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You know when you’re with someone and you don’t really care what is happening.. You could be sitting on the floor staring at the ceiling, or jumping out of a plane and you somehow feel the exact same. No matter the time or place, your heart beats a little faster.. You don’t wanna talk because you’d rather listen to anything and everything they say.. You can’t look away from them because they are more gorgeous than any other creation.. When your mind never stops runnin to the thought of them.. I think that’s when I realized that it’s not what you’re doing, but who you’re with that really matters. But that’s all I really know.
—  M.D.
You know when you’re with someone and you don’t really care what is happening.. You could be sitting on the floor staring at the ceiling, or jumping out of a plane and you somehow feel the exact same. No matter the time or place, your heart beats a little faster.. You don’t wanna talk because you’d rather listen to anything and everything they say.. You can’t look away from them because they are more gorgeous than any other creation.. When your mind never stops runnin to the thought of them.. I think that’s when I realized that it’s not what you’re doing, but who you’re with that really matters. But that’s all I really know.

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Would you still ship KikuWan if Himaruya stuck with the old man design that looks way physically older than Japan or China (or even Rome) for Taiwan's design?

Anon, the fact is the reason why I ship Kikuwan has nothing to do with Hetalia. I’ve basically shipped it before I even knew Hetalia was a thing. IRL Japan and Taiwan have great relations present day and the peoples have genuine warmth for each other. That’s what makes me ship them. I have a lot of evidence that points to show Japan is Taiwan’s favorite country. And as a Taiwanese, I have actually witnessed the strength of their relations among people myself. My interpretation of the ship has a lot more depth than fanon- in the Western fandom. 

The matter of canon design is trivial to me because the idea of personifying nations is a matter of interpretation. And increasingly, I find myself straying from canon because I need more depth to the characters with reference to their actual histories (in their entirety) and culture. If Himaruya stuck with the old man design of Japan, I would have respected that in canon but have my own interpretation of Japan outside of that. Then, I wouldn’t ship Japan and Taiwan in context of canon hetalia. But I’d still ship it within my own interpretation.

I feel like I’ve seen a recent post against kikuwan, so I’m assuming that’s why you came to me about this, and I’d have to say I disagree with it, especially concerning the interpretation of Taiwan herself. (I won’t go into detail on breaking down all the reasons why unless you ask because that’s…walking too close to drama.) 

The one thing I do concede on is the issue of fanon portrayal. I detest it. I have never seen an interpretation in the Western fandom that I’ve actually liked. I hate that Taiwan has been reduced to a ‘moe-kawaii’ blob of pink. I hate that Western fanon Kikuwan lacks a hell lot of depth and meaning and nuance that comes with deep understanding of both countries. It overlooks much of their issues, but I think that’s a widespread problem with all ships because of immature shipping. 

Of course, it goes without saying that their colonial history should not be romanticized. However, that’s not how or why I ship them, and the way the post interprets it is different from my own. I would say that fan portrayal of this colonial history is definitely lacking a lot of consideration and research though. It takes a lot of nuance and understanding from both point of views- especially in consideration of the colonized. In Taiwan now, portrayal of Japanese colonization is incredibly nuanced and considers both positive and negative sides of things- Most of all, Taiwanese separate imperial Japan from modern Japan: we don’t see the need to antagonize Japanese people for the wrongs their ancestors and former government did. ( And again, Taiwan’s experience of Japanese colonization is vastly different from others and that’s probably why we have more capacity to just move on. )

All in all, I do not ship Kikuwan the way it is shipped within the Western Hetalia fandom (and even the Taiwanese/Japanese fandom sometimes yield pretty cringey material.) But Japan and Taiwan as a ship based on real-life modern relations is (and always will be?)  my OTP. 

Every Scar// Im Jaebum

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Pairing:Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Sad/Fluff/Suggestive/

Summary:@imsarabum said:
Hello beautiful ~ can I request a Jaebum soft fluff, maybe a little suggestive - where the reader used to be really overweight and she lost all her weight but she’s left with stretch marks and she also has some scars here and there too. She wishes she had a different body and she’s a little insecure and scared to show him. I love you so much jellybaby 💕💕💕

Author’s Note:

Trigger warning: Talks of suicide attempts are in this scenario. If you don’t feel comfortable with reading such things, please don’t read this scenario.

xoxo Sara

In your hand, you held a picture of who you once were. The girl who got teased for everything she did, everything she stood for, because she was overweight. The nonstop teasing and hurt by your peers really took a toll on you in your past, causing you to eat out your feelings with takeaway pizza or the next bag of chips in the cupboard. The words that they would say hurt you so much, you thought that there was no other option but to move away. You never thought you would be at the point in life you are now, because you told yourself you didn’t want to live anymore, that you wouldn’t even make it to your thirties because you were so set on leaving this awful world, and you had scars to show each time you attempted to take your life. You would look in the mirror and you’d feel sick, because you hated what you would see. The chubby girl who everyone hated, which caused her to hate herself even more than she already did.

