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How to Lucid Dream for Magickal Purposes

Lucid dreaming can be used for divination, astral projection, and communicating with the spirit world. I am a Lucid dreamer, and after learning about the link between lucid dreaming and hag syndrome (a terrible thing I am plagued by) I did a lot of research about it. I found some scientifically backed ways to learn to lucid dream.

1.) Every morning, take a few minutes to reflect on what you dreampt. Most people remember dreams immediately after waking up, and then forget them shortly after. If you don’t normally remember dreams, taking a few minutes just after waking up to think about them can help you develop the ability to remember your dreams! Write down details, do your best to remember everything you can. The more often you take time in the morning to try and remember dreams, the more naturally it will come to you. This is also useful for dream interpretation!
2.) As you fall asleep each night, try to focus on what you would like to dream about. Don’t start out trying to do anything magical with your dreams, just tell yourself a story you’d like to act out. Imagine yourself flying, on an adventure, on a date. Completely immerse yourself in the fantasy as you fall asleep. Think of the details, focus on your senses. What do you hear? How does the grass feel under your feet? What do you see? This is also helpful for people who suffer from anxiety and toss and turn all night thinking about past or future stresses. Instead of pouring over the conversation you had 3 years ago, you can imagine you’re flying on the back of a dragon. This is another thing that gets easier the more you do it. The first few times you may find your mind wandering to other things, or just feel awkward. Keep trying!
3.) After a while of trying steps one and two, you will find yourself dreaming closer to what you imagine at night and remembering it more vividly in the morning. The next step is the one that is the hardest to start, and usually ends up being like switch flipping: taking control from within the dream. While dreaming, try to alter small details. This will take time, don’t be discouraged! You can get there. Eventually, you will be lucid dreaming with the best of them, and can utilize this skill for different types of magic.

Lucid dreaming is scientifically linked to sleep paralysis, or hag syndrome. It has to do with REM sleep. If you don’t know what it is, it is when you lay awake, eyes open, completely paralyzed with the sense that there is something horrible in your peripheral vision (yes, you hallucinate) attempting to harm you. They used to believe that hag syndrome was when a demon or an evil spirit attacks or possesses you. If you believe lucid dreaming helps you navigate the spirit world, i suppose that makes sense. I experience it a lot, and it is terrible. It would feel immoral to post about lucid dreaming without including a warning about the increased likelihood of hag syndrom.

The Truth About INTJs

Being an INTJ on the internet means constantly being bombarded by assumptions about your type. Sometimes their meant to be funny, sometimes they’re unfair, and sometimes they’re scrambling to undo the damage the unfair ones have done. In this post I’m going to try to explain how the stereotypes about INTJs are true, and how they are false, without trying to paint them (us) as devils, or overcompensating and depicting us as saints.

There are several key characteristics of an INTJ that produce results that are often confusing to people with more normal emotional and rational processes. If you’re familiar with the enneagram, you can start there. To my knowledge INTJs almost always have type 5 in their enneagram tritype somewhere. In addition they tend towards either higher type 1 or higher type 8. Basically this comes together to create a personality that is motivated to be rational, reasonable, and in control. The INTJ wants to approach things practically and avoid things like other people and their own emotions influencing their rational approach.

Unfortunately for INTJs they are also extremely sensitive. Like ISTJs they lead with an introverted perceiving function and have a tertiary Introverted feeling, but unlike ISTJs they don’t learn to deal with “how the world works” as quickly. Ni/Fi is an extremely fragile pair of introverted functions that cares deeply about things that a lot of people don’t even notice. INTJs tend to take things very seriously and can get very upset when things don’t go as planned. The world is a scary place for an INTJ, who just wants to sit back and figure things out before being thrown into the fray. Of course in real life, the fray comes to you. And then INTJs get hurt, a lot. They get thrown into situations that they aren’t comfortable with, and forced to figure things out as we go, which for younger INTJs with lower self confidence and esteem, is a recipe for disaster.

This is were the rational, reasonable, and in control, part comes in. INTJs, like anyone else, hate being hurt emotionally. Unlike most people however, they don’t just hope for things to get better, they approach  the problem with pragmatism. Opening up to people tends to get you hurt? They’ll avoid everyone. People say mean things? They’ll hone their sarcasm to defend themselves. Trying to do anything interesting often ends in failure? They’ll just stay in their room. INTJs are so irritated by the feeling of helplessness that a tough situation brings that they would often rather abandon friendships, activities, and social interaction in general, then feel stuck were they are powerless to defend themselves from a frightening and confusing world.

I know quite a few INTJs, eight, including myself. Some of them seem more typical, they can be reclusive and socially awkward, but some are very well adjusted people. The main factor that I think has improved the health of the INTJs that I know is a good home life growing up, and often, homeschooling. I’ve been home-schooled all my life and I loved every minute of it. I don’t know about high school, but I don’t think I would be the same person I am today, if I hadn’t been home-schooled as a child. With most kids you need to let them do things on their own and be adventurous a bit, but for me that would have been a disaster. I would have most likely gotten stressed and taken it out on everyone around me (like a stereotypical evil INTJ) Now however, during my senior year in high school, I’m actually about as socially confident as other kids my age, sometimes more so. I now feel comfortable navigating things that used to bother me, simply because I was given the chance to figure them out at my own pace.

INTJs are weird and complicated. You can’t treat them exactly like other types and expect the same results (as illustrated by my six year old self taking a “time out” as a reasonable trade for hitting my sister over the head.) We want to be given the time to get comfortable with new, scary things and if you let us do it at our own pace, you’ll never have to see another stereo-typically cynical, sarcastic and brooding INTJ ever again. 

More MBTI Questions I Need Answers to

DISCLAIMER: I legit need answers actually hahaha, if you can comment that’d be great because MY CURIOSITY NEEDS TO BE QUENCHEDDD

- how do I adjust your preprogrammed cookie instructions so that I don’t die from coronary heart disease after eating all your cookies? That stick of butter y'all put into them got my arteries going like @.@
- can I have some more cookies pls? I ate all 12 of them in one sitting
- how often would you like to set your ‘it’s normal to feel insecure’ reminder?

- will you come with me to this party 3 weeks from now? I promise to never leave your side and I heard there will be pets there (my attempt at bribery)
- how do you have the best hugs? what is your secret?!?!?!? I MUST KNOWWW
- how are all of you so uniquely artistic? Every INFJ I know does some kind of knitting, oil painting, guitar playing on the side and THEY’RE EXTREMELY GOOD AT WHAT THEY DOO

- How do animals know to approach you for your mystical blessing (i.e. legendary head rub that makes all the animals kneel before you in praise)?
- y'all have such colourful outfits! Can you share your wardrobe with me?
- is there a cap on the number of art forms you dabble in or is it more like all ISFPs gets at least one?

- can I come with you to Thursday’s yoga class? I don’t have a matching yoga mat, but I’ll bring you that soy drink that you’ve been wanting to try
- how is your social media game so on point? TEACH MEH YOUR WAYSSS
- do you ever randomly forget someone’s name while talking to them? Because that happens to me wayyyy more than it should

- is there a daily tears limit or is it more like a you must meet a certain quota by the end of the month?
- how many years are you granted Special Snowflake status? Or do you renew it every 5 years or something?
- do y'all come out of the womb knowing how to make flower crowns or what? THEY’RE TOO PRETTY TO EXIST HOWWW??!?!?!

- on a scale from 1 (“I never do this”)  to 10 (“what does it feel like to not do this?”), how often do you think about world domination?
- is it possible to like puzzles but also suck really badly at them? Because that’s me T__T
- how often do you wonder about whether or not you messed up a social interaction? how often is too often? oh crap, my INTJ just lagged a little bit, DON’T BLUE SCREEEN NOOOOOOOOOO

- Are y'all anti-change or just pro-routine? because there’s a difference apparently *eyes ENTJ*
- HELPPPP my ISTJ is stuck in a loop/routine!! Is this normal?
- From all the mbti types, pick one to clean your house according to your instructions, one to walk your dog, and one who’s house might collapse into itself from the hoarding unless you intervene

- where are y'all at? I don’t know enough ISTPs
- did you have fun last Friday night? 😉
- how do all of you have this sexy smouldering thing going on?!?! I CAN’T NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH ALL OF YOUUUU

- how many hours did you sleep last night? Aim for 8 next time 🙂
- list me your 5 most recent wiki page visits .. I need stuff to do … and researching about a random obscure science thing sounds like a fun Tuesday
- are the science functions pre-installed or is it only calculus that’s pre-installed? How do I upgrade these functions?

- Of all the mbti types, pick one to be your employee, your significant other, and your child
- HOW MANY SUITS DO YOU OWN?!?! Can you lend me one?
- describe your ideal workplace environment (are you turned on by this question?)

- do you get an adrenaline rush when you bulldoze during an argument? because I totally feel that
- what does an ENTJ mating ritual look like? (i.e. how do you act around your crush? or no diff because can’t run StrongFeelings.exe?)
- I think my ENTJ is broken, it keeps running IsolationMode.exe! How do I fix it?!?! T____T

- HEY ESTP! WHERE IS THE PARTY AT!?! Please take me with you, I’ll dance on the porch outside your house if I have to
- how do you feel about manuals? or do you just set them on fire? can we do a group manual burning? *ISTJs are probably having a heart attack*
- Pick one mbti type to kiss, one to marry, and one to have casual sex with

- name me ONE project you’ve ever finished that wasn’t for school/work (y'all get so excited when you start a new project but the old projects feel neglected AF y'know)
- Since you’re the Meme Lord(ess), if you marry a commoner, are they Duchess of Memes or Lady Meme? or Lord Meme? (just throwing that in real quick before the I see pitchforks outside mah house)
- how do y'all have so much air to debate for as long as you do? do ENTPs have unique genetic mutations that allow for larger lung capacity? do y'all double as Olympic swimmers too?

- where do all of our secrets go after we tell them to you? do you have a personalized file on each of us that you flip through from time to time as a bedtime story or what?
- why do all of you want me to reveal my emotional wounds? Is that the equivalent of foreplay or something?
- how do I install PersonalSpace.exe onto my ENFJ?

