can we talk abt this picture

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i heard we're talking abt our racist childhood experiences, this one is actually recent but my english teacher made us watch a documentary on the early immigrant colonies in america and they almost completely erased natives from the picture. and when they did mention them, it was in the context of the plague, and we were referred to have savages and indians and they didn't even pronounce the tribe names right. it was absolutely infuriating.

how can teachers even get away with that? that’s so nasty?????

is it possible to mention it to them or to the principal or something like that?? gross

au where jeongguk is in a band. they’re doing pretty well, they’ve got jeongguk on guitar and vocals, taehyung on the drums, yoongi on the keyboard and namjoon on the bass guitar. however, jeongguk still feels like something is missing in their songs. when he brings this up to the rest of the band, they all agree. it gets pushed to the back of their minds however, as they’re too busy preparing for their latest gig. until yoongi bursts into practice one day with the announcement of i think i found what’s missing from our songs! and introduces them to jimin, a dancer he met when picking hoseok up from dance practice, who surprisingly has a delightful voice. they run through a couple of songs and yeah, they come to the conclusion that jimin’s voice harmonising with jeongguk’s is exactly what they need. the only problem is, jeongguk isn’t sure if his heart can handle working with jimin who has a sweet voice and an even sweeter smile.

“hey gukkie, we’re gonna go get food after this, wanna come?”
“who’s going??”
“just us. jimin’s gonna be there too!”
“oh. um. i’ve got errands to run?”
“come on man, we haven’t hung outside of practice in ages. is it because jimin’s gonna be there? i thought you were cool with him??”
“i am! i am cool with him!” i just don’t know how to talk to him without sounding like an idiot with a crush.

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What's it like being an sx/so?

Sx/So is one of those contra-flow instinctual variants, so it doesn’t necessarily make sense from a survival perspective. So/Sx makes sense because it seeks a community, and then uses its individual ties to strengthen that. Sx/So instead hyperfixates on what it wants first, and then searches for a corresponding community to exist within. Because of this, they have to bounce between Sx and So a lot, and might end up in fake Sp-dom mode more often. (not leaving the house for months surrounded by our their filth.) 

Generally, we’re aware of the social dynamics of a given situation, and have a tendency to want to push the envelope/ mess around. We’re interested in leaving an impact. Hold weird political/philosophical beliefs often, can sometimes rub people the wrong way. So/Sxs tend to avoid that. Again, we’re extremely focused on one area in particular first and foremost, but we use So to continue said interest by seeking a community later. That differentiates us from Sx/Sps who use Sp resources instead to fullfill Sx.

We’re a lot pickier than So/Sxs, less friendly, less outgoing, less funny, and we tend to focus more.

Both Sp-blind types, however, tend to neglect their personal health and saftey. I’ve also found that appearance-wise, both are usually good looking? That’s subjective, but the difference between the two is usually that So/Sxs smile more often, and are more conventionally attractive. Sx/Sos don’t smile as often, stare a lot, and kinda have one facial feature that really stands out (which they have a love-hate relationship with). (my right eyebrow…I know another Sx/So with a really prominent widow’s peak) Also, our photos can be way over the top sometimes. Our eyes /really/ focus on the lens. No matter where we are in the picture, we just look too close.

obvs i’m talking abt the ones i’ve met, not just me.

Also what i’ve noticed abt Sp-blinds I’ve met in general:

  • they’ve all had a stalker?
  • sometimes multiple
  • (usually Sx-blinds)
  • really suck at saying no
  • probably friends with some scary people
  • (and also every Sx-blind on the planet)
  • everybody’s discussing their sexuality
  • (people will interrogate you abt it tbh)
  • seem like they don’t know how money works?
  • Almost Died a Few Times
  • finishes everything 15 mins before it’s due
  • (no matter what it is)
  • Y’know that one guy everyone wants to fuck and seems like he’s gonna die before the age of 25? Sp-blind

Incredibly long, will put under a cut first thing tommorow!!

first of all I bonded with lovely people in the audience, they were all great

I met Matt Peake first, he literally came up to the group of people I was standing with and started chatting. He was super friendly and sweet ad patient. I asked him (and everyone) what the best thing to do in LA is. He gave me a bunch of nature stuff, like trails and parks. I asked to get a pic with him and apologized for being so tall (I’m 5"10) he firmly told me NEVER TO APOLOGIZE FOR MY HEIGHT and insisted we take another photo where I wasn’t trying to look smaller, bless him.

