can we talk about this scene and how perfect it is

Can we talk about how far Viktor has come as a coach?

We go from this in Episode 7

To this in Episode 10

Two similar scenarios with totally different results. This time around when Viktor senses Yuri’s nerves he doesn’t flounder with how to handle it, he does exactly what Yuri asked him to do. He stands by him, trusts that Yuri will figure it out, and provides his support by just being there.

He’s still not perfect, but instead of it being a negative thing, and it being a sign of how much Viktor has to learn about being a coach as Yakov suggests Yuri relies on it. Yuri knows his faults as a coach and embraces them.

Instead of bottling it all up inside until it boils over like he has in the past (last year’s GPF, episode 7′s carpark scene), after sitting alone in his room thinking about what he has to overcome to win, and the challengers he’s about to face, his first instinct is to call out to Viktor for help (at least in his head) for help. 

And later that day basically tells Viktor to distract him from the upcoming competition.

Yuri is the one directing Viktor in how to handle his nerves, he’s the one who figures out what he needs and drags Viktor along. He’s the one gets the idea to buy Viktor a “good luck” ring so that he can do his best in the finals.

(Even though this is his face when he spots the jewelry store.)

He’s the one who prompts Viktor for some words of encouragement

And Viktor keeps it in mind that Yuri flubs his jumps when he overthinks things

Instead of saying something that would cause Yuri to lose focus, or worry too hard about medaling, or nailing his jumps, he tells him to skate the way he likes the best. What he knows Yuri needs to hear.

Viktor isn’t a perfect coach, but he’s come such a long way thanks to Yuri. And yeah, he still has a long way to go. But he’s doing exactly what Yuri needs from him.

Magnus Bane Is Amazing

but can we talk about how Magnus wanted everything to be perfect for Max/Alec.

Here when he saw that Alec was trusting him with throwing party to Max he decided that it has to be perfect. He did everything that was in his powers to make it an unforgettable experience for everyone.

He even went out of his comfort zone for this.

He welcomed Maryse in his home with smile even through he knew that she hated him. But he knew that it would mean so much to Alec for his mom and him to get along.

He made a theme in Spain theme because he thought that  Maryse and Robert would like that.

He didn’t want any scenes or drama at this ceremony. He wanted everything to be about Max.

He showed his cat eyes to Max even thought it’s really touchy subject to him. But for little Lightwood he did it. Just because he asked. He could just answer him but no, he went all the way.

He bought/bring a gift to Max. Just because. He didn’t have to.

He looked so scared that something wasn’t perfect before Max has to arrive. But fortunately Alec calmed him down.

But he still give himself little something to get through night.A little present.

And even thought he did everything right one little cat disturb his perfect party. And he hated it so much.

(he did so much more just these things but I wanted to show you just some)

Magnus Bane is amazing, caring, selfless being and deserve all the love and care in the world.

Okay can we talk about how perfect the scene in Grundy’s car was? Betty just being able to pick locks like it’s nothing and Ronnie trying to decide if she’s impressed or scared and then Betty getting all proud like “I learned THAT from Nancy Drew” and Veronica tries to cut her off because they’ve just broken into a teacher’s car but Betty still finishes her sentence and has a smug little smile on her face and honesty just protect B & V at all costs

About Yuri!!! on Ice ep 12

Before I start I have to say I cried because of this episode. Please do note that I’m not an emotional type of a person, I rarely cry. But I did. This just shows how precious the last episode is. Therefore, I’m not going to choose just some scenes like the previous rants. I will talk about AS MUCH SCENES AS I CAN because I have class after this.

First, this scene hit me. We all know that Victor smiles a lot, no? He looks happy most of the time so a scene where such a bright character has tears in his eyes…. just like someone punch me in the gut as I see it. Our living legend cried. Him getting mad? God I love how this show can properly portray human’s complex emotion.

