can you believe i spent 3 hours on this

My boyfriend crossed the line again.

I was leaving to Miami for a whole weekend and I wanted to spend Thursday with him before I left Friday morning. He had work and I was going to pick him up from work, but he told me he was going to work with his dad.

I’ve been better about trusting him so I believed everything.

I read yesterday in his phone that he smoked weed, so I just flat out told him “I know you went to smoke.”

Yep, he called out of work to go out and smoke weed with his friends. He wasn’t even planning on telling me.

I spent like a total of 3 hours crying because it really sucks when you consider your significant other your best friend, but they can live with lying to you.

I’m really disappointed still.
It hurts.


*SCREAAAAMMM* i just recovered from motion sickness and finally read today chapter.

OMG!!! zervis panels are on all over my dash and i must color it lol

i can’t believe i spent my whole 2 hours coloring these 3 panels :’D i’m such a trash.

HNNNG… Zeref you burnt sinnamonroll I hate love you! i can’t believe i ship you with the precious angel of fairy tail ; v ;

anyway tho i just color the manga page and it’s not my art,

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You Don’t Believe Me {p. 9}

requested: Yes, very requested! I love you guys.

  • I don’t even listen to 5SOS and I’m not a big fan of them but your ‘don’t believe me’ series is unreal! I’m hooked, obviously I can’t imagine the characters like Luke and that as their normal personalities because I don’t know the, but I’m really getting into this one, hurry up and write part nine!!!😜😜
  • It’s 3:09am and I’ve just spent over an hour reading your “you don’t believe me” series, it’s literally author style - I’m reading a section and half way through I realise I’m on tumblr reading a fanfic, not on iBooks reading a novel! It’s an amazing series so far can’t wait for part 9!!!🎊
  • I hope you’re doing well! I do want to say that you should continue with your stories! Especially with YOU DONT BELIEVE ME! Love that story i hope that one gets finished! :) thanks for all the writing I enjoy them all.
  • m'kay so i don’t mean to put pressure on you or anything but OH MY GOD I NEED PART NINE IM SUCH A NEEDY LITTLE SHIT ALSO I LOVE YOUR WRITING OKAY THAT WILL BE ALL
  • What the hell?!?!? I was just starting to be happy and now Callie’s pregnant?!?!? Oh my God!!! I need part nine!!!!!


plot line: Y/N await’s for the news of Luke and Callie’s possible baby and things come crashing down quickly. Who knew that life could change this much.

smut: Nope

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven

I guess you could say my heart was broken, as I sat in the living room of my place twiddling my thumbs and gnawing at my lip. Luke had taken off straight away, and I didn’t blame him. He was doing the right thing, being there for her through this but my heart and mind were working against each other. My mind was telling me this would never work, that now she was pregnant everything would change and me and Luke would never get our chance. My heart was more hopeful and would still quicken at the thought of Luke and our future together. 

I shouldn’t have been so hopeful. As the rasp of three knocks interrupted the silence I looked up with a lump in my throat, taking a few deep breaths I pushed off the sofa as I dusted down my jeans and made my way over to the door that felt like it loomed in the distance and with each step I took I got closer to my fate.

Pulling the door open Luke was revealed looking soaked from the pouring rain, I could help but notice how beautiful he looked with his flattened hair and rosy pink nose. I offered a half-hearted smile which he didn’t return, his face was emotionless as he walked through my door and straight past me. I looked out of the door for a few seconds, scared to look at him until he finally took my hand away from the handle and closed the door for me. What was going to happen? What words could he possibly say to make this any better?

‘’…She’s pregnant’’ he whispered and i heard his voice crack as my heart shattered in my chest. I blinked a couple of times, tears threatening to spill but i managed to pull them back as I sucked in a breath, a thousand knifes stabbing me in different parts. Was it possible to feel physical pain from emotional heartbreak?

‘’So..’ I began but paused unsure of what I could actually say in a moment like this as I looked to the ground. Every time something good began in my life, someone or something had to shatter it. Was it a game to see how many times the girl could be hurt before she had a mental breakdown?

‘’I told her I’d be there through it all, that I wouldn’t leave her because that’s not what i want…I don’t want to be a father who abandon’s his child because he feels like he’s owed this amazing youth-like lifestyle. No. That’s not my game here…’’ Luke rambled on as he dragged his hand through his damp hair. I wanted to offer him a towel but I was frozen as my heart thumped in my chest. I open my mouth and closed it again as Luke contained. ‘’I don’t know what to say, or what to do about us…because I love you. I do fucking love with with everything in my body. But you have to make a decision if you are can take being by my side while I’ll be by hers..’’ Luke finished, looking at me with this…specific look in my eye like he was waiting for me to make this all better. But I couldn’t.

‘’This wouldn’t be an easy thing Luke, having me while looking after Callie and the baby…feelings arise when two parent’s spend time together with a child. I’m not oblivious to that. I know that in the future you two might want to try again so you can have both the parent’s together for the child and I’m not going to wait and sit by and watch it happen.’’ I finished as I looked to the ground, unable to look at him in fear I’d give in and agree to watch him be stuck between his child and mother and his girlfriend. What kind of a girl would I be to do that?

‘’Y/N..’’ Luke began but I shook my head as I opened the door. 

‘’This is what’s best Luke, this isn’t some high school triangle romance anymore. This is the rest of your life, a future, a child…’’ I whispered as I bit my lip, silent tears slipping down my cheek. He began to walk towards me but I took a step back. ‘’Don’t make this harder Luke…’’ I whispered, I knew I was doing the right thing. I had to be because it hurt this bad but i knew this was right. I heard Luke sniffle and my heart broke all over again as I felt him brush past me as I left. Slamming the door, tears poured down my cheeks as I looked up to the ceiling. 

