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I know this is a bit more serious than your normal awesome anons so I'm sorry, but I really look up to you as an artist and wanted to know if/how you deal with negative feelings about your art? I just spent the past hour trying to draw anything remotely good and I'm crying and so frustrated and hopeless. It doesn't help that I keep giving up for months on end but it's so hard to deal with. Do you have any advice? I'm sorry you don't have to answer I know it's not a cute or funny ask I'm sorry

Please don’t feel the need to apologize, I appreciate your ask, it’s okay!
I understand what you’re going through, especially since I constantly feel like I’m disappointing myself or that I can do so much better. For me, I think the best thing to do is to not deprecate yourself. You’re doing your best, and it’s amazing that you decided to pick up a pencil today, you’re doing great already! 

Try to find the things that you’ve done well in your drawings! Maybe that one brush stroke was really smooth and your lines are amazing or that color looks really good and that one circle actually looks like a circle. Even if it’s a really small detail or something you liked during your drawing process, then you’re succeeding !!

Take your time, and be lenient with yourself. If it feels like you’ve been drawing for hours and nothing turns out the way you want it to, take a break. you can come back to it later, you did your best for the day, it’s okay
Allow yourself to doodle whatever else is on your mind without thinking about how good it should turn out, kind of like as stress-reliever or just to blep down silly ideas

Be proud of what you can do because you’re giving it your all, you’re constantly improving with every line you make, and you’re the only one who can draw the way you do! even if it wasn’t a complete piece, whatever you’ve drawn is already making you a better artist, so please keep going <:

Mingyu crushing on you !! // scenario

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A bullet-point scenario starring everyone’s favorite housewife and puppy Mingyu!

Request scenarios and reactions on my page if you’d like :)

- I love Kim Mingyu

- you know why?

- it’s because he’s just so

- confident

- and talented in so many ways (BOY DO I LOVE TALL BOYS WHO CAN DANCE)

- and shameless

- and legit the type of guy you’d wanna bring home to your parents

- he’s a m a z i n g

- and if you’re the person he develops a suuuper huge crush on

- well god damn you are one lucky girl


- you’re a few weeks into your internship at pledis, and you’ve already met a handful of svt members

- but not all of them

- so one day, you’re busy putting away some finished paperwork for your job at the company building

- you hit an intersection between two hallways when all of a sudden

- a huGE ASS TREE COMES RUNNING INTO YOU FROM THE OTHER HALLWAY (yall should know what I mean by tree lolol)

- you get knocked onto the floor, and it looks like whatever hit you took a fall as well

- the paperwork in your hands go flying all over the place, and the back of your head hits the wall pretty loudly

- as you rub the part of your head that hurt, the “tree” (a really handsome one, I must say) looks to you as he rests on his side, eyes widened and mouth slightly agape at the sight of you

- you recognize him

- it’s one of the members you haven’t talked to before

- he’s not just any tree

- he’s the visual tree, Mingyu

- “OH MY GOD I’M-I’M SO SORRY- ARE YOU OKAY???” he panics as he gets off the floor and kneels next to you to check if you’re fine

- your eyes squint at the slight pain, but you nod yes anyways. “Yes, I’m fine.”

- it really hurts actually lol

- he helps you sit up against the wall and checks your head, figuring that the pain could only be coming from there since you’re clutching it like that

- he notes the pain in your face and shakes his head

- “don’t lie, I know it hurts.”

- you try to convince him that you’re fine as you begin to collect your scattered files, but he grabs your hand before you could grab another sheet of paper

- “come here,” he says and assists you in getting up. he gets you to sit on a chair in one of the vacant offices

- once you get settled he continues, “I’m gonna go grab an ice pack from the freezer downstairs. Don’t pick up another piece of paper from the floor while I’m out.”

- one side of you is thinking

- “aw this guy is so sweet and considerate, I’m mELtiNG”

- while the other side is just

- “bitch don’t tell me what to d0 lmao″

- so you get up to collect the rest of your sheets in the hallway before quickly scampering into the room again to pretend you were there the entire time

- you hope the guy is dumb enough to not notice that there’s suddenly no mess in the hallway when he gets back

- and luckily he’s too busy thinking about the pain in your head to care about the papers at the moment

- so he comes rushing back into the office with a small cloth and an ice pack

- he takes your hand off of the part of your head that you were holding and places the ice pack there

- “I’m so sorry, really. You don’t know how bad I feel right now,” he says while holding the ice against your head

- “No, it’s okay,” you reassure him. “I should have been looking before crossing.”

- “I was the one who slammed into you though,” he replies. “I shouldn’t be running around here in the first place.”

- you hate to waste his time so you take a hold of the ice pack and get up from your seat

- “I can put the ice pack back in the freezer later. Thank you for your help, Mingyu.”

- “oh,” he says. “Are you sure?”

- you nod

- “okay, I’m sorry again. Really.” You can tell he’s being sincere

 - the both of you exchange bows and you proceed to leave the office with your files

- “hey, you’re y/n, right?” he asks

- “yeah, that’s me. I’m surprised you know my name,” you say shyly

- he laughs, “yeah the other members talk about you sometimes. I’m actually surprised you know my name too, since there’s so many of us.”

- “well, they told me to watch out for a tall and clumsy guy around here named Mingyu, so I figured that guy is you.”