You became so overweight, it almost caused health problems. You had been put on a diet, while working out more than you have ever worked out before, because your mom feared for the wellbeing of her precious daughter and did not want to see anything happen to you. And now, a couple of years later, all of the weight is gone, and you look like a different person, but the scars of the old you still remained.

There were certain parts of your body that you didn’t mind showing off. Your tummy, for instance, was one part of you that you were very proud of, as it was a main place that harbored all of the weight, and now that it was gone it made you feel good. the bottoms of your legs, sure, as they were nice and your calves were strong from all of the workout dance routines you did, and they were always nice and soft.

But, there were some parts you would never show, you would never allow people to see. Though you lost your weight, you still weren’t where you wanted to be. Your thighs were a bit bigger than all of your friends, but that’s because they’re very strong and they’re toned. You do often wear shorts out, but they aren’t short enough to show the wounds you once inflicted on yourself. High waisted shorts were what filled your closet, as they covered your hips; a primal source of the scars and the stretch marks that marked who you once were.

You looked at the picture you held, thankful that you had ended up losing the weight, because now you have so much energy. But , you still weren’t confident with your body. You barely show off any skin when you’re around others.

And your boyfriend noticed this.

You had been dating Jaebum for about eight months, and they were a lovely eight months that you spent with him. You met him at a dance studio, one you managed to find and were able to rent out a room in for a fairly cheep price. You had bumped into each other at the vending machines, and the slightly awkward “sorry’s” and “no no, you go first’s” made Jaebum wonder why he had never seen you there before. And since that day, he went to that dance studio constantly in hopes to see the shy girl with the bright smile and wide eyes.

You two truly hit it off, once you two actually started talking, and Jaebum could feel himself falling harder and harder for you each day. The way you laughed and smiled, your dark sense of humor which paralleled his; but you seemed to always keep everything about yourself hidden, and it intrigued him. It made him want to find out more about you, to learn every aspect of yourself that you didn’t want to show to the other boys.

And once you two had fully started to date, he did just that; almost. He uncovered your true personality, how you were shy most times but you were also quite cheeky; how you enjoyed a good book and enjoyed lighting candles as the aromas calmed you down after a long day. He found out your passion for cooking, while also finding out your passion for singing as he walked into your apartment to find you singing out the words to a song he had never heard of, but the sounds coming from your mouth were enough to make him smile.

But, he never found out everything. Not until today. You were always weary of showing Jaebum your scars, afraid that he may see them and laugh or worse; he may leave you, because he doesn’t want someone who was as broken as you were. And the thought of losing Jaebum terrified you beyond belief. Because ever since you two met, he had become one of your main sources of happiness. He wasn’t afraid to show you everything he had to offer, but you were always hesitant to show you the most dark and sensitive parts of yourself.

You had bad days, but today, you were feeling particularly bad about yourself. Though you had lost so much weight, you still tried to continuously exercise, as that is the only way to maintain your weight, but you have been slacking, and it made you gain 2 kgs. And to you, those 2 kgs mattered, as it brought you out of your happy zone, your comfort zone, and it took away the very little amount of self confidence you had.

You looked at the picture in your hand, a picture that you had taken just before you started to lose weight, before looking back at the mirror that hung on your wall. You sighed; your mind playing tricks on you, as it often did when you felt like this. Your mind made you see your former self in the mirror, standing there , barely being able to fit your whole body in as you were so close to it, and it made you sick. You threw the picture down, pressing your palms into your eyes as you felt tears sting through, crouching down laying your head between your legs.

You had been ignoring everyone all day, and that included Jaebum. Jaebum knew you had bad days, but you would always talk to him about it, even if it was for just a little while. But the fact that you were ignoring him scared him beyond belief; to the point where he wasn’t able to focus at practice. And the boys understood when Jaebum rushed out of the practice room with his bag in his hand, his worry evident in his face as he slammed the door shut. They knew how much Jaebum truly loved and cared for you, and they weren’t about to stop him from rushing to your apartment to make sure that you were okay.

You kept the lights off in your room; the only light shining in from the cracks of the shades that covered your windows. But that small amount of light was enough to allow you to see the body that you hated, that you worked so hard to be in but now you can’t stand looking at it. You were crying into your hands, your sobs filling your ears, making you unable to hear the sound of your front door opening. Jaebum knew where you kept the spare key, as he has made many late-night trips to your apartment, whether it be because your apartment is closer to the studio he practices at and he was too tired to walk home, or because it was late and the thoughts of you next to him weren’t enough to make him fall asleep, so he needed to go and hold the real thing.

