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Date in a Box

Words: 9.7k
Genre: Fluff. So much fluff. 

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He called and you came running.

Knock Knock.

The door swings open; a boy dressed in a white shirt, blue jeans and timberlands greets you with frightened doe-eyes. “Are you-”

“Yes I am.” You push your way in, not having enough time to slip off your shoes politely. You take one quick scan of his apartment. “How much time do we have?”

“She’s coming in five minutes.” He says in alarm, scrambling to look at the clock.

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I Hate This (Part I) || Jughead Jones x Reader

Show: Riverdale

Request: N/A

Paring(s): Jughead x Betty, Jughead x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1728

Parts: Part II Ending I, Part II Ending II

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Your POV…

It’s been weeks since Betty and Jughead got together. It’s been weeks since you talked to Jughead as well. I’ve been avoiding him like the plague. I’ve been avoiding all of them really. Archie’s tried talking to me but after so many years of seeing it, wherever there’s Archie, Jughead isn’t far behind. So I did what I do best, ignore and run. Betty and Veronica have tried talking to me but they get the same response. The only one I haven’t ignored is Kevin Keller, my best friend.

“(Y/N), talk to them. They’re going crazy trying to find out why you’ve been avoiding them,“ Kevin stood by my locker giving me the same spiel he has been giving me the weeks I’ve been avoiding them.

“Kev, I’ve told you this many times before, no. And you know why so don’t bother asking,“ I closed my locker while meeting his gaze. Over his shoulder, I could see the four people I didn’t want to heading our way, “I’ll see you in biology, Kev,” I walked away as quickly as I could from them.

“(Y/N)!” I ran around the corner and to my class at the sound of Jughead’s voice. I’m not facing any of them just yet.

Kevin walked home with me. He wanted to talk more about it and I finally agreed.

“Okay. We’re in your room. Why are you ignoring them?“ Kevin asked me.

“I’ve known Jughead, Betty, and Archie for years. I met them in fifth grade when I first moved to Riverdale. Whereas Betty and Archie were best friends, Jughead and I were too. Jughead and Archie are brothers. Archie was the only one to know I had a crush on Jughead and he used to make fun of me for it but Archie stopped because I got over Jughead.“

“Is there a reason for this backstory?“ Kevin threw himself on my bed in feign annoyance to get me to laugh. In result, I laughed but he also got a face full of my faux fur pillow. I faced him as I sat down at my desk just across from my bed.

“Yes there is. Archie told Jughead and Betty that I used to like him after I convinced Archie I didn’t like Jughead anymore. Well, Jughead and Betty laughed at me. Made fun of me and Jughead even said that he didn’t and probably wouldn’t ever have a crush on me. I played it off like it didn’t matter to me but I went home that night and cried because I still liked him. I thought I got over him over the years but once it came out that he and Betty were together, I did the same thing I did when he said that to me. I came home and cried,“ I got up and leaned against the sill of my window.

“You still like him,“ I could see all of the gears in his head spinning. I saw all of it clicking in his head.

“I guess he was right. He never liked me and he never will,“ I smiled softly at Kevin’s look of pity.

Kevin’s POV…

I stormed over to their table much to the disliking of (Y/N). I could hear her calling my name but I ignored it. I had a few things I needed to say to Thing 1 and Thing 2.

“Jughead, Archie, I need to talk to you too,“ I walked away with them following in tow.

“What’s up, Kev?“ I wanted to chuckle at the seemingly normal tone of voice Archie had.

“What’s up is that you two are pricks. No wonder (Y/N) doesn’t want to talk to any of you right now.“

“Wait, she told you why she’s ignoring us? What’d she say?“ I laughed at Jughead’s question because I wanted to tell them and call them out on their shit but it wasn’t my place. It also wouldn’t look good getting into a fight with my dad as the sheriff.

“It’s not my place to tell but you two definitely know why. Betty does too,“ I pushed pass them and walked back to (Y/N) who stood there with her usual poker face and her arms crossed, “Something had to be said, (Y/N).”

Your POV…

I wasn’t upset with Kevin for confronting them. I was kinda glad he did but I was also anxious because this would mean that they’d confront me about it asking why. That wasn’t something I was ready for but in all honesty, it probably wouldn’t be something I was ever ready for.

The day went on as normal. Them trying to talk to me, me avoiding them, and then me going home as quickly as I could to avoid all confrontation. Unfortunately for me though, the universe was not on my side. As soon as I got home, I got an hour to myself before Jughead came to visit me.

“Hey there, Juliet,“ I spun around in my desk chair at his voice before turning around and rolling my eyes. I still didn’t say anything to him, “Why are you ignoring all of us? And what did you tel Kevin to make him lose his shit on me and Archie?“ Jughead was probably already in my room sitting on my bed but I wasn’t going to turn around and find out, “(Y/N/N), come on. We’re best friends, why won’t you tell me what I did?” I couldn’t stop the cold scoff that came from me.

“I hate this, Jughead. I really do,“ I refused to turn and face him because I would lose it.

“Hate what, (Y/N)?“

“All of this. I just-“ what’s the point? This isn’t going to change anything, “Nevermind.“

“No tell me,“ his voice was concerned but it was also very strict in its tone.

“Why? What’s the point? Anything I say now can ruin our friendship. But it’s not like that matters. It’s not like it’s ever mattered,“ fuck it. I turned around and faced him with a burning in my eyes and a lump in my throat.

“It matters, (Y/N). You’re my best friend and I care about you. And it won’t ruin our friendship,“ I could see the hurt in his eyes but I still couldn’t bring myself to believe him.

