can you come here

Ed's hallucinations try to help him with his feelings

Hallucination Ed: “Okay let’s try this one last time. I’m here because you love yourself.”

Hallucination Kristen: “I’m here because…”

Ed: “I loved you.”

Hallucination Ed: “Yes good job.” *Points at Hallucination Oswald* “Tell us why he’s here.”

Ed: “…Because…”

Hallucination Ed: “Come on Ed you can do this. There is a pattern here.”

Ed: “…I hate him?”

*Everyone groans*


february 21st // the anniversary of one of the best things that has happened to me // for emily and our weird but incredible marriage. i love you babe! @hsinlvegas
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i guess i will start streaming in 1.5 hours

what about it?

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I'm sorry, but Maggie only has a key because ever since global warming (or Killer Frost. Or both!) hit National City hardcore, Alex always leaves the fire going and Maggie finally says "You're giving me a key so I can come by when you're not here and extinguish the fire every day so you don't burn the place down. Even though I don't need a key because your lock is still decoration since production didn't spring for an actual lock. K thnx bye"

Canon yo.


Who am I? What is an adoption blog?

I’m @thenooboocrew but full credit for this idea goes to my good friend pinkiepie125, who has sadly deactivated.

An adoption blog is a blog where people can role-play a little bit. Let’s say you have a legacy, and the couple you’re playing (we’ll call them Alice and Kaylee) are going to adopt a child. Instead of using the in-game adoption system, you can come here and pick a child you’d like to adopt. You will submit an application and if I think your sims will be suitable parents for the child (this will almost always be the case) I’ll send you the download link for the tray files. If you’d rather use the gallery, that’s always an option too (although it kinda ruins the concept). 
You do not have to be roleplay blog to adopt a child!


Left Alone // Skippus Moodboard

Mind is open, thoughts are woken
There goes the sunrise
Heart is broken, love unspoken
Here comes the moonlight
Can you remember the last time I left hungover?
Can you remember the last night that I stayed over?

Are we halfway gone, or halfway there?

Left alone, we’re only halfway home
Sink like stones, fall into the unknown

x x x

There’s a wall clock in one of the less used hallways here, mounted so you can see it coming and going. One side tells the time. The other is stuck at 7:42 and 48 seconds. It spasms toward 49 and shakes back. Over, and over, and over, twitchy and unremitting, all through the day and all through the silent nights. It fills me with a vaguely Lovecraftian horror…can anyone really understand what malice drives it, or what deadly lassitude holds it in place?


build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco

matt murdock is the only person allowed to use the line ‘justice is blind’

In Which Jim Tells Bones How Much He Really Loves Flowers

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  💜

Lance flirting horribly with Allura in front of Matt at one point and he’s just like “dude your flirting sucks” “oh like YOU can do better?” “yeah actually. Hey Shiro come over here” “…. why?” “Just come over here” “you have that look on your face that use to land me in trouble with someone back at the Garrison…” “It’s fine just come over here” so Shiro reluctantly walks on over and Matt just lays it on him. Lance is sitting there all attentive sucking up these great flirting tips and lines while also super confused that a super nerdy guy like Matt can flirt SO WELL. Pidge is sitting there knowing all too well about what a heartthrob Matt was among the science department and watching Matt blow Lance’s mind. Allura is using this demonstration to learn about Earth courtships and is slightly concerned for Shiro, who at this point has had to sit down and has his red face hidden in his arms on the table and keeps going “s-stop”. And that’s what Hunk, Keith, and Coran find when they walk in a few minutes later, in shock over the fact SHIRO is currently a blabbing puddle.

Coran ends up helping take Shiro away to lie down which makes the situation even more embarrassing for him and knowing no one will let him live it down


robron + aaron “You didn’t have to go all bodyguard?!” dingle.