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Can I go back and talk about that Snow/Killian scene for a minute though?

I have been dying for a scene like that for so long that I just can’t even contain myself. I will overlook the fact that Killian was fucking devastated throughout, but I am silently shaking my fist. (see my fist, it’s shaking) Snow being genuinely happy for Killian to join her family is just…it makes my heart sing. 

Now Killian, get the fuck back home to Emma so we can end all this angst and have a wedding. 

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Wow that npr/radio lab piece on wrestling was super fascinating. The idea of real life being injected into fake storylines, sometimes by choice but sometimes terrible things just happening. What's real, what's fake, what's real but manipulated into the fake story, how the fake story changes because of real things happening behind the scenes. And smart fans, being clued in on the fakeness... I think that's all stuff we can relate to as a fandom. Very interesting.

Wasn’t it though?  When he was talking about the way fans (of wrestling) know that it’s fake, but watch for occasional incidents of truth and reality among the fiction.

It just really described what we are doing right now in this fandom and truthfully, in any fandom. Not every fandom is “scripted” like wrestling, but they are all performance art and the “smart fans” watch for moments that are real life leaking into the planned set list or interview or whatever.

I highly recommend that people listen to this podcast episode. It’s only around 30 minutes, and it’s very worth it.

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Against our hopes/predictions, Ep 10 Quarrie reunion was nothing special! Sadly, looks like it doesn't get any better in Ep 11, according to the promo clips. It's the next morning, and apparently C/Q spent the night w/o any of those "important talks" we hoped (never mind sex)! Honestly, I'm so fucking tired of Carrie keep asking: "Quinn, what's going on?!" in a condescending and at the same time clueless way. Will she ever fully trust Q's judgement the way she used to?! One can only hope!

It’s not the next morning, it’s a continuation of the same scene. And how does Carrie being confused about what’s going on mean she doesn’t trust Quinn? He would be asking her the same questions; if not, he’d be an idiot.

So YOI is just full of ingenious, subtle and entirely graceful dialogue. No scene is wasted and every conversation, however brief can explain so much with just a few lines. I’d like to take a moment to talk about one of the last scenes in episode 10 when Yurio and Victor are on the beach. In all honesty, I thought about this scene a lot and it took me a little while to really, truly understand what was going on here.

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So can we talk for a second about how incredible the lighting design was for this scene??? It did so much in terms of retelling Victor and Yuuri’s love story in one performance.

We start with Yuuri alone on the ice in blue light, which tends to represent sadness or loneliness. His face is also really white in the lighting, which made me think of how much he felt both lonely/ignored and like he was constantly being scrutinised under a spotlight after the last GPF. So this is Yuuri skating the emotion he was feeling right before Victor showed up to Hasetsu.

Then the INSTANT Victor starts skating out towards Yuuri, the light becomes very pink. And if that isn’t the best representation of how Yuuri feels about Victor’s presence in his life, I don’t know what is. It isn’t just that pink is an obvious visual romantic cue, but also that pink is Victor’s colour here and so the immediacy with which the whole lighting scheme goes pink shows how fast Victor’s presence changed Yuuri’s world. It’s like episode 10 but here we’re seeing how Victor’s life and love are encompassing Yuuri, and how that started the first moment Victor entered his life.

Look at their faces in the light too. First of all, pink light is the easiest way to represent romantic love and they’re just so clearly presented as a romantic couple. But also look at Yuuri’s expression. He doesn’t look at all like he’s staring up into a spotlight anymore because he isn't—he’s skating to Victor and for Victor and so he’s only focused on Victor’s presence in his life. This is Yuuri saying that he sees his skating this season as both of them skating together and that’s why he’s confident now when he wasn’t before.

And I, for one, cannot wait to see them skating together next year.

Can we talk about about that last Sanvers scene a little bit more?  Because yes we talked about the sexual tension and Oh! My! God! it is out of this world. But can we talk about how respectful Maggie is ?

Let me explain :

Maggie is clearly  restraining herself from touching Alex (arm crossed…). Her body language screams her will to touch the woman she loves and almost lost. So why aren’t they all over each other already you might ask?

