can we talk about their support please


aka the one and only legendary dolphin™ and president zhong!

first of all…….. look at this ball of sunshine

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when is he not smiling tbh???? he’s the best at brightening up everyone’s days

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and also loving the members

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but at the same time roasting them 24/7 with jisung as his accomplice

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but he’s super talented and people sleep on him and his talent!!!!!! and can we talk about how much effort he’s put in to learn korean???

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always trying to make everyone laugh :’) what did we do to deserve him :-(

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please continue loving and supporting him :-( he deserves everything in this world!!!!!!!!! 💜💜

I’ve found myself wondering “Where are the trans people of color?” a million times.

In my life, I’m often the only person of color in a room of trans people. I’ve noticed it is harder to find pictures and reviews of products (like packers) in the non-white skin tones. I see fewer pictures of POC post-surgery, and fewer people of color documenting their changes on HRT. Selfies of trans people, binary or non-binary, tend to skew towards the white and AFAB side. Hopefully, this blog can provide a sense of community and inclusion for all trans people of color. 

This blog is a place where we can answer that question. Where are the trans people of color? We’re right here! We’re talking about how our day went, about our families, about coming out, about our pets, about our transitions, about our ups and downs. We are here. We exist. This is a new blog for TPOC (trans people of color) to submit selfies of themselves! Anyone and everyone is allowed to follow us, all support is welcome, but only TPOC can send selfies. 

Please reblog and spread the word!

Can we just talk about the faces Lance makes when Keith is considering not being in Voltron?

Keith is upset, Lance is upset

When Keith enters after not showing up, everyone looks mad, but Lance looks sad and disappointed

Then when Keith is talking about leaving, he looks just so

“Wait what?”



“Please don’t go”

Then during the group hug, he looks like he’s about to break down

And starts hiding behind a smile

To me it looks like he wants to be happy for Keith and support him, but at the same time, he’s heartbroken he’s leaving

“Yeah… Who am I gonna make fun of now?”


When Keith is about to sacrifice himself, Lance is sweating. Now the team don’t know what he’s going to do, but by Matt’s reaction, they can tell it could be something risky

“Oh my god Keith no don’t do anything stupid”

And when Keith is safe and alive

“Heh.. I’m glad your safe Keith”

Every scene, every drawing, every face is for a reason, so they wouldn’t of just made his expressions for no reason.. right?

Who knows

Only time will tell

And the voltron writers lol

(obviously I made most of what Lance is saying up but just imagine if he had feelings for Keith

what if?)

Can we please, PLEASE stop giving parents/carers the space to talk about how “scared” they are of their neurodivergent kids?

Can we PLEASE stop acting like any of that shit is valid or acceptable to say?

Can we PLEASE talk about the constant reinforcement of ableism in neurodivergent people from the day they’re born, instead?

How about discussing the horrible effects of seeing/hearing neurotypical adults talk about how scary and difficult we are - on the news, online, in places of support, etc.

Maybe we should be giving neurodivergent people the space to talk instead of allowing ableist assholes to speak their minds on national TV, to write “opinion pieces” about us, to teach the world that we are to be feared and hidden away and changed.

I’m furious.

Can we please talk about how beautiful is this human being…

I usually don’t consider myself a fan from something or someone

But tbh, she conquered my heart

I do not know if it was her talent, her humor, her personality, her great voice, her passion or her beautiful soul

All I know is, I support that beautiful human

and I’m proud of it…

Keep killing it girl, we got you

Please let’s talk about Maggie ‘selflessly looking out for Alex’ Sawyer for a moment please. Now, we know what her coming out was like:

So let’s go back and look at this scenes with this new knowledge of Maggie’s background:

We have her apologizing to Alex, cos she knows from her own experience it’s nobody place to out somebody else.

Imagine how Maggie must have felt, listening to Alex’s coming out, being as much supportive as she can, cos she wants her to have it better than she did.

Here according to new canon, Maggie is lying. Sadly I think when Floriana was shooting this scene, the writers didn’t have the Maggie’s coming out story figured out yet. Cos I believe Flo would act this differently, if she was aware of the fact Maggie is lying at the moment. Her response feels genuine, remembering her parents reaction, it just doesn’t hint in any way that Maggie might be lying, no hint of sadness in her face or voice, nothing. I am a little sad about this, because I believe Flo would act this out very differently if she knew Maggie is lying and why she is doing so.

