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Moral of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 125, “Ishida Sui can do whatever the fuck he wants to.” 

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Ever think about how possessive Steve and Bucky are in their sleep? Steve turning into an octopus that refused to let Bucky out of bed. Even if Bucky gets free from one arm, there's still a leg wrapped around his. And Bucky? Well his hands just really like Steve's ass. Maybe a time or two Bucky's hands get confused and end up groping Steve's tits instead, but Steve usually wakes up to a healthy squeeze somewhere

Oh, yes. 

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yoongi is so annoying jimin is all into him and he lives like he doesn't exist I like them but this makes me so sad sometimes

lmao he does that sometimes and you can’t blame him all things considered but don’t forget about all of this

[J.JK x R] The Prince with the Ugly Heart || Chpt.4

Jungkook x Reader - Fairy Tale AU 

Chapter 4: Bitterness of the Past and Present

Genre: Fluff + Slight Angst 

Length: 5.2k

Next Chapter: …coming soon…

[e d i t e d]

☆     ☆     ☆     ☆     ☆

“Yoongi…Namjoon…” both men knelt before their gracious king, “where is my son?” the frail but dynamic ruler enquired, suppressing a grunt of incapacitating pain. Despite his inadequate health, his air of supremacy and prestige endured, as if to compensate for what he lacks in his physical constitution.

“We’ve all been looking for your son, sire…” Yoongi kept his head bowed, “For the past two days, we haven’t stopped the search…” he reasons in a docile tone, unable to meet the eye of the ruler he’s so accustomed to seeing as sagacious, but was currently in an impetuous mood. There also wasn’t enough courage in him, he hates to admit, to face his liege with failure.

“And yet, he’s still missing…” it was an understated offence to each and every individual, royal guard, who put in all effort throughout the search. Despite clear discredit targeted upon them, both men weren’t disgruntled, knowledgeable of the king’s physical and - now - mental worry, “find my son…” with his growing impatience finally reaching its peak, the king’s voice quickly boomed and shook the marble walls, “FIND HIM!”

“Right away Sire!”

☆    ☆    ☆    

“Where do you suppose he’s run off to?” Namjoon muses, getting into his hefty but professional uniform.

“If I had known then he would already be found,” Yoongi replied in monotone. The dispiriting burden of the situation has had a clear effect on his usual mood lately, and it was clear to all the individuals that he has encountered - the guards he commanded, the villagers, the aristocrats and, of course, his partner at work (Namjoon).

“Your sarcastic tone is becoming very discouraging.” the slender male grumbled whilst checking himself within the looking glass.

“It’s only fitting for our current situation.” Yoongi snapped with an irate snarl curling his lips, taking a moment to calm down before stressing a sigh and running a hand through his dishevelled hair. Noticeable bags sagged from the underside of his angled eyes, blackening the area from its once milky white tone. This was clear evidence of his sleep deprivation, which coaxed an expression of empathy from passer-by-ers - a gesture that only further hammered the male’s scowl into place. Their pity worked for iron nails as his pride acted as the steel hammer. “What the fuck is that bloody kid trying to accomplish from this extended escapade?”

“I don’t know.”

“That’s a first.”

“You’re still very discouraging.”

“You’re welcome.”

With a subtle roll of his eyes, Namjoon set off with his comrade, ready to face the challenges of the day. Hopefully, there’ll be more optimism during the search. Perhaps they’ll find something that can lead them to the prince. Surprisingly, Namjoon feels as though he’s not as frantic as he should be in the absence of Jungkook, probably because of his knowledge regarding the prince’s past. As a consequence of the unfortunate becoming of the prince, at his once youthful age, Namjoon was able to inwardly anticipate the possibility of the current situation.

The astute man, as well as his associate, had directly experienced the outcome of the tragedy afflicted onto the Prince and King. Being the sovereign with innumerable responsibilities, his majesty was forced to overcome his depression for his son and his people, but Jungkook, it seemed, was never able to recover. Namjoon couldn’t blame the poor boy for his hatred towards the people, they had been narrow-minded and acted solely upon antagonism towards the late Queen.

It was a restless time for the people of Seoul, they were freshly liberated from war, but they were still suffering gravely from the conflict against the neighbouring kingdom of Incheon.

The three years of assault to both receiving and attacking ends had dealt serious damage, whereupon there came a time that a peace settlement was decided upon. Both kingdoms shall unite under marriage between the heir of Seoul and heiresses of Incheon. Due to his duty on palace grounds, Namjoon had seen true love slowly blossom between the forcefully married monarchs, a love that eventually became a child whom they named Jungkook.

However, much like all happy times, this bliss ended too suddenly and too quickly for anyone to have foreseen beforehand: the queen was assassinated in just a year and a half of parenthood.

The culprits were a rebel group of Seoul, a disgusting crowd of low lives that effortlessly weaved dubious conspiracies about the in-essential presence of the queen.

‘It’s her fault that our kingdom isn’t recovering as much, or as quickly as hers is!’

'She’s hiding something!’

'This 'peace’ behind marriage is all a lie!’

'She’ll put us in danger again!’

'We aren’t getting good harvests this year’s - it’s all because of her!’

'She’s cursed our kingdom with her presence!’

'We don’t want her on the throne!’

There were riots in honour of her majesty, taking place when the people were supposed to be helping one another recover from the devastating war. In spite of this, like children, they placed the blame on a singular person, refusing to believe that they were the cause of their own misery.

'She is filth!’

'She was the main part of those torturous three years!’

'She and her people have destroyed our kingdom!’

