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Hi friend. I don't feel well today. I just want to break down & cry. I thought I had my depression beat. I had struggled with it for about 8 years and then I was saved and for about a year it just all kinda went away??? I didn't even have to see my doctors but every 3 months but it's back now for about a mont and idk I feel myself slipping. God is my help, I know but I feel so useless. What if He hates me and has abandoned me? I kno the Bible tells me differently but I can't do this without Him

my love, i’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. i’d wrap you in a blanket and give you a beverage of your choice, if i could. i feel like i’m a terrible person to talk to about this, because i’ve never dealt with depression. (i wanna say @aubscares has? also a very solid Christian, would love her to weigh in!)

here’s what i do know: God will not ever hate you or abandon you. God did not suffer and die just to drop you now. Tim Keller put it this way: “The gospel is this: We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.”

have your doctors recommended any medicines to help you? God uses means; use them and thank Him for that gift.

remember that your suffering is not pointless. i’m sorry you have to go through this, but i know that it’s for your ultimate good and for God’s ultimate glory. how can He be glorified through your depression? i don’t know, but He does.

study God. study the Bible. meditate on what makes Him God. i learned this saying recently, and i’m quite fond of it: “right theology informs right thinking. right thinking informs right feeling.”

i hope that helps a bit? please feel free to talk to me any time, my friend. i’ll be praying for you <3

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who's,,, like,,,,, ur dream partner (describe them)

like. ?????? someone who puts up with my shit????? like idk Specifics but. someone who messages me a lot n reassures me and is silly with me and makes me laugh. someone who makes me smile just thinking about them. someone who’s interested or at least listens 2 the things i’m interested in. someone who’s soft and gentle and sweet and thoughtful. someone who indulges me and supports me but also like. gives me solid advice bc i have a lot of worries and not a lot of confidence. idk my dude just. that feeling u get when u say ur going 2 bed but then you stay up another two hours bc you can’t stop talking to each other, that’s a Good feeling, it makes my heart do this funny flip thing, i love it…… i just want a lot of affection and like. someone who helps me communicate and actually Talk about my feelings and needs which i Suck at doing like you wouldn’t believe how Terrible i am at communication. i want someone who i feel safe with, that’d be nice

So if you are disabled/chronically ill like me and depend on Obamacare for your insurance, now is a REALLY GOOD TIME to schedule that procedure you’ve been meaning to asking your doctor about.

We have a solid four months until Trump can really do anything, so we need to be prepared for the worst.

WWII Era Vampires

Giving their neighbors their rations claiming that the government fucked up that week because they noticed that they’re going without trying to feed their kids.

Signing up for the draft cuz, “Fuck it. We can’t die by their weapons anyway. I’ll fight for the country I’ve lived in for the past century.”

Vampire nurses who know when the blood’s gone bad or what type of blood you need (because blood typing was fairly new during WWII).

The baby faced forever 18 vampire siting with the older soldiers cuz he’s seen the same shit they’ve seen, even though he can’t tell them. They’re all watching the young “I’m going to be a hero” boys, sadly waiting for the ball to drop.

The vampire that has to explain how he was the only survivor in the ambush and why the enemy is torn to shreds.

The vampire solider, holding his best mate since his childhood begging and crying, “Please, let me do this.” But his mate won’t let him because he’s more afraid of living forever and watching the world move on without him.

Then, 70 years later, they come to the memorial, to commemorate everyone that fought, everyone that fell, and an old man looks at him strangely and says, “You look just like your Grandfather.”

When the teams get their asses kicked by Supergirl
  • Oliver: This is so humilating
  • Ray: I know my armor feels like paper against her
  • Firestorm: Dammit we can't get even land a single solid hit
  • The Flash: I do feel extremely powerless
  • Sara Lance: This is the best day of my life* starts humming hit me baby one more time*
There’s a difference between being important and being loved
Being important means that I offer something to the world
It’s that I have a skill you don’t
I do things you can’t do for yourself and you appreciate that
But being loved is much more of a feeling
It’s not solid or black and white it just is
It’s that I could totally screw things up and you would still pick me
Without being important and special, I feel like I could disappear and it would be okay
But without being loved, I feel hollow
So I understand that there is a key difference in the two,
But please don’t make me choose.

