can you even guess what this movie is based on these caps

The Bronze

Summary: You and the team decide to trick Bucky and Steve into watched The Bronze for your movie night. Bucky teases you about your crush on Lance Tucker after noting your reaction to the sex scene.

Warningsteasing, masturbation, smut (reader receiving oral sex)

A/N: Wanted to write a Bucky smut. What’s new? Totes not my best work but I wanted to write a short fic for you guys because I haven’t in a while.

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I want to say that I love your writings but that doesn't do it justice. I look forward to them. Also, can I ask for one we're reader is a tomboy that acts flirtatious and confident- but it's really to mask very low self-esteem- and secretly crushes on Mcree. They'd never ask because of this even though they've been best friends since forever. Somehow, Jessie finds out and uses this to tell reader about his feelings for them (you can use your imagination for the end). Thanks you for reading this!

((A/N - you are too kind! I hope you enjoy 💜))

You wished you had a hat. Not a cowboy hat like Jesse’s, but just a beanie or a cap or something. Your locks kept on being flung into your face by the wind, no matter how many times you tucked them behind your ear. You felt self-conscious as you hadn’t washed your hair today. A nice hat could cover it up. Granted it was a nice day, and the small inconvenience was probably worth it because the view from the café’s garden was incredible. Perched on the peak of a grassland, you could see rolling hills for miles, with the odd patch of darkened woods where if you looked closely, wild rabbits could be seen hopping around. At least you could, if your view wasn’t obstructed by hair.

“Maybe y'should get the chop.” Jesse observed, sipping at his beer in the dark green bottle.
You huffed at him, holding your hair in both hands as makeshift pigtails, which made him cackle.

“Maybe you should let me borrow your hat.”
“No way, doll. Should'a brought your own.
“Please? How am I supposed to enjoy our lovely day out if I can’t even see.”

Now it was Jesse’s turn to huff. Putting his bottle down on the worn metal bistro table, he gingerly took off his hat. Swooping your hair over your right shoulder and holding it there, you reached over and used your left hand to ruffle his mop as a thank you. He placed the hat down on your head forcefully.

“Oi. Not necessary.” You pouted, plaiting your hair skillfully.

He grinned at you.

“Howdy, pard'ner.”
“… What?” You asked again, still confused.
“Your hair. My hat. You look like a proper cowgirl.”

You snorted. Jesse picked up his beer.

“Comin’ from the legendary Jesse McCree himself?” You exaggerated the southern belle accent, placing a hand in the centre of your chest.

He nearly spat his drink over you, but managed to swallow it.
“My goodness, (Y/N). Is that really what I sound like?”
Eyes wide, he wiped a hand over his smiling lips to get rid of a spatter of beer.

“No, but you have to admit you do put it on sometimes.”
“Alright, I will admit that. Only if you admit ya like wearin’ my hat.” He smirked devilshly.
You smiled, but your brows were furrowed as to say of course you did.
“Half of my wardrobe is made up of your old clothes.”
“No. I have to keep buying new clothes because ya keep on stealin’ them.”
You raised your eyebrows and tilted your head, laughing.
“You have a point. What’re best friends for if you don’t share clothes?”

You managed to take a swig of your beer, now that your hair was out of the equation.

He was still looking at you, half a smile on his lips.

“Nothin’. Jus’ like bein’ here with you is all.”
“Cute. Now stop being sappy and finish your beer. I want to buy a hat.”
His eyes narrowed at you, keeping contact until he gulped the last drop. Jesse plonked the bottle on the table, followed by a satisfied ‘ahh.’

“I’m surprised you’re not g'na keep that one.” Scraping his chair back he nodded to the leather material protecting your head.

“I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see how lucky I get.”
“You’ve got me. I’ll say you’re pretty darn lucky.”
A dust of pink scattered your cheeks as you rolled your eyes at him and stood up.

He was your best friend, and had been for a very long time. Okay, there were times that you had thought of him as more, but you didn’t want to ruin what you already had. You’d watched too many TV shows and movies where friends decided to be in a relationship and they’d ended up breaking up and not talking to each other again. You knew better. You hoped Jesse knew better too. However, you hadn’t been in a proper relationship in a very long time, your last one ending on somewhat bad terms. It really put a damper on your confidence, and you weren’t particularly keen to go through it again.

Yeah, and Jesse was there to comfort you after the breakup.

That’s because he’s my best friend.

You like him.

Of course I do, he’s my friend.

That’s a cover up and you know it. You like him.

Your lips narrowed and brows furrowed at your internal battle.

“You okay, doll? Y'look a bit outta it.”
“Hm? Oh yeah, I’m fine.” You put on a fake smile and grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the café.

His warm, large, firm hand that could easily make you bend to his will.

Woah there. Not in public.

Suddenly realising how clammy your palms were, you instantly pulled your hand out of Jesse’s grip and looked back to flash a quick smile to reassure him.

Stepping into a clothing store you picked up the first hat you saw, even if it was in the men’s section. You carefully took off Jesse’s hat and handed it to him to hold. Shoving the grey woollen beanie on your head, you span and turned to look at Jesse expectantly.

“Not g'na lie. You look like a female Reyes.”
 You snorted and pulled the hat off, a few strands of your hair coming loose. Jesse came forward and gently brushed them behind your ear. He pointed to a cap.
“Whatta ‘bout that one?”
You put the beanie back on the hook and tried on the cap. You raised an eyebrow.

“You’re too old to even know what that word means.”
“’S'cuse me?”
You chuckled, reaching up on your toes to pat his head. You’d never really noticed how much taller he was than you.
“It’s okay, sweetie. We all get old one day.”
You turned around to look in the mirror just in time to miss Jesse blush.
“I might get this one. Seems okay.”
“Yeah, suits ya, doll.”
You smiled at his compliment, your eyes catching in the mirror.

Taking the cap off and flattening the rest of your hair, you made your way over to the tills to pay.

“Hi there! Did you find everything you needed today?” The cashier asked.
“Yeah, thanks. I only needed a hat as Mr. Grumpy Pants got annoyed I had to borrow his.”
You like to think she let out a genuine laugh.
You paid for the hat, joking around with the cashier while she put it in a bag.
“I hope you and your boyfriend have a lovely rest of the day.”

Wait. What?!

You span around on your heels, too embarrassed to correct her.

You are just friends.

That’s bullcrap and you know it.

Stop. There’s nothing more.

You hold hands. You wear his clothes. You enjoy being in each other’s company. You’ve seen the way he looks at you, right?


You pulled the hat out of the bag and tore the tags off. You stuffed it on your head, grinning at Jesse.
“Now I don’t have to steal yours.”
He looked at you, blank faced.
“I heard what the cashier said.”
“You did? Oh. Funny, huh?”
“You didn’t correct her.”
“Erm, nope. Sorry? I guess.”

He broke into a grin.

“Don’t apologise.”
He threw his arm around your shoulder as you both walked down the street.

“Have you ever imagined us being t'gether?”
“I mean.. That’s a full on question.”
“Yae or nae, is all I need.”
“Okay, sure.”
“Good. So’ve I.”

You stopped in your tracks and looked up at him, the brim of your cap casting a shadow over your face.

“You have?”
“Di'n’t I jus’ say that?”
You pressed your lips together.
“Well.. How did it pan out?”
“We were happy. We’ve known each other for such a long time, (Y/N).”
“I know we have, but I don’t want to ruin what we already have.”
“You pulled your hand away from me earlier.”
“What was that about? Did'ja get freaked out it seemed we were more than ‘friends’?” He exaggerated friends with his finges doing air quotations.

He needed to stop changing the subject too quickly, he was catching you off guard.

“Er,” you coughed slightly, “Sure.”
You dipped out from under his arm and started walking over to a vacant bench. He was immediately behind you, you both sitting down at the same time.

“I don’t wanna do anythin’ that makes ya feel weird.”
“It’s weird even talking about it.”

Jesse let out a hearty chuckle. He put his hand on your thigh and his chocolate eyes met yours.
“Seriously, (Y/N). I’ve noticed the way ya look at me.”
You glanced away, feeling like a deer in headlights the way he was staring at you so intently.
“We can go slow. Everything would still be the same. I’ll still be the same ol’ Jesse McCree ‘nd look after ya. There’d just be sex every once in a while.”
You snapped back to look at him, mouth agape.
“Jesse McCree. We are in public!“ 
He grinned at you wolfishly.
“Well? Whadd'ya say?”
You weren’t used to being put on the spot.
He encased you in a bear hug.
“Y'all have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that.” His voice slightly muffled from being buried in the crook of your neck. You leant into him, smiling.

See, was that so difficult?

You hated your internal voice. She was always right.

“Wait 'til I tell everybody back at base.”
“Hey, we haven’t-”
“It’s official, (Y/N).” He sat back and grinned. “C'mon!”

He dragged you from off the bench, headed to where the car was parked, practically bouncing around like an enthusiastic puppy.

You shook your head to yourself and smiled. What on earth had you gotten yourself into.

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What would you say is the main difference between MCU Tony and Bucky and 616 Tony and Bucky? I mean, they're the same characters, so there's obviously gonna be key components that stay the same, but I wonder (since I'm not as familiar with the comics versions) what you think the main changes are? If they were put in an AU, would it be possible to distinguish between the different versions?

First of all, I am no expert on comics and have by far not read all there is.

As you said, they are AU versions of the same character, so there are a lot of similarities. MCU was based on comics, but with the MCU’s popularity, they also influence each other. So there is no clear line to say “this is only true for one of them”, especially since it might be added into the other canon later.

Both canons also have the fact that they are written by multiple people. In comic canon, the writers change, and the history of the character gets changed often enough. It can happen because a writer wants to take it into a different direction than the one before, or because someone at marvel thinks something needs to be changed.

In MCU, the movies are written by diferent people, and I guess some things are dropped to make the plot work in the runtime, or push it into a direction for following MCU stuff.

So there is enough discourse about which part of canon people accept as true. There are comic runs or behaviour fans just ignore as too ooc to follow, or things said in movies for a quick joke that seem fine in the context of it being just a movie, but seem ooc for the character.

