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Okay, I usually don’t rant and get angry like this, but this is truly the last straw. What happened to nct at LAX is absolutely unacceptable, and it makes me extremely angry. And especially hearing that Mark had a panic attack?!! I know that feeling too well, and hearing a person I love and care about so much had to feel that way… I can’t even put into words how I feel about that. Those people were obviously not real nctzens. They were only there to do those things to get pictures and touch them so they would seem “cool.” Well news flash you guys, you disgust me, and all REAL nctzens. So next time you want to go around harassing people because apparently it’s “cool,” do it to someone YOU love and see how upset and terrible you feel after that. Nct are so hardworking, respectful, and SO patient with us. It only makes logical human sense if we do the same for them.

Jessica Jones provides an excellent allegorical lesson on the ethics of violence and how structures of power can twist how violence appears to those outside of that structure. 

From the outside, Jessica Jones surely appears as if she is cold, uncaring, violent, and willing to murder. Looking at “just the facts” selected by power structures, she could certainly be portrayed to be in the wrong– after all, she snapped a man’s neck, and even she admits that he never physically hit her during their relationship. 

But within the context of the power structure at play, you can see how overwhelmingly pacifist and compassionate she was throughout the situation. She was harmed unforgivably, repeatedly, and watched countless people die around her, have their lives ruined, get hurt due to his words and commands. Even then, she tried to find nonviolent ways to protect people and mitigate the harm. She was willing to put herself in harms way over and over to defend people, even when she was already traumatized. He was threatening to kill her. He was ready to hurt someone she loved. 

So she killed him. As a last resort. It was not cruel, it was courageous. 

And that’s the situation that antifa are working within. You cannot judge the ethics of someone’s actions without looking at the context of the power structure at play. You must take into account the countless deaths from fascist words and commands, how they have killed and hurt and ruined lives. You must keep in mind that activists are putting their lives on the line to defend people and mitigate the situation as best they can over and over. No one wants to be forced into violence to defend their loved ones. It’s traumatic and hard. 

So judging an antifascist for using physical violence against a fascist who didn’t physically punch them first– those stories aren’t seeing the full picture. It’s not cruel, it’s courageous. 

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Kadena trying to cook and ending ordering fast food and kissing

She hears Kat’s apartment before she sees it. Or, well, more accurately, she hears the smoke alarm as soon as she exits the elevator on Kat’s floor. The smoke alarm sound that is definitely coming from Kat’s place.

Kat is frantic when she responds to Adena’s knock, swinging open the door and towel hanging from her other hand.

“Hi. You look amazing. I’m so sorry, give me sec,” she rushes, before Adena can even get a word in. Then Kat’s long arms are waving the towel, dispersing the smoke, until the beeping finally stops.

“What happened here?” she asks, innocent, biting at her lip to keep from laughing.

“Me trying to be romantic,” Kat answers, almost resigned, and Adena is suddenly aware that Kat is more upset than she thought. “I should’ve just ordered take out, everyone said so.”

“Hey, hey,” Adena cuts in, setting her purse down on the sofa and moving to stand in front of Kat. “Kat, look at me.” Kat eventually meets her eyes, looking upset and embarrassed. “You don’t have to cook for me to prove that you’re romantic. I already know that you are.”

Kat huffs then drops the towel to the ground, sinking into Adena’s embrace. “That’s not the point. I wanted to cook for you.”

“Do you know what I think?” Adena says, tucking a loose strand of hair behind Kat’s ear.

“That we should just order pizza and make out on the sofa?”

Adena shakes her head, smiling. “I was going to say that next time we should cook together. But yes, I also accept your idea.”

All Mine f(x) Korean Lesson! (Prt 2)

Here is part two of the Korean lesson for the f(x) song All Mine! If you want to see the first part I will link it at the end of this post. If I don’t explain something like a word, it’s because I already explained it in the last post, so use that one for reference! 

네 눈을 볼 때면

네 is “Your”, and 눈 is “eye”. In Korean we can assume it is plural, even though it only says it as the singular eye. 보다 is a verb, it means “to see”. When it is conjugated with the ㄹ at the end, it turns the verb into an adjective. So now this word describes the next word, which is 때면. 때 by itself means “a time” or “when”, and 면 is a particle that means “when” also. So together you can thing of it as “a time when” or just “when”, but we know she is talking about a specific time. And the adjective added before it makes it “a time when I saw”. 