- how do you have sooooooo many tabs open?!?!?
- do pets come to you or do you come to pets?
- will you take me with you on your next spontaneous surprise trip to Tokyo? All my bags are already packed, just tell me what day we’re going

- why do y'all always smell nice? can I bottle your scent or something?
- do you take dance lessons or is dancing well just a feature of all ESFPs?
- have you seen my butt? Because you’re sexy AF and I’d like to give you permission to dance within 2 ft of it

Japanese for Travellers - Food

I decided to create a separate list of food and food-related terms I know about or have tried. I might update this occasionally when I come up with more. Here’s the link to my first post about general Japanese terms:

For abbreviated terms, you can cut out words [in square brackets]

Japanese vowel pronunciation (for Romanization in italics)

‘a’ like in ‘ah’ and ‘ha’
‘i’ like in ‘Wii’ and ‘be’
‘u’ like in ‘June’ and ‘food’
‘e’ like in ‘hey’ and ‘neigh’
‘o’ like in ‘row’ and ‘doe’
Some vowels become silent in normal speech, but there is no strict rule (often in su and shi)

頂きます / 戴きます / いただきます (itadakimasu): said before eating (thank you for the meal)

General Words or Phrases

ご飯 / 御飯 / ごはん (gohan): cooked rice or meal
飯 / めし (meshi): cooked rice or meal
米飯 / べいはん (beihan): cooked rice
米 / こめ (kome): uncooked rice; husked grains of rice
食事 / しょくじ (shokuji): a meal
御数 / お数 / お菜 / 御菜 / オカズ / おかず (okazu): side dish to accompany rice

焼き/ やき (yaki): prefix or suffix to indicate something heated / baked / roasted / fried / stir-fried / grilled / pan-fried, etc.
フライ (furai): fried seafood or vegetables in general
定食 / ていしょく (teishoku): set meal; special (of the day)
お代わり / おかわり (okawari): second helping; another cup; seconds
弁当 / べんとう (bentou): bento box (the meal or the container itself)
弁当箱 / べんとうばこ (bentoubako): lunch box
重箱 / じゅうばこ (juubako): multi-tiered food box

料理 / りょうり (ryouri): cuisine; dish; cooking
和食 / わしょく (washoku): Japanese-style meal
洋食 / ようしょく (youshoku): Western-style meal
中華料理 / ちゅうかりょうり (chuuka ryouri): Chinese food
名物 / めいぶつ (meibutsu): regional specialty

メニュー (menyuu): menu
献立 / こんだて (kondate): menu
オススメ / お勧め / おすすめ (osusume): recommended
ご注文 / ごちゅうもん (gochuumon): an order
アラカルト (arakarute): a la carte
サービス (saabisu): services without charge
ベジタリアン (bejitarian): vegetarian
ヴィーガン(viigan): vegan
チーズ (chiizu): cheese

朝御飯 / 朝ご飯 / あさごはん (asagohan): breakfast
朝食 / ちょうしょく (choushoku): breakfast
昼御飯 / 昼ご飯 / ひるごはん (hirugohan): lunch
昼食 / ちゅうしょく (chuushoku): lunch
晩御飯 / 晩ご飯 / ばんごはん (bangohan): dinner
夕食 / ゆうしょく (yuushoku): dinner

レストラン (resutoran): restaurant (especially western-style)
居酒屋 / いざかや (izakaya): Japanese-style bar, pub, tavern
食堂 / しょくどう (shokudou): dining room or dining hall; cafeteria
ファミレス (famiresu): family restaurant
グルメ (gurume): gourmet

放題 / ほうだい (houdai): suffix for “all-you-can…”
食べ放題 / たべほうだい (tabehoudai): all-you-can-eat
飲み放題 / のみほうだい (nomihoudai): all-you-can-drink
バイキング (baikingu): all-you-can-eat buffet
ビュッフェ (byuffe): buffet

Tools / Utensils

炊飯器 / すいはんき (suihanki): rice cooker
お箸 / おはし (ohashi): chopsticks
おてもと (otemoto): written on disposable chopstick wrappers
[爪]楊枝 / [つま]ようじ ([tsuma]youji): toothpick
皿 / さら (sara): plate, dish, platter
碗 / わん (wan): porcelain bowl
椀 / わん (wan): wooden bowl
御絞り / お絞り / おしぼり (oshibori): hot, moistened hand towel
ティッシュ (tisshu): tissue paper
フォーク (fooku): fork
ナイフ (naifu): knife
匙 / さじ (saji): spoon
スプーン (supuun): spoon

Serving Size

少なめ / すくなめ (sukuname): small
並 / なみ (nami): medium, ordinary
大盛り / おおもり (oomori): large
特盛り / 特盛 / とくもり (tokumori): Extra-large

/ あじ (aji): Flavors

甘い / あまい (amai): sweet
酸っぱい / すっぱい (suppai): sour
塩っぱい / しょっぱい (shoppai): salty
苦い / にがい (nigai): bitter
辛い / からい (karai): spicy, hot (flavor)
うま味 / 旨み / 旨味 / うまみ (umami): savory

美味しい / おいしい (oishii): delicious
うまい (umai): delicious
不味い / まずい (mazui): unappetizing, unpleasant

Rice Dishes

カレー (karei): curry
カレーライス (kareiraisu): curry and rice
オムライス (omuraisu): omelette on rice, sometimes with ketchup
卵かけご飯 / たまごかけごはん (tamago kake gohan): raw egg on cooked rice, often with soy sauce
炒飯 / チャーハン / ちゃあはん (chaahan): fried rice
釜飯 / かまめし (kamameshi): rice (slightly burned) and ingredients served in an iron pot
お握り / 御握り / おにぎり (onigiri): rice ball (often triangular, sometimes with a filling and wrapped in nori)
御結び / お結び / おむすび (omusubi): onigiri
握り飯 / 握飯 / にぎりめし (nigirimeshi): onigiri
お粥 / おかゆ (okayu): congee; rice porridge; rice gruel
[お]茶漬け / [お]茶漬 / [お]茶づけ / [お]ちゃづけ ([o]chadzuke): chazuke, tea poured on rice

丼 / どんぶり (don or donburi): rice bowl topped with ingredients
親子丼 / おやこどん (oyakodon): chicken and egg on rice [oyako = parent and child]
牛丼 / ぎゅうどん (gyuudon): beef and vegetables on rice
豚丼 / ぶたどん (butadon): pork and vegetables on rice
天丼 / てんどん (tendon): tempura on rice
カツ丼 / カツどん / かつ丼 / かつどん (katsudon): breaded pork cutlet on rice
鰻丼 / うな丼 / うなどん (unadon): eel on rice
イクラ丼 / いくら丼 / イクラどん (ikuradon): salmon roe on rice
鉄火丼 / てっかどん (tekkadon): raw sliced tuna on rice
ネギトロ丼 / 葱とろ丼 / ねぎとろどん (negitorodon): raw tuna with negi on rice
海鮮丼 / かいせんどん (kaisendon): seafood on rice

汁物 / しるもの (shirumono): Soup

出汁 / 出し / だし / ダシ (dashi): soup stock made from fish and kelp
味噌汁 / みそしる (misoshiru): miso soup
御雑煮 / お雑煮 / おぞうに (ozouni): New Year’s soup
ポタージュ (potaaju): potage (thick soup)

/ めん (men): Noodles

拉麺 / ラーメン / らーめん (raamen): ramen (Chinese-style)
豚骨ラーメン / とんこつラーメン (tonkotsu raamen): ramen in pork-bone broth
塩ラーメン / しおラーメン (shio raamen): ramen in salty broth
醤油ラーメン / しょうゆラーメン (shouyu raamen): ramen in soy sauce-based broth
味噌ラーメン / みそラーメン (miso raamen): ramen in miso-based broth
つけ麺 / つけめん (tsukemen): cold ramen accompanied by soup for dipping
冷やし中華 / ひやしちゅうか (hiyashi chuuka): chilled ramen with toppings
チャンポン / ちゃんぽん (chanpon): champon; ramen with pork, seafood, vegetables (Nagasaki)

蕎麦 / そば (soba): soba, Japanese buckwheat noodles
焼きそば / やきそば (yakisoba): fried soba
ザル蕎麦 / ざる蕎麦 / ザルそば / ざるそば (zarusoba): chilled soba with dipping sauce
冷やし蕎麦 / ひやしそば (hiyashisoba): chilled soba with toppings
椀子蕎麦 / 椀子そば / わんこそば (wankosoba): soba in a small bowl, served continuously

饂飩 / うどん (udon): udon, thick Japanese wheat flour noodle
焼き饂飩 / 焼きうどん / やきうどん (yakiudon): fried udon
讃岐うどん / さぬきうどん (sanuki udon): udon originating from Kagawa prefecture
狐饂飩 / 狐うどん / キツネうどん / きつねうどん / キツネウドン (kitsune udon): udon with abura’age
打っ掛けうどん / ぶっかけうどん (bukkake udon): cold udon served with dashi-based broth
カレー饂飩 / カレーうどん (karei udon): udon topped with curry

素麺 / 索麺 / そうめん (soumen): thin white noodles made of wheat flour
流し素麺 / 流し索麺 / 流しそうめん / ながしそうめん (nagashi soumen): cold soumen served in a flume of bamboo

米粉 / ビーフン (biifun): rice vermicelli; rice noodles
冷麺 / れいめん (reimen): chilled noodles

海鮮 / かいせん (kaisen): Seafood

魚 / さかな (sakana): fish
サーモン (saamon): salmon
鮭 / さけ (sake): salmon
イクラ (ikura): salmon roe
鮪 / まぐろ / マグロ (maguro): tuna
とろ (toro): fatty tuna
ツナ (tsuna): tuna
鯛 / タイ / たい (tai): sea bream
真鯛 / マダイ / まだい (madai): species of red Pacific sea bream
鯖 / サバ / さば (saba): mackerel
鯵 / アジ / あじ (aji): horse mackerel
カンパチ / 勘八 / 間八 / かんぱち (kanpachi): greater amberjack
鰹 / カツオ / かつお (katsuo): bonito; skipjack tuna
鰹のタタキ / かつおのタタキ (katsuo no tataki): seared bonito
煮干し / 煮干 / にぼし (niboshi): small, crunchy, dried sardines
河豚 / 鰒 / フグ / ふぐ (fugu): pufferfish; blowfish
明太子 / めんたいこ (mentaiko): walleye pollack roe
飛び子 / 飛子 / とびこ (tobiko): flying fish roe
真砂子 / まさご (masago): capelin roe (cheaper than tobiko)
鱈子 / たら子 / タラ子 / たらこ / タラこ (tarako): salted cod roe
白子 / しらこ (shirako): milt
擂り身 / すり身 / すりみ (surimi): minced fish or meat paste
蒲鉾 / かまぼこ (kamaboko): pureed fish paste; cured fish surimi
鳴門[巻] / なると[まき] (naruto[maki]): kamaboko with a swirl pattern; noodle topping
焼き魚 / やきざかな (yakizakana): grilled fish

