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Retail Etiquette

AKA a few ways you, the customer, can help make a retail worker’s life easier.

1. If you don’t want something, put it back where you found it. Not sitting on a shelf nearby. Not halfway across the store. Right where you found it. On the peg/ however it was displayed originally. Please. I know it’s super easy to just drop that thing where you are, especially if you’re across the store, but imagine having to put that one thing back times a hundred. That’s what we have to do. Every day. It’s like the world’s worst scavenger hunt that takes literal hours. All work that is avoided if you take five seconds to put that thing back where you found it.

1.5. Don’t trash the shelves looking for that one perfect package in the back or whatever and leave it. Fix what you mess up, or what your kids mess up.

2. Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave trash lying around - cleaning the store and keeping it clean is a monumental task itself without people leaving empty cups on shelves. We have trash cans, use them. Wipe your feet. If you spill something, alert somebody.

3. Do not come in right before close, unless it’s an emergency and you know exactly what you need. In, grab the thing you need, and out before close. If you come into a store 10 minutes or less before close, you’re being (albeit mildly) rude. The staff has closing tasks they need to get done, often before the store actually closes and you’re keeping them from that. If you’re fast, no problem. If you linger and shop around, you’re being rude.

3.5. Do not linger after close. Know when a store closes, and get out when it does. Every minute you stay after close is a minute later the staff actually gets home. You are literally keeping the staff from going home to their family if you stay after close, and it’s deeply rude. Your time is not more important than theirs, especially AFTER the hours they’re obligated to give you their time.

4. If you break something, just tell the staff. They’re not going to make you buy it, it just goes into the ‘store damage’ bin in most places. Don’t try to hide it (world’s worst scavenger hunt part two) or just set it back on the shelf for someone else to find it and complain. Please.

5. Listen to the staff. They know what they’re talking about when they say they don’t have it in the back. They spend almost every day in the store - odds are they know even without looking. Listen to recommendations. Listen to them on policy. They know this stuff, you don’t no matter how long you’ve been a customer. They’re TRAINED, you’re not.

6. Be kind. Be polite. We all have bad days, but if a service worker can be polite and accommodating for 6-8 hours despite that, you can be for ten minutes. Don’t lose your temper if staff messes up. Service workers can only do so much; they’re the bottom of the entire corporate chain, and have literally no authority. Is that two dollars really worth demeaning another human being over?

Re: the Usual Comments:

“But it’s your job to put things back/clean up after me!”

It’s not. It’s deeply strange how people suddenly feel so entitled inside a store. A staff member is there to assist you shopping, not be your nanny. We shouldn’t have to clean up after you. You are not a child - clean up after yourself.

“I’m creating jobs when I -inconvenience store workers in some way-”

No, Cheryl, you’re not making jobs by leaving your empty starbucks cup on my shelf. I would have this job regardless of you making it more difficult, and my company isn’t going to hire more people just because you do. They just expect me to deal with it.

STEP ONE: accept the “keetz = kravitz” theory with joy

STEP TWO: remember that while lydia and edward wear bananas color combinations, kravitz is just about always in black suits


kravitz: lydia, can we maybe wear something with… less colors today?

lydia: no keetz, edward’s prepared a beautiful matching set of 3 outfits in bronze, red, teal, and yellow

kravitz, holding back tears: i hate this fucking family

hi so i just saw power rangers and i’m gonna talk about billy being autistic!

the first thing - the best thing - is that he says it. out loud. kinda infodumps about it actually.

he fits a couple of the Big Stereotypes, but let’s be real it’s very hard to write an autistic character who fits none. his two Big ones are good memory and not getting sarcasm.

the first Autism™ thing we see is attention to detail, closely followed by being attached to objects and being nonverbal when upset.

he happy claps! usually in sets of 3! yay happy stimming!

early on he shows touch aversion (’can you please stop touching me now’), and when he’s bonded with others he initiates contact

i’m sure there’s more that slipped by me (given that i’m an autism so that’s Normal™ to me) but these are the Big Ones and i love him

A Homestuck Character arc summary:
  • The world is on fire
  • John: oh geez that sucks *does nothing*
  • Dave: this is fine hold on lemme take a selfie
  • Rose: I tried everything to put out this fire, nothing worked. The only viable solution is that I summon the forces of evil.
  • Jade: Oh no! :0 *falls asleep and only wakes up for the climax*
  • Aradia: This was rather inevitable. I brought marshmallows.
  • Sollux: no one lii2tened 2 me when ii told you guy2 you were doomed ii have no sympathy for thii2
  • Tavros: uH, wHAT IS GOING ON?
  • Nepeta: :33 < *ac is sad her ship sunk because they died in the fire* they were purrfect for each other!
  • Kanaya: I Am All For The Utilisation Of Diplomatic Methods In This Situation However If All Else Fails I May Try The Chainsaw
  • Terezi: VR1SK4 NO
  • Vriska: That’s right!!!!!!!! Twas I that set the world a8laze!!!!!!!! 8ut that was inevita8le and now I’ll put out said fire, making me the hero you all deserved.
  • Equius: Is no being going to acknowledge how STRONG and L00d I am despite the situation.
  • Gamzee: Im GlAd We ArE aLl BeInG GoOd FrIeNdS
  • ...nevermind
  • Eridan: wwhatever, this is not my fault.
  • Feferi: Glub! I’m shore we can sort it out if we just talk about our feelings!
  • Jane: It can't be that bad...*is that bad* oh shucks.
  • Dirk: I can handle the fire but can somebody please help me with my failures as a human being.
  • Jake: Wowie! I can finally live the adventure of a lifetime, just like my heroes! (Jake you are just showing your ass) Just like my heroes!
  • Roxy: imma put out the fire and imma be hot af while doing so just watch me
  • Calliope: Such a thrilling epic UoU

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Hello! I've noticed the current hot cat of internet is the Scottish fold. They are certainly handsome little things and the ones I've come across seem to be consistently curious and intelligent (&adored by their people, which could of course be a factor). I've been looking into getting a companion for my own hellion. Do you do breed overviews on cats? I'd love to see your thoughts on them. Tax: came for Lucifer, stayed for more excellent anecdotes and you being all around excellent. Thank you ;)

I can talk about certain cat breeds. Cats have not been bred into quite the same variety of forms as dogs have been, but there are a few interesting bits that have been propagated for human amusement.

As usual, please note the disclaimer. These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your animal is going to encounter in their life.

Originally posted by waffles-the-cat

They’re cute ears, right?

The ‘fold’ characteristic of the breed occurs because of a single gene mutation affecting cartilage. The ears are the most obvious external sign, but the mutation also affects cartilage everywhere else in the body, which results in osteochondrodysplasia and multiple painful joint problems.

