can you even imagine waking up next to him

Yoongi as Your Boyfriend

Lets just start with this:

Yoongi doesn’t take relationships lightly

So if he asks you out, that means he thinks you’re special

He thinks that one day you will get married


He knows that you will

Even with you being so special to him, sometimes he will get caught up in work

He doesn’t mean to, just sometimes he gets caught up in producing a song

Or ideas for lyrics are just going strong that day

Next thing you know, an extra four hours has passed.

He always feels really guilty and would call you right away

“I know it’s late, I’m sorry sweetheart…”

“No, it’s not okay. I’ll take you out somewhere nice tomorrow, okay?”

Sometimes you just wish you spent a little more personal *wink wonk* time together, and you have expressed that to him

So if he isn’t there when you crave him most

He’ll be sure to make up for it later ;)

(Stop me)

You’re never really mad about it though

Sometimes just a little disappointed but you know he didn’t mean to lose track of time.

What does make you upset, on the other hand, is when he forgets to take care of himself while getting caught up in work.

Often times you will text or call him in the afternoon and ask him what he’s eaten.

“What do you mean coffee doesn’t count as food Y/N?”

So if you aren’t too busy you’ll grab some food and raid his studio.

Sometime you’ll have to shut off his monitor for a second just to get him away from his computer.

He would getting a little annoyed that you interrupted but that would fade quickly when he saw the worried expression on your face.

He’s honestly so soft and protective of you though.

Like one time you had a bruise on your arm and the first thing he said was,

“Who the hell did that to you?”

He was ready to fiGHT

Though he did feel a little embarrassed after you told him that the perpetrator was a door.

One time he saw one comment of hate against you and for the rest of the day he was clinging on to you and making sure you weren’t upset about it.

“Are you sure you aren’t upset? They were hurtful comments. WHaT dO YOu MEan YoU’Re UsEd To iT?!”

As much as he wants to be strong and protect you all the time, sometimes he needs you to be there for him.

Sometimes work and deadlines gets too stressful

Or his own problems are weighing him down

At times like these, he just wants to put his head in your lap or against your chest so you can just run your fingers through his hair and he can rant about his day, or just fall asleep and forget about his stresses.

Sometimes he gets home really late, and you’ll be in bed asleep already.

But he usually wakes you up by accident, and judging by his tired grumbles, he exhausted and stressed.

He lay down next to you and wrap himself around you.

He would kiss the top of your head as a silent apology for waking you, too tired to really say anything.

Even though he doesn’t have much time for it often, he loves just taking naps, or just having lazy days in bed with you.

Blankets everywhere

Limbs entangled with yours as he just dozes off.

Refusing to let your free

Which becomes a problem when you have to go use the restroom.

This is how he prefers to spend his days off with you.

Sometimes you two will go out for dates.

Usually to a small coffee shop just to relax and get a hot drink.

He doesn’t do it often, but he does like to spoil you from time to time.

Mostly around holidays, and especially on your birthday.

Taking you out to flashy restaurants and giving gifts that you would rather not think about the price without your paycheck crying.

You always ask him how he affords all these things and he just shrugs his shoulders and acts like it’s no big deal.

He yells at you whenever you get him a gift or treat him somewhere and you apologize when it’s not as fancy as what he does for you.

“I don’t want you to think your gifts mean any less to me because they don’t have a big price tag”

“I love everything you give to me baby, stop being so harsh on yourself!”

The genuine way he says everything makes your know he’s being serious.

But he really enjoys staying in bed with you all day the most.

So you’ll wake up with his arms around you on his day off, and you’ll ask if he just wants to stay like this or go out and get coffee.

“I’m not feeling coffee right now baby.”

“But I don’t really want to stay like this…”

You’ll ask him what he wants to do then, but he only murmurs something about having a “few things in mind” before he’s kissing and sucking on your neck.

Yoongi likes to take his time with you, taking in everything he can about you.

Leaving trails of kisses all over you while one article of clothing after another is being removed.

It’s almost torturous but it’s so pleasurable at the sametime.

Slow and sensual is his go-to.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to get rough either.

Scratch, bite, leave his mark all over you.

Fuck you so hard you’re sore after.

He loves to tease you by calling you “Kitten” or “Baby Girl”

He gets pleasure off of making you feel good.

As soon as you’re done, he’s gone.

Good luck waking him up in the next 2-4 hours

Man, this boy can go 0-100 and back real quick.

Overall, Yoongi loves you so much.

(Even though sometimes he sucks at expressing it)

You’re gonna be stuck with him for a while.

Not that Its a bad thing.

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16 for feysand please, if you're still taking requests :)

A/N: shorty but I like it and I hope you do too!  Almost went smutty at the end but you can imagine where you’d like things to go…

Prompt 16 when one person’s face is scrunched up, and the other one kisses their lips/nose/forehead

Will be on Ao3 within the next few minutes :)



It’s still just before dawn when Feyre wakes to Rhys’ quiet murmurs.  At first, she assumes he’s up early, already working, which isn’t too unusual for the High Lord of the Night Court.  Much as she tries to convince him sleep is necessary, even for him.

But when she turns toward his side of the bed, her fingers splay across the still warm sheets and meet his solid form.  Blinking the sleep from her eyes, Feyre slides closer until she’s half splayed across his sweat sheened chest.  But instead of the restful expression she expects, Rhysand’s face is screwed up in distress, his lips moving wordlessly, muscles tensed.

After a moment of consideration, she slips further up his body until her face hovers over his and places a chaste kiss to the wrinkle between his brows, the tip of his nose, his left and then right cheek, before finally coming to his parted lips.  She just nips at first, once, twice, three times, and Rhysand is blinking awake, eyes softening from their momentary panic before he renews and deepens the kiss.