'It’s their fault that we have lost so many loved ones!’

'We must avenge them by making the scum pay!’

’- Starting with the Queen, undeserving of her crown!’

'Make her pay with her life!’

'Kill the Queen!’

All were such ridiculous claims but the people were willing to believe rather than put their faith and trust in the Queen, who would have given them more success if she had been able to stay beside their king. At her loss, the mistake of their actions surfaced and sprang to their minds, sprouting instant regret and grief; the king had been in a despondent state for weeks and had only spoken to the people in the walls of the castle for a month before returning to fully committing himself to his duties as King.

“Jungkook is barely 2 years old…he shall never have a mother to look after him now; I shall never marry again because there is no mistaking that Jungkook’s mother was my one true love. I shall not tell him of the mistakes that took place the previous month…but he will find out eventually. Let us hope that he will cope with it well.”

Those words were in hopes of him not finding out at all, but he eventually did after turning the sore age of thirteen. It was clear that resentment consumed him that day because he was never able to act the same again after that. His behaviour was unacceptable but explainable and only understood by those who had the heart to listen and comprehend all that there was to hear.

“Where shall we start the search today?” Yoongi queered upon venturing out into the castle courtyard.

“The city of the castle first, and then, we’ll slowly expand outwards. How does that sound?”

“Troublesome and exhausting.”

“Then it’s perfect.”

“Fuck you.”

“No thanks.”

Even under the tired gaze of the early sun, several civilians were already going about their daily errands. A chilling breeze came in and swept over the gradually amassing inhabitants, people that were already appropriately dressed for the invisible, bitter attack pulled their garments tighter around them as others were simply forced to deal with the frigidity atmosphere. Although the climate made some people’s limbs a hint blue, Namjoon and Yoongi were only grateful for the fact that it aided in keeping them awake, filling their lungs with cleanliness when interacting with the locals.

“Ma'am, have you seen any signs of the prince anywhere recently?” Yoongi’s oppression in politeness was wearing thin as he was met only with a shake of the head. “Thank you for your time,” he grumbled as she walked away. Falling into step with Namjoon, the coal-haired commander spat his annoyance, “A few words would be much more preferable than a simple shake of the head. It’s more courteous. Damn these people.”

“Calm down Yoongi, you’re not the only one that’s lost sleep.”

The shorter man only moaned another complaint, “It does not require much to be civil. What has become of the people these days.”

“Well, maybe they’re not as eager for the safe return of the prince. Jungkook hasn’t treated them as courteously as we’ve always advised him to.” with a swipe at their dry eyes and stifling of a yawn, the two males continued, loyally meeting with the demands of their fair ruler.

“Aish…damn this kid for making our job difficult.”

“Can you really blame him for acting the way he does?” Yoongi grumbled at the reasoning of his friend. “You can’t, can you?”

Sharply turning to his left in dismissal over the comment, Yoongi spots a young lady garbed in decent peasant clothing. At the inner bend of her arm, she carried a woven basket which nestled several eggs and a loaf of freshly baked bread. She looked so ordinary but there was an abdominal sense that impelled him to inquire of her.

“Miss.” he called out, approaching her as she swivelled herself to face him and his companion.

“Yes? What can I do for you sir?” finally, someone who actually put in the effort to talk, unlike the animated rag dolls moving about around them.

“We were wondering if you happened to see the prince recently. We’ve been searching for two days now, and yet, there has been no sign of him.”

As he had feared, the lady shook her head with a regretful pout, “I’m afraid not, but I’ll be sure to notify you if I do encounter a chance at seeing him.” despondent but, somewhat, secure by the statement, he worded his thanks before leaving her to go about her business. For a moment longer, he stared at her strolling figure.

“She seemed like a breath of fresh air. Polite and actually willing to co-operate.” Namjoon commented, watching as his friend nodded in agreement. They both took a moment to stare as she disappeared from sight. It was merely a stare of curiosity, as a subtle feeling of wonder consumed them about the delicate thing.

“Should I have asked for her name?” Yoongi whispered to himself.

“No…I feel like we’ll be seeing her more often.”

Yoongi clicked his tongue, “It’s funny how we’re thinking the same idea.”

☆    ☆    ☆

“Sissy! Welcome back!” your darling brother greeted, running up for a hug with his infamous grin as soon as you had closed the door behind you. Swiftly but quickly, you placed the basket in your arm down before scooping the child up and into your arms.

“You’re such an early riser.” you cooed in praise, “How was your sleep?”

“It was good thanks! But Jeong hasn’t woken up yet.” he sniggered.

“We should let him rest,” you walked into your small kitchen, carrying the boy in your arms whilst holding basket by its twisting arm.

“I know! Let surprise him!” Taehyung shouted, making you wince.

“It won’t be much of a surprise if you keep shouting like that.” he pulled a face of innocent inquisitiveness, a hidden question that you answered at once, “you’ll wake him up with how obnoxiously loud you’re being.”

“Oops.” he giggled delightfully at the realisation, playfully pressing a perpendicular pointer finger to his upturned lips and hushing himself.

“That’s right, be quiet~” you whispered friskily when leaning down to briefly rub noses with him, which elicited a giggle of virtuous glee.

“So what’s for breakfast?” he whispered with a grin brighter than the sun.

“Eggs on toast, how does that sound?” it was one of his favourite breakfast meals so you were already anticipating his cry of joy.

“YUMMY!” he belted as if he was shouting to the gods but with the reminder of your still-sleeping guest, he returned to hushing himself, barely succeeding past his early morning giggling fit.