All Scottish folds will have this to some degree, if they have folded ears. This gene is autosomal dominant, which means that only one copy is required to fold the ears. Cats that are homozygous for this mutation would be expected to have worse symptoms than cats that are heterozygous.

This is such a significant problem, and brings the ethics of breeding these cats with folded ears into question, that registration for the breed was delayed due to negative welfare impacts on the cat. It’s worth noting though that a Scottish fold without the fold mutation is still a Scottish fold, and will have the same personality as one, just minus this one genetic feature/issue.

This breed also has a higher incidence of polycystic kidney disease, where random cysts of fluid occur in the kidneys, leading to early kidney failure, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle which will result in heart failure, but there are genetic screening tests available for these conditions which should be used in breeding colonies.

I wonder if the general public would accept Scottish Folds without the fold, or whether we are just enamored with those ears and not the rest of the cat.

Oh, Icarus

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: In which Bucky Barnes is Icarus and you are his sun.

Warnings: SMUT (Ages 18+)

Word Count: 3.2k


Originally posted by sebjpeg

It had always been a horrible idea; the two of you like oil and water, but somehow still moth to flame. He was your strength, weakness, and necessity all at once.  

You were both such complicated people; your relationship doomed from the start. All blazing fights that lasted hours until your vocal chords were raw and pained, both of you preferring death before surrender. Yet with touches so sweet that you could barely remember what you’d been fighting about to begin with.

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You're a super amazing writer, just FYI :) If you're still doing prompts, how about 39 for clexa?

Lexa stared down at the text message lighting up her screen in the dark, stared and stared until her vision began to blur. Her heart was stuck in her throat, had been now for going on twenty hours. She’d spent the entire day in bed, skipping her two Tuesday classes and sacrificing a shower in exchange for a snotty pillow, soft blanket, and Grey’s Anatomy reruns. Anyone who asked, though, was given a meticulously thought-out explanation of how she was out of town for the day, visiting the wildlife sanctuary three hours away for a research assignment. It wasn’t unbelievable. It wasn’t even a stretch. Lexa did such things occasionally for her conservation classes. But it was a lie.

At least she didn’t have to worry about a roommate. Being an RA could be a serious pain in the ass, but the single dorm it guaranteed her was a godsend. She had never liked having a roommate. She liked her space, needed her space. Her privacy.

She stared down at the words on her screen again, the last of a long string of text messages (forty-two, to be exact) sent between 10:32 the previous night and now.

I’m going to break into Vale. I swear to Moses, Lexa, I will do it.

Lexa rolled her eyes. Vale Hall was her dormitory, and Clarke didn’t have access. She didn’t even live on campus. She lived in an apartment across town. Lexa huffed a warm breath up toward her eyes. They had been cycling back and forth between too wet and too dry, and now, they were just tired. Her phone buzzed again, and she glanced back down.

I’ll steal Raven’s rock-climbing gear and scale the building.

With a sigh, Lexa flicked her thumb over the screen and scrolled up to read some of Clarke’s earlier messages again.

You know I hate the silent treatment.

Can we just talk about this? Please?

My stomach is in knots. I hate this. Please, talk to me.

It’s been like twelve hours. I didn’t sleep all night. I look like I just climbed out of a trash can. Talk to me.

Can I come over?

Ignoring me only makes me stronger, you know. I level up every time I see the little check mark saying you’ve read my messages but don’t respond. I’m going to hulk out if this goes on much longer.

I know you’re not really at the sanctuary. I can see your location on Snapchat.

Lexa had changed all her settings after that. No read receipts. No location access on her social media. It was a little extreme, but she just needed a day. This one day to be by herself, to feel her stupid feelings, and then to snap back to being herself. Strong. Steady. Secure. Stoic.

And absolutely, positively not in love with her best friend.

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A Place to Call Home

A/N: So I had this idea and then I had a dream of this idea so I decided to go with it. I thought about make it a series but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see how it goes. I had no idea it would come out as long as it did, the words just kept come. Anyways, let me know what you think! BE HONEST. And if you want this to maybe be a series let me know that as well! :) Also I suck a titles I’m sorry.

Warnings: Drinking. Language. Smut. Unprotected Sex.

Word Count: 8,956 (SORRY)

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

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Better This Way (Chap Fourteen)

Only one chapter left after this!
Long Chapter again, almost 4000 words. Some light angst, some heavy feels and then some nice bonding smut. Holla!
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!



It was different now.

For obvious reasons, Wade supposed. Like the fact that almost every morning when the sky was just beginning to lighten and he and Spidey were done with patrol and heading for their usual rooftop with some food, Peter always gave him a kiss as thanks. Or how as they escaped down an alley after leaving bad guys for the cops, and he could reach over and take Peter’s hand.

Or the best, skipping their usual roof completely and taking the food back to one of their places to eat it in bed together.

Peter was always in a rush to get undressed, in a hurry to get his hands on Wade, and more times than not the food got cold and had to be reheated hours later after they had tried their hardest to make each other scream and then passed out together.

It was wonderful, but it was different.

It seemed like Peter was distracted now, and even though Wade knew ninety five percent of the time he was the reason Pete was distracted, it was the other five percent that ate at him.

He had brought it up, a couple times, first about a week after the helicopter incident and then a few days later. Both times, Peter had laughed. Just chuckled and dragged Wade in for a mind-blanking kiss and teased that he couldn’t possibly have anything else on his mind besides Wade, because the Alpha was too high maintenance to leave room for anyone else.

It wasn’t until later, after Peter had fallen asleep in his arms that Wade realized the omega had said anyone else.

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Can I request bughead making out by the bleachers before lunch or during cheer practice and the others don't know about them being together?

Perfect! I’ll think I’ll make this one sweet.

He toyed with the edge of her too short cheerleading skirt, smiling down at her and placing a hand to her hip, dragging her into him.

She rested her palms against the solid of his chest, her cheek falling to rest there.

“I missed you today” she hummed quietly.

He closed his eyes, resting his chin on the top of her head, inhaling and taking in the peaches and cream that was purely Betty.

“Missed you too, had to finish up some lab work during lunch. I left my phone at home, otherwise I would’ve texted you.”

“I had to sit in between Archie and Veronica, and you know how they get when they’re fighting, I felt like a mediating mother.” She pulled away meeting his eyes.

“I’m sad to say I do, I was in the middle during history, I still have Veronica’s nail prints on my arm” he pulled away throwing his arm to show Betty.

She giggled, before peeking out,

“Do you think everyone’s gone?”

He glanced over the metal bleachers.

“Too soon to tell, I’m afraid. Looks like I get to keep you all to myself a little while longer.” He reached his hands moving her slightly to avoid her hitting her head and getting knocked out by one of the lower bleachers.

She sighed softly, the ghost of a frown marring her features

“I wish we didn’t have to meet behind these bleachers everyday, just to walk Home together.”