Unlocking your door and shutting it behind him, he noticed how the whole place looked as if it were untouched since he was last there the night before; the blankets that he left on the couch after he decided to leave still there, the smell of the takeaway Chinese food still evident in the air.

“Jagi…?” He called out slightly, setting his things down as he slid off his shoes, his eyes wandering over every inch of the apartment that he could see. He walked through the livingroom, folding the blankets he had left the previous night and throwing out the food containers, before making his way down the hall. He had noticed that your bedroom door was shut, but every other door in the hallway was open.

Slowly pressing his hand to the doorknob and giving it a light turn, he opened the door to see you on the floor, cradling your head in your hands.

“(Y/N),” He said softly, making your head snap up as you quickly wiped away your tears. Standing up and backing away from him, not wanting him to see you in such a fragile and weak state, you bit your lip.

“J-Jaebum-oppa, what are you do-“

Before you could finish, Jaebum stretched out his long arms and brought you into his chest, somewhere you feel the safest whenever he’s around, as his big broad body easily protects you from the outside world. He squeezed one arm around your waist as the other laid at the back of your head, pressing your face into where he knew you felt most as home.

You could feel yourself breaking, you could feel your walls coming down, and though you would usually try and stop it, shimmying away from his grasp, you felt yourself become weak as your arms wrapped around him, the tears seemingly uncontainable as you sobbed softly into his chest. You realized now, that Jaebum was one of the few people who constantly tried to open you up, and he was relentless in trying to get you to show yourself to him, no matter how many times you pushed him away. But now, you couldn’t push him anymore. He was there, and he was halfway through the gates of the castle walls you had built to protect yourself. You just had to let him in.

He let you cry, not stopping you to say anything. He just held you as you let out your sobs, his hands gripping your body closer and closer to him until there was absolutely no space in between you two. Once he had felt your crying cease, he helped you towards the bed, setting you down before pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead. He got up slowly, making his way to the light switch when he saw the photo you had kept hidden from him. Lunging to try and grab it before he could see, your attempts failed as he was quick enough to grab it and hold it to his chest.

Peaking at the photo, he could recognize that it was you, although your face wasn’t in the picture. If there was one small detail Jaebum loved about you, it was your hands; the small but warm hands that were always much cuter in comparison to his as they intertwined your fingers together or ran themselves through his hair while he laid on your chest.

“Jagi, is this you?” he asked softly, taking your hand as you felt yourself become dizzy. You were proud of your weight loss, and you would express it to him and the others, but you have never showed him a picture of yourself before-hand. You sat down on the bed, rubbing your neck as you sniffled.

“Why didn’t you show me this before?” He asked, sitting next to you as he kissed your knuckles, giving your hand a gentle squeeze.

You kept your eyes glued to the floor as you sniffled.

“I was scared you’d leave me after seeing how big I was.”

Jaebum felt his heart sink; the thought of ever leaving you never crossing his mind, not even once. He knew that whatever you did, he would always love you, and he never ever wanted to give you up.

“(Y/N), I would still love you, even if you were 200 kgs. You told me you lost the weight because it was a safety concern…” he looked at you softly, searching your face as you nodded, “And i’m so proud of you for losing the weight in the way that you did. You look absolutely incredible, Jagi. But please, know that the reason I love you, isn’t because of your body. It’s because of the person you are inside. You are so incredible, you’re so nice and down to earth, so selfless and gentle… and i’m so lucky to have you, I truly am.”

Though you felt your heart flutter, your shook your head softly at his words, “I have some demons in my past, Jaebum. Some that I’ve never told anyone about.. because the ones that know, left me because of them. Even after the promised they never would. Which is why I can’t trust people, I can’t trust anyone. People would come into my life, they would come in and gain my trust, just so they could break me down even further. And I just can’t take it anymore.” You felt yourself shiver as you shook your head, “I hate myself. I hate who i once was, and I hate my body now. I’m so filled with… hatred towards myself.”

Jaebum’s heart broke at your words. To think that the woman that he fell in love with, the one who came and broke through his dark and rough exterior to find the gentle heart that laid beneath it, hates herself so much, absolutely hurt him inside. He shook his head slightly, sniffling, not looking at you. “Where?”

You looked at him slightly, a confused look on your face, “Where what?”

“Tell me, where you hate yourself. What part of you makes you hate yourself.”

You looked down at your feet, sighing as you ran your hands through your hair, “I have.. a lot of scars that i’ve never shown to you, Jaebum. They make me hate myself whenever I look at them, and I never ever wanted to show you them, because you’ll never look at me the same way.”