“Really? You care? Is that why you haven’t put much effort in trying to talk to me? At least Archie, Betty, and Veronica stopped me multiple times in attempts to get me to talk.“

“What could I have said that they didn’t already?“ he was raising his voice at this point, something he rarely ever did towards me.

“Does that even matter? You didn’t even fucking try and yet you still call me your best friend. You know what, Jones, we haven’t been best friends for awhile. Not since Betty asked you to help her with the Blue and Gold. You stopped talking to me and hanging out with me as much, Jones. I wasn’t the one who stopped. And you know for damn sure that I wouldn’t have given up as easily as you did if our roles were reversed,“ the tears were flowing freely at this point and I don’t care anymore.

“What would I have done? Waltzed up to you and you would’ve magically talked to me? I know you, (Y/N). It wouldn’t have been that fucking easy otherwise I would’ve done it. And as for the whole best friend thing, you are my best friend. I just hung out with Betty more because she did the one thing for me that you couldn’t. Make me happy and calm every fucking demon in my head. You’re jealous of her and every one can see it. She’s everything you’re not-”

“Trust me, I know she’s everything I’m not, Forsythe. She’s smart and I’m not. She’s pretty and I’m not. She’s everyone’s friend and I’m not. I’m barely even yours. She’s the perfect girl next door with flawless, milky skin, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and radiant smile. But I’m not jealous of any of that. I don’t wish to be her. I’m jealous of the fact that she took my best friend from me and made it look like you were never even my best friend in the first place. That’s what I’m jealous of, Forsythe,“ my tone was calm, my stature was calm, but anyone could see the pain I felt in my eyes as tears fell down my cheeks like it was raining.

“Are you sure?“ I hate the smirk that he was wearing as he got up and took slow steps towards me. It’s the one he wore whenever he knew something others didn’t, “I think you’re jealous of the fact that I love her and not you,“ that’s what did it. I froze as I felt myself going numb from his words.

“Fine. I love you and I fucking hate it. Are you happy now?“

“Then stop loving me-”

“I can’t! Don’t you get it? If I could, trust me, I would’ve stopped when I first started to. I’ve loved you for years, Forsythe. And I hate it so fucking much. I hated it when I told Archie years ago, I hated it when you all made fun of me for it, I hated it when you broke my heart, and I hate it now as you break my heart yet again. So I’ll say it again, I hate this,” I got up and walked towards him as my words were muffled slightly as I spoke through gritted teeth. I saw shock seep into his eyes as everything that was happening clicked.


“Save it. I think you said everything you wanted to. Don’t you agree? And I proved you wrong yet again. What I said ruined our friendship. Just go, Forsythe,“ I turned back to my desk and sat down in my chair.

“(Y/N), I-“

“Go,“ he sighed heavily before I heard him take his leave through my window. Once I turned around to make sure that he was gone, I walked over and shut the window, locking it as well. I could feel everything hit me all at once as I reached for my phone and called Kevin.

“What’s up?“ I couldn’t form a coherent sentence through my sobs but luckily, I didn’t need to, “I’m on my way.“


“Strong Female Characters”

Hi everyone! In honor of International Woman’s Day, I wanted to make an official post on female characters. I answered this pretty thoroughly on an ask before, but I decided to put it on its own post as well.

The problem that usually occurs with ‘strong female characters’ is that the word ‘strong’ is taken to mean something it doesn’t. Meaning, a lot of people assume that in order to be ‘strong’, a female character has to be physically or even mentally strong, when that’s not necessarily what that means. Bad@$$ characters can be strong characters, and strong characters can be bad@$$, but the two things are not synonymous.

This might get a little lengthy.

What is a “strong female” character?

A character is “strong” when they are complex. This means that they have great and admirable traits as well as things that they struggle with, flaws and mistakes and temptations. They are like a real person, which is what you want with any character you want, but most especially with your protagonist and other significant characters.

One of the reasons writers often fumble with the concept of ‘strong female characters’ is because of the distinct lack of them in the past of popular literature. Due to the way that society has viewed women, women were often used primarily as romantic interests, or mothers, or other traditional ‘womanly roles.’ Even stories that are popular today can be guilty of this- for example Arwen from Lord of the Rings is a popular character, but we don’t really know much about  her other than that she is capable and beautiful and Aragorn’s love interest. She is almost never used in the story, and when she was, it was in relation to Aragorn.

Because of this historical lack of ‘strong female characters’, writers today have become rather obsessed with tipping the scales, to the point where the tables turned far too much the other way, resulting in the “YA strong female character” we all know today. In an effort to combat the ‘soft and gentle’ tropes of the past, writers now make woman who are essentially flawless. They are beautiful, and everyone loves them, and they might fight and defend themselves, badasses who kick butt and look good doing it… but not much more.

Even their flaws tend to be tailored to being admirable. For example, being “too selfless”, “too modest”, or “clumsy”- usually they mean “clumsy in a cute way.”

Again, it’s okay for your character to be athletic. They can be desirable. They can also be a vampire and the chosen one. But if they are not well-written from every angle, flawed in some deep way, they are simply not strong.

Traits of a YA Strong Female Character:

1. Doesn’t have arc/doesn’t grow: Many “YA strong” girls start the story already perfect. They are beautiful, smart, funny, and badass and they lead everyone through their arcs throughout the story- yet they themselves never grow… because there’s no where for them to go.

