can we talk about this

troye has created such a hard-hitting album hidden underneath the pretty cotton candy cover and electronic music are really really insanely beautiful lyrics and every song in the ep hits on such important issues and i’m just so proud of him considering how personal these topics are for him and it’s just a really raw powerful voice that i feel like we don’t get enough of in music

See and this is why Bee and Puppycat appeals to me because it addresses issues like:

  • Self-harm (implied)
  • Financial insecurity/living paycheck to paycheck
  • Inability to progress in the job market
  • Living alone but being relatively unable to sustain oneself
  • Not being able to go to/get into college
  • Maturing at a different rate than those around you
  • Caring more about others than oneself to a self-detrimental degree
  • Getting left behind socially for all of the above reasons because they do not also apply to your friends

Plus, with Deckard we see:

  • Having a speech impediment but not letting that get in the way of your potential and your talents
  • Postponing or giving up on your dreams to be with and/or help those you care about

Yet it presents these issues in a casual way in the format of whimsical animation typically reserved for children’s shows

I think this scene in particular represents how Bee focuses so much on helping others that she ends up harming herself, like how she uses what little money she earns to buy food for Deckard and Puppycat instead of for herself, even though she is clearly hungry often (to the point where she fantasizes about food, and the food we see in the show has a “magical”, sparkling quality to it because we see it through her hungry eyes).

She explicitly states she needs money for food, but when she does get some she ends up buying stuff for others instead. She never even gets to eat the thing Deckard and she made because it got burnt. She asks for one of the hamburgers Deckard’s sister bought, but only gets one bite of it before she offers it to Puppycat, who then eats the entire thing while she gulps down the crumbs–and as far as we can tell, that’s all she ate the entire day. She is literally starving herself, guys.


okay, someone in the fandom has probably already noticed that and it may be obvious for native speakers but

today i’ve learnt the (obsolete) French word hère

which is pronounced exactly like similarly to the letter R

and it means wretch