- Mingyu’s jaw drops, but his shocked expression turns into a smile

- “wow, from what I heard about you from the other guys, I really wasn’t expecting you to be this sassy,” he scoffs

- “well, it looks like they haven’t told you enough,” you laugh and leave the room *high-fives self*

- as you’re putting all the files away in their respective places, you can’t help but think of how sweet and cute Mingyu is

- like, sure he just bodyslammed into you a few minutes ago

- but his accommodating nature was so niceee

- and he’s got looks on top of that :33

- you can’t possibly think he could get any better oh boy just wait

- little do you know that Mingyu is still cursing at himself for messing up in front of an innocent intern

- a pretty cute one too lol

- he wishes you guys could’ve met in a better way

- but it’s okay, he thinks to himself

- to make up for it, he’s gonna make an actual effort to get to know you and fix his reputation

- he was drawn to the unexpected level of sass you gave him a piece of

- well, if you’re gonna give him a slice of your attitude

- he’s gonna give you a slice too

- a slice of homemade cake, that is

- bc the poor puppy would still feel bad about what happened the other day

- he’ll find you a day after the incident to hand you a slice of cake that he made himself

- you’d insist that you don’t deserve the slice, since you think half of the incident was your fault

- but he’d literally open up the container of cake and shove a piece of it into your mouth


- “I also spent 3 hours trying to make this last night, pls take it :(”

“you’re cute too,” he’d say in his head

- so you taste it and

- omg 

- it’s not cake

- it’s heaven

- you immediately compliment him on the cake, and he blushes

- “if he can make this cake by himself, then I guess he isn’t as clumsy as the others say???” you think to yourself

- he has redeemed himself

- AND THUS your friendship with Mingyu begins !!

- it wouldn’t take long for him to fall for you though

- believe me when I say he is a softie

- this makes Mingyu the fluffiest crush-er

- he’s so into making his thing for you obvious

- but 99% of the time you’ll take the hints he gives you as jokes

- he’d also be super willing to do couple-ish things with you even if you guys are just friends bc this boy just cAN’T WAIT

- he wants you to know that he can be a really good potential boyfriend

- so whenever you guys hang out, he’d try extra hard to be funny, impress you with his skills, and ofc flirt

- “someone’s looking really pretty today~” he’d say. he’ll probably flash a smile and wink as well what a grease ball

- “shut up, Mingyu. we all know I look like shit today,” you’d reply

- “but you look beautiful all the time,” he’d say in his head

- his flirting would be so frequent

- the members would see it too and probably want to puke

- but it would be so frequent to the point that the members would think he’s just messing with you

- they wouldn’t actually think it’s a crush

- if anything, Mingyu would have to talk to Wonwoo about liking you if he can’t keep it to himself any longer:

- “hey Wonwoo,”

- “yeah?”

- “what if I told you that… I actually like y/n?”

- “wait, rEALLY?”

- “yeah, man.”

- “LOL I thought all of the flirting was just for fun.”

- “nah, dude. I actually meant it.”

- Wonwoo would ask Mingyu if he is actually gonna confess or something, and Mingyu would definitely say yes

- but he doesn’t know how to do it???

- like, he’s got the guts to confess and everything

- but planning out a cute way to tell you how he feels would be difficult

- he doesn’t want you to laugh at him when he actually confesses bc the last thing he wants you to think is that his confession is just another one of his flirty “jokes”

- Mingyu wants you to catch onto what he’s trying to say right away so that the whole moment stays special :’)

- Meanie YES would have to brainstorm through a whole lot of confession ideas

- and then the perfect plan will hit them

- so on one fine day

- Mingyu would text you during one of your intern shifts

- “Y/N Y/N Y/N”

- “what do you want now,” you’d text back

- “are you in the company building rn?”

- “yeah, why?”

- “meet me in the practice room asap k byeee”

- “uh okay?”

- so you finish up whatever you were doing before heading down a floor to the practice room

- but when you arrive at the practice room, you check the tiny door window

- there’s no lights on???

- all you see through the window is pitch black

- “is Mingyu even there?” you think to yourself

- you hesitate for a moment, but a part of you just doesn’t ask and opens the door anyways

- you look straight ahead and find a orange glow coming from the floor

- it’s a cake with candles

- and being illuminated by the cake is none other than your favorite germ ball

- Mingyu

- “dude, wth you look really creepy right now,” you’d laugh

- Mingyu would try hard to hold in his laughter and say

- “shut up, just come here.”

- “can I turn on the lights at least?” you ask

- “NONONO just sit here please~”

- so you walk over to the cake and sit in front of it. Mingyu is sitting across from you. the cake is all that’s in between you and him

- you spot an envelope to the right of the cake with your name on it

- he spots your glance at the envelope and says “go ahead, take it.”

- “Mingyu, if you think it’s my birthday today, you’re about 6 months off.”

- he’s nervous


- so you do

- and inside the envelope is a card with a little heart on it

- you open up the card and read its contents:

“y/n I know this will sound stupid but please just answer this question:”

- “do you like me?”

- “if so, blow the cake candles.”

- “if not, just use your hands to blow out the candles.”

- tbh the idea did sound kind of stupid but

- you blush

- he’s caught you off guard

- and for real this time

- truth is that you’ve liked him since you guys first met

- you always thought his flirty jokes were all to poke fun at you

- they were cute

- but you didn’t really think he meant it

- everything was slowly coming together now

- does he… really like you??

- welp it’s time for you to throw another snarky comment to make suRe

- “you’re trying to get me to burn off my fingers, aren’t you” you say

- and you expect him to snap back at you

- but he doesn’t:

- “y/n listen, I really like you. I just wanna know if you feel the same.”

- “just please answer the question.”

- so

- you take a deep breath to work up the strength needed to blow out the candles

- but just before you can blow the candles out

- Mingyu quickly shoots out a breath of air and beats you to it

- and he swiftly takes your cheek in his hand to plant a kiss on your lips


- you smiled into the kiss and he followed

- he lets go of your lips after taking in the moment

- “that kiss might be sweeter than the cake I made for you.”

- you punch him in the shoulder

- “you’re gross,” you laugh

- he moves to your side of the cake to give you a warm hug in the dark

- “but I wouldn’t have you any other way,” you say with a smile


can you believe that this bat actually got some sun today??? 🦇☀️

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Malachite vs Sugilite, wonder who won in the end?

So I had an not-so-old sketch and I just wanted to colour it… This is what happened. I couldn’t decide how dark I liked it, so I just posted it all. 3 hours spent well I’ll say! I still can’t believe I spent so long on it.

Also, now that I’m back I can take requests on what you would like me to draw! (Preferably Steven Universe).