2. Everyone Loves Her:  Everyone loves or respects or fears this girl. The Brooding Male Character, the Comic Relief guy, everyone. Even if they don’t at first, they come to like her later once they Realize How Awesome She Is. Even the antagonists come to fear her in her power. She’s just Too Cool.

3. Love Interest: It’s okay for your strong girl to have a love interest. That’s totally cool! But make sure that’s not all the story is. If it’s a dystopian universe, make sure her priorities are in order, for example. Readers get frustrated when the government is brutally killing people but all your protagonist can think of is her LI. Life exists outside of love.

4. Woman-ness: In a previous post I mentioned in one of my previous posts that strong characters must have a quirk. Another red flag in the Strong Female Character problem is when the quirk is simply the fact that she is a woman. Saying she’s quirky because she’s a woman but she fights/leads/takes on a  role that is traditionally masculine is not really a quirk. It may be unusual in her world, but that’s a quirk of the world, not the character.

5. Great Flaws: As mentioned above, YA Strong Females typically have flaws that can really be spun back around into strengths. Often writers are afraid that people won’t like their girls if they are flawed. Don’t be afraid. Make her cranky. Make her bad at fighting. Make her ugly. No one in life is utterly flawless, not even your favorite people in the world. It’s what makes us all complex and interesting. So make sure to test your flaws- can this be seen as desirable or admirable in any way? Is the trait described as “too {good trait}” or “{good trait} to a fault?” Then maybe you need to try a few more.

In Summary: Write her realistically. Gives her flaws. If you can’t imagine a person like this in real life, if you can’t imagine yourself like this, then she isn’t strong.

As for writing complex characters in general…

Cornerstones and Foundations are a good place to start. And there will be more out in the future.

 This is a common problem for writers to struggle with. Almost everybody ends up with a flat, “perfect” character sometimes. Just remember to write them as a realistically as possible. Don’t get too caught up in the kick-ass tropes.

~ Penemue

For All The New Gals

First of all, thanks to everyone who read and liked last weeks post; the notes really help to emphasise that I’m not just blurting stuff out into cyberspace.  So, you know, cheers for that…


I had two reasons to start this blog nearly 7 years ago (wow).

  1. I wanted some kind of validation without people around me knowing that I crossdress. (I can tick this one off the list.)
  2. To speak with other crossdressers and help them out.

Over the last week I’ve had a flood of complements about me going out and how I looked amazing’ and how others ‘wished they had my confidence and looks’. Believe me, I like a the admiration as much as the next person (insert smug face here), but it didn’t happen overnight.

Example time; I’m bringing out the big guns for this one.

That hideous monstrosity with the bingo wing arms, hair plucked from an ostriches backside and more shadow on her chin than a dark alley at night in a bad part of town is me. This was before I even knew myself as Jessica, and long before I developed any kind of fashion sense. 

Now, for comparison, let’s take a look at a much more recent picture.

Same person, better crossdresser.

So what happened over the 7 years? Was I sprinkled with pretty pixie dust? Granted a wish from a genie? Trained in the arts of femininity by an ancient guru?


I just realised that some of the things that help to make you look more female are also some of the most boring parts of being a gurl.

So, after an introduction larger than my forearms from the old picture, here are my 3 best tips for those of you just getting into crossdressing and what to rapidly improve your feminine look.

1. Don’t buy pretty. Buy because it works.

I made this mistake so often. We all (or mostly) get into crossdressing because we like the idea of looking amazing in a pretty dress, so in theory if the dress is pretty then you’ll look pretty in it… right?


I’ve said this plenty of times over the years, but I’m always happy to say it again. You have to know what works with your body. I could wear pleated skirts and baggy tops until the world comes crashing down around me, but throw me into a tight mini-dress and I’d rather blow the world up myself than be seen wearing it. 

If it works, great! If not, then simply take it on board and move on. This might take some trial and error, but eventually you’ll be able to tell at first glance whether a dress will look good on you or not.

2. Stop posing like a bloke.

Quickly go back up and look at the ‘old’ and ‘new’ pictures of me. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

You back now? Good.

My pose as Ye Olde Jess makes me look bloke-ish. Not because I’m actually standing like a guy, but because I’m trying to hard to look like a girl.

In the new pic, I don’t have the same pose, but I’m doing more to look female; it’s just not as obvious. 

  • Push your shoulders back and your chest out.
  • Don’t slouch.
  • Suck in at your stomach.
  • Don’t look up.

It’s not about where your hand is on your hip or pulling a face to resemble our feathered ducky friends. Just follow those 4 tips above, and above all else, smile, it makes the world of difference.

3. Pretty makeup ain’t what makes you pretty.

You don’t want to hear it as much as I don’t want to say it, but lipstick and eyeliner isn’t going to make you look feminine.

Concealer, foundation, and powder; those are the holy trinity for crossdressers everywhere. Make sure you invest in the good stuff too, otherwise you’ll end up looking like that blotchy beard-shadowy mess in my old pic.

If you can get your foundation looking flawless and hide away that beard, you’re already miles ahead.

There’s not much else to say on this really. Obviously you can still use lip and eye makeup, but you should always concern yourself more with the canvas that is your face being clean and ready to go.

Pro Tip: Wash your face before putting on any makeup. It makes a huge difference.

Aaaand yet again I’ve managed to make a lengthy post. Hopefully I didn’t bore you and with time and patience you’ll notice a difference in how you look as a woman.

Anyway, I’m gonna end it there before I start blathering on about something else. Here’s a bonus pic to say thanks for reading all the way through.