So “네 눈을 볼 때면” means “When I look into your eyes” (the word “into” isn’t in the sentence, the sentence is literally “When I look at your eyes”, but that translation isn’t as accurate to the meaning)

맘이 맘이 이 시공의 벽을 넘어

In this case we see 이 used as both a subject particle and the word “this”, 이 by itself means “this”. (also 맘이 is only repeated for style, so the song sounds better.) Like in English, this (이) is put before the word it is referring to. 시공 means “time and space”. 의 is a particle added to ownership, the word it is attached to owns whatever word comes next. Think of 의 as “’s” 벽 means “wall”. We already know what 울 means, but you may be confused why it is there when 이 is also in the sentence, which particle points out what this sentence is about? Well 이 is a subject particle and 을 is an object particle. So the subject is 맘 and the object is 벽. 넘어 (regular present tense conjugation of 넘다) means “jump”

So “맘이 맘이 이 시공의 벽을 넘어” means “My heart jumps over time and space’s wall” (or “my heart jumps over the wall of time and space”, if that makes more sense to you.)

널 내 품에 안고 dive

너 means “you”, this is a shortened version of 너를, so we know that “you” is the object of this sentence. 품 is “embrace”. 에 is a word particle meaning “in”. 안고 is a conjugation of the verb 안다, meaning “to hug/embrace”. 고 is added to mean “and”, so we can use two verbs. The next verb in this case is an English one of course. 

So  “널 내 품에 안고 dive” means “I’ll hold you in my embrace and dive” 

All mine 무지개도
All mine 저 바다도
All mine 햇살까지
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, all mine

First thing to know here is this is more like a list/sentence fragment. 도 is a particle that means ‘and” or “too”, so that is what makes this like like. 무지개 means “rainbow”, 저 means “that”, 바다 means “sea”, 햇살 means “sun” or “sunbeam/sunlight”. 까지 is a particle added to mean “to”, as in from something, to the sun. 

So this chunk roughly translates like:

All mine, the rainbow
All mine, and that sea
All mine, and to the sun
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, all mine

That part doesn’t make perfect sense but that is because it’s a song, so its just for style. If you don’t understand that part it is totally ok, but you can still take some vocab from it. 

So that’s all for part two! If any of this was confusion and you have any questions, feel free to ask! It was a LOT of information to take in at once. If any part of this post straight up didn’t make sense please tell me so I can fix that! Thanks for reading!

Part One 

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I got a UTI awhile back and I didn't know what to do, so I made my friend ask his sister in law on what I can do to get rid of it and she called me dirty. I got rid of it and now I have bv. I've had it for awhile now. I can't talk to my mom about it since I'm not really close to her and I can't really go see a doctor cause I have no insurance. It makes me cry knowing I'm so helpless w this. I don't feel good about my body anymore. Please help me.

having a uti doesn’t make you dirty. having any sort of vaginal infection in general doesn’t make you dirty. you can get an infection from a variety of factors, even just using a scented soap down there can throw you all the way off. so don’t let that girl’s words get to you. 

also, is there a planned parenthood or free clinic in your vicinity? they can help you for little to no cost. try googling it and seeing if there’s one close by.

there’s also few other things you can try:

*eat plain yogurt with active cultures every day. yogurt can introduce some good bacteria into the body and this can help your pH balance itself out. if the taste bothers you, you can add some honey or fruit to it.

*taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (i recommend the braggs brand, it says “with the mother” on the bottle) with water can help with bv and yeast infections. you can also add a cup or two of it to a bath and sit in it for about 20 minutes or so.

*taking cranberry supplements can help prevent uti’s and help with overall vaginal health.

*wear cotton underwear at all times and try not to wear underwear at night (with the exception of your period.) make sure your vagina gets lots of air and it’s able to breathe. try to avoid wearing tight pants as well.

*DON’T ever put soap inside of yourself. your vagina is self cleaning. putting soap inside yourself make your BV worse and cause irritation. you can use a gentle soap on the outer lips, but for the inner lips all you need is water and a washcloth.

*drink plenty of water and avoid anything sugary. 


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nervous, halloween, scythe

3 Words for an OC

Another crappy sketchbook photo lD

Oh my god - Marigold just died but now she already got her first job as a grim reaper. How can she even manage to do this? She didn’t even think that there’d be an afterlife but now she’s a (very important) part of it.