EDIT: Oh! I forgot to mention that this was based of a load of ideas I seen for gems fighting one another, (it was a poll I think, but I can’t find it anymore) so even though we know Malachite would most likely win (given even Alexandrite needed help to beat her) it would be cool to see it!

Welcome to the Con Part 28 (final)

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Summary: Your friend Lauren and yourself are having the best time at a Supernatural convention. You meet Jared and Jensen in the photo op, and they’re just as awesome as you imagined. Jensen is charming and you seem to click right away. But as life goes, you sadly have to say goodbye. During the panel, however, the unexpected happens….

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14 Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18 Part 19  Part 20 Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26 Part 27

A/N: This is it! Here we are at the end of the story. It’s taken me about 11 months to write, and I’m tearing up a little as I write this. Thank you all so much for the love and support while I was writing this, it means a lot. I love y’all and I hope you like it! <3

“Holy shit Y/N, we’re about to meet them!”

Lauren exclaimed.

“I know! We’d better not embarrass ourselves because I spent far too much money to look back on this and cringe.”

“Oh don’t worry, you’re always more relaxed about these things than I am.”

“I don’t know, I’m about to meet Jensen and Jared. if I faint, you’d better catch me.”

You smile at the memory, walking by where the photo op line will be in an hour or so. You can hardly believe that it’s been five years.


“Yeah Violet, we’re at Daddy’s convention. Welcome to the con peanut, you’ll probably come to more as you get older.”

Your daughter continues to babble as you push her stroller to the panel stage. Security directs you backstage, and you can already see the crowd of your friends. On one side, Rob and Matt are talking animatedly about something. Off to their left, Misha and Mark are laughing. In front of you and a bit to the right, your husband, Jared and Richard are talking in a loosely formed triangle. You pick up Violet from the stroller, balancing her comfortably on your hip. When she sees her dad, a big smile spreads across her face.

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Nickname(s): Nerd -judgingly looks at half tumblr-

Gender: Female

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Hoqwarts House: HUFFLEPUFF!!!

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AU where Levi was a reckless teenager who lived a crazy life of partying, sex, drugs, and fighting. He knocks some chick up on accident and it’s a wake up call for him to pull himself together and take responsibility. The mother bails and is killed by gang activity as soon as the baby is born, and Levi is stuck alone with his daughter in nothing but a run-down apartment in the bad part of town and no job because no one wants to hire a recovering addict with a criminal record who hasn’t even properly completed high school.

All he wants is to feed his baby and buy her the things she needs and see her smile.

Enter Eren, an unstable teenager with bad anger issues and PTSD from a childhood that Levi can relate to. He meets Levi’s daughter and is surprisingly good with kids, falls in love with the girl and makes her laugh and it warms Levi’s heart.

This will be a story of having someone to live for.

rivaille-fetish and I basically spent the entirety of last night (and she spent about 3 hours writing a 4k word outline) developing this AU and you better believe that there’s gonna be a lot more of this.

Was tagged by @strawberry-bunny so here we go!!

Nicknames: grayble

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Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1-3

Dream Trip: Japan, idk why i just wanna go to japan

Dream Job: Author/Actor

When I Made This Account: June 14th, 2017

Why I Made This Account: I have a blog for fandoms but I followed some age regression blogs as well, so I decided to start an age regression blog for myself!

# of followers: 135!! I can’t believe that all of you actually wanted to follow me!! feel free to message me or ask me anything you want to know!!

I tag @pinklittleprincess @mermaidprincessgracie @tinytod-max @thebrattymermaid and @lilprincessally

Eye Contact

based on the VCR 

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“Ya, the professor really doesn’t like me.” Jungkook looks at his friend. “Isn’t it bad to be so prejudiced.”

“Kangin, it’s because you always fall asleep.” His friend glares at him. “And you never know what’s going on.”

“That’s right,” their other friend, Seojoon joins in on the teasing. “I counted today and I think you yawned at least 10 times.”

“I did not.”

“Yes, you did, I sit next to you.”

“You do not know, you always have your head lowered.” Seojoon and Kangin bicker like that all the time and Jungkook is always the one who just smiles in amusement.

“You make it sound like I was dozing off, but unlike you I actually pay attention.”

“What did you say?”

“Ya, ya, ya,” there is never a worry of it escalating but they should be enjoying their lunch. “Eat up you two, don’t let it get cold.”

Both of them focus on Jungkook now. “Aigoo, Jungkookie really loves food.”

“It’s love.” He smiles cheekily and in that moment something catches his attention.

The two girls at the table across from them, somehow managed to make Jungkook forget about his lunch. Particularly the girl who had bent down to pick something up from the floor, had garnered his interest.
Usually Jungkook would have looked away or paid no more attention but there was something that made him return his gaze back to her.

It might have been the smile she had while she kept chatting with her friend. It might have been her hair tumbling down her shoulder.
He’s not sure what exactly it was, but something had caught more than just his eye.

She sits back up. With her back to him it gives him the chance to look at her a bit longer although he really wanted to see her face, her smile.

While watching as if in a daze, Jungkook notices that she would run her hands through her hair. When she talks, her hands would move articulately.

“Do you know her?” Kangin asks, snapping him out of his trance.

A little bit flustered at being caught by his friend, Jungkook smiles sheepishly but shakes his head. No, he has never seen her before today, which makes it even weirder as to why he was so attracted.
It took him one look at her smile to fall- wait, no, he wasn’t falling for her, that’s crazy.

Despite his inner denial, Jungkook still finds himself glancing at her again. There is no way, is there?
Even though he could only see her back, she naturally emits that pure beauty. She is beautiful and he hasn’t even seen her face completely, yet.

As if reading his mind, she suddenly turns to look over her shoulder, right at him, her hair bouncing due to the movement.
Their eyes meet and Jungkook registers a split second too late what exactly was happening.
He looks up which was probably a stupid idea because who would look at the ceiling with that much interest, but it’s too late.

Slowly, fighting the urge to peek at her, Jungkook lowers his head and scratches the back of his neck catching the knowing look from Kangin.
He shouldn’t have been so obvious, now they will only tease him.