海老 / エビ / えび (ebi): shrimp; prawn
甘海老 / 甘えび / あまえび / アマエビ (amaebi): sweet shrimp
海老フライ / エビフライ / えびフライ (ebifurai): deep-fried prawn; deep-fried shrimp
ロブスター (robusutaa): lobster
蟹 / かに (kani): crab

鰻 / うなぎ (unagi): eel, Anguilla japonica (freshwater)
穴子 / あなご (anago): conger eel (saltwater)
蒲焼き / 蒲焼 / かばやき (kabayaki): loach or eel dipped and broiled in soy-based sauce
鰻重 / うな重 / うなじゅう (unajuu): broiled eel served over rice in a lacquered box
櫃まぶし / ひつまぶし (hitsumabushi): eel fillets on rice, eaten in different stages

烏賊 / イカ / いか (ika): squid; cuttlefish
烏賊墨 / イカ墨 / イカすみ / いかすみ (ikasumi): squid ink
蛸 / 鮹 / 章魚 / タコ / たこ (tako): octopus
蛸焼 / たこ焼き / タコ焼き / タコヤキ / タコやき / たこやき (takoyaki): octopus dumplings
海月 / 水母 / くらげ / クラゲ (kurage): jellyfish
雲丹 / 海胆 / 海栗 / うに / ウニ (uni): sea urchin

貝 / かい (kai): shell; shellfish
ホッキ貝 / 北寄貝 / ホッキかい / ほっきがい (hokkigai): surf clam
浅蜊 / 蛤仔 / 鯏 / あさり / アサリ (asari): Manila clam
貽貝 / いがい / イガイ (igai): mussel
牡蛎 / 牡蠣 / 蛎 / 蠣 / 硴 / カキ / かき (kaki): oyster
牡蠣フライ / カキフライ / かきフライ (kakifurai): deep-fried oyster
帆立 / ほたて / ホタテ (hotate): scallop
鮑 / 鰒 / あわび / アワビ (awabi): abalone

刺し身 / 刺身 / さしみ (sashimi): fresh raw sliced meat (often fish)
寿司 / 鮨 / 鮓 / すし (sushi): cooked vinegared rice with various ingredients
御任せ / お任せ / おまかせ (omakase): sushi meal selected, created and served by the chef
回転寿司 / かいてんずし (kaitenzushi): “conveyor belt” sushi bar; sushi-go-round
寿司飯 / 鮨飯 / すしめし (sushimeshi): vinegared rice for sushi
しゃり (shari): vinegared rice for sushi
酢飯 / すめし (sumeshi): vinegared rice for sushi
ねた / ネタ (neta): topping of nigirizushi
握り寿司 / 握り鮨 / 握鮨 / 握りずし / にぎりずし (nigirizushi): hand-formed sushi with one topping
軍艦巻 / ぐんかんまき (gunkanmaki): battleship roll sushi
巻寿司 / 巻き寿司 / 巻き鮨 / 巻鮨 / まきずし (makizushi): rolled sushi with filling
細巻き / 細巻 / ほそまき (hosomaki): thin sushi roll with one filling
河童巻き / 河童巻 / かっぱまき (kappamaki): sushi roll with cucumber filling
鉄火巻き / 鉄火巻 / てっかまき (tekkamaki): sushi roll with tuna filling
太巻き / 太巻 / ふとまき (futomaki): thick sushi roll with lots of filling
恵方巻き / 恵方巻 / えほうまき (ehoumaki): large futomaki eaten during setsubun
手巻き / てまき (temaki): sushi rolled into a cone of nori
散らし寿司 / 散らし鮨 / ちらし寿司 / 散らしずし / ちらしずし (chirashizushi): sushi rice served with ingredients sprinkled on top
稲荷寿司 / 稲荷鮨 / 稲荷ずし / いなりずし (inarizushi): sushi wrapped in fried tofu

/ にく (niku): Meat

牛肉 / ぎゅうにく (gyuuniku): beef
ビーフ (biifu): beef
豚肉 / ぶたにく (butaniku): pork
ポーク (pooku): pork
カツ (katsu): cutlet
ロース (roosu): sirloin
ヒレ (hire): fillet
ホルモン (horumon): cows’ or pigs’ offal (entrails)
鳥肉 / 鶏肉 / とりにく (toriniku): chicken meat
チキン (chikin): chicken
羊肉 / ようにく (youniku): lamb, mutton
鴨肉 / かもにく (kamoniku): duck meat
馬肉 / ばにく (baniku): horsemeat
鯨肉 / げいにく / くじらにく (geiniku / kujiraniku): whale meat

焼き肉 / 焼肉 / やきにく (yakiniku): grilled meat; Korean barbecue
しゃぶしゃぶ (shabushabu): thinly sliced meat and ingredients boiled in a hot pot (savory)
鋤焼 / すき焼 / すきやき (sukiyaki): thinly sliced meat and ingredients cooked in an iron pan (sweet)
鉄板焼き / てっぱんやき (teppan’yaki): cooking on a hot steel plate
照り焼き / てりやき (teriyaki): food broiled or grilled in sweet soy sauce
串揚げ / くしあげ (kushiage): skewered deep-fried meat and / or vegetables
串カツ / くしカツ (kushikatsu): skewered deep-fried meat and / or vegetables
串焼き / くしやき (kushiyaki): grilling on a skewer; spit-roasting

和牛 / わぎゅう (wagyuu): Japanese beef
神戸ビーフ / こうべビーフ (koube biifu): Kobe Beef
飛騨牛 / ひだうし / ひだぎゅう (hida ushi / hida gyuu): Hida beef
秋田牛 / あきたうし / あきたぎゅう (akita ushi / akita gyuu): Akita beef
松阪牛 / まつさかうし / まつさかぎゅう (matsusaka ushi / matsusaka gyuu): Matsusaka beef
牛タン / ぎゅうタン (gyuutan): beef tongue
ハンバーグ (hanbaagu): Salisbury steak; Hamburg steak
メンチ (menchi): minced beef; ground beef; hamburger steak
ミンチ (minchi): minced beef; ground beef; hamburger steak
メンチカツ (menchikatsu): breaded, deep-fried, minced-beef cutlet

豚カツ / とんカツ (tonkatsu): deep-fried breaded pork cutlet
黒豚 / くろぶた (kurobuta): Berkshire pig
生姜焼き / しょうがやき (shougayaki): pork fried with ginger
叉焼 / チャーシュー (chaashuu): roasted pork fillet (often used in ramen); Char siu
角煮 / かくに (kakuni): simmered cubed pork belly stew

焼き鳥 / 焼鳥 / やきとり (yakitori): grilled chicken on a skewer
唐揚げ / 空揚げ / 空揚 / 唐揚 / からあげ (kara’age): deep fried (often chicken)
手羽先 / てばさき(tebasaki): chicken wings
ケンタッキー[フライドチキン] (kentakkii [furaido chikin]): KFC (popular for Christmas)
宮崎チキン / みやざきチキン (miyazaki chikin): Miyazaki Chicken

ジンギスカン (jingisukan): grilled mutton, “Ghenghis Khan”
馬刺し / 馬刺 / ばさし (basashi): horsemeat sashimi

Other Dishes

前菜 / ぜんさい (zensai): hors d'oeuvres
オードブル (oodoburu): hors d'oeuvres
懐石[料理] / かいせき[りょうり] (kaiseki [ryouri]): traditional multi-course Japanese meal
御節[料理] / お節[料理] / おせち[りょうり] (osechi [ryouri]): traditional Japanese New Year food served in juubako
御好み焼き / お好み焼き / おこのみやき (okonomiyaki): savoury pancake with various ingredients
もんじゃ焼き / もんじゃやき (monjayaki): a more liquid version of okonomiyaki
天ぷら / 天麩羅 / テンプラ / てんぷら (tenpura): tempura; seafood or vegetables battered and deep fried
鍋 / なべ (nabe): hot pot
鍋物 / なべ物 / なべもの (nabemono): food cooked in hot pot
もつ鍋 / もつなべ (motsunabe): nabe with offal, vegetables, and often miso
煮物 / にもの (nimono): food cooked by boiling or stewing
肉ジャガ / にくジャガ (nikujaga): meat and potato stew
餃子 / ギョウザ / ぎょうざ (gyouza): crescent-shaped pan-fried dumplings
干し物 / 乾し物 / 干物 / 乾物 / ほしもの (hoshimono): dried preserved food
干物 / 乾物 / ひもの (himono): dried fish, shellfish, etc.
コロッケ (korokke): croquette, fried and mainly containing mashed potatoes
揚げ物 / あげ物 / 揚げもの / あげもの (agemono): deep-fried food
揚げ出し / 揚出し / あげだし (agedashi): lightly deep-fried
酢の物 / すのもの (sunomono): vinegared or pickled dish

卵 / 玉子 / たまご (tamago): egg
卵焼き / 卵焼 / 玉子焼き / 玉子焼 / たまごやき (tamagoyaki): Japanese omelette
出し巻き[卵] / だし巻き[卵] / だしまき[たまご] (dashimaki [tamago]): Japanese omelette
目玉焼き / めだまやき (medamayaki): sunny-side-up fried eggs
茶碗蒸し / 茶碗蒸 / ちゃわんむし (chawanmushi): egg custard

大豆 / だいず (daizu): soybeans
味噌 / みそ (miso): fermented soybean paste
納豆 / なっとう (nattou): fermented soybeans
豆腐 / とうふ (toufu): tofu; bean-curd
油揚げ / 油揚 / あぶらあげ (abura’age): fried tofu
御田 / おでん (oden): various ingredients stewed in soy-flavored dashi
田楽[焼き] / 田楽[焼] / でんがく[やき] (dengaku[yaki]): skewered fish (or vegetables, etc.) coated with miso and cooked
田楽豆腐 / でんがくどうふ (dengakudoufu): skewered pieces of tofu baked and coated with miso
揚げ出し豆腐 / 揚出し豆腐 / あげだしどうふ (agedashi doufu): lightly deep-fried tofu
絹漉し豆腐 / 絹ごし豆腐 / きぬごし豆腐 / きぬごしどうふ (kinugoshi doufu): silken tofu
佃煮 / つくだに (tsukudani): preserved food boiled in soy