Laying upon his given bed, Jungkook grumbled awake, cursing at the sun who dared pierce its blinding light past his drawn eyelids. Sitting up, he made to call for a maid, a butler, someone, but with the adjustment of his sight, he realised that yesterday wasn’t a dream. Moving his gaze to his necklace, he growled before scowling at the dull thing. It was as colourless as the chains binding the limbs of a prisoner within a cell. This house was his cell, this necklace was his chain.

Where was his liberation?

He couldn’t be bothered to count how much time had passed, spending it carelessly by staring at the drab wall before him. His gaze was fixed but his mind was elsewhere, thinking about: his father, his attitude, his behaviour, himself as a person and his poor decisions. The start of a new day came a time of pitiful grieving for him but he needed this…he needed this time of angst to rise from the ashes of his misfortune.

If he truly wanted to be free, he needed…

“Good morning-” a feminine voice started, only to be interrupted by a booming, even louder voice.

“GOOD MORNING JEONG!” he was tackled back into a laying position but, this time, with a weight pressing down on his chest. There was no need for him to look down and see what it was because he already knew.

“Taehyung, get off the poor man, he’s just woken up. He doesn’t need a hyperactive child attacking him so early in the morning.” staring up, he found you with a tray that held a plate of breakfast in your hands. Eggs and toast - how plain. His eyes followed you when kneeling down to gaze apologetically at him and with a pang of curious guilt shooting through his chest, he sat up cautiously with his gaze, averted. “Get off him and apologise Taehyung.”

“Sorry Jeong.” the little guy looked sincerely regretful for only a fraction of a second before his bubbling personality broke through and began rambling out of excitement. “I hope you like the eggs and toast sissy and I cooked for you. I got to crack and whisk the eggs while Noona made the toast. The crunchy bits aren’t the egg shells, by the way, they’…nuts - yeah!”

Eyes widening at the last comment, Jungkook frantically gazed into your eyes in desperate hopes for any reassurance. He got just what he needed though when you mouthed the fact that you had taken the shells out beforehand. Coughing, Jungkook played along with the excitable kid.

“I’m sure nuts and eggs taste really nice together..thank you Taehyung.” Jungkook made to ruffle the boy’s hair in appreciation but stopped abruptly at the guilty look that crossed his features.

“What’s wrong TaeTae?” you gently asked, cuddling him in your arms as Jungkook straighten himself upright.

“The truth is…Jeong-Hyung, those aren’t nuts…” a feeling of pride overwhelmed you slightly at the upcoming confession of your brother, “I-I’m not really that good at cracking…”

Laughing, you cuddled him more violently, “Gosh, you’re so cute!~”

“Noona!~” he whined, thrashing weakly in your arms but you smiled, knowing that he was just acting tough in front of the male he had taken an extreme likeness to. Truthfully, he really loved your hugs.

“Don’t worry, I took them out when I made you go look for the salt.” looking over at Jungkook, you flashed a heart-stuttering smile, “It’s okay for you to eat Jeong.”

Jungkook nodded, not trusting his voice because of the unexpected faintness that engulfed him so suddenly. Thankfully, you and your brother left him to his breakfast in bed in order to prepare for the working day. That definitely saved him from any awkwardness because he unexpectedly felt really shy, and he didn’t know why.

There was just something about you…

☆     ☆     ☆

After the eventful morning, the three of you set off to your florist shop. Winter would be visiting soon so your hands were going to be pretty full from meticulously book pressing flowers, and storing other trinkets to make winter ornaments. This was the annual preparation you did for every upcoming winter season. A small ounce of worry tinged your optimistic mindset when contemplating over how the day would unravel - would you be able to keep up with customers whilst preparing for the cold that steals your flowers?…Hopefully, it wouldn’t be too busy today so that you won’t have to end up staying late.

“I hope you found breakfast filling.” you watched as Taehyung ran about before the two of you, smiling at his usual uncommon behaviour as you made conversation with the silent male beside you.

“ was alright.” doubting his comment, you stared up at him with worry.

“Did you not like it?”

“No!..” he quickly rephrased his comment, “It was a nice breakfast. Sorry for the misunderstanding…I guess I’m still a little tired.”

“Oh, you could have stayed home if you wanted.” he shook his head, recalling your offer for him to stay home earlier on.

“I wanted to come.” he whispered as you smiled up at him.

“Thank you.” a look of shock crossed his features.

“For what?”

“For going out of your way to help us at the shop. That’s very sweet.”

“It’s no trouble.” there was a surge of warmth that consumed his cheeks when he heard you hum in content. Your smile was captivating…but you were no princess. It hurt his pride to go out of his way for a peasant girl like you but he was striving to be the five things the evil witch forced upon him: considerate, caring, capable, charismatic and compatible. The first four were understandable but why did romance have to be involved?

Girls are annoying and selfish, all he has to do his take out his wallet and they’re drooling all over him.

He was rolling his eyes at his previous experience with ditsy princesses when he suddenly catches a glimpse of you from his peripheral. With an unknown force, he subtly focused his gaze upon you only, and couldn’t help but get lost in your benevolent features. There was a smudge of dust and dirt here and there, but you emitted an aura he couldn’t help but get attached to.

His unforeseen attraction reminded him of the times he begged his father to talk about his mum when he was still a delinquent. His father would go on and on about his mother, and when it came to verbalising her beauty he stared on as if she was standing before them. He gushed about how her beauty was so strong that her entire being was beauty itself. The twinkle in his eyes whenever he had talked about his queen never faded and the passion behind his voice was always amplified as if to stress how beautiful she was.