Hey my loves, so.. my first ever recolor was this amazing bathing suit by @strange-girl-sims and well, it came out okay, but it was literally the first thing I ever did - so I revisited it and kept some of my favorite patterns and added some new ones. So anyway there are two files: one has 15 ombres and the other has 24 patters. 12 pattern tops with solid bottoms and 12 pattern bottoms with solid tops. I plan to do this suit in solids as well as in anchors (because I can and I love anchors stop judging me!!) I am probably also going to do some in all patterns. I don’t know I am obsessed with this bathing suit.. or recoloring bathing suits in general but I am….



anyways.. you know the drill.. hit that reblog button. give me some hearts! bring me chocolate! give me hugs! tell me you love me.. all that good stuff. I love you all very much. 

Shout out to @enticingsims for no reason other than being my other half.

Today is my day off. It might be yours too.

AKA- the 2/3rd’s method of staying safe and sane while fighting against facism. 

This is a long post. If you don’t want to read it all, just look at the pictures and the bold print. Thanks & Please Share!

If you’ve been awake at all the past week, you know that we are not alone. 

[Image: Womens March DC, thousands of people in pink hats wait to being marching on the National Mall]

[Image: No Ban No Wall, Protesters hold up signs welcoming immigrants and protesting the Muslim ban]

[Image: Let Them in, Protesters fill the terminal walkways of JFK airport protesting the detainment of refugees]

I know you may feel alone and powerless sitting at your computer screen, but even online we are not alone. 

This is what brings me to my point. I see so many posts both online and off emphasizing the things that you alone can do, which is GREAT! These are good and solid posts and it’s nice to get ideas from them, but if we are all trying to tackle this monster alone, we will all burn out. 

The key to success is taking control of our numbers. Organize!

This sounds big and scary, but here’s my method for staying safe, sane, and most importantly, spirited for the fight ahead. This works both online and off, this works in any capacity you can get it to work. This works in small and huge numbers. This works if you’re a high school kid or a retiree. Just stick to it. 

Step 1: Find (at least) two friends

You will need to find at least two other people who are in the same lane as you. They want to fight for the same things in the same capacity. They have their own abilities and strengths and weaknesses. Get to know each other, know what you all can or cannot do together. 

Offline- Get each other’s phone numbers, go out for coffee, talk about politics and also about fun things like cats. Become buddies

Online- Get each other’s usernames, private message each other, start a group or blog, talk about politics and other fun things like cats. Become buddies

Step 2: Rotate & Rest

OFFLINE VER: Pick causes in your local area (yes! this is online as well!). Draft an easy schedule. Add fun things like parties to make protest posters or post-protest relax/regroup days. 

Here’s where the 2/3 method comes in: 

[Image: The 2/3 rotation method illustrated with smiling shapes in a Venn Diagram. “Find Friends. Do Two, Rest One. REPEAT!”]

Two of your group will attend the event while the 3rd person stays away and takes an off day to rest and relax. They may be on call in even of an emergency to pick you up.

At the next event, rotate so that a different person sits out.Continue repeating this. Two go, one stays. As bigger groups go, try to keep the same ratio. Get organized. Start saving money for travel, food, lawyers, whatever you may need! Young kids you can use this method to organize rides if you’re dependent on family/friends. 

ONLINE VER: Handle issues like they’re events. Write/Call/Post to your local representatives for two out of three events or for two out of three days. Take an off day where you know your battle buddies have the fort held down. Ignore politics-related media for your off day. Practice some self care. 

This achieves all of the goals:

Safe: you are not at a protest/cause alone, you have at least 1 other person who is close to you with you. They are your quiet support online or off

Sane: You are not alone and do not feel abandoned after the even ends. If trouble occurs, there’s a backup who you can contact to pick you up! Keep your battle buddy close!

Spirited: You have a day to regroup, chill, and treat yourself as a human being before going back into the fight. Even boxers take breaks every round!