She’s perched across his hips when they finally pull away, her knees falling to either side comfortably as she brushes her nose against his.  “Would you like to talk about it?”

His breath huffs out against her jawline as he presses his lips along the curve of her chin.  “Likely what you’d expect after all this time - what you’ve had yourself.”

Feyre pulls away from his seeking lips, hands framing his face, forcing his gaze to lock with hers.  “That doesn’t mean - you can still talk about it.”

Rhysand’s fingers card through her hair gently, just tickling her delicate ears.  “I hardly remember the specifics now.  The comfort is you.  Not the words.”

Her eyes narrow as she debates the truthfulness of his statement, and Rhysand lets her through the cracks in his shields, lets her see.  Its foggy, faint feelings she’s only experienced one horrible time.  “Losing me?”

His eyes shutter a bit, hands sliding up and down her bare sides.  “To have felt it once - it’s hard to forget.”

Their eyes lock for a moment, until Feyre dips her head close, the press of her lips long and languid as she whispers words of comfort between kisses until every shared breath feels like remembering, home.

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How do you think Even helps Isak with his Insomnia?

hey you! great question. I like to think Isak doesn’t suffer from insomnia as much anymore, just because the broken heart he was losing sleep over has healed a little and there is less stuff for him to worry about now, but I can imagine him still having the occasional sleepless night.

and honestly, I think just looking at a sleeping Even would really soothe him. brushing his hands over Even’s cheek and through his hair just softly enough to not wake him up, hearing his steady breathing and knowing that this boy is here and his and safely sleeping next to him must be such a calming thought to Isak in and of itself. you can just see him staring at Even in the dark and feeling so lucky that he has someone to fall asleep next to now.

I can also imagine Even just rolling with it sometimes, that adventurous, spontaneous side of him that wants to go to other people’s pools coming out. like, he’s probably told Isak to put on some warm clothes, and asked him to sit down on the back of his bike to ride through the empty, dark streets with him until the sun came up like, at least three times already and it’s only March. also, and I’m very sure this happens all the time, midnight breakfasts! Isak sits down on the kitchen counter, warm and safe in the knowledge that Even’s going to cook him the best eggs and Even’s a comforting presence next to him, humming under his breath and talking quietly about this documentary he watched earlier and that pair of shoes he really wants to buy. they casually snack on bacon and toast at three in the morning at least three times a month, I think. two sleepy boys and a single mug of tea to share, what a way to spend your night, ha!

Yesterday was a very special day, because after a long period of time and visiting many veterinarians and a specialized pet-clinic, Fuechsi was officially declared as cured by his doctor!

This is such a relief after all we had been through in the past weeks!
But let me tell you our story a bit more.

First of all, I am caring about Fuechsis health very deeply from the beginning which starts with a proper diet.
I have been researching about the canine diet and feeding thoroughly, and his diet consists of BARF + a special veterinay dry food that is optimized on his needs. I also brush his teeth every day with a special dog-toothpaste (please do not use human toothpaste!)
Regulary every few months his blood is examinated and checked for any kind of problem.
Also, he enjoys a daily mental training and loves to learn new things that keep him busy.

But very suddenly and unexpected, Fuechsi began to feel very bad.
He couldn’t get up or walk.. so immidiately I took him to the pet-clinic.
There was no evidence in the blood, the doctors couldn’t find anything. While being in the pet-clinic, he even began to act normal again so they sent us home.
Of course, I was very concerned, but without more observation nobody knew what was wrong with Fuechsi..

On the next day I checked him for any signs, and found a bumb on his stomache.
Straightaway, I went back to the clinic, where Fuechsi got a medical ultrasound analysis with a very serious result: there was a hole inside his inner stomache tissue and the intestines were endangered.
The surgery was set on the next day already, and as you can imagine it was just a frightening experience because this was such a serious matter and he is not so young anymore.
If not treated very urgently, it would have been fatal.

Fortunately, even if it was such a heavy surgery, everything went well.
Fuechsi fought very hard and was so brave and kind all the time. Even when he was so weak after waking up from the narcoses, he was giving me kisses as I held him in my arms.

But the time after the surgery was very, very tough.
I had to keep Fuechsi very still to minimize the risk of his inner wound getting ripped open, what means literally staying by his side 24/7, carry him -everywhere- (and he is not a small dog, my backbone is killing me).
Also, he is not allowed to jump on the sofa, the bed.. so I had to stay with him on the floor all the time (but Fuechsi can’t deny that he loved it~!)
I had to stay awake all the night to have an eye on him, to prevent him from moving too much which means almost no sleep for days and days and days.
Well, after visiting the pet-clinic and doctors so many times, yesterday was the day when his doctor said that Fuechsi should be fine by now!
These words were like the most beautiful things I could imagine and since he is so much better now I wanted to inform you, ‘cause Fuechsi is our important crew member!

I love you, Fuechsi ♡

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Okay but,,,Harry having a wet dream

Waking up moaning, hand on his shaft before he can even think straight. Maybe you’re right next to him, watching him because he woke you from his moans - of your name. At first you thought it was a nightmare but you know those moans. Those moans he makes when your lips are wrapped around his throbbing cock; holding your hair, tossing his head back. You watched until his eyes flicked open and then, nuzzled your nose over his ear, your hand trailing down his torso. He gulps and looks over at you, and you whisper, “I’ll take over… say my name again.”

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hi i love your writing it makes me very happy !! can you please do a scenario where bakugou's s/o is terrified of storms and they accidentally find themself at his dorm room in the middle of one and he comforts them ??

thank you so much it makes me really happy !! i love writing for you guys !!! :)) 


It was past midnight as the clouds relentlessly cover up the dark and murky sky. Rumbles and bolts of lightning exhibiting past your small dorm window, as you cower under your blanket. You weren’t the one to be fond of thunderstorms and lightning storms, if anything you were genuinely terrified.