And of course I’ll have another topic to cover by next Sunday, but please let me know if there’s anything you would like me to write about.

- Jessica Blaise x x

Super Date

It’s finished, edited, and ready to be read. Enjoy, guys!

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor
Characters: Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor, Maggie Sawyer, Alex Danvers
Additional Tags: lots of flustered kara, First Date, realizing sexuality, Fluff, the fluffiest bitch, lena doesn’t know that supergirl is kara

Lena Luthor finally gets the courage to ask Supergirl out on a date. Kara Danvers is determined to give her the most amazing date of all time.

Rooftop dates and candlelit dinners.

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I was rushing through the corridor, in a hurry, not wanting to be late. And then you walked by, maintaining eye contact for a split second until I turned my head away from you. Your eyes reminded me of him, they did.
I looked at you smiling, I noticed you looking down, it wasn’t long, less than a second, and it reminded me of him.
My mind is clogged with things that remind me of him. And when I lay awake late, seemingly staring at nothing but darkness, but in my mind memories are playing like a film.
And I wish I could say those were ones about you, but they’re not and I’m afraid they never will be. There are the memories of him, making eye contact with me before asking about something obvious and the way he lifted me up.
They just won’t go away, the memories. And I hate them, oh how much do I hate them. I want it all to end, me remembering him by almost everything you do and memories of him coming up every time I try to think about you.
It tears me apart, knowing he is still such a big part of my life, and I don’t want to admit it, I’m so scared, scared to admit. To confess that I’m still not over him. It makes me repel myself, it’s like I cheated on everyone by thinking of him by your every act.
I realised, he is not still a big part of my life, he still is my life. And that, it makes me want to go and disgrace myself, I can’t feel any dignity left.
And I know you are perfect, you truly are, in every way I can think of. You’re a good person and I mean it in the way of: there’s good in every single cell of your body and you will always fight against the bad in you, if there is any.
So why? Why can’t I just love you the way I loved him? Or actually I can’t say loved, it’s love. And I know the answer. I do.
He protected me. That’s it, that’s why. Oh, it wasn’t in a typical heroic way. It was more of a Byronic Hero kind of protection, he protected me from himself. And it hurt, so much, but it was what made me fall in love with him.
Protection is my weakness. I act strong, independent and indifferent to any kind of protection offered, but really I need it. I can’t always do everything alone, I believe no one can. So when someone protects me, it’s special, it makes me feel special, like they looked through my facade and more importantly, still choose to care enough for me to protect me.
You are flawless in every way, but you can’t ever be the one I like. And it’s not your fault, it won’t ever be. But he was, still is. And it is breaking me, destroying every piece of me, knowing this. And I can only say one thing:
I’m sorry, to everyone, so sorry…
—  Confessions
Greet her every morning, call her beautiful, ask how her day went, remind her to eat on time, sneak up behind her and give her a back hug, cry with her, hold her tight when she’s at her weakest,dream of her, give her your hoodie when its cold, have a random talk about her plans, prioritize her feelings, take her hand in public, take stolen photos of her, and lastly keep your words because she’ll be keeping your words in her heart. You can only do this to her once in your life, so please love her right, offer her your world, give her your whole self. She may not be as flawless as the other girls around you, but she’s real and she’s not afraid to put herself out there and share herself to the world and that’s what makes her more than just any man’s definition of a perfect girl.
—  d.r.n

anonymous asked:

I really love your writing, and if it's no trouble, could you do the rfa plus V and saeran with a MC who loves writing and wants to be a writer

Thank you so much <3
(Gonna take this chance to promo my sister okayyyy)
My older sister is an aspiring author and, while I haven’t read most of her writing except for excerpts, she is insanely talented. I’m not jealous. Her blog is @crayon-ink. I’d really appreciate if you checked it out. (please give it a look) Thank you ^^
ANYWAY, I enjoy writing too, obviously, so this was really fun to write :D

-Impressed af
-He’s never considered himself to have any talent (wHICH IS WRONG) so he’s really in awe that you can create such flawless writing.
-He’ll read everything, probably more than once. During his breaks, while you’re away, when he’s relaxing; he’s reading your work.
-His friends take notice of his sudden interest in reading and he takes the opportunity to tell them about you.
-Tada, he now promotes you whenever he can because he really wants to be of help.
-Yoosung knows that this is your dream, so he wants to help you achieve it like you’ve helped him.
-While you’re working, he knows not to bother you because he would hate to interrupt your process.
-He watches you as you work, deep in thought. It’s kind of fun to watch because he can see you thinking. He can practically hear your thoughts.
-If you get frustrated, he can calm you down easily.
-He gives really good at pep talks.
-The only time he ever interrupts is to bring you food or water.
-You have to take care of yourself, even if you’re busy.
-He is willing to read your stuff and give feedback, but he never says anything negative, so it’s not very useful (except for a confidence boost).

