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Simple Spell Work for Low Energy Days

We don’t always have the energy (or time) for high-intensity spell work or rituals. One quick, simple way to do a little magic:

1. Hold a piece of jewelry in your hands for a few moments, letting your energy charge it up. Jewelry with crystals or gems work best, but I believe you can use any piece that you feel a connection with.

2. As you charge it, visualize your intention.

3. State your intention as you put on the jewelry. A simple phrase or sentence with do.

You’re done! An additional note: You can also charge your jewelry ahead of time by placing it on a window sill to gather sunlight or moonlight. Just be aware that some stones will fade if left in the sun.

What makes running a therapeutic D&D group different from any old ramshackle D&D party is “intentionality.” Berkenstock is careful to design games where players’ actions have consequences, so, for example, he wouldn’t protect an over-impulsive player from running into a dragon’s lair. If their character is severely hurt, that’s the natural repercussion. When his players raid an orc village, he makes sure to show how that affects child orcs or their mothers. “I believe you can explore consequence in an environment where nobody gets hurt physically,” Berkenstock said.