“He’s cute.”

His ears peak up at the words coming from the girls’ table. Could they be talking about him?

“Cute?” It was faint as their voices were speaking softy. “He’s mostly described as handsome.”

She takes a moment to respond to her friend. Could it be that she doesn’t think so? “Hm, well, seems so.”

Unable to hold it back, a smile breaks out on his face and just one last time he dares to look at her beautiful back.

~ ~ ~
Rounding the corner to go to his next lecture, Jungkook halts in his step when he sees her talking to the professor in front of the classroom She was wearing heels and it’s something he doesn’t see often at the university, in general he doesn’t think he has seen her before.

Could she be a new professor of some kind? That would make it impossible. Wait, when had he decided to make it something possible.
Jungkook shakes his head, his brain was really surprising him today or rather the lack of.

“Jungkook-ah!” He looks up at the voice of the professor calling him.

And of course she was focused on him too now. How is he supposed to walk without tripping and making a fool of himself?
But somehow he managed just fine, still, having her eyes on him was unnerving him even more than an exam would.

“This is the student I had wanted to introduce you to,” the professor starts off. “He is one of the top students in my class and has a promising future ahead of him.”

Jungkook bashfully bows his head and when he lifts his head he finds her looking at him curiously.

“Jungkook,” it wasn’t easy but he made himself focus on the professor. “________ is thinking of transferring and she visited today to have a look around.”

Ah, so she is not a professor.

“There is no one sitting next to you, right? Would you mind taking care of her if she has any questions during class?”

Jungkook’s gaze flickers over to her but she wasn’t looking at him but at one of the button pins on his jacket. “No, not at all.”

“Great, I knew I could rely on you.” He pats Jungkook’s shoulder once. “Go on in, the lecture will start in a bit.” The professor walks off down the hall where Jungkook had come from, leaving only the two of them.

“Shall we?” Standing must be uncomfortable in heels.

“Yes.” She has a nice voice.

Jungkook takes the lead and passes the many students already seated and takes the small steps to find their seats.

“Oh, you’re in this class, too?” He stops when a guy steps into his way but his words were directed at her.

She blinks with her brows slightly pulled together in confusion. “Yes, but who…”

“You don’t remember me?” That must have been a blow to his ego, as he is pretty popular with the girls. “Earlier in art class… I told you my name.”

“Ah, sorry but I met a lot of people today. Really, sorry.” Somehow Jungkook had to smile at that but she doesn’t sound terribly apologetic.
She steps closer to Jungkook and says the same he had. “Shall we?”

Hiding his smile by pulling his lips into his mouth, he let’s her take a seat first, pulling out the chair for her and then sits down next to her.

They sit in silence for a moment.

“Earlier,” she begins carefully, turning towards him. “It was you in the food hall, right?”

No use in denying it, she could just ask her friend later. “Yes.”

“Ah, I knew it.” Now that he has an excuse, Jungkook looks at her and is momentarily blown away by the smile she had directed at him. “Your name… It’s Jungkook?”

“Yes.” He nods his head slowly and only now does he realize that unlike with the other guy she had been able to remember him from the food hall and also his name from earlier. “And your name is ________.”

“Yes, that’s right.” She holds out her hand for him to shake. “Nice to meet you.”

She is confident without being overbearing. Jungkook puts his hand into hers and shakes it briefly, but that brief moment was enough to make him want to hold her hand again.

“You must have been looking at me because I stick out like a sore thumb right?” Again she runs her fingers through her hair.

Jungkook takes in her features and smiles softly. “I looked at you because you’re pretty.”
He’s looking at her now because she is beautiful.

She turns her head away but he still see the smile, when she looks at him again she has an eyebrow arched. “Then you must be looking at a lot of women.”

It’s like she is daring him to deny that statement. Truthfully he usually doesn’t but today something had made him do just that.
Jungkook leans forward just that tiny bit closer and gazes into her eyes. “No.”

That’s the only answer he gives but it’s enough as her teasing expression slowly vanishes, in place she seems to be looking at him in awe.

This time when she turns away she seems to be nervous and again tugs her hair behind her ear while breathing out slowly.

The professor walks in beginning his lecture.

From the corner of his eye, Jungkook can see her peeking at him, he can feel it. He shifts his eyes to her and is amused to see her looking away flustered just like he had.

Seems like the tables have turned now.

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(gif not mine, credit here)

— — —

I just couldn’t resist ok, I just had to… I’m still not over this VCR and you best believe that I screamed and fangirled so hard when I first saw it…
But you understand why right? I mean look at him, LOOK AT HIM!!!!

I spent 3 hours today just watching the DVD and I was so emotionally drained afterwards because it was so moving and beautiful to see them being together with ARMY, but also sad bc they have gone through so much and you can see that when they have their talks…
Namjoon though… wow… his words blew me away… the boys are just wonderful…

Anyway, I hoped you liked this ^^ feedback would be much appreciated and of course and fantastic day or night :D


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nicknames: kai, swag mom/nanay, mother

gender: female

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sexuality: asexual

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hogwarts house: slytherin+ravenclaw

favorite animal: cats, dogs, hedgehogs

average hours spent sleeping: 1-3

dogs or cats: …both

number of blankets i sleep with: it depends on the temperature.

dream trip: japan and korea! maybe hong kong too bcos i was born there

dream job: a singer-songwriter or a producer :>

when i made the account: idk… two months ago??

why I made this account: so i have a quotev account and people are attacking me bcos i don’t update so this was my escape from all that. ya know so i could just write for fun :]

number of followers: barely any HAHA

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no tall kyle is good, so good, i love him, don’t get me wrong. but i don’t think you understand how much i love the idea of kyle being this angry little bug. so small, yet so full of fury. all this anger inside this teeny, tiny little body. where does he keep it all? who knows! and if you make him mad, then he’s at the perfect height to jump up and head-butt you in the chin. yes, short kyle is my everything. <3

Twilight of the Apprentice Full Review + Analysis

Star Wars Rebels - S02E19/20 - “Twilight of the Apprentice, Parts I and II” Review

Note: This is SPOILER filled review for this climactic season finale of the second season of Star Wars Rebels, and also discusses key plot developments from The Clone Wars, so please read on at your own discretion.