Both Tonys also play the role of “standard rich guy”, and while with inner monologue in comics it is often made clear that it is a role he plays that is not necessarily how he really is, movies have less insight into his head, so it is left a little more vague how much of his behaviour is playing a role and how much is not.

So, even the interpretation of the character in one universe may vary.

That said, here are some differences in character that seem consistent to me:

616 Tony really really doesn’t like killing people. He may do it if left with no different option, but he usually tries to save everyone, even the bad guys.

(from Iron Man v4 issue 6)

MCU Tony shows some of this, as the Avengers movies always also show them trying to protect and save civillians. In a deleted scene of IM1 he also tries to save Stane. But he also kills the people terrorizing Gulmira, the guards when breaking into the Mandarin’s base, and the extremis people and shows no remorse.

616 Bucky on the other hand really doesn’t mind killing people. After remembering who he is, he still flees from Steve, but also actively attacks hydra bases, and pretty much kills a lot of them. This attitude also continues later when he is doing spy stuff with natasha again, and only changes in Thunderbolts vol 3, where he actively tries to stop his teammates from killing people (possibly after his brief space adventure where he had a sudden romance and the relization that killing is wrong, even if they’re bad guys, but it is one of those story arcs some people ignore because it was weird and at least a little ooc).

(From Winter Soldier - Winter Kills and Thunderbolts v3 issue 1)

While the time after CA TWS isn’t shown much for MCU Bucky, in the tie in comic, he killed some hydra people and then decided to stop the killing, a short time after CA TWS. In CA CW, he also seems to try not to kill people, even though that only works with movie logic (yes bucky, a huge brick to the chest still kills people in real life).

(From Civil War prelude infinite comic, MCU tie-in)

MCU Tony generally is a lot more funny and snarky than 616 Tony, although 616Tony changed to be more snarky in newer comics, probably because of MCU. 616 Tony also usually was more of a high society business man, as well as doing more charity work, or at least MCU doesn’t focus on the charities much. While both are impulsive in their business descisions when they think they can stop something bad (like shutting down weapons production in MCU, or firing and hiring people in 616), comics show Tony actually being CEO, attending board meetings, doing paperwork. 616 Tony often seems like a more serious and sadder version of Tony Stark. (I’ve also heared comic fans say that MCU Tony in CA CW was finally closer to 616 Tony)

In the MCU, Tony being a team player is only shown in the background. He builds stuff for them all, gives them a base and obviously had kept an eye open for new heroes like spider man (and seems to try and take care of him post cw), but the other characters still react to him like he doesn’t work well in a team and has a huge ego (which he has, but it mostly manifests with him thinking everything bad is his fault and he could have stopped it). 616 Tony has founded and led multiple avengers teams, knows or is friends with a lot of people in the superhero community, works with them or helps them. (from All-New All Different Avengers, Patsy Walker - Hellcat, Black Widow - Name of the Rose, Avengers v2) He isn’t always well liked by everyone, but I’d say a lot of people (the heroes, not always the civillians) do appreciate what he does. Before his identity was out, people also praised or thanked him in his role as Tony Stark, not just as Iron man (although that might be partly meant as a joke on his secret identity).

There is some difference in age and background for Bucky:
616 Bucky’s father was in the army, and when he died when Bucky was 12, Bucky stayed at the army base and became kind of the base’s mascot. Depending on version of the comics, he then either recieved special training to become Captain America’s sidekick, or became Cap’s sidekick when he accidentally saw Steve’s secret identity. Bucky was 16 when he met Steve, who already was Cap, and went to war from about age 16-19. So 616 Bucky was a lot younger, knew Steve for a shorter time, and also had a lot more military background than MCU Bucky.

MCU Bucky breaks out of his brainwashing more or less by himself (with the help of Steve talking to him and stuff) and generally seems to need some time to remember. 616 Bucky doesn’t remember anything before Steve uses a cosmic cube to make him remember, and then he pretty much remembers all instantly. In comics, Bucky had already lost his memories when they found him, so they just used that and added some brainwashing later.

In fandom, MCU Winter Soldier is often described as more of an object than person, and while I don’t really think that is quite canon (he orders his men around in TWS, seems comfortable with speaking, Pierce tries to reason wih him before deciding to wipe him), the comics show the winter soldier talking, making plans, and generally behaving “normal”, if rather cruel. There are scenes describing that they laughed at Bucky though, who, with the memory loss and brainwashing, was helping the people he used to fight.

Bucky did not kill Tony’s parents in 616.
The two of them actually work together quite well after fighting for a bit, for about 3 years of comics.

While the movies manage to pack a lot of stuff into 2 hours of movie, especially if you pay attention to details, comics had decades to establish more character depth and had more time for small scenes that were just for character and not plot.

So we get minor details like:

Bucky likes to playpoker. (links by comic-bucky)

Tony gathers info on bad guys and their operations.

(Avengers Assemble issue 24)

Fun and cracky: Tony has a kitty mug, and a tropical spa place hidden in the avengers tower toilets.

Bucky likes chocolate and reads comics, but dislikes that the cap comics always drew him as a child.
(Links provided by comic-bucky)

With the decades of comics, a lot of the relationships between the characters are more detailed. Tony and Natasha started off rough, but Tony trusted her for decades now. Natasha already knows bucky from her time as a Black Widow and they were together for a while. Tony dated Jan, Madame Masque, Maya Hansen (after she was in jail for the whole extremis thing), and a whole bunch of others, partly because canon is LOOONG.

Working with superheroes (and living together) for 10 or more years, more almost-world-ending events, all these things will make them a little different from MCU versions, where there are a lot less super-powered people, and a lot of stuff between the movies is not shown and never mentioned, making it seem like not much happened.

As for recognizing them in an AU, that is sometimes possible, but often easier when looking at other details of the world. MCU is influenced by comics a lot, and fans also take stuff from the comics they like, so it’s not always clear.

Other characters give a hint: Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym are there? Obadiah is not? Tony is friends with Reed Richards, who has children? Bucky met Steve in the army? Bucky hung out with the Invaders?
All hints for 616.

Sometimes you can see that a specific storyline is mirrored in the AU, for example the Iron Man 1 plot, which makes it pretty obviously MCU (That exact plot didn’t happen in the comics, and while Obadiah did things, his role was smaller and he had nothing to do with Tony being kidnapped and becoming Iron Man).

Thank you for this question, Anon, it gave me an opportunity to ramble about comics XD!

If anyone sees mistakes, feel free to let me know, I don’t know nearly enough about comics (and I probably forgot some stuff).

And a big thank you to @comic-bucky​, who knows ALL (and who sent me a lot of comic panels) <3

A Dream of Summer

Somewhere, there is a ringing, a buzzing, some insistent sonic prodding at my eardrum, something nipping at my brain…

But the sunlight is pulsing rhythmically against my closed eyelids.  Warm, spreading samples of melted orange and yellow.  Then there is wind, neither warm nor cold.  It is a force against the small of my back, urging me along.  The wind has a voice.  It is a familiar sound.  Someone I know.  There might even be words, names, places, times, plans, in that voice, but it just sounds like the waves on the shore.

In the dream, we are on the ferryboat, crossing the bay.  It is summer - finally - and we are leaning against the rail.  I can see myself against you, half-melted against your hard body.  If we stood motionless, we could be mistaken for mannequins, models, displays, pure bodies of summer, placed elegantly there to establish how summer it is. 

In the dream, I do not quite remember how I got there, but it feels so real, so vivid.  The waves spit playfully, tossing their white tails in the air like deer in the forest before vanishing into the thundering wake of the boat.  The gulls make their strident calls across the seamless blue above.  The wind ruffles your hair as if it is admonishing you, lightly.  And I, I am so in love with you.  I am so in love with you and I am crying in my dream because my heart is held with tight iron bands and it is hard to breathe.  You turn your face towards mine and you smile and you chuck under my chin. 

We are wearing similar outfits.  You’ve chosen them.  This has become normal now, after months of being together.  Half of the time I don’t even remember what I’ve got on, but sometimes you’ll show me a side-by-side, a before-and-after, before you post it to the internet, and remind me slyly how Far I’ve Come, and Who I Used to Be. 

Feels like a movie.  A dream.  Dream within a dream, perhaps.  I’m in a tank top.  It’s to show off my guns, because I have spent years working on them, crafting their sinews and their contours.  Looking at them, in the dream, I feel the urge to flex them, and you notice, and you nod, and without words, you give permission.  Not that I need permission.  It’s been so long now that you are my entire world, and the dream-people around me are this cream-coloured blur, possessing only eyes and legs.  They see me flex and all they feel is jealousy.  A thought worms its way into my head, a nasty little look at that dumbfuck, flexing like a moron, grinning like a moron, look at that dumbfuck jock but I feel you coaxing your thoughts over those, I feel you take hold of my chin and pull it so that my eyes lose themselves in the reflection of myself in endless recursion.  The lightest smile on your lips.  You know what I am thinking.  It turns you on.  I’m a little hard too, in the shorts that are a little shorter than I’m used to.  In the neon orange Nike Roshes that ended up in my mail one day.  Not sure how, but have stopped trying to guess.  You turn my cap around on my head and I wrinkle my nose in faux-exasperation, but your mouth on mine makes me stop.  Your hand creeps up from my shoulder to the nape of my neck, and your finger idly rests, climbs, rests, climbs, at the apex of my spinal cord. 

And there is the sound of traffic?  Something huge and heavy is whooshing by, there are murmurs and footsteps.  I am suspended in gray.  My body is not responsive and my thoughts are gelled in aspic…

“I love you,” you say, soundlessly, in the dream.  You pull away from my body and the boat rocks on the blue waves of the summer day.  Do you open your mouth to say it?  Do I open mine to reply?  The islands are spread out so widely in the bay.  Which are we even arriving to?  Where are we sailing?

Bro.  Bro.  BRO.

The dream pops, filmy, leaving its neon residue dripping down the walls of the subway station.  You’re there, too, in a different outfit.  You’re smiling a world-eating smile.  I love the small chip on your front tooth.  “Hey bro,” you’re saying, gesturing at my white Jordans.  “Wouldn’t those look hot on me?”

I look down at your sneakers.  Bright blue Under Armour sneakers.  So bright blue it’s almost like I’m back in the dream, squinting through my Ray-Bans at the sky above.  I hear a gull cry.  Or it’s the train squealing to a halt.  Your hand, light on my shoulder, shaking it.  “Bro.  Switch with me.”