YES FOR LETTING SOMEONE WHO’S NOT A SEIYUU INTO THIS SHOW. It adds the feel, that we’re actually invited to Spain in this show. Thank you Stéphane Lambiel for being a YOI family member ///v///

Then this scene also happened. I fucking feel for JJ. Like seriously. I was once a bowling player in the past and I fucked up my first competition. Pretty badly. So bad that it was like a beginner who hadn’t really played before and just suddenly showed up in a competition. I might not be a good player, but my scores in practices were fine. I really, really hated myself that time lol. That’s why I’m so glad JJ could pick himself up and finished his FS JJ style *CLAPS FOR JJ*

Yes, Seung Gil smiled for JJ I can’t even explain it well but his smile is so precious even more when he doesn’t do that often ///v///

Then. *clears throat* YOU CAN’T JUST NOT SMILING LOOKING AT PHICHIT LIKE SERIOUSLY. HE’S SO PRECIOUS I ALWAYS SMILE SEEING HIM///// And look at that dream of his OH MY GOD IS HE AN ANGEL????? Where’s my Phichit!!! on Ice I need it now

And this right here was making me cry again. THIS SHOW JUST PLAYED WITH MY EMOTION GOD–

This. Look at how they shook hands and then Yuuri letting go first leaving Victor’s hanging as if not wanting to let go. I sobbed.

Okay I admit I was too entranced by Yuuri’s performance, but this one hit me again. LET THIS HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP SINK INTO YOU GUYS. He doesn’t want to keep Victor to his side only. He also thinks of Victor, what is good for him and act to it. Though, if I can say something, it’s always good for you to think of your partner’s well-being, but the decision to act upon it is your partner’s. Respect their choices as well, okay? Let the both of you talk it out with cool head, I’m sure you’re going to be fine/// this psych student can’t stop herself to preach on this I’m so sorry Continue onto the next one!

At this point I cried. Congratulations Yuuri you’ve succeeded in making your point why you decided to retire across Victor. You light up Victor’s competitive side *cries again* Oh my God this is so beautiful I can’t thank Kubo-Sensei enough (;-;)

THEN IT’S THIS HOT STUFF’S TURN. Look at his face when Victor and Yuuri cheered for him. That’s just so cute OMG;;; Also,


OTABEK’S TURN!! At first I was like “Whoa he picked that piece?” when I heard the music playing. And the costume looks so good on him I LOVE IT. I was so entranced by the performance there was a time when I thought “If Otabek wins the gold medal I won’t be surprised, he’s so good;;”. He’s just so manly and solid I fall for him and I’m a fan of the piece he picked. But then…

The narration is Otabek’s but the scene was showing Yuri instead. I thought “…Oh no, it’s like he’s giving a place for Yuri to shine…” No, I’m not saying Yuri win because of Otabek giving him a slack. Yuri is capable, strong enough to win with his own skill to count on. It was just a hunch of mine, saying that Otabek isn’t going to win a medal and Yuri is going to get the gold medal.

Lastly, it’s Yuri’s turn. I’m so happy to see Yuri’s point of view and the flash back. Here we can see him getting his interest piqued by Yuuri. He didn’t suddenly mock Yuuri, instead he saw him as another competitor who could do better. For me, he’s not a childish brat who can only diss people out, he thinks of their capabilities too and that’s a good point of him.

Since he saw Yuuri as fellow competitor, he wants him to keep skating. This episode isn’t just about Yuuri making his point across to Victor through his skating, Yuri is also doing just that to Yuuri. 

So turns out I guessed right. Yuri took the gold medal with Yuuri slightly behind. And then…

OH MY GOD I CRIED. YUURI WANTED VICTOR TO STAY WITH HIM IN COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING. Victor wanted to be with Yuuri. Yuuri wanted Victor to return to be a competitive skater that he is. Accomodate both and you got this. KUBO-SENSEI THANK YOU/////

So yeah I’m already happy with how the things are. I’m pleased to see this show. I thought it was just like that, but–

There’s Yuuri. With Victor’s free program. And I noticed how his costume was similar to Victor’s, only with different color. I kept watching and watching, entranced more and more to the performance. Both the choreograph and piece were so good I can watch it all day. 



I hope we can see more of your works, Sensei.

See you NEXT LEVEL!!



