can you be any more flawless


❤Pop culture spell for self love and beauty❤


  • Yellow roses 🌹 (about two will do)
  • Pink candle
  • Paper and writing utensil
  • Fire proof bowl
  • Pink lipstick 💄
  • This sigil

I set mine up like this but you can set yours up any way you like

On a scrap of paper write at least three things you like about yourself.

On another, write no more than three things you don’t like. Can be a mixture of character attributes and physical attributes.

Keep it simple. Ex: Temper, feet, tardiness…

Place the affirmative words under the pink candle.

Place flower petals around the workspace.

Use the pink lipstick to draw sigil on your chest like so

Light candle and burn your flaws. As you burn them, say “flawless” 🔥

Place them in the fire safe bowl.

Dispose of the ashes in any way you choose.

Gather up rose petals and use them in a warm luxurious bath of your choosing.

I put bath salts, oils and lavender and rose EO :) 🛀

If there is remaining candle to be used (there most likely will be) light it while you get ready for the day.

No More Recasts - I am Pro Artist

I’m in the process of selling my recast dolls as part of my overall “if you need to come up with an excuse for what you’re doing, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it” bi-annual existential panic.

I’ve been working with a few great seamstresses over etsy and the like to have really flawless clothing made for my dolls, and it was actually that that made me realize I can’t own recasts any more. As the seamstress, I would feel sick knowing my hard work was used to lend legitimacy to a fake–like a period picture frame on a forged painting. I tag all my doll snaps with “recast”, which is ironically even worse, as it may encourage someone else to think that a fake is just as good as, or acceptable as, the real thing, and/or that any of the people associated with clothing/wig-making/etc for the doll endorse their wares being put on stolen goods that are killing the hobby.

I have always admired people in the bjd hobby for the art they create–whether the dolls themselves, the props, the clothing, the photos, what-have you. I have stayed away from the bjd community because I knew I was committing a crime morally, if not legally, against artists by funding recasters. I am ashamed of what I have done, and I hope I can prove both in word and deed that I will do right by the doll community–artists and collectors alike–from this day forwards.

Leave it

Contrary to popular belief, if you drop food on your service dog it should not be a race to see who gets it first. A service dog should be trained well enough that it doesn’t eat dropped food. A swift “leave it” from you should be more than enough to stop any transgressions.

Imagine if you dropped a pill. If your dog goes for dropped edibles then that could be deadly. “Leave it” is critical. Ensuring your dog can “leave it” off of any temptation is an issue of safety. It could litterally be the difference between life or death for your dog.

Teach a flawless “leave it.”

                              PERMANENT STARTER CALL

I feel like this is really handy to have on the side in case I ever have a heap of muse but not sure who wants to write so yeah, this is a permanent starter call that is open to both mutuals and non mutuals. By liking this post it basically grants me permission to:

  • tag you in random starters whenever the muse calls for it
  • reply to your opens whenever the muse calls for it
  • send you all the memes in the world
  • send you random messages about possible plotting/threads
  • stroll into your IM to chat with you ooc
  • talk about possible shipping/pre-established relationships, headcanons, etc
  • basically all of the random things that involve me interacting with you flawless people <3

Of course you are all more than welcome to do any of the stuff listed above to me. In fact, I highly encourage it as it will probably make me feel less anxious about doing these things with you and just encourage me to do them all the more (I can be a little bit nervous at first, especially if we’ve never interacted/talked before although by liking this I’m assuming you’re giving me the okay to go ahead XD).