The really clumsy 20-year-old just wanted to attend a funny halloween party and then she didn’t see the train coming. Now she has to spend her afterlife in this strange costume!

At least her worktool is cool. And exhausting. Chick (the lower one) never stops making puns and their laugh is extremely strange. Click (the upper one) never stops being sarcastic and would never admit that he’s glad he’s not alone.


Under this water
All I can see is you
But we can’t talk
I don’t even feel you
Once I surface for air
You’re gone
Cause the water distorts images
But not when they’re a hallucination

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I don't know how to word this question, but do you sometimes feel like Ashekenazim cultural experiences tend to dominate Jewish representation in media? As in, most media created by Jewish people for Jewish people is skewed mostly towards the Ashkenazi experience? I feel like a lot of non-Jews who see a lot of that tend to think Jews all have the same cultural experience but it's not really true. :/

of course lol i can’t think of one mizrahi character in anglophone media, and just generally from the experiences of mizrahim in the anglophone diaspora americans don’t even fucking know we exist, look at the whole damn “are jews white” nonsense happening even on ~mutlicultural ~woke tumblr. apparently the idea of “jews of color” extends only to biracial people (drake etc.) and the existence of a millenia-old jewish diaspora outside of europe is a cute trivia fact

this is not true for the french diaspora though i think it’s like 50% north africans there so they can’t ignore us (i remember watching that feel-good multicultural french christmas movie and i was BLOWN AWAY by how very moroccan the jewish character was lmao)

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So i tend to swear a lot, especially when I'm feeling excessively one emotion (excited/angry/worked up etc.) and I know my family hate it and get annoyed at me but its hard for me to stop because I feel like it helps me regulate my expression and emotion a lot? Idk I was wondering if other people feel similarly. And maybe if anyone has any suggestions to help me tone it down even just around my family?

Studies have shown that swearing can actually help to reduce pain. As such, it makes sense that we may use swearing to cope with feeling emotions so strongly. I know I tend to swear a lot when dealing with strong emotions. 

As for not swearing so much around your family, see if there are other words you could switch out for swears you commonly use. You may find that words that feel the same may help. For instance, instead of saying f*ck, yelling duck may help as they have the same mouth feel. It may confuse your family a bit, but if they really don’t like you swearing, this may be a better option. 


Unpopular Voltron opinion, with meta to back it up.

I don’t think the big Keith and Lance scene in episode 6 was meant to be seen as having gone well, or for things to be getting back on track in regards to Lance’s doubts. I’m actually pretty sure the conversation unintentionally made things with Lance even worse.

Just because Keith and Lance shared a scene alone together, without any fighting or outward disagreements, does NOT mean it went well. I know everyone who is a Klance shipper wants that to be the case, but the whole “5 feet apart” jokes and logic with their ship shouldn’t suddenly change the emotional tone that is ACTUALLY present here.

Do not get me wrong, it is clear that both of them wanted this talk to go well without any confrontation, and to talk with a level head and with honesty. They have both grown as people to realize this. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t a major miscommunication here. 

Lets go through this moment by moment, shall we?

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Can we take a moment to appreciate how pure and deep Jimin and Taehyung’s friendship is. I have not seen such a beautiful and close bond between two people, they love each other so much and you can just tell by Taeyung’s words to him in 4 O’Clock, his tears in the recent Bon Voyage episode, and how Jimin always accepts and loves him no matter what, being the one to stay closest by his side when his grandma passed away as well. They’ve even called each other soulmates, that’s how strong their relationship is. They’re just too pure for this world and I hope nothing ever breaks them apart, and that they stay as close as they are forever. 

you’ve been through a lot,
i can see it in your eyes.
you’ve got a big heart,
and you’re not sure what to do with all of it.
you’ve given too much of yourself to people who weren’t worth the pain.
the people who promised to never hurt you did, and the ones who promised to never leave,
without even a proper caution of their departure.
you’re lost,
you must understand,
it gets better.
i promise,
it does get better.
it always gets better.
—  k. azizian
43 Reasons to Love Misha Collins