There are other things you can do to increase safety, especially if you have a group of 6 or larger:

  • Cherry pick attendees to events (White women to go to a BLM march, large intimidating masculine types to escort people to & from Pride)
  • Start a pool for bail/lawyers/transportation
  • Have an honorary team-mom who keeps the snacks/first aid/emergency equipment that’s provided by the squad
  • Run shifts at long term protests
  • Bring food to shift protestors
  • Meetup when there aren’t events to share life experiences and maybe a pizza? Mani-Pedis? Crossfit?
  • Practice Nazi-punching techniques
  • Team T-shirts.

This method is pretty easy to scale up to big organization style events. I’ve been using it recently and it really helps not only morally, but safety-wise. It’s a method I thought up and only recently put into practice. It’s not perfect, but if more people do it, it will get better and more refined. Share this! Spread this! Please be there for each other!


Your Grace

Request: Can u do a Bucky game of thrones inspired smut!!!

A/N: Thank you to the lovely anon who submitted this to me forever ago! So this probably isn’t as GoT themed as it could be, but I tried. What I will say is that this is some fuckin S I N and if any of y’all wanna dump me in a vat of holy water it would be much appreciated. I’m gonna go take a time out. This is a late Happy 100th to our fav old man! 

Summary: TV marathons aren’t really your thing. Bucky learns that the hard way.

Warnings: Basically porn lol [NSFW], Dom!Reader, Sub!Bucky (I’m a slut for Sub!Bucky), Oral, Hair Pulling kink, Swearing, Light Bondage (handcuffs), Blindfolds, Choking, Spanking (tip tappin on Bucky’s lil bum), Praise kink, Edging, Unprotected Sex (condoms are cool, kids), a lil bit of fluff

Word Count: 2,479

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Lay your head here on this soft ground
That blanket the stone earth like green snow
I will show you the beauty I house
In this garden, it is a place of rest from heat.
It is where I flourish peacefully
Untainted by whatever it is unknown
Out there, I do not know, I do not know.
I am a stubborn safety you may rest your heart in.

And please do not exhaust me
With your way of life, your way of style
It is yours to keep and not to give
I have my own symmetry I reside in
And it will keep so.
No matter how soft my shoulder feels
It will stiffen to put you out
So please do not put me out.

I am a solid existence to myself
Where friends can anchor
Their weary soul
Whenever, wherever
I am here, I am here.

—  The Beauty of Taurus, written by @satsune
  • a kind soul: here, you can borrow my jacket. i'm fine. you need it more that i do, haha. can't have you freezing
  • me, as they hand it to me and i put it on: oh! thank you :)
  • me: is going to think about them fondly for a solid week or more now & is already bracing for having to go through the 5 stages of grief when i have to return it

so my 3am thoughts had me thinkin bout a lot of things but mainly rules and restrictions of magical spells for some reason and it made me think bout the accio summoning charm in particular. like what are the restrictions on that charm cause like you have scenarios where the weasleys summon their brooms but why would it matter if it’s their brooms specifically y'know what I’m sayin, like why wouldn’t just any broom do the trick cause it’s still technically what they summoned. are there limitations on summoning things like non solid objects like water? what’s to stop me from just summoning a fucking castle like can I do that? like fuck you im really missing hogwarts rn fuckin accio hogwarts this bitch rn let’s go you see what I’m sayin? is there a line of sight? Distance? Knowing exact or approximate location? can you accio vague stuff like or non physical things like accio my will to live or my motivation??? idk?????

Shoutout to that time I accidentally gave Sam a Gold Bar and he was all, “You just don’t get it, do you?” Like excuse me, but that’s a solid 500G in riches right there, my buddy, my pal, you think you can just coast through life on sunshine and lollipops farting out of your ass with no monetary funds whatsoever? I believe it is you who just doesn’t get it, my dude.

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Ziam is really truly honestly not together in this day and age and it's absolutely killing me that I can't say or do anything as to how and why I know. You know how some people have that solid information on Larry (first hand experience/legal documents/BTS knowledge)? I have the same on Ziam. Don't get me wrong, I think the idea is totally cute and I've read more Ziam fic than you can imagine Also I'm convinced they've got each other off on more than 1 occasion. But yeah- not currently together

Thanks, Ned. 