Then I met Bruce. Bruce was almost business-like, but not in a cold or rude way, just in an efficent one, which I SUPER APPRECIATE because I’m too awkward to be assertive in public settings and people would talk to them for literally the entire time if they didn’t (politely) dismiss them. He was v indulgent of the dude I was with who had a Make a Man Out Of You demo disc parody. He told the kid that Joel would love it. Bruce’s LA advice was to eat at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place.

Next was Kovic. He always had a huge crowd around him. I stood awkwardly to the side and he finished talking to them and turned to me and was like “hi!! You’ve been waiting super patiently.” He was kind of cynical about LA but I honestly was too heart eyes to care. He is SO HANDSOME. SOOOOO HANDSOME. He was wearing a fucking cute Christmas sweater.

THEN WAS JOEL, WHO SOMEHOW ENDED UP BEING MY FAV. He did love that dude’s song and did a rendition of it with the dude. It was amazing. He noticed my fancy ring, which I call my goth royalty ring, which somehow turned into a story about him going to a vampire convention in Louisiana??? We also talked shit about people. I asked him what to do in West Hollywood and he told me abt a bar that has drag queen bingo that’s really fun. He then told me to go to this place that costs $100 per meal ajd I was like “JOEL, WHAT THE FUCK” and he was like “IT WILL BE THE BEST MEAL YOU EVER EAT, PERIOD.” Then someone asked him about Hamilton and he talked about how TRANSCENDENT AMD AMAZING it was. Apparently the Hamilton soundtrack was his most listened to songs of the year. He was like “Normally I don’t think you should listen to a play soundtrack unless you’ve seen it–” and I interuppted like “????? I CANT FLY 2 NYC, JOEL” and he was like “OH MY GOD”. I asked for a pic and he immediately put his head in my bosom and then aologized for it and was like “was that super inappropriate??”

Then I talked to Lawrence who was very friendly and nice. We talked about the Beatles after he recommended that I go to the Hollywood Bowl. He also recced muesuems, the dork. He was really sweet. He spilled his drink and was super apologetic about it, bless. We joked about MySpace angles and duck faces.

JAMES WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF SOME DUDE TRYING TO CONVINCE HIM TO WATCH SAMURAI JACK?? James was Not Into It. Then some dudes got really sweet and sincere and James was grateful and lovely. I got a pic with James and then he told me to eat Korean BBQ.

Spoole was talking to people and sawy holding my phone and was like “you wanna picture?? I can tell cause your phone camera is out”. I said ye and we took a pic where he was like “I’m kind of short for a dude”. He told me to go to the Griffith Observatory.

ELYSE WAS MY FAV SHE WAS TINy AND AWKWARD AND SO CUTE. I kept telling compliments at her and she was flustered and was like “OH MY GOD YOU’RE TOO NICE???” I kept making eye contact with her and finally went over and apologized for staring creepily and she was like “NO ITS FINE WE’RE JUST TALKING ABT TAMPONS”. I loved her so much

okay.... listen UP

it’s day four. only day four. and there are three things i need to address. 

1: apparently project jaspar has “””begun””” and the only clue we have is a picture of joe n caspar in a stupid suitcase trunk thing 

1.5: for some reason both boys have stopped tweeting but will post on instagram? ffs can someone show these kids their birth certificates and show they’re not kian lawley during that movie stunt thing

1.7: also can we talk abt the stupid fricken “#PROJECTJASPAR 1/9/15″ header (pfft sounds like the purge if you ask me)

2: caspar has never missed a friday tweet. n e v e r. it’s friday knock knock who’s there? NOT CASPAR 

3: oh and remember the snapchats in the middle of some mf wheat field? remember the photoshoots that joe mentioned? is this a new channel on how to make tortilla shells ?? ? 

what the hell. 

so now we have to wait until goddamn september 9th, which is not only in eleven days, it’s the day before joe’s book release. this is hell on earth. 

stay strong jaspar fandom. 

xoxo a pissed off and confused julia