1. He is kind 
2. He is selfless
3. He is flawed
4. He is sarcastic
5. He’s seen the worst that the world and humanity can give and became the opposite
6. He loves freely and openly
7. He is passionate
8. He is messy
9. He is genuine
10. “Be kind to yourself so you can be happy enough to be kind to the world”
11. He is bright
12. He is intelligent
13. He is witty
14. He is sharp
15. When he realized how much of an impact he had, he founded a non profit charity that promotes small random acts of kindness and created a scavenger hunt that fosters creativity to raise funds for that charity
16. He is an incredible actor
17. He is the father every child needs
18. He is an attentive husband
19. He is a loving friend
20. “I want to live in a world where the word ‘normal’ is an insult”
21. He is real about life sometimes being complicated and confusing
22. He fights hatred with kindness
23. He is present
24. He doesn’t take himself too seriously
25. He wakes up early to hand out coffee at ComicCon, stays up late to serve dinner, because he gives love in spades
26. He values family
27. He supports everyone at once without ever knowing it
28. He recognizes and owns his mistakes and learns from them
29. He believes that people can grow
30. “Do what you love and the 'good’ will follow”
31. He believes in the power of one person
32. He is proof of that power
33. He helps people living in the dark see the light
34. He allows people to love themselves, quirks and all
35. He understands things on a deeper level than most; he seems to immediately comprehend the meaning behind words and empathize with the experience even if he lacks a personal frame of reference
36. He stands up for those who can’t stand up for themselves
37. He fights on behalf of all
38. He sees beyond himself
39. He is vocal about injustice
40. “I am passionate about tea, running, the idea that we are bound only by the limits of our imaginations, and maple syrup”
41. The way his smile lights up a room
42. The way his laugh is contagious  
43. The way he is unapologetically himself and in doing so, helps others do the same


Everything Has Changed (Part Three)

Summary: In which everything changes when you discover Bucky’s true feelings for you in a very unconventional manner.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,540

Part Two

Originally posted by numbmimz

“Y/N?” A knock at the door accompanies the voice that just spoke, bringing a smile to your face. It’s a welcome distraction from staring at the wall, which you’ve been doing for four hours straight. There’s not much to do when you’re not allowed out of your bed. “Are you awake?”

“Come in,” you call back, propping yourself up against a few pillows. It takes some effort and your body rebels against the movement, but you grit your teeth and swallow back your groans. All the aches and pain are worth it. They prove that you’re okay. That you, unlike Antoine, are still alive.

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what would bts be like on their wedding day?


  • would want a super big extravagant wedding
  • invites everyone he knows
  • rents out an entire island for the wedding and honeymoon
  • the venue is a private beach with golden sand and crystal waters
  • of course a beautiful pink theme
  • he’d be having the time of his life interacting with all the guests
  • telling everyone funny stories about adventures he went on with his partner
  • it wouldn’t fully hit him until he’s at the alter and his bride walks out in a sparkling rose colored dress
  • and a lil tiara with personalized crystals
  • and his mouth drops open in awe because this is it he’s marrying the love of his life
  • rushes through the vows because he cant wait any longer
  • you’re finally mine, princess
  • lots of laughing, dancing, and big smiles the entire night
  • and of course champagne popping

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby


  • the whole day would be like a fairy tale
  • pisces are hopeless romantics and they dream of their wedding day
  • the entire time he’d be on cloud nine, practically floating
  • would want a traditional venue
  • like a nice cathedral or even a castle
  • a small crowd of friends and family
  • listen, this boy would be so emotional
  • he’d be able to hold it in until his bride appears
  • in a flowy ball gown that’s fit for a princess
  • a sniffle or two would definitely slip through
  • okay more like a lot of sniffles
  • he’d prepare a gorgeous piece of poetry to read during the vows
  • that talks about the blessing his s/o is and how he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with them
  • and now the entire venue is in tears
  • a joyous, emotional day


  • aquariuses are always innovative
  • so he’d find a really creative venue
  • like a skyscraper or an amusement park
  • would entertain his guests with a live band
  • he’d be really hyper and excited and just have too many feels to express
  • can’t stand still
  • the whole aesthetic of their outfits would be unique and different
  • nothing traditional
  • i don’t think he’d get overemotional during the ceremony
  • just have the biggest smile on his face
  • it’d be a fun event for him
  • the emotion and passion is saved for the honeymoon
  • wink wink
  • hypes his wife up so much
  • is literally that will smith meme
  • choreographs a dance with his bride!!!
  • it’d be really cheesy and cute but also super impressive
  • a day no one would ever forget