-Lemme read EVERYTHING you’ve EVER written pleeeeease
-He’ll even ask if you could write some scripts for him, or he’ll turn some of your writing into scripts for him to practice with.
-He had brought some of your stuff with him to rehearsals once and his director caught him mumbling it to himself as he read.
-When Zen shows him what he was reading, the director asks to read it.
-He thinks it’s golden and offers to work with you to turn it into a production. It’s up to you whether you want to or not. Either way, Zen is super proud that your work was noticed and appreciated.
-He’ll do anything he can to help boost your career, whether it be giving shoutouts to your work on social media or simply bringing it up in conversation with important or influential people.
-He likes to brag about being an artistic couple~
-He can give constructive criticism if you want him to, but honestly, he finds it hard to say anything negative about your work, so it’s probably not the best idea.
-He showers you in compliments whenever you’re being productive.
-Who am I kidding he showers you in compliments no matter what you’re doing

-She’s always had a soft spot for story telling. She loves hearing new tales.
-Typically, her main source of stories are musicals, which she is an avid fan of. But, once she finds out that you are a writer, she freaks.
-She’ll excitedly ask you a slur of questions about it.
-What kind of writing do you like? What’s your favorite thing you’ve written? How do you come up with the storylines? Or the characters? How long does it take to write?
-Where can I read your work?
-You answer it all once she calms down. She’s practically jumping in excitement as you talk about your writing.
-She doesn’t have many connections, since she quit working for Jumin especially, but she’ll be there to support your blossoming career every step of the way.
-You think she’s protective over Zen’s career? Wait until you see how she gets about yours.
-She reads everything you’ve written that you’re willing to share with her and loves every bit of it.
-She puts your business cards by the register in the cafe for customers to take. She also recommends your work to her friends and everyone she knows.
-#1 fan and hype-woman
-Jaehee also knows a thing or two about running a business and being productive so she takes charge in that too.
-She’s almost like your assistant now, but also a fan and a girlfriend.
-She knows when you’re working too hard or stressing yourself out an will immediately take action to help you out.

-Jumin has always enjoyed reading.
-He typically likes stories with a deep meaning behind them or with a complex plot.
-He also likes if he can relate to a character, but who doesn’t?
-Even if you don’t write deep stories (lol, get it?), he will read everything you share with him.
-If the love of his life wrote it, of course he’ll love it.
-This man has connections. He can get your name out there in a second.
-He can find publishers and editors for you to work with, if you want him too.
-You’ll have plenty of new opportunities ahead of you because of him.
-Jumin doesn’t interfere with your career, however. He lets you work for yourself and only does anything after you’ve asked for his help with it; meaning he won’t call thirty publishers and twenty companies in the blink of an eye the second you mention a new project. He knows it’s your career, not his. He’ll let you work however you want to work, but will be willing to help where help is needed.
-He won’t bring money or connections or any other shortcuts into it unless you ask for it.
-Jumin is really proud of you. You’re work is his favorite thing to read when he wants to unwind.
-Lots of encouraging words and patience. He has a habit of kissing your temple as you work at your desk when he walks by.
-It makes you lose your train of thought sometimes but you never complain, especially when he whispers “You’re doing great” in your ear before walking off.

-He’ll help you launch your writing career just like he helped Zen get is acting career started. Except maybe minus the hacking since you’ve told him you want to get started authentically and legitimately.
-None of that hacking nonsense, _____ wants to actually work for their career.
-He does post your work, with your permission, to social media, or at least links to your pages and throws your name around to a lot of people and websites.
-He could find some publishers if you’d like him to.
-Really, he’s good at spreading your name around. That’s mainly how he aids in launching your career.
-It actually works.
-You get more recognition and even a few emails from people and companies willing to work with you.
-And you don’t have to worry about Saeyoung interfering. All that he did was mention you around the internet. It was your work that drew the companies in, not Saeyoung.
-He’s your own personal cheerleader too. He encourages you through your writing blocks and manages to get you in a positive mood.
-Has about a hundred pages bookmarked on his computer simply for helpful things for you like things to help you relax and things to help you with writing.

-He’s always appreciated literature and writing because art.
-V is very good at listening to your spit-balling and he’s good for bouncing ideas off of.
-Really, he can give helpful tips, if you ask for them.
-He can help you get noticed because he already has a following due to his photography. People know who he is, so he can easily bring you into the spotlight too.
-He’s pretty anonymous with his work, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use the attention he has.
-He hands out your business cards a lot.
-Also, he suggests inviting publishers and good companies/organizations to help your career to the party.
-He can even recommend inviting other groups of writers to discuss writing with.
-Long story short, really helpful.
-He loves everything you write to pieces. He has to have you or someone else read them to him (unless he gets the surgery), but he loves them.
-He can tell when you’re getting stressed and intervenes before you have a breakdown. V is good at calming stress.
-If you feel lost, he’ll offer to read what you have and give some feedback and pointers.
-Poor thing though apologizes for giving any sort of negative feedback. Even something as little as pointing out a spelling error, he apologizes.
-You’ve done nothing wrong V that’s actually really helpful and I appreciate it

-He’s actually very glad to hear you like writing stories because he likes hearing them.
-When he and Saeyoung were little, Saeyoung would read to him. It’s always been something he enjoyed but never got the chance to indulge in since Saeyoung left.
-It makes it even better that you made the story.
-If you’d be up for it, Saeran would love nothing more than to listen to you read your stories to him.
-Occasionally, you’ll have to stop and answer questions for him. Sometimes it’s asking for the definition of a word, other times it’s asking about clarification on the storyline so far, etc.
-At random times during the day, he’ll come to you, one of your stories in-hand, and ask questions.
-He’s always timid when he does though, like he’s nervous you’ll yell at him for talking to you.
-So, just calmly smile and answer his questions. He’ll calm down and thank you for answering him before going back to reading.
-Saeyoung thanks you forever for giving Saeran a new hobby.
-Sometimes Saeran reads other books and stuff, but he enjoys yours the absolute most and would gladly only read your stuff for the rest of his life.