Well, they are at Alex’s work. Alex might be out to the people close to her, but probably not to the whole DEO? Why would they know about her relationship?  

And I get it, I totally get it. We’ve all wonder whether or not to be out in our place of work. We’ve all been scared of the consequences, the judgments, the changes… It is obviously not Maggie’s decision to make. So she waits. She waits for Alex to be ready. She waits for her to do the first move.

And Alex did the first move. And not just a simple move, she puts her arm around Maggie clearly and proudly showing her love.

So yes, this scene is shining in sexual tension, but the respect, the wait for Alex’s consent that Maggie have in this scene is what’s getting me emotional.

I think this scene mark a new step in their relationship. Let’s remember that outside of the missions, we’ve only seen them at Alex’s or at the alien bar (aka their “safe space”) but we never really saw them in public. And for the first time at the DEO, on those stairs, a place that everyone in the DEO can see, Alex comes out and show to her whole world that Maggie Sawyer is hers.

So yes we can complain about how short and rushed the Sanvers scenes are, but the evolution of their relationship is so slow, intense and healthy, it is giving me life.

Okay okay, that wonderful kiss scene aside, can we talk about the tissue/head pat scene?

You know, this one:

That one.

I think a lot of people (myself included) were confused by this scene, so let’s try to figure out it’s meaning, shall we?

Let’s start with the context: Victor and Yuuri had just had the fight in the parking lot (I’m gonna make another post on that alone soon) and they’re both still shaken from the event, even if they’re not showing it. Victor worries that he doesn’t know how to help Yuuri and Yuuri is getting over crying, I mean he literally blows his nose here.

I think in this scene Yuuri is trying to show Victor that he‘s alright, that he’s over it already, that he can go out there and skate his best. Essentially it’s a way to console him.

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And this makes sense, because this little gesture brings them back to that little domestic moment back in ep 4 where Yuuri booped Victor’s head and they both remember it. Yuuri reminding him of it is his way of showing that he’s not just thinking about being stressed before his performance, that he’s alright now, in fact he’s fine enough to mess around with him a little.

Another interpretation is that this is Yuuri’s small revenge to Victor for making him cry, a way of showing his power over him - purposefully dropping the tissue, making him reach for it and then touching his head, which is generally a sign of disrespect but in this particular case it reminds Victor of his thinning hair (as we know from ep 4) - essentially his age.

A way of saying “know your place, old man”?


I think it’s consoling after all though. Because look what he does next.

He pats his head. A way of saying “it’s alright” in most cultures. Perhaps even an apology for reminding him of his hair/age a moment earlier.

That’s just what I think though. Your interpretations?

everything about this scene is precious gold but can we please talk about how Shiro took off his helmet so he could dry out his little hair tuft and how he’s immensely enjoying letting it blow freely in the wind

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#can we talk about this scene for a hot second #can we talk about how soft it is #how careful william is with noora #he’s just like #you’re just having anxiety #like there’s nothing wrong with it he doesn’t make her feel ashamed or more stressed out #and then he carefully gets her to calm down #and when she’s fallen asleep he lays with her until he’s sure she’s completely calm and asleep #and then he kisses her forehead very softly to make sure she doesn’t wake up #and gets up to write the last of her essay that he knows is so important to her #while she sleeps for 15 hours straight #a prince

Y’all like the moment at the end of the ep ended my life but can we talk about that scene with Jaha for a sec -

“You center her” 

“You got it backward”

Yall, this is Bellamy ADMITTING ALOUD that he sees Clarke as his center. He doesn’t look surprised or taken aback at Jaha’s words that they could be that to each other; sure, he doesn’t think he does for her what she does for him, but this is truly a huge moment for Bellamy to canonically admit that Clarke is his rock, his person, his eye in the storm. He loves her so much y’all, that’s what that scene is telling us.

And the doubly beautiful thing is, that scene at the end? When Clarke writes Bellamy’s name as he sleeps just feet away? It’s telling us she loves him too, he centers her too, even if he hasn’t come to quite believe it yet. Even if he can’t see it yet. They center EACH OTHER; they balance each other in every way possible- always equal, and always together.

Can we stop everything for a minute and talk about Jared’s and Jensen’s acting? Sure we can.