There are numerous moments in the Star Wars saga where you just have to sit back and gasp at the sheer power of the story that’s unfolding before your eyes. Certain moments where the storytelling is so profound that it elevates the plot to something deeper, something monumental, something that’s almost mythic in nature. 

These moments I speak of are typically found in the cinematic movies, but gradually, over the years, both The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels TV series have contributed these incredibly moving scenes to the mythos, and it’s a trend that’s fully displayed here in the phenomenal Season 2 finale of Rebels. “Twilight of the Apprentice” is a brilliantly haunting, harrowing, and thrillingly action-packed installment to the grand tapestry that is the Star Wars saga, and it’s a masterpiece that is cinematic in both it’s story and it’s visuals. 

There was SO MUCH going on in this episode, which served not only as a thought-provoking conclusion to a noticeably darker season of Rebels that tested all our protagonists physically, spiritually, and emotionally, set up plot threads for next season, (re)-introduce new players in the game, and perhaps most importantly, showcase a confrontation fans have watched slowly be built up over 8 years. So really, without further or do, let’s head right into the review!

As a side-note, much of the analysis I came up with here derives mostly from an excellent wrap-up interview Dave Filoni gave to IGN’s Eric Goldman. If you haven’t read it already, it’s well-worth the read. You can find it here

The Ghost Crew have spent the majority of their sophomore season getting their arses kicked in pursuit by Vader’s Inquisitors. Now having finally found a base of operations, the 3 Jedi, following the advice of Yoda, set off for Malachor to gain the knowledge required to defeat the Inquisitors, running into some familiar faces while in the process of exploring the ancient Sith Temple. What follows, is, I truly believe, the one of the finest hours of animated Star Wars ever - on the same level as and occasionally even surpassing some of the most excellent drama The Clone Wars has to offer (for the record, I consider these to be Season 3′s Mortis trilogy and Citadel Rescue arc, Season 4′s Umbara arc, Season 5′s Mandalore Arc - “The Lawless” especially, which was flawless, and Season 6′s arcs featuring Yoda and Fives). 

On an artistic level, Dave Filoni mentions being inspired by Dante’s Inferno, the first part of his “Divine Comedy” epic poem, drawing upon the classical mythological depictions of the underworld, following our protagonists who are desperately trying to find their way back into the light. There’s even a red, devil-like, horned figure who plays a part in the proceedings to suit the comparison even better. And the Hell of this story, is of course Malachor. The art design as a whole, by the way, is absolutely phenomenal all the way round. Rebels has struggled mostly in terms of creating planets that have a unique design, but the design of Malachor here is absolutely phenomenal, and the animation quality and lighting simply couldn’t be better. I mean just look at this - it almost looks like a frame out of Interstellar.

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Days Like These

A while ago I was bored and threw out a request for prompts. @lenfaz suggested a CS AU about the work day from hell. Unfortunately I don’t do AU, but the “from hell” thing did spark this little bit of crack, so I appreciate the distraction from a day otherwise spent in the Slough of Despond.

3 p.m.

Oh my god, you would not believe the day I’ve had. A party of TOURISTS from Oz can you believe it, now that they know the cyclones can reach us here. Took hours to find them all and get them on boat safely home, and now Charon is complaining about all of this return trip business. Can’t say I blame him.

Who is this?

Arthur. Sorry for your loss last week, but that tinker who died is brilliant! She got the phones fixed, and put in some improvements as well, so I thought I’d say hallo. These buttons are fiddly little things aren’t they.

I think maybe you wanted someone else. This is Emma.

Oh. Sorry! There are some insects in the system, I’m afraid.

You mean bugs.

No, there are bees living in the phone booth. Never used to have those here, I’m told. Must be all the flowers.

5 p.m.

So anyway, there was a working lunch with Cruella, if you can imagine that, about how to get the souls out of the river. I can’t say I’m thrilled at the idea of her getting this “Jimmy” fellow back, but fair’s fair, I suppose, there are many who don’t deserve such a fate, so we had a meeting to talk about it. THREE HOURS later, she’s asleep on the table, and the Blind Witch and I were finally able to work out a few ideas for things we might try, once SHE stopped making jokes about cannibalism, which even among the damned I have to say are in poor taste.

This is still Emma.

Terribly sorry.

7 p.m.

Huge influx of souls this afternoon from the Enchanted Forest. Seems someone tried to take over DunBroch again. I could have told them how that was going to turn out! Ha. We had to call in extra volunteers to help with the orientation. Half of them are still here and don’t know what their business is yet, and half of THOSE are drunk.

You know what, that sounds terrible. Some of the Lost Boys stole a car and went joyriding this morning, which resulted in a three-dwarf pile-up in town. They also set off Lily, who burned down somebody’s barn before we got her human again. I spent half of my morning chasing actual chickens. Somebody broke into Gold’s shop, we still don’t know what they stole, but when they went into the Rabbit Hole and yelled “you’re all just a pack of cards” the results were pretty damn interesting. Ursula rolled into town an hour ago with some new mermaid liquor she wants us to try, and she took Maleficent, my mom, and Regina bar-hopping with her. I am just waiting for THAT call to come in. Little Robin is teething, and Zelena threatened that the next person who wakes her up when she’s finally down for a nap is going to envy the flying monkeys. So I am also waiting for that call. Killian says hello, by the way.