'Her beauty is immeasurable. She is as much of a Queen of appearance as she was of knowledge and heart..that was what counted the most because she loved you more than she loved herself.’

Through his father’s words, he was able to imagine his mother with his childish imagination but as he grew older, and was eventually faced with the ugly truth, all that was beautiful lost their colour and attraction…and yet…

…Yet here he was, taking in every feature about you.

The silky look and shine of your hair made him step an inch towards you and lean closer, he wasn’t able to feel your locks thread elegantly through his fingers but he was caught and ensnared by a bewitching scent. It was gentle but fierce, sweet but also savoury, it was everything and nothing all at the same time. For a second he smelt refined roses and eloquent peonies, the next…rich earth and mature pines…he then detected sugary strawberries and sour apples.

Whilst relishing in your scent, he pondered over how soft you’d feel, seeing as your skin looked so incredibly supple under the weak eye of the morning sun. There was an endearing flush to them, he noticed upon a closer appraisal of your features, the hue only made you appear child-like but with the contrasting air of maturity you seemed to have, it almost seemed laughable. Strangely, he found the feature rather beguiling. It was a delicate trait that did well in expressing your subliminal silly characteristic.

Before he was given the chance to admire more of your looks, your sudden vocalisation of arrival brought him back to reality, “We’re here. Stand still TaeTae, the shop isn’t going anywhere and I’m unlocking it right now.” pulling out the key, you made to unlock the door as Jungkook mentally thanked you for taking him out of his trance.

Why was he suddenly being hypnotised by you?

This wasn’t good.

“Noona, what will we be doing today?” Taehyung chirped in curiosity as he animatedly stepped inside the cosy shop with a jingle of a bell, “the usual?”

“We’ll just set the shop up first and then we have to take Jin’s order of bouquets to him.” At the mention of a man’s name, Jungkook’s ears immediately perked.

“We’re going to see Samchon? Yay! Hey, do you think he’ll let me have some sweet bread?”

“Only if you say please.”

“I’ll say a million 'please’s if I could have sweet bread.” Jungkook watched as you reached down to pat your Dongseang atop the head with a giggle.

“Wh-who..” the male croaked, still afraid of his new voice.

“Oh, Jin’s a childhood friend of mine,” Jungkook’s eyes widened, “He’s a great guy,” his heart went into an obscure panic, “I’m sure the two of you will get along really well.” at your smile, his breath hitched. This couldn’t be happening to him. It’s just his new body acting weird…

He is not jealous.

“The shop looks prepared already, though, Noona,” Taehyung commented upon looking around. He had gone about doing what he normally did to help set up the shop for a day of business, but it was already completed…and so was everything else, he noted after taking a good look around.

“Oh yes, I came here early this morning to prepare everything before arranging the bouquets Jin wanted. I got to meet him at the market before I was confronted by the head of the royal guard and his second in command. Jin wanted me to bring the bouquets in before either of us opened up. I guess it was silly of me to say that we had to set up when I had already done it.” you laughed at your own embarrassment.

“That was very silly Noona!” Taehyung giggled, earning a jesting glare from you, “So, where are the bouquets?” he intended to help in carrying them as that was his nature. He loved helping out wherever he could because it made you smile and praise him so much.

“They’re on the counter.”

Taehyung pouted, “But I can’t reach that high and the stool is back at home.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get them down for you.” before you made the walk to your front counter, you turned to Jungkook, “Would you like to go and see Jin with us?”

“S-” he coughed, wanting to sound confident with his choice, “Sure.”

“Wonderful! Can you carry several of the bouquets for me?”

“I don’t mind.”

In the end, Taehyung carried one as you and Jungkook carried three each, which equated to a total of seven bouquets. The collection of blossoms in each of the bouquets fit perfectly together. Their colours, although differentiating, complimented the other and with the addition of stray branches and cradling, green leaves, the entire posy of flowers was bunched in a sort of sated equilibrium.

“I’ll lead the way!” Tae announced, marching ahead after the confirming 'click’ of the flower shop’s lock was heard. During this friendly stroll, Jungkook’s mind was racing in such potent conditions that he didn’t even consider stealing the chance of mentally capturing your face or taking in your intoxicating scent again. Questions raced back and forth through his sub-conscience about one singular thing - who in the hell is this Jin-guy?

What was he to you?…A sibling? Taehyung did call him uncle…but, then again, you called him a childhood friend..perhaps he was a love interest of yours?

From the dizzying thoughts, Jungkook almost tripped over his own two feet. Thankfully, he was able to fall back into proper step quick enough that his minor slip up was left unnoticed. It was a bit confusing how he was able to save himself now when he wasn’t capable of doing so back when the villagers threw him out. It was as if he was in his old body of sharp reflexes again.

Looking ahead, Jungkook saw an approaching brick structure that had open, white-painted windows, which helped in showcasing an extensive menu of patisserie delights. The scent coming from within was almost overburdening to his senses but he grew accustomed to the aroma quite quickly - quicker than he’ll admit. Somehow, without even knowing the guy (Jin), Jungkook already had a hatred towards him.

“UNCLE JIN!!!” Taehyung shouted in excitement as he rushed through the bakery doors, held open by you as a chuckle of amusement slipped past your rosy lips. The excitement the two of you were clearly issuing for this 'Jin’ person made Jungkook glower and fabricated a hesitance of confronting whoever was inside the bakery.

“Jin, we’re here, and we brought a friend with us.” upon stepping into the shop of bread loaves and cakes during your announcement, Jungkook’s eyes immediately fell upon a tall figure, supporting broad shoulders as he stepped out from behind a door.