The subway car rattles back and forth, jarringly.  I have to hang onto one of the metal posts for support.  My biceps bulge slightly, and you growl playfully, kissing the side of my neck, forcing my gaze downwards.  I am electrified.  Currents of unnameable energy ricochet from the base of my spine, around my ears, down my lats, through my pecs, and tingle down to the impossibly bright blue sneakers on my feet.  “I love you, bro,” you say into my skin, and I feel that, too, tingly, as it shoots through me.  “You’re mine, forever.”

The tunnel’s darkness, emphatic, pulsing, like squeezed-out ink from a tube.  My lips form a desperate smile.  Desperate for you.  For your direction.  For your guidance.  For your limitless voice, as formless and as strong as the wind in my ears and against the small of my back.  At the nape of my neck.  And I know that when we get home, you will guide me into our bedroom, and we will stare again into each other’s eyes, we will stare until the winter’s hold on the world is broken, until I wake up beside you on that ferry, blinking, convinced that I have woken up for real.

Avengers Chatroom: OTP

Requested by Anon.

Pairing: Steve x f!reader

Scenario: Steve and reader are having a private chat until Clint decides to butt in, resulting in everyone else joining.

Steve has created a chatroom.

Steve has invited Y/N.

Steve: Hey, Y/N, are we still on for our usual lunch tomorrow?

Of course, Steve! :)

Great! I look forward to it. Bucky has been going on about this new movie, maybe we can see it afterwards?

Do you mean the superhero one? Based on us?

Yes, that one! Also, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you. I couldn’t build up the courage before, but I think I’m ready. I was also scared that I could lose you.

Steve, you know I will always be here for you, no matter what. You can tell me.

Clint has invited himself.

What do we have here? Hmmm? A SECRET DATE? CONFESSIONS OF LOVE?

How… Did you manage to join…

This is a private chat.

Don’t try to change the subject, you two. Also, I am one of the best assassins ever, it wasn’t hard.


You heard the lady.



Steve doesn’t like me!

I um, well


You are being worse than a 6 year old.

Clint has invited Nat.

Why the hell is Clint cackling like an idiot next to me?

Omg! You two? Congratulations!

No not you too, Nat!


Nat has invited Bucky.


Buck, please.

Was it his abs, Y/N? ;) Love at first abs? They’re great, huh?

Oh so you think his abs are great?



Bucky has invited Sam, Tony, Bruce, Thor and T’Challa.

T’Challa: Wakanda would be the perfect honeymoon destination.

Sam: Awww yeah Steve! Get some!

Steve: All of you are being highly inappropriate!

Thor: Congratulations, Brother Steven! You are welcome to host thy wedding upon Asgard.

Bruce: I would have never guessed you two would be a couple.

Tony: How are you going to break the news to Wanda that she now has a step-mom?

Steve: Can you all leave? We were having an important discussion!

Clint: About what you’d name your children?

Y/N: You are so annoying, Clint!

Tony has invited Wanda, Vision and Peter.

Peter: Tony I have homework

Peter: Oh! Sweet! Cap and Y/N!

Wanda: FINALLY, you two are together!

Clint: I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!

Vision: The way they stare at each other was becoming uncomfortable.

Y/N: Why am I even friends with all of you?


Peter: I would be happy to babysit your kids.

T’Challa: As would I.

Tony: Uh,no. I will. Uncle Tony > Everyone else.

Steve: You would be a terrible babysitter, Tony.

Wanda: He doesn’t deny the possibility of kids with Y/N!

Bucky: I am going to be the godfather of their kids.

Sam: Excuse you. I will.

Steve: THAT’S ENOUGH. There’s something I really have to tell you, Y/N.

Y/N: Hold on Steve, let’s leave this chat first. I’ll make a chat THAT CLINT CAN’T HACK!

Y/N has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Clint: Pfft, imma invade that chat as well.

Sam: Hurry up.

Tony: I want to know what Steve was going to say.

Clint has left the chat.

Nat: So, turns out Clint couldn’t hack their chat and it crashed his phone.

Bucky: NO! DAMN IT.

Bucky has left the chat.

Tony: Well this isn’t fun.

Tony has left the chat.

Peter: I have to finish my homework

Peter has left the chat.

T’Challa: And I have to go rule my country.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Sam: Man, NICE GOING CLINT! Nat please show him that.

Sam has left the chat.

Wanda: We can tail them tomorrow.

Vision: Good idea.

Wanda has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Bruce: Well that was fun while it lasted.Bruce has left the chat.Thor has left the chat.Nat has left the chat.
On Tour: TMH- Chapter 21

Premise: You’re a youtuber joining the boys for their North American leg of the Take Me Home tour. Your job is to film as much of the tour antics with the boys, and it’s a huge adventure where anything can happen.
*disclaimer- not completely following actual events that happened in the actual TMH tour*

Word Count: 2302

A/M: I hope you guys like it, tell me if you do Xx

Last Chapter | Ask

—Day 21- 11:30 PM—

You leaned against the counter next to the now empty take away food containers, watching as everyone else stayed focused watching the horror movie on TV. 

You left the rim of a cup to your lip as you watched everyone react to the scare on the screen. The scare causing you to jump back slightly, as you chuckled along with everyone else afterwards. 

“Are you scared?” You heard in a hushed voice behind your ear. 

You jumped and turned to look who it was, punching him somewhat playfully at his chest. 

“Louis! What the hell?” You said angrily. 

You heard a chuckle as you saw Zayn walk over to where you were, taking a cup from the counter and filling it with water. “I guess [Y/N]’s scared." 

"Shut up Zayn. I saw you jump at that last jump scare too.” You said. 

He just smirked and you raised an eyebrow. “Whatever [Y/N]. When you want to come over, you can have a spot next to me in front of the screen.” He smiled before turning back to the TV, Louis following him flashing you back a smirk. 

You just stuck your tongue out to the both of them. 

You went back to watching the movie, and even with Louis and Zayn’s teasing no one seemed distracted. Their focus remained on the screen as the main characters discovered the curse that was on the land they were on. 

Your focus shifted however, as you saw someone else get up, and based off the one lamp as your light source behind you, you could tell it was Harry. 

He walked over to you, a smirk on his face causing you to raise an eyebrow. You watched as he took the space next to you, leaning against the counter similar to how you stood. 

“What are you doing over here Styles?” You teased. 

He raised an eyebrow and breathed a chuckle, “What happened to just Harry?" 

You laughed, "I don’t know. I just felt like saying it. Leaning against here watching everyone else have fun makes me feel cool. Like Danny Zuko cool.” You said which made him laugh. 

“We’re you watching Grease with Louis earlier?" 

You shook your head, but your eyes wide with excitement, "Nope. But now it’s on my list!" 

He chuckled, "Why aren’t you sitting with everyone else? Are you scared?” He asked more genuinely and unmockingly. 

You felt yourself smile, “Maybe just a little.” You heard yourself admit, blushing with a bit with embarrassment. 

“You don’t have to be. We can go out if you want." 

Your eyes widened, "Huh?" 

He breathed a chuckle, "We can go have a walk while these guys watch the movie. Just cause everyone else is watching doesn’t mean you have to." 

You smiled at his consideration, and nodded at his suggestion, "But don’t you want to watch too?" 

He shrugged his shoulders, "I doubt I’m going to miss much. It’s not my kind of movie, and it’s full of cliches anyway.” And he walked off the bus, you following closely behind. 

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Okay so I saw this gifset on my dash today:

with appended commentary about how Steve doesn’t seem to care about Tony’s pain

and I’m like… nah fam?

(At first I considered attaching this rant to the post itself, but then I decided not to because 1) personal experience tells me that this sort of stuff is hell on the OP and 2) there’s nothing particularly uniquely atrocious about the commentary I’m referring to – it’s tiny and I’ve seen many versions of the same claim, it’s more a widely-held fandom belief than anything else at this point, it seems to me, and there’s no reason for me to attach a gratuitous wall of words specifically to that version because idk that just seems like a bitchy thing to do. I’m not like. Attacking it specifically. I’m just linking to the gifset as context bc I think I refer to it a couple of times)

ANYWAY! I’ve been trying to stay away from this shit but everyone has a breaking point and even as (or honestly, *especially* as) a hardcore Tony Stark fan, I’ve been troubled by the post-Cap 3 line of argument that generally holds that Steve “doesn’t care about Tony’s pain” and the more broad “where is his guilt?” etc

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“What A F*cking Bozo” -  Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Word Count: 2699 (whoops)

Warnings: Kidnapping; Drugs mentioned; Swearing

Request: For that being your first imagine, that was amaze balls !! I was wondering if you could do me a request a little darker :D So the reader doesn’t have superpowers and doesn’t really get along with ‘spiderman’ very well, but is dry and sarcastic with Peter Parker, they’re both aware of each other’s identities, but are very different when fighting crime, she’s kind of an anti hero, and one day when she’s fighting she gets drugged and kidnapped and has to come and get her out of trouble ? :p

Authors Note: I had so much fun writing this! Anon, I hope you don’t mind but I made the reader Stark’s daughter, and there is a bit of fluff at the end (because who doesn’t love fluff?) Sorry it’s so long, I got a lil excited with this one…Hope you guys enjoy it! :D

“The Queen of Hearts? Hm… I could get used to that,” you mumbled, watching yourself on the news. It had been a year since you started this whole anti-hero business, and today they had finally given you a name.

“Hey, dad! Check it out, they finally gave me a name!” you yelled, calling for your father, the Tony Stark. He strode over and sat on the couch with you.

“The Queen of Hearts, huh? Sounds pretty bad ass to me,” he complimented. You could tell he was impressed. It took him awhile to get used to the fact you didn’t want to be an Avenger and that you were an anti-hero. But he still loved you anyways. After all, you are his daughter.

When you first told your dad about how you were an anti-hero, you thought he would be furious and ground you for the rest of your life.

*Flashback to a year ago*

“So let me get this straight… my daughter, TEENAGE daughter might I add, has been a total badass this entire time and isn’t just some popular, beautiful rich girl?”

