels and walk away. If he saw you in the halls, he’d walk past you quickly or just find another way to get wherever he was going.

You’d had the end of it. It had been about a month of this, this torture of not knowing what you did to make him hate you.

“I need to talk to you.” You hiss, walking into his cell. He was laying on the bed, seemingly about to go to sleep. He jumped up quickly, his face changing into an emotion you can’t read when he spots you standing at the foot of his bed.

“What do ya want? I’m tryin’ to sleep.”

“I need to talk to you.” You repeat yourself.

“Then talk.”

“Could we possibly go anywhere else?” You look around. Everyone else was still up, walking around and talking to each other. He looks at you, and you think that he’s going to protest, but to your surprise he gets out of his bed. You try to not stare, noticing that he’s in his boxers, but you admittedly let your eyes wander a tiny bit. He quickly puts on his jeans, and you blush thinking that he knew you were admiring him.

You lead him out of the cell block, and into the empty one next to it.

“Why do you hate me, Daryl?” You sigh. “You’ve been ignoring me for weeks. We finally had a conversation, a good one, at least for you. And ever since then you’ve been ignoring me. I’ve been trying so hard to get to know you, Daryl. There’s not many options of friends here. And all you know how to do is push people away.” You rant. “So, tell me, what did I do? Why do you hate me?”

“I don’t hate ya.”

“Well you certainly act like it.” You spit. “You walk the other way when you see me coming. That doesn’t scream ‘friendly’ to me.”

“Ya can’t stand there and tell me how I feel! Ya don’t know me, Y/N!”

“You’re right. I don’t know you.” You say with a bit of an attitude. Daryl looks at you, a look of hurt on his face. He shakes his head and stomps out, leaving you to be in there by yourself.

In retrospect, maybe taking him this far to talk wasn’t a great idea. You didn’t exactly know your way around the prison as well as he or Rick did, so trying to find your way back was hard, especially in the night time.

“What the hell happened? You and Daryl just disappeared and then he came back pissed as hell a few minutes ago.” Maggie ran over to you once you finally found your way back.

“I don’t know what happened.” You say truthfully. “He’s confusing.”

“You gotta give him more time. Carol’s made it seem like he’s had a pretty rough past.”

“Yeah.” I walk into my cell. “I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow.”


“Y/N?” A voice whispers to you next to your bed as you sleep. You jump out of bed and grab the person by the neck, an instinct you’ve gained since the apocalypse began.

“Shit, Y/N, it’s just me.”


You breathe out a sigh of relief, letting go of him and sitting back on your bed. It was sometime in the middle of the night, judging by how dark it still was.

“What are you doing here?” You ask him, whispering.

“I, uh,” He pauses. “Nothin’. It was stupid.” He begins to walk out, but you grab him by his hand to keep him from moving.

“What’s going on?” You frown, pulling him down to sit next to you on the bed. He hesitates, but gives in and takes a seat.

“I just… I don’ know.” He sighs.

“Hey, it’s ok. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want.” You pull him in for a hug, but he goes stiff. You pull away quickly, forgetting that he was iffy about human contact.

“Well, you are welcome to stay in here if you want.” You offer, not thinking that he would accept given the response he just had to your hug. Much to your surprise, he lays down on the other side of the bed. You get underneath the covers, facing your head away from his feet, and drift back to sleep.

At some point in the night, one of you two must have moved around enough to get yourselves in the position that you woke up in.

You were nuzzled up in his chest, with his arm wrapped around you and his leg twisted around yours. You were both covered up in the blankets, so to anyone who walked by, it would certainly look like you two just had a wild night.

You tried to unwrap his arm from around you, but were unsuccessful. He was too damn muscular. You took this chance to admire how attractive he actually was. Normally, you’d see him with a permanent scowl on his face, but now? Now he just looked so innocent.