“(Y/N), TaeTae, welcome! Thank you for delivering the bouquets.” the male greeted with a smile. His face and hair were dusted with flour whilst his apron was gradually being coated with drying, crusty clumps of bread dough. It was a rather comical and stereotypical image of a baker, this baker, however, wasn’t round at the stomach; he was lean and tall. Not only that, but he was also extremely handsome. There was no doubt in his mind that this baker had a good chance with you and he hated that.

Apparently, he wasn’t the only one to find the sight of him funny because you weren’t even holding back your merriment. “Jin, you’re a mess! Here, let me get that for you.” reaching up, you wiped the powder from his countenance with your dainty hands. This action sent an unknown pang of constriction in Jungkook’s chest.

“Thanks, but it’ll only get messier from here (Y/N). I’m going straight back to my kitchen after your visit. Anyway, I see you’ve brought someone new.” the male stepped up to Jungkook and introduced himself with an outstretched hand.

“I’m SeokJin but you can just call me Jin, and you are?” He was polite as well. Jungkook doesn’t know whether to think this is really bad..or good.

“I’m…Jeong.” he had to pause so that he didn’t end up revealing his real name. With his new body, came a new alias and this was what he was stuck with.

“Nice to meet you.”

“You too.” he smiled, a gesture Jungkook hesitated in returning.

“You’re right in the villagers being wrong about him (Y/N). He seems gentle despite his looks. Very soft spoken.” shocked by the statement, Jungkook fixed his bewildered gaze upon you, simply beaming a smile back at him. “But, then again, he could only be this way around you.” Jin chuckled at his light teasing affecting you so greatly that a flush was evident on your face. Jungkook could feel his own face burning up into a flustered hue and looked away in his sheepishness. Jin threw his head back and gave a unique sounding laugh, finding the simplest of humour in both of your reactions. This arose the same question of 'why’. There must be a reason behind Jungkook’s sudden bashfulness recently, but he doesn’t know what it is, his only fair reasoning was that his ugly body was acting up for him.

“Samchon,” Taehyung’s voice pitched to grab Jin’s attention and thankfully broke all tension in the room, “can I please have some sweet bread? Please please please please please please-”

“Are you going to keep repeating that until I give you a loaf?”

“I will repeat it a million times if I have too.”

Beside him, Jungkook heard you stifle a giggle, reminding the male of the deal that happened not too long ago between both siblings and tugged a smile at his own lips as well.

“I guess I have no choice then.” Jin winked at you playfully before kneeling down to hand Taehyung his desired sweet bread. The action didn’t go unnoticed by Jungkook as it successfully set off multiple alarms in his head. There were sudden hallucinogenic flashes of red in his vision. Just as his mind was about to race with more thoughts, he put a stop to them and assured himself, purging his sight of any more red hues. Everything was fine.

He isn’t jealous…

“Thanks, Uncle!”

“No problem, young man.” Jin stood up from ruffling Taehyung’s hair to address you again with a grateful smile.

“Anyway, thank you for taking the time to head over here, it means a lot.” as if to annoy Jungkook further (even though he doesn’t know exactly why) Jin reaches forward to cup your face before arching down to place a gentle peck onto your forehead. “I’ve been so busy with planning this wedding cake alongside meeting daily quotas, you saved me a lot of hassle by personally delivering these.”

“It was no trouble Jin. It’s the least I can do since you’re always there for Taehyung and me.”

“Well, I guess we’re both indebted to each other.” Jin chuckles as you laugh, leaving Jungkook to clench and unclench his hands.

Feeling a tug at his pants, he looks down to meet a worried looking Taehyung, “You look sad…do you want some sweet bread, Jeong? It’s really good. Uncle Jin baked it.” softly declining his offer with a stiff smile, Jungkook returned his gaze to the two of you.

“My little florist looks so pretty today.” Jungkook chewed his inner cheek, “Are you trying to impress somebody?” you saw Jin clearly glance over at your new male friend and left you spluttering with red cheeks as your heart skipped multiple beats.

“St-stop making such f-f-false assumptions Jin!” Having enough of his teasing for one day, you decided that it was time to finally leave. Taking the bouquets from Taehyung and Jungkook, you placed them atop his counter before announcing your leaving. “We’re going now! We have a shop to run!” Flustered, you hurry to leave, holding both Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s hand in yours.

“But Noona,” Taehyung whined, “I want to stay with Samchon longer!”

Glancing back, Jungkook sees Jin waving happily at them, “I hope to see you again soon Jeong!”

Jungkook wishes it was the same case for him.

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someone should make a compilation of every time dan looks at himself in the viewfinder and leans forward, he does that in every gaming video

can you blame him like if i looked like that i’d be staring at myself and wanting to make out with myself all the time too


“Yes.” (x)

alec hirch: its so weird that people like ford!!! after all hes so unlikable and unemotional and disgusting and yet people relate to him??? i cant see why!!!

survivors of abuse and trauma who see themselves in ford:

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Padme is gonna fix it right? I mean, we haven't even gotten to the handmaiden-ing thing. Those girls will raise Anakin well, I think. ;)

“No one owns you, Ani,” Padmé repeats, not understanding how he can ask that like he’s worried. Except–she does. Of course she does. 

He’s nine. And she’d even thought it herself, too. 

Of course he’s worried about not being owned. 

“You are a friend to Naboo, and you have done a great thing for our people,” she tells him quietly, again barely resisting the urge to grab his hands. She knows she would still grip them much too hard, especially now. “You will never be a slave again, but I promise, you will not be abandoned. Naboo will take care of you as one of our own, if you will have us. We would be honored to take care of you.” 