Originally posted by syubbed


  • virgos are very meticulous
  • and are perfectionists
  • would plan every single detail
  • probably stresses out over it
  • “joon don’t worry. i know it’s going to be amazing”
  • “i just want everything to be perfect for you jagi”
  • but that day, specifically when he lays eyes on his bride, all his nerves fade away
  • i can see him liking his bride to wear something a little fitted
  • that shows off her curves and a lil skin
  • if u know what i mean
  • a nice traditional setting with a sensual touch
  • pulls out an entire speech he typed out from his pocket during the vows
  • the rest of the boys cheer and holler extra loud during the kiss
  • everything would go as amazing as he wished and he’d be soso happy and satisfied


  • invites every person he’s ever encountered
  • because he doesn’t want anyone to feel left out
  • probably has planned it with his partner for years
  • chooses a gorgeous venue
  • like a huge breathtaking white castle
  • which would be very fitting because he’d look like an actual prince
  • before the ceremony, he’d be rushing around trying to great as many people as possible and thank them for coming
  • libras always want to make everyone happy
  • would need someone to make him slow down and remind him it’s his day
  • absolutely lost for words when he sees his bride
  • wow. jagi you look….wow.
  • thought he’d be able to keep his cool during the vows but is so flustered and blushy
  • kisses her way longer than necessary but he can’t help it
  • a picture perfect wedding


  • his family and roots are really important to him
  • so i can see him choosing a pretty venue in his hometown, daegu
  • maybe some place he visited a lot during his childhood
  • so that he can make even more amazing memories there
  • a small traditional ceremony
  • with his family and close friends
  • honestly he could care less where it happens, as long as his bride is there with him
  • tries his hardest to contain his emotions
  • makes a lot of jokes to shake off his nerves
  • can’t help letting out an amazed “wahhh…” when his brides comes out in a white gown that looks like it was made for her
  • can’t take his eyes off her
  • cups her face in his hands when he kisses her
  • the rest of the night would be filled with a lot of laughs
  • playfully puts cake frosting on her nose and she puts some on his cheeks
  • an unforgettable day

Originally posted by lqtaehyungie


  • a big bundle of nerves and emotions
  • being a virgo, he wants everything to be perfect
  • thinks of it kinda like a concert and he wants to “perform” his best
  • practices his vows the entire week before
  • or month
  • his libra venus makes him quite the romantic
  • would want a venue in the middle of a rose garden that’s lit by the night sky and twinkling lights
  • nothing too fancy or large, just his closest friends and family
  • needs several pep talks from the boys
  • constantly fixing his hair or adjusting his tie
  • the ring accidentally slips from his hands because they’re so sweaty
  • which makes everyone chuckle and kinda breaks the ice
  • once he looks into his bride’s eyes his nerves would disappear
  • he’d forget everyone else is in the room, it’d only be you two
  • later in the night, he surprises his wife with a song he secretly prepared
  • one they both listened to together a lot; their song
  • and serenades her right there
  • it’s so beautiful and touching and everything she could ever wish for

hi I’m kelsey.

I’m in a really bad situation at the moment and it’s really hard for me to even write this, I’m not one to usually ask or even open up when help is needed but this is really urgent and apparently this is all I have left. 

So my mum was recently diagnosed with a disability called MS which is basically like brain damage and it affects the whole body, she had to leave her job because she’s in so much pain and she was on sick pay for a while which did help but now she’s not getting any money and even the government won’t give her money. 

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If they want us to see keith and shiro's relationship as brotherly, they are failing spectacularly, at least for me

I honestly 100% agree. Like as someone with two brothers I just really?? can’t see Shiro and Keith’s dynamic as brotherly at all?? I really can’t?? 

And Keith’s abandonment issues feed into this a great deal. We know that he’s “desperate” to see Shiro–a line that is not platonic in nature. It implies a sense of desire that’s almost agonizing, brings to mind the notion of unrequited love. Then you have things like Josh mentioning Keith’s “always scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose Shiro,” and Joaquim noting that “Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” There’s an intensity to their relationship that you’d never expect from two characters who just see each other as bros. 