Do you know why it took me so long to look into Ziam? It’s because I live by a simple philosophy…

And I’d been whole-assin Larry for over a year by the time I figured out that people weren’t kidding about Ziam. 

The difficult thing about looking into Ziam as a Larrie is that you’re like, “How…what…how could I have been so blind?” Because Ziam was just there existing in the foreground of all the key Larry moments and when you get dickslapped by their matching tattoos, their very public declarations of love, and realness, it’s not nice. There was literally a point where I was like, “Holy fucking shit,” because, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, there is more Ziam proof than Larry proof. 

“But Larry have matching tattoos!”

“Harry said that he and Louis were dating!”

“Louis danced with Harry!”

“Louis kissed Harry!”

“The thirst with Larry is real.”

Honestly, this photo was the first time I was like, “Hold up. Maybe these bros aren’t just bro-ing…”


Honestly…I don’t know what’s going on with Ziam right this second any more than I know what the hell is going on with my most problematic fave Louis. And I don’t like guessing. I will happily take facts and information that’s in front of me and deduce from it what I will, but it’s going to take a lot hell more than a shady anon to convince me of anything. 

I wrote this mostly just to be like, “OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA” than to argue with this ask because it honestly seems like it was built on a foundation of sand. Also I’m not comparing it with Larry to negate anything Louis and Harry did, rather to be like, “You think these fools are extra…just YOU WAIT. YOU THOUGHT THO!” Which is why I think we need to take a moment to appreciate the captain of the ships…

Smh…fifth wheel af for seven years now. 

Same, Noll. Same. 

If y’all want more Ziam posts, I warn you it’s a very inconvenient truth, go here:

Do you hate me now? ~Smutty September~

Prompt:  Can you write a Klaus smut where he and the reader are arguing and it gets so bad that she says she hates him? So he proves to her that she could never have him. Thank you!

Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Word Count: 1.1k

Warning: none

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Actor Louis

i’ll bring the bread because boy, you’re the jam by scagnetism (8k)

Just when he’s about to stop clicking the next button and claim defeat, maybe put some posters up around town, he’s met with a picture of white cardstock lying on a table, words written in black Sharpie with careful, deliberate strokes. “Hiiii,” it reads, “if you’re reading this, you’ve found my camera! I’d love it if you could contact me so I can get it back. It’d be the nice thing to do.”

Or the AU where Harry loses his camera. Louis finds it. They fall for each other via email.

walk my days on a wire by sunshiner (38k)

Harry hums, staring at his hands in his lap, and Louis can still feel their smoothness, how solid they were in between his own. “Do you think it’s the same for us? Are we here only because of the likeliness of our jobs? Of our lives?”
“We’re here because we have inventive managers,” Louis says, giving Harry’s leg a little nudge with his knee, but all that’s going around in his head is, I think I’d be in the same spot in every possible universe.

or, when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

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The first time Bitty sets foot in Montréal, he finds himself staring at a stop sign for a solid minute.

It’s one thing to know, intellectually, that Montréal is a French city, but it’s another thing entirely to experience it, to be faced with the evidence firsthand. From road signs to menus to price tags, everything is in French.

“ARRÊT”, the stop sign reads. And all Bitty can think of is how do you pronounce that accent again?

It’s a bit overwhelming, to say the least, but Jack seems totally at ease as he navigates them through the airport and then out into the parking lot. He manages to find his dad’s SUV, already waiting for them, and helps Bitty haul his luggage into the trunk. Jack slides into the front seat next to his dad, keeping the conversation in English—for Bitty’s sake, he imagines—while Bitty slides into the back. They break off into French for a short moment, and Bitty doesn’t remember enough of his French class despite Jack’s continued efforts to teach him to keep up. He does however notice the way Jack’s shoulders sink back into the seat’s leather, his smile calm and easy, unguarded in a way he rarely lets himself be while out in public.

Bitty glances outside, catches a few French words on the nearest road sign, and an inexplicable warmth fills his chest. So this is home to him, he thinks, and he treasures the feeling because it makes him feel that much closer to Jack. And maybe, just maybe, suddenly makes him feel like he understands him a little more.

