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This is probs a little late, but I don't think its a coincidence that the Egyptian queen stuff fits fem larry perfectly... If you get what I'm saying...? xD

Ahkmenrah: *Stifles a yawn, scrunching his face up adorably.* 

Larry: You tired?

Ahkmenrah: *Nods, closing his eyes briefly.* 

*Larry holds his arms out, and Ahk smiles sleepily before climbing into his lap. He rests his head just under Larry’s chin and closes his eyes.* 

Larry: *Smiles and wraps Ahk’s cape around him tighter, as if it were a blanket.* You wanna answer one more question for the night?

Ahkmenrah: Alright. 

Larry: *Reads the question aloud to him.* Hmm.That is kinda strange. But it had to have been a coincidence, right?

Ahkmenrah: *Mumbles.* The gods work in mysterious ways, Larry. Perhaps they knew you were destined to be my queen. 

Larry: *Laughs* I’m not queen or king of anything. 

Ahkmenrah: No, but in another life you could have been. *Snuggles closer.* 

*Larry looks down at Ahk, running a hand up and down his arm with the other placed on his back, periodically pressing kisses against his forehead. He smiles when he feels Ahk’s breathing steady. He had fallen asleep, in Larry’s lap of all places. It was too cute to be true. Larry carefully slips the crown off Ahk’s head and sets it on the desk before burying his face in the pharaoh’s hair, how ever weird that may be. Honestly, he doesn’t care at the moment.* 

Larry: I love you…

*Larry’s eyes widen when he realizes what he just let slip. He quickly checks to make sure Ahk is still asleep, and lets out a small sigh of relief when he sees that he is. There, he’d finally admitted it to himself. As terrifying as the prospect is, he’s hopelessly in love with Ahk. All he can do is hope that Ahk feels the same way. And that he’ll be able to say it to the other man’s face one day.*

*He lets Ahk sleep for a little while longer before shaking him awake gently.*

Larry: It’s almost sunrise; I have to lock up. 

Ahkmenrah: *Blinks owlishly.* Of course. *He stands, and trails Larry sleepily through the museum as he puts everything in order. Finally, they end up back in the Egypt exhibit. Ahk all but collapses into his sarcophagus.* 

Larry: *Leans down and kisses him briefly.* See you tomorrow night. 

Ahkmenrah: *Nods and pulls the cat blanket up over his head.*

Larry: *Finds that extremely funny for some reason, and can’t help but smile.*

*The sun rises and Larry replaces the lid before leaving, saying hello to McPhee on the way out. 

McPhee: Larry, by the way, you should know that a new exhibit will be arriving soon. A week or two, probably.

Larry: Really? What kind?

 McPhee: A new Egyptian item. You’ll see. *Smiles.* I’m quite excited for it.

*Larry leaves the museum, wondering what in the world this new exhibit could be.*

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Can you link me to all of your happy Dean stories?? Im in the mood for some feels and good dreams tonight :)

Alright, this is me being lazy but also wanting to give you some good dreams. ;) These are all of my Dean stories. I’m just gonna go through and bold the ones that are mostly fluff!

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Eiii hii you sweety! I'm looking for some very romantic fics, things like going out for dinner, or Harry cooking for Draco, or cuddles on the sofa... Maybe you can help me? Thank you for your time <3

Hey anon! I’d love to help you, but I don’t really read fluff in this ship. Not a judgment, but a matter of personal taste - it’s weird to me to read them in fluffy situations and they stop feeling like themselves really quickly most of the time. There are a few authors who do domesticity/slice of life stuff that I enjoy, where Draco and Harry still have their edges - @firethesound does this, and @sophiefrench77’s Stick to the Report come to mind, and though these are not quite domestic/romantic @icmezzo writes things that have the warm sort of atmosphere you might be looking for (on mobile but:,,

Beyond that, I’ll open it up to other people. Recs for anon?