He nodded, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear

“I know bets, but you know how our friends are, we wouldn’t get a moments peace if they found out we’re together. I know we have to tell them eventually but is it so bad to wanna stay in our little bubble.”

She leaned up against the cool metal, smiling at her incredibly sweet boyfriend

“I guess our little bubble isn’t so bad.”

Suddenly Jughead had a wicked grin on his face

“Well perhaps I can persuade you by showing you all the fabulous benefits of staying in said bubble.” His hands were holding the back of the bleacher, effectively caging her in.

And giving her a fabulous view of his amazing arms. (What? her man was hot. No shame here)

She squeaked out a giggle before his mouth was covering hers and all prior worries were forgotten.

He always tasted soo good, it was just something about him, she couldn’t quite place it. He was an amazing kisser, something that took her by surprise considering he claimed to have never had a girlfriend before her. But her favorite part about jugheads kisses was the gentle way he showed her he was all hers, he made her feel like she was the only girl in the world, it was something she had never experienced before and something she would never be able to get enough of. Threading her fingers through his hair she sighed into the kiss.

Jughead couldn’t help but smile, Betty always amazed him. How she could taste like a strawberry milkshake was beyond him, but who was he to complain, she was his favorite flavor. She knew when to be gentle and when to be rough, her fingers always massaged his head making his eyes nearly roll back in pleasure.
She was everything to him and if he could keep her all to himself, kissing and holding her all day everyday, you bet your ass he would.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.


The couple pulled apart, both bodies snapping to the familiar voice of their friend.

Sure enough, Veronica, Kevin, Archie, and Cheryl were standing in front of them, jaws on the floor.

Jughead spoke first, rubbing his neck nervously

“Hey guys, what’s u..”

“OH.MY.GOD” Veronica repeated

Betty stepped forward

“Listen Ronnie it’s not…”

But it was too late Veronica was pushing past Jughead, Cheryl hot on her tail and kevin leaning against the bleachers smiling smugly at Jughead.

Jughead shot Kevin a glare as Archie slapped a hand to his shoulder

“I knew it man, those looks you kept throwing Betty’s way, were far from friendly. I’m happy for you dude. Really”

Jughead grunted a thanks, turning to save his girlfriend from the masses

“Alright ladies can we please save this conversation for pops, I’m starving and I’ve really worked up an appetite today.”

Kevin walked ahead of him glancing over his shoulder and smirking

“Oh I’m sure you have Jughead.”

Jughead snapped his head up at Kevin

Veronica could not stop talking

“Girl if you don’t think double dates are in our near future, I totally cannot handle you.”

Cheryl huffed “well great now I’m the only single one. Thanks a lot Betty and jughead.”

Jughead quickly snatched his girlfriends hand as Veronica spoke to Cheryl about her cousin and setting her up.

“So much for our little bubble.” He whispered with a shrug

Betty smiled squeezing his hand

“We still have our bubble juggie, it’s just a little bit bigger.”

They both stared at the retreating backs of their best friends, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.


A Winn/Cat Friendship Fic by Bridgette Irish. (with a little side of Supercat)

Full text under the cut.  Or read it here on AO3

Summary:   Amidst all the turmoil they have been through and witnessed while trying to keep Kara safe and sane, Winn and Cat find in each other an unusual but enduring friendship. A series of scenes showing the progression of this friendship.

A big thanks to @reginalovesemma for the edits!  And for coming along with me for this little Brotp.


He was playing Minecraft and fighting back tears when the heavy-bottomed tumbler thumped on his desktop and the shapely figure of his boss planted itself against the front, next to his chair.  It was exactly where Kara had stood, just minutes before, and told him she didn’t want things to change between them.  She’d broken his heart with tears in her eyes and while he tried so hard not to be angry, it had proven an impossible feat.

He knew he wasn’t supposed to be mad.  He knew he was supposed to be supportive and accept the friendship being offered.  He knew, ultimately, her happiness was the most important thing, but the evil thought that kept running through his mind was… what about my happiness?

He followed the line of Cat’s hip where it leaned against his desk and met her eyes before his own could get too caught up lingering in places that could get him fired… or killed.  For a split second his fear overwhelmed his sadness and he stuttered.  “H-Hi, Miss Grant.  Did you need something?  Something techy?”  He rolled his eyes internally at his idiocy and picked up a Superman stress ball to give his hands something to do.

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Wrapped Around; pt. 2.5

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 3990 words

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Smut

A/N: wow I’m so bad at updating, I’m so sorry ahahah. This is a small portion bc I needed to split up what I’ve already written and I’m not sure when I’ll finish the actual part 3 bc I have mid-terms next week! I feel super bad for making y’all wait so… this is roughly (4000/11000 words i’ve written). It ain’t much but ya know don’t hate me pls haha.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


You run your hands up and down your neck in horror as you see matching dark marks on your neck. What are these? Who did this? Just what the fuck happened last night? Did fucking Jimin— Son of a bitch.

You run to your door, pulling it open hurriedly just so you can catch him but Jimin had made a quick escape.

You slam the door shut, searching instead for your phone. You call him once, twice and he doesn’t pick up… which is odd since he’s practically glued to his phone like all the time. You let out an annoyed groan and settled on texting him instead, fingers furiously tapping at the screen as you typed out your message.

[1:09] You: Jimin what the fuck happened last night?

[1:09] You: how am I even going to hide these marks?

[1:09] You: why couldn’t you just keep your nasty mouth to yourself?

[1:10] You: answer me asshole

[1:10] You: I know you’re reading these

[1:10] You: you’re on your damn phone all the time when we’re doing the quizzes

You wait 5, 10, 15 minutes and there’s still no reply. You go to the bathroom for a quick shower and run to your phone immediately after getting dressed and still no reply. You examine the marks once again and you rest your head on the wall, grumbling at yourself for having too much alcohol the night before.

Even with a scarf, you couldn’t cover the marks that ran all the way to your jawline. You apply a generous amount of foundation and concealer, hoping to hide the petals of blue and purple but you could still see a hint of colour even after slathering on what seems like almost half the bottle of foundation onto your neck. Frustrated, you simply shove the last of your belongings into your bag and make your way to the library.

The throbbing headache you had made it very difficult for you to concentrate on the books you had in front of you. Despite sleeping till 1 pm, you still felt exhausted and you promise yourself to never have that much alcohol again. You sigh, this was starting to sound like what you used to tell yourself every week last semester.

After finishing the last section of your lab report, you allow yourself to take a quick 20-minute nap because honestly you could barely keep your eyes open anyway. You check your phone again, you’re still waiting on Jimin’s reply but your lock screen still comes up blank. Placing your phone to the side, you sink down comfortably into your chair and rest your head on your arms. You will your mind to remember the events of last night but the moment you shut your eyes, you simply drift to sleep.