My year with youtubers: 3/? Mark Fischbach aka Markiplier

‘You are all good people and I believe in what you do and I want you guys to be able to succeed and be proud and have your dreams come true and I can’t connect on a personal level to make sure that happens but I can make sure that we all, together, unite towards something good’

Sammy Imagine (Wait it Out)

Sammy Imagine (Wait it Out)
Request from anon: Can you please do an imagine where you’re a girl in the omaha squad who just hangs around with them ALOT. You’re like brothers and sister except for you and Sammy but you two have been denying it all the time then he finaly gets the balls to ask you out but then Nate+Jack and Jack get really protective because you’re like their little sis. and then there is a pic of sammy kissing another girl and the boys get really mad at sammy! Lets go😂❤️💘
Lol so much hahaha but I will gladly write it. I am SOOOOOO SORRY that this took so long that you probably forgot that you requested this and I apologize to everyone.
Today was a pretty good day. Not much had happened but you were feeling pretty good about yourself as you walked out of your bedroom into the hallway with a yawn. Suddenly your body slams into the ground giving you no time to react. You scream at the sudden fall and blink your eyes to see what happened when you hear laughter.
You know those laughs anywhere. You grumble as you pick yourself off the wood floor and make your way over to Nate, Jack, and Jack.
“Ha-ha-ha,” You muse as they continue their hysterics.
“I’m sorry y/n but your face was just so funny, you looked so confused,” Nate wheezed out and you just rolled your eyes as you fell onto the soft couch.

“What’s all the laughing for?” Sammy questions as he walks around the corner with messy bed head hair, no shirt let’s just clarify he is NOT wearing any kind of shirt. His voice was husky sending chills down your body. Yeah you saw the boys as brothers but Sammy was different. Something about his smile made you melt inside but sent shivers up and down your spine. His laugh was intoxicating and the just the way he moved seemed perfect. It sounds like your obsessed and maybe you are but there was just something different about Sammy that drew your attention.
“Y/n fell as she was walking around the corner and her face was just priceless!” Gilinsky shouts with a bright red face. Sammy’s head suddenly turns to you as if he didn’t notice you were there and the sudden eye contact caused you to blush and Sammy scratched the back of his neck. So back to the fact that he doesn’t have a shirt on. Your eyes could not stop themselves from wondering to his v-line where the tops of his boxer briefs stuck out of his sweatpants that were sagging a little.
“Are you okay y/n?” He asks as he sits down next to you with a slight smile tugging on his lips as he did find you falling quite amusing but was trying to be a little bit sensitive.
“Yeah I’m fine,” You reply with a smile and a sigh as you get up to go make yourself some breakfast. They had all spent the night which wasn’t atypical considering how close you all were. You guys had known each other practically since birth.
As you made your way to the kitchen you pulled your large cream/pink colored sweatshirt up a bit to keep you warm.

(ignore the hat)
You had on grey sweatpants and a cream/pink colored sweater and grey slippers. You rubbed your face with your hands as you let out another yawn before going to the cabinet and pulling out a box of cocoa puffs. Your favorite. As you were pouring them into your bowl you saw Sammy saunter into the kitchen. STILL SHIRTLESS! You kept your cool though.
“Pour me some please?” He asks with raised eyebrows as he sets his bowl on the counter and your heart flutters a little bit but your hands seem to know what they are doing as they pour the cereal. You smile at him as you set it back on the counter. Then you begin to eat your cereal.
“Aren’t you going to get the milk?” Sammy asks with a confused look. You look at him like he is insane as you sit on the bar stool.
“No, I got the cereal and poured you some so if you want some milk you have to get it and pour myself and yourself some,” You say with a cheesy grin. Sammy just stares at you for a couple of seconds before chuckling and getting up to get the milk.
“You make me do everything y/n,” he sighs with a chuckle and you just roll your eyes.
“Such a whiner. Why am I even friends with you?” You ask rhetorically.
“Because I am awesome and you would be helpless without me,” He says sarcastically but part of you felt like it was true. Sammy kept you grounded. Sure the other guys were great friends as well but Sammy was just able to be there for you in a different sort of way that you couldn’t explain.
“Don’t flatter yourself,” You mumble. But you weren’t going to admit it. He poured you some milk before he poured some for himself. Sammy then proceeded to move his bowl so that he was sitting right next to you and your heart picked up speed. But it quickly fell as you realized that it didn’t mean anything. You guys were just friends and that is all it was ever going to be. They had said it so many times before that you were just like a sister to them, Sam included.
“Why so glum?” Sammy suddenly asks and your eyes go wide.
“Oh it’s nothing, I’m just tired,” You quickly cover up.
“Sure,” Sammy says quietly as he takes a bite of his cereal. You breathe a sigh of relief as you then bring your legs up so that you are sitting criss-cross applesauce on the bar stool as you eat your cereal. You catch Sammy looking at you out of the corner of your eye and you blush a little bit.
“You’re adorable,” He says with a chuckle and you furrow your eyebrows.
“You’re just so small and like you just are so small like a baby it’s so cute,” He says trying to keep the smile off of his face. You weren’t entirely sure you liked being described as adorable but you would take it for now.
“Don’t make fun of my height,” You fuss.
“Don’t worry y/n, you’re perfect just the way you are,” He says with a glint in his eye and you couldn’t help but blush. Then it went quiet for a bit but it wasn’t awkward, like the two of you were thinking.
“Y/n,” Sammy suddenly blurts and you turn to look at him and he has this serious look that kind of scared you.
“I really care about you and I don’t think you really know how much I care about you,” He starts and you couldn’t tell if your heart stopped or if your heart was beating so fast you went numb. “I have for a while now, well more than a while. Since 6th grade. You just make me so happy and I can’t help but want to be around you. I love it when you smile or laugh because it is the most beautiful thing on earth, when I say you look adorable I mean that in the best way possible and I just want to hold you in my arms and protect you from everything in the world. I want to be that person for you,” He rambles out and you were trying so hard not to smile but you couldn’t.
“Sammy you already are that person for me,” You whisper and his eyes widen.
“What?” He asks as if he thought he heard wrong.
“I really care about you too Sammy. You make me nervous but excited at the same time, your smile alone brings light to my day, your laugh warms my heart and just everything about you makes me happier,” You tell him and he had a huge smile on your face. Suddenly his arms were around you.
“Oh my god thank you y/n I was so worried that you wouldn’t feel the same way and I was so nervous that you would reject me and then everything would be–”
You quickly cut him off by smashing your lips onto his and he was initially surprised but he began to kiss back as his hands found their way to cup your cheeks. Your fingers were running through his hair as your body was pressed up against his bare torso. You could feel his abs and it only made your heart beat faster.
“WHOA!!” You hear from the kitchen entrance and you and Sammy fling apart. “What is happening!” Johnson demands looking between the two of you. You and Sammy look at each other and blush but smile as well before looking at the ground.
“Dude this is not okay,” Gilinsky says as Nate, Johnson, and Gilinsk all come over to you and stand in between you and Sam.
“Wait why not?” You ask confused.
“We just don’t want you getting hurt y/n,” Nate says.
“Guys you know I would never hurt her,” Sammy says with pleading eyes.
“Actually we don’t know that,” Johnson states.
“Guys come on. I love y/n I would never try to hurt her or want to hurt her,” Sammy argues and despite the situation this was warming your heart.
“Sorry Sammy buddy but no we can’t allow it. She’s like our sister and as her big brothers our job is to make sure no one dates her,” Gilinsky says.
“Oh thanks guys!” You say infuriated. You loved them but they could not control your life. It was yours. You stormed out of the kitchen and into your bedroom. You could hear them still arguing before you heard another door slam. Shortly after that Nate, Jack, and Jack came into your room.
They were silent because they knew you weren’t entirely happy with them at the moment.
“Y/n we just really care about you. We know how Sammy can be with other girls,” Gilinsky pleads.
“Yeah well I would like to think that I’m not like other girls so please don’t put me in that category. I’m not saying Sammy and I are meant to be but I really do care about him and I have for the past 7 years,” You tell them. “So can you please get out,” You whisper and they just nod recognizing you wanted to be alone.
You spent 3 hours in your room just contemplating the boys’ thoughts and you understood where they were coming from but you just couldn’t believe that Sammy would hurt you like that. You then picked up your phone and decided to go on twitter.
The first thing that popped up on twitter was a picture of Sammy and it cut like a knife. It wasn’t just Sammy. There was a girl attached to his lips and you fought so hard to keep the tears back. You fought so hard not to hate yourself for thinking you were different. But you lost both battles. Tears trickled down your cheeks. Your heart was hurting. It hadn’t even been a day and Sammy already did the one thing he promised he would never do. He hurt you. Deeply. You curled up in your bed trying to shut out the world.