Maggie is genuinely happy for Alex at this moment and still 100% supportive, bottling up all the feelings she must have had while learning new information about Alex’s coming out.

Again, imagine what Maggie must have felt at this moment. Happy for Alex, but nevertheless hurting inside, remembering her own parents reaction.

And after all of that, all of things Maggie has been through in her life, we got this:

And that is not all. Although she had every right to crumble under all of the emotions bubbling up with the Valentine’s day and with Alex surprising her against her wishes, she realizes she hurt Alex’s feelings with her behavior and apologizes:

Maggie is as selfless person as it gets. Thinking about Alex and her coming out going alright, way before she even realized she might have some feelings for her. Caring for her because she is her friend, wanting her not to suffer in any way as she did with her own coming out. Putting aside her own hurt, old wounds and bad experience, being nothing else than super supportive friend and later a girlfriend.

Maggie Sawyer is a hero to me and I hope Alex feels the same way.

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I'm so sorry about the activity thing recently. You're so talented and deserve all the attention you can get, good luck!! 💜

Thank you ❤ Its frustrating when you feel sabotaged by a platform despite working hard. Artists will figure it out, though. I encourage everyone to reblog art, now more than ever. Support your content creators. This is a matter of livelihood for some of us.

This is real. We aren’t complaining just to complain. Turn off ‘Best’ in your Dashboard Preferences.

Reblog this please. Might be the only way anyone sees it.

can we please talk about Phil Lester

Phil “spent all night in the hospital with Dan when they weren’t sure what was wrong” Lester

Phil “sends his friends customized gifts to congratulate them” Lester

Phil “makes others anxiety feel better by doing the thing with them” Lester

Phil “supported Dan when he decided to drop out of university and helped him through that uncertain time” Lester

Phil “I won’t pull away first when we’re hugging because I know you might need it” Lester

Phil “I lost a friend when I was young but I’m living with a smile because I know that’s what he would’ve wanted” Lester

Phil “I have nothing but love to give” Lester

i really feel bad saying this but seeing all this wlw/sapphic content w/ soft girls and sweaters and ponytails and tea really fucks with me? cos i find myself desperately wanting to grow my hair out and have a ponytail and wear “feminine” clothes just to fit that lesbian representation that is imo overwhelming on tumblr and in the media. but i’m butch, and i don’t want to be anything else, and yet i feel like i can’t be a ~real lesbian~ unless i’m a soft autumn aesthetic sapphic wlw or something. i want more butches in the media. isn’t it sad that i can only think of LP when i want to listen to music that resonates w/ me on that level?

this is not an attack on people who identify with the sapphic/wlw content i’m talking about, obviously. i just think we should try to support butch content and make it as visible as that content.


Can we please talk about how pure and great a BMC and DEH crossover would be? Like

• Evan and Jeremy bonding over being losers and trying to make friends

• Connor and Michael getting high together and telling funny stories about their boys

•Evan being a good, nerdy influence on Jeremy

• Cute nature walks for the group because Evan asked nicely

•Video Game competitions where Boyf riends is against tree bros


• Jeremy and Evan being genuinely concerned when the apartment/home smells like weed.

•support circles








This guy deserves the whole world in my opinion. He’s there every day to make us laugh, feel better or just for us to have someone. This guy spends so much just for us. And I’m not just talking about money. In a way he even gave up his freedom and I know that that’s his own choice but let me tell you HE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS.

I don’t really know what we can do to help him but please everyone SHOW HIM YOUR SUPPORT! He needs it now more than ever and I don’t care if it’s a dm, a comment on a picture, a comment on a video, a tweet or whatever. Just let him know that we are there for him and that we will do anything to support him and to make sure that he can keep making videos. Please just make sure that he notices how much his fans love and adore him and can’t live without him. Because honestly guys CALLUX IS AN AMAZING PERSON

Words from Lilith, the Dark Moon

Inspired by a conversation with @wizkhalibra

Lilith in Aries:

Words of fierce determination and competitive jealousy

“It’s now or never”

“Life is an adventure”

“Why don’t you just be like me?”

