can you believe she wanted to set it on fire

Cold Feet No More

I had a request for  a Reader x Bruce and nervous jitters on their wedding day so here you go! 

It was a cool afternoon in New York City, but Bruce was on fire. Sweaty palms, fidgety hands, and damn this stupid tie won’t stay straight! I want this day to be perfect and oh god what if I forget my vows? She’s gonna hate me…

“Hey Brucie you all set…boy you look like shit. Keep it together buddy, you only have like 5 more minutes. You backing out on her?” Tony raised his eyebrow slightly even though he already knew the answer.

“NO! I-I mean no. I’d never do that to her” he sighed. “I just…I still can’t believe the day is finally here and I don’t know how she still wants me after all these years and this tie won’t stay straight and its hot in here and-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down” Tony grabs Bruce’s arms lightly. “Calm down Bruce. You’re losing it and rambling all over. I take my job as best man seriously. Okay look, you and Y/N have been in this together for 5 long years. I was beginning to think you were never gonna pop the question. You deserve to be happy; you can enjoy this without worrying. She loves you as much as you love her, if not more. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people more perfect for each other besides Capsicle and Barnes but that we’ll get them together at the reception” he smirked but continued, “take a breath and relax for me okay?” he starts to straighten Bruce’s tie “I’m really happy for you. Enjoy today, and just try to have fun alright? No more wallowing in self pity and thinking you’re not worthy of her. Now, let’s get this show on the road big guy.”

Bruce grinned and hugged Tony tightly “My hero, Tony Stank. Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thanks for putting up with me.”

Tony hugged him back then playfully tried to shove him off “okay you big lug don’t mess up my hair and stop calling me that. I’m punching Rhodey in his smug face later just for telling you about that stupid story. But seriously, it’s nothing. I love ya man. I;m glad you let me throw this shindig for you and be here for you”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way” Bruce smiled and fixed his hair one last time before walking out and heading up to take his place with the reverend. He smiled as the music began and one by one the groomsmen and bridesmaids took their places until Tony took his spot next to him and patted his shoulder.

“Not gonna lie, Y/N looks like an angel. She said to tell you not to faint because she’s not sure I can hold you up” he chuckled, “she’s something else”

“And she’s mine” Bruce whispered as Y/N started her long walk down the aisle. Bruce was frozen on the spot and couldn’t help but stare as she made her way to him. He thought about some of his favorite memories…

“holy crap! Your feet are freezing! Is this a punishment” he said as she tucked her icy toes under his thigh while he read a book.

“Nope, I just thought you looked cozy” she smirked then laughed. “you know you love me”

“okay, maybe just a little” he chuckled as he draped a blanket over them both and began to read again.


“Y/N? Where are you? I wanted to-uhm what are you doing?” he said, clearly flustered see her in nothing but his lab coat sitting behind his desk.

“Hi Dr. Banner, I just wanted to help you with your work? You don’t mind do you?” she smirked and watched Bruce carefully.

“Y/N, h-honey we can’t do this here. T-Tony has cameras and he could walk in at any moment” he babbled.

“Then lets take our experiment upstairs” she said as she stood and walked over, grabbing his hand and pulling him along.

“Yes ma’am” he grinned.


“I love you Bruce” she said as she swayed with him to the rhythm of the slow song that played lowly throughout his floor. It was the first time she used those words and he couldn’t believe his ears. He leaned down and pecked her lips lovingly,

“I love you too Y/N. I always will”


“…so will you marry me Y/N?” he said as he kneeled before her in front of all of their friends.

With teary eyes she whispered, “yes! Yes I’ll marry you Bruce” she helped him up and kissed him hard as he slipped the ring on her finger.


“Tony! Let them have their moment!”

“ouch! Pep you’re supposed to be nice to me. I’m your boss and your husband!”

They couldn’t help but laugh and be the happiest couple on Earth at that moment.


He smiled wider as she finally ended up standing in front of him. Beautiful as ever, his bride.

“You may all be seated. We are gathered here today to celebrate-”

He couldn’t help it and leaned forward kissing her before pulling back slightly off guard. “Sorry uhm, can we start over?” he chuckled nervously.

Everyone laughed and Y/N reached over to rub his hand in hers “It’s okay honey, I don’t mind” she smiled at him the smile that never ceased to make his heart to a flop in his chest. “I still love you”

“Good because if not this would be kinda awkward wouldn’t it?” Tony said from behind them, earning a giggle from the bride. As the minister started up again and they said their vows Bruce knew he was the luckiest man in the world. Today he finally married the love of his life.

“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride”

Bruce leaned in and wrapped Y/N up in his arms before kissing her softly as the wolf whistles and cheers rang out around them. Yeah today may have started with cold feet, but it ended with a warm heart and he couldn’t be happier…

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can you write something for supercorp?