Your night comes back to you in the form of tiny flashes, simple snippets, each one making you regret the night more and more. The short flashbacks are not in order and it isn’t enough for you to build a coherent timeline of what was your exciting Friday night but they were truly enough to make you feel like flinging yourself across the room.

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Daughters Are Great Wingwomen

Title: Daughters Are Great Wingwomen

Pairing: Single Parent AU - Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1700 (exactly!!)

Warnings: light cursing (like, one F bomb)

A/N: This was written for @splendidcas‘s Birthday Fic Challenge. I’m so sorry that it’s late, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday! (May many wonderful pictures and gifs of Misha Collins and Castiel grace your presence.) XD

This story is written in two different perspectives (the reader’s and Dean’s). Thoughts are in italics.

Constructive criticism and feedback is welcome!

“Mary, would you hold still for just two seconds?” Dean pleaded as he attempted to braid his six year old daughter’s hair.

“But Daddy, you’re taking forever,” she whined.

Dean sighed in response, still trying to make sense of the tangled mess in his hands. He eventually gave up on the braid and settled on putting Mary’s hair up into a high ponytail.

“There,” he declared when he finished. “Now grab your backpack and head to the car. We gotta get you to school.”

Mary immediately sprinted towards her bag and then latched onto her dad’s leg as he looked for his keys and his wallet.

“Dad, hurry up. You’re gonna make us late,” Mary teased, smirking at her father.

“Yeah, yeah, alright. We’re going.” Dean ushered his daughter out the door and into the car, making his way to her school.

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I Found - Leonard McCoy

Summary: Len is scared to lose any more people. based on the song i found by amber run

Prompt: bones imagine based on the song I Found by Amber Run? - @uhura-ny

Warnings: language, lil angsty

A/N: lil less than 2k words. one of my favorite people requested this piece. i was so happy when i finished writing it that i sent her 8 messages screaming about it. it’s a good piece, not exactly what was wanted, but i’m pretty satisfied with it! i obv had to add some jim to hold myself over. ENJOY and tell me what you think! 

A novice in the art of ignoring those on his mind, Leonard found it difficult to keep his mouth shut and in his most neutral scowl— especially when you were the one in question.

His palms were growing tired of his fingernails just as his teeth grew tired of being constantly gritted and he thought maybe his eyebrows would be stuck in a permanent furrow while his jaw would never come unclenched. He couldn’t stop, though.

He couldn’t just not dig his nails into his skin with enough force to draw blood— it kept him from reaching for you. It was compulsory that his teeth remained gritted with such strength— there was no chance any words meant for you could leave his lips that way. He absolutely needed to furrow his eyebrows, knit and screwed together— it prevented his eyes from softening for you.  And he knew there was no way he could ever unclench his aching jaw— it made sure to keep intact the slipping tension he so desperately needed to keep from sinking into you.

He didn’t dare forget about you, either. While he did his best to choke back the feelings that awoke for you just by the smell of your shampoo or the sound of your voice, he couldn’t afford to forget those feelings ever existed. They were a warning for him— a cautionary tale that laid before him the outcome of ever feeling that way again, the outcome of ever falling so hard again.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t tried. He’d actually tried so hard. He kept himself locked in the medbay, tied to his desk, drowned in a bottle of cheap bourbon. But that made it all worse— quitting you cold turkey just wasn’t an option.

He then resorted to limiting his exposure to you. Just lunch every afternoon! Sometimes dinner, usually breakfast. A little pop-in to see how you were fairing in the bowels of the Enterprise as Scotty’s favorite engineer beside himself. But that was it. No more than that.

He was rethinking things as he sat before you now, though. With the way your finger-mussed hair brushed against your cheekbones and your eyes sat widened in amusement, he needed to rethink things.

“— so they keep injuring themselves! Out of spite!” you said loudly as you laughed, waving your hand around so your water came dangerously close to sloshing over the rim of your glass. “Can you imagine having such little regard for your superior officer that you’re willing to risk knocking your teeth out?”

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Can we talk about the 2009 Batman and Robin#19? Una Nemo sets Dick and Damian up in a seeming death trap and gives them the option to move their seats forward or backward, so if they wanted one could live and doom the other. In the trap Damian offered ti move forward and kill himself. Afterward he was surprised Dick didn’t move back. The death trap was a trick but that doesn’t matter. DAMIAN WAS READY TO KILL HIMSELF AND EXPECTED DICK TO DOOM HIM AND WAS SURPRISED HE DIDN’T. This is a ten year old child somebody please love him.

Hearts of the Court (Seokjin AMBW Smut)

So, I think I want to turn this into a chaptered series. I don’t know yet, I guess it depends on what you guys think. Yes this is ambw though I don’t really put a coloring on this, I just really like the thought of a black woman as a queen. In case you’re also curious to know I got this spin off really from a commercial but also thinking about Queen Red and Alice in Wonderland.

“My queen, the black jacks have decided to attack again.” One of your subjects informed you.

“What?!” You almost shouted, anger rising in your voice as your hand stilled in the midst of a word, the black ink bleeding onto the paper creating a mess that you didn’t notice until the male who stood in front of you in a red suit had pointed out. He gave a hesitant smile, he was so beautiful, the red suit complimented his eyes as funny as that sounded. He had dark brown hair, tiny dimples on each side of his cheeks. He was young, new to the field but you kept him by your side because he was cunning, charming, and most importantly loyal. He shifted side to side noticing how your eyes roamed over him, a fear deep in his gut that you would take your anger out on him once again like before in the past.

“Thank you for informing me Jungkook.” Your voice rang out a bit harsh and cold after a few seconds, he jumped and bowed his head looking at you as he inched closer.

“Y-yes my lady, but what do you want us to do about this? Unless the King of Black Diamonds calls it off, we will be in deep trouble lady red.” The way your head snapped up and eyes seemed to turn bright must have really scared Jungkook because he paled in the face and moved backwards. You seeing this sighed gently the last thing you wanted to do was to have to find a new right hand man or woman for that case.

“I’m sorry for snapping Jungkook, please prepare my horse. I will go talk to him myself okay? In the meantime, can you please round up more troops and set them on the front line. I will allow you to stay here as well, I expect to be back sometime tomorrow.

“B-but my lady!” Jungkook argued walking close to you as you stood up. He towered over you by a few inches frowning as he looked down at you. “You can’t go alone! What if he becomes dangerous and- takes you hostage? Then who will lead us!” Jungkook questioned fear in his eyes. You gave a soft laugh, a hand reaching up to cup his cheek before you pinched it bringing him closer to you. Soft whimpers of pain left his lips as he looked down at you leaning close with your guidance. Despite you being somewhat angry your eyes trailed to his lips, a curl of your own had his face tinting the lightest of pinks as he became flustered.