The 100 ways to say 'I love you' femslash edition
  • 1. "I always know when you're lying"
  • 2. "You, kids; I can see it"
  • 3. "You just wake up like that, naturally flawless"
  • 4. "It's fun seeing you like this"
  • 5. "I got a bottle of schnapps and half a rhubarb pie; let's see which one makes us sick first"
  • 6. "I just want to make crazy science with you"
  • 7. "It’s a big cliff, you just have to leap"
  • 8. "I think we're gonna be really fast friends"
  • 9. "We have nothing in common... couldn’t be more different"
  • 10. "You don't deserve any of this, so just put it on me and I'll take it"
  • 11. "You might be nuts but what can I say - you're my kind of crazy"
  • 12. "Sorry I'm late. It's nice to see you"
  • 13. "Maybe I'm going to get my heart broken into a million little pieces, but those are just maybes, and you can't live your life according to maybes"
  • 14. "You said it yourself; this is about us"
  • 15. "So what are we gonna do, gorgeous?"
  • 16. "We're kind of friends, huh?"
  • 17. "Maybe we should just marry each other"
  • 18. "I double dare you; kiss me now"
  • 19. "I'm staying here because I wanna stay here"
  • 20. "Before we get started, I just want you to know, if you're a screamer, feel free"
  • 21. "I want us to be friends; would you like that?"
  • 22. "How will I survive without my best friend?"
  • 23. "I’m not afraid of you"
  • 24. "You don't have to hide from anyone anymore"
  • 25. "What the hell, you want some?"
  • 26. "I'd pick you first"
  • 27. "Would you be surprised to learn you’ve been on my mind?"
  • 28. "It is nice to have you. Here. Have you here."
  • 29. "You should come with me"
  • 30. "It was the only way I could think of to save you"
  • 31. "Don't be afraid"
  • 32. "Who can say if I've been changed for the better but because I knew you, I have been changed for good"
  • 33. "Don't forget me"
  • 34. "The geek speak is working, Doctor"
  • 35. "You need my help"
  • 36. "You are physically flawless"
  • 37. "There's someone in particular that's really worried about you"
  • 38. "I heart you"
  • 39. "I’m not going anywhere"
  • 40. "Sophomore year, I used to sit in this back row and secretly watch you. I counted the number of times you’d smile at me, and I’d die on days that you didn’t"
  • 41. "Any guy would be insanely lucky to go out with you"
  • 42. "I'm under your spell"
  • 43. "I’m not gonna stop trying; even if you still wanna kill me"
  • 44. "When I'm with you I feel like I'm a better person"
  • 45. "May we meet again"
  • 46. "A lot of pressure up there"
  • 47. "Thank you for inviting me"
  • 48. "I promised you once I'd help you get your happy ending"
  • 49. "I'm so glad that I met you"
  • 50. "I just want you to be safe"
  • 51. "You're a celestial body"
  • 52. "Prettiest girl I’ve ever met, but you’re a lot more than that"
  • 53. "You are deceptively complex; I do not understand you"
  • 54. "I’ve been waiting out here all night"
  • 55. "How do you say goodbye to the one person who knows you better than anyone else?"
  • 56. "What do you like to do?"
  • 57. "You certainly know how to make a first impression"
  • 58. "I know you're in there; I can see the light's on"
  • 59. "Were we really friends?"
  • 60. "My gift to you is good memories"
  • 61. "No; I'm not leaving without you"
  • 62. "It’s good to see you again"
  • 63. "Where you go, I'm at your side"
  • 64. "Fuck this guy; so many people are gonna love you"
  • 65. "I never meant to let you down"
  • 66. "In 1698 it might as well have been sex"
  • 67. "I’ll kiss your dumb lips"
  • 68. "You’re so special to me"
  • 69. "I know that was you"
  • 70. "Never thought I'd be so happy to see someone in pain"
  • 71. "I’m going with you"
  • 72. "You're not like anyone I've ever met, in any of my many lifetimes"
  • 73. "I choose you; I will always choose you"
  • 74. "The past doesn’t matter anymore, you’re with me now"
  • 75. "I'll say it when you come back"
  • 76. "You can tell me anything"
  • 77. "I just want you to know you're safe with me"
  • 78. "You made it"
  • 79. "I always made you think your feelings for me were totally one-sided, that wasn’t true; those kisses weren’t just for practice"
  • 80. "You deserve the best of everything"
  • 81. "You’re going to hate me forever and that would just break my heart"
  • 82. "You taking something for the pain?"
  • 83. "Always"
  • 84. "I really want you to come... with me"
  • 85. "Well, if you need anything, I'm around"
  • 86. "You do whatever it takes to protect your family"
  • 87. "I release you"
  • 88. "You're still cute"
  • 89. "I need a favor"
  • 90. "I'm not leaving, friends don't do that to one another"
  • 91. "I have a cure for a headache that doesn't involve coffee"
  • 92. "Hey, look, I hugged you there! Did you see how I hugged you?"
  • 93. "Don't make me climb over this stall; I'll do it but I'll be really pissed"
  • 94. "You're my person"
  • 95. "You should have a muffin; they're really good and they help you"
  • 96. "Dance with me"
  • 97. "You deserve it more than anyone; go, let yourself be loved"
  • 98. "You minx"
  • 99. "You've change me and I am not easy to change"
  • And...
  • 100. "I love you"
Welcome to Afterlife- Ch 1||Philinda

Summary: Specialist Melinda May is on a mission to track down and rescue a lost SHIELD team that was investigating a tribe of possible Powered People in the forests of China. She works alone, she’s always been alone. Its better that way. Phil Coulson was raised in a home that admired and respected their Inhuman ancestors. At 20 he was given his birthright and became one of the healers for new Inhumans in Afterlife. When Specialist May gets put in Phil Coulson’s care this change for both of them.

A/N: Sooo this is my new Prompt verse. Thank you to the always perfect and flawless @agentsphilinda for betaing cause she is perfect! This isn’t really plotted out so if you have any ideas or anything pm me I will see what I can do LOL! this part is mostly fluff with some Angst mixed in for flavor. Enjoy!


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111 Questions!?

