can you feel the boredom tonight

anonymous asked:

sharee, i've been losing weight with eating clean, running, and lifting, but recently, i've gotten into the habit of binge eating on the weekends and gaining back all the weight i've lost over the week. i'm so frustrated and discouraged and angry at myself for basically deleting all of my progress every saturday, and i just feel awful after binging tonight. can you give me any advice? thank you! :)

It sounds like your binge eating occurs at the same time and has become a habit.
If you want a behavior to stop you need determine the function of the behavior. So then you can replace the behavior with a healthier alternative.
So if the reason you binge eat is because you restrict too much during the week, you need to increase your daily calorie goals so you won’t binge eat.
If it’s emotional eating, you need to find a new outlet for your emotions.
Boredom, find a new activity to keep you busy.
You can beat this! You just have to figure out the WHY and then plan accordingly.