Your thoughts were distracted by someone coughing at your cell door. You jumped away from Daryl, causing him to wake up as well. His eyes widened when he saw how he was holding you, and he got up quickly.

“Uhh, Daryl, we have to go on a run.” Glenn said awkwardly before walking away.

“I’m sorry for comin’ in here last night.” Daryl mumbled as he got off the bed. “This won’t happen again, was a mistake.”


And just like that, he was gone again.


You have had enough. The avoiding, the “pushing away”, it only got worse since that night in your cell.

“I’m sick and tired of this, Beth. I’m not doing anything wrong.” You scoffed, rocking baby Judith in your arms as she was drinking a bottle.

“I don’t think you’re the problem. I think he’s just dealing with some inner conflicting emotions.”

“Like what?”

“I was with Carol the other day, taking care of Judith while you were off doing god knows what,” Beth started. “I was talkin’ to her about the problems you were having with him. She thinks it’s because he’s in love with you. He hasn’t ever said it out loud, not even to Carol, but she knows him better than anyone else.”

“In love with me?” You raise your eyebrows. “Me? He doesn’t even talk to me.”

“I don’t know.” She shrugs her shoulders. “I’m just the messenger.”


Your conversation with Beth stayed in your head all day. If what she was saying was true, Daryl has a real funny way of showing love to someone. Although, considering he had a bad childhood, maybe he just doesn’t know how to show it.

Only one way to find out.

You walk up to the watch tower, knowing that it was Daryl’s night watch time. You open the door to the top to see Daryl sitting there, eyes focused on the land surrounding the prison.

“You shouldn’t be up here.” He grunts.

“I want to be up here.”

“Why?” He finally looks at you.

“You’re confusing me. I hear that you’re in love with me, but then you treat me like-“

“What?” His face freezes. “Who told you?”

“So it’s true?” Your heart flutters.

“Doesn’ matter.” He turns away from you. “Please leave.”

“Tell me.” You walk in front of him, forcing him to face you.

“Y/N, it doesn’t matter, ok? I’m nothin’. I’m no one. You could never-“

You cut him off with a quick kiss to his lips. You don’t force more than just a peck, but your insides about melt at the feelings of his lips against yours.

“I love you, too, Dixon.”

Daryl smiled the biggest he’d smiled in a long time at hearing that sentence.

“I’m sorry I was pushin’ you away. I thought I could get rid of my feelings for ya. Thought there was no way you would ever even look at me, been thinkin’ that since the farm, you know. And then you started talking to me, and it freaked me out. I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You kissed him again, this time letting it be more than just a peck.


Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 945 

Warnings: swearing, basically pure smut, a little bit of fluff, but whatever.

**Another stupid smutty thing. Feeling a little more love for Luci lately. Anyway, enjoy.

(Not my GIF)

You bit your lip as you stared up at his beautiful blue eyes. “You don’t have another one of your little minion meetings tonight, do you?” you asked ran your hand up his t-shirt clad chest.

Lucifer shook his head. “Oh no, my sweet. Not tonight.” He slipped his long fingers into the front pockets of your jeans. “My followers can wait.”

You smirked up at your King. “Good, because we have plans.” You perched onto your tip-toes and kissed him roughly. You knew that drove him absolutely wild, which drove you insane.

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The Clean Up

“Please do 41 and 84 with chibsXreader friendship, thank you 🙏🏼”

#41 - “I need your help.”

#84 - “I didn’t murder them. I accidentally knocked them unconscious forever, that’s all.”

Staring at the lifeless bodies on your living room floor, your eyes are wide in horror. Fuck.

Why did these two men just decide to try and rob your house? Why couldn’t they rob someone from over the road? Or someone a few doors down? No, they had to come and try to rob you, not realising that you were perfectly capable at shooting a gun. Perfectly capable and perfectly okay with shooting a gun at two bastards trying to steal from you.

You think about phoning the police, self defense and all that, but due to the fact you’ve already got past criminal activity due to associating and assisting the sons, you decide against it.