You shake and shudder under your covers, hoping it could block out the treacherous sounds outside. But to no avail, the storms continue to brew above you, leaving you wide awake in your bed. You trudge out your dorm room to see your boyfriend, Bakugou. You scurry along the walls of the facility, tracing the steps to your boyfriend’s dorm room.

Once you get to the entrance of his room, you quietly open the door and peek through to see your boyfriend somehow peacefully asleep. You sneak your way in through the small crack and shut the door behind you.

You poke your partner’s cheeks,

“Psst! Kacchan,” you whisper. Your boyfriend groans and turns to the other side,

“It’s me, your one true love who helps you get dressed in the morning every day because your fashion sense is so shit,” you continue. Your boyfriend turns around and cracks one eye out,

“What the hell do you want now? It’s fucking midnight babe,” your boyfriend grumbles.

“Do you even have ears? Do you hear what’s going on outside? It’s scary,” you quiver. You hear your boyfriend sigh, and holds your hands, guiding you to the empty space beside him.

“You can sleep here the night I guess,” he mutters. You happily nod, proceeding to snuggle into him, taking in his warmth.

“Next time, plan ahead and not wake me up in the middle of the fucking night, okay?” he compromises. You nod against him, content and slowly drift into a peaceful sleep.

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Yo! I was wondering, how would the guys react to the soulmate au where the world is in black and white until they encounter their soulmate? No rush keep on keeping on friend.

It’s a day later than I was hoping to get this written, but it’s here! Part 2 is finished and includes Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Junkrat, Roadhog, and Lucio!

Part 1 is here 


- Reinhardt has wondered all his life who is soulmate is

- He looked for you wherever he went, but he never let his search consume his entire life like some people he knew did. He hoped that if you were soulmates then you were of the same mindset

- But if never stopped him from having dreams about meeting you. When he slept you met a thousand different ways but when he woke up he could never remember your face

- He found himself fighting in the Omnic Crisis, watching as soldier after soldier died. The Overwatch Strike Team helped, but Reinhardt’s shield could only stop so many bullets

- He started wondering if you’d know if something happened to you. Some people who hadn’t found their soulmate had reported getting a terrible feeling and knowing that their soulmate had died, but no one knows if it’s fact or not

- The Omnic Crisis ended and he never had that terrible feeling, but he never found you either

- A few years passed and the UN made a new Overwatch, and Jack might have been official face for it, but it was Rein who was the true face of Overwatch. Rein is the one who would go and visit kids in the hospital

- He tends to make these hospital trips in different places around the world after missions. After one such mission and hospital visit he was walking back to the hotel where the team was staying for the night when he heard a noise in a nearby alley

- He goes to investigate and fights some local teens beating up an omnic

- Reinhardt might have fought in the Omnic Crisis but the war is over and he protects everybody now. Have you seen how tall the guy is? You don’t want to fight someone that big especially when you know that he could kick your ass one handed. The teens run before he has to say more than a warning

- He goes over to the omnic “Are you already? Is there any way I can help you?” They ask him to help them up and he does. He offers to escort them wherever they need to go and and they accept

- It’s only after the two of them walk out of the dark alley does he notice that the world is now in color

- He stops, realizing what just happened and turns to the omnic a smile already appearing on his face

- You’re already looking up at him “You just realized? I thought that’s why you offered to escort me”

- He doesn’t know what to say, he’s so happy to finally find you. You’re a little worried that he might be opposed to having an omnic soulmate since he fought in the Crisis, but he doesn’t care

- He calls up Morrison the tell him that he’s taking a few personal days to get to know his soulmate

- The media goes crazy when they find out that one of the original Overwatch members has an omnic soulmate but neither of you care what the press thinks. Everyone in your life accepts Rein and everyone in his accepts you, and most importantly you accept each other


- One of the first questions the omnic monks thought of when they were struggling with the question of if they’re just machines or have a soul was the question of soulmates. Do they have them? If they did that would prove they have a soul but if they don’t that doesn’t prove that they don’t have souls

- But it’s a question the struggle with for a long time, even after they come to the conclusion that they do have souls

- Zenyatta struggles in particular because out of all the monks he has some of the closest contact with humans through Genji and other humans he interacts with.

- He doesn’t know how it would work, he and all other omnics are build with the ability to see the all the colors that humans do after they’ve found their soulmate, and some can see other parts of the light spectrum (Zen can see about ⅕ of the UV light spectrum). And yet some omnics say they have found their soulmate, sometimes another omnic and sometimes a human, but he has heard no word of how they know when they can already can see colors

- Eventually he joins Overwatch because they’re trying to help the world, human and omnic alike. He meets Genji’s soulmate (and the two get along fabulously, Genji almost regents introducing them)

- He’s only been on a few missions when they head to a town that was known for its excellent human/omnic relations. Not anymore, the town is half burst down by an anti-omnic group and there are wounded everywhere

- Zen and Mercy immediately start working on the wounded while Tracer, Genji, and the others make sure that the last members of the gang have gone

- He’s helping one of the injured, they have a hole in their thigh that won’t stop bleeding, when he takes their hand to comfort him while his orb of harmony does it’s work

- The moment he takes their hand he notices a shift in his vision

- The colors look the same as before, except that they don’t. They seem richer and brighter, more pure. He does a quick diagnosis on his visual sensors to see why the change has happened, but they are working the same as they always have

- He glances down at you, and you’re smiling up at him. He knows that smile, he’s seen it a dozen times when other people have found their… their soulmate. He thinks the word and can hardly believe it, he wasn’t even sure he had a soulmate but now you’re right in front of him

- “Hello” you say. You’re not sure what else you can say. You’ve heard stories of omnics and humans who have rejected their soulmate simply because they were an omnic or a human. You’ve not one of those, but you don’t know about this omnic holding your hand