When talking about Keith’s passionate emotions, Lauren also says that side of him is “kind of exasperated by the fact that Shiro’s gone. Like he’s having a hard time dealing with it, he doesn’t really know how to feel. And yeah I think he kinda just goes back to that inner part of himself where it’s just—he can’t control his emotions. And that comes from like, from the galra side.” Shiro is literally shown as a link to Keith’s humanity. And Keith in turn sees Shiro as the man he aways was rather than the monster the galra tried to make him. Shiro’s unwavering support and compassion throughout Keith’s galra reveal was also a role relegated to Keith’s supposed love interest in nearly all fan works leading into season 2. In terms of his place in Keith’s character arc, a potential love interest honestly makes the most sense. 

We can also compare Shiro and Keith’s relationship to two characters who are siblings–Pidge and Matt. Pidge lost Matt during Kerberos and ends up getting banned from garrison grounds when she investigates further. Keith also loses Shiro to Kerberos and gets booted from the garrison shortly after–“a disciplinary issue,” they say. Pidge spends a lot of her time searching for Matt, and Keith also wants to find Shiro. And yet, both these dynamics are incredibly different. 

Pidge never stops to repeat words of comfort Matt has given her. She’s never shown in a flashback exchanging the same phrase with her sibling. Her drive to find her brother is never described as desperation, nor is he ever characterized as the only balm that can soothe her inner turmoil. She never believes losing her brother means she’s automatically all alone in the world. Pidge and Matt’s dynamic is nothing like Shiro and Keith’s. Which is, you know, probably why so many people from the staff ship sheith. Even people who work on the show can see these characters in a romantic light. 

To take this a step further, the way Keith mourns the loss of Shiro is also written extremely differently. Lance tells Keith that Shiro would want him to move on, and no one ever says this to Pidge. There’s a moment where the whole team takes Keith aside and reaffirms just how irreplaceable Shiro was to him–but ultimately, they urge him to stay strong and carry on. This doesn’t feel like Keith’s mourning a brother, it feels more like he’s grieving the loss of a lover

And this is defined by Keith’s temper, by his volitile emotions. We know all of Team Voltron is like a family. So why then, would Keith view Shiro’s loss as so deeply personal compared to the rest of the team if their relationship is also just familial? He lashes out at the team, says things like “We don’t have Shiro anymore either. Everyone seems to have forgotten that.” The meaning here basically translates to None of you give a damn about Shiro, none of you care about him like I do. It’s an almost possessive kind of grief that really does feel more like someone mourning a lost lover. 

Furthermore, the “reunion” between Keith and Kuron is not brotherly. It’s not “Shiro” returning to the rest of the team. It’s “Shiro” reuniting with Keith. The moment is wholly theirs, complete with longing gazes as they slowly drift into one another’s orbit. The scene feels distinctly romantic, and this is emphasized by how intimate it is. There’s no team, no Voltron. Just the two of them in their own little world. Had Shiro and Keith been more like brothers, there would be no reason to remove everyone else from the scene and make it so deeply personal. 

The scene in Kuron’s bedroom also feels incredibly intimate. Keith is the only one Kuron feels comfortable seeing him like this, the only one he allows himself to be vulnerable with. He doesn’t cut his hair or shave for Keith the way he does to look more presentable in front of the other paladins. When he’s with Keith, there’s no reason to put on a fake smile and maintain a facade. Seeing Kuron unkempt and tired, in his undershirt and still lying in bed, confessing that he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to bounce back just yet–this isn’t the way someone’s big brother figure is presented. 

They’re both in the dark as well, and the way the scene is angled and framed, the tone it carries–this looks and feels distinctly different from the scene where Lance is having a talk with Keith in his bedroom. Keith is also the one taking care of Shiro during this time, the one always saving him. People often joke about Shiro needing Keith to come running to his rescue, but their dynamic really is more reminiscent of a classic fairytale than family. And of course, the way these two are so soft and tender with one another doesn’t feel right for characters that are supposedly just like brothers. I could go on and on really, and also talk about all the parallels between Haggar and Zarkon’s relationship and sheith, but I mean. Then we might be here all day 


A Bucky x Reader / fluff one shot

A/N: So this is the first thing I’ve written in… about a month? So please be gentle! I appreciate your feedback and your patience with me, while I get back in the writing groove. ♥

Word Count: 1,066

- none.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine

“Bucky,” you whispered into the dark, your fingernails gripping at the sheets, getting caught in the fabric. Only the moon peeking through the equally as black curtains shed any light into the room, casting looming shadows on the walls. “I’m scared…”