You tilt your head to the side, still watching the dead men on your floor, bullet wounds in both their heads. You half expect them to get up, shake themselves off and leave. Though, they probably weren’t going to.

Grabbing your phone out of your pocket, you go on to your recent calls, clicking on the contact you figured would be able to help you best in the situation you found yourself in.

“Evenin’ lass, how’s it going?” Chibs greets once he picks up, his voice pouring through the speaker in your phone. Deliberating how to explain how just how your evening is going, you shift from one foot to the other.

“Hey Chibs, yeah my evening is going pretty well, what about yours?” You reply calmly, shaking your head at the fact you don’t even feel remotely panicked by the crime that you’ve committed. Guess that’s what happens when you’re sadistic and you hang out with outlaws twenty four seven.

“I’m just at the clubhouse, love, the boys say hi.” You hear a chorus of hello’s in the background of his call, you sending your greetings back before you decide to actually get to the reason you’re calling.

“I need your help, actually. That’s sort of why I’m calling.” You laugh nervously, hopping up onto your kitchen counter. “I sort of got broken in to.”

“Jesus Christ, are you okay?” Concern fills his voice, his voice getting clearer as the background noise disappears, you guessing he’s gone into another room to be able to hear you properly.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. Though I kind of need to book two seats for dinner.” You respond, not wanting to divulge incriminating details over the phone, using the code you’d heard the boys use a couple of times before. You hear Chibs splutter in response, a smirk appearing on your lips as you listen to him choking on whatever alcohol he’s nursing.

“I hope you’re not saying what I think you’re saying.” He scolds, your eyes rolling at his protective parent sounding nature. “Don’t even answer that. Be round in twenty.”

“Yes sir.” You reply teasingly, Chibs’ chuckling before you kill the call.

Opening your back door, you let Chibs, Tig, Happy and Juice through, a smile on your face. “Come join the party fellas! Three’s a crowd.”

You shut the door, locking it before spinning around, your sights turning to the bikers, their shocked expressions making you laugh. Happy looks at you, sucked in by your completely unphased and slightly psychotic nature. “Marry me.”

“Maybe.” You tease, winking playfully at him. The men assess the bodies, their hands dressed in black gloves to prevent leaving trails. “You guys want a beer?”

“You know, most people would be shitting their pants if they’d just offed two people in their kitchen.” Juice comments, his eyes staring at you in amusement. Shrugging your shoulders, you admire your work.

“You’re just jealous I’ve got a better shot than you.” You challenge, making a gun shape with your fingers and blowing on the end. Juice grins at you, shaking his head, the whole group used to your easy going personality. “Besides, I didn’t murder them. I accidentally knocked them unconscious forever, that’s all.”

Tig walks up to you, leaning against the counter and throwing his arm around your shoulders. “Tell me again why we don’t let females prospect?”

“Because you’d probably have them pregnant within a week.” Chibs says, you and the other boys agreeing as Tig pouts. You wrap your arm around his waist, squeezing him tightly.

“Don’t worry, Tiggy. I’m on the pill.” He grins at you, a mischievous glint in his eye. Before he can respond, you move away, grabbing some bleach and other cleaning supplies from under your sink. “So, we gonna start cleaning?“

“Aye. Juicey boy, go grab the tarp from the van.” Chibs orders, Juice nodding before leaving the room. Tig grabs the gun from the floor, smiling proudly at the fact you remembered to use a silencer, and slides it into the back of his jeans.

“You’re gonna be the death of me one day, lass.” Chibs lights up a cigarette, Juice returning with the tarp as the other three men start to roll up the bodies, Chibs passing you the cigarette. Taking a drag, you watch as the smoke leaves your lips, vanishing into the air.

“Just doing what you taught me.” You jest, passing the smoke stick back to the Scotsman. “Gotta keep you on your toes. You’re getting old now, Chibby.”