[Favorite episode ever]

There was some unfinished business there, but we were always absolutely clear he was dead. People said we were making that up, but the power of that rooftop scene would have been destroyed in retrospect if he hadn’t really killed himself just to win an argument, which is what happened. It was great to get a bit of Andrew Scott back, it didn’t occur to us until quite late in the day that we could just do it. But we needed the flashback to fill in how this had happened. And you’ve got the perfect opportunity to bring back Moriarty and for two minutes to make it seem like he was arriving in the present day. It was fun.
—  ‘Can you talk about the decision to bring Moriarty back?’ - Steven Moffat Interview - (x)

I’m talking about the scene where the Bellas remix “Just the way you are” close to the end of PP1:

Chloe literally sings: “Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they’re not shining”

While OUTSIDE in the NIGHT right below the STARS!

And then Beca “answers” by singing:
“I was thinking about you
Thinking about me
Thinking about us
What we gonna be
Open my eyes…
It was only just a dream”

This just can’t be a coincidence! Those songs mean something! This was meant by the producers to hint at Bechloe (which we’re going to get in PP3 in case you didn’t know!)

So they basically confess their love to each other on an unconscious level. (forced by the script and the producers rather than the characters by themselves)

And “Just the way you are” is also a very fitting song to sing to Beca.


A couple more moments I LOVED that I can’t stop smiling about:

Sam and his jars. The fact he used the phrase ‘jar-onimo’…

Charity’s manic laugh after asking Chas about Paddy

Rob including Liv every single time he mentioned the wedding to know that it’s for her too (breaking my god damn heart, Rob)

The fact that Diane was stood close to Rob as he talked about his vows and saw how choked up he was and reassured him

The fact we got peak DECOBERT quotes “it’s simple” and “it’s a mess!”. 0-100 in true Dingle style!

RWBY 4x9 thoughts

Yang - it’s a little disappointing that we skipped over the struggle that was Yang starting out with her prosthetic. But having another awesome Tai scene + Tai actually talking to Yang about important stuff is A+

Weiss - Yeah Whitley is being a douche, but for some reason I can’t sell him off 100%, it seems like it would be a perfect place for a character turn around (like they keep beating us over the head with him being a douche, seems like the perfect time to catch the viewers off guard) I’ll totally eat my hat though if I’m wrong. Also WEISS’ SUMMON A+++++++

Blake - given that the two white fang visitors mentioned Ilia I assumed she’d show up, just didn’t think this quickly. REALLY intrigued by her weapon, how does it do? +What was going on when Sun was doing his semblance and he called out blake on staring? It seemed like a normal use of his semblance, what was so distracting that Blake would have stopped mid action for? Also I have some serious reservations about Sun because of the gross stalking thing but I don’t think he deserves to die over it.

Ruby - NOOOO Qrow don’t die! Oh god the heart wrenching with Qrow’s sick babble about Tai. Oh damn Ren is definitely from that village (I’m still not convinced that Ren and Nora are actually from the same village, He seems to be reacting because she cares Ren’s trauma instead of because she was actually traumatized too) Okay. Okay. That hug though. 0.o  My biggest worry is that since Jaune and Ruby are carrying Qrow that they have no one to defend them since Ren and Nora are away.

there’s just something with that scene of viktor seeing yakov and running to him like “OH GOOD” right after he’s been arguing with yuuri about how he can’t leave, there’s something that’s getting to me but i can’t identify what it is and i want to talk about it

he’s just clearly desperate. he doesn’t want to leave yuuri, he’s trying to be responsible, but he cares about his dog and seeing yakov just feels like he has this moment of “oh thank god, he just has to look after yuuri for one day and then i’ll be back, there, all my bases are covered, it’s fine now right!!?”

except he’s still not totally convinced that he is, he’s just confused and we know by now that he’s not a perfect person. i think he’s trying to do what’s right, he just doesn’t quite know what that thing is.

thing is though, and i do think this is important, “just stand by me” doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be physical. he doesn’t physically have to be there, but i think the/a big realization of ep9 is going to have to be how their relationship holds up when it’s not tangibly there and how “stand by me” really can just mean “have faith in me even if you’re not there to see it. just believe that i can do this.”

i’m pretty sure yuuri is going to have an awakening since this show is first and foremost about his own growth and strength as a skater, but i really, really, really hope we get to see how viktor is going to handle this too. like the argument scene of ep7 can’t be something insignificant that isn’t going to have a thematic return but WHAT IS IT GOING TO BE

Okay but that episode has to be my favorite so far? It was so nicely written and we got a perfect amount of Malec but can I just talk about how much screen time Magnus Bane got and how perfect he was? He cared about literally everyone in this episode and the battle scene with him? I WAS SCREAMING. This is what I needed and I never even realized it till now. It was so perfect to see all of Magnus. His character deserves the world. I honestly couldn’t love him more than I do right now. (Also Alec was very prime this episode I’d just like to point that out especially at the end but I’m high key scared for what he’s going to do next episode).