“Jungkook, I know that you worry but I am queen red. Queen of hearts and I have run this empire for years. Look around at this room, at my castle, at my court. We may be under attack but I am still in charge and as long as we are not being massacred we will be fine. And let’s not forget who you call mommy.” You let his cheeks go, the male who was once a flustered mess stood up straight pulling down his suit taking a step back he nodded his head. “I will go prepare your horse.” He turned on his heels to walk out of the big spacious office that belonged to you, approaching your large set of dark brown oak doors he looked back at you pausing in his tracks. “Queen red?” He called out for you as you let one of your hands rest against the desk nodding his way.

“Yes, Jungkook?” You asked softly curiosity on your features.

“In a couple of more weeks, I will be a man. And I can’t wait to fuck you against that desk until you realize exactly that.” He slammed the door, leaving you shocked and your mouth hanging open but you could bet that he was running away with a racing heart not believing he had just done such a thing. Sighing, you took down your hair from the tight bun that had been placed there, walking towards your glass windows, the train on the bottom of your deep red rose dress drug the ground. The front of the dress dipped down towards your breast, showing the peeks of them, the curves of the plump flesh as the shoulders hung off against your arms. The bottom was large and puffed out, and your crown, that was decorated with the finest and most pure red gems ranging from rubies to diamonds rested on top of your head with the gold outline glittering and shining through the window. Humming in thought you looked ahead at the other castle that was being shown to you due to the lights that decorated the outskirts of it.

“Seokjin..” You murmured feeling your own cheeks heat up as you walked towards your bedroom turning from the window. Moving into your grand room, you stripped off the dress after great difficulty but you would have been damned to have anybody else help you undress due to the countless hickeys your skin was always decorated with when.. You needed stress relief from the young henchman. It took you a few minutes to struggle and rage around your room to get out of the tight dress but when you did, you shed it for a red jumpsuit that had a tight leather fit to it. It curved up your body, the legs skinny and tight clinging to your form showing off your thighs, the top clinging to your plump breast as well, the spaghetti straps freeing you up to fight in combat if he need was there. Despite it looking tight you could move as freely as you wanted, going to place on red boots on your ankles you zipped them up on the inside hearing a knock on the door, you sat your crown down on your dresser looking at none other than Jungkook who was attempting to not look at your body.

“Your horse is ready, my queen.” He looked up above your head using the trick to make you think he was looking. Rolling your eyes, you nodded walking towards him you allowed him to lead the way towards the outside of the castle. Walking through your long hallways, your eyes lit up with pride at every panting, every royal door that you had even the tile that you walked on made your heart leap in joy. Your mother was way more ruthless and mean then you were, you didn’t even know how she found love but you were happy that you were the only child who could take over her job and run it well after she and your dad past. Once you got outside, Jungkook brought your horse to you bowing his head along with your other servants that were seeing you off.

“Jimin, make sure to keep Jungkook in line while I’m gone.” You teased the dark brown haired male that gave a soft chuckle seeing the frown that graced Jungkook’s handsome features.

“Please return safe.” Was the only words Jungkook muttered, despite you feeling glad that he realized not to question you, you hated leaving with him mad especially when he didn’t say his little corny childish lines like ‘see you soon’ or ‘think about me there and back’. Huffing you grabbed at his hand pulling him with you and the horse a few feet away from the guys.

“Jungkook, do not mope like a child. You are about to be a man yes? Then as a man, realize that I will make decisions that you will not always understand. I need you here, do you hear that? I don’t need anyone else but I need you alive. If I lose you, I have no one, you know too much and you are far more valuable to me than anyone else in this court.” You urged softly frowning as you looked at him. “And I promise, when I come back I will make sure that you do everything you ever wanted to me. As soon as this dies down, I will submit to you, all the way.” You promised placing your hand on his chest. Jungkook looked down at you with wide eyes, about to open his mouth and question how serious you were until he saw the look in your eyes and he let it go. Picking you up he helped you get onto the horse, bowing his head once again.

“Be safe my queen.” He cooed patting the horse’s ass causing it to move forward as you nodded your head letting your heels kick the white horse’s side gently she took off charging down the wooded path.

“And don’t ride Jin dick too much or Jungkook will be sad!” Jimin called out in a soft teasing voice laughing as he watched a dejected Jungkook walk back to him.

“Hey she said she was going to submit to me!” He tried to reason.

“Does that mean you think you’re as good as Jin is?” Taehyung asked in disbelief.

“Because she’s been submitting to him. She’s just now bringing you up to speed.” Jaebum reminded as they walked to secure the premises of the castle.

“And how do you all know these things again?” Jungkook asked becoming defensive.

“Well, because for starters it never takes over a day to arrive there and back. If she really wanted to just handle business she would be back here by noon in the morning. Also, have you not seen the only black shirt that she has in her room that she wears to sleep? Why black when we are the red knights? This is the RED castle! And finally, you forget that he has henchman too. Some that we have to meet for their treaties. You’ve seen how they respect her right? That’s not a coincidence. And look up, the lights have changed at his castle to all be related to the color red.” Jimin stated listing his fingers off.

“And the most important thing is, they talk to us. Jackson shit talks a lot.” Hyungwon sighed softly and Jungkook looked off after you, feeling something stir inside of his heart that he couldn’t explain.

“They also have a Hoseok like we do. Need any more evidence?” Mark asked causing Jungkook to groaned as everyone including Wonho gave soft chuckles of laughter.

“Don’t worry man, she may be riding to him but I be she’s thinking about you.” Jaebum cooed in his voice mocking him causing the men to yell out in heaps of laughter as Jimin clapped his back throwing one arm around him.

The ride to Jin’s castle was a bit boring and some part of you wished that you would have brought some protection, however you couldn’t risk it and you knew that he would have people waiting for you. You knew that he was well aware that you were coming. He always had the guards change the color of the lights scheme to fit red in some form or fashion, it felt like he was taunting you. The wind blew gently, pushing and throwing your hair against your cheeks and up into the air. Though it should have been dark, there was traces of light all around you and the strong white mare that carried you made sure she kept her pace unwavering. Your hands held onto the reigns tight, letting the horse lead the pace as your mind raced with thoughts. Why was he letting this happen? He had some control over the black jacks, even if it wasn’t a lot he knew how to make this stop. But here he was, letting them attack your court, what you didn’t understand was the attack itself. They didn’t hurt anyone, and they didn’t try to charge past the front lines, so he must have wanted to see you. Trying to shake silly thoughts from your head, you rode your horse until you were approaching the gates where his men were already waiting.

“It’s so nice to see you again queen red.” Jackson cooed softly. His hair was dyed blonde with black highlights throughout, combed back against his scalp. He had on a full black suit even with a black button down shirt, but you could see that a clip part of his tie had a red streak around it. Giving a hard laugh you looked off before back down at him and then at the other three.

“Hello, is Jin here?” You asked softly as the mare started to become impatient standing in one place.