Juice supresses a laugh, your gaze catching his, a grin on both of your faces. Chibs scoffs, pinching your waist, the ticklish feeling making you jump. You watch as the bikers carry the deceased men out the back door, you already soaking the floor in bleach and scrubbing harshly when they return.

“We’ve taught you well.” Happy states, his black gloves now shiny with the intruders blood. You stick your tongue out childishly, a smirk forming on his lips. “See you back at the clubhouse.”

Chibs nods, you thanking Happy, Tig and Juice before they leave to go and dispose of the evidence, you scrubbing at whatever is left on your kitchen floor. You’re pretty sure nobody will come knocking at your door thinking you murdered two random men, but you never know. Once you’re satisfied, you stand up, ripping off your rubber gloves and throwing them in a bin bag, along with the crimson coloured cloths.

“Thanks for this, you really saved my ass.” Chibs smiles at your gratitude, walking over to place a comforting kiss on your forehead, his arms wrapping around you in a hug. “Can I stay with you tonight, please? Feel a bit weird being here on my own.”

“Sure, love. Go pack a bag, I’ll wait outside.” You smile thankfully at him, so glad you’ve got a group of friends - who are pretty much family - that you can always rely on.

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A/N - Thought I’d add a light hearted, humorous mood to this!! Hope you liked it :) I’ve got about 20 requests that I’ve got to write so thank you all for requesting! :) xx

bad ideas | taehyung (m)

summary: your best friend taehyung promises you a night of adventure, and by this you know that he means there’s a 90% chance you two are going to get arrested tonight. but you go along with it anyway, because he’s taehyung, and you can never resist taehyung. + midnight sheenanigans and sexy times
genre: smut, fluff, best friends!au
warnings: oral (receiving), public sex, swearing, use of alcohol
words: 7.245

Originally posted by cherryblossoms-and-cupcakes

Your best friend is known for a lot of things, and having bad ideas is one of them. 

You had just gone back from a day with the girls, feeling drained and throat sore from laughing too much, when you walked into your apartment and found Taehyung on your couch. His feet were propped up on the coffee table, a bag of chips (your chips) resting on his lap as he flipped through the channels. You didn’t recall him being here when you had left hours ago, but knowing Taehyung, you wouldn’t be surprised if he had a duplicated key to your apartment. Taehyung jumped from the couch upon your arrival, a grin plastered on his face that you know meant that he was about to make you do something stupid. You weren’t up for his games. All you wanted to do was take a long hot shower and fall asleep in the comfiest pajamas you have. 

But Taehyung

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Newt Scamander’s Official Reference Guide to Sleeping & Cuddling: Written By YOU.

In other words, my obsession with Newt has gone too far. Send help. This post is gif heavy, and quite lengthy, and I’m sorry (not) sorry?! Also, this is my thank you for 100 (and climbing) followers. Enjoy your fluff cuddles. *wink*

Your sweet darling, Newt Scamander, loves homemade, heartfelt gifts - especially when they come from you.

You present to him a leather bound journal, wrapped with twine:

Newt smiles and kisses your cheek.

“What is this, my love?”

Upon opening the cover he reads the inscription:

-My sweetheart, 
You are so precious and I love you with all of my heart.
In this “reference guide” I have listed several scenarios in which I have observed how we sleep and/or cuddle.
I know, at times, you can be timid attempting to communicate your feelings for me and vice versa.
To avoid any such reserve from either one of us in the future, I have come up with a series of code names and fluff classifications for each scenario.
All we have to do, when words are not enough, is refer to this guide. 
For example: If you say – “The Graphorn could sure use a little love tonight.”
I’ll know exactly what you mean.
We will add more scenarios as our life together unfolds.
With all my heart, I love you so.
-Your darling

P.S. Fluff Classification range from 1 to 5 X’s depending on the level of affection. 