Ok. SO FINALLY I’M DONE! *phew* 

Yes yes yes~ I have answered all the questions!! This will be under the cut because it’s 111 questions in total! *giving myself some pats* and of course to safe your precious dash!!

I won’t tag because I’m so late to answer all of this and probably everyone already done this? Not sure too who would read this heck long post!  But do lemme know if any of you want me to make funny questions or anything lol.

Thank you y’all lovelies who tagged me and made the questions. Sorry if I answered em wrongly. Stay gold!! Chuus.

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HERE WE GO~~~ <3

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How to Choose a Face Primer

Face primers are fantastic, and even though I don’t wear one every time I do my makeup , if I need my makeup to look last and look flawless all day I’ll use one. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are just another product to buy so brands can get more money, they are much more than that.

In short, primers are amazing products that you apply after you’ve cleansed and moisturised your skin, but before you apply any coverage products like foundation or concealer. Majority of primers are designed to help make your makeup last a lot longer and smooth over the surface of the skin so your makeup applies evenly.

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I don’t know why, but I really like to think about specific character quirks. It kinda helps me mold out my characters into actual people (instead of bland, “flawless” ones) before I decide on their physical appearances. I don’t know if that’d help anyone else out, but it works pretty well for me.

Examples of “quirks” or quirk questions I ask myself are all under the cut

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I always envied girls who’s hair was always perfect. Who blended in. Who’s good at everything. Who’s skin was flawless. Who’s bodies didn’t have any cellulite on them. Who’s nails never chip. Because my wavy hair is a mess most of the time. I get pimples a lot more than Id like. I struggle to love my body. My nail polish is chipped 100% of the time. I can’t even cook a frozen pizza without fucking it up. I love to wear knee high socks with my pj shorts. Yeah I may run into walls by accident and trip over my own feet, but those little things make you who you are. It’s some of the reasons why people find you endearing and easy to like. I’ve never really blended in and I’m finding out that being original and beating to your own drum is a lot more interesting then blending in with the crowd.
—  Chapters from my life
Rare and Exclusive Skills the Houses Have

Slytherin: Networking. Slytherins can network like nobody’s business. Because their house has the tightest knit mentality of the entire school, they can pull connections from any area of business. You need a healer? They’ll know one who was a year above them. You need to talk to someone at the ministry? They chatted over firewhiskey at his campaign fundraiser. If they take a liking to you, you can bet it’s because you’re not only going to be useful, but you’re going to make their life very interesting.

Ravenclaw: Flawless debators. Ravenclaws are masters of esoteric knowledge and trivia. They know a little about a lot of things and plenty about more. They can call bullshit because they already know the truth, but they’ll present an eloquent argument explaining both positions (written or speaking, whichever they prefer). Talking to them can be dizzying (every Ravenclaw needs a good editor) but you won’t care because you’ll just want to listen to them.

Hufflepuffs: Foodies. Hufflepuffs are the best brunch friends you will ever have. Growing up near the kitchens, the house elves happily present them with a huge variety of plates and drinks that the other houses could only dream of. By the time they graduate, they’ll have the most diverse palate and strongest tolerance (sorry Gryffindors, you guys just get drunk quicker) of the magical community. They can not only recommend the best meals and what to pair them with, but the ones that applied themselves can cook up a storm too. 

Gryffindors: Lovers. Sorry other houses, Gryffindors probably have the best sex of any of the houses. Gryffindors are adventurous and bold in the sack, willing to push themselves to try new things and get out of their comfort zones. Slytherins and Ravenclaws may be more…creative (read: kinkier) and Hufflepuffs will probably be more tender, but Gryffindors will go at it and do whatever they can to get the biggest and best reaction from you. You’ll never forget a night with a Gryffindor, and you’ll probably sneak back into their dorm rooms for another one. 


Christmas Make-Up! 

You can’t get much more festive than Red lips… Or can you? How about glittery Red lips?
Here I show you how to achieve this simple but effective festive makeup featuring a crisp Black winged liner paired with a sparkly Red lip! 

All the products used are linked below the video. I have tried to include links for both the UK / EU, and the USA. If you outside any of these you should still be able to purchase from one of the links as some of the websites ship worldwide! 

Enjoy, and ‘Merry Christmas’ to one & all. 

Why the fuck are people talking shit about Sam having an imaginary friend? I mean, what we watched was that even when he had Dean, Sam was a lonely kid who needed a lot of love and attention; he hadn’t what we could describe as a normal and happy childhood. You can like Sam or not and you may got bored with all the introspection thing, but I don’t see anything there which you could use to hate Sam. Yeah, with Dean happened the same shit and he hadn’t a flawless childhood; he more than probably needed someone like Sully too. But just because one brother had any kind of extra easiness in his life it doesn’t mean that there were anything unfair with it. I mean, they both were (and are, they always are) fucked up, and maybe there were things that Dean had that Sam hadn’t (and vice versa, of course). And what? They both deserve ANY good thing they could get, so just be happy for the lucky one this time or simply don’t complain and stop looking for each single fucking reason you found logical to talk shit about a character. And, seriously, was it Sam’s fault to felt lonely and to make up Sully? And not even that, because was Sully who came to help Sam. What did you want for the 9 years old Sam to have done, to reject him? I answer you: no. 