You heard the back door open and slam shut and you heard footsteps and you knew it was Sam but you didn’t want to see him. He burst into your room.
“Y/n I am so sorry! Please let me explain it’s not what it looked like!!!” He pleads. You wanted to believe it so bad. But how could it not be. His hands were cupping her cheeks just like they had when he kissed you this morning. It didn’t like he was resisting the kiss. You dreadfully wanted to hear his explanation but you also feared that if you asked he wouldn’t have one. You wanted to give yourself just that little amount of hope that maybe there was an explanation and you were willing to hold onto that hope of an explanation rather than being let down. So you remained quiet.
“WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU!” You hear Nate yell as the boys come into your room. “Mr. I WON’T HURT HER!” He yells and you buried yourself in blankets trying to remain calm. “IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN 3 HOURS! THAT’S A NEW RECORD FOR YOU SAMMY! THE ONE PERSON THAT MATTERS THE MOST YOU MANAGED TO HURT HER!” Nate scolds Sammy and he was quiet. Sammy just seemed to take it like he knew he deserved it.
You were glad that Nate and the Jacks were there to stick up for you because it hurt too much for you at the moment. You felt both the Jacks come by your side and rub your back. You lifted your head from under the covers and you saw the pleading look in Sammy’s eyes. He desperately wanted to be the one comforting you but as of right now you wanted to be as far as possible from him.
“Y/n please just let me explain,” he begs and it was so hard to resist his eyes. So much love. Oh sh*t you loved this boy.
“Okay,” you whispered quietly hoping you wouldn’t regret your decision.
“She was a fan,” He starts and you were already mad that he was puling this one. “Just wait. So I was going to give he a stage kiss with my thumbs on top of her lips but she moved her mouth right as I was about to kiss her so it looked like I was intentionally kissing her,” He explained with hope in his eyes. You thought it over for a bit.
“I believe you,” You whisper and Sammy sighs a sigh of relief as he moves closer to you. “But I haven’t forgiven you yet. I know it wasn’t your fault and I am sorry but it’s just hard for my heart to recover from something like that so I need some time,” You say as you get up and leave the room quietly.
“I understand,” He says as you leave the room.
“Dude I still want to punch you,” Johnson says and you hide a smile as you walk outside to get some fresh air and to think everything over. You loved Sammy. You wanted to forgive him and just be in his arms but you knew that, that wasn’t the right thing. You needed to let everything settle down first. Take it slow. You love him and if you trust that love it will still be there even if you wait.
Just going to wait it out.
I hope that is okay. It isn’t like a happy or sad ending but more of a resolved ending.

You Don’t Believe Me {p. 9}

requested: Yes, very requested! I love you guys.

  • I don’t even listen to 5SOS and I’m not a big fan of them but your ‘don’t believe me’ series is unreal! I’m hooked, obviously I can’t imagine the characters like Luke and that as their normal personalities because I don’t know the, but I’m really getting into this one, hurry up and write part nine!!!😜😜
  • It’s 3:09am and I’ve just spent over an hour reading your “you don’t believe me” series, it’s literally author style - I’m reading a section and half way through I realise I’m on tumblr reading a fanfic, not on iBooks reading a novel! It’s an amazing series so far can’t wait for part 9!!!🎊
  • I hope you’re doing well! I do want to say that you should continue with your stories! Especially with YOU DONT BELIEVE ME! Love that story i hope that one gets finished! :) thanks for all the writing I enjoy them all.
  • m'kay so i don’t mean to put pressure on you or anything but OH MY GOD I NEED PART NINE IM SUCH A NEEDY LITTLE SHIT ALSO I LOVE YOUR WRITING OKAY THAT WILL BE ALL
  • What the hell?!?!? I was just starting to be happy and now Callie’s pregnant?!?!? Oh my God!!! I need part nine!!!!!


plot line: Y/N await’s for the news of Luke and Callie’s possible baby and things come crashing down quickly. Who knew that life could change this much.

smut: Nope

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven

I guess you could say my heart was broken, as I sat in the living room of my place twiddling my thumbs and gnawing at my lip. Luke had taken off straight away, and I didn’t blame him. He was doing the right thing, being there for her through this but my heart and mind were working against each other. My mind was telling me this would never work, that now she was pregnant everything would change and me and Luke would never get our chance. My heart was more hopeful and would still quicken at the thought of Luke and our future together. 