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Late Night Cuddles

Summary: Your mad at Peter for ditching your study date tonight. It makes you feel suspicious so you decide to go pay a visit at his apartment.

Warnings: Fluff and cuddles :3

A/n: Okay so this is my first fan fiction. I started typing this at 6:30pm and I had a limited amount of time which made it a challenge to get done. If I end up liking this fan fiction I might make more fan fiction’s. Requests are open, you can use anon,messager, or ask. This is a short-ish fic so im sorry if it didnt exceed your expectations. I keep rambling so with out further ado, here is my first Peter Parker X Reader fan fiction!


This was the 3rd time this week that Peter had ditched you after school. You tried to not stress out as you reminded yourself that Peter was busy saving the world and doing other hero stuff. You sounded some what needy (when you ‘complained’ as people would say) about Peter never spending time with you. It was nice that you guys got to hang out at school. But ever since you found out his secret it just made it harder for you guys to see each other out of school. You missed when he use to take you out to your local coffee shop, or having dinner with him and Aunt May. When you guys had not seen each other out of school for almost 3 days it made Peter feel guilty, which led to you being sorry about ‘complaining’ about not going out on dates and etc.

           Looking out your window hoping to see Spider-Man outside saving the world, but thats not what reality is like now. All you could see was the main stores and some city buildings, it was a elegant and mystical view of the city at night. You could see all the stars glistening brightly as the moon was being it self, just a normal shimmering grey orb that hung in the midnight blue sky. You snapped back into reality once you got a text message on your phone:

Peter: Sorry i couldnt make it. You cant swing by my apartment May wont mind just stay in my room and wait for me.

        You were happy to know that Peter was safe and okay. You quickly replied to his text message and put on your shoes. You grabbed your keys,phone, Peter’s jacket that you stole from him, and a portable charger for your phone. You silently headed out the door making sure to not wake your parents (Because the time was 11:06). Once you arrived at Peter’s apartment you knocked on the door, “COMING!” You heard Aunt May say. “Okay” You said quietly. After a couple minutes the door opened to reveal May still in her pj’s. “Oh, Hi Y/n what are you doing here?” May asked politely as you tucked a piece of hair behind your ear then Aunt May pulled you into a sweet,warm and soft hug as usual. “Peter is in his room, make yourself at home. You can stay the night if you wish, just check with your parents.” Aunt may said as she closed the door once you entered her humble apartment. “Okay, I will check with them. Thank you” You smiled and then walked down the hall to Peter’s room. You slowly opened the room to hopefully not wake him up. But he wasnt in his room, it was weird. The room was dimly lit with a tiny light on his dresser, you turned on a lamp and closed the door. You walked over to his bed and sat down, taking off your shoes you then put on his jacket since it was always like a ice box in his room.

            You yawned and got settled in his bed trying to get comfortable. You fell asleep quickly as you held the blankets of his bed covering your mouth. Peter didnt know you were at his apartment until he climbed in through the window to his bed. As he climbed through his window he closed the window quietly, he let out a relived sigh as he noticed his bedroom door was closed so Aunt May wouldnt walk in on him like last time. Once he was in the room he was still climbing on the ceiling, but he ‘gracefully’ fell onto the floor causing a loud crash sound. Peter rubbed his head and then you said “Hmmm?” which startled Peter even more. “Y-y/n?” Peter asked you, “Mhm” you responded back and then peter smirked. Peter stood up and pressed the iconic spider symbol on his chest, causing the suit to form a puddle around his ankles. Peter quickly put on a pair of black joggers and a grey sweater as you fell back asleep. He then stealthily climbed into his bed quietly and started to cuddle you. Peter put his chin on the crook of your neck and kissed the side of your face. He rested his hand under your bra, which you didnt mind. You both slept like babys that night.