饅頭 / マントウ / マントー (mantou): Chinese steamed bun
肉饅 / 肉まん / にくまん (nikuman): steamed bun with meat filling
豚饅 / 豚まん / ぶたまん (butaman): steamed bun with minced pork filling
餡饅 / あんまん (anman): bun with anko filling

野菜 / やさい (yasai): Vegetables

漬け物 / つけもの (tsukemono): pickled vegetables
サラダ (sarada): salad

海苔 / のり (nori): edible seaweed (species Porphyra), dried and pressed into sheets
和布 / 若布 / ワカメ / わかめ (wakame): edible seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida), used in soups and salads
昆布 / コンブ / こんぶ (konbu): kombu; edible seaweed (Laminaria), used in dashi
青海苔 / 青のり / アオノリ / あおのり (aonori): edible seaweed (Enteromorpha), used in soups and flavoring

葱 / ネギ / ねぎ (negi): Welsh onion; green onion
韮 / 韭 / ニラ / にら (nira): Chinese chive; garlic chive
玉ねぎ / 玉葱 / たまねぎ / タマネギ (tamanegi): onion
大根 / だいこん (daikon): daikon
竹 / たけ (take): bamboo
筍 / 竹の子 / タケノコ / たけのこ (take no ko): bamboo shoots
麺麻 / 麺碼 / メンマ / めんま (menma): processed bamboo shoots used as a topping
萌やし / モヤシ / もやし (moyashi): bean sprouts
蒜 / 葫 / 大蒜 / ニンニク / にんにく (nin’niku): garlic

ポテト (poteto): potato
馬鈴薯 / ジャガ芋 / じゃが芋 / ジャガいも / ジャガイモ (jagaimo): potato (Solanum tuberosum)
芋 / 薯 / 藷 / いも (imo): tuber; potato
薩摩芋 / さつまいも / サツマイモ (satsumaimo): sweet potato
山芋 / ヤマイモ / やまいも (yamaimo): Japanese yam
長芋 / ナガイモ / ながいも (nagaimo): Chinese yam
薯蕷 / とろろ (tororo): grated nagaimo
焼き芋 / 焼芋 / 焼藷 / やきいも (yakiimo): roasted sweet potato; baked sweet potato

茸 / 菌 / 蕈 / キノコ / きのこ (kinoko): mushroom
椎茸 / 香蕈 / シイタケ / しいたけ (shiitake): shiitake mushroom
松茸 / マツタケ / まつたけ (matsutake): matsutake mushroom (prized)

干瓢 / 乾瓢 / かんぴょう (kanpyou): strips of dried gourd
蒟蒻 / 菎蒻 / コンニャク / こんにゃく (kon’nyaku): konjac; devil’s tongue; often made into jelly form
ブロッコリー (burokkorii): broccoli
レタス (retasu): lettuce
キャベツ (kyabetsu): cabbage
菠薐草 / ほうれんそう (hourensou): spinach
人参 / にんじん (ninjin): carrot
トマト (tomato): tomato
胡瓜 / キュウリ / きゅうり (kyuuri): cucumber
茄子 / 茄 / なす (nasu): eggplant
コーン (coon): corn
玉蜀黍 / トウモロコシ / とうもろこし (toumorokoshi): corn; maize
ピーマン (piiman): bell pepper; green pepper

果物 / くだもの (kudamono): Fruits

フルーツ (fruutsu): fruit

林檎 / リンゴ / りんご (ringo): apple
バナナ (banana): banana
桃 / モモ / もも (momo): peach
李 / 酸桃 / スモモ / すもも (sumomo): Japanese plum
梅 / ウメ / うめ (ume): Japanese apricot (Prunus mume); Chinese plum
梅干し / 梅干 / うめぼし (umeboshi): dried pickled ume (very sour)
杏子 / 杏 / アンズ / あんず (anzu): apricot
アボカド (abokado): avocado
柿 / カキ / かき (kaki): persimmon
干し柿 / 乾し柿 / 干柿 / 乾柿 / ほしがき (hoshigaki): dried persimmons
石榴 / 柘榴 / 若榴 / ザクロ / ざくろ (zakuro): pomegranate
ココナッツ (kokonattsu): coconut

葡萄 / ブドウ / ぶどう (budou): grapes
苺 / イチゴ / いちご (ichigo): strawberry
ブルーベリー (buruuberii): blueberry
茘枝 / レイシ (reishi): litchi; lychee; lichee
ライチ (raichi): litchi; lychee; lichee

南瓜 / カボチャ / かぼちゃ (kabocha): (1) Japanese winter squash; kabocha squash
南瓜 / カボチャ / かぼちゃ (kabocha): (2) any pumpkin or squash
メロン (meron): melon
西瓜 / スイカ / すいか (suika): watermelon
カンタロープ (kantaroopu): cantaloupe
ハネデューメロン (hanedyuu meron): honeydew melon

オレンジ (orenji): orange
蜜柑 / ミカン / みかん (mikan): satsuma mandarin; Citrus unshiu
柚子 / 柚 / ユズ / ゆず (yuzu): yuzu; Citrus junos
マンダリン (mandarin): mandarin orange; Citrus reticulate
橙 / ダイダイ / だいだい (daidai): bitter orange (Citrus aurantium)
酢橘 / スダチ / すだち (sudachi): Citrus sudachi; used as a flavoring
臭橙 / 香母酢 / カボス / かぼす (kabosu): Citrus sphaerocarpa; used as a flavoring
グレープフルーツ (gureipufuruutsu): grapefruit
金柑 / キンカン / きんかん (kinkan): kumquat

Sauces / Toppings / Condiments / Seasonings

醤油 / しょう油 / しょうゆ (shouyu): soy sauce
垂れ / たれ (tare): soy sauce-based dipping sauce for grilled meats, sushi, gyoza, etc.
ポン酢 / ポンず (ponzu): citrus-based sauce
味醂 / みりん (mirin): sweet rice wine used in cooking
汁 / つゆ (tsuyu): dipping sauce for noodles
酢 / 醋 / 酸 / す (su): vinegar
ソース (soosu): sauce, especially Worcestershire sauce, often used for tonkatsu
デミグラスソース (demigurasu soosu): demi-glace (type of brown sauce)
ドミグラスソース (domigurasu soosu): demi-glace (type of brown sauce)

ふりかけ (furikake): dried food sprinkled over rice
鰹節 / カツオ節 / かつお節 / カツオぶし / かつおぶし (katsuobushi): bonito flakes
山葵 / わさび (wasabi): Japanese horseradish
辛子 / カラシ / からし (karashi): Japanese mustard
生姜 / 生薑 / 薑 / ショウガ / しょうが (shouga): ginger

塩 / しお (shio): salt
胡椒 / コショウ / こしょう (koshou): pepper
ペッパー (peppaa): pepper
砂糖 / さとう (satou): sugar
蜂蜜 / はちみつ (hachimitsu): honey
唐辛子 / 唐芥子 / 蕃椒 / トウガラシ / とうがらし (tougarashi): capsicum; chili pepper
七味[唐辛子] / しちみ[とうがらし] (shichimi [tougarashi]): blend of seven spices

胡麻 / ゴマ / ごま (goma): sesame seeds
胡麻油 / ゴマ油 / ごま油 / ゴマあぶら / ごまあぶら (goma abura): sesame oil
胡麻塩 / ごましお (gomashio): sesame salt

マヨ[ネーズ] (mayo[neizu]): mayonnaise (Japanese is thicker than American)
ケチャップ (kechappu): ketchup
マスタード (masutaado): mustard

ファストフード (fasuto fuudo): Fast food

ハンバーガー (hanbaagaa): hamburger
フライドポテト (furaido poteto): french fries
ポテトフライ (poteto furai): french fries
チーズバーガー (chiizubaagaa): cheeseburger

デザート (dezaato): Dessert

欠き氷 / かき氷 / 欠氷 / かきごおり (kakigoori): shaved ice with flavored syrup
白熊 / しろくま (shirokuma): shaved ice, condensed milk, mochi, and azuki (literally “polar bear”) (Kagoshima)
アイスクリーム (aisu kuriimu): ice cream
ソフトクリーム (sofuto kuriimu): soft serve ice cream
パフェ (pafe): parfait
サンデー (sandei): sundae
クリームソーダ (kuriimu sooda): ice cream soda; ice cream float
杏仁豆腐 / あんにんどうふ (an’nin doufu): almond jelly
心天 / 心太 / ところてん (tokoroten): gelidium jelly strips
プリン (purin): custard pudding; Crème caramel
プディング (pudingu): pudding
ゼリー (zerii): jelly; gelatin dessert; jello
クレープ (kureipu): crepe
生クリーム / なまクリーム (nama kuriimu): fresh cream
ケーキ (keiki): cake
カステラ (kasutera): castella; sponge cake
パイ (pai): pie

御菓子 / お菓子 / おかし (okashi): Sweets and Snacks

お八つ / 御八つ / お八 / おやつ (oyatsu): between meal snack; mid-afternoon snack
和菓子 / わがし (wagashi): Japanese confectionery
干菓子 / 乾菓子 / ひがし (higashi): dry wagashi
駄菓子 / だがし (dagashi): cheap snacks and sweets
洋菓子 / ようがし (yougashi): Western confectionary
御摘み / お摘み / おつまみ (otsumami): snacks to go with drinks
肴 / さかな (sakana): appetizer or snack served with drinks

小豆 / あずき (azuki): adzuki beans
餡[子] / 餡[こ] / あん[こ] (an[ko]): red bean paste; adzuki bean paste; any filling
蓬 / よもぎ (yomogi): Japanese mugwort
蕨 / わらび (warabi): bracken
蕨粉 / わらび粉 / わらびこ (warabiko): bracken starch
葛 / くず (kuzu): kudzu; Japanese arrowroot
葛粉 / くず粉 / くずこ (kuzuko): kudzu starch
黄粉 / 黄な粉 / きな粉 / きなこ (kinako): kinako; roasted soybean flour