“Where else could he be? And would you really leave without seeing Jin first?” Namjoon asked from his position leaned against the gate with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Jin- is going to kick your ass if he hears you using his name like that loose lips.” You growled feeling your eyebrow twitch.

“You’re calling the wrong man that one.” Yoongi muttered under his breath opening the gate for you.

“Excuse you!” Jackson yelped out knowing that he was the one they were talking about from how they laughed.

“Seokjin is waiting for you in his office. We will take you there.” Hoseok called out while Kihyun grabbed the reigns from your hand walking the mare into the gates and up to the castle. You could feel other people’s eyes on you from the nearby towns that had been here for whatever reason. A lot of gasping happened, everyone always treated you like that whenever you came and you didn’t know if you hated it or admired it. Once you were at the door, you hoped off the horse with help of Yoongi and the squad led you into the large castle, completely opposite of yours and decorated in pure black.

“How is Jaebum?” Jackson asked as you all walked.

“My henchmen are all fine.” You replied calmly throwing your head in the air sticking your nose up in the air.

“Even Jungkook?” Hoseok asked causing you to feel a little flustered, as your cheeks seemed to heat up with your ears.

“He’s doing great. I told him to stay backwards to help hold things down. If anything, ever happens to me, I’ve left him as the one to take over.” You admitted with a kind affectionate smile to the male.

“Oh? Don’t you think he’s a bit young?” Seokjin asked standing against the door frame to his office. You blinked shaking your head quickly, too caught up in your thoughts of Jungkook you didn’t realize you had approached his room so fast.

“Excuse me?” You asked feeling a bit defensive as Jin challenged you. “Coming for a ‘man’ who can’t even keep the black jacks from attacking me I don’t think you have a right to say who’s a child in this.” You spoke with anger, clearly not thinking about what was said. The whole hallway got quiet, Jin’s features turned from observant to hard. His brown hair pressed into his eyes, the black suit he had on, had a red shirt under it and he stare at you with something that was a bit harsher than jealously.

“Leave us. It seems the queen has a few things to get off her chest.” Seokjin chirped turning on his heels to walk into his room.

“And something to put on yours.” Namjoon whispered as they all ran off chuckling like little school girls.

You rolled your eyes shutting the double doors looking around his office space, it seemed that it had gotten bigger since the last time you were here. Everything for the most part was black even his desk. He had bookshelves along the walls, a big renaissance painting on the ceiling. His big desk swivel chair was black as well. He moved to sit down behind his desk clasping his hands together to rest against the surface giving you a crooked smirk.

“Do not look at me like that Seokjin.” You warned moving to sit down in one of the large cushioned chairs in front of his desk.

“Ah, whatever has upset you Y/n?” He called out tilting his head.

“You know what! Why did you let them attack us like that! And why can’t you shut up your loose lipped men!” You were silently yelling though the office was sound proof because you didn’t trust him or them.

“My loose lipped men? What about yours! Besides, how else was I going to see you?” Jin asked and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes and lean back into your seat to cross your arms over your chest immediately acting like a child.

“I told you I was busy and I would come when I could! You know I need an excuse when there isn’t a war.” You sat up and he nodded

“I know, which is why I sent in a call to Hyolyn because I knew she would be able to do it for me.” He smirked proudly to himself as he leaned back in his chair.

“Seokjin this isn’t funny. Jungkook thinks something is wrong and he wants to prepare the teams for battle. You are going to get people hurt-“

“Jungkook..” Jin cut in. “Let’s talk about him since you want to bring him up so much.”

“Seokjin please.” You whined out not wanting to have this conversation.

“Please what? I have feelings too Y/N and you’re letting this child, this mere henchman take over what belongs to me.” Seokjin growled out drumming his fingers along the desk.

“That’s not fair don’t talk about him like that! Jungkook is becoming a man now, and he is only trying to look out for me.” You tried to reason.

“So. He is just a henchman.” Seokjin spoke and you could see the anger slowly taking over his features so you chose your words carefully.

“Yes, he is a henchman. He is my henchman and I need him beside me, he knows my secrets my everything and honestly Jin I can’t do this without him. He’s wonderful, and caring he’s charming and sweet and just-“

“How long have you been fucking him?” Seokjin asked you causing you to loose train of thought of your words and stare ahead at him.

“What?” You asked him and he rolled his eyes running fingers through his hair.

“I wasn’t born yesterday Y/N. I know you’re fucking him. You should have seen how your face lit up when you were talking about him. You used to always come when I called but since these last two years it’s been about him and what he thinks. We are allies not enemies so why can’t you come see me come to your court? This is your home too.”

“Jungkook doesn’t think that it’s a good look.”

“FUCK JUNGKOOK!” Seokjin shouted, shaking as he swiped his desk knocking papers down he stood up looking down at you, clearly affected by what you were saying.

“Does he even know about us? Like I know about him? Does he know what you do when you come here? Does he know you fuck yourself on my cock, how you cry out my name? Or maybe when it’s all said and done how you sleep in MY bed and eat MY breakfast not his!” Seokjin asked. “WELL?” He shouted when you didn’t answer and you jumped shaking your head no. Surprising you totally Jin shook his head plopping down in his chair.

“You’re free to go.” He excused you dismissing you with a wave of his hand.

“Excuse me?” You said again sitting up you heart slowly gripping with terror. Jin looked at you with a little snarl.

“I said go! It’s clear who you want to spend your life with! I’m tired of fighting. I’m not getting into this with you. If you don’t want to come than I know a woman who will and we will rule side by side. I, myself should maybe get a pretty henchman to keep by my side so that she can give me what you no longer can. Happy wedding and you can still give me an invite.” Seokjin shook his head and you couldn’t believe it felt like a break up. But the thought of being without him, or to even see him with another woman queen or not on his arms was something you didn’t want.

“That’s not fair Jin. You know it’s not like that.” You couldn’t say much but you tried to reason as if he had it wrong.

“Oh? Then, how is it?” He asked you. When you didn’t say anything, he shook his head sadly. “I thought we were going to finally tell them all about what we were and here you are once again running. I kept taking you back in foolishly, after all these years since we were a child. You may be an only child but so am I and just like you’ve had the world handed to me, I have too. I just haven’t had you included. Good bye, Y/N.” When Jin uttered those words, and stoop up to walk towards the door you were quick to grab his hand pulling him to you though he tried to get from your grip a few times. Grabbing at his cheeks you turned his head towards you pressing kisses against his lips throwing your arms around him so that he couldn’t leave easily, sitting on the desk you pulled him towards your body.

“Please don’t, don’t say those things to me. I know I’ve messed up and I’ve been bad but, I don’t want to lose you Seokjin please.” You whimpered kissing all over his face. Seokjin didn’t budge at first not wanting to let you off the hook so easily but feeling the kisses on his skin, and feeling your plump thighs wrap around his waist he couldn’t help but grip at you. He sighed softly grabbing at your hips giving in to let his lips meet against yours, pulling you close with his arms moving around to rest against your lower back he broke the kiss biting down on your bottom lip pouting.