“Miss Luthor.”

Supergirl calls after the woman, striding down the hall away from her. In all honesty, it has been a very long day and she’s ready to go home, curl into her couch, and watch terrible television with her sister. But no. Some jackass had to go and threaten Lena Luthor. Again. So maybe her tone is a touch sharp but Lena Luthor is still walking away from her—into the room from which they only just removed a bomb.

“Miss Luthor!”

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My sister made a rainbow crane mobile for her installment in a local art show, Lumiere,  about two years ago. It was huge and impressive and I can’t express enough how proud I am of her and her creative endeavors. All in all, it was about 7 feet tall and had approximately 5,740 cranes in three tiers. It took 6 months to complete. I don’t imagine she will ever undertake something that monstrous again. 

Photos by: Chris Walzak @ ProPhotographic.

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19 and Deamus, please and thank you!

19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”
Non-magic AU where Seamus answered a model ad in the newspaper on a dare (2490 words)

Seamus glanced down at the address on the piece of paper in his hand and back up at the apartment building.  This seemed to be the right place, and his heartbeat sped up a little as he walked up and buzzed apartment 14.

“Hello?” a voice said.  Despite the grainy intercom, Seamus recognized the voice to be the same one he’d talked to on the phone after answering the ad.  Apparently he was taking a photography course, and the final project was to have a photo shoot with a human model that also combined a medium of art that they’re more comfortable with.

“Uh, yeah, it’s Seamus?” he said awkwardly. “I answered yer ad.”

“Oh!  Great, yeah, come on up.”

The door clicked and Seamus let himself inside, cursing his best friend Lavender with each step he took up the stairs.  Maybe the guy didn’t even want a model, maybe he just wanted new skin to add to his collection of human skins.  Maybe he wanted to harvest Seamus’ teeth.  Maybe he wanted to steal Seamus’ liver and feed it to his man-eating parakeet.  Who knew?

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Haunting - Jimin - PT 1

Had this idea in my mind for a while but it was hard to present effectively, so hopefully it’s good enough! There will be a pt 2 on Tuesday :))

“I love laying like this with you.” you mumbled into Jimin’s hair as you held him to you. His arms were secure around your waist and his legs entangled with yours. You both felt warm as your body heat mingled together, and you couldn’t have been happier than right then, safe in his embrace after a flurry of hectic classes and even a death. A car crash had recently killed one of your classmates, and as you were very close the stress was getting to you. You weren’t sure what to think anymore, you felt empty, and so you chose to spend as much time as possible with Jimin. Even though time spent together was time generally spent sleeping.

“Then stay here with me forever.” he mumbled into your neck as he buried his face in it, hot breath tickling the skin and making you giggle. You kissed the top of his head, fingers busying themselves with absentminded strokes of the red strands. You honestly wanted to and wished you could.

“You know that isn’t an option.” you laughed, feeling him relax even more against you as you stroked his hair. “But I wish it was.”

Your alarm clock shocked you, bringing you into the morning you didn’t want to face. Another day of classes, being there only in body but never in spirit. Your mind was forever drifting, and you felt like sleep, and dreams you had so often were reality. Your perception of reality was way off. You didn’t bother with makeup, throwing on a hoodie, a pair of jeans and a beanie before grabbing your backpack and wandering off to your first class. You avoided everyone, thinking only of one guy as you walked into the room and sat in your seat, away from all your classmates. The professor’s voice went straight through you as usual, and you soon found yourself with your forehead on your crossed arms and sleep taking over you. Eyes closed and breath steadying, you felt yourself drifting. However the effect was lessened by the way you went through life in this dream like state. Time seemed to fly, and before you knew it, you and Jimin were a tangle of limbs on the bed again.

“Classes were boring, right?” Jimin asked quietly as you rested your head on his chest, listening to his steady yet soft heart beat.

“Always.” You replied in a sigh, arms tightening their hold on his waist as if afraid he’d leave suddenly and cheek nuzzling further into the soft cloth of his tee. “But I’m okay now that I’m back with you.” You heard his low chuckle from above you, his hand reaching down and his thumb grazing your cheek as he brushed the hair from your face.

“I’m happy it makes you feel better, babe.” He smiled, reaching down to kiss your cheek.

“Y/N?” The voice of your best friend awoke you and you found yourself sat alone with her in the lecture hall. You frowned, looking up at her concerned face. “Sleeping again? You sleep practically all the time these days - is something wrong?” You shook your head with a small smile, rubbing your eyes and standing.