I’m so done.

Exo Reactions To Trying To Speak English To A Pretty Girl

Done :3 xo

They’re short & a little trolly so don’t take them seriously~ I was just having fun & making up for the smut reaction <3

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “Hallo, I am Baekhyun. ” *doesn’t know much more than that so he just acts stupid*

Chanyeol: “Hiii! Nice to meet you, I am Chanyeol.” *reaches the extent of his English & just waves like an idiot even though you’re right in front of him*

Chen: “Hey gull, how you doin’? I’m Chen.” *that’s literally it & then he smiles*

D.O.: “Hello. I’m D.O. It’s nice to meet you. How are you today?” *flawless*

Kai: “I’m Kai.” *can’t say much else other than names of food so he just waves too*

Kris: “Hey, so we should go out sometime. I mean, like, I think we’d have a lot of fun together. I’d make it worth your while, trust me.” *cocky*

Lay: “I’m Lay, hallo.” *just acts cute to make up for his lack of English*

Luhan: “Hey pretty lady, wanna go out with me? My name is Luhan. Nice to meet you.” *winks*

Sehun: “Look at me, look at me, I can do dis all night long baby, neber don’t mind about a thang, E-X-O.” *acts like he just gave a speech about the process of mitosis* 

Suho: “Hi, I am Suho. I would love to take you on a date.” *perfection*

Tao: “I do Kung-fu.” *demonstrates*

Xiumin: “I’m Xiumin.” *doesn’t really try other than that, just gives you little eyebrow raises & smiles*

daaaydreamss  asked:

Hey what are some foundations give a flawless airbrushed look?

Hello :)

If you want a foundation for a flawless, more air bushed look try foundations that are super silky and smooth that will just glide over any imperfections like pores, acne, uneven texture, lines, etc. Anything too matte and thick can cling to imperfections and anything too light weight won’t make much of a difference. 

You may also want to try perfecting primers under your makeup! Using a silicone like primer will smooth over the skin so any makeup applied on top will look more flawless. Check out primers like Kiehls Miracle Blur, Benefit Porefessional, Tarte Poreless Smoothing Primer, Maybelline Baby Skin or ELF Mineral Infused Primer.

Try foundations like

Loreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation $12. This foundation is a “blurring” foundation so it will soften and imperfections and look really smooth and flawless on the skin.

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation $57. This foundation has a sort of a gel, cream consistency so it just glides over the skin and gives the skin this beautiful sheen. Will give your skin a soft, smooth finish!

Loreal Magic Lumi Foundation $9. This foundation doesn’t cling or draw attention to imperfections and gives your skin a satin, glowing finish. 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation $62. This is like liquid silk on your skin! Gives the most beautiful, flawless finish.

can-diceee-deactivated20160926  asked:

I generally don't wear foundation or anything on my face in the summer but I wanted to try out a primer I could wear on top of my lotion, any recommendations? I'd prefer drugstore but high end is fine as well. Thank you (:

Primers can actually improve the look and texture of your skin on it’s own without foundation! A great simple step to boost the look of your skin a bit and look more presentable without wearing any actual makeup, just slap some on and you’re out the door! You can even wear an oil controlling primer on it’s own if you have oily skin!

Check out primers like

Kiehls Micro Blur Skin Perfector $35. This will instantly help your pores look smaller and give you a smooth, flawless finish sans makeup! It’s ever so slightly tinted so give you a hint of coverage and color.

Loreal Magic Lumi Primer $10. This primer will add some life and light to your skin. It will make your skin glow and look more radiant and healthy!

Maybelline Baby Skin $6. Will smooth out your skin and pores to make your complexion look even that much better.

Chanel Le Blanc $45. Adds some luminosity and glow to dull skin.

I noticed that nobody goes out of ther way to talk to or be kind to me in public when I’m not wearing any makeup and have casual clothes, my glasses and a beanie on, but when I wear my contacts and funky hair, eyelashes, flawless skin and eyebrows, people are a lot more sweet to me.
I make it very clear that taking the time to dress up and look flawless is fun to me and even therapeutic (most of the time I turn up, I actually stay home) and I don’t do it for other people, but humans are such superficial creatures that you can’t bash the cosmetic industry and then treat plain looking girls like they don’t exist.
I understand that it’s human nature to like pretty things, but I can say with 100% confidence that I am sweet to EVERYBODY unless they’ve given me a reason to react otherwise.