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Have you ever hosted / would you consider hosting a character popularity poll for BeY?

Hello! We’ve actually never hosted a character poll for BeY (due to lack of anime/manga content and the BeY fandom was quite small in the past) but now that we’re more than halfway through the anime, we’re very open to the idea of hosting a character popularity poll! Some of these might include favourite dance couple, favourite male or female character (etc.) but we’d have to plan it all out first before confirming anything ^^ 

If anyone would be interested in participating/giving ideas, please feel free to message us! If a lot of you would like us to host these popularity polls, give this post a like/reblog so we can get a head start on preparations >:D

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You know what's funny? I made Allura and Matt to dance in my klance fic and it's really cute that he actually have a crush on her. Yes, because I have no shame and I have a lot of wips XD. I don't deserve forgiveness

You shouldn’t be ashamed of that, I bet it was cute ♥ His reaction to Allura made me laugh a lot, let him have this dance :P

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I continue to ship DCEU Jargot despite all the times I doubt myself after seeing the haters statements. When or how did you decide that Jargot was ok, despite all the backlash?

Well, I’ve never really changed my overall feeling of enjoying the idea of them together, just alter it slightly when necessary to be respectful to the actors. I don’t even think about the hate/anti nonsense because some random loser on the internet doesn’t dictate what I’m allowed to enjoy lol

I essentially think of it more as an AU type situation. Like, if I could cast my own film, I’d always pair Margot with Jared since I love their chemistry. That’s why I enjoy making AU’s that combine their previous roles to turn it into something new that I’d like to see :)

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Tears for that thingy? 👀

I actually don’t have the word tears, but I have crying in my wips so I think that counts??? Here you go, thank you for the word!

A quiet sniff pulls Gon out of his reverie.

“Ki-Killua?” he says, alarmed. He still can’t see Killua’s face and it makes his heart bleed- “What’s wrong, why are you crying?!”

(Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in!)

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I'm so sorry if you've already answered this a thousand times, I didn't see a FAQ - But I really struggle with coloring in my drawings and I love yours, I honestly think they're amazing! What program/brushes do you use, and do you have any advice?

I’ve been back and forth on this for a few days now and I keep rewriting my answer for it. >_>; Normally I’m working in photoshop, occasionally in manga studio and I generally use a generic round brush with opacity=pressure turned on, or a custom brush that’s triangular instead of a circle instead.

As for advice– I can give you some very broad advice and links but it’s a big question to answer without knowing anything more specific. If you have more specific questions about coloring I can try and help with that, but for the broad question, I’ll leave you with links to some of my fav resources that might teach you more than I could: from Ahmed Aldoori a 4 part series from Borodante from Kienan Lafferty

I would definitely recommend poking around the rest of the artists’ channels since they all have useful things to look at!

As for me, my general process kinda changes with each piece because I still haven’t decided on a specific method I like best. But in general I’ll mask out the figure first and fill in the base colors before adding shadows and some lighting.

These are kinda old since I haven’t recorded any new ones, but here are a few time lapsed vids of my stuff // nsfw for nudity

(The third one got deleted? Oops. So have one from @kiikiibee instead–)|
(here’s a link with more of her videos)

And @junejenssen has posted lots of awesome process videos!

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So I have this idea for a fic (it'll be my first time writing a fic ㅠㅠ yay!) And it's based on my favorite Chinese drama called Ten miles of peach blossom (it is cheesy but damn the story got me hooked in the 1st episode ), so why not make it as a klance au? Well friend, ThErE'S a LoT oF ChArAcTeRs iN ThIs DaMn DrAmA! So the idea is currently on hold, the story would be updated by episodes and every Sunday,

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT FIC!!!!!! I mean, you don’t have to copy the drama scene for scene so maybe you can get rid of some of the characters that you can’t find equivalents for? Sometimes it’s easier to just write stories inspired by something else instead of following it completely. But hey, it’s your fic, you decide :D I’m not sure how to help other than wish you the best of luck though^^’

Slytherin: Hey, Ravenclaw, you said you would help me out if I needed something, right?