Most definitely staying out of the Malec tag for a while. So many people still saying Alec forced Magnus and I just can’t with that.

Alec. Would. Not. Do. That.

He’s not perfect but fuck. Guys. Really? This is Alec Lightwood we’re talking about here. He’s barely even been kissed and y'all wanna condemn and accuse him for forcing Magnus into sex?

And even with Todd and Darren apologizing for how so many took it, the lack of implied consent, y'all still mad? I just. Not everyone was happy with that scene, I get it, but people need to calm down. I wasn’t 100% pleased with it but never once was it because I thought Alec was forcing Magnus to do something he didnt want to do.

(My problem being the lack of at least shirtless Malec after nearly naked Jace and the clearly naked Seelie chick. We at least deserved that much, damn it!)


Room (2015) - Lenny Abrahamson

5 bullets on this film:

  • This movie was like a punch in the face for me, in a good way. I felt shocked, disgusted and sad at the same time. It made me feel so anxious that I forgot how to breathe during some scenes. BUT IT WAS GREAT, I SWEAR.
  • Can we talk about how Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay, who is 9 years old,  made this movie? Not that the story wasn’t good, because it was, but they made everything 19x better.

  • I love movies about moms, they are so cute and real. Shoutout to all the cool moms. 

  • Many people thought this movie was boring, but I honestly can’t understand how. It has the perfect pace, and if you were annoyed by the fact that most of the film has only one scenery, you are very small minded, my friend. 

  • I don’t think it will win the Oscar for best picture, but Brie Larson has a good chance of winning as best actress. I wouldn’t be surprised if it won for best adapted screenplay. 

[TRANS] Tiffany Interview in Pin Prestige, April 2016

“If it’s okay, can I eat while we do the interview?” asked Tiffany Hwang, as she opened the packaging on bread.

I never thought I’d see this scene in person, so I secretly really liked it and responded, “Ah, of course”.

I couldn’t believe that a person who always has to show a perfect appearance in front of a camera, a woman who has an occupation that requires her to always maintain an S line, and a woman who is called an idol, star, and goddess by millions of fans was eating bread with jam in front of me. 

What is the big deal about watching a celebrity eating a mini croissant?

It’s because I’ve heard so many times that many entertainment companies require its artists to abide by a strict meal plan to maintain their figure, and I’ve read many pre-debut photos and articles of Tiffany that talked about how she has maintained her perfect figure.

In the past when I’ve interviewed SNSD, they were wearing the most beautiful outfits with a perfect smile. Like a living Barbie doll, the ladies’ beauty were almost unreal. Tiffany, who was eating bread, showed a big difference. Her two big eyes smiles. “I really like jam. Haha.”

A Smile Hiding Unyielding Strength

The group that Tiffany is in is SNSD, and under their name they’ve released 8 albums and performed over 100 performances, they are a one top nation’s girl group of South Korea.

She also has 3.4 million followers on Instagram, and the single behind cut photo that she uploaded on shooting day received 20,000 likes within 15 minutes. Her popularity alone is explosive.

10 years ago, even before debut, her dream was releasing a solo album, with her own name on the line.

“Originally, the plan was for me to release my solo album at the end of last year. But we delayed it to this year. The company gave me permission to discuss this content, so I’m discussing this topic. The company said that my album has been prepared well so it would be okay to release it but I did not agree. It was decided that it was not yet perfect. I thought that there were areas that were not yet perfect, so I hesitated, ‘Should I push ahead according to the original plan or should I strive toward my thoughts and beliefs in pursuit of perfection?’”

Before this interview, I had heard that there were changes to her solo album plans. So I decided not to ask questions regarding her album. But the topic came up during the interview, so I decided to probe.

“Right now, I’m pondering over the name of the album. Mmm…. The way I view myself and the way that my fans look at me is a California girl, who is full of warmth and sunshine. I don’t want to release the album in the winter. Winter doesn’t suit my music. So I’m waiting for sunlight to shine brightly. I was insistent that I want to release the album when it’s warm. This is the biggest hint I can give, to my fans who are waiting for the album.”