Lilith in Taurus:

Words of lust for sex, money, or power

“This is why I work, so I can buy what I want,”

“I deserve to have this,”

“I feel safe in your arms”

Lilith in Gemini:

Words of cunning manipulation and hope for approval

“Do you like the way my words make you feel”

“I would never be that selfish,”

“Well you’re mine and I’m single”

Lilith in Cancer:

Words of support and dependency

“I do so much for you,”

“I want to make a family with you,”

“It’s like I’ve loved you once before,”

Lilith in Leo:

Words of attention and ego-stroking fun

“Let’s play the game of love,”

“you’re mine do you hear me, I don’t share,”

“Do you like the way I move,”

Lilith in Virgo:

Words of innocent seduction and dissatisfaction

“I love to please you”

“I can make you better,”

“Let’s not talk about faults shall we,”

Lilith in Libra:

Words of charming seduction

“You make me stronger,”

“I’m what you want and need,”

“Aren’t you happy we found each other,”

Lilith in Scorpio:

Words of true seduction and obsession

“you couldn’t handle me”

“I own you,”

“Sex is a means to an end,“

Lilith in Sagittarius:

Words of honesty and a need to win

“Let’s get a hotel for the weekend,”

“Let’s try this next, I’m bored,”

“All eyes are on us where they belong”

Lilith in Capricorn:

Words of modesty and class

“Consider yourself lucky,”

“I’m willing to invest my time in you,”

“Let’s just be real about this,”

Lilith in Aquarius:

Words of experimentation and rebellion

“You’ve never met anyone like me”

“I bet you’ve never tried this,”

“It’s lonely when you’re a little bit strange”

Lilith in Pisces:

Words of transcending bliss and quick exits

“How about in the shower,”

“I want to feel like we’re one,”

“You’re always in my thoughts,”


We have lost so many groups because people don’t support them and sleep on their debuts and comebacks. These ladies are constantly releasing bops and have intense choreo and are immensely talented and yet people judge them as unworthy of their attention. Please support girl groups, whether that’s by voting for them, buying physical copies of their album or digital or even just streaming and sharing their MVs. I’m not talking about just the popular groups, I’m talking about severely underrated female idols who deserve respect. We need to make it a goal to give girls a chance and give them the support they need and that goes beyond just “oh I’m sorry they disbanded” we can do better.

Please Stan girl groups or at least support the the best you can. Please

I am glad that Moonlight won and La La Land didn't.


La La Land does not deserve to be demonized.

People talking about Moonlight “snatching” the award are missing the point of creatives coming together to support one another. Moonlight deserves the award and La La Land handed it over as graciously, tactfully, and encouragingly as is even possible to do so in such a confusing and emotional moment.

Moonlight deserves the award hands down, but La La Land is still a good film. These actions do not cancel out the other - because Moonlight is the real winner, does not make La La Land a bad or undeserving film by default. We cannot praise the supportive interactions and reactions of the two teams onstage while simultaneously being bitter, salty, or mean-spirited in our own interactions and reactions.

Moonlight won - awesome! Historic! We should talk about how important this is!
La La Land didn’t - there could only be one winner, but it’s still a great film deserving of praise!

Please don’t use this as fodder to create more division and squabble. Two great films were represented onstage, and they supported each other. We can do the same.

Wanna learn about HoneyBees and Honey?

I’m not going to start discourse on this publicly so if you want to talk to me you’ll have to pm me about it or send a non anon ask, but

bee keepers do NOT hurt or stress out bees to get their honey.

Yes we supplement them with sugar water during the droughts and when flowers aren’t at their peak.

Those up north also supplement them with sugar water as well as their own honey to make sure that they will last over the winter. 

No, it is not cheaper to kill your bees than take care of them over the winter. No one does that. It costs 150 or more for a starting nucleus of bees which doesn’t give you enough to get excess honey until after a year so to get enough bees off the bat to jump back to where you were you’d need hundreds of dollars and that clearly isn’t cheaper than wrapping them up with some of their honey and some sugar water. 

No, people don’t go into their hives during the winter storms in the snow to give them sugar water instead of leaving them honey. even with flowers bees use a mason jar of sugar water all up in 2-3 days, you don’t take all their honey and give them gallons of sugar water. Thats not even practical. Don’t listen to these lies. 

No you don’t kill any bees by taking their honey. There are multiple boxes, bottom boxes are for babies, brood boxes, theres a separator so the queen doesn’t make babies in the top boxes, called supers. On the top boxes, you take out the frames and bees move by themselves, some people smoke them away before lifting the frames, or you can take a very soft bristle brush called a bee brush and usher them. Usually they don’t stay messing around on capped honey though. 

