can we talk about what the interviewer is implying

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I noticed that you said in another ask that "Armin is implied to have feeling for someone in the Smartpass interview" do you have a link for that because man that is real news to me! O': Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

Hello, anon! 

Yes, I believe it is implied! That’s my take on it, though, and I probably should have put more emphasis on that. However, I’ve seem more people take it the same way. You can find the interview here. The part I’m talking about is this:

Q: Well, let’s move on. We have received some questions related to love. “Do you have a girl you’re interested in?”, “What’s the type of the girl you like?”
Armin: Love……Hmm

Q: “Do you understand the meaning of love?” We even received this question among them.
Armin: I understand what it is, but……

Q: Is it hard to answer?
Armin: ……I think that having someone you think of as important, can be a strength, and also a weakness. I have many times……witnessed people losing their senses, or the ability to make sound judgement, after losing that person.

Q: Oh, I see.
Armin: There are also people who are forced into a dilemma because of such special feelings. I realized that those feelings are often made use of.

Q: I guess you can think of it that way.
Armin: That is why, even if I have someone I like, I won’t say it. Because it will end up as a weakness of mine…… just kidding.

Q: ……I feel that I’ve seen a scary smile just now……

Personally, I read this as a gay teenaged boy evading the question of what girl he’s interested in and becoming fleeting because 1) he doesn’t want to come out just then and 2) because the subject of love makes his thoughts go to his feelings for his crush, so his emotions make him too jittery to pretend the subject is truly as irrelevant as he tries to claim it is. What kind of truly love-neutral person answers “love… hmm” instead of “nah, no crush” (and thus more believably putting the suspicion to rest) to that first question? 

He then goes on to explain how it’s not beneficial for him to be in love. But feelings aren’t something you can just decide not to get. Crushes form regardless of what you want. To me, it sounds like he’s trying to convince the interviewer, as much as himself, that indulging in love is unwise and thus he’s too smart to make that mistake.

And of course, then we have his “if I were to be in love - even though I’m definitely totally not - I wouldn’t tell anyone" comment followed by a poor attempt at “saving himself” with a “lol j/k” and a suspicious smile…? That’s either a lot ado about nothing, or something - If you ask me, of course…

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do you think elise and nat could actually have a thing going on?

(I want to start off by saying I’d never comment on anything they post regarding this and to please remember to be respectful and keep this stuff away from their social media!)

To be honest… I don’t think so, but I don’t have a place to say! Elise often mentions that she’s not in a relationship, but who knows. Natasha answered my last question, “What do you admire most about Laura and Carmilla’s relationship?” by comparing it to her “personal” relationship with Elise, but finished off by saying that they’re a team, even if they’re not physically together. I think what she was implying here was that her and Elise are very close, but aren’t in that kind of a relationship. She’s mentioned in an interview before that she believes you can have a romantic relationship with a friend without sex being involved (when talking about Mackenzie and Cassie’s friendship in Almost Adults), and I think that might be the case with her and Elise. I think they just have an extremely close bond right now after the year they’ve had together. We were trying to be lowkey about this at the party, but when they were sitting beside me as the finale wrapped up they were cuddling and Elise leaned into her and kissed her cheek, which I thought was cute. Some friends are just like that, so who knows! Either way, their connection is special. You can really see how much they care about each other.

So I talked about this on my blog already, but I want to talk about it more.

I think it’s very interesting that Iris asks Barry to come over just so she could give him the Nerd Survival Kit. Things were awkward. They were probably somewhat avoiding each other. Iris could have just asked Joe to give it to Barry. She could have given it to him when she was moving out, given it to him when Eddie was around. But she doesn’t do that. She reaches out and she asks him to come over. Joe is there, but she keeps it a West-Allen moment

The fact that it’s from their past, their childhood, it’s almost like a symbol of her letting go of that and relinquishing that history. Especially when you consider that she’s moving out, she’s moving onto the next stage of her life. The question is how Barry fits in that life now that she knows about his feelings. If he can fit in that life now that she knows. Right now, she doesn’t know her feelings. She knows that she loves Eddie as much as she knows what romantic love is. She knows she loves Barry as her best friend, but that’s it. We don’t know what she’s feeling, but Grant’s interview implies that she still doesn’t understand or recognize what she feels for Barry.

She doesn’t know her feelings, but she does know that things are awkward. Barry can barely speak to her. He can barely look at her. Does he think he can still be part of her life? It doesn’t seem that way. And she looked so sad about that. She stared after him and let out that sigh after he went to his lab to talk to Joe. Things aren’t the same.

Moving out is such a scary experience. Change in general is such a scary experience. The future is so unclear and you can’t ever predict what’s going to happen.

Growing up, she probably thought Joe and Barry would be her two constants. Then Barry was in that coma. She got him back, but she already knows what it’s like to lose Barry. She knows she can survive without him. She did it for 9 months. I feel like part of her internal conflict would be whether she lets the awkwardness ruin their friendship. Whether she lets him go and moves on to the next stage of her life. And I don’t think she wants to let it ruin their friendship, but if he can barely look at her, if she’s breaking his heart, then what else is she supposed to do? [This is why it’s frustrating that we didn’t get to hear her thoughts. It would have been so interesting :/]

Anyway, but then Barry talks to her and he tells her that he’s in her future. He sees himself in her future. It’s okay that she doesn’t love him back. It’s okay that she’s with Eddie. The awkwardness will fade eventually. He’s fine with it and he still wants to be part of her life.

Which is why the picture is so important. By virtue of being a picture, it represents the past, but it’s also significant to note that it’s not a childhood picture. It’s a picture of adult Barry and adult Iris. It’s not like the backpack, a symbol of their childhood, and something sentimental to Barry. It’s present-day, it’s the future, it’s WestAllen. Barry Allen will always be in Iris West’s life, no matter what. She doesn’t have to let go. She doesn’t have to move onto the next stage of her life without him. He is still one of the only constants in her life.

And ugh. I just have a lot of feels about this

- Mod Ash