“I can fix things,” Anakin says, ducking his head in a very young way, his hair hiding his eyes. "And I can fly–you saw, I’m a really good pilot. And I know how to–” 

“Ani,” Padmé interrupts carefully, and allows herself to settle her hands very gently on his shoulders. “I know that you are valuable. You are very valuable to me. You are kind and you are brave, and–”

“I’m not brave!” Anakin blurts, shaking his head. “The Council would train me if I was brave. But they looked, and I’ve got too much fear in me.” 

“That makes you no less valuable. We all have fear in us,” Padmé says, mystified as to how fear could possibly be a hinderance to a peacekeeper. Fear is like pain–a needed warning, and a lesson. “Fear is a thing that you feel, but brave is a thing that you do. And I have already seen you choose to do it time and again.” 

Anakin ducks his head again, looking very small, and Padmé wants so badly to wrap him up in her arms and all her regalia and disappear him someplace where the Jedi and the Gungans and the Supreme Chancellor and just–none of them are, not a one, just herself and Sabé and Rabé and Eirtaé and– 

Someone like Anakin should never look so small. Really, no one should, but Anakin of all people even less so. 

“I can read Huttese and Bocce and I understand Binary, and I can fix anything I can take apart, and I can take apart anything if I’ve got tools. And I know how to build a portable vaporator and I built C-3PO all by myself, and I know how to find food and water in the desert and cook porridge and stew, and, and I–” he stutters, and Padmé just listens helplessly as he keeps obsessively rattling off his skills like he thinks needs to prove something about himself to her. She lets him, because he seems just as helpless to stop himself. She doesn’t know what to say anyway. 

Maybe she has a little more sympathy for Obi-Wan holding back from telling him about the Council just yet, though. Listening to this hurts

“That’s very good, Ani,” she manages once he finally runs out of words, or maybe just runs out of breath, and swallows hard at the sight of him. He’s flushed and half-panting and looks like he might cry. She feels like she might cry, and she wants to disappear him more than ever. She wishes Master Qui-Gon had lived. She wishes Obi-Wan could do–something. “I’m sure you’ll do very well on Naboo, if you stay.” 

“Stay where?” Anakin asks, giving her an unnerved look, and Padmé thinks of his fear and uncertainty and poorly-defined concept of “freedom” and has a strange, irrational urge to never trust another sentient near him again. 

“Wherever you want to,” she says anyway, because Anakin is free, even if he still doesn’t fully understand what it means, and she can’t answer that question for him. “We’ll help you find a place you like. Naboo will take care of you no matter where you are.” 

“I’m scared,” Anakin says, shoulders hunching again and expression ashamed. 

“That’s okay,” Padmé says, tightening her grip on his shoulders hopefully not too much. “You can fix things and fly, and you are a very good pilot. And you are so, so brave and kind.” 

“I’m not,” Anakin says, shaking his head. 

“Would an angel lie to you?” Padmé asks with a weak attempt at a smile. Anakin tries to return it, she thinks, but his attempt is even weaker. She does not blame him. “You can feel as afraid as you like. That’s fine. We’ll be here to help you be brave, too. We are Naboo. That is what we do for each other.” 

Anakin stares at her for a long moment, nods helplessly, and then starts to cry. Padmé is certain she grips him too hard when she pulls him into a hug, but he only pushes in harder. 

Lucky Part 45

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 2,646

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24,Part 25, Part 26, Part 27, Part 28, Part 29, Part 30, Part 31,Part 32, Part 33,Part 34, Part 35,Part 36, Part 37, Part 38, Part 39, Part 40, Part 41, Part 42, Part 43, Part 44

Here we go…..45…..5 more parts after this guys…..I almost can’t believe this is ending….I love you all! Enjoy!

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jaclynthedinosaur  asked:

Rarl 1-30 prompt thing: the rest of them... <3

Can do nonnie~ <3 and feel free to send in more prompts and things if you guys want, I love writing little paragraphs for these two nerds. 

8: Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate? Ron occasionally calls him ‘Grimes’ or simple names like ‘babe’. Carl ironically calls Ron stuff like ‘honeybear’ and ‘sweetheart’, cause he thinks it’s funny (although he secretly thinks they’re cute). 

9: Who worries the most? Ron does, but can you blame him? I’d be worried too if my boyfriend was running around fighting zombies. 

10: Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant? Sadly, restaurants aren’t really an option in the apocalypse, although Ron does know that the best way to Carl’s heart is usually chocolate pudding. 

11: Who tops? They try and switch it up and experiment in the bedroom fairly often, but in general they both like it more when Ron tops. 

18: Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? Well, they don’t exactly get to do little domestic things like that, but once Ron wrote a few little words of encouragement on a slip of paper and put it into Carl’s bag before he went on a supply run. 

19: Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first? Neither of them, actually. Unfortunately, everyone found out because Rick walked in on a rather ‘steamy’ moment, and the word spread from there. 

22: Who cooks more/who is better at cooking? Ron is, definitely. The extent of Carl’s cooking knowledge is how to heat up a can of soup. Ron grew up helping and watching his mom cook, so Ron usually takes cooking duty. 

23: Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines? Neither one of them really, but Ron does come up with god-awful puns and tortures Carl with them. 

24: Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times? Ron says dirty things sometimes to Carl to make him blush cause he thinks it’s hilarious. 