“Well that wasn’t the reaction I was expecting,” you remarked. “And is that all you see me as?”

“Oh hell no, but the media does. And it would blow their minds if they found out!” he exclaimed. You let out a sigh of relief, bringing your palms up to your face.

“Dad, no one can find out. I want to keep my identity a secret. If anything, I want to hold my own conference and casually say ‘oh and I’m that vigilante that kicks some major ass at night. You are welcome by the way.”

 Tony laughed, proud that his daughter had grown up to be as much of a smart ass as he was. “I knew there was a bad ass in there somewhere,” he smiled, poking your chest as you dramatically stumbled backward from his “strength”.

*Flash forward back to the present*

“So, you remember spiderling, right, (Y/n)?” Tony asked.

“How could I forget? He fought on your side during that dumb little fight you had with Cap, and also screwed up my last mission,” you stated quite dully, still staring at the TV. You really had no filter with your dad. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I need you to work wi-”

“OH HELL NO!” you exclaimed, interrupting Tony mid-sentence.

“Listen (Y/n). Before you go crazy, hear me out. It’s really-”

“NO! YOU LISTEN, TONY!” You jumped off the couch and faced him, interrupting him once again. He knew you were serious because you never called him by his first name unless you were mad. “I cannot work with him. First of all, he’s an annoying piece of shit. I mean, don’t even get me started on how much he talked during the war with Cap…”

“(Y/n), listen to me. Let me explain first. I barely got three words out before you exploded,” Tony chuckled. You crossed your arms and took a deep breath. “This mission, it’s important to me. I need you both to get over whatever happened between you two and work together.”

“Alright, fine. I guess I’ll talk to him tomorrow at school,” you agreed. You hated this more than anything, but you saw how much this meant to your dad. He didn’t trust a lot of people, especially after the team split. You couldn’t let him down. Not after everything that had happened.

The next day, you were walking down the halls of Midtown High with your friends when you saw Peter over by his locker.

“Hey guys, I’ve gotta go talk to Peter real quick. I’ll see you guys at lunch,” you told your friends. You waved goodbye and walked over to Peter.

“Hey there spiderling, can I have a word with you?” you asked with a blank expression. He gave you a serious look, then grabbed your arm and pulled you into an empty classroom.

“What are you doing?! You know you can’t call me that here,” he warned in a concerned tone. His eyebrows were furrowed from fear of anyone finding out about what he did for fun. You were very aware that his “sticky” secret was not known to the public, much less his classmates. But dangling that knowledge of Spider-Man’s true identity was something you liked to do in your free time because why not?

“Owww! Chill, Petey,” you groaned, giving his hand a slap until he released your arm. He let go and silently apologized, not realizing that his grip on your arm was too tight. Quickly glancing around the room, he made sure no one else was listening before crossing his arms and letting you speak.

“Would it kill you to relax whenever someone mentions the spider? No one is immediately gonna look at you and be like ‘HEY IT MUST BE PARKER!’” you whisper-yelled as you waved your hands around in the air. Peter just glared at you, clearly fed up with your attitude and sarcasm.

“Fine then, straight to business. Did my dad run the mission by you?” you questioned. Peter nodded, turning his brown eyes away from you to look out at the crowded hallway. “Good, less work for me. Meet up at the Avengers tower at 6?”


“Great! Always a pleasure talking with ya, spiderling!” you winked and left the empty classroom. Peter just stood there for a moment, trying his best not to smile. You got on his nerves, but for some reason, he couldn’t stop smiling after talking with you.

*Later at the Avengers Tower*

“So, basically all you two have to do is go in, take photos of the wreckage, and then get the hell out of there,” Tony said.

“So… no ass kicking? It’s that easy?” you asked.

“Pretty much. It’s been two days since the Hydra base blew up, and surveillance footage hasn’t shown anyone being there. But it is Hydra, so prepare for anything” Tony replied.

“Damn, I was really looking forward to treating someone like a punching bag,” you said with disappointment. “Well, guess I can just punch Petey here instead!” You looked at him and smiled. Cocking your eyebrows, you earned a genuine laugh from Peter.

As soon as Tony finished briefing the two of you, you headed to your room to suit up. After you put on your suit, you looked into the mirror and thought, “Look at you… (Y/n), Queen of Hearts. Don’t even think about fucking with me.” You raised your hands and acted like you were holding a gun. All of the sudden you heard giggling coming from the corner of your room. You looked over at your door and saw Peter leaning against it, staring at you with the biggest smile on his face.

“How long have you been standing there?!” you yelled, furious at the fact he didn’t understand what “privacy” meant.

“Not that long, but long enough,” Peter chuckled. “Are you done pretending to kill bad guys?” 

“Who said I was killing ‘bad guys’? Maybe I was pretending to shoot that smug look off your face? But hey, who knows?” you shrugged, turning back to your mirror to fix your frizzled hair. Peter laughed and glanced down at your bag.

“What’s with the red and black Sharpies?” he asked, reaching down and picking up the two black and red sharpies you packed. 

You walked over, took the sharpies out of his hands and put them in your pockets. “I like to let people know that they lost in life.”

“What?” Peter asked.

You chuckled, shaking your head. “Nevermind, can we go now?” you asked, already walking out the door. Peter laughed one last time and followed behind you.

The mission was supposed to be easy. Get in, take some pictures, and then get out. Simple, right? Wrong.

You and Spider-Man entered the damaged ex-Hydra base. “Wow… what a mess…” you thought. You accidentally tripped over some rubble, and Peter laughed at you. Peter continued to take pictures of the wreckage while you noticed something off about one of the rooms.

“Hey, Spidey? I’m gonna go check out this room,” you say.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Peter asked.

“Awe… that’s cute, really. But I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself,” you flash a smile and walk over to the room. “Finish up over there and then we’ll leave!” you yell as you enter through the sketchy door. Peter nodded and continued taking pictures of the messy crime scene.

As you search the room, you noticed another door in the corner. “No, (Y/n). Don’t go through there. You’ve seen scary movies before… You know what happens when a person goes through a creepy door by themselves..” you say under your breath. But you were curious, so of course you walked over and slowly opened it. All of the sudden, you felt someone behind you. As you start to turn around, you feel a hand go over your mouth and something sharp go into the side of your neck. Everything slowly turned dark…

You slowly open your eyes and realize you are sitting in a chair and feel ropes tied around your wrists and ankles. You pull on the ropes, trying to reach into the pockets of the suit to get your knife. But whoever tied you up was smart enough to disarm you.

“Fucckk… I should’ve called the Spider,” you say out loud. You look around the room and see a man standing in the corner.

“Morning sunshine, I’m glad you are awake for this,” he said.

“How long have I been in this shit hole?” you ask, trying to remain calm.

“Only a few hours, just enough time for your pal to leave,” the man said, putting his hands on his knees. He got close to you and smiled. “Now we are alone, and this is gonna be fun.”

You look over to the small table to the left of you and see a display of knives, a gun, and some other handy-dandy torture weapons.

“Oh well hate to break it to you, but I have one rule. No fun until I at least know your name. That way when the fun is over, and I get outta here, I can find you. And beat the living shit out of you,” you say and lick your lips.

“Well, sweetheart. My name is Agent Bozo, and I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t getting out of here. Well, at least not alive,” he said with a smirk. You stare at him for a few seconds before laughing hysterically. He looked at you confused. You stop laughing and look at him in the eyes.

“Wait, you’re serious? Your name is Agent… Bozo?” you say, trying your hardest not to burst into laughter again.

“Yes, you got a problem with it?”

“No, no problem at all,” you say sarcastically, shaking your head and smiling. “That’s honestly just the best name I have ever heard in my life.” Agent Bozo walked over and punched you in the face.

“Ouch, that hurt,” you say, pouting.

“I’ve just about had it with your small talk, now it’s time to get to business,” he says in a serious tone. You watched him grab a knife and walk over to you. “Now, let’s get started.”

*6 hours later*

“Hey BOZO, when you gonna let me go? I’m starting to get hungry. I think I’m gonna order some pizza when I get home,” you say, watching him pick up a knife. You weren’t going to admit it, but you were a little bit worn out. You had been in there for 6 hours, and you were hoping that Peter would come rescue you before your dad had a shit fit. Agent Bozo hadn’t done anything too damaging though, just cut your arm, slap you silly, kick you around a few times, and stab you once. But the wounds weren’t that bad, you would live.

“I’m going to ask you one last time, where is Captain America?” Agent Bozo asked, sticking the knife against your throat.

“Dude, I don’t know. And even if I did, why would I tell you? Do you know how annoying you sound… I mean asking the same question over and over again? Like good God! GET OVER IT!” you yelled. Bozo slapped you once more.

“You dumb child!” he yelled.

“Oh, bite me,” you said giving him a fake smile. He started to walk away from you, but he tripped over a piece of rubble. You laughed.

“Wow, what a fucking Bozo.”


All of the sudden, there was a hole in the wall and smoke around the room. You coughed a few times and notice that Peter had FINALLY come to save you.

“Took you long enough!” you smiled. “Oh but Bozo over here might have a few words to say,” you said, nodding your head in Agent Bozo’s direction.

“Bozo?” Peter said as he turned around saw the man behind him. Bozo was about to shoot Peter, but Peter shot a web and took the gun out of Bozo’s hand. Peter then webbed the Hydra agent against the wall and walked up to him. Pete looked at him for a second before knocking him out. He then ran over to you and untied you.

“I was starting to think you forgot about me,” you say as you wipe the blood off your lips.

“I could never forget about you,” Peter said. You could tell he was smiling from under his mask. You smile back at him. Then you get up and run over to the table where Bozo had put your guns. You grab your gun and then took the two Sharpies. You run back over to where Bozo was webbed up against the wall and pop the caps on both of the Sharpies. Peter watched as you started drawing black and red hearts on the agent.
“Really (Y/n)? We gotta get back! Your father is worried sick!” Peter chuckled.

“Gimme a minute, I’m almost done. And what are you, my mother?” you said as you finished up on the last red heart. You place the cap back on the sharpies and walk over to Peter.
“Ready to go?”

“Oh hell yes, I wanna get out of this shit hole,” Peter said as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, leading you out of the room.

“Yeah, imagine being in here for 2 hours. It was so fun,” you said sarcastically. You both laughed and exited the building.