While Tiffany was talking about the album that she has waited 10 years to come out, her words were full of energy, like sunlight. The way she described herself was like that too. It was optimistic, overflowing with energy. Her beautiful eye smile and lovable smile told me everything.

“Of course I thought about it seriously. Am I forcing myself to smile so I can become happy? Or am I pretending to be happy? Honestly, last year, my heart did hesitate a little. I spent almost 1 year thinking of the conclusion. I am a happy person overflowing with energy. I love ice cream and I love cupcakes. I love pink, this is me. Every person has a dark side. But as long as you have a positive and optimistic heart, even if most difficult times come, it will end.”

The outfit emphasizes the strength layered on top of her soft and lovely features. The photographer Woo Kim wants a more serious expression from her. For a moment, she erases her smile, and transforms into someone who has absolute control over what she wants.

“It’s really fun. Every shot, lighting, makeup and style is different. It’s different from photoshoots of the past. It’s a new experience because the photographer is different from ones I’ve worked with before. I think this is a precious experience. I’m satisfied with the photos.”  

Trying New Things as Her All-Time Motivation                        

During the interview, Tiffany repeated the phrase “I am attempting something new” several times. She is always hard at work finding new opportunities.

This is only the start of her dream of releasing an album. If she puts out an album under her own name, she alone will receive all of the attention and stage that she previously shared with the group. The meaning of starting anew was underlying in her words.  

“I thought of me when I was younger, my dreams, thoughts and feelings when I first came to Korea. I was a girl from America who had the dream of becoming a rising star in Asia. I am thankful that I never forget that initial goal and I am still chasing that dream.”

“Recently, I went to the US on vacation, and my brother asked me, ‘When will SNSD do a concert in North America and South America?’ He asked me, ‘Do you remember wanting to see famous idols who lived on the other side of the world as you?’”

“At that time, I saw many things very clearly. More than my dreams, I found strong beliefs. When I flew to Korea at the age of fifteen and started living there, my future was all uncertain. But I was not scared. I think I must have been born an optimist. I can’t speak on behalf of SNSD, but if there are people waiting somewhere, I think they will be able to hear my/our voice and see us. It’s because they are my motivation and source of strength.”

“Recently, I got a tattoo that says ‘dreamer’ on my finger. Korean music was the dream of my teenage years, and I am still running toward my goals. Even though I have grown from late teens to my late twenties, the one thing that has not changed is that I will keep dreaming. I will always chase after my dreams.”

She has never forgotten her initial motives and returned to the mind of a rookie, who has just debuted, and still looking for her breakthrough. She has never sparkled more brightly than she does now.

“I’m all about feeling things in my heart in the moment, and creating something new. One time, I thought that I was always showing the same aspect of me in every photo. But it’s different now. I like new things and I started living for that. I go for walks, I drink, I watch movies, I go for drives. I am learning how to rest, and I am smiling even more.”

(How can you go out freely when you are famous in Korea?)

“Honestly, I go outside without makeup, only wearing sunglasses, sport pants and sneakers. When SNSD makes official appearances, we are well prepared from head to toe. In the past, I didn’t have courage to meet people without high heels.”

“The last 10 years or so, I’ve been a proponent of perfection, perfection and even more perfection. But truthfully, I am a regular person. I love butter, and I like grains. In the past, I’ve felt like I wasn’t doing anything. But now, I’m a bit more relaxed, so there’s nothing that will be a problem.”

Stress Accompanying Her Course of Maturing

If a force is disrupted, it typically bounces off even stronger. Like a spring. This is a good comparison to how Tiffany started her journey.

At the age of 15, when she was barely in middle school, she participated in a competition that picked trainees in the US. She did not make it through, but she attracted the attention of an agent, and after that, she had an audition. She got into the company, and became a trainee. To chase her own dreams and seize this opportunity, she had to use all of her strength. Despite strong opposition from her father, she did not wane, and declared that she must become a singer.

She packed up her life in the US in a matter of 3 weeks, and she came to Korea alone, leaving behind her only safe place, with her family. To chase her dreams. In her words, this was the craziest choice she has made in her life so far.