25: Who needs more assurance? Ron does. After years of being abused by his father, he started to develop a small case of paranoia. And it only worsened after the wolves attacked and the walkers got in. Although Carl is always there to convince him that things are okay. 

26: What would be their theme song? It doesn’t really suit them that much, but Angel by Theory of a Deadman always reminded me of them. 

27: Who would sing to their child back to sleep? Carl would. Although of course, they can’t really have a child themselves, but Carl does hum Judith to sleep occasionally. 

29: one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart. Just the fact that Ron is dead breaks my heart enough do i really need headcannons too

Chapter Forty-Five

A/N: I’m sorry it’s been so long!! But this chapter’s pretty long, so hopefully that makes up for it :) Enjoy xxx

Edward looked up in surprise from where he was sat on the balcony of their hotel apartment, taking half an hour to relax and read some of his new book before the next part of their hectic schedule began. Harry had just stormed out onto the veranda, evidently fuming, and he leant over it, head ducked, eyes closed, as he tried to calm himself.

“Dare I ask what’s wrong?” Edward said, preparing himself.

“You’re not going to fucking believe this,” Harry muttered.

“Try me,” Edward replied. “I’ve been with you for quite a while now. I’ve seen a lot.”

“Emmy went to lunch with the head of HeForShe today.”

“Yes, Claire told me,” he said slowly. “That’s what your angry about? That your wife wants to fight sexism?”

“Of course it’s not that,” Harry snapped, then stepped back and sighed. “There was…someone in the loo…waiting for her.”

Edward looked at him in confusion, which slowly seemed to approach horror. “What happened?”

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Sergei Starkin on Aliya Mustafina:

-Last season you started working with Aliya Mustafina, who had always been considered a team player and a tough competitor. But my impression is, after becoming Olympic champion in London, she just never found a good enough reason to keep going. Has that changed?

- Yes, and very noticeably. I think it happened after Glasgow Championship. It is my subjective opinion, but during that competition Aliya realized that she still wants to be there for the team, to not only be willing to help but also to be able to do that. In other words, she thoroughly evaluated her abilities.

- Is it easier to work with her after that?

- Yes. I think we reached the mutual understanding. As I already said elsewhere, if the coach sets unreasonable goals for the athlete and pushes him too much, only considering his own perspective on training, this will lead to struggle. In a situation like this the athlete will first resist this regimen and then both sides will start to complain. It is completely different from working when you are at ease, when there is a psychological comfort there. Do you get what I’m trying to say?

- Not really.

- I’ll explain. The gymnast always feels when he is not able to meet expectations of the coach.

- Is not able to or does not want to?

- No one knows this for sure, unless the they say it. Technically, if someone is always on time at the gym and does what he’s asked to, what can you blame him for? The lack of trust can be very hurtful. For a while the athlete might tolerate this, but then he’ll just leave. I’m not talking about Mustafina now, just the issue overall. But I’m glad that me and Aliya did not have to go through it.  

-At Euros many people noticed that Aliya considerably upgraded beam. Why did not she do the same with bar routine?

- First, let’s define “considerable upgrade”

- Well, up to London Olympics, difficulty and execution of Aliya’s bars routine were unreachable for most of her competitors. In Bern she was only third, while I personally thought her potential on bars to be almost unlimited.

- We circled back to the same statement: we, me and you, can think whatever we want, and wish for anything. But in reality, the situation is different. When Aliya and I started working together, it was decided that she will keep training bars with Evgeniy Grebenkin, as she did, very successfully, for many years. Together we set the goals for current season and did our best. We had a few ideas that could have helped to increase the difficulty, but it all came down to what she can physically handle.

-Are you talking about the injuries piling up?

-Essentially, yes. There is always something - back, knee or wrists. When we go to Germany to get treatment, we go all together: me, Denis and Aliya. Going back to bars, I’m absolutely sure that Mustafina can challenge on this apparatus. There are other gymnasts with higher D-score, but if we are talking execution I do not know anyone who can touch her. You must have noticed that even when she is doing the hardest elements she makes it look easy.

Aliya got bronze on bars at Euros because she made a mistake in the EF. She did not make any on beam. A lot of the credit for this should go to Marina Nazarova who trains Mustafina on beam.

-Why did you choose Nazarova?

-I do not know how to answer.. I did not second-guess this at all. For many years Marina had been the coach who is on the podium with our girls during competitions. Even when they are performing and do not see her, or only see her on the sidelines, it is very important for them to know that she is there, to feel her support. For the same reason Grebenking is always near Aliya when she does  bars. It is not about trusting or not trusting personal coach. The point is that your athlete should feel absolutely secure (comfortable) while performing.

-You did not raise FX difficulty because of Mustafina’s health issues?

-While preparing for Euros we deliberately concentrated on bars and beam only. What will we change in Aliya’s floor and how exactly will we do it - remains undetermined.

- Will you go to the Russian Cup?

- At first we did not plan to: Aliya does not have to go through team selection process, and mentally she is very tough, there is no need to put that to the test. But then we  decided that the Cup is a great opportunity to do AA.  After all, this  discipline in gymnastics requires special attention.

- What do you think about chances of our WAG team?

- I think they are pretty good. And the number of teams that can challenge for medals is limited. American and Chinese teams are traditionally very strong, but we are strong (not weak) as well. Overall the situation is much like the one on the men’s side - there is nothing totally new, we are quite familiar with all the competitors

-So you are saying, in four years since London no new female gymnast emerged that can make you go “Wow”?

- No one like Simone Biles or Mustafina for sure. Meanwhile in men’s gymnastics there are a lot of new competitors.