*back at the Avengers Tower, after you are all patched up*

“AND HIS NAME WAS AGENT BOZO!” you said, laughing so hard you actually started to cry.

“I don’t think I could’ve taken him seriously either, to be honest,” Tony said, laughing and pulling you into another hug.

“Dad, honestly. I’m fine,” you say as he starts rubbing your back. 

“I know, but you just scared me. But hey, seems like you and Underoos get along well huh?” he said, as he kissed your forehead.

“Yeah. Yeah, I guess we do,” you said smiling, pulling away from the hug.

“Well, go tell him.”

“What?” you asked.

“Go tell him you like him. And don’t give me some bullshit about how you don’t like him. That you hate his guts and wish he was dead. I don’t know how much longer I can watch this game of ’Let’s just fight until someone makes the first move’,” Tony laughed. You nodded and headed towards Peter’s room.

You knock on his door, hoping that he was at his apartment and that you wouldn’t hear his cute little voice say…

“It’s open,” Peter yelled. “Damn it…” You thought. You take a deep breath and open the door.

“Oh, hey (Y/n),” Peter smiled. He was sitting on his bed, wearing his pajamas, and messing around on his laptop. His hair was a mess, as per usual. Yet, all you could think was “Damn, if looks could kill…”

“Hey, Pete. Can I… can I tell you something?” you ask hesitantly.

“Sure! Here… sit,” he moved his laptop and patted the spot in front of him. You sat down and looked directly into his beautiful, chocolate brown eyes. You took a deep breath, looked down at your hands and muttered, “IsortaHaveFeelingsForYou.” His eyes opened wide as if someone had just slapped him in the face.

“Wait, what?”

“You heard me,” you said quietly, still playing with your hands. He let out a small laugh. You looked at him and saw him smiling.

“I knew you had a heart.”

“See, I knew this was a bad idea,” you got off his bed and started walking towards the door. “I wouldn’t have done it if I thought you were gonna be a dick about it but hey. It was worth a try,” you reach for the door knob. Peter stood up and shot a web at your wrist. He pulled on the web, making you spin towards him and landing in his arms. Before you could say anything he pressed his lips against yours. You put your hand on the back of his neck and deepened the kiss. You both pulled away at the same time, slowly trying to catch your breath.

“I sorta have feelings for you too (Y/n),” he flirted, looking into your beautiful (y/e/c) eyes.  




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anonymous asked:

Hullo! Secret Santa again! (Sorry for all the questions. D8) What is your favorite mask out of all the Phantom adaptations?

Oh, man, I’ve been meaning to do a mask retrospective for a while, and you just gave me the perfect excuse to avoid the rest of the work I’m supposed to be doing!

Well, first there’s the 1925 Julian/Chaney film’s mask, which is probably among the creepiest of all of them:

Amazing bonus points for the creepiness of the painted face, and the almost sad, wistful expression it wears.  It’s also the only film mask I know of that is the barbe du masque, a particular style of mask, that is directly referenced in Leroux’s novel, so once again the 1925 movie may be the most accurate when compared to the original book.  (Check out rjdaae’s post because they are the bearer of these interesting tidings!)  He also has a pretty fantastic Red Death mask, which is literally just a grinning skull (and the excellent cane to match!).

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I re-watched Trouble in the Heights and took a bunch of caps because I needed to revisit the American Dream on this dark day in American history.  (The American Dream is to escape a drug lord and move to Philadelphia.  This is the only dream.)

Commentary within.

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Catching Up For Lost Time

Request: Hello there! I’m re-reading your stories and oh my god they’re soon good I can’t even describe it! I saw that requests are open so could you write something with bucky where he mets the reader while she’s working in a old theatre for old movies or she’s just love to go there because it’s her quiet secret place, deferent from all of her friends. At first it’s strange but kind of turns into fluff. every week they meet but once she didn’t show up because something happened in the street nearby and he helps/saves her? It would be awesome! if you don’t want to write it it’s alright!!! Take care of yourself and thank you for your amazing work! <3 

@italwaysendsinafightcap thank you so much for this request, I twisted it a little but kept the main elements, I had so much fun writing this and I hope you like it!

Bucky Barnes x reader

Warning: swearing, mentions of death, intentions of rape and killing, protective!Bucky, fluff, somewhat angst

All credit goes to Marvel

Word count: 2.3k

            The best part about your job was that it was never busy. It was practically a ghost town with tumbleweeds. But it made sense, you only showed old movies compared to all the other theaters with current movies, fancy seats, and serving actual food. Your boss was never in, and when he was, it was for 2 hours to restock the candy cabinets. More often than not, you’d find yourself tucked away in the back of one of the showcase rooms, trying to get as comfortable as possible on the old, worn in seats. You were never a fan of old movies, you thought they boring, but you practically knew them by heart after watching them time and time again. It was better than sitting at the front desk all day when you knew for a fact that no one ever came in. Besides, you preferred the quiet and the alone time when you were working here. You’d often make up excuses about your boss wanting you to work Friday nights, when your friends wanted to go clubbing and you didn’t have the energy or interest needed.

           However, on one particular day, you were in cinema 8, watching Psycho, when a man came in. He had a cap pulled over his head, but you could see brown locks peeking out from underneath is. He was wearing a heavy jacket and jeans. But what really caught your attention, was the metal hand, illuminated by the movie.

           There was the Winter Soldier, James Buchanan Barnes, and he was looking right at you. Nervousness panged through you as he approached. “Can I sit with you? It looks like we could both use a little company.” You weakly nodded at him and he sat. “Usually no one’s ever here. I just sit in a theater, watching all the movies that play. I put some money in the tip jar to pay, I’d feel too guilty if I didn’t.”

           “We must be sitting in different cinemas then,” he looked at you with confusion. “I work here, but it’s usually empty, so I spend my days watching the movies. I could probably recite the entire scripts by now,” you sniggered. You saw the corners of Bucky’s mouth quirk up. “What brings you here? Shouldn’t you be out saving the day?”

           “I guess you could say I’m trying to make up for lost time. I know everything from the 1910’s to the 1940’s, but everything in between then and now is a blank. I figured movies would be somewhat of a primary source of what I missed. There’s only so many newspapers from the 1970’s you can get your hands on,” He joked. You laughed a little. “So tell me a little.”

           “Oh, um, this is called Psycho. It came out in 1960 and Alfred Hitchcock-“ Bucky’s laugh cut you off.

           “No, I mean about you. What’s got you tied down here?”

           “Oh,” before you could stop yourself, words were spewing out of your mouth before your mind could process them. “Well I’m 24 years old, I can’t afford college because my parent’s were killed when I was 10 and I was put in multiple foster homes until I aged out of the system and ever since I’ve been working here, trying to scrape up enough money to put myself through school again and I spend most of my time here even when I don’t have to because I hate going home, oh my name’s Y/N by the way. So tell me about you.” Bucky stared at you in utter shock as you clasped your hands together in your lap, looking at him expectantly. He continued staring at you for a little longer, and stuttered over his words as he tried to come up with what to say.

           “Well since we’re going deep here and you can read all the basic things about me in a museum, I’m Bucky, I’m 99 years old, and I fell out of a train when I was 29 and I was taken by the scientific branch of the Nazis, HYDRA, who then experimented on me, cut my arm off, and made me do a lot of really, really bad things that still haunt me today and I still wake up nearly every night, screaming and in a pool of my own sweat but it always feels like blood to me. I’m a really fucked up old man, Y/N. I can’t look at someone who looks similar to someone I’ve killed and honestly, I’m really glad you don’t look familiar because I probably would’ve ran out of here before you even noticed I was here.” He stopped talking and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Now it was your turn to stare at him, stunned. He cleared his throat before you could respond. “So, the movie?”

           “Right! Came out in 1960, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, he directed a lot of other movies like this that I can play for you whenever you want. This movie really helped shape modern horror movies. It’s based on a guy named Ed Gein, a serial killer in Wisconsin in the 1950s who inspired a lot of other movies, as well. It was nominated for four academy awards.” Bucky nodded, and you watched the movie in silence, until he quickly stood up.

           “Y/N, it was great meeting you, duty calls. I’ll see you around.” Bucky doesn’t know why, but he leaned down and placed a kiss on your cheek. He heard your breath hitch in his throat and he immediately pulled away, and walking out without another word. You sat in your seat, stunned once more by Bucky Barnes, and you still felt his kiss lingering on your cheek.

           Days passed, you set up a bunch of different movies in different cinemas. Cinema 1&2 was playing movies from the 1950s. Cinema 3&4 was playing 1960s. Cinema 5&6 was 1970s and so on. You couldn’t even go and watch a movie like you usually had. You were constantly staring out the windows, waiting for Bucky to walk in. You couldn’t deny it anymore; he was all you had been thinking about since that day watching Psycho. The way he carried himself would lead anyone to believe that he was the most confident person they had ever met. The way he so willingly opened up to you and didn’t seem to regret it. The way you so easily opened up to him. Would it be insane and cliché to say you felt a connection with him, an Avenger?

           You knew he had priorities, responsibilities, saving the world and all that. You didn’t even exchange numbers, so calling him was out of the question. Looking at the clock, you had realized that you had spent one more day, obsessing over James Buchanan Barnes. You grabbed your bag and your keys, locking the theater doors behind you on your way out. The sky was getting dark and you pulled your hood over your hair in preparation for the rain. Little did you know, about half a mile into your walk home, you were being watched, but by two sets of eyes.

           “Natasha, you got eyes on the target?” Steve asked over the comm. Today was an undercover mission. That meant plain clothes, baseball caps, sunglasses, the likes. The whole team except Bruce, Vision, and Thor were on it, figuring the three of them would be too obvious if something went wrong, especially Banner. And Vision, because, well, he doesn’t exactly blend in.

           “I’ve had eyes on him for the past four minutes, Steve.”

           “Cap, I got a clear shot, you want me to take it?” Clint called from the top of a building, his body hidden by three feet of cement wall.

           “Not yet, wait for lower population. We don’t want many witnesses. Fire only when necessary. Got it?”