Facts about smokers! Can smokers hurt bees? Truth? Yes. They CAN. Doesn’t mean they do. People usually use pellets or pine needles and natural things in their smokers that they can just pick up off the ground. They don’t produce a hot smoke. You can easily check this by spraying your arm and if its too hot for you its too hot for the bees, which it never is if you use the right stuff. Otherwise the smoker works by interrupting their dances and vibrations to each other that tell them to work. Instead they go deeper into their hive closer to the queen to get her signals back. This doesn’t hurt them, just interrupts them for a minute so that you don’t hurt or squish them when taking out frames. 

Bees need us. Only 6% of wild honey bees last in the wild. They have a LOT of enemies and without us they would be extinct at the moment. They need help against mites, many beetles, wasps, bears, and other little buddies you can find in the wild. We check their young, make sure they are growing properly, get enough food and water, and need help to properly split when there are too many of them and taking their honey is like helping them by cleaning the clutter in their house because they make more honey than they can use. They wont just stop working, keeping them in place is vital for their survival. 

I’m just really tired of the lies about bees and if people protest against honey or beekeepers. I’m sure you’ve all seen the posts about how most of our produce and plants will go away. They need us as much as we need them. 

Also note, 75% of honey in grocery stores is just a weird sugar substitute in a form that replicates honey. So if you want to support the bees, please pay attention to what you buy! 

Sorry if this turns people off, but this is very important to me and one of the only places I can actually get word out. I’m very blessed to have you all with me and once I’m all settled I will do that giveaway I was talking about with stim toys! Thanks for listening <3

Some things I’ve just realized I [may] never get to see
  • The cluster saving Wolfgang from BPO
  • Will taking down Whispers and BPO
  • Will returning to Chicago and meeting Diego
  • Nomi and Amanita getting married
  • Lito acting in his Hollywood movie
  • Lito introducing the cluster to Hernando and Dani
  • Wolfgang and Kala meeting in real life
  • Sun taking revenge on her brother
  • Sun reuniting with her dog
  • Sun visiting Min Jung, Soo Jin, and Lina
  • Capheus successfully running for office and making changes to his country
  • Capheus finding the best medicine available for his mother (and Kabaka)
  • Capheus being happy with Zakia
  • Riley becoming well known DJ
  • Riley returning to Iceland with her father
  • Will and Riley living happily
  • Nomi finally getting her mother to accept and love her
  • Sun reuniting with detective Mun
  • Kala explaining everything to Rajan, getting support from her family to go for her own happiness
  • Kala kicking some asses
  • Kala taking revenge on Lila
  • The cluster living together
  • Sense8 getting season 3, 4, 5, etc.

And look at what Netflix gave us. Now excuse me while I go cry in a corner.

Update: I didn’t mean to sound so depressed when writing this post, but now that I realize how depressing it actually is, please go read other posts on my blog about some ways we can fight to get Sense8 back, it is very important so please read, share, pass it on, call Netflix, talk to them, send requests, everything you can, because as long as there is hope, we will not give up.


I know over the past 3 days there’s been a lot going on between myself, @animal-guardian , @the-vampire-inside-me , and @idolaelyartist . And I just want to say that we’ve all talked this out and have settled everything..we want this to end and for it to be let go..

Theres been so much hate going around, and it’s mostly been toward @idolaelyartist . So I’m asking you, please encourage her, pray for her, send her uplifting messages and not ones that will tear her down..we’re all friends here. And I haven’t been the best at it as of late..but me and Idol talked and worked things out. I apologized to her, and she graciously accepted along with @the-vampire-inside-me , and @animal-guardian . So please, can we not linger in this anymore..? We all just want for things to be peaceful once more, and go about our normal lives.

But please if you can, even if it’s a small ‘Hello, I hope you have a wonderful day!’ , say something uplifting and encouraging for @idolaelyartist . She really is one of the sweetest and kindest people I know on here, once I got to know her better..~ And she deserves all the love and support she can get right now…myself, @the-vampire-inside-me , and @animal-guardian are all worried for her, so please we ask you, no more hateful anons, please.

We’re all friends here, so let’s all be supportive and band together to make things for the better ❤️❤️❤️ ~