Bonus: May burst into the room quietly and saw you too spooning each other,and quickly grabbed a camera to take pictures. “She is definitely a keep Parker” Aunt may somewhat loud enough to wake up Peter. ‘Ugh’ he groaned ‘ Go away may im busy’ Peter mumbled and Aunt May giggled. “ What ever you want kid” she said as she left and closed the door to his room.

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(Gif not mine, I got inspiration from other Fan Fiction blogs, so in no way am I trying to copy anyone)

Tonight We Tell Them Everything


Note:This is just fluff, nothing else really. This can be found on my Ao3 of course. 

Requested: By Anon who asked; “Can I please ask for an Ivar imagine? being Helga and Flokis elder daughter and the love of his life. I get the feeling that she’s calm like her mom and the only person he’d worshup and be romantic.”

You and your mother, Helga are washing some clothing when a young boy comes to tell you that the ships are coming in. Hearing that causes you both to rush to your feet and rush to the docks, Helga ready to see Floki again, and you ready to see both Floki and Ivar. Most of the people of Kattegat can tell that you and Ivar are fond of each other, but they only believe you two to be dear friends. Little do they know, you two have been lover for about a year. The night before they all left, you and Ivar had left the feast without getting spotted. Once you both were alone, Ivar showed you the side he never shows people. You would not say you two just had sex that night, to you and you hope to Ivar, you guys made love. Your face begins to feel warm as you remember that night, the way he treated you it was if you were a piece of glass. He had been so gentle that night, praising you the entire night.

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Exo reaction to their s/o being a virgin

Suho: “Don’t worry, I will make sure that you have a great time.”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Chanyeol: “Ah my jagi don’t worry I will treat you well”  listen this bitch is probably still a virgin have you seen him

Originally posted by scartic

Baekhyun: “Well baby now I am here to make you feel good”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Kai: “Never had sex? Well just you wait. I will blow your mind”  bruuuuhhhhh

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Kyungsoo: “it’s okay, just tell me when you’re ready.”  it was kind of difficult to find a nice gif that went with this fluff ball’s reaction

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

Sehun: “What? You have never had sex? Well you know that we have to change that right now.

Originally posted by r-velvets

Lay: “I can change that if you want baobei”

Originally posted by r-velvets

Kris: “Well well well, aren’t you missing out”

Originally posted by tiddiesoutformichael

Tao: “I will lay you down baby tonight”

Originally posted by pocky-soo

Xiumin: “May I change that?”

Originally posted by c-us-b-jealous

Luhan: “Good thing that I am here to change that huh?”

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Chen: *teases you*

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Pay Attention To Me

Title: Pay Attention To Me

Pairing(s): Anti x Reader

Request: An Anti x Reader where anti messes with the reader’s phone just to piss her off? You can add anything else to the story

Warnings: Light cursing

Summary: An uneventful night is one of the most boring things for Anti, especially when you aren’t paying much attention to him. What’s an entity to do other than his best to make you give your undivided attention to him?

A/N: Hey there!! Get reader for that signature fluff I love all too much! As always I hope that this fits well with the request and that you enjoy reading it! Please feel free to drop any criticism, advice, or whatever below or on my writing blog @the-softest-fics! <3


            It’s a slow evening at your house tonight. You’re all cuddled up on your couch with a blanket, a movie plays in the background as you mess around on your phone. You can feel static in the air as the couch shifts with new weight, its Anti setting to sit beside you. To many he’s a nightmare and a monster, but to you he’s your boyfriend. Albeit he can overprotective sometimes, but he loves you with all of his black and glitchy heart. You sneak a glance over toward him, a slight smile pulls at the edges of your mouth just knowing he’s here with you.

Anti then glitches so his head is in your lap, you look down and blush just a little. You then return your attention back you your phone, scrolling through random pictures on Instagram. You hear him give a frustrated grumble, clearly you aren’t paying enough attention to him. He wines and tries to nuzzle into you to get your attention on him instead of your phone. You giggle and then sigh as you start running a hand through his green hair. He hums but then furrows his brows in frustration, you were still looking at something on your phone.