           “Loud and clear.” There were six pairs of eyes on the man they were about to take down, until a figure caught Bucky’s eyes. It was Y/N, leaving the theater. The hood of her baby pink sweatshirt hiding her features, but he could see strands of hair that weren’t hidden away. He recognized her bag, he had seen it sometimes when he’d go to watch a movie. He thought it was just left there for a while, he hadn’t yet put together that someone had to be playing the movies. He was distracted by her, his heart suddenly yearned for her and how comfortable he felt around her. He hadn’t opened up to someone that quickly besides from Steve and she wasn’t scared off from it. He was the one who was scared. Scared that one day, he’d hurt her the way he hurt so many others.

           “Cap, he’s on the move.” Natasha said, warning Steve. Bucky’s eyes snapped to the man, and his eyes locked in on the faint outline of a gun in his pocket, not-so-hidden behind his sports jacket. That wasn’t the worst part, he was following Y/N.

           “Don’t take the shot.” He ordered.

           “No, you need to take it right this second.” Bucky growled.

           “Buck, I said no! We have to wait until the right moment.”

           “This is the right moment! Oh, fuck it!” Buck ripped his ear piece out and sprinted into a run, exerting himself to his maximum extent. The man grabbed Y/N and dragged her to an alley, putting the gun to the back of her head while grabbing one of her arms and pinning it behind her back. Bucky’s blood was boiling and he was sure his team-mates were shouting his name in protest and that Steve and Fury were going to give him hell for jeopardizing the mission, but he couldn’t care less. He didn’t want to lose Y/N, he didn’t plan on letting her go anytime soon.

           “What do you want from me?” She cried out.

           “What? Your parents never told you that the same man who killed them in cold blood would come back for you too?” He laughed, venom dripping from his lips and you felt the all-too-familiar pang at your heart at the topic of your parents’ murder.

           The man had Y/N pinned with her stomach to a cold brick wall. “Y’know… I was just going to kill you, but you’re so pretty, why let a good thing to go to waste?” His hands began sliding their way up to the waistline of her leggings and Y/N let out a whimper. “Just remember, this is mommy and daddy’s fault.”

           She thought she saw a shadow come over her and the disgusting man behind her, but she couldn’t be too sure. Her head hurt from being slammed again the brick. She closed her eyes and let out another whimper.

           “Not a chance, pal.” You heard the familiar voice ring through the air and then the click of a gun. The man who had you pinned released you to whip around to the voice, momentarily taking the gun off you. However, never in a million years was he expecting the Winter Soldier behind him, eyes stony and filled with repressed rage. “Close your eyes, doll.” You did as instructed, ignoring the butterflies in your stomach at the nickname because holy hell this was not the right time.

           You flinched when you heard a sudden crunch and a body drop to the floor. “Keep ‘em closed, you don’t want to see it.” You let out a yelp in surprise as he lifted you off the ground, one of his arms locking underneath your legs and the other supporting your upper body. You instinctively wrapped your arms around his neck, tucking your face into his chest. You heard people calling his name but his hand left your shoulder momentarily and the voices and the crunching of gravel underneath people’s shoes stopping. Then, you felt yourself being lowered, feeling your feet touching the ground and Bucky’s arms steadying you. You opened your eyes and found yourself staring at Bucky’s steely blue ones. Concern was written across his features. Before he could get a single word out, Steve jogged up to you guys, Natasha at his heels.

           “Is she hurt?” He asked, his features masking Bucky’s.

           “No,” You breathed out. “Bucky got there before he could do any worse. I just have a headache.”

           “We’ll have Banner check her out back at the tower for any concussions or other injuries to be sure. Let’s get her to the quinjet.” Steve and Natasha walked off, leaving you and Bucky standing in the wake of what could’ve been the most painful thing, for the both of you, even if either of you were aware of each other’s feelings for each other, but after Bucky genuinely feeling scared of losing you, he had to take a shot in the dark.

           “After all this is set and done, how about a movie or two?”

           “Well, I didn’t spend a week playing a bunch of iconic movies for nothing.” You smiled and pulled him in for a kiss, momentarily forgetting the ache in your head and what had just happened. Bucky was never going to let you get hurt again. Not on his watch.



So, bearing in mind I’m judging the movie based upon this trailer alone so maybe it will turn out differently, but upon the basis of this trailer….mixed feelings.

I guess at the moment based on this I’m looking forward to seeing another fun MCU movie.

The Web Wings sort of give us the web pits which is cool. Seeing more legitimate high school interaction stuff with Spider-Man is cool.

Seeing Spider-Man and Iron Man interact on the big screen is for me as a fan since I was a child in the 90s never going to not be something I’ll pay to see. Just like I went to BvS knowing it would suck but still…it’s Batman and Superman in live action on screen together. It’s a childhood dream realised, even if it’s not actually good.

Now I’m not saying this movie will be Dawn of Justice. I don’t know.

But based upon this trailer…I really am concerned its going to be a fun MCU movie and probably a fun movie movie….but I don’t know if it’s going to be a great SPIDER-MAN movie.

Because…Iron Man mentoring Spider-Man is…I’m not alone in having concerns about that.

Spider-Man doesn’t have a mentor. It’s legitimately important to the core philosophy underpinning the character that he not have a mentor. He can have someone in his normal life who might be a paternal figure, like George Stacy. But as Spider-Man, as a superhero…he operates alone on his own terms. Nobody tells him how precisely to do things.

Giving him a mentor figure, let alone one in the form of an established hero is really, really, really going against part of the point of the character’s early creation. He’s the teenage hero who wasn’t a sidekick to anybody.

And I know you could say that hey, he’s not a sidekick in this either. But having Iron Man mentor him is like one step below being a sidekick. He’s still having someone instruct him. He isn’t self taught hero figuring it out on his own, making ends meet on his own terms.

Even in his private life Peter tended to shirk charitable efforts in favour of doing things himself.

He’ll team up with people sure, but it took a very long time before Spider-Man embraced being a full on team player and even then that came with a fair amount of autonomy.

This is different because again, the young teenage Spider-Man absolutely has to be  going it alone which the trailer implies is not the case.

The trailer is saying Tony is telling him what to do and they will butt heads over him listening to that or not. Which is…absolutely not teen Spider-Man at all.

The web wings are…I will be okay with them if they are literally just helping him to glide over short distances when he leaps. But the 2 problems I foresee with this are that

a)    They will amount to all out flight which again, is really not Spider-Man’s style at all and

b)   He gets them from Stark

So again the biggest point of contention regarding Spidey in Civil War crops up again.

It is part and parcel of what I’ve been saying up until now. Spider-Man is lacking his independence if you have Tony give him tech and other essentials.

I GET wanting to inject novelty into this and making it relevant to the shared universe. But there comes a point where if you lean too much into that you begin to undermine the point of the character and his story.

Ideally every solo MCU movie should be a great movie that nails the characters they are representing but also works within the shared universe. Iron Man, Thor, the First Avenger, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Winter Soldier managed to do this.

Civil War was essentially Avengers 3 and it was vital to changing the universe but you could get away with that as a Cap movie because Cap is essentially THE leader of the Marvel universe. He can by himself affect it. So it was okay even if I wish we could have more straight Cap movies about Cap’s life and rogue’s gallery (*coughDiamondbackcough*).

Even Doctor Strange, which frankly was deeply flawed, succeeded at being rooted firmly in Doctor Strange’s world and characters and concerns whilst still working within the MCU and still contributing to the ongoing plots.

I think that’s my concern. I don’t think most Spider-Man fans (albeit maybe most moviegoers) wanted MCU Spider-Man movies about Spider-Man linked in with the wider MCU stuff. They simply wanted Spider-Man movies with the quality that the MCU has come to be known for. As in they wanted a more faithful Ditko/Romita Spider-Man but with the MCU success and quality they’d come to be known for. Not a movie where Spider-Man’s story inherently wouldn’t work without the wider MCU being part and parcel of that. Maybe at most they would like to see him fight non-Spider-Man villains from the wider MCU.

The Vulture…looked pretty cool in costume. I’m concerned though that just like Aunt May, who again looked too young in this movie, Vulture’s gimmick of being an old man who’s more dangerous than he appears is going to be ignored. Which is essentially nuts considering they’ve hammered in the youth thing for Hollan’ds Spider-Man. Maybe they won’t commit to that forever but whilst Holland is a kid in high school why wouldn’t you embrace him fighting a villain characterizaed by being a mean OLD man.  Hopefully that WILL be in the movie but the guy seemed like middle aged more than a senior citizen.

Him knowing Peter is Spider-Man and using that to threaten him…ehhhhhhhhhhhh…

Putting aside how that’s never been a Vulture thing…we’ve seen that in 4/5 Spider-Man movies.

Spider-Man 2002: Norman finds out attacks Aunt May and Mary Jane

Spider-Man 2: Doc ock finds out at the end (granted I wouldn’t entirely count that one)

Spider-Man 3: Harry attacks Peter at the beginning of the movie, manipulates Mary Jane in the middle of the movie and then Venom attacks MJ to get to him at the end of the movie.

Amazing Spider-Man: The Lizard finds his camera that the GENIUS hero Peter Parker decided to take into the sewer without removing his name from it. Consequently he attacks his school

Amazing Spider-Man 2: Harry figures out Spider-Man is peter and attacks Gwen

We need to see this again?

Not to mention that IF they want to bring in Norman or Venom it’s very important to both of them that they know Peter’s identity so this move would cheapen that if we get there.

Liz looks to be based upon the Spec cartoon version and also the love interest of this. Fine by me. Michelle is someone he 100% knows from the get go.

My biggest fear is that they will do something asinine like have her be a bit like Ultimate MJ and then give her a ‘makeover’ moment and she opens the door as Romita MJ.

At this point, even though I still think visually Zendaya could play MJ, the direction they are going with Michelle makes me hope that actually she is NOT Mary Jane.

And then Ned.









No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No No. No. No. No

No. No. Noooooooooooo

Where do I begin.

I guess at the obvious.

He’s Ganke.

He is a portly high schooler of Asian American descent who likes Lego and is friends with Spider-Man whom he goes to school with and who, in his bedroom, learns is a superhero upon it being revealed to him.

He’s Ganke.

There is….sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much wrong with this.

FIRST of all….Ganke is NOT a Peter Parker character. And Ganke is NOTHING like Ned Leeds either, so well done you’ve ruined Ned.