“I’m fine. Just a bit tired as all.” You yawned and sighed, wanting to return to the bed and be with Jimin. All you could think about was him - the way he smelled, the way he looked so perfect no matter what time of day it was, the way cuddling with him just made you feel so good - he could cheer you up even on your saddest days. Yet he wasn’t there. You followed your friend to the next class, not really paying attention to your surroundings as your mind wandered. You spent the day like that; none of your classes provided information you retained as your brain was in a completely different place. It seemed like all of your friends and professors were used to it and no longer cared that you went home and slept at 4, barely taking care of yourself as you were so desperate to enter the dream world in which everything was okay. You collapsed onto the fresh white sheets, shutting your eyes with a small smile as you felt your body relax.

“I’m sorry, were you sleeping?” Jimin sounded guilty as he climbed into the bed with you, giving up his attempt to be quiet when he saw your eyes open and your weary smile upon seeing him.

“It’s fine. I’m glad you’re back.” You whispered, still half asleep as you curled into his side. He pulled the blanket over you both and wrapped his arms around your shoulders, kissing your forehead as he entangled your legs like he usually did. You felt his warmth that fended off the growing night cold and smiled, inhaling his addictive scent before drifting off again. “I love you, Jimin.” You murmured into the crook of his neck, kissing the skin there lazily. You felt his slight chuckle and his slightly tightened grip.

“You’re so cute. I love you too, Y/N.”

You were disturbed by the perpetual ringing of your doorbell, a frustrated groan leaving your lips as you heaved yourself off the bed and opened the door.

“Thank God you’re awake! Can I stay here for a week or so, Y/N?” Your best friend stood before you, looking slightly shaken and panicked. She carried a duffle bag, presumably containing her things, and looked ready to cry. You nodded, not saying anything and slightly taken aback by her state.

“What’s wrong?” You asked quietly, sitting on your bed and gesturing for her to join you.

“Remember that bastard I was dating?”


“Yeah. The asshole set my fucking house on fire.” She said angrily, fists balling themselves into fists. “I wanted to break up with him and he tried to kill me.” She looked as if she herself couldn’t quite believe it, frustrated and angry tears starting in her eyes.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry.” You whispered, pulling her into a hug. “At least you’re alive! You can have my spare mattress for as long as you need. My place is yours.” You smiled reassuringly before getting up to set her bed up. You were slightly reluctant, as you generally liked being alone or with Jimin, but she looked so helpless you couldn’t refuse. You bade her goodnight before falling asleep yourself, however you didn’t realise your best friend was lying awake as you slept, and she could hear every little mumble and groan that left your mouth.

“I’m sorry, Jimin.”

“I love you, Jimin.”

“Please don’t leave me.”

“Please stay with me.”

She gasped, sitting up on her knees and kneeling by your bed. You were still asleep, limbs tangled in the blankets as you muttered his name.


“Why do you leave every day?”

“Let’s just stay this way forever.”

She shook you awake, unable to listen to anymore. Now it made sense. Now she knew why you spent so much of your time asleep, why you didn’t really communicate with people, why your mind was barely with the real world anymore.

Because in your dreams, you had Jimin.

In your dreams, you could turn things back to the way they used to be.

In your dreams, everything was fine.

“Y/N, wake up!” She yelled, shaking your shoulder violently. Your eyes snapped open as you were shocked awake, frowning at your best friend.

“Why did you wake me?”

“Have you heard yourself? Jimin this, Jimin that. I can’t-”

“What are you talking about?”

“Y/N, Jimin is dead. It’s been a year already. Don’t you think he’d have wanted you to move on?!” She shouted, taking your hands in hers and sitting on your bed opposite you.

It had been a year since Jimin was in a car crash that took his life, and of course his girlfriend would have a hard time dealing with it. His girlfriend saw him everywhere she went, hallucinations becoming daydreams and daydreams becoming actual dreams. You’d sleep every chance you got because you wanted to be with him. But the fact still remained - Jimin was gone. Jimin was over. Jimin was dead.

“No. No. Jimin isn’t dead. I was just with him.” You felt tears building and shook your head, sighing heavily. “Jimin can’t be dead.”

“Y/N please. I thought you were already over this.” Your best friend whispered, gripping your hands a little tighter. “Let him go. He’d have wanted you to.” You shook your head again, tears falling onto the sheets below you.

“I can’t. No matter what, I see him. He won’t leave me alone. He doesn’t want to.” You cried, leaning forward and burying your face in your friend’s shoulder. She rubbed your back soothingly and smiled slightly, pulling you back and laughing at her tear stained shirt a little.

“You need to move on. Let’s go for a walk.”

“It’s 3 in the morning.” You pointed out, gesturing to the dark sky outside the window. She stood, pulling on a coat and throwing you your jacket.

“Exactly. It’s peaceful. Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone out?” She winked and took your wrist, pulling you up. “Until I’m sure you’re over this, I’m not leaving your side.” She reassured you, opening the door and leading you out into the cool night air. You rejoiced as the cold wind hit your face, refreshing you and making you feel more awake. You began walking in silence, until suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder. You looked at your friend to find hers in her pockets, frowning and turning around to be faced with a rather handsome man. He was quite tall, had dark hair, and he looked just as much a mess as you. He smiled weakly, his hand remaining on your shoulder as he looked down at you.