“Jagiya, where are they?” he asked sternly, taking your hand softly and giving it another gentle squeeze. You took in a deep breath, shaking your head, “they’re near my hips and my thighs mainly.”

Jaebum stood slowly, helping you up as well before he dropped to his knees. You looked at him slightly, unsure of what he was doing, before he rested his hands in the waistband of your leggings. Pulling them down slowly, you felt your heart race and your cheeks heat up. You gripped where his hands were to make them stay in place.

“Jaebum, no, please…”

“(Y/N), listen to me okay? There is nothing in this world that could make me leave you. There’s no part of you that i could ever hate or even dislike. I love every inch of you, inside and out, and I can promise you that after I see what you’ve been hiding, I’ll still feel the same way.” Sticking our his pinky, he looked up at you with his big brown eyes, “Pinky Swear.”

Reaching down hesitantly, you wrapped your pink around his, while simultaneously letting go of your leggings. He pulled them down slowly, revealing every hideous scar and stretch mark that littered across your skin. Though the scars were faded, they were still there, and the mere sight of them made you want to cry.

“You know what I love about you, Jagiya..?” Jaebum asked softly as he came face to face with your scars, running his fingers along them. He pressed a gentle kiss to one that laid on the tip of your thigh, “You’re so sweet and kind to everyone you meet. It’s like, you have no hate for anyone in the world, even though so many people have done so many wrong things to you.”

You looked at him as he held your thighs in his hands, pressing another kiss to your body, to a stretch mark that laid on your waist, “and I love that you always take care of my bandmates, even when i’m not around. I love that you can still be good friends with them, and you can be close with them even though i’m not there.”

You sniffled, your heart swelling as he began to kiss every scar and stretch mark that he came across, while telling you one thing that he loves about you, in attempts to replace the bad stories behind each scar with a new, sweet story.

“I love that you steal my sweaters when i’m not there, and you think that I don’t notice,” he said, a slight chuckle leaving his mouth as you unknowingly smiled, wiping the tears from your cheeks.

“And i love that you don’t care about how I act or what I say, I love that you love me for who I am and for all that I am inside, rather than for my fame. I love that you don’t just love JB from GOT7, but that you love Im Jaebum, and that you took the time to peel back each of my layers. And now, it’s my turn to do that for you.”

Making his way up your hips with kisses, he slowly pulled your legging back up. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have him by your side. You smiled as he pressed his hand to your cheek, wiping away your last tear with his thumb before he pressed his lips to yours, his arms engulfing you yet again in another tight and loving hug.

Pulling away slowly, he leaned his forehead against yours, eyes boring into yours as he spoke, “Jagiya, I could never hate you. Never ever. I love you more than I love anything else, and I would give up everything that I have just to make you happy. Even though we’ve been dating for eight months, you still manage to make me nervous with just a smile, you make my heart flutter when you laugh, you make me realize how truly lucky I am to have you, and there is nothing in this world, no scar nor stretch mark, there’s no demon you have that could make me shy away from you. Because every angel has demons that try to take away their glow. But i won’t let them, because you’re my angel sent down to love me, and I’m going to love you so much, that the demons won’t be able to touch you. Okay?”

Sniffling, you leaned your head in Jaebum’s neck, pressing a soft kiss against his skin. You knew you didn’t have to shield yourself anymore, that your castle walls that were shielding you, not only welcomed him in, but he’s become  apart of them. He’s become your protection, your strength, and your will to move forward, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


Music meme uw u

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1) “The Watchmaker’s Apprentice” by The Clockwork Quartet 
2) “Brains” by Voltaire
3) “The Simple Plot of Metal Gear Solid” by Starbomb
4) “There’s a Good Reason these Tables are Numbered Honey, You just haven’t Realized it yet” by Panic at the Disco
5) “Friend Like Me” by Robin Williams
6) “Medics don’t heal Scouts” by Random Encounters
7) “Dog of Wisdom Remix” by The Living Tombstone
8) “Sanjou!! Ginyu Tokusentai!!” (Ginyu Force Theme) by You Tamazaki 
9) “Supersonic” by Bad Religion
10) “Klaus’ Boss Theme” by Klei (from the game Don’t Starve) 

Everyone can do this (/ ‘ 7′ )/


People will stare. Make it worth their whileIris Van Herpen “Hacking Infinity” prêt-à-porter collection | F/W ‘15-‘16

you know what makes me happy?

When you reply to someone’s snapchat story or comment something nice on their instagram and they say something nice back and its just a chain of compliments. e.g

Me: That outfit is so cute on you!

Person: Thanks love, nothing can beat your beauty though

Me: Gurllll whatcha talking bout, you’re more gorgeous than models

Person: I’d love to be your apprentice in modelling

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