the (second) largest planet in the solar system is the lightest, and if there was an ocean big enough to hold it, it would float. and lead pencils actually don’t contain any lead; it contains graphite. and the beautiful models shown on magazine covers look flawless and perfect, but makeup and photoshop can work wonders. and when you see a shooting star fly across the night sky, you’re actually looking into the past because it takes light more than eight minutes to get from the closest star to earth. and i can appear happy even though as soon as you turn away, my smile will fade and my mind will fill itself to the brim with everything i wish to forget. it just goes to show that everything is not as it seems.
—  and everything deserves a second glance
(cc, 2017)


❤Pop culture spell for self love and beauty❤


  • Yellow roses 🌹 (about two will do)
  • Pink candle
  • Paper and writing utensil
  • Fire proof bowl
  • Pink lipstick 💄
  • This sigil

I set mine up like this but you can set yours up any way you like

On a scrap of paper write at least three things you like about yourself.

On another, write no more than three things you don’t like. Can be a mixture of character attributes and physical attributes.

Keep it simple. Ex: Temper, feet, tardiness…

Place the affirmative words under the pink candle.

Place flower petals around the workspace.

Use the pink lipstick to draw sigil on your chest like so

Light candle and burn your flaws. As you burn them, say “flawless” 🔥

Place them in the fire safe bowl.

Dispose of the ashes in any way you choose.

Gather up rose petals and use them in a warm luxurious bath of your choosing.

I put bath salts, oils and lavender and rose EO :) 🛀

If there is remaining candle to be used (there most likely will be) light it while you get ready for the day.

*Please do not delete the text & self promote because you will be automatically disqualified*

Hey guys, both kirsty & i have watched a lot of television shows lately and so we have decided to do award about that!                                                           



  • Orange is the new black(best url)
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  • Teen wolf(best new discovery)
  • Glee(best theme)
  • Game of thrones(sweetest blogger)
  • The walking dead(favorite colour scheme)
  • The vampire diaries (Kirsty’s faves)
  • Big bang theory(catherine’s faves)
  • Gossip Girl(best overall)


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That’s all, please let this not flop(if this does, let’s pretend that this never happened)

Good luck, hope you have lovely day xx

hey yall!!! I’M SCREAMING ahh i wanted to thank you guys for 2k a while ago but i was procrastinating and all… and holy shit now i alrd have 3k followers?? THANK U ALL SO MUCH FOR ALWAYS BEING SO NICE TO ME AND SPREADING POSITIVITY hehe so i thought i’d do a mini blog rates thing as a form of appreciation to u guys \(^o^)/but please forgive me if i’m not able to give u your br quickly bc school’s been really busy!! >~<

to get a br:

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rate format below:

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“I hate to ask this,” Blaine starts, pulling himself up a little taller, trying to appear more nonchalant regardless of his current predicament, “but I don’t have my cleaning cloth for my glasses, and your shirt…”

“Is a Kitsbow polo, and it costs $179,” the man gasps, inferring Blaine’s intent, and Blaine shrinks back, feeling like a royal fool. Who the hell asks a potentially gorgeous stranger if he can wipe his greasy glasses on their shirt?

Blaine Devon Anderson, apparently.

“But…” the man continues, his voice softer as he recovers from Blaine’s offense, “I do happen to have a cloth in my bag that I use for my sunglasses…”

Blaine hears a bag unzip and some rustling – papers, books, keys – then a triumphant, “A-ha! Here…”

Blaine smiles and reaches out a hand to receive the cloth, but he feels his glasses leave his face instead.

For some reason, that simple gesture takes Blaine’s breath away.

Blaine hears the man hum an upbeat showtune and then he returns the glasses to Blaine’s face, paying particular attention to sliding them carefully over his ears and up the bridge of his nose.

“Wait a sec,” he says, gently pulling a few stray curls out from beneath the arms of the glasses and brushing them behind Blaine’s ears. “There.” Blaine blinks open his eyes, needing to finally see this man with the exceptional voice who saved him from slamming his aching shoulder into any more walls before he decides to simply leave Blaine there without a chance of at least getting his name.

Blaine doesn’t even need his vision to clear completely before he can tell that the man standing in front of him – obviously an upper classman – with his flawless pale skin and captivating glasz eyes, dressed in a powder blue form-fitting polo and tight black slacks, is definitely the most singularly gorgeous man he’s ever seen in his life.

Yup. Blaine will definitely be living under a warm-up mat for the next six months.

“You know, I love a classic accessory, and these black Wayfarers are definitely all the rage,” the man comments, “but if I were you, I might invest in a pair of contacts.”

“Wha— really?” Blaine asks, his voice suddenly becoming adolescent and kind of squeaky. The man laughs when Blaine’s voice cracks, and Blaine self-consciously clears his throat. “Really?” he repeats, more confident now that his voice sounds smoother, though not by much. “Why do you say that?”

“Because the world deserves to see those eyes,” the man replies with a wink.

Romione 20 Day Challenge - Day 13

13. Favourite thing Ron has said to Hermione. 

A/N There were so many options for this, but I feel like this is such a lovely moment to write about - again, how Ron puts everything on the line for Hermione, and how he’ll do anything to protect her. I feel like this says more than any weary “I love you” over homework - this is ‘I love you’ hidden within ‘I’ll protect you with all I am’, literally. 

It’s starting to sink in - really sink in - just how much danger Hermione’s in now that they’re coming after muggle-borns, and Ron feels an awful feeling in the pit of his stomach as he glances over at her. She doesn’t look too comfortable either, but she seems to be hiding her nerves a lot more easily than he is.