- “Hello” he says back, still holding your hand. The pain in your leg is subsiding, thanks to the little floating ball. “I am Zenyatta. I’m very pleased to meet you”

- Your smile deepens “I’m very pleased to meet you as well, Zenyatta. I’m (name)”

- He keeps helping the other injured, and with your own wound healed you help where you can. After the chaos you find a quiet spot to talk. You end up going back with him to overwatch, you’ve been waiting to long to find your soulmate and you’re not about to let him out of your sight so soon after meeting him. Likewise, he doesn’t want to be far from you, he spent too long wondering if you even existed to leave you behind


- Jamison had only ever known life in the irradiated Outback

- He’s probably heard about soulmates but he doesn’t give his much thought. He’s got other things to think of, like his bombs and how to stay alive in the harsh landscape he lives in

- So the day a heist gets a little complicated and he gets tackled by a cop and the world suddenly bursts into color he doesn’t put the pieces together right away

- He doesn’t know the that you’re equally startled. But you both launch yourself away from each other, and he takes the opportunity to run

- He doesn’t realize what it means until he asks Roadhog, thinking it might be some kind of chemical weapon that’s making him hallucinate

- But Mako recognizes what Jamie is describing, and tells him that he just met his soulmate

- “You must be kidding, mate. It was a cop”

- Mako tells him that fate is funny like that and tends to choose the least likely person

- But from what he saw before the Omnic crisis, he never saw fate choose wrong

- Junkrat isn’t sure what to do with the information that his soulmate is a cop whose job is to arrest him

- Meanwhile, you’re not sure what to do either. Your soulmate is a wanted criminal and you’ve sworn an oath to uphold the law. You tell your superiors that the reason he got away after you tackled him was because he managed to land a blow to your head. Not a blow hard enough to injure you, just enough to make you let go. You’re not sure why you lied to them

- The Australian government has had enough of Junkrat and Roadhog and you’re still part of the team tasked with taking them down

- A couple weeks later your team catches up with them again. It’s just you and him in the alley behind the bank and you have your gun leveled at him. You could arrest him right now. It would mean the admiration of your peers, a promotion at work, and a pay raise to go along with it if you would just arrest him

- Instead you lower your gun and tell him that if he and Roadhog take the road heading east out of town they’lll meet with the least resistance. Before he leaves you ask him to punch you so you don’t make your superiors suspicious of letting him get away twice in a row

- The next thing you know you’re waking up with an EMT leaning over you checking to see if you’re seriously injured

- You also have a note in your coat pocket telling you to be under an abandoned railroad bridge on the opposite side of town in three days. There’s only one person it could be from

- You know it’s probably a bad idea but you go anyways. You can’t find it in yourself to give up on your soulmate without even properly meeting him

- He’s not what you had imagined. For one thing, he can hardly stand still and he’s so obviously nervous to meet you that you can’t help but smile. It only takes you a few minutes to realize that you’re already ready to do anything to protect him and the two of you start plotting

- You don’t leave the police yet, first you spend a couple months secretly sabotaging the investigation and destroying months of work

- Then you join him and Mako when they leave Australia and head to the mainland. It’s not the life you pictured for yourself, but neither is he and you wouldn’t trade your soulmate for anybody


- Mako found his soulmate when he was fairly young. He married them and they planned on starting a family

- But the Omnic Crisis happened and afterwards the Australian government gave part the Outback that contained to omnium to the omnics in the hope of fostering peace

- This included the part where Mako and his spouse lived. So Mako joined the Australian Liberation Front which ultimately resulted in the explosion that irradiated the Outback

- Mako’s spouse died in the resulting chaos and over time he adopted the Roadhog persona and left Mako behind

- He eventually started working for Junkrat and the two started their crime spree

- A couple of years later the two of them were walking through the wilderness when they came upon a small farmhouse outside a nearby town. The farmhouse had a well outside, which you were standing next too

- ”Well, well, well. If it isn’t the infamous Junkrat and Roadhog”  you say. They’re both immediately on alert because you recognize them and that usually means trouble

-Then you offer them some water and dinner and a place to stay the night

- It’s Junkrat who asks why you’d do such a thing

- “I heard about what you did to those ************************************ corporation goons in the city. Anyone who sticks it to the city folk is alright in my book”

- After hearing the very rude way you spoke of the ‘suits’ they decide that maybe you’re being serious, so they decide to take you up on the offer of dinner, but they don’t plan on spending the night. They’re not willing to take that risk

- It’s a simple fare you offer them, but it’s better than they’ve had in awhile (neither are very good cooks)

- After dinner Roadhog remembers what manners are and helps you taking the plates to kitchen. Your hands brush and it’s not a sudden burst of color, but more like they slowing got turned back on, more like the sun rising than a light switch being flipped

- But it still only takes a few seconds before you both are seeing in full color

- “Well this is a surprise” you say. “Didn’t think I’d ever be getting a second one”

- “Me either” is all he says

- You keep doing washing the dishes and he takes them to dry, the feeling of doing something so domestic feeling very foreign to him

- They end up staying the night. You offer to share your bed with Roadhog, and he accepts although nothing happens. It’s a stretch for both of you to be this close, you both have old wounds, and it would only hurt your chances at making this work if you did something on impulse

- He and Jamie stay for another day before on. You tell them to not be strangers and that they’re always welcome

- It only takes a month before they’re back on your doorstep. This time you and Mako talk about it (you even learn his real name). You still proceed with the relationship slowly, and you build trust over time. He shows up every month or two, sometimes with Jamie sometimes without, but he always comes.