Second of all Peter having a high school confidant….no. Just….no. That’s not the character and that’s not his story or struggle. At best you can maybe have teen MJ fill that role. Or shit if we’re gonna be making Spider-Man clearly tied into the MCU why not another hero? Peter Parker in high school though was someone who was mostly an outsider having to deal with crap on his own and taking crap from people because he couldn’t reveal his identity to people. Giving him a Ganke character seriously compromises that.

Now I honestly don’t know this so please inform me if I am off here but…I’m guess upon the basis that I’ve never heard the name outside of Miles Morales comics that Ganke’s name Ganke originates from whatever ethnic heritage he has (like all 4 of my names).

So….why change his name to Ned? Why would you do that?

If he’s going to be Ganke just call him fucking Ganke.

It does nothing to make him Ned Leeds (unless they are gonna do what Spec did and call him Ned LEE, because Ganke’s last name is Lee). Nothing except blow up Ned’s character and erase Ganke’s character a little bit.

Worse though is the transplanting of Ganke’s character and role of confidant into Peter’s story.

Why would you do this?

Peter has the best supporting cast out there, why do you need to steal one of the few supporting characters Miles has to supplement his movie?

It’s utterly unnecessary for Peter’s character and it really damages Miles’ in the eventuality that he will show up in the MCU.

In fact I’d argue that this move really lessens anybody’s hopes that Miles WILL ever show up. Now I obviously don’t think Miles should show up in the MCU at THIS point in time. I don’t mind about later on, but as the first and definitive Spider-Man of the MCU Hell no, that has to be Peter Parker.

But when you start stealing Miles Morales elements to be in your Peter Parker movie you are eating up the minute mythology Miles has for you to work with. Which means the best case scenario is that Miles shows up with a story way too different from the one he was created with.

And oh my God…is this going to cause yet more shit between the Peter and the Miles fans.

I haven’t checked but I can imagine Miles fans who are, not unjustifiably, butthurt over this right now.

Ages ago I said how it’d be wrong to treat Peter and Miles as interchangeable. How it’d be disingenuous to do a Miles movie trilogy wherein you give him elements of Peter Parker in order to flesh out his minute history for the sake of a movie series.

Well shit, I didn’t think I had to spell out that the reverse was true as well. The difference is that unlike doing a Miles movie a Peter film just doesn’t NEED any Miles elements. There is more than enough to work with as is.

Final thoughts: I am gonna watch it and enjoy it as a fun MOVIE. As a good SPIDER-MAN movie though…I am incredibly apprehensive

Chapter 16/18

(Ah the end is coming so soon. If I stick to my plans then Home will be finished with Chapter 18 I’ve decided. Just thought I’d give everyone a heads up. Thank you all to have stuck with the story thus far. I appreciate it so much!)

Summary: After meeting Alfred on an online site for omegas and alphas to find a mate, Arthur decides to make a trip to America to find out if Alfred really is the right mate for him, and if Alfred will think Arthur is the right one too.
AU: Omegaverse AU, Cowboy AU
Warnings: Angst. Language. Slurs.

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Chris Evans in Modern Weekly (HD Photos + Interview)

MW: Who do you think Captain America loved the most? Carter? Black Widow? Or Bucky? (All characters from the movie Avengers 2) (note: I have no idea why they said characters in Avengers 2 cuz Peggy and Bucky were absent from AOU, maybe they made a mistake and meant Cap 2)

CE: Bucky, I believe. Of course Captain America loves everyone, but of all those people, Bucky is the only friend who links him to his whole life.

[Full English translation of the interview under the cut]

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: what to watch and the order to watch it in

So, you wanna do a MCU marathon? Looking for a guide to help you in these laborious times? Well look no further! (I love gifs, so thank you to all the amazing creators of the ones I have used in this guide. I applaud you.)

EDIT: This is personally how I would do it. freetotheworld1 pointed out that The Incredible Hulk should be watched after Iron Man 2 (the change has been made) and that I didn’t add one-shots. I wanted to do this guide with only the movies and TV shows. 

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Tips before you start:

1. I would recommend watching the TV Shows because, in the end, everything is linked to each other. The shows have important information and back stories that wouldn’t be shown in the movies.

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2. Different dimensions. Marvel has different dimensions and realities because if you think about it, couldn’t there be alternate universes out there? I’m not going to dwell on it too much so here are the three main universes you should remember:

  • Earth-199999 [Marvel Cinematic Universe]
  • Earth-1218 [Our reality, where superheroes don’t exist]
  • Earth-616 [The most common universe where most of the Marvel Comics take place]

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3. Marvel works in phases. There are three phases to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each having around 6-10 movies. The plot sauce gets thicker and thicker as the phases go along. 

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4. When watching the TV Shows, remember to stop and watch the next movie. It’s always one of those things where the show carries on after the events of the movie. 

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5. Always stay after the movie is finished. This is a Marvel fan’s number one rule. There are mid-credits and post-credit scenes that have vital information for the next movie (well, most of them). So join the bandwagon and laugh at the silly people that walk out of the theatre after the last line has been said.

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here’s the thing, though. i’m really not a pro-accords, pro-SRA person.

let’s stick to mcu for this particular rant. yes, i absolutely refuse to ignore the fact that t’chaka and rhodey are arguably the soundest and most objective moral centers of the film, i categorically reject anti-accords discourse that indiscriminately demonizes all parties involved in the accords based on the premise that the pro-accountability stance is somehow morally deplorable, i myself agree with the pro-accountability stance, and i think that if 117 countries are talking, you need to listen.

however. it does come down to the old “flawed execution” argument for me, which i personally don’t take lightly in this case. speaking as a non-american citizen and a latina with… relevant personal/familial baggage that i’m certainly not about to publicly discuss on this shitty blogging platform: you show me a scenario where people can be imprisoned while their right to a lawyer and fair trial is reduced to snickering by martin freeman in a suit? nope. absolute, instant, glaring NO in my book. like, no matter how good the concept is, this sort of thing is the negative number multiplied into a however endless string of positives, the final result will be a negative anyway. there’s no getting around that for me, no amount of tony stark desperately promising that “documents can be amended” that can make something like this feel even remotely comfortable.

so yes, i do understand and i can relate to all that stuff about the accords being bad. what i don’t understand is whatever logic that leads people to categorize tony stark as a malicious or naïve/privileged perpetrator of this Bad System, when he’s deliberately, and at great personal expense, putting himself out there as a political buffer between the avengers and said system

my god, speaking as someone who’s very familiar with Deportation ~Paranoia, yes, yes, there is something immensely satisfying in the escapist fantasy that the superhero genre provides, the whole “standing up for what you think is right, no matter what,” very steve rogers concept. you disagree with something in a visceral level? middle finger it. fight it. i do appreciate watching that in characters who are acting out of a fundamentally good drive. even if and when i don’t agree with what they’re doing. if my little brother fucking came home to me with some story about how he mouthed off to an authority figure who was being unfair to him, i would be fucking furious at him first thing, because rule number fucking one is DO NOT ARGUE IN A WAY THAT’S GONNA GIVE THEM RELEVANT REASON TO GET YOU IN LEGAL TROUBLE, because how fucking stupid can you be, but like. like. i would certainly god damn watch the entire episode

(by the way, that’s why the steve/tony dialog that goes “when i see a situation pointed south, i can’t ignore that. sometimes i wish i could” “no, you don’t” “no, i don’t” “sometimes i want to punch you in your perfect teeth” rings so true and compelling to me, and i particularly relate to it on tony’s end, because what i read into it is really not something i can quite verbalize, it’s just. honestly. that feeling when your little brother insists on doing something stupidly misguided out of a stupidly reckless drive that is nonetheless heroic, and you just eye-twitch into infinity because you wish he would chill but at the same time you’re glad it’s still him, that’s the feeling.)

anyway, yes. the whole “no, you move” thing speaks to my fantasies. but what spoke to me, personally, in this whole civil war construct? this thing where tony cannot move. tony having to act while politically and legally restrained – not in the “this is how cops and people with guns should be supervised” sense, but in the sense where he’s dealing with threats of unjust incarceration for his friends, and even threats against their lives

that’s what lives at the heart of my unhealthy fascination with the berlin sequence, i guess? everybody and their mothers know that i’m obsessed with tony being stressed out as fuck while still having to hold his own, self-restrained and beyond possible reproach, in atmospheres that are hostile and biased against him. hell, surprise, i relate. i still insist that at that point in the movie, the hold that the accords had on tony had more to do with his fear than his principles. their initial discussion is the only time we see tony actively argue using principles of accountability as a basis, after that, when trying to persuade steve, he keeps harping on the same point about consequences that he had already touched on during the first discussion. from berlin onward, he tells steve he’s doing what’s necessary to stop something worse, he says he’s trying to protect wanda because she’s politically vulnerable, he tries to convince steve and the rest of team cap to come with him “because it’s us” and not a damn killing squad. and then in the end, we do see the manifestation of “something worse,” what tony was trying to avoid, when we see the avengers locked up in the raft.

i said it once, i’ll say it again: when push comes to shove, tony’s not going after steve because he thinks steve’s position is morally reproachable and because the accords are Justice, he’s going after steve because steve running off after not signing the accords is actively making their situation worse

and i suppose that this kind of thing just invites the sort of reductive argument fandom has been indulging in, the whole like. who’s Right, who’s Wrong, tony’s taking the ~path of least resistance of the accords out of cowardice/malicious intent/naivety, or because that’s the path that saves his ass, etc etc etc. well, speaking again from my personal life perspective: when somebody subjects themself to a system out of fear of consequences for noncompliance that their family, friends, and self might be exposed to, and someone else jumps in and says that person must be a coward or lazy or bigoted or whatever because they didn’t explicitly middle-finger @ The System, it’s hard for me not to assume that the second person isn’t pretty much like one of those white american fratboys smoking weed in public because “fuck the system” am i right? like. clearly this sort of person doesn’t know what it’s like to sit your little brother the fuck down and tell him to fucking chill and endure a measure of injustice because you’re scared of what will happen if he doesn’t          

and like. give me a break, every day of my life i need to make a conscious effort not to call myself a coward for not Taking A Stand. even in a tony level, i have indeed tortured myself by briefly considering the possibility that tony may not have been heroic in cap 3 up until he rebelled, told ross to fuck off in not so many words, and went after steve, but hey you know what? nah. that’s not true. tony’s drive was heroic from the very get-go, and it gets especially so when steve steps into the room and tony’s already on the phone with ross, trying to alleviate the situation and basically offering up himself and his name as collateral. he’s heroic even as he tells ross “thank you, sir” after ross gives him 36 hours, instead of the requested 72, to apprehend bucky/team cap without resorting to lethal force – why? because he’s subjected to inhumane levels of pressure and fear and he still won’t “fuck off” out of the situation because he’s scared of what rocking this particular boat will mean to the avengers. 

it baffles me that people don’t seem to understand how huge this is, but then again, i don’t know, maybe it’s just a perspective thing. in the narrative itself, i don’t think steve & co really acknowledge, appreciate, or maybe even comprehend the level at which tony is acting in his attempts to protect them, so like?? this is probably a lost battle

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Look I just…I really have to say this:

The Steve/Sharon thing is creepy, unsettling and to me, haunting.I hate that we might be seeing it play out in the cinematic universe.