餅 / もち (mochi): sticky rice cake
餅粉 / もち粉 / もちこ (mochiko): mochi flour
桜餅 / さくらもち (sakuramochi): pink mochi with anko, covered in a sakura leaf
草餅 / くさもち (kusamochi): mochi made including yomogi leaves
蓬餅 / よもぎもち (yomogimochi): kusamochi
柏餅 / かしわもち (kashiwamochi): mochi wrapped in oak leaves
黄粉餅 / 黄な粉餅 / きな粉餅 / きなこ餅 / きなこもち (kinakomochi): mochi topped with kinako
蕨餅 / わらび餅 / わらびもち (warabimochi): bracken starch cakes topped with kinako
葛餅 / くずもち (kuzumochi): kudzu starch cakes topped with kinako
鏡餅 / かがみもち (kagamimochi): two stacked mochi with a daidai on top, for New Years
焼き餅 / 焼餅 / 焼もち / やきもち (yakimochi): roasted or grilled mochi
揚げ餅 / あげもち (agemochi): fried mochi
霰[餅] / あられ[もち] (arare[mochi]): small, baked, fried, or roasted flavored mochi crackers
欠き餅 / かきもち (kakimochi): araremochi
御欠き / お欠き / 御欠 / おかき (okaki): araremochi
大福 / だいふく (daifuku): mochi stuffed commonly with anko
団子 / だんご (dango): mochiko balls, often 3-4 on a skewer
みたらし団子 / 御手洗団子 / みたらしだんご (mitarashi dango): dango with a sweet soy glaze
お汁粉 / おしるこ (oshiruko): sweet adzuki soup with mochi
善哉 / ぜんざい (zenzai): sweet adzuki soup

鯛焼 / 鯛焼き/ タイ焼き/ たい焼き/ タイやき/ たいやき (taiyaki): fish-shaped pancake with filling (often adzuki)
銅鑼焼き / どら焼き / ドラ焼き / どらやき (dorayaki): adzuki paste sandwiched in castella
饅頭 / まんじゅう (manjuu): bun-shaped confection with bean paste filling
最中 / もなか (monaka): wafers filled with adzuki jam or ice cream
羊羹 / ようかん (youkan): sweet bean jelly

枝豆 / えだまめ (edamame): green soybeans
煎餅 / せんべい (senbei): rice cracker
ピーナツ (piinatsu): peanuts
栗 / クリ / くり (kuri): Japanese chestnut (Castanea crenata)
ポテトチップス (poteto chippusu):potato chips
芋けんぴ / 芋ケンピ / いもケンピ / いもけんぴ (imo kenpi): candied sweet potato (Kochi)
八ツ橋 / 八橋 / 八つ橋 / 八ッ橋 / やつはし (yatsuhashi): sweet made from glutinous rice flour (Kyoto)
かた焼き / かたやき (katayaki): hard-baked cookies (Iga)
外郎 / 外良 / ういろう (uirou): sweet rice jelly (Nagoya)
うなぎパイ (unagi pai): eel cookies (Hamamatsu)

キャンデー (kyandi): candy; sweets
飴 / あめ (ame): hard candy
水飴 / 水あめ / みずあめ (mizuame): sweet starch syrup
金平糖 / 金米糖 / コンペイトー / こんぺいとう (konpeitou): small coloured sugar candy covered in bulges
シロップ (shiroppu): syrup
ガムシロップ (gamu shiroppu): gum syrup
キャラメル (kyarameru): caramel
風船ガム / ふうせんガム (fuusen gamu): bubblegum
チョコレート (chokoreito): chocolate

パティスリー (patisurii): patisserie
クッキー (kukkii): cookie; biscuit
ドーナツ (doonatsu): donut; doughnut
マカロン (makaron): macaron
シュークリーム (shuukuriimu): chou a la creme; cream puff; profiterole
カヌレ (kanure): canelé

ポッキー (pokkii): Pocky; biscuit sticks coated in chocolate, strawberry, etc.
コアラのマーチ (koara no maachi): Koala’s march; koala-shaped cookies
うまい棒 / うまいぼう(umaibou): Umaibo; small, puffed, cylindrical corn snack
たけのこの里 / たけのこのさと (takenoko no sato): Takenoko no Sato; bamboo shoot shaped chocolate cookie
きのこの山 / きのこのやま (kinoko no yama): Kinoko no Yama; mushroom-shaped chocolate cookie

パン (pan): Bread

パン屋 / パンや (pan’ya): bakery
パン粉 / パンこ (panko): breadcrumbs (like on tonkatsu)
サンド[イッチ] (sando[icchi]): sandwich
バゲット (bagetto): baguette
カレーパン (kareipan): curry bread
焼きそばパン / 焼そばパン / やきそばパン (yakisobapan): yakisoba sandwich
カツサンド (katsusando): tonkatsu sandwich
菓子パン / かしパン (kashipan): sweetened bun
餡パン / アンパン / あんパン (anpan): bread roll filled with anko
メロンパン (meronpan): melon bread (resembles a cantaloupe)
チョココロネ (chokokorone): choco cornet
ピザ (piza): pizza
ワッフル (waffuru): waffle
ホットケーキ (hottokeiki): hotcakes; pancakes

飲み物 / 飲物 / のみもの (nominono): Beverages / Drinks

乾杯 / かんぱい (kanpai): cheers!; a toast; drink (in celebration or in honor of something)
水 / みず (mizu): water
ラムネ (ramune): Ramune; Japanese soft drink with a special bottle
炭酸水 / たんさんすい (tansansui): carbonated water; sparkling water
炭酸飲料 / たんさんいんりょう (tansan inryou): carbonated drink
ソフトドリンク (sofuto dorinku): soft drink
ソーダ (sooda): soda

ジュース (juusu): juice
牛乳 / ぎゅうにゅう (gyuunyuu): cow’s milk
ミルク (miruku): milk
豆乳 / とうにゅう (tounyuu): soy milk
スムージー (sumuujii): smoothie
タピオカティー (tapioca tii): bubble tea; pearl milk tea; boba milk tea; boba

喫茶[店] / きっさ[てん] (kissa[ten]): coffee shop; tearoom; coffee lounge; coffeehouse; café
カフェ (kafe): café; coffeehouse
珈琲 / コーヒー (koohii): coffee
アイスコーヒー (aisu koohii): iced coffee
カフェオレ (kafe ore): café au lait
御茶 / お茶 / おちゃ (ocha): tea
緑茶 / りょくちゃ (ryokucha): green tea
抹茶 / まっちゃ (matcha): matcha; maccha; powdered green tea
煎茶 / せんちゃ (sencha): non-powdered green tea
焙じ茶 / ほうじ茶 / ほうじちゃ (houjicha): roasted green tea
紅茶 / こうちゃ (koucha): black tea
麦茶 / むぎちゃ (mugicha): barley tea

アルコール (arukooru): alcohol
リキュール (rikyuuru): liquer
[御]酒 / [お]酒 / [お]さけ ([o]sake): any alcohol; sake (Japanese rice wine)
ビール (biiru): beer
生ビール / なまビール (nama biiru): draft beer; draught beer
ワイン (wain): wine

ヤクルト (yakuruto): Yakult; probiotic milk drink
カルピス (karupisu): Calpis; Calpico; milk-based drink
ポカリスエット (pokari suetto): Pocari Sweat; sports drink
クー (kuu): Qoo; non-carbonated drink brand

御馳走様[でした] / ご馳走様[でした] / ごちそうさま [でした] (gochisou sama [deshita]): said after eating (thank you for the meal)


Title: Wings

 Prompt from: Tangle.of.ivy: I’ve always been fascinated by Supernatural stories where an OC can see an angel’s wings (or all of the angels’ wings) because they are soulmates or something.  I’d like to see a romantic story with an OC who is the soulmate of either Castiel or Gabriel.  Even before they were together she liked to watch his wings as they often expressed what he was feeling more than his expression did.  They would raise in anger, wrap around her protectively when she stood by him, or flutter nervously.  Cas/Gabe is astonished when they find out she can see them.  Later she might even find out that she can actually touch the wings too.  I’ve always just dound this idea incredibly sweet, interesting, and romantic.  :)

 Summary: You thought it was normal, to see Gabriel’s wings. But it isn’t, and it means that you are special…

 Warnings: none? Tags: @grace-for-sale , @lucifer-in-leather , @thewicked-end , @chelsea072498 , @nerdwholikesword , @chaos-and-the-calm67 , @percywinchester27 , @pizzarollpatrol , @cici0507 , @wayward-mirage , @charliebradbury1104 , @melonberri , @bellastellaluna , @pinolief2001 , @feelmyroarrrr , @carry-on-my-wayward-girl, @girl-next-door-writes , @twoboys-and-afallenangel , @fangirl-faye , @the-assbutt-impala , @impalapossible , @pumacat69 , @thecrossroad-demon , @kristaparadowski , @jussb , @isis278 , @babydanixox @jared-padaloveme @fand0maniac @ezm1995

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 The first time you had met Gabriel, it was a little while after you’d gotten Sam back from that crazy woman of letters.  Apparently, Chuck had re-made him and pieced him back together.  Then…tasked him to watch over you and the Winchesters.

Gabriel wasn’t the first angel you had met.  There was Castiel, Balthazar, Lucifer, Metatron…But they were nothing compared to Gabriel.  One, you and Gabriel quickly became friends, enjoying each other’s company and mischievousness.  Two, and one of the big reason he was unique…you could see his wings.

You never questioned it, or even mentioned it, assuming the others could see them too.  You put it up to him being an archangel, or version 2.0.  But regardless to the reason, you adored them, and him.  

They were huge, large appendages that stretched out.  Three on each side.  They had a rich golden color that seemed to change shade depending on how the light hit them, or his mood.  

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A Description of [Redacted]’s Prison System

[Copy/pasted from a chat]

I mean, we aren’t afraid of prisoners. Sometimes we don’t even bother keeping them imprisoned.

My country once got hit with a fuck-huge hurricane that damaged part of the prison, so the prisoners were all told to go home for a week and come back when the prison was repaired. They all came back.

We… Don’t really have a crime problem?

Like, crime happens, but it’s usually “This one guy was being an idiot that day, so we jailed him for a bit, and then he went home again.”

Yes, there’s only one prison.

Like, it’s technically divided into male and female sections.

But, like, people walk between the two all the time.

And, yeah, they’re over 99% male, so the female section often has, like, one person in it. Rarely more than three.

So you can see why they wouldn’t want to actually isolate them.

Also, it’s normal for large groups of prisoners to go out if a corrections officer is watching them.

The prisoners are usually carrying their swords*, because everyone has swords, because this is [Redacted].

The CO doesn’t carry a gun, because no one carries guns, because this is [Redacted].

In fact, the CO usually doesn’t have his cutlass with him either. He just follows them around drinking a beer and making sure he’s aware of where they are at all times.