- he doesn’t admit but it’s really nice to have a place to always head back to, a place that feels like home. Neither of you think of the other as a replacement for your lost soulmate, but what you have is good and you’ll both take it for as long as you can


- Lucio loves his mother very much but he sometimes wished that she’d stop trying to find his soulmate for him okay he wished it most of the time

- Most of the people she tried were mostly interested in trying because he was famous. Not all of them of course. Some were simply people trying to to find theirs and figured they might as well if he was it. But he never was and they both always walked away disappointed even if they hadn’t thought it likely that he was their soulmate

- But he keeps trying anyways because a) he can’t say no to his mother and b) she might just find them and he’d hate to miss them because he was being stubborn

- So when she calls him up and asks if he can make if for dinner the next night, he knows what’s coming but he says yes anyways

- When you meets you you refuse to shake his hand. “It’s nothing personal but I’m trying to get my mother to stop trying to find my soulmate for me”

- “I know how you feel”

- But since there aren’t many people at the dinner the two of you end up talking. Turns out you get along really well

- Dinner ends when Vishkar agents try and arrest Lucio but the two of you fight them off

- And once he realizes that you’re a really good fighter and that he thinks the two of you would actually be good friends he asks if you’d be interesting in joining his security team

- Actually, you’d be the security team. He hasn’t wanted to get one but he is famous and Vishkar is trying harder and harder to catch him, and if he has to get one it might as well be someone who he gets along with

- You accept

- It takes two months before you actually have physical contact. You punched a bounty hunter that was about to taze Lucio and he hugged you

- The world suddenly got a lot brighter

- You looked at each other, both your eyes wide. But try as you might you found you couldn’t actually mind having him for your soulmate, you were actually really glad he was. You were glad that your soulmate was also -literally- your best friend

- Judging from the smile on Lucio’s face he felt the same way

- “our parents are never going to let us live this down”

Lost Boy

Hiiii Can you do an imagine based on the song Lost Boy by Ruth B? Thank you so much 😁

warnings: none
494 words

Peter slept soundly next to you, and you stroked his blonde locks as you sat up in bed, admiring his sleeping form. Oh, how you loved this boy. He had brought you so much joy and laughter, and there was never a dull moment with him around.   You could not sleep this evening as memories swirled round your mind, so you took a glance at Peter, and slowly slid out of the bed. He stirred, but didn’t wake. You smiled down at him, and softly left the treehouse to go sort your thoughts.

Tonight was the anniversary of the day you came to Neverland, a time you’d never forget. Many years ago, it was a lonely night in your small town, and you walked around aimlessly until the most beautiful boy descended from the sky. He introduced himself as Peter Pan, and he took you by the hand, bringing you to the beach you were now walking upon.

The moon floated high in the sky, and the night was hazy and warm - a good night for a stroll. You reminisced about your best memories of the island. Your mind took you back to running from Captain Hook with the Lost Boys, the hollering and laughter filling your ears as your legs carried you to that night’s campfire, embers rising into the air. Another memory floated to the front of your mind, and you saw Peter on the night you had had your first kiss on this same beach. You chuckled as you recalled how nervous he was, and remembered the warmth of his lips as he pulled you in.

“(Y/N)?” You turned around to the sound of a familiar voice.

“Peter,” you smiled up at him. “Weren’t you asleep?”

“I woke up and you were gone,” he muttered, pushing back hair from your face. “I thought I’d find you here.” His eyes took in you in lazily, and you couldn’t help but drown in the green.

“Walk with me,” you requested. You slipped your hand into his, and he intertwined your fingers. The pair of you ambled casually along the shore, simply enjoying the sound of the waves lapping at the sand. It was a good life, you mused. You had warm nights, and the best of adventures, and Peter…

You looked up at him, taking in his wild brows and the slope of his jaw. How lucky you were to call him yours. Peter took notice of your stare, and smirked, taking an opportunity to swiftly steal a kiss from you. “Thank you,” you blurted. He arched a brow at you.

“For the kiss?”

You chuckled at that. “No,” you began softly. “For bringing me here. I would have never made it to Neverland without you.” He squeezed your hand.

“You’re one of us - a Lost Boy. You belong here.” He pulled you along, and the pair of you walked until the dawn.

Yes, it was a good night for a stroll.

(A/N): Lost Boy by Ruth B is now literally one of my favorite songs!! If you love Peter, then I definitely recommend you listen to it :)

you met a boy who made you feel like you’d seen it all. looking into his eyes was like forgetting everything you ever knew and remembering it again all at once; it was like returning to your family’s hometown in a foreign country after a decade and recalling every detail. after seeing his smile you would scoff at anything less than Eden. you imagine waking up next to him and think, the world ends here.

you know you’re in love with him because he made you feel ready to love again and you didn’t even know it. he opened your heart like you open french windows on a delicate day in mid-july and you sing your heart out and don’t care who can hear you from outside. you stand with open palms and let the breeze cleanse you.

you know you’re in love with him because you can’t imagine loving anyone else; more importantly, you don’t want to. he shut your eyes tight like the smile he does when his nose wrinkles, like he heard something so lovely that it made the entire world just as lovely, if only for a moment. you are spinning a hundred miles an hour on a carnival ride that makes you delightfully dizzy and you don’t want to get off. you see the bright lights through your eyelids.

on the day before his 18th birthday you told the boy you love him; that night you realized you aren’t afraid anymore.

Next-gen Harry Potter kids

Can you imagine the questions these kids probably grew up with, yet knew not to ask.

Why Mummy has scars on her face, why Daddy only has one hand, and why they both wake up screaming in the night

Why Mummy and Daddy’s friends are missing arms, legs, eyes, and why some of them can’t walk

Why their parents are so frightened by loud noises and flashes of light, and why Mummy has fits when she smells something burning

Why they never met Mummy’s parents, and why they don’t talk about Daddy’s brother even though a picture of him, eternally 15 years old, sits on his bedside table

Why Daddy got so angry when they showed him the things they found in an old trunk in the attic. Why would he be so upset about some comic books, faded sweaters, a baseball?