But he can’t bear the thought of her being in any danger - he never has, really - so he realises the only thing he can do is eliminate the danger:

“What if purebloods and half-bloods swear a muggle-born’s part of their family? I’ll tell everyone Hermione’s my cousin–” the plan may not be flawless, but it’s something, it’ll give them time, he knows Hermione can memorise everything about his family - she’s a genius, surely that can be transferred to Lessons in Weasley–

But he feels her small soft hand cover his and with that touch alone he can feel himself being silenced as if she’d cast a charm on him. “Thank you, Ron, but I couldn’t let you–”

If he’d been any younger, any more immature than a war would let him be, he would have in his insecure mind thought she was rejecting a stupid idea of his. But he knows it’s different, it’s not that - she doesn’t want to put him in danger, and bloody hell, he loves her for it, but–

“You wouldn’t have a choice,” he says firmly, because when it comes to her safety - which she’s so much more reckless with than he wants her to be - she can’t. He holds her hand back just as tightly, so that she knows he’ll never let go - of her, or this. “I’ll teach you my family tree so that you can answer questions on it.”

She goes to reject the idea again, more logically, but he’s not giving up on this - she’ll be his family, one way or another. 

z-0013  asked:

Hello! I hope u r having a good day! If u wanna can u do a headcannons for V where his female s/o is a chocoholic? And for Jumin where his female s/o is really good at drawing and draws all the time? Thanks 💕

Aww, this is lovely. Thank you!!!
There was a painter prompt done here if you’re interested.

-There was one day early into your relationship together that he decided he wanted to buy you some chocolate just because.
-He had seen a really nice assorted chocolate in the store for a fair price and knew he had to get it for you.
-V still remembers how brightly your eyes lit up when he handed you the box of chocolate.
-You immediately opened it and stared in mouth-watering awe at the sweets.
-You set it down and gave V the biggest hug, lots of kisses, and a million thank yous.
-Of course, right after you let go of him, you turned and picked up the box, carefully selecting your first piece and popping it into your mouth. It melted smoothly in your mouth and you sighed in pleasure.
-“They’re delicious, Jihyun,” you talked muffled through a mouthful of chocolate.
-V smiled fondly. “I’m glad to hear that, love.”
-Later that night, as he was straightening up, he found the box that used to have the chocolates inside now empty in the trash.
-How do you eat that much chocolate without getting sick?!
-“L-love, did you finish this off already?”
-Your face turned hot as you saw V gesturing to the empty box.
-“Yeah… I tried to save some for later, I really did! I just… really like chocolate, and those were so good!”
-V chuckled. “I wasn’t upset, don’t worry. You should’ve told me you liked chocolate that much. I would’ve given you some sooner.”
-He gave you a kiss on your forehead. “It’s not very good for you, but as long as you’re not eating it all the time, I could buy you some every now and then.”
-You gasped. “Really?!”
-Your smile was too cute to say no to.

-He wasn’t necessarily snooping around your stuff… okay, he kind of was.
-Jumin came across a sketchbook laying on the coffee table by a few of your other things.
-He was curious. Yes, he felt a bit guilty for invading your privacy, but he was so curious.
-Carefully, he picked up the sketchbook and gently opened the cover.
-Jumin found himself thumbing through all the pages, stopping and admiring every single drawing, even warm-ups or sketches you abandoned.
-There were so many drawings. How has he not caught you drawing before?
-When you came home later that day, he actually asked you about it.
-“_____, you never told me you liked to draw.”
-You were visibly embarrassed and quickly accused him of looking through your private stuff, to which he shrugged and said you probably shouldn’t leave your “private stuff” in plain sight.
-“Do you have any more?”
-You stopped. “…You want to see more?”
-“Yes, of course. You’re extremely talented; I’d say the most talented I’ve seen.”
-Now you’re embarrassed for another reason.
-But, you do show him all of your sketchbooks and art. Trust me, there’s a ton.
-Jumin spends hours looking through every single book. He’s simply entranced at how flawless the drawings are. And you can make these masterpieces with little more than paper and your own creativity?
-He’s so proud of you.
-He’ll still be a nerd and ask if he can hang some on the fridge though lolololololol

anonymous asked:

Hi! You don't have to answer this if this is annoying but I had a question. There's a drama that I really like but there's practically no gifs for it. So I'm trying to make some to promote it but every time they come out so grainy :_; Yours are so flawless and beautiful and smooth. Do you have any advice? I really want get this right and your gifs are so amazing.

hey, sweetie! I can totally relate to your question. this was also a struggle for me in the beginning (still is, sometimes). I’ll put together a quick guide for you, I hope this helps :) if you have any other questions or something you don’t understand, feel free to drop me another comment! 

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Why I love Sam Winchester

I know that for tons of people, Sam Winchester had been their salvation. He helped them get through some heavy shit and oh boy, I love him and you, guys.

But I don’t love Sam Winchester because he helped me in that personal level.

I love him because…. just ‘cause.

His being makes me happy. Just seeing him makes me smile. His whole “Sam-ness” is why I love him so much.

He’s kind, and intelligent as fuck. 
He reads and enjoys silence and company. He likes salads and loves dogs. He has a sweet puppy look that can make you break the resolution to any negative you wanted to give him.
He has a strong thoughts of right and wrong and he wanted to be a lawyer because that. He believes in people. And monsters. And angels. He believes. He hopes. He cares. He saves.