And, in the evening, he’s basically like “Gather ‘round, children” and walks everyone back to the prison.

OK, less condescending than that, but that’s basically how it goes down.

People often just go out for a day or two if they’re being watched by a family member and the CO knows who that family member is.

Or, if a group of them is out and about and a friend of one of the prisoners sees them, the friend might be like “Hey! Can I buy my buddy a drink?”, and the CO will usually be like “Sure, get your friend back to Her Majesty’s prison by six.” or whatever.

Oh, also, our prison used to be run by the Communist party.

Which is part of why it operated the way it did.

Like, the Communist Party used to control the whole country.

Then America happened and they were overthrown and put in jail.

And then, once in jail, they were like “So, uh, might as well run this instead, I guess.”

And the COs were like “Sure, we didn’t want to run it anyway.”

So then they reorganised it, set the schedules, started offering classes, did rehab programmes for people with drug problems, etc.

The Commies recently got released, because the government was like “Wait, we still have political prisoners? Whoops.” so the prison may be being less well-run now.

Yes, I know. The Commies stop being in charge, and suddenly things are less well-run =p

I think it’s more like skin in the game. The Communist Party was in jail, so they had to make jail not suck so they would be better off themselves.

And it’s not like anyone tried to stop them. No one was telling them “No, you’re in prison, so you’re supposed to suffer”, because what kinda bullshit is that?

Like, [Redacted]ians have never had much of the attitude of “Criminals are the Other and are Bad and should Suffer” the way a lot of societies have.

Because we’re smol, so everyone knows someone who’s been to jail.

So we treat them about as nicely as one can treat people in a confined space.

Everyone understands that criminals are people. The assumption is that they’re just people who either have poor impulse control, made stupid decisions, or have an unmanaged mental illness.

And, like, we’re tiny and poor. We can’t fix those problems! We know we can’t! But the least we can do is be nice to them while we keep them out of society.

[Redacted]ians are definitely the type of people who’d say “May G-d bless and keep the prisoners far away from us.” Not as a joke but because they mean it.

Which is why a lot of people come out raving about how great the cooking is =p

“Prison food” is actually a compliment over here.

The average at a given time seems to be about 150 imprisoned people?

Properly imprisoned, as opposed to people awaiting trial.

Though we had a recent uptick, so I think it’s a little over 200 right now.

But there’s decent turn-over, because both sentences and recidivism are low.

Our incarceration rate is about a quarter of the American one, but we’re also more than six times as black

So, like, when Americans walk down the street, we have to lock our doors =p

Sure, I guess I could post this on Tumblr

Though, like, I don’t really know what recommendations I’d make.

Like, I don’t think most other people could do this.

We do this because [Redacted]ians are inherently great people (better than Jamaicans >_>), and because we all know and look out for each other, and because keeping people truly locked up is relatively unimportant when you’re stuck on an island and everyone knows who you are.

(I’m kidding about us being better people than everyone else.)

((A little. I’m partially kidding.))

*The things I’m calling swords are cutlasses or, as Americans call them, “machetes”.

Lucid Dreaming Techniques

For those of you who would like to learn to lucid dream, or who have achieved lucidity but would like to be capable of doing it more often, the following techniques are those that I have used and have had good results with:

First of all, before you begin your practice, you’ll need to discover your own personal dreamsigns. These are recurring themes/objects/people in your dreams that you can use as signposts to help you recognise that you’re dreaming.

For instance, in my dreams there are a few themes that pop up at least weekly, and they are: strange appearances of the Sun & Moon (either more Suns in the sky than is normal, holes or markings on the Moon, luminaries that grow or shrink as I walk towards them, etc.), pine trees moving or growing in strange formations, my late father, and certain celebrities that frequent my dreams on a weekly basis.
It’s important to choose themes that recur frequently, as these are likely to pop up in your dreams in the future. Having a dream journal can greatly aid you in this practice, so if you do keep a journal, sit down with it, read through your dreams from the past few months, and make notes of the items/people/themes that appear more than once in your dreaming reality. Themes that are absurd or impossible in real life work best, as they are less likely to slip past your watchful eye.

Once you have made a list of your personal dreamsigns, copy them into your notes on your phone and read them often, if not once a day (before bed works best) but anytime that you remember. Before you sleep, say out loud “I will recognise any dreamsigns in my dreams tonight, and thus recognise that I am dreaming.” That is really the key here, to recognise in your dreams that you are dreaming and that you have control over your dream. Planting that intention in your mind before you sleep will help you to achieve this.

Once you achieve lucidity, you are free to use it in innumerable ways: to seek answers about your life, to understand the cause of your nightmares and thus ascend them, even to commune with your Gods or meditate/scry. I’ve had some intense scrying sessions in my dreams, where I’ve predicted all kinds of things that came to pass in my waking life. Because here’s the thing: in your lucid dreams, you are the omnipresent, omnipotent God of your own reality; you have unlimited power and potential, and can exact powerful changes in your waking reality and in your consciousness.

The technique is as follows: throughout the day, whenever you encounter your dreamsigns, or the mundane versions of same (for me those would be pine trees, the sun and moon [in the sky or elsewhere, such as art or on tv], photos of my dad, etc. – see how they are mundane versions of the above list I gave? That’s what you should be looking out for), do a reality check. And by this I mean, stop what your doing, look around you and ask yourself “am I dreaming?” Look for a clock or for writing in the space around you (paperwork, notes, posters, etc.), read them, look away, and then read them again. Did the text change? Is it still the same time or have the digits become garbled? Even though you know you’re awake, this is a fantastic habit to get into, because as I’m sure you all know, if you do/encounter something enough in your waking life, it will eventually show up in your dreams. So if you conduct reality checks enough (at least 5-10 times a day – I know this seems daunting but it just became a habit for me after only two days of doing it, and now I do it every few hours just out of habit) eventually you’ll do it in your dreams, and since the nature of dream reality is that it is fluid, and constantly changing, you’ll see a dreamsign, look for any discrepancies in the realism of the world around you, see that it is unstable and dreamlike, and realise that you’re dreaming. After this the (dream)world is your oyster!

So, to recap:

- Make a list of your personal dreamsigns.
- Look for their themes in your waking reality.
- Once you’ve spotted a dreamsign, or anytime you remember, conduct a reality check.

Hope this is helpful. Happy dreaming!

- Brigitte

Headcanon Game - Lucifer

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Temperature Play: He watches you as you go from shivering to heated red cheeks and back again with just one touch of his hand, the feeling of power being what he craves.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

He doesn’t show his feelings easily, though sometimes he would slip up and let out something that he’d normally never admit.

His fingers could often be found in the locks of your hair or sometimes locked with yours.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He can be rather harsh and demending but if he feels like you can’t take it or had a bad day he can be unlikely gentle.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

He’s very serious, especially since it took a lot of time for him to wrap his head around the fact that he felt anything else than hatred towards a human.


More noctournal New Zealand crickets! These are auckland tree wetas, Hemideina thoracica. The photo in the middle is of one reversing out of a tree knothole where it has spent the day resting. You can quite often glimpse the rear end of a tree weta by looking in small holes in trees.

The large holes on their forelegs are actually ears - most grasshoppers, crickets and katydids have similar hearing organs.

The bottom photo is of a corpse - they wouldn’t normally come out in the open during the day like this.

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May we have some Yuma, Kou, Ayato, and Laito cuddle headcannons c:?

Admin Mawile: (๑꒪▿꒪)*


-He’s less likely to “cuddle” as he is to just pick you up and not let go. One human’s weight is hardly an issue, and he can carry you around for hours before he gets bored. It might sound kind of nice to be held by him, but do know that that most often entails being slung over one shoulder like you’re little more than a light load. 

-When he does cuddle the normal way, it’s as warm and affectionate as a cold, violent vampire can be, all strong limbs holding you close and quiet, happy noises muffled into your hair. It’s a little bit like being hugged by a bear, maybe, somewhere between comfortable and suffocating, too much strength in the arms holding you to quite be relaxing. 


-He’s clingy, holding onto you like some kind of living pillow and murmuring all kinds of empty praises. As long as you cooperate and let him do what he wants, it’ll stay nice, all hugs and nuzzling into your neck and almost purring. But, complain even a little bit, and he just might have to show you what he could be doing, and why just cuddling is nothing to make a fuss about. 

-His most loving moments are the ones that are faked, false smiles to win you over to doing what he wants. He can easily pretend to be the perfect, loving boyfriend, attentive to your every response and perfectly gentle. It’s when he’s upset, rough and nasty and forcing his way, that you really see the desperation to be close to you, the dependence that only surfaces in his worst moments. 


-Any kind of cuddling he does is more pushy than loving, half way holding you down, and far too rough. Ayato doesn’t quite know how to interact without forcing his way or making you comply to his wants, and even in the times where he’s desperate enough or in a good enough mood to try to be nice and indulge what you want, his efforts are clumsy. 

-He holds onto you like a little kid, face smushed into your chest and grasping at your shirt. His kind of cuddling is pushy and overwhelming, hugging roughly and clinging so tightly it almost hurts. Sometimes he bites when pressed against you, fangs digging in to your soft skin painfully, but, to him, one of the closest things to comfort he can let you see. 


-Way, way too touchy, whether you like it or not. He’ll hug you however he feels like, let his hands end up in inappropriate places, and any complaints from you seem to just amuse him. Laito doesn’t really take no for an answer, and even when it comes to something as “harmless” as cuddling, he’s pushing your boundaries in countless tiny ways. 

-Some nights, when you’re so out of it you can hardly remember by morning, all he does is hug you, pressing his face into your neck and breathing unsteady and shivering. He’ll pass off whatever you do recall as a bit of fun in the night that you were too wore out to remember, but there’s something very different about the fuzzy images of how tightly he was clinging to you. 


This is going to take some time to write, but I want to educate you all on some things. and this is just how I see it. 

The fandom is throwing up a tissy about the whole ubbe x margrethe x hvitserk ordeal. saying it’s incestuous and wrong and that margrethe is using them. but let me just say a few things and then you can go back to whatever the hell your opinion is, whether it has changed it not. 

