can we talk about what the interviewer is implying

Bobby is still on his way to be the next Doctor

I have absolutely no idea how RC having pretty much the some odds as everybody else (and a bit lower than some) = “still on his way to being the next doctor”…and I think Alan Cumming would still be a better choice than almost anyone here…but….I do now find this a bit revealing

We know that RC first gave an interview (while fully demonstrating he had no issues with doing promotion for projects he deems worthy of himself, just not the one that keeps his family fed) where he not only bagged on OUaT, but also heavily implied he’d soon return “home”. Because apparently he can also help fix Brexit (despite no political experience, etc).

His next interview was somewhat more circumspect and he talked about “needing to do what’s best for his kids” and their school being in the country he only lives six months of the year in. This was (per an anon ask I received) apparently followed by an fairly contrite piece, with a complimentary bent towards OUaT. And the Nonnie suggested “perhaps he expected to get a role, but didn’t”.

Seems to me the anon might’ve been on to something….and “think of my family” is a way of keeping face after losing a job he thought he had and pretending he would merely deign to stay on OUaT “for his family” (who I’m sure he’ll be seeking to spend more time with VERY soon)…

I do think you’re right and Bobby got the offer. It would explain him saying he needed to make a decision by the end of January when OUAT contracts don’t seem to be up until April (at least according to JMo). 

And I think he didn’t get the offer and was trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. Also, those would be contract negotiations (as well as affecting story lines and spoilers) that he shouldn’t be sharing or alluding to, anyway. I also think he might’ve figured he could take a page from JMo’s book for negotiating leverage—unfortunately, his role is played out and he isn’t the main character.