“I don’t know if I can forgive you.” He whispered out. You smirked lightly unwrapping your arms from around his neck, you moved to sit him down onto the chair you were sitting in before, standing up you dropped down on your knees spreading his legs wide kissing up his thighs.

“I want to make it up to you. I won’t stop until you forgive me.” You frowned kissing his bulge.

“You know what to do then.” Seokjin groaned leaning back into the seat. You nodded your head, kissing up his body until you were straddling his waist, your hands moved up to play in his hair as your hips started to grind down against his, a soft moan coming from your lips. Immediately opening your mouth, you leaned over to his ear nibbling on the lobe speaking in a low seductive voice.

“My king, I want you so very badly. You know how to control my body, how to make me weak, how to make me beg you for it. You are the man that pleases me the most and I just want to feel every inch of your cock pounding deep inside of my pussy until I’m stretched out for you and taking you inch by inch. I want you to fuck me until I’m forgetting my name, make my pussy drip all over your desk, please put your tongue on me. I want to feel you eating me out my king. Please Seokjin I want you to make me yours and take me over and over again. I don’t want to feel my legs when you’re done fucking inside of me, I love it the best when you have me face down on the desk.” You urged, circling your hips as you dry humped him, you could feel him hardening under your ministrations and your own panties were becoming damp with arousal as you kissed onto his ear and down towards his jaw. You moved your lips to press against his, sucking on his bottom lip you felt his hips slowly roll up against yours, but he was poised not saying much not giving away his desires for you because he felt you had to work for it. Your tongue swiped across his bottom lip before you shoved it into his mouth and it dawned on you that he was rebelling so that you would in some sort top him like you did Jungkook. Hands cupping his cheeks you sucked on his tongue, letting your own muscle flick against his and pull it into your mouth making the kiss heated and sloppy. Jin let you take over only flicking his tongue into your mouth but not doing much besides that. You gripped at his shirt, groaning as you sucked on the flesh and traced your tongue across the roof of his mouth, breaking the kiss when you needed air, you started to unbutton his shirt, moving your lips to his neck to suck and bite on his skin. Once you had his shirt undone with his suit you pushed both of his broad shoulders kissing down his chest.

Your tongue swiped across his nipples causing him to stir slightly and tense up, your mouth falling on your knees as you kissed along the V of his hips. Your hands worked to undo his pants and pull them down with his boxers. His hips lifted so that he could help you guide his clothes off and rest towards his ankles. His legs spread wide for you, and your hand gripped at his shaft pumping it lightly, you moved to pepper kisses along his shaft but not wanting to tease you wrapped your lips around his thick girth. Pushing you mouth down onto his shaft you started to bob your head slowly, moaning as you had to relax your jaw, because he stretched out your mouth. You looked up at Seokjin who had dark eyes looking down at you. You saw his fingers twitch with the urge to touch you and force you down. You only took half of his cock into your mouth because he was so thick you would choke. Your tongue twirled around his shaft, pressing against his sensitive veins. Seokjin wasn’t able to handle your slight teasing after a while. He gripped at your hair forcing your head down feeling your tight throat wrap around the tip of his shaft. Groaning he threw his head back, snapping his hips up to bury himself deep down your throat each time, his nose scrunched up as the pleasure seemed to course throughout his body, his fingers threaded into your hair. He started to hold your head down while he choked you, feeling your throat muscles tense around him while you made gagging sounds. He pulled back to let you breathe before he did it again, one of his hand moving to cut off your air by pinching your nose. He held your head in place smirking at his looked at you taking back over.

“Look at how dirty you are for my cock. Always so eager to, please aren’t you? God, I could cum in this dirty little mouth but I would much rather reclaim that pussy with all of my cum.” Seokjin pulled your head from his shaft, helping you stand up as he released your nose letting you breathe again. He quickly undid your jump suit, moving to tear it down your body until it rested under your plump ass cheeks, pulling your panties to the side he plunged two fingers into your wet pussy scissoring you open. You gasped in pleasure throwing your head back as a wave of euphoria hit your body. He leaned his mouth down to latch onto your breast sucking harshly on your pert nipples pulling them with his teeth as he alternated between sides. He curved his fingers inside of you immediately landing on your spot, your hips twitched and bucked upwards and he knew then that he had found it. He attacked that spot, sucking on all parts of your breast until he marked you with hickies from his lips. He pulled back from you when he felt your warm velvet walls start to tighten around his fingers, sucking them clean he turned you around to press against the desk, aligning his shaft with your entrance he slowly pushed inside of you, burying himself to the hilt. You both groaned out, your hands reached up to grab the edge of the desk as you felt him fill you up to the brim. He pulled out of you and slowly slide himself back into you, letting the pace immediately pick up. His hands gripped at your hips keeping you rooted in place so that he could fuck you hard against the desk, your breast slid up and down the surface causing your back to arch as your cried out his name.

“Does he fuck you like this? Does he make you scream his name like this?” Seokjin questioned you, one of his hands moving around to cup at your clit rubbing it with his middle and ring finger tapping at your clit when he wasn’t rubbing it in harsh quick circles. You shook your head no, your words seeming to fail you as your hips bucked backwards when they could. He kept himself buried deep inside of you, not leaving no space or room as he rutted against you. He growled out lightly, slapping you at your ass cheeks until they were stinging and red.

“NO NO HE DOESN’T!” You were crying out under him, your body was shaking and feeling the mix of pleasure and pain together. He grits his teeth as he tried to push you towards the edge, his hand moved from your ass to grip at your hair making you arch your back, he shifted his hips to slam against your spot pulling you back down on him every time he thrusted up against you. He could feel you tighten up around him again fumbling to get your words out, he leaned over against you to brush his lips against your ear.

“He will never be able to fuck you like I can, and no matter what only I own this pussy. Every time he fucks you, my cum will always coat his cock just like it coats your pussy. When he eats you he will be tasting my cum, he will never be me. This pussy is mine.” The sheer words Jin uttered to you alone had you cumming onto his shaft, your body writhing in pleasure against the desk under him as your hands pushed against the desk to steady your quivering body. He continued to rut into you as you wrapped around his shaft and lost yourself into the pleasure, he held you close thrusting a few more times before he filled you up to the brim. He slowed his hips slowly, letting you both ride out your high as he pressed you against the desk kissing along your shoulder blade.

“You’re going to have to tell him soon.” Seokjin said with a soft sigh against your skin.

“I know Jin, I know.” You admitted biting on your bottom lip, but some part of you had a feeling he already knew.