(yes I made the banner in MSpaint don’t judge me)

Here is the long awaited list of Art Tips I mentioned a few days ago! These are Mostly things I’ve learned to help me improve this year. Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions!

  1. Set “practice” goals. Give yourself specific goals, but always word them as ‘practice’ not ‘improve’. Improvement takes time and can be difficult to attain. Meeting a goal to practice things is significantly easier and more rewarding. Improvement happens with practice and you’ll see it later on. Be specific with your goals. For example: “Practice Angry Expressions!”

  2. Give yourself a solid time frame for your goal. Define exact dates. It could be a week, two weeks, even a month. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

  3. Do Studies. Studies are a series of sketches, doodles, paintings, etc.. Done following research, usually looking at a photo or physical reference. I usually fill a whole page with quick, haphazard sketches of what I’m studying. If you’re studying birds, fill a whole page with birds, or hands. They don’t have to be good, they aren’t meant to be perfect. It’s just to get the idea on paper to help you form the visual on paper and in your hand.

  4. Change your goal as soon as you feel ready, after your last one. If you feel you’ve completed your goal, feel free to wait as long as you like, but it’s a good idea to have a list of goals so you aren’t left floundering for one. (Since it’s always harder to think of something when you NEED to.) For example: Angry expressions, Faces at low angles, two-point perspective, cool color schemes. It’s easier to move forward with a list of your own making, than leaving yourself hanging.

  5. Thumbnail. I can not say this enough! Before jumping into a big project, you’ll want to get in the habit of doing thumbnail sketches beforehand. No bigger than 2 or 3 inches, I usually fill a page with them. Thumbnailing can help you figure out how to get that posing just right. Or how you want your composition aligned. Small quick sketches of the different ways you could do things, to find how you want to do things.

  6. You can trace your own sketches. That’s right. It took me twenty years to figure out I could just trace my own sketch onto another sheet of paper to make lineart and do color so I didn’t fuck up my sketch. Digital artist, you can use a new layer over your sketch. Traditionally though, THIS IS HOW YOU DON’T FUCK UP YOUR SKETCH. (also if you trace very lightly it erases way better than trying to erase a full sketch. If you’ve never tried to color over a partially erased sketch it is hell.)

  7. Use References. You’d be surprised how many young artists out there think using references is wrong, or cheating. Let me tell you something. Did Leonardo Da Vinci have a reference for the Mona Lisa? You bet your ass he did. As far as I know he had at least two! All the great masters knew to use references. Actually looking at the thing you’re trying to recreate is the easiest way to master it. If you can’t find a reference for something, look for something that looks similar. Having a concept of what you want is quintessential to improvement. Hell, keep a whole folder of references. Hold onto them to fall back on later. Use them to their full extent.

  8. Draw at an angle. For traditional artists, drawing flat on a desk can often result in disproportionate drawings. Things farther away from the the eye tend to look smaller so things on the farther side of the paper can end up enlarged to compensate for our own eyes perspective of the paper. Drawing at an angle fixes this problem. It brings the paper into a better angle for your face. (I just lean my drawing board on top of a box of staples. It works lol)

  9. Watch other artists. Written tutorials are a phenomenal resource to many artists. But Video tutorials are some of the most helpful things in the world. Video tutorials can show you, in real time, how it’s done. Actually seeing it happen can really help. (I watch hours of tutorials and speedpaints. I just let them play in the background while I draw.)

  10. Try different materials. I’m not gonna lie, I loved digital art. But it just didn’t work for me. I discovered copic markers and my art has improved so much with a material that I feel more in-tune with. So experiment. Borrow from your friends, try new things in school, in art clubs. Whenever. Sometimes, you just need to try something different, to discover something that works better for you.

  11. DON’T. STOP. DRAWING. You don’t have to be churning out a completed piece every week. No. But you should always doodle, sketch, scribble. Hell, even if you just scribble out some squiggly lines, you’ve done something! You don’t have to share with the world. Just. Don’t. Stop.