  • int he vikings era, relationships like this were not wrong. often married couples would share their beds with others. still now to this day it is seen as a normal thing. Poly relationships are not unhealthy relationships. Ubbe and Hvitserk are not dumb little boys, they know what the hell they are getting themselves into. They are 19/20 and 18/19.. both well into their adult years by the standards of vikings
  • Ubbe and Hvitserk have always been very close. They trust one another more than anyone else, even other family members. It is clearly seen throughout all of the seasons from when they are little to now as men. Ubbe loves Margrethe, he would not have freed her otherwise. Hvitserk obviously loves her too or he would have never have done anything. Ubbe could also see clearly that Margrethe does have feelings for Hvitserk too. Him making that offer to them, to be together also is him accepting that and being mature about it and knowing it would make everyone happy because he loves his brother, he wants him happy.
  • Just because the brothers shared a bed with her, it does not mean they do anything to each other. If they did that would be incest. The two of them sharing a woman together, that is not incest. 
  • Everything that happened was consensual and spoken about in clear terms. They are all adults. they are all free people. They all chose what they wanted.

I say all of this because it makes me so angry to see how people can made such idiotic assumptions about the whole situation. No it is not what I was expecting to happen. Yes I did have a funny feeling from the beginning of the season that it would happen somewhere along the line. I am a woman that has been in a fully committed poly relationship in the past and I know very damn well that you can love more than one person at a time. Stop your shit against Margrethe. Unless she does something that actually calls for you to out her (like PURPOSLY trying to wedge the brothers apart.. which she is clearly not doing) then shut the fuck up and enjoy the show!!!

*****ETA:  many people are commenting about “Well this will be fucked up when she eventually falls pregnant.” When you are in a devoted poly relationship.. it does not matter biologically who the father is in a situation like that. I believe they would both raise the child as their own, or since Ubbe is technically the husband it would default to being his child. There is so much more to Poly relationships that people just do not goddamn understand and they need to open their mind. It’s not uncommon and it has been around for centuries. 

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Love headcanons for kid please?

Of course!!

When they discover they’re got a crush:  He doesn’t get crushes because he thinks they’re stupid. Relationships are stupid, emotions are stupid, crushes that make his heart feel weird are stupid; and he isn’t stupid… 

But seriously he hates crushes like he hates everyone who is stupid. He rarely gets them, though when he does he gets irritated even more often than usual when they’re around. His heart goes off beat and his hands get super hot and sweaty
How they confess/hint: When it comes to random ladies at the bar he can just go up them and be like ‘ayyyy let’s fuck’. Though when it comes to someone he like actually like likes, he refuses to do anything. He pretends everything is 100% normal but literally anyone else can notice somethings up. You’d have to approach him and ask if somethings up; he’d either be like ‘no. what’re talking about, I’m fine, you’re fine………. wait’ or ‘I like you yo’. You’d have to approach first, he’d then go from there.  
Big gestures of love: Actually saying he loves you, opening up about his emotions lmao
Little gestures of love: I’d say the little versions of PDA, like making out in public, no biggy, but holding hands??? and pecking of the cheek?? He gets insecure almost and doesn’t want to look like a sap. 
How to win their heart: You can’t go out of your way to win his heart, like flattering him with gifts and such, but just be a genuine, kind, caring person? But don’t mother or baby him, bc he’s too cool for that
How to break their heart: I mean you can’t really break his heart?? If you cheat, or lie, betray him he’ll build a wall around his emotions & probably never forgive you
Things that make their heart flutter: His heart doesn’t flutter yo
Ideal date: He doesn’t really do classy dates, it’ll most likely be at a bar or just chilling around the ship, maybe an occasional diner date but
Past relationships: I’m not sure actually, I know for sure he has had plenty of one night stands and such, but I’m not sure about serious relationships where effort is actually put in from both people.
How they might affect current relationships: He has no idea what he’s doing; how do you hold hands? super tightly, interlocked fingers, swing hands? He doesn’t know 
‘Goals’ in a relationship (marriage, kids, a house, etc): He doesn’t have any, let him actually have a decent relationship first

Teen Wolf Preference: About to do the dirty

Requested by anon: Can you do an imagine where you are interrupted by the pack when you are about to do the dirty. Maybe Derek, Scott or Lydiaxgirl reader (+ Theo)

A/N: I did this as a preference thing with little texts to all the above. Hope you enjoy. :)

Derek Hale

Originally posted by whovian182

You are chuckling lightly as Derek brushes a strain of hair behind your ear. Nobody would believe you if you told them that Derek Hale could actually be as gentle as a puppy but right now he is. He always is when you have one of your little meetings, far away from the pack. Far enough so that they won’t suspect anything. The pack has no idea what’s going on between the two of you.

You both agreed on that because it just makes everything much easier. No comments, no jokes, nothing. You can just lie on the sofa in Derek’s loft, cuddle like perfectly normal people and sometimes…or often…even more. Today seems to be one of those days.

There is already a fair amount of heat between the two of you. Derek smiles at you, a smile that you love and that is reserved for you, and kisses you on your nose before he presses his lips on yours eagerly. The TV-show you were watching is long forgotten. Your lips and tongues work in perfect unison and you inhale his scent, press yourself against his hard chest. Derek runs his fingers through your hair and starts to trace a line with his lips to your neck, softly sucking on your skin. A smile graces your lips as you push out a little sigh and your hands automatically wander to the seam of his shirt.

You slowly pull it over his upper body, your fingertips roaming over his abs. Derek quickly pecks your lips again before he pulls it over his head at last and tosses it into some corner of the room. Then he positions himself over you and you wrap your legs around his thighs.

You would’ve definitely continued if there hadn’t been an abrupt interruption. And it happens with a bang, literally. Derek must have forgotten to lock the door because it’s suddenly pushed open with pretty heavy force and you can’t hold back a startled squeak. Derek rolls off of you and stares at the door with a deep frown, his body tensed, as four people enter the loft.

It’s your pack. Scott, Stiles, Liam and Lydia. They walk into the flat casually until they realize that something is obviously going on and stop dead, almost simultaneously. Their gaze wanders from Derek’s bared upper body to you, hair and clothes all messy, on the sofa and Stiles mouth falls open while a new kind of heat creeps into your cheeks. God, this is really embarrassing.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”, Derek growls, killing them with his looks.

They don’t really care. All of them seem shocked. Well, everybody except for Lydia because you kinda admitted to her that you are into Derek.

“Why is Y/N lying on your sofa?”, Stiles asks plainly instead of answering. “Why are you practically naked and why, oh my god why the hell haven’t I noticed this sooner?”

“Ooooh now I get what I smelled every time you came to pack meetings together!”, Liam gasps. “You smelled like sex.”

A tortured moan escapes your lips and you pull the blanket over your tomato red face. You can’t take this anymore. Derek on the other hand doesn’t hide, of course. You can hear how he stands up and walks into their direction.

“That’s enough”, he states angrily. “Get out of here right now or I’ll hurt you.”

“But…we need to have an intervention about this!”, Stiles protests, although he already seems to be retreating. “How did this happen?”

“None of your business.”

“Don’t rip her into pieces”, Scott requests shortly before the door falls shut and their sounds are locked out.

A few seconds later, Derek is at your side and lifts the blanket. To your surprise, his face is showing an amused smirk. “Well, I guess that’s it with hide and seek.”

Scott Mccall

You wrap your arms around the bared upper body of your boyfriend from behind while he is still busy with drying his hair that is wet from the shower he took minutes ago and press a soft kiss onto his neck, smiling lightly.

“Congratulations”, you mumble against his hot skin. “You’ve been awesome out there.”

Scott turns around to face you and a bright, beautiful grin appears on his lips. He pulls you into a tight embrace and his joy from the lacrosse victory just minutes ago is almost contagious.

“All because your cheering has been on point”, he claims.

Well, he’s kinda right, your cheering game was on fire today. And as you look into his warm brown eyes right now you feel an incredible amount of pride towards him. How lucky you are to have such a boyfriend. And how hot he looks with that wet hair. That thought shoots through your mind abruptly and it’s impossible to erase.

You throw a quick look around the locker room. It seems to be empty, all the other team members have already left. After you made sure that you’re alone, you turn back to him, stand on your tiptoes, wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him passionately.

At first he seems mildly surprised from the intensity of your kiss as you steal his breath away. Then he adjusts to the situation and returns it just as eagerly. You suck on his lower lip softly which he understands as a sign to open them so your tongues can intertwine. You forget everything around you in that moment. Suddenly you don’t want to stop anymore.

As you do pull away shortly to catch your breaths, Scott looks at you in astonishment.

“What’s that for?”

“That’s your reward”, you mumble with a smug smile.

Excitement flashes up behind his eyes. He definitely gets what you are talking about. “But…we are in the locker room. In school.”

“So what. Nobody’s here, right?”

He concentrates for a moment, probably listening and trying to catch a scent. However, he can’t find or hear anything. Seconds later he shakes his head and before you know it, he has grabbed you and lifted you onto Coaches’ table nearby. You chuckle lightly, almost ecstatic because you feel drunken from happiness, burry your hands in his hair and pull his head towards you to continue the kissing.

You share a few passionate kisses before his lips wander to your neck and his hands to your shirt. It’s removed pretty quickly and you are about to press yourself flat against him as a loud gasp lets you freeze.

Scott whirls around and you look over his shoulder to see Liam and Malia standing there. Malia just crosses her arms in front of her chest but Liam’s reaction is almost hilarious. His mouth drops open before he quickly covers his eyes with his hands.

“God, I don’t wanna see that!”, he exclaims.

You could’ve been embarrassed but seriously: you are in your bra which is not much different than a bikini and although this is unfortunate, he hasn’t really seen anything too intimate. So you actually feel as indifferent as Malia looks, only Scott’s cheeks turn a soft shade of pink.

“Come on, Y/N, this is a boy’s locker room!”, Liam now complains while you grab your shirt and dress yourself with a sigh. You glare at him. He ruined your moment.

“You are coming in here with Malia!”, you retort.

“Yeah, because it’s important. Not to have sex!”

He’s still not looking and you decide to not tell him that you are not naked anymore, just because it’s too much fun to watch him acting like that. Instead you jump from the table, press a kiss on the lips of your still dumbfounded boyfriend and make Liam twitch as you walk over and pat him on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, little puppy. You’ll get it sooner or later.”

Lydia Martin

Originally posted by lydiamccall

You turn around under the blanket, smiling softly before Lydia presses her lips on yours and steals it away in the best way possible. You run your fingers through her soft, long red hair (or strawberry blonde if you’d ask Stiles) and her hands rest on the bared skin of your back. You are hyperaware of her fingertips, her touch making you shiver comfortably.