I shouldn’t have been so hopeful. As the rasp of three knocks interrupted the silence I looked up with a lump in my throat, taking a few deep breaths I pushed off the sofa as I dusted down my jeans and made my way over to the door that felt like it loomed in the distance and with each step I took I got closer to my fate.

Pulling the door open Luke was revealed looking soaked from the pouring rain, I could help but notice how beautiful he looked with his flattened hair and rosy pink nose. I offered a half-hearted smile which he didn’t return, his face was emotionless as he walked through my door and straight past me. I looked out of the door for a few seconds, scared to look at him until he finally took my hand away from the handle and closed the door for me. What was going to happen? What words could he possibly say to make this any better?

‘’…She’s pregnant’’ he whispered and i heard his voice crack as my heart shattered in my chest. I blinked a couple of times, tears threatening to spill but i managed to pull them back as I sucked in a breath, a thousand knifes stabbing me in different parts. Was it possible to feel physical pain from emotional heartbreak?

‘’So..’ I began but paused unsure of what I could actually say in a moment like this as I looked to the ground. Every time something good began in my life, someone or something had to shatter it. Was it a game to see how many times the girl could be hurt before she had a mental breakdown?

‘’I told her I’d be there through it all, that I wouldn’t leave her because that’s not what i want…I don’t want to be a father who abandon’s his child because he feels like he’s owed this amazing youth-like lifestyle. No. That’s not my game here…’’ Luke rambled on as he dragged his hand through his damp hair. I wanted to offer him a towel but I was frozen as my heart thumped in my chest. I open my mouth and closed it again as Luke contained. ‘’I don’t know what to say, or what to do about us…because I love you. I do fucking love with with everything in my body. But you have to make a decision if you are can take being by my side while I’ll be by hers..’’ Luke finished, looking at me with this…specific look in my eye like he was waiting for me to make this all better. But I couldn’t.

‘’This wouldn’t be an easy thing Luke, having me while looking after Callie and the baby…feelings arise when two parent’s spend time together with a child. I’m not oblivious to that. I know that in the future you two might want to try again so you can have both the parent’s together for the child and I’m not going to wait and sit by and watch it happen.’’ I finished as I looked to the ground, unable to look at him in fear I’d give in and agree to watch him be stuck between his child and mother and his girlfriend. What kind of a girl would I be to do that?

‘’Y/N..’’ Luke began but I shook my head as I opened the door. 

‘’This is what’s best Luke, this isn’t some high school triangle romance anymore. This is the rest of your life, a future, a child…’’ I whispered as I bit my lip, silent tears slipping down my cheek. He began to walk towards me but I took a step back. ‘’Don’t make this harder Luke…’’ I whispered, I knew I was doing the right thing. I had to be because it hurt this bad but i knew this was right. I heard Luke sniffle and my heart broke all over again as I felt him brush past me as I left. Slamming the door, tears poured down my cheeks as I looked up to the ceiling. 

‘’You did the right thing..’’ I heard, as my head snapped up. There stood Kasia, Calum’s girl. After the news in the house, Luke had gone into a panic to which Calum had tried to calm him down leaving me to sit in silence. Kasia had offered to drive me home and wait with me until Luke got back. I looked at her and I just nodded as another wave of tears hit me.

‘’I know but why does it hurt so much?’’ I asked Kasia through the sobs. Her arms enveloped me as I hugged her. ‘’I just got him back..’’ I mumbled.

‘’Sometimes things happen at the wrong times, maybe there is a future for you. But now is not the time. I believe in fate Y/N and I very much believe you two have one of the strongest loves I’ve ever seen in my life. But for now? You need to focus on you and getting through school and being the best you can be. It’s not about making him jealous or trying to get him to see what he’s missed. He’ll be too preocupied for that now. It’s about you living your life for you and possibly finding someone else to share it with….forever or just for now..’’ Kasia finished and after her speech I felt somewhat better as I nodded, a small smile on my lips. 

‘’Thank you..’’ I whispered, realising I’d be alone for school but she was quick to cut me off from my thoughts.

‘’I know you are thinking about school. Calum filled in on how you guys are all a group and hang together. You can hang with me and my friends’’ Kasia said quickly as I pulled away from the hug.

‘’Won’t you be with Calum?’’ I asked.

‘’We don’t need to be together every waking minute, Y/N’’ Kasia laughed and i joined in. It felt good to laugh as I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. Pulling it out I looked down at the screen and I smiled. Kasia raised an eyebrow.

‘’It’s my friend Harry, I met him at the park this one night…’’ I said quickly, and Kasia crossed her arms as if in deep thought.

‘’Harry? Brown hair? Cute? Harry Styles?’’ she asked, I nodded in return and she gave me a thumbs up. ‘’He’s cute and from a different school, he’s perfect to take your mind off of things’’ she exclaimed and I just rolled my eyes. 

‘’Sure.’’ I said laughing, Harry? Really? He’d been the one who’d walked me home. He seemed sweet enough but I wasn’t ready to move on yet. That wasn’t my game, as Luke had said. My heart needed to mend. 

Three Years Later…



Did you enjoy it? Sorry it’s not the longest but the next chapter is a time skip. College baby!!