Why Mummy can’t cast a patronus, no matter how hard she tries

Why Daddy has 1000 little rituals he says will keep them safe, though he never says what he’s protecting them from

Why Mummy has days she doesn’t get out of bed

Why Daddy hates cats with such a passion, and is terrified of them in equal measure, as if they are watching his every action

Why Mummy has a box of such odd trinkets- a tarnished bracelet; a lock of blond hair, scorched at one end; a scrap of pink fabric spotted with dried blood

Why, they finally learn the reason for all of these things, they wish to a God they no longer how to believe in that they had never asked in the first place

ventoaureorun  asked:

IS THERE STILL SPACE FOR A REQ? if so can I ask for headcanons for Doppio as a dad? (let's say Diavolo doesn't mind this one)


Then let’s pretend Diavolo doesn’t mind and… and just imagine how adorable would Doppio be as a dad. Mostly because he’s got no experience raising kids and accidents can happen. Especially to him, as he’s a little clumsy, but that would create the most cute situations.

He’d totally get offended when his son or daughter ignores him or worse: doesn’t want to listen to him. (If you aren’t good, uncle Diavolo’s gonna come and teach you a lesson!)

It would take a lot of time to leave both of them alone. Kids can create a mess, Doppio can create a mess, and when his s/o is back, all the house is upside down. There are two children in the house.

He’d have a lot of fun going shopping for his kid’s clothes. Money is definitely not a problem so he’s just try on them a lot of cute outfits. Damn, he takes more time than going for clothes for himself, being meticulous with the combinations and all.

After a long, tiring day, he’d just lay there in bed, even shirtless, to get some sleep. But as he listens to his s/o calling him “daddy” accidentally before going to sleep, he thinks he can pull off some energy to have a little fun. But not too loud, that could wake up the little one. Also, they have to wake up early next morning to get back into their routine as parents.

I had a lot of fun with this one! It was kinda fluffy, I hope you like it ;A; 

babyloutattoo89  asked:

I love your writing! Can I get 49 or 100 for Peter Maximoff?

100:  “You’re the only one I wanna wake up next to.”

(Thank you! I chose 100 just because the ideas I got for 49 weren’t as good)

Part of my 1000 Follower Fun drabbles set 

Originally posted by imaginesofeveryfandom

The evening light filtered through her window as she paced back and forth, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. (y/n) felt like she’d been waiting a lifetime for him to call; just to hear his voice from the other side of the world. The mansion was full of people, students bustling through the halls on their way to classes. Crowded classrooms, seats filled with eager faces and tired smiles.

But right now, the only seat that mattered was the empty one where he used to be.
When the shrill of the telephone rang out, she felt her heart leap.
She crossed the room in three strides, pressing the landline to her ear. The operator clicked, and she heard a voice through the machine.
“Hello? Is this thing working?”
Warmth flooded her cheeks, her smile so wide that it hurt.
“Pete” she breathed.
He chuckled. “You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice”.
(y/n) pressed her fingertips to her forehead, sighing loudly.
“…are you?” Peter finished, going silent for a moment “yeah, great. Cold. This place has the worst room service you’ve ever seen”.
(y/n) laughed, bending to sit against the wall. The phone cable stretched, the coils edging it towards the edge of the desk.
“Is Hank being nice? How’s Scott?” she asked, a million questions rushing through her mind.
“He’s fine. We’re all fine. I mean, I’d rather be back home, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do” he sighed. A voice sounded out in the background, and she heard him say her name.
“Hang on” Peter said, and a crunching sound came through the phone.
“(y/n), I miss you! I just wanted to say hi! Oh and also you’ll never guess what Peter said the other-” Jean laughed, being cut off by more crackling noises.
“-I’ll kill you, Jean” Peter breathed, having snatched the phone back from Jean.
“Sounds like you’re having a blast” (y/n) laughed hard, biting her lip.
“Yeah, well. How’re you? Looking after my stuff?” Peter asked.
(y/n) nodded to herself, twirling the phone cable around her index finger.
“I’m…great. Missing you…I mean, you all. Obviously. Xavier let us submit our midterms a week later, so I’m procrastinating pretty hard” (y/n) said.
Peter scoffed “sounds about right. He lets you get away with murder. I mean, literally.”
A sound from the other end of the phone; a low voice in the background. Peter said something in response before pressing the phone back to his ear.
“Look, I gotta go. I’m real sorry” Peter said, the pain evident in his voice.
(y/n) swallowed, biting back disappointment.
“Of course. I’ll call you next time. And this time I’ll try not to wake you up too early. I know you sleep right next to your phone” she said quietly, her heart dropping.
Peter was silent for a moment. She could hear him breathing slowly, hear him swallow.
“You’re the only one I wanna wake up next to.”

And then he was gone.

Pillow Talk

This thing was going for a while now. I really couldn’t remember how it began or why we started but I knew it was taking a lot of pressure off of my shoulders. I silently ran through the corridors until I reached the Room of Requirements. It shifted to the room I used to know when it was Sirius and me meeting to spend the night together. Nothing more than a bad, a warm fire and a lot of candles. But today he left me waiting and I was more when pissed he finally arrived smelling like some other girl just kissed him.  “Really?”, I groaned and went to leave. “What?”, he shouted “As if I was your only one.” “At least I’ve got a sense of decency and don’t come here after I’ve just done one of them!”, I answered loudly. I was angry, obviously. I mean we were just fucking but why did he had to make it that clearly I wasn’t anything but a toy?

“You know what? Just go to hell Black!”, I groaned angrily and went for the door when he grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall “You are going nowhere.”, he growled and kissed me roughly. “Leave me alone!”, I answered but locked my lips with his because I couldn’t do another way. His kisses made me addicted and every time we started I couldn’t stop until we finished and he pretty sure knew about that little fact.