Those moments are so precious to you. Far away from all the pack stress and the horrible things that tend to happen in Beacon Hills. A few moments of peace and quietness, just the two of you. You haven’t really told the pack about you as a couple, just because the right time hasn’t come yet. Too much was going on. The werewolves know anyway, they can hear your heartbeats, and the others? Well, you don’t really care. It’s not important to you who knows and who doesn’t.

Lydia quiets your thoughts as her hands wander to the strap of your bra and open it. Anticipation rises inside of you and she allows you a last kiss before her lips wander to your neck and then to your collarbone. You sigh pleased and close your eyes, excited about what will follow, in desperate need of some intimacy and affection. You really long for some relaxation and Lydia knows that very well, so this promises to turn out especially good.

At least it does until two people burst into the room without any warning or knocking. Lydia rolls off you almost momentarily while an all too familiar voice says: “Lydia, we need to t…”

Stiles’ voice trails off and you hasten to pull the blanket up to your chin to cover your body from his shocked gaze. Scott stands behind his best friend but he has the decency to look at the floor and seem mildly embarrassed. You feel exactly the same way. Lydia is the one who’s obviously infuriated, which probably is the appropriate reaction.

“Get out of my room, Stiles, or I’ll scream!”, she snaps, glaring at him in a really scary way. You would’ve totally run but Stiles is still gaping.

“But…okay I don’t get it.”

“Really? So you believe Mason’s always just holding hands with Corey?”

Finally, it seems to dim on him. His face is so hilarious that you have to smirk beneath your blanket.


“Now get the fuck out!”, Lydia repeats.

Her loud voice suffices to awake Scott from his numbness and he grabs the back of Stiles’ sweatshirt to pull him to the door.

“You know what, maybe we can just watch and talk while we do that or…”, Stiles now rambles with a smug smile. Lydia throws a pillow which smacks against the door Scott closes just in time.

You moan and pull the blanket over the rest of your face. So much for your relaxed moment.

Theo Raeken

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Theo’s kisses are hungry. They always are. He kisses you so very differently than the other guys you’ve been with before. More intense and eager with a certain degree of impatience. You like it. You know you shouldn’t but you do. It just makes everything else seem unimportant.

So you return his kisses, even deepen them while he pulls you flat against his chest, his hand wandering to your butt. All this happened so quickly once again. A little talking, one look you shared and boom…you are making out in an empty classroom. The risk of getting caught is pretty high but your brain is too distracted to care about such trivial facts

His hands have reached your butt now and you feel a shiver running over your whole body. You take a step back and jump onto one of the tables spontaneously, pulling him and his smug grin back towards you on his shirt. He grabs your waist and teasingly licks over your lower lip before he kisses the soft spot right under your ear, knowing perfectly well that this drives you crazy. Maybe that’s the reason why this is so much fun with him.

Following yet another one of you impulses you get a hold on his shirt and pull it over his head in one swift movement, revealing his impressive physique that steals your breath for a moment every single time. His chest is already heaving as he copies you and throws your blouse on the floor before he lets his eyes, filled with a sense of hungry longing, wander over your upper body.

In that moment, somebody actually catches you in the act. At first you think that it’s some teacher and jump from the table in utter shock, your eyes searching the room for your shirt, while Theo releases an annoyed and angry growl. Then you discover that it’s actually Scott, Kira and Malia who are all staring at you with widened eyes and very surprised expressions. Well, you should really find that shirt.

You finally do, your head tomato red by now, and Theo leaves the room without saying another word. Great, you’ll have to deal with this later. But right now your own pack is challenge enough.

“You haven’t actually made out with Theo Raeken, have you?”, Scott asks you, his voice carrying a mix of shock and disbelief. Malia on the other hand seems almost impressed.

“You told me to become close with him”, you remind him of his plan all too innocently.

It doesn’t work. “Not that close, obviously! He’s dangerous, Y/N!”

You roll your eyes, suddenly feeling defensive. “Not to me. And a man spills many secrets in those quiet moments after the sex. So I thought I’d work on that.”

Scott claps his hand on his forehead and moans. “So it wasn’t the first time?!”

“No. And I’m sorry Scott, but he’s really good.”

“I definitely believe that”, Malia mumbles and earns an accusing look from her alpha.

“This is awful! I don’t approve of this!”, he decides before he turns around and leaves the room with quick strides, probably to find Stiles.

You and the other two girls are left and after a few moments of weird silence, you all burst into laughter. Well, at least they understand.

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Hi, I've been wondering about this. Do you usually stare at people while talking? There's this guy who keeps staring at me while talking to me to the point I feel so awkward and have to look away ( he keeps looking at me like 7, 8s without blinking or looking away @@ ) My friends say it's normal, they do it all the time but I can never stare at people that long when I talk to them because it feels so intense and weird! What do you think?

Did you count the time he is looking at you? Looking someone in their eyes while talking can make you nervous, but you are pushed to say the truth because the other person will immediately know when it’s a lie. One of my bosses always does that too. The more often this happens, the better you get at not looking away.
Maybe some people enjoy it that they can control others just with staring at them while talking 😅

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I'm a bi girl and I have come out to my friends and family but I still feel awkward expressing my sexuality beyond that. Example, I will see a cute girl and I feel like I would make people uncomfortable if I mentioned it outloud. Or if I have a crush on a girl, I feel like talking about it with my friends and family would be awkward. I know I shouldn't be ashamed, but I don't know how to get passed that initial hesitancy.

It’s pretty normal to feel awkward around relationships and sexual attraction with family, most people don’t like their family to know about that side of them.. It’s personal I suppose ^^
As for friends, it could be that it’s just until you get used to expressing yourself more, if you don’t do something very often or you’ve just started to do something, it can take a while before you feel comfortable with it.. You’re outside of your comfort zone, but it’s okay! You can do this! 
With love,

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I don't think so. While chf and tata do feature a more serious Kara, he's been shown to act like a normal human being in canon too (ep 24 and his irritation with Jyushi at the start of the pachinko skit), so it's not impossible for him to drop his persona when the situation requires. The situations you write him in definitely require it.

aaaa I’m glad you think that comes across well! I do often find myself looking to ep24 as a sort of justification or evidence that he can be more serious/sincere, plus I try to remind myself that there’s character development going on too - the second you introduce a situation that wasn’t considered by canon you start getting deviations in how the character behaves because you can only rely on your own best guess

it could go both ways I think - they either don’t read much fanfiction or they read so much fanfiction that they get exposed to a lot of disagreeable interpretations and get frustrated about it. I think a lot of my unease comes from the fact that I write by instinct, I don’t think too much about characterization and just go with what comes to mind and feels appropriate so I don’t put a lot of thought into like if he’s being too nice or good or whatever. but I sure didn’t give it any consideration at all throughout the entirety of chf and no one seemed to mind so I guess I should just keep on keeping on?

@rooish aahh it’s a relief if it doesn’t come off that way then, I mostly try to treat all of them as…. people? like when it comes to canon they’re characters in a gag show so with the exception of a few rare segments they mostly seem to respond to situations in the way that will have the maximum comedic effect, and that leaves a lot of room for interpretation when you’re dealing with more serious/less comedic situations. maybe? maybe I’m just justifying myself?? I do think that there’s plenty in canon to suggest that they do all have their good points care about each other though (I will never budge on brotherly brothers I don’t care if anyone wants to tell me it’s OOC YOU WILL PRY BROTHERLY BROTHERS FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS)

nnnnnnhh I do sort of get the feeling sometimes that kara angst in general is something that people are starting to roll their eyes out but like that’s too bad for those people because I will never tire of putting my fav in pain, I can only hope that that external source factor is enough to get me off the hook (because anyone who’s spoken to me for two seconds knows that sextuplets being cruel to one another out of genuine malice is so not up my alley that it’s practically in another county). if I can achieve an equilibrium where they all get to exhibit normal-human levels of compassion and goodness then that is probably an acceptable result

@bombushuntii I kind of feel like writing meta and writing prose are very different monsters too? like the process of narrative writing just doesn’t lend itself to thinking deeply and thoroughly about characterization because you’re busy thinking deeply and thoroughly about dialogue and action and scene direction and such, so discrepancies naturally arise. but just as you say there’s always different ways to interpret stuff and choosing to do it one way over the other doesn’t mean the other is necessarily OOC. so I guess meta is good like if you have a really halting understanding of the character and need a starting point to put your own thoughts together but personally I think I’m just gonna kinda…. not look at any meta for a while. not until tata’s done at least

you….. are an anon after my own heart and you know what, YA GOT IT. I’ve felt for a long time now like there’s so many ways chf could be improved so I am SO glad that tata sort of reflects… that feeling? I don’t know if I phrased that properly but it’s not the point anyway. I can’t really deny that the discourse was a bit of a hit on top of what’s already a pretty advanced cased of writer’s block but after examining it more closely this afternoon with the help of all these (exquisite and splendid) messages I think I’ve gotten a whole lot closer to saying “fuck it all I’m just gonna keep writing the way I want to” so that is a great outcome in my book ♡

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Hello. Can you please make a scenario with murasakibara's (+ s/o) normal week? 😍

Hello! sorry this took so long to write up, I hope you like it ^-^

A normal week with Murasakibara and his s/o would often include lots of his s/o scolding him for spending so much money on snacks. Despite their efforts, every penny he owned, always ended up going to the convenience store and yet they still tried. They would sometimes make and bring lunch for him in an attempt to make him eat more healthily at school and they would often accompany him to any basketball practices so they could walk home together.

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Haiii :3 May I ask a MTL likely of who would prefer a 'street style' look on their girlfriend rather than a 'girly/feminine style'?


Yoongi: he wants someone that can match his style (but if you wear his clothes he’ll love it get huffy)

Jungkook: he can’t talk to any girl, let alone a girly girl, so he’d probably find it easier to approach you before you started dating if you had a street style

Namjoon: he’s big on fashion and he’d know more about street style than girly style anyways

Jimin: he’d like either style, so long as it looked good on you and you were happy with it

Taehyung: he might like to see you wearing girly things every so often, but he’d definitely love your normal street style

Hoseok: like tae, he’d want to see you in dresses every now and then, but most of the time he wouldn’t care either way

Seokjin: he’d compliment you more on cute outfits than he would on anything else, but that doesn’t mean he’d dislike a more ‘street style’ outfit


I’m 181cm tall
Left photo: 127kgs
Right photo: 100kgs
20kgs to go.

I’m really struggling to see a difference between these two photos despite my boyfriend telling me that he most definitely can.

Is it normal to often feel bigger than you are or to not be able to see/feel a difference? I’ve been feeling like it a lot lately.