There’s no such thing as a surprise when it comes to them being able to make me cry with a simple look and make me crack laughing with a simple move but anyways I still find their acting mesmerizing. 

Let’s start with Jensen, because he got me crying all over this scene. I couldn’t help it. (I cry a lot with SPN because of him)

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He made me feel every bit of desperation he was feeling. How you can’t remember something so simple, so yours, something that in any normal situation you could say it like you can sing your favorite song. But there’s any of that and he just makes you feel it, he doesn’t even has to say it, it’s there in his eyes; how lost he feels.

And all I have to say is: Jensen, you’re definitely one of the best actors I’ve seen and it’s amazingly beautiful the way in which you can get to people’s feelings with your expressions.

That said, now Jared. (I cry a lot with SPN because of this bitch, too

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I’ve been all emotional because of Sam in countless times, Jared gives such expression to Sam that you can’t help yourself.

I was as worried as Sam at this moment and even though I saw Dean’s words as a joke I was totally lost and trying to keep calm but no can do, this is Supernatural we’re talking about. Sam’s expressions here say so much, him shaking his head, him looking away, the little smile he makes, the sigh of relief, the way his eyes look watery. He was going to loose it if the counterspell didn’t work. It’s seen that he can’t lose Dean, not like that, not again. He goes with “not funny” but you gotta see it in his face, you gotta hear it in his voice. Is such a strong feeling kinda like he was making me feel it.

Jared, you’re freaking gold and you never fail to amaze me, you never fail to make me feel every single thing Sam feels. 

Honestly, I’ve gotta thank the world for having such great actors as Jared and Jensen to play the characters I love the most because clearly without them I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the Winchesters. Thanks for,  and to, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. 

Do you guys remember this scene from episode 4??

One of the first times we actually see Victor talking about his life, aside from skating.

He never really put much thought on something he thought he’d be able to see and hear for the rest of his life (the seagulls’ cries). He misses it.

Now while re-watching the final scene of YOI, look what I found.

The fact they remembered, and decided to add this… YOI’s concentration on detail, regarding the story is just crazy.

1. It’s early morning.

2. And we can see (what I assume are) Seagulls in the distance.

3. Something that reminds Victor of home. Which now it’s something he’s able to share with Yuuri. Both getting to be part of each others lives. How much they treasure one another. And the fact, Victor decided to share with Yuuri, something about his life, and now at the end we see them both probably living together, engaged, training in the same russian rink. So many things have changed since their first meeting. But now they now that as long as they have each other they can call any place they go, home.

The connection between past and present scenes, between each character and their interactions is something I’ve come to love from this series.

can we talk about this episode 10 scene for a hot second

You know, the one where Victor announces his and Yuuri’s engagement? The one that shattered us all into ecstatic little pieces and then brought us back to life? That one

Okay so, the first time I watched this scene and I started to hear the angry guitar music in the background and see the other competitor’s less-than-enthusiastic faces, my heart sank. 

I was like, okay, here’s where the homophobia comes in, I knew this utopia (lol) couldn’t last, now they’re going to start revealing their inner asshats. Buuuuut

can we talk about the fact that these sweet amazing friends aren’t actually about to reveal their homophobic tendencies? Instead the thing they get pissed about is Victor claiming that Yuuri’s taking home the gold. Completely bypassing the thing that most people would assume they’d freak out over; no, instead they just accept that as a fact of life as they should and the thing they get pissed about is the only thing they SHOULD be pissed about. This is the best bait and switch I’ve ever experienced oh my god

I love this show, I love these supportive cinnamon roll friends, I love this healthy competitive spirit and most of all I love the fact that nobody treats this queer relationship as anything abnormal. Say what you want about media addressing issues LGBT people face…as a member of the LGBT community I just wanna say it’s nice to have a story that treats a gay couple just like any other hetero pairing. So much appreciation, thank you Kubo-sensei for creating this beautiful healthy angst-free haven of a show. GAHHH

Can we talk about how, in HLV, somewhere between escaping the hospital and the confrontation scene with John and Mary, Sherlock chainsmoked two packs of cigarettes after being shot in the chest

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