- Two-times Olympic champion Denis Pankratov once said that he was sure - when he wins Olympic gold it will be something unbelievable. And he was very disappointed when it was not. Besides, it is virtually impossible to make motivate yourself to start over yet again when you know that there will be nothing new for you on this path.  

- That’s is more or less true. This is why I have an immense respect for Mustafina. Because of the constant need to push through the pain any other athlete in her situation would have worn out long ago. This is not only about character, but also about upbringing and the strength of spirit. So I was very happy when I realized that Aliya has some fire in a belly and wants to fight for the team. It is harder to do it just for yourself.

you look just like an angel in disguise (2/2)

pairing: ashton/luke

summary: ashton’s an interviewer for a celebrity website and luke’s a famous actor and their lives collide when fate slaps ashton right in the face (literally).

a/n: oh man, this is it. i’ve finished the fic that officially ranks at number two of longest fics i’ve ever written rn and man i’m slightly sad i’m done but also a bit excited because i love this fic a lot and i hope you guys do too??

part 1 // read on ao3

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Boruto Uzmaki is just a Naruto clone

I haven’t really made any of these before, but I feel the need to reach out a bit here. Because there is nothing wrong with being similar to your parents. I mean look at Sarada Uchiha, Kishimoto stated that she is a female Sasuke with Sakura traits, and she pulls off the perfect mixture of them both. I know Boruto has not been fleshed out much, though I doubt he would be a mixture of Naruto and Hinata - Though so far he is not really the clone people make him out to be. 

Reminder as you read this: He barely has the same amount of manga panels as Sarada, and Chou Chou as-well. So his character has not been fleshed out yet, so understand that I still have little to work with here.

Now I won’t provide manga scans/panels for everything I say, mostly for the part of me being extremely lazy at 4AM in the morning XD.


Kishimoto in his manga has taken the toll of leading people on very early, Sarada was characterized with Sasuke’s pose in Gaiden Chapter 1, but I don’t think she has Sasuke’s attitude to match. She seems more mature, happier, and a lot more open socially than he was. You can definitely say that Sasuke before the massacre was a loving, happy child the same, but Sarada’s conflicts are different from both of their characters, and Sarada is already showing her greatness as a female MC by herself. It would take me a while to make a post about Sarada and Sasuke before the massacre, but if the people want it … Ask away!

Now Kishimoto early on already hinted what Boruto disliked, and it is the exact opposite of what Naruto wanted: 

“I totally hate Hokage’s…”

Now we can already tell that Boruto takes after his father in his mischievous personality (usually associated with pranks and such), and it is not wrong to name him a clone thus far, right? My personal belief (don’t take this as a fact) is that Boruto’s real personality was sort of taken from him after his father became Hokage, because he got to spend less time with him, which in turn made him act like this. In comparison to Sasuke who did his best in school to gain his father’s attention, especially when he had a brother like Itachi, Boruto is probably the best in his class. Now don’t take what I say for fact, once again, but Kishimoto already called Boruto a Prodigy. And he really is not characterized as some complete idiot like his father outside of his pranks, and so far his shinobi skills aren’t questioned (being able to use a high ranked technique before graduation - The shadow clone jutsu).  神童 (Prodigy)

Now onto the next one!

Boruto whether this can be taken seriously so far from the lack of panels of his characterization, just seems to be rather laid back. More so in comparison to what Naruto has shown. Who is overly enthusiastic, always wants to join the party, and never wants to be behind. I think it is the exact opposite for Boruto. Now we know he is a “Prodigy” so this scan points to that, but I have more so don’t worry ~

Now onto the next one, I want you to put yourself into Naruto’s mind state when you read this. Pretend Boruto is Naruto,  visualize what he would do under this circumstance:

Now very on Naruto was characterized as someone who never gives up, in fact that is actually his nindo. Boruto who was characterized wanting to spend time with his father … Funny enough decided NOT chase Naruto, which even funny enough Mitsuki pitches in the idea of possibly catching up to Naruto even though they arrived a bit late. Though it does make Boruto a bit angry Naruto knew he was going to arrive with lunch, Naruto just did not have the time. He felt a bad air with the new events, so he had to make sure not to waste anymore time. Can you blame him though? He is the Hokage after all.

This really does not prove much here, but I thought it was quite hilarious that Boruto, Naruto’s own son called him a doofus. Isn’t that a bit ironic? Kishimoto has been leaving short hints around that Boruto is not really quite unintelligent, especially in the areas that Naruto lacked. I remind you, the parallels come from the pranking and mischievous side. Now I’m going to combine the last three panels and analyze it in my opinion at once.

In the situation (before and after) his conversation with Sarada, Boruto was pretty laid back on it all. When Sarada voiced her thought on taking the Bento to Naruto himself, you would think Boruto would really join himself (mostly because his father is the one he wants to spend time with), but he gave the Bento to Sarada after he Tnj’d  gave him her honest opinion on it, and having a respectable conversation between two friends. What he brushed off as is something opposite of Naruto. Even after Sarada’s speech Boruto notices something odd about her wording, and plea for the Bento, which he responds “You’ve got issues” which is not really strange. The reason for her bringing this Bento, is to have an actual excuse to follow Naruto, when and if she gets caught.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Again I want to state that what I wrote is from my opinion, I never stated these as facts, and I purely made this thread to help Boruto out. People push past him and eagerly go to what is being fleshed out already, and yet the kid has had less panels than Chou Chou for crying out loud. I really hope people see him for what he really is worth towards the end of Gaiden if Kishimoto develops him more before his movie.