“After hearing my father’s opinion, I was even more sure that I wanted to become a singer. That this is what I want. How many fifteen-year-olds know what they want? I think it’s really important to believe in yourself and to be completely honest with yourself.”

(How were you so sure?)

“Love. I really love music. I respect my current occupation. Showing music is a method of expression, and it can also heal.  You can tell a story, but you can also sing it. If you can sing a story, it’s even cooler. When you’re heartbroken, when you say goodbye, when you feel crazy, when you make a mistake, when you grow… You can sing these feelings, and when you hear it through music, it feels very different. Music can touch the bottom of your heart, and it has the ability to reach the deepest part of your soul. These days, people share their music lists. That is really about sharing your story. Like having a conversation.” 

“I know I love it (music and the occupation of a singer). Love never leaves regrets and it makes you do crazy things. I didn’t even wish for a reward (of success). But the end result was more than what I could imagine.”

“After debuting at the age of 18, I had already become an adult. Of course, looking back now, I know very well that I was so immature. Growing under flashing lights and cameras gave me incredible stress. Some things were positive and some things were negative. Thankfully, I am still holding on to the thing that I always wanted. I still love music and my current occupation gives me huge satisfaction.”  

“Growing up in front of the camera gave me perseverance and patience. I learned how to accept criticism with an open heart. It can be hard to withstand severe words from people. I learned how to take in new challenges that include things I don’t know well, or things beyond my control. Things that are unavoidable in this industry like photographs, makeup, or outfits. I’m thankful that I can work with people in different fields, and I’ve learned to maintain an open mind so we can work together comfortably; I am thankful that I can be inspired by them. I think it’s really awesome when we can create a breakthrough together.”

She expects a lot of herself and imposes many limitations. She has created in herself a person who can work even harder. Her punctual and prepared nature is definite proof that shows her professionalism.

She believes that being punctual is a basic manner that shows respect for other people. Today’s photo shoot was supposed to start at 10 am but yesterday, she requested to show up 90 minutes early for makeup and styling. When I came today, she had come even earlier than the promised time. After she finished preparations, she showed a side of herself that was well rested and passionate. And she said (in a friendly tone), “Now we can start!”

Investing in Time Wisely

This is luck, and also hard work. For 3 years, Tiffany received training from SM, one of the 3 biggest entertainment companies, and debuted as a member of SNSD in 2007. SNSD received incredible popularity in a short period of time, and she became famous overnight. As a star, her trajectory has extended in various directions, with singing, MC, appearing in variety shows, and acting in musicals.

“I can’t deny it. I was really lucky. This luck found me in my career, so it created good opportunities for me, and I was able to seize every opportunity.”

“I am a person who abides by time. I spend a lot of time reviewing, and thinking again, and I don’t think of this as a waste of time, but a form of investment.”

“There are times when you rush things because you don’t want to lose out on an opportunity, or because you think you’re not getting any younger. But I don’t want to waste my time. My friends all think the same way. Especially when their careers have met a certain peak, everyone tries desperately to find a different exit.”

“These days, I’ve taken a step back to think about and find what I really want. I examine myself well and ask myself honestly. If I think I am ready and sure, I do it. And I throw myself into what I’m doing. This must be growth. Some people spend even more time thinking.”

“I think of various things before I become immersed in something, and I like my current self who takes that time. For example, when I shoot an editorial, I look at magazines and study concepts. When I do work with certain brands, I study the history of that brand. Or when I collaborate with a musician, I need to know what kind of people they are. It was the same this time, when I worked together with Singapore and Malaysia magazines for the first time.”

“It may be that I won’t get the last opportunity. Opportunity is never guaranteed for anyone. If it comes to me, whether it’s fast or slow, I believe that it will find me.”

Aside from her solo album, Tiffany has been active in fashion. In 2013, she participated in a variety program <Fashion King Korea>, showing her entertainment wit and excellent fashion sense through multiple challenges, and ended up placing 3rd. 

“Fashion has a relationship with my work that can’t be separated. Fashion is a tool that allows me to show my music. I am also interested in acting in dramas, so I am secretly auditioning and receiving acting lessons. I might attempt acting next year, you never know. My personality tends to pursue perfection, so before I take in a new challenge, it’s important for me to feel confident.”