He grabbed me, lifted me up and carried me towards the bed, where he threw me hardly on the mattresses. “You don’t deserve me.”, I said looking angrily “I know, but I don’t care.”, he answered pulling off his shirt. This man was a fucking god! His body meant pleasure and I couldn’t do anything different but sigh when I saw him half naked. He laughed “Now it’s your turn.”, he snapped und pulled my shirt off, unhooked my bra and started to roughly kiss my neck. I wanted to kiss back but he pinned me down harshly laying my hands over my head pinning them there with his one of his hands while the other hand made its way towards my hot middle.

Again I sighed when he pushed his hand down my pants and started to move his fingers in and out of me. He knew what I liked, what he had to do to get me hot as hell. And soon I was forgetting everything. I only moaned his name and begged for him to do me. He just smiled and teased me what made me become more and more angry. He had the full control over me and he knew it. He pulled the belt out of his pants and bonded my hands to the headboard of the bed before he undressed the both of us.

Slowly he was hovering over me. “You want it?”, I nodded “Say it!” “I want you Sirius.”, I groaned. He smiled evilly “Say it again.” “I want you Sirius.” “Beg me to fuck you.” “Please Sirius, fuck me.”, again that smile before he hardly rammed himself into me. First there was pain but it fast became pleasure. He grabbed my waists and started to thrust. He started off slowly but  soon became faster and harder. I was only screaming. Screaming his name, screaming for more until I felt my climax built up. “Sirius!”, I gasped “I’m cumming.” “Cum for me beautiful.”, he grinned and even started to go faster until all the pleasure rolled over me. I could feel him come while groaning my name. He fell next to me, breathing heavily, before he took the belt off of my hands.

“I only wanted to see how angry you can become bird.”, he smiled.  “There is no other girl. It’s Lillys perfume, I asked her if I could borrow it. I only love waking up next to you.”, he smiled kissing me softly “But I have to admit you are smoking hot when angry.”



I think Shownu would just get up and lead you back to bed. He would also wrap his strong arms around you to make sure you can’t run away anymore. 


I bet he would be confused at first by seeing you standing somewhere in the middle of the night… With your eyes closed. Just like Shownu he would pick you up and carry you to bed.


Ah, this cutie. Jooheon would be scared. Seeing you standing beside him totally creeps him out. I imagine him not knowing what to do. After a while Joo would slowly lead you back to rest next to him, trying his best not to wake you up. 


He would be a bit lazy to get up from the bed to get you. But after a while he finally convinced his mind. Just like other members, I.M, too wants the best for you. 


I can imagine him getting a little annoyed. It would be the third time of you going somewhere without you even knowing and all he wanted was hugs and some sleep. With you by his side of course.


Same like Jooheon, Minhyuk is scared by your strange actions, after a minute you would be back by his side. He would wait to make sure you are really asleep before falling asleep himself.


This man. He would do anything just to get you to bed. Hyungwon always wanted you to be healthy and get some good night sleep. After getting you back next to him he would kiss your forehead and hug you tightly.  

Sorry for my English it’s not my native language.


yantsun-chan  asked:

Polnareff with a s/o that likes to wake him up early just so that they can watch the sun rise before he leaves~

Polnareff and early riser s/o

(I’m gonna answer this like a mini fic, hope that’s okay >.>)

The sun hadn’t even risen yet when your eyes opened. It was warm, the soft sheets blocking your view of the arms that had wrapped around you during the night. A soft smile pulled at your lips as you pulled yourself up, leaning over to look at the snoring man next to you.
Polnareff, his mouth slightly open with a peaceful look on his face, drooled slightly onto his pillow, light murmurs bubbling from his lips. You pressed a kiss to his forehead, rubbing little circles on the hand that wasa still resting on your waist. “Jean…Jean, wake up~” You heard a soft snore as his eyes slowly blinked open. He looked around slightly before eyes rested on your face and a soft smile appeared on his face. 
“Ah, Bonjour chaton~” He sighed sleepily, rubbing the drool from his chin. “That time already?” You nodded, pulling yourself up and wandering over to the sliding doors, with Jean slowly following after rolling out of bed.
The two of you made your way across the deck and climbed on your outdoor table, pulling yourselves onto the roof, him slowly behind you, helping to push you up.
The two of you settled down together, you in front of him, buried in his chest, both facing the sun rise, taking in the beautiful hues before you as you watched the glow become brighter. He lit a cigarette from above you, pressing the butt to his lips and blowing the smoke away from you, before looking down to smile at you.
“J’taime, mon amour~”
“I love you too,” You leaned up to press a warm kiss to his lips, a happy sigh leaving his throat as you did so.


Prompt by: Anon (sort of he/she/nb just wanted something Luke related)

Imagine: The war has just been won and you and Luke celebrate on the forest moon of Endor, but Luke isn’t himself.

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry this one’s so bad >.< i’m not used to writing Luke but nonny wanted it so i obliged.

Originally posted by the-imagines-awaken

You carefully watch Luke as he leans against a pillar and looks out into the darkness of the Endorian night.. Observing as he quietly nods to Han and Leia and turns back to the celebration at hand. He spots you and strides over.

Dressed in all black he nearly blends into the darkness, only the light from the Ewoks small huts lights the space above the trees.

“You seem troubled,” he comments, sitting down next to you. “Is something wrong?”

You shake your head, smiling. “No, mostly worried about you.”

You and Luke had been friends since he’d joined the Rebellion. You had been the one to show him around the bases and introduce him to several of the leaders within the Alliance itself.

He had been grateful for your support and when he had been assigned to your squadron, your friendship only grew. Now that the war was won, you honestly didn’t know what was going to happen.

“I’m fine,” he says, staring in no particular direction. He smiles as something catches his eye, but when you look there’s nothing there. “The war is won.”

