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For @crazyprechaun because she told me : what about Harry crushing over that cute blonde boy in the library, wearing thick framed glasses and he doesn’t realise he’s the same boy he spent all night dancing with the day before…

Harry’s head feels like it’s about to explode with the force of his horrible headache. He shouldn’t have let Liam and Louis bring him to the club last night but when those two combine forces, it’s pretty much impossible to say no. 

But drinking as much as he did and ditching his friends to spend the night dancing with that cute blonde boy was his decision and his own only.

He thinks about him again, as he pushes his little tray full of big textbooks down the library aisles, as he tries to forget his killing headache and the fact that he could pretty much drink his own weight in water with how dry is mouth feels. 

He thinks about a blonde fringe peaking from under a bright red snap back and how the collar of his tank top was hanging low, showing a chest matted with light brown hair and his lovely collarbones. 

He remembers arms, just the right amount of muscles on them as they were holding on Harry’s waist. A smile, almost as bright as his eyes as he was looking up at Harry, his hips stitches to Harry’s own as they were grinding on the dance floor. 

It’s a blur really, of bright blonde hair, looking almost gold under the bright coloured lights of the club, of red lips and red snap back, of warm hands and warm lips. A blur of fumbled movements, filled with alcohol and want and he doesn’t even think he could recognize him if he sees him again on campus. 

Which makes him really, really sad because he was quite beautiful and his hands felt like heaven on Harry’s waist.

They didn’t talk, not at all. 

He didn’t even had the chance to ask for his name as Louis came rushing between them, pulling at Harry’s arms and telling him they were leaving. 

Harry learned once they were sitting in the taxi that Liam and Louis got into a fight. Again. Where Liam was Harry had no idea. He sent him a text asking if he was okay and all he got in return was a thumb up and an angry face.

He remembers again, feeling warm hands on his hips, and a chest moulding to his back. Remembers being turned around after a few songs to be faced with a beautiful blonde boy dressed like some frat boy with some mischievous light in his bright eyes and Harry just let himself dance with him and enjoy the moment. 

That until Louis made them part ways and he swear he saw a bit of disappointed in those beautiful eyes as he was walking backward, being pulled by a very angry looking Louis. The last thing he saw was his beautiful frat boy waving at him with a small smile on his lips but his eyes, his oh so expressive eyes were not smiling. 

So Harry is thinking about him now, as he is sporting a hangover the size of the moon, trying to work through is morning shift at the campus’ library. 

He gets distracted though, as he puts some books back on the shelves because just on the other side of it sits a boy and Harry’s breath catches in his throat with how beautiful he is.

He wears a black button up with the sleeves rolled all the way up to his elbows and too many buttons are undone, showing a chest reminding him of his frat boy’s from last night. His hair are blond too, completely messed up by the way he keeps running this fingers through it. 

On top of his nose are dark framed glasses and he looks like the cutest nerd Harry has ever seen and his cheeks are bright red with frustration as he keeps typing and deleting stuff on his laptop. 

He’s too far to be certain, but Harry thinks to boy’s skin is painted with a galaxy of freckles and Harry wants to taste them all with the tip of his tongue.

He looks like some artist, like a young James Dean mixed with a successful business man and Harry suddenly wants to discover every versions of him. 

Harry keeps pushing his little tray between the aisles and his eyes are still on the blond boy. He can’t stop starring at him, can’t get his eyes off of him because he is still a bit dizzy from last night and from that stupid frat boy he probably won’t see again and maybe he can forget him in the arms of that cute little nerd over here.

That’s where he is in his train of thoughts when of course, clumsy Harry decides to make an appearance and his foot get stuck somewhere in some imaginary crack on the floor and bam, he falls on his ass in the middle of the library. 

He does it quite loudly because his tray of books does the same, falling sideways and all of the books on it are now on the floor. Some of them are at some weird angles and Harry wishes he didn’t ruined any of them because his boss is going to  be mad. 

“You okay mate?”

Harry pushes his long hair away from his face and he knows he is bright red with embarrassment. Of course, when he looks up, it’s him, looking down with concern in his beautiful blue eyes.

“Physically I’m fine, emotionally, I’m bruised.”

He smiles at Harry’s joke and them something like recognition flashes behind those cute glasses, “Oh. Hello. You were pretty fast to run away last night…”

No! Is it… It can’t be him?

“You’re my cute frat boy?!”

His cheeks turns a shade of red so deep at those words and Harry realises what he just said, my frat boy. Fuck.

“Uh… I mean, you know, you’re not mine but we danced and then I had to leave because Louis was mad and –”

“Is Louis your boyfriend?”

“My what? No! He’s just my best friend.”

Harry then tries to sit up because it’s weird to have that kind of conversation sitting on the library floor surrounded by books and blond frat/nerd boy gives him a hand, helping him get up.

He keeps his hand into Harry’s even when he is up and steady on his feet. He looks up at Harry again, just the way he did the night before but now, he is doing it through those cute little glasses and Harry can feel his heart flutter with how bad he wants him.

“M’Niall,” he says, his thumb running circles on Harry’s hands “Was quite bummed about you leaving so fast last night.”

“My friends fought and we had to leave. I’m really sorry. And I’m Harry.”

“Well Harry, how about you tell me at what time you’re off from work so I can buy you a coffee and we can maybe talk about me being yours or summat.”

Harry can’t help but burst out laughing at those words, smacking a hand on his mouth afterwards because they are still in a library and some students are trying to work somewhere. Harry have no idea where they are though, because the only thing he can see is Niall standing in front of him. His smile is fond when he looks at Harry, biting at his bottom lip to keep his own laugh inside.

“I’d like that a lot. I’m off at one.”

“It’s a date then.”