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FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 2
  • Sora is completely unfazed when he gets inflicted with the Toad curse mid-battle. Kid’s been a toy, a merman, and an actual lion. He has SEEN THINGS.
    • He can talk while he’s a frog, too. None of the chocobros can. Just Sora.
  • Sora names his chocobo Highwind
    • They are best friends
    • Sora can never beat Prompto in a chocobo race though and it really PISSES HIM OFF
    • No, Aranea, he named the chocobo Highwind long before he ever met you! The name has sentimental value, okay?!
  • Ignis making hot chocolate for Sora so he’ll have a hot drink in the morning even though he doesn’t like coffee
  • Sora gets GRIEVOUSLY INJURED by a baby chickatrice and he feels SO BETRAYED because it was so cute and fluffy why was it so MEAN?!?!?!? D:
    • After Sora’s patched up, the others just can’t help teasing him about it. They lay off when they see how spooked he gets every time they fight chickatrices and cockatrices. :(
  • Sora is the only one in the party who will never get bored of watching Noctis fish. He loves fishing. Noctis totally lets him have a turn.
    • Don’t tell Gladio.
  • Sora and Talcott are close. He’s one of the first people Talcott opens up to after Jared is killed
    • He does not get why Talcott likes cactuars so much, though. He’s been 1000 Needle’d way too many times to even entertain the idea that they’re cool. They are decidedly Uncool. But he doesn’t let Talcott know that.
  • Sora is terrified when Noctis summons Ramuh for the first time. He is terrified but 100% ready to fight Ramuh when he snatches Noctis up
    • Gladio has to grab him to stop him from going after Ramuh. You got a death wish, kid????

Angst Corner:

    • (Xehanort has been defeated in this AU so there is no immediate threat to the world order. So there are no pressing emergencies that need Sora’s attention while he is in Eos.)
    • Donald and Goofy take the Gummi Ship to return to Disney Castle and report to the King. They plan to meet Sora in Altissa for Noctis’s wedding. They promise they’ll be back soon!
      • Chapter 9 happens.
        • The chocobros can’t wait around for Donald and Goofy to return.
        • Sora goes with them. He has to. He feels like a complete idiot for doing so, but he leaves a note in a bottle in the sea in the hopes that Donald and Goofy will find it upon returning to Eos. He can’t risk leaving a note lying around in the open for Niflheim to find.
      • Chapter 10 happens.
        • Sora is not a neutral party when Gladio and Noctis have their big fight on the train. This kid is all empathy and his heart hurts for Noctis. So he is FURIOUS with Gladio for how he treats Noctis when he is consumed with grief.
          • He tells Gladio to back off. Can’t he see Noctis is hurting?
          • Gladio tells him to stay out of it. This has nothing to do with him. It’s not his goddamned business.
          • This hurts Sora. A lot. Even after the party reconciles, Gladio’s words stay with him. There are some things you just can’t take back.
        • When Gladio pushes Prompto for trying to break up the fight
          • Oh boy
          • Sora sees RED
          • He lunges for Gladio. Would have gotten him, too. But Prompto stops him.
        • He is inconsolable when Prompto gets pushed off of the train!!!!!!!!
      • After Chapter 13
        • The darkness that spreads across Eos is so vast that nothing can penetrate it. Donald and Goofy can’t get close. Though they keep trying. FOR YEARS.
        • Sora becomes a hunter.
          • He helps train Talcott and other people in Lestallum to defend themselves.
          • It’s hard, when the chocobros go their separate ways, only to cross paths during certain hunts or supply runs. Sora’s never felt so lonely, even though he’s well-loved by the people of Lestallum, who hail him as a hero who helps to keep them all safe
          • He and Dino actually become pretty good friends? He goes on dangerous mining trips to get Dino the material he needs to craft accessories that will help boost the hunters’ defense and strength. Dino remembers a conversation he’d had with Sora a while ago and makes him a wayfinder out of imperfect jewels and tarnished silver to thank him for his hard work. Dino think’s it’s ugly and useless. But Sora cries.
            • EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that Dino is presumed dead in the World of Ruin, since you can find his clothes in Galdin Quay. I am in denial about this so I want to pretend that didn’t happen and have my man Dino making bracelets in post-apocalyptic Lestallum.
        • In the ninth year of the long night, Sora contracts the Starscourge.
          • A certain man of no consequence, who was once called a daemonized healer, may be able to stall the spread of the infection, just until the True King is able to return…