can you collect your radicals please

Please, for the love of everything…


Stop talking about the other ships that you don’t like and stirring shit up. Yes, we know, THEY KNOW, that some of them are assholes. The biggest assholes are the most vocal too. If you even so much as say their ship name, they WILL come after you even if your intentions are good.

People are constantly collecting receipts against you. You mention their ship, you can bet the radicals will come for your throat. You will be called homophobic, anti gay, a bully, a harasser, a sex offender, a pedophile, a racist, a sexist, or told you don’t exist. Your sexuality won’t matter, your race, and viewpoints will be unimportant.

So just don’t talk about them. Keep your own receipts, let them make asses of themselves on their own time, and fight fire with fire that you didn’t start. They don’t need help being douchecanoes because they’re already rowing their own asshole kayaks.


the third volume of olam collective, a zine made by and for radical jewry, is in the makings, and we need your voice! have any art, photography, poems, writings, etc. you want seen/read? submit today! this volume’s theme is hope and renewal. please include your name/pseudonym with your submission so we can credit you!

I have a difficult time understanding “genderfluidity”, especially since many people who call themselves genderfluid seem to conflate gender presentation with gender itself. Which is to say, many of the genderfluid people I’ve seen post themselves in pictures of feminine clothing/accessories/make-up on “girl days” and the opposite on “boy days”.

Now, I know lots of people who dress feminine on some days and masculine on others, but their gender itself never changes along with this, and they consider themselves cis. You can be a cis boy who sometimes likes to look feminine and cute, or a cis girl who sometimes likes to look masculine and handsome. You don’t have to attach a new label to yourself in order to do these things.

It is also hard to understand genderfluid people because, in my experience, their gender shifts seem to occur daily or almost daily, which is another red flag that gender is being conflated here with sometimes not conforming to gender roles. These people will say that their shifting gender is a “mindset” or a “feeling”, but they are then unable to explain this feeling without equating said feeling to either gender roles or some sort of twisted distaste for being cis.

Be a girl and rock a suit. Be a guy and rock a dress. If you feel comfortable with the sex characteristics with which you were born, then please, for the love of all that is good, don’t pretend to be trans or nonbinary. Call yourself gender-nonconforming. It’s a new label you can add to your collection, and being gender-nonconforming is much more radical and a smack in the face to gender roles than pretending your gender changes and using that to reinforce said gender roles.