Ravenclaw: Yeah, what’s up?

Slytherin: The password to my dormitory is something bigoted again, and I was hoping I could stay in your dormitory. Could I have the password?

Ravenclaw: Of course! Just knock on the knocker and answer the Eagle’s question.

Slytherin: Wait, I have to actually think of things to get in?

Ravenclaw: Yeah, what’s the problem?

Slytherin: Fuck it, I’m asking Gryffindor, they can’t possibly be asked to think.

                                      [ P O I S O N E D   B Y   R E D ]

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Maybe draw some dear evan hansen comfort hugs,,,, like between evan and connor or evan and connors sister (i cant remember her name helo)or like,,,,,,,,, any one i just need som comfort hugs

connor isnt used to hugs so he gives people his hoodie as A Hug™

(<- that hoodie hug idea is from @askconvan / @nellos12 follow them :O)


Here’s a meme to celebrate 200 followers since i missed 100


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The Winter Soldier never had anything sweet. He wasn't allowed to. So yes - Tony finds that putting a lollipop in Winters mouth makes him go from angry-angsty mess to grinning-happy-place fluffball in under 10 seconds. There is a lollipop-protocol now and Tony loves to see the officials cringe about it. Also: Natasha is an evil Nimm2-Lolli carrying enabler.

Now this is a nice ask to come back to on a Tuesday morning!

It probably starts as an accident. Something happens–something small, a wrong word, a too-loud noise–and Bucky’s features just–go slack, in that creepily empty way, and Tony panics. He’s alone in the kitchen. The suit, the rest of the team, none of them will be fast enough if Bucky goes into kill mode.

So. He just–grabs the closest thing within reach. Which happens to be a lollipop. And pushes it into the Soldier-Bucky’s mouth. Because genius and panic and lack of better ideas make it sound like a sensible option.

To everybody’s surprise it works.

Soldier-Bucky goes very, very still, and for a moment Tony is convinced he’s done for. Then Soldier-Bucky reaches up–with his metal hand–and very carefully grabs the lollipop and just–sucks on it a little. Curiously. Like he’s not quite sure what to do with it.

Tony blinks at the unexpected sight, ignores the loud footsteps of the others in the hallway, probably having been alarmed by FRIDAY.

“It’s a lollipop,” he explains, because these are apparently the kind of conversations he has these days. Soldier-Bucky’s eyes flicker to him, but he shows no outward reaction to the words. 

“You’re supposed to lick it,” Tony clarifies. Very slowly reaches for another lollipop to demonstrate.

He will forever cherish the disbelieving faces of his team mates when they walk in on Tony teaching the Winter Soldier how to properly–and not so properly–enjoy a lollipop.

And well, after that Tony makes sure to always have an emergency stash of lollipops at hand. (Read: He always had one, but now he’s got a damn good excuse for it too.)

It’s worth seeing Fury choke on his coffee–though the bastard will deny it until he’s blue in the face–the first time he stumbles over the Lollipop Protocol™. It’s worth seeing Natasha having way too much fun hiding lollipops in the most unexpected places.

The hands down best part though is when they’re at a gala, and one of the guests refuses to take a hint until Bucky’s face goes very blank and he very slowly reaches into his pocket, pulls out a lollipop and starts licking it Aggressively™, all the while glaring holes into the man until the guy flees for his life.

Tony is impressed. Even more so when Soldier-Bucky catches him stare, winks and does something truly obscene with his tongue that makes Steve drop his drink and Clint whistle and yeah. Tony is definitely impressed. 


You: Why the heck are they wearing those things instead of armor?

Me: They recently recovered some early 21st century items Gaul took their stuff so they had to dip into the emergency stash of clothes Casual Friday!

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