(You’ve performed in musicals before that require you to dance, sing and act simultaneously, is that hard for you to do now?)

“Thank you for the compliment. Mm… The Korean entertainment industry is very strict toward its artists. Actors specialize in acting and singers specialize in singing. If an artist goes into a different field, it could mean that, that artist is not skilled in their own area of specialty. That it’s not professional. So it tends not to end well with the media and public.”

“In the US, it’s very common for artists to expand their careers in various directions. A musician can incorporate a dramatic element and create a very impressive music video. If they can sing and act, and can express a story more effectively, there are many instances of film actors expanding into stage acting. I would like for Korea to accept artists who are trying to attempt new fields a bit more.”

Her Name Reflects Her True Self

After sharing stories with Tiffany for about 20 minutes, a staff suddenly comes in and lets her know that there are still 5 minutes left. Tiffany hurriedly packs her things up and kindly told me that she can respond to few more questions.

For the remaining questions, I made her predict them. Tiffany is…

“Stephanie. I’m still the fifteen year old me, who first came to Korea. The California sentiment is still in my bones (she’s talking about her soul and personality that is as bright and warm as the weather there). I still love pink, I love ice cream and I love music.”

“I’m still into rainbows and unicorns. (She said this in English) I’m still embracing my dreams and holding hope. My positive energy comes out from ice cream and fashion… There was a time when I was in a rush, but I’m barely 26, what could I be at this age? So I’ve concluded, live in this moment. Enjoy this time that I have now.” 

As a Korean American, Tiffany grew up in Diamond Bar, a suburb of LA. Her given name is Stephanie, and Tiffany is a name she uses on stage, and it’s also a name that her parents thought of giving her when she was born. Tiffany is Stephanie. It is her self, who is now 26 years old.

I want to emphasize once again how honest she was about herself. I have hope that she will be able to throw away the luggage of herself as an idol and show her true potential.

Tiffany Hwang is using time, talent and ice cream that she loves, to create the hot sparks that will light her dreams brightly.

Korean Translation Source: DCInside

I’ve watched the make out scene about 300 times or something, but I’ve also watched the beginning scene probably the same amount of times, and every time I do I notice a little something else.

That scene was so many levels of domestic, I cannot even begin to explain!!

Cause Carl keeps banging that ball on the wall as Michonne and Rick talk about the toothpaste (and I mean can we just talk about how totally comfortable Michonne is appearing in front of Rick with just her bathrobe on and the towel wrapped around her head, and Rick is totally cool with that as well, so fucking married!!), and then Michonne calls Carl’s name, but she says it with a tone, like she’s saying “STOP!” because she’s annoyed about the ball’s noise, and Carl answers “What?!” in kind of an annoyed voice as well, cause he sensed her tone and he can tell she’s annoyed over the ball, and he’s annoyed that she’s annoyed because Denise said it’s PT. And then Rick tells him to come talk to them in person, to force him to be polite, and then Michonne tells him that it’s time to change his bandage and that she needs toothpaste, and then he goes “ok, but I’m out of toothpaste”, and he leaves to wait for Michonne to come change the bandage, because it’s already implied that Michonne is the one who’s gonna be doing that, just like his mom would, and then off goes Michonne after him to change the bandage and I just UGH!!!

It was such an all around domestic, family, parenting moment in every single way!!! I cannot get over it!! And then all the gloriousness at the end of the ep AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I just can’t believe we actually got all this, how can we be this blessed?!

Thank you, Scott Gimple!!!

The Troll Queen Lives in UNV!

Can we please~ talk about this scene in Un Nouveau Voyage.

Haruka: I was just commenting on how cute her hairstyle is.

Usagi: *nods vigrously*

Michiru: Oh! Really! They (the odangos) look like Mont Blanc!

Usagi: Hahahahaha… Eh?
Michiru: Eh?

Basically this:

Perfect script writing. Perfect acting.  Michiru just trolling the heck out of Usagi.  Which is even funnier because Usagi tried to get into Infinity Academy earlier and said her best subject is English at the entrance exam because she can list all the English names of food items.  You’d think maybe Michiru was there spying at the entrance exam as Neptune earlier to make sure things are going okay and no one is turned into a Daimon.