Sorry but I’ve got a long confession/rant ahead. Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a Stony fan in the least. I hate that pairing almost as much as I hate Steve/Sharon. To me Stony is the perfect example of a fan pairing,that no matter how strong or well developed a grudge is placed between two characters, people will just write it off as ‘sexual tension’. I feel a major reason why so many people ship it isn’t because of their actual dynamic as characters but rather because it fuels a homoerotic hot-guy-on-guy fetish.  Yet for all of that, I hate the Steve/Sharon thing just a little bit more.

Why, you ask?Because their relationship is based on wish fulfillment and the desire for replication.

Sharon is supposed to be the blonde image of her aunt Peggy. Sharon is a high ranking S.H.I.E.L.D agent who is skilled with firearms. Peggy was also a S.H.I.E.L.D agent who pretty much only used firearms. Steve and Peggy were attracted to each other and sometimes worked together when she served in the French Resistance during World War 2. They never entered into a committed relationship but there were definitely strong feelings between the two, and Steve was enamored by her at the time that he was frozen in the arctic. Steve still missed Peggy even after he had been unfrozen for some time, but more than that, he missed the time period and the world that he knew. At this point who walks into his life but Sharon Carter, the almost complete look-a-like of Peggy, the woman from Steve’s past, who has a similar job to the one Peggy had at the time Steve last saw her.

It’s doucy enough when you think that Steve views Sharon as just Peggy 2.0 but it’s actually more complicated than that.Those who’ve read the House of M comics know that in the alternate reality where Steve is never frozen, he and Peggy get married and then divorce not that long after. Peggy was not some big epic love of Steve’s life that he was trying to replicate with Sharon. He basically used Sharon to replace Peggy, a flame from his old life and as such was trying to hold onto that old life. His wish was that he’d never been frozen, so he could stay in that time period he knew and by replacing the woman he’d loved from that same era, with her look-a-like relative in the present, he was ultimately saying that he couldn’t let go. That makes Steve look so pathetic.

And let’s look at this from Sharon’s perspective; She grew up hearing her aunt (or half-sister in the early comics) telling her stories about how she, Peggy would shoot down Nazis, saving people and falling for, as well as aiding and sometimes being rescued by, the heroic Captain America. It’s those stories that inspired Sharon to join S.H.I.E.L.D., to become like Peggy, shooting the bad guys, helping to save the day, and eventually romancing with Captain America herself. And guess what? Sharon becomes a better fighter than Peggy was and she is able to enter into a romantic relationship with Cap successfully, unlike Peggy. Does that make her the new and improved Peggy? Steve might as well start calling her Peggy because that seems to be what they both want. That makes Sharon look so pathetic.       

It makes both of them look pathetic.

So now I’m going to let you guys in on the worst part of all. The reason why I feel so strongly about/against this is because I’ve been in a similar situation. I dated a guy who used to date my cousin, who has a lot of the same interests and job goals as me. The truth came out eventually and it was ugly; he was dating me because my cousin was no longer available, and because I was the next best thing. I don’t mean to completely demonize the guy because he was sorry for it and he was the one who broke it off but it was still very painful.

I’m really looking forward to seeing The Winter Soldier, the trailer looked great and I have complete faith in the cast but I’m really uneasy about the scenes involving Steve and Sharon.Emily Van Camp has said that she’s a potential love interest for the sequel(s) and I really hope that potential never comes to pass. I’m grateful to the casting directors for not just bringing Haley Atwell back,putting her in a blonde wig and asking her to use an American accent, like some people suggested. I’m glad that Van Camp has only a passing resemblance to Atwell but still the idea is there. Even if you take away the overwhelming physical resemblance that Sharon and Peggy have in the comics, there’s still both of them working in S.H.I.E.L.D., being handy with a gun, being relatives and then making Sharon Steve’s new girl.IT’S JUST TOO CONTRIVED. AUDIENCES AREN’T STUPID ENOUGH TO NOT SEE THAT.

I understand the way the superhero movie genre works. I get that,unless he has a heroic sacrifice, the hero always gets the girl in the end. I’m not shooting that down in some straw feminist way. I’m fine (if not happy) with it as long as it’s done tastefully and the girl isn’t constantly forced into really dangerous situations just so the superhero can assist her. I’m also not bashing Sharon as a solo character, because she has had some great development and storylines over the years.

What I’m saying is I really hope they don’t put her into that romantic role. If they need someone to be Steve’s lady love, then let it be Beth, the waitress in the Avengers. She was likable in her small part, and if they wanted to, they could make her into a modern day version of Betsy Ross, another love interest of Steve’s from the WWII period (who unlike Peggy, was actually a big part of those early comics and not retconned in). If not Beth then bring in Diamondback, Bernie Rosenthal,Connie Ferrari or even use Maria Hill. But no to Sharon being anything besides a friend and colleague of Steve’s. Please no to putting them in such a contrived relationship that makes them both look like tools. I know how painful that kind of relationship is, and I’d rather not associate that pain with my favorite Marvel superhero.

Sorry for any typos. I’m tired and upset.


Summary: Phil works as an Internet security officer whose job is to read flagged emails and send out warnings for a magazine company. Little did he know, he’s about to get hooked on emails from a certain someone. Based loosely on Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments.
Genre: AU
Word count: 1.6k
Beta: The lovely Lily

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the signs based off ppl i know irl

*this is based off people i know. may or may not be entirely accurate characteristics of the signs*

ARIES: angry but passionate people who deep down are pretty insecure but will never admit it and yells at everyone who tries to help them // will not look at the other person’s side of the argument like ever // always thinks they can get away with everything // never gives up on what they believe in // stands up for what they believe in // always supportive of their friends // says they don’t wanna be popular but secretly does // dresses decently 

TAURUS: honestly they do love food // chill people who i have never ever seen get angry // likes videogames // likes hanging out with friends a lot // fun weekends with friends // good listeners // likes to avoid thinking about deep things // likes being loved // doesn’t care much about popularity // basic clothes but still looks nice

GEMINI: hard to tell if they’re being serious or not // very flirtatious // surprisingly smart under all that playfulness // loves jokes // lightens the mood during dark times // not very reliable // forgetful // quite popular // talkative // very silly // sometimes selfish but also thoughtful of others // likes action and war movies 

CANCER: almost all the cancers i know were my main and best friend for a period in my life // very caring and thoughtful about others // easily saddened by things // easily influenced or controlled by outside forces // has the tendency to be possessive of crushes and even friends // jealous at times // understanding and help // good advice // great listeners 

LEO: bold and confident // likes flashy things // doesn’t really think about deep things // a bit careless // playful and exciting // adventurous and fun // tells funny jokes // some actually can be sometimes shy  

VIRGO: very loyal to friends // very observant // tends to be wallflowers // interprets things deeper than others // thoughtful of others // sometimes gives advice that isn’t quite necessary or obvious advice // hesitant and doubtful about new things // can be nerdy and geeky but that’s okay // likes films and books // excellent memory 

LIBRA: cool at first but then becomes cold/mean when they become bored with you // aren’t quite loyal to new friends // can sometimes be pretentious // pretty smart but they know it and it becomes undesirable and cocky // good music tastes // chaotic neutral // sarcastic but uses funny sarcasm // witty and clever // tbh i like libras but they are mean to me so :(

SCORPIO: quiet and seemingly normal at first // underrated and likes cool things // likes gorey/scary/thriller films // likes to read // not very mainstream // hides in the background // i haven’t met many scorpios tbh // i love them and i wish i knew more :( 

SAGITTARIUS: super chill // open-minded // loves to have adventures // is daring and fun // never a dull moment with them // pretty good advice // pretty deep // has approximate knowledge on almost everything // doesn’t like relationships // has playful relationships (i.e. addressing friends as ‘father’ or ‘mom’ or ‘wife’) // loyal only to friends 

CAPRICORN: geekiest geek nerds // ambitious // most of the caps i know are very well dressed // awkward // super shy when you first try to get to know them // tries to stay as far away from popular crowd as possible // deep and smart // will never give up on something // doesn’t try in school yet manages to get amazing grades // extremely loyal to friends // sometimes pretends they forgot something when in reality they remember it vividly // enthusiastic and gets excited when talking about the things they love // way too many small crushes 

AQUARIUS: very generous // very helpful and reliable // can be on/off with you (i.e. talking to you for hours one day and then ignoring you the next) // in love with the idea of love but stops self from falling in love // all the aquas i know play football? it’s weird // quite the people person // popular in school 

PISCES: aw so cute // shy at first but very silly and fun when you get to know them // can be book smart but doesn’t think deeply on things // likes to live in the moment // doesn’t think or care much for the future // always tries to get good grades in school // actually studies but you wouldn’t guess // i secretly love pisces lol 

the only REAL hero in CACW is Rhodey

what makes a hero a “hero”? someone who is selfless, and fights to protect the innocent because its the Right Thing To Do.

All of the heroes in CACW are ultimately ruled by personal loyalties and/or emotions. the only one who is motivated PURELY for the sake of peace and the people, AND because its the right thing to do? is Rhodey.  

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