Off-Limits II

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Off-Limits II
[Some rules are hard to follow│Junoflo]

▽ Off-Limit I

It was quite the feat, making it across your room without stepping on your shattered lamp and to somehow get decent enough to sit in your living room for a lecture. You huffed, hugging Sam’s jacket around your body watching Jung Kwon pace. As if he was so angry he was looking for the right words.

“Please tell me Tiger JK-Hyung isn’t your brother” Sam sighed, rubbing his temples and whispered to you.

“Brother in law” you rolled your eyes. “He’s married to my sister.”

“Tasha-Noona is your sister!?” he groaned.

“You know my sister?”

Jung Kwon scoffed looking at you. “Sam is Feel Ghood Music’s newest member.”

“What? I didn’t know?” you groaned. Out of all the people, you could have possibly met. It had to be someone in direct relation to work. “It doesn’t really matter..Oppa you need to leave now.”


“No buts” you stood up, pushing him toward the door. “Thanks for bringing me food. I’ll see you, and Unnie tomorrow for lunch. And not a moment sooner.”

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The inevitable (Pt.3)

Genre: Mafia! BTS

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Pt.1 // Pt.2 // Pt.4 // Pt.5 // Pt.6

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You came through the front door, slamming it behind you. Out of habit you were back at Yoongi’s place thanks to the key he gave you for you to come over. He flinched hearing the door and then turned back to look at you.


You sniffled, coming over to the side of the couch to sit on the floor next to him. He placed his hand on your cheek, rubbing it gently with his thumb.

“What’s wrong?”

“…Hoseok hates me..”

He titled his head In confusion. He tried to sit up but the pain in his side made him stop, cringing. You put your hand on his chest.

“Don’t. It’s okay…You need to rest still.”

“Then tell me what happened.” He demanded.

“I went to see how everyone was doing and when I went to see him he yelled and kicked me out. We’ve never fought before and I don’t know what to do without him… and they all think you’re skipping out on them I didn’t tell them anything but I think you should talk to them.”

He sighed, knowing he would have to at some point.

“I just don’t want them starting a fight we don’t need to have.”

“But they need to at least understand, Yoongi…”

He sat there for a few seconds as if he was considering his options until he silently reached for his phone. You watched as he clicked on of the contacts and placed the cellphone up to his ear. Yoongi waited until the person on the other end picked up.

“Hello? Yeah, It’s me…I need you to come to my place…..Yeah, no- I would come down there if I could, just please meet me here.”

You felt a little bad for asking him to talk to them , seeing how much he didn’t want to.

“Yeah, I’ll see you then.” He hung up the phone to set it back down next to him.

“Are you sure it’s okay?”

He nodded, reaching his hand out so you’d hold it.

“Yeah…I don’t want to cause trouble for you or them. I’ll just have to see what they decide on.”

You put his hand between the both of yours. “We can talk about it together with them. It’s my fault you’re in this situation anyway.“

“I told you not to say that. I chose to fight them. I wanted to protect you and that was my choice to make.”

“I know but-“

“Y/N, I mean it. This isn’t your fault.”

You nodded, only half believing in the words he told you. The two of you waited in the living room until the doorbell rang. When it did, you jumped up and answered it to find Namjoon and Jin standing in the doorway.

“Whoa, you really were here all week.” Jin let out.

“Well, someone had to be.”

Namjoon gave a look at your comment, starting to figure out what was going on. He walked over to the other man seeing him on the couch. He let out a sigh.

“You? In a fight?” Namjoon says.

Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“They grabbed Y/N. What the hell was I supposed to do? Watch?”

“It was the same guys? Yoongi what were you thinking! I just tried to settle things with them!”

He forced himself to finally sit up, letting out a groan. His hand placed itself over his hurt ribs.

“I didn’t even fight them! They jumped me on the way back home!”

You came over at sat next to Yoongi, making sure he wouldn’t sprain himself. Namjoon stuffed his hands into his pockets as he tried to think of something to do.

“They beat your ass after I already paid them off to forget about it?”

“I don’t know…I guess?” He mumbled.

An intimidating look came over the boss’s face. It was an expression unlike the other ones you’d seen from him. After years of hanging out with Hoseok and the occasionally other gang members you were never sure how to tell on which of them were murderers but the look Namjoon had left you with no doubt.

“Get up. You’re coming with us…Jin help him up and get out to the car.” Namjoon said before heading to the door.

“Wait! What’s going on?-“ You tried to demand but Yoongi stopped you.

“It’ll be okay. Just stay here for the night, okay? I’ll come back later and everything will be fine.”

“No! Yoongi, you’re still hurt from last time. You can’t go out there and get in another fight!”

Jin came over, putting Yoongi’s arm over his shoulder to help balance him up.

“Sorry Y/N. I’m just doing orders…” Jin tells you.

You watch as the two of them leave the house in front of your eyes and the door shut behind them. You kept trying to come up with ideas to help them out somehow but you didn’t even know how to shoot a gun. Maybe you were thinking too far ahead? Maybe they wouldn’t end up in a fight and maybe they would settle it differently. An hour passed and you still sat on the couch overthinking the situation. It was suffocating and when you couldn’t take it anymore you ran over to the front door. Opening it you found Hoseok already standing there, his hand about to press the doorbell.

“Y/N. I didn’t think you’d even open the door.”

Feeling helpless you run to him, holding on tightly starting to cry.  Hoseok pats your back, softly.

“I’m sorry I got mad at you earlier. Jin explained everything before they left and I felt guilty for what I said. I was just being jealous even though you were only away from me for a week.”

You shake your head on his chest without looking up at him.

“I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t. I’m sorry I didn’t think about your feelings…and I know this is a bad time to bring it up but please tell me they are all okay? I feel like I’m going to lose it just sitting here not doing anything.”

He nods. “They’re fine, I promise. I also came here to stay with you until he comes back, so let’s go inside and I’ll make you something.”

You slowly let go of him, trying to wipe the tears off your cheeks. Hoseok walks in and heads straight to the kitchen. He digs through the semi-empty fridge to cook something for the both of you the best he could. As worried as you were, you started to feel better with him by your side. After dinner you both sat on the couch as you rested your head in his lap.

“Yoongi’s tough. He’ll be okay.” Hoseok added.

You don’t even look up at him. “I know…and I doubt Namjoon would put them in a worse situation. He’s also tough but he cares about you guys.”

“That’s true.”

You yawn. “You never told me what you were hiding.”

“Hiding? O-oh…What I was holding back telling you before. I came to realize that it’s not place to say it whether I wanted to or not. I care about both of you…a lot. So, for now? It’s nothing.”

He checks down at you when you don’t respond back, seeing you asleep on his lap. A small smile appears on his face seeing how calm you looked.

“I want you two to be happy…that’s all that matters to me.” He says with a sigh, focusing his attention on the TV ahead of him until he also passes out on the couch.