can you do nothing right

  • close friend:i believe in you
  • me:omg..... they're right.... i can do this. nothing can stop me but me. im going to go get a glass of water and succeed.
  • someone that doesnt know me too well:i believe in you
  • me, getting ready to explain how awful i am:no, you dont understand-

my friend is complaining about her mom wanting her to do a few simple chores on her day off work…like…how fucking spoiled do u have to be to complain about running bottles into the recycling depot and doing dishes?

tfw you do something really big for your friend and they don’t even thank you

not even once

at all

no thanks at all. 


Oneshot - Emmett Cullen

“Please Emmett. Just one arm wrestling match.” You begged.

“Fine. One match. But prepare to lose kiddo.” He said smirking at you.

“I don’t think so.” You said laughing.

You sat down opposite Emmett. Emmett was extremely strong and you couldn’t compare to him. So obviously you lost the arm wrestling match.

“Dammit. One more try please.” You begged.

“No kiddo. Your just not strong enough to beat me.”

“Its not fair.” You mumbled.

“I know its not. But nothing is ever fair in life.”

“OK then what else can we do.”

“Nothing that you would win. You know I’m a vampire right so it is pointless in trying to challenge me all the time. You won’t win kiddo.”

“Stop calling me kiddo.” You said as you stormed away from Emmett.

But before you could get anywhere Emmett was standing in front of you.

“Damn you and your vampire speed.” You said.

“I’m sorry.” He said as he pulled you in for a hug.

“You better be.”

“Ok. How about one more arm wrestling match? I will go easier on you this time.”

“You’re on.” You agreed.

anonymous asked:

I thought those fake starters were great. Much better than Delphox or Chesnaught. As far as I know, they usually have same basic colors? Also I've been watching you for a long time and you've started to seem more and more arrogant. You talk like everyone but you were complete idiots and can do nothing right.

I wasn’t really criticizing whether the designs are good as designs but as could they be real or not. I mean I’ve seen great fan megas, fusions and other fakemons that are absolutely gorgeous (I like the siren Popplio evo a lot on that aspect) but most of them would never be in the real games. Too many details, too off colors or poorly stylized limbs are often the reason. I don’t care if they look cooler or “better” than actual official designs, because they never even could be because of their style.
So yeah, I could have worded it better. I find speculating about something we know nothing about pretty pointless in the first place, so when people “predict” what the starters are going to look like with no effort to make them look like they could reasonably be in the games…. well, equally pointless.

Anyway, I’m rambling.
If you observe starter pokemon colors, most of them change tint along their evolution line!
I made a separate post about it ->here<-.

I’m sorry if I’ve seemed arrogant. I’m fully aware of the salt I’ve been giving to the pokemon fandom lately, but I actually feel no regret for most of it. It’s tiring to have grown to the point where you see the big picture, the pattern, but you have to watch other people fall into the same pit over and over again. Instead of pitying them I guess I’ve taken the role of someone who simply shakes their head and says “I told you so”. It’s easier to deal with.
Sorry if that has seemed arrogant to you. It’s my way of reducing mental load off my shoulders.