“Hi. Weren’t you Park Jimin’s girlfriend?” He asked in a soft voice, cocking his head to the side as his eyes scanned your face. You nodded wordlessly and waited for an introduction. “I’m Jungkook. Jimin was my best friend.”

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Idk it was hard to write XD Hope you all liked regardless! <3

-Admin Belle

The Vow

Barry and Iris exchange wedding vows in an unconventional way. 

The Jitters rooftop is far from the highest point in Central City, but Barry finds it still affords him his favorite view of the place he calls home, the city he’s dedicated himself to defending. Currently, it gives him a pleasant scene of workers bustling below him, no doubt on their lunch breaks, rushing to grab a bite to eat before heading back to their obligations, a stark contrast to the kids at the playground near the elementary school, laughing breezily without a trouble to bother over. The carefree sight moves him and he can’t help breaking into a smile, though admittedly, there’s another reason behind his blatant happiness today.

Besides providing a site for an exceptional photograph, the rooftop has a distinguished sentimental value to him, mostly because of Iris. It had been their spot since Iris’s barista days, even before he became a speedster, before the secret rooftop rendezvous to meet her when she knew him as the mysterious Streak. He has fond memories of nights spent on the roof after she would close up shop at the end of her shifts. They would make their way up fourteen flights of stairs, never taking the elevator so they could justify devouring the café’s leftover cookies and muffins once they reached the top.

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Why Does It Burn?

I don’t really write fanfictions, but it slightly bothered me how in The Little Mermaid, we never got to see Ariel ask ‘em her questions and get some answers. Well, it bothered me enough to at least compel me to write this…

(about 700 words)

            Queen Ariel, with the most inquisitive eyes, asked King Eric, “What’s a fire? And why does it burn?” The king gave a slight grin as he answered, “Here, let me show you.”

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i’ve got a confession, she says, and you can feel the smile curling the corners of her lips like burning paper, and you can hear the way she tucks her hair behind her ear, only to have its thickness bounce in front of her eyes once more.

i had a dream, she says, and you swear to the god you don’t believe in that you will listen to her forever. you swear to the god you don’t believe in that you will set yourself on fire if it means keeping that light in her eyes.

it was you and me, she says, and you want to ask a thousand and one questions (wherewhywhathowpleasepleaseplease). you want her to say that it was forever and it was just the two of you, old and wrinkled and unfortunate, but she still held that golden glow in her eyes and you’ve still got that crooked grin that just never did learn how to sit up straight.

but she doesn’t say a thing. she looks up at you and bites her lip as she smiles nice and slow, and you want to hold her so close that your breaths become one, that you and her and together are just a singular pulsating entity. inseparable. eternal.

you kiss her and she tastes like chocolate, and when she moans into your mouth you collect it like a ticket from the parking meter and you pray to the god you wished you believed in that you aren’t running out of time.

—  please don’t pass go yet // (h.q.)

In the first gif Maya’s demeanor is more playful like she’s humoring the idea that big, bad Maya is back. “You want the old Maya back? Mama gonna do a big, bad thing.” She says she’s in a rush to get to school because she hasn’t done any real damage to this high school situation, but they get there and she doesn’t do anything. Why claim she was going to explode and then not do anything? Because she doesn’t want to. She’ll entertain the idea for Riley’s sake because that’s who Riley needs her to be but Maya experienced growth and what it was like to have hope. She doesn’t want to be bad, she’s just being told she has to, because otherwise there would be two Rileys and in order for the world to work there needs to be one Riley and one Maya. So again, Maya is regressing to her former self, for the sake of her friendship with Riley.

But then Riley starts blaming Maya for setting off fire alarms and taking money and you can tell Maya is hurt and frustrated with the accusations. She clearly states she doesn’t want that as her role. We know Maya has lost her hope and now Riley, her best friend, believes she’s capable of doing these bad things so Maya resigns herself to the fact that this is who she has to be and takes it one step further by trying to prove she can do worse. “You guys want the Maya back? The Maya I really am? You got her.” 😔

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"If this is what your love feels like, I do not want it."

Dorian frowned heavily at the woman as she leaned over the railing, staring down into the empty rotunda. 

There wasn’t anything he could say that he believed would help.

In fact, there was nothing he could say that he would believe himself either, because he had never known love to be easy, or kind, or forgiving. 

So instead he came to stand beside her, leaning over to catch her eyes; blinking fast to keep up with the tears spilling down her bare face. 

“If you like, we can set fire to all those bloody books he left behind." 

She laughed, the expression squeezing more salt from the corners of her eyes and Dorian felt a sad kinship form between them that he would have never wished on anyone.