‘’You did the right thing..’’ I heard, as my head snapped up. There stood Kasia, Calum’s girl. After the news in the house, Luke had gone into a panic to which Calum had tried to calm him down leaving me to sit in silence. Kasia had offered to drive me home and wait with me until Luke got back. I looked at her and I just nodded as another wave of tears hit me.

‘’I know but why does it hurt so much?’’ I asked Kasia through the sobs. Her arms enveloped me as I hugged her. ‘’I just got him back..’’ I mumbled.

‘’Sometimes things happen at the wrong times, maybe there is a future for you. But now is not the time. I believe in fate Y/N and I very much believe you two have one of the strongest loves I’ve ever seen in my life. But for now? You need to focus on you and getting through school and being the best you can be. It’s not about making him jealous or trying to get him to see what he’s missed. He’ll be too preocupied for that now. It’s about you living your life for you and possibly finding someone else to share it with….forever or just for now..’’ Kasia finished and after her speech I felt somewhat better as I nodded, a small smile on my lips. 

‘’Thank you..’’ I whispered, realising I’d be alone for school but she was quick to cut me off from my thoughts.

‘’I know you are thinking about school. Calum filled in on how you guys are all a group and hang together. You can hang with me and my friends’’ Kasia said quickly as I pulled away from the hug.

‘’Won’t you be with Calum?’’ I asked.

‘’We don’t need to be together every waking minute, Y/N’’ Kasia laughed and i joined in. It felt good to laugh as I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. Pulling it out I looked down at the screen and I smiled. Kasia raised an eyebrow.

‘’It’s my friend Harry, I met him at the park this one night…’’ I said quickly, and Kasia crossed her arms as if in deep thought.

‘’Harry? Brown hair? Cute? Harry Styles?’’ she asked, I nodded in return and she gave me a thumbs up. ‘’He’s cute and from a different school, he’s perfect to take your mind off of things’’ she exclaimed and I just rolled my eyes. 

‘’Sure.’’ I said laughing, Harry? Really? He’d been the one who’d walked me home. He seemed sweet enough but I wasn’t ready to move on yet. That wasn’t my game, as Luke had said. My heart needed to mend. 

Three Years Later…



Did you enjoy it? Sorry it’s not the longest but the next chapter is a time skip. College baby!!

Days Like These

A while ago I was bored and threw out a request for prompts. @lenfaz suggested a CS AU about the work day from hell. Unfortunately I don’t do AU, but the “from hell” thing did spark this little bit of crack, so I appreciate the distraction from a day otherwise spent in the Slough of Despond.

3 p.m.

Oh my god, you would not believe the day I’ve had. A party of TOURISTS from Oz can you believe it, now that they know the cyclones can reach us here. Took hours to find them all and get them on boat safely home, and now Charon is complaining about all of this return trip business. Can’t say I blame him.

Who is this?

Arthur. Sorry for your loss last week, but that tinker who died is brilliant! She got the phones fixed, and put in some improvements as well, so I thought I’d say hallo. These buttons are fiddly little things aren’t they.

I think maybe you wanted someone else. This is Emma.

Oh. Sorry! There are some insects in the system, I’m afraid.

You mean bugs.

No, there are bees living in the phone booth. Never used to have those here, I’m told. Must be all the flowers.

5 p.m.

So anyway, there was a working lunch with Cruella, if you can imagine that, about how to get the souls out of the river. I can’t say I’m thrilled at the idea of her getting this “Jimmy” fellow back, but fair’s fair, I suppose, there are many who don’t deserve such a fate, so we had a meeting to talk about it. THREE HOURS later, she’s asleep on the table, and the Blind Witch and I were finally able to work out a few ideas for things we might try, once SHE stopped making jokes about cannibalism, which even among the damned I have to say are in poor taste.

This is still Emma.

Terribly sorry.

7 p.m.

Huge influx of souls this afternoon from the Enchanted Forest. Seems someone tried to take over DunBroch again. I could have told them how that was going to turn out! Ha. We had to call in extra volunteers to help with the orientation. Half of them are still here and don’t know what their business is yet, and half of THOSE are drunk.

You know what, that sounds terrible. Some of the Lost Boys stole a car and went joyriding this morning, which resulted in a three-dwarf pile-up in town. They also set off Lily, who burned down somebody’s barn before we got her human again. I spent half of my morning chasing actual chickens. Somebody broke into Gold’s shop, we still don’t know what they stole, but when they went into the Rabbit Hole and yelled “you’re all just a pack of cards” the results were pretty damn interesting. Ursula rolled into town an hour ago with some new mermaid liquor she wants us to try, and she took Maleficent, my mom, and Regina bar-hopping with her. I am just waiting for THAT call to come in. Little Robin is teething, and Zelena threatened that the next person who wakes her up when she’s finally down for a nap is going to envy the flying monkeys. So I am also waiting for that call. Killian says hello, by the way.


Queen of my heart - Olicity

So I’m back with another video, I obviously can’t write due to my injury so I made this instead, cause apparently I can make a video one handed easier than I can write…

This contains scenes from seasons 1, 2 and 3 PLUS spoilers for season 4.
This is a fan made video so no copyright infringement intended

THIS IS FOR aussieforgood because she recommended the song, so I hope you like it Suzie :)

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