He smirks as he messes with letters and images on the screen in your hands, turning spots here and there a bright lime green. “Anti, come on. Quit messing with my stuff.” You plead slightly annoyed. He gives a glitchy giggle as he kicks you out of the app you’re desperately trying to use. He opens your photos and scrolls through them, finding the cutest ones of himself and the goofy ones of you. Your face heats up when he finds a picture of you with your face pressed embarrassingly against a pane of glass, your face contorted against its surface. He giggles and gives you a toothy smile as you glare down at him angrily. You scoot over to your left, leaving Anti’s head on the couch. He scowls and crosses his arms very childishly, he sits up and starts messing with each media account you have. He hops from Facebook, to Twitter, to Tumblr, posting embarrassing phrases and photos. You let a strangled growl of anger escape your throat as you jump across the couch, tackling anti onto the floor. “God damnit Anti!” you cry as your pin him to the wood flooring.

“I͏ ̛love you҉?͝” he says nervously. You sit up, straddling his waist. You turn your head away from him, pouting and turning your nose upward. His hands grab your waist and he begins to tickle your sides. You fight against the laughter that bubbles in your throat as he continues to attack you. You crack, a smile taking over your once angry face and laughter engulfing the space between the two of you. “YOU WIN! YOU WIN!” you plea for mercy. He stops only to switch your positions, so that he’s now straddling your hips and you’re under him. Your face is hot and red, your hair messy from the tussle you’d just had. You take deep breaths and gaze into his green eyes, they lovingly seem to take in your form beneath him. You must look like a mess, your hair disheveled, face still red and now dusted with a blush toward your collar bones and neck.

He catches you off guard as he leans down and presses his lips to yours. You smile into the kiss as you feel that blush creep onto your cheeks. He rests one arm on the ground beside your head and the other gently strokes the side of your face. He pulls away and gazes down at you affectionately, one hand still on the side of your face.  He gives his adorable toothy grin as he speaks, “I̵'̛m̡ p҉ret͝ty͝ d͜ám͝n lucky t҉o ͏have͝ y̶o͢u̷,͟” he pauses “y̶ou̧ mean ͘the ̛world̨ ̛tó ͞me.”

You can’t help but feel his words tug at your heart strings, knowing that he puts you at the center everything. Without asking permission a tear slips onto your cheek, you scoot yourself from under him and move so you can burry your face in his black t-shirt. He holds you close as you mutter and “I love you” under your breath. His face is filled with an all too knowing expression as he kisses the top of your head. “Can we ͝c҉u̡ddl͢e͠ ̷now?͝” he begs with his lower lip jutted out and eyes widened like a child.

“Fine.” You make an over exaggerated sigh as you sit back down on the couch. Only this time when Anti rests his head in your lap your eyes are only on him, listening to him purr as you run your fingers through his hair. “Th͠i̕s̷ ͢is̸ m̴uc̷h̛ ͠b̴ett̡ér ͞t͝ha͞ń anno͘y̶i̷ng̸ y̕o͏u Y̶/͝N,” he opens his eyes to meet yours “may͟be not͞ as̵ ͝fu͟n, ̵but̀ ̢b͞e̷tte͞r.̵” you roll your eyes, but continue to stroke his hair. Anti is quite possibly the neediest boyfriend and entity you’ll ever meet, but he’s all yours.


A/N 2.0: Soooo… I really had fun writing this!! I was actually thinking of continuing this with the introduction of another pretty damn needy entity… DARK! I’m a sucker for fluff, but also for a good old reader in the middle of two loving entities fic! So maybe a possessive!Anti with a very loving!dark fighting/arguing for the reader’s attention? I’m not too sure yet… but please let me know if you’d be interested in reading that sort of thing in the near future! (I know I’d loove to write it!) Also don’t forget that I’m still taking requests and would always love to have more of ‘em! :p