You raise an eyebrow. He’s not usually this out of it. He had always been a dreamer, his head in the clouds, but something was clearly troubling him. You place a hand on his arm. “Luke, what’s wrong?”

He turns to look at you. Something in your voice must spark something, because he sighs and says, “Something happened,” he pauses. “On the Death Star.”

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Today I saw a patient in his 80s who had Alzheimer’s and was pretty cardiac complex.  He couldn’t remember some of the procedures he had had done on his heart, so I went and grabbed his wife from the lobby.  She came back and was so gentle and patient with her husband.  She would gently remind him that he had his medical card (with procedures) in his pocket and allowed him space to get it out himself and hand it to me.  She then would kindly remind him of everything he has had done, and he would say, “Oh yeah, that’s right.  Now I remember!”  He was so excited when he would remember something.  She could have easily just told me herself, but she wanted to include him in the conversation.  Needless to say, I’m literally sitting at the computer fighting back tears at this point because what’s going on is breathtakingly beautiful.  To see so much love in an impossibly difficult situation was so moving.  I can’t imagine what it is like to wake up next to someone who is slowly forgetting the past 65 years you have spent together.  Thank you to this couple, who showed me that love can win out even in the most dire situations.

Bedtime with BTS (INNOCENT)!... for the most part. keke.

If BTS member and a girl that they’re friends with (but not official, yet) had to share the same room with one bed for the night.

P.S. It’s winter.

Please send in questions/requests if you have any! Click on ‘Ask’ and type away your questions, my dear~ i’ll be hoping to hear from you ALL very very soon!

BTW. i cannot express my love enough for these innocent type of bed scenes in dramas. they make me squeal like a little dolphine leaping out of the ocean blue! hehhehe~~


Yoon Gi would crawl into the right side of the bed like any other night. He would cover himself with his portion of the blanket and sink into the mattress, adjusting himself for maximum comfort. Sensing that you’re not acting like yourself and hiding half your face under the covers, he’ll murmur teasing you in his deep raspy voice saying, “Don’t think too much, pervert. Just sleep.” But you’ll wonder to yourself, ‘How does he expect me to sleep next to him?!’ It’ll be a long sleepless night for you. Yoon Gi’s already passed out like cold bacon.


J-Hope would sleep flipped the other way. Ex: His face would be by your feet; your face would be by his feet (pray that both ya’ll feet are clean!). He would probably tease you about your feet being smelly, etc. But when you wake up in the morning, somehow, you guys end up in each other’s warm embrace—J-Hope being the small spoon, you pervert. ;)

(How J-Hope feels after waking up in your embrace.)


(The pervert in disguise.) *clears throat* Jin would be a complete gentlemen and give you the bed while he sleeps on the floor curled up in a fetal position with no blanket or pillows; just a stuffed animal for the extra cuteness appeal. He’d make sure that you are warm and comfortable all night long. Secretly, he’s waiting for you to call him into bed so you guys can share. (He wanted your permission!) but you’re already knocked out like a lumber.


Jimin would put his years of drama watching to test. Between the two of you, he’ll create a pillow barrier, making sure each of you have your own space and no one can cross over. He would admit that it’s not him who’s nervous but just in case YOU were nervous. He’d try to pull it off by pretending to be considerate but you know he’s the one who’s imagining all the INNOCENT night scenes in his head.

Jimin: “I know you want this, baby. But you just can’t.”


Jungkook, too shy, would offer to sleep on the floor by the bed. However, as the night grows colder and darker, without him even knowing, he’ll crawl into bed with you for warmth and comfort. You’ll wake up the next morning to see this child’s beautiful and glowing face—dampened with saliva and glazed with the very appetizing and fresh eye boogers.


Like Suga, Rapmon would initially crawl into bed pretending that it’s really nothing. He would just constantly remind himself to treat you as one of the guys. He’d be so nervous, he wouldn’t be able to sleep until he knows you’re asleep for good. 15 minutes into the restless and quiet night, he would gaze upon your dreamlike sleeping face to make sure you’re fully asleep. BUT when your eyes spring open and stare into his soul, Rapmon would freak out—pretending that he’s angry and take the blanket to sleep on the floor. He’ll grumble throughout the night. (Don’t worry, though. His anger is just him dealing with some war of hormones that just can’t be put to peace.)


Upon entering the room with one bed, he would drop his stuff on the ground and go flying unto the bed. When he realizes that you guys only have one bed, he’ll point to the ground and say, “Guess you’re sleeping on the floor tonight, (Y/N).” That night, he’ll sleep on the bed like a cute little koala, while you—are like a dirty puppy not allowed on the bed. (Oh, V. The 4D alien strikes again!)

Takeda’s Nightmares and Kenshi’s Advice

Imagine Takeda having a nightmare about Jax attacking him because Jax believes that he got Jacqui pregnant, even though they haven’t even kiss yet. Then he wakes up panicking and Kenshi can hear him from the next room over and starts communicating with him telepathically:

Kenshi: You had a terrible nightmare about Jackson Briggs, son?

Takeda: I thought telepathy only works when we read minds, or used to control objects?!

Kenshi: We can can read dreams too. Take a deep breath and go back to sleep.

Kenshi: One more thing: Let your nightmare be a reminder of the importance of using protection. Goodnight, son.

Takeda: *frowns* Thanks a lot about that, dad..


Imagine Castiel waking up to Dean’s twin sister laying next to him; naked.

Feeling something move beside him, the angel opened his eyes; confused on where he was. He looked around for a moment, finally realizing that it was Lydia’s room… 

And within a second, Castiel remembered the events of last night and then he realized that her brothers where to surely kill him now that they had sex out of wedlock. He swallow, praying that the Winchester brothers wouldn’t come through the door or even better? That they had mysteriously disappeared. 

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