Sam Winchester loves with his whole heart and soul. He feels everything so deeply, that when something bad happens, the first one to blame is himself. Because he knew he could have done more. Better. To him, he could have saved them all.

I love Sam Winchester because he has dimples, he’s a hottie with a body and has pretty, flawless hair.

I love him because he’s stronger than he appears. Both physically and emotionally.
Actually, in the physical part he’s friggin deadly. He knows his shit and he does his job when it needs to be done.
He’s tall and buff, and with those arms he can snap your neck, as well as wrap them around you in a tender and comforting hug.

His hands are long-fingered and they press on the trigger of his gun so quickly, you wouldn’t have time to say Quidditch.

I love that about him. He’s lethal and sweet. He can kill with his bare hands but stroke your hair softly after. He is feared and loved.

And the juxtaposition never looked better

(by @talkfandomtome) 

Anonymous asked:

I’m flirting with the idea of writing and I jus wanted to ask - is it still considered writing if I mostly work on character backstory? I haven’t ever written a story. I mostly just work on character stuff. Can that help me become a better writer ?

It can certainly help, but eventually you’ll need to actually try writing. ;) 

A lot of people feel like they shouldn’t try writing until they feel they could write something flawless and amazing. Writing, however, is a craft just like any other: practice makes perfect. In other words, you have to actually write if you want to improve your writing. You will write a lot of awful stuff at first, but it will get better and better. Just like painters will paint a lot of awful paintings before they paint masterpieces. I talk a bit more about that in my post  Frustrated with Writing Quality. My posts New to Writing, Getting Better at Writing, and How to Perfect Your Writing will also help. :) 

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

                              PERMANENT STARTER CALL

I feel like this is really handy to have on the side in case I ever have a heap of muse but not sure who wants to write so yeah, this is a permanent starter call that is open to both mutuals and non mutuals. By liking this post it basically grants me permission to:

  • tag you in random starters whenever the muse calls for it
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  • send you all the memes in the world
  • send you random messages about possible plotting/threads
  • stroll into your IM to chat with you ooc
  • talk about possible shipping/pre-established relationships, headcanons, etc
  • basically all of the random things that involve me interacting with you flawless people <3

Of course you are all more than welcome to do any of the stuff listed above to me. In fact, I highly encourage it as it will probably make me feel less anxious about doing these things with you and just encourage me to do them all the more (I can be a little bit nervous at first, especially if we’ve never interacted/talked before although by liking this I’m assuming you’re giving me the okay to go ahead XD).

anonymous asked:

PLEASE GIVE ME ALL THE DOT/MAGNUS HEADCANONS!!!! I have so many too, about their relationship, about what they did together back around 1900, drinking and dancing and being happy... Just any hc with Magnus being happy and loved in th past <3

worry no more, pumpkin! i’ve got you covered  ☝🏻  ❤️

● magnus and dot have a small tradition. the two are practically flawless and they know it; so once every month they dress up as nicely and as magnificent as they can, go to a club and count how many people hitted on them. last time they got to over thirty people within the first ten minutes.
● going to a book club seemed like a marvelous idea. that was until dot told those mundanes everything about her steamy affair with mark twain and how he thought about changing the name ‘tom sawyer’ to something as silly as “billy brown.” magnus could barely contain the giggling and needless to stay.. they were kicked out that day.
● they both have an excellent taste in music, but that detail always seems to sink into oblivion as soon as the alcohol really gets to their heads. so, of course, a usual night out has to end with the both of them sitting on a comfy carpet in magnus loft, whilst listening to bad pop songs and singing loudly and very poorly.
● while other people like to meet for a hot cup of tea, dot and magnus prefer breakfast. if there’s new gossip to share it has to be done whilst biting into a croissant in paris or eating some delicious bubur ayam in bali. sorry, i don’t make the rules.
● whenever the occasion arrives, magnus tells the story of how freddie mercury’s song “your kind of lover” was written about him and honestly? dot can’t hear it anymore, but there’s always a gentle smile playing on her lips whenever she hears the story again.
● one word: shopping buddies. they both have an exquisite sense for fashion and there is no other person in this universe they’d rather go shopping with than each other. magnus has a good eye for cuttingpatterns and dot is amazing with colours. they usually forget about time and spend hours in fitting rooms; giving the other person advice, sharing a glass of champagne and playfully mocking the most ridiculous outfits they chose.
● they took a pole dancing class together and even though they simply killed it and completely blew their instructor away, no one wants to admit whose idea it was. it was magnus’s.
● magnus and dot love to give each other gifts and make the other smile. it all started a few centuries back, with small presents such as chocolates and flowers and books, but soon developed into somewhat of a competition. the whole thing ended when dot was about to buy magnus an island, because that just went too far. they vowed to not make each other any more presents since that day, but occasionally break that promise. sometimes that angry face is worth it, if a big smile follows.
● when either of them is feeling a bit depressed or sad, they simply meet up for a disney movie night and paint each others nails in the brightest of colours. sooner or later they’ll always get back to that one discussion they always have.. is mulan the best movie or is it moana? they can never agree on one and the discourse tends to get quite fiery, but at least no one is sad anymore, right?
● it’s no secret that the both of them are stunning dancers - but neither of them can sing. but that doesn’t keep them from going to the monthly karaoke night at the hunters moon. dot always insists on singing ‘chandelier’ by sia over and over again and while magnus himself can’t hear it anymore either, he’s always busy silencing people that dare to spit out the nasty “b-u-h” word.
● dot once tried to swung from magnus chandelier. magnus was not amused. it did not end very well.