can we talk about their support please






can we please talk about phil lester.

• phil “spent all night in the hospital with dan when they weren’t sure what was wrong” lester.

• phil “sends his friends customized gifts to congratulate them” lester.

• phil “makes other’s anxiety feel better by doing the thing with them” lester.

• phil “supported dan when he decided to drop university and helped him through that uncertain time” lester.

• phil “I won’t pull away first when we’re hugging bc I know you might need it” lester.

• phil “I lost a friend when I was young but I’m living with a smile because I know that’s what he would’ve wanted” lester.

• phil “I have nothing but love to give” lester.

Muslims, I love you

Women, I love you

People of color, I love you

LGBT+ people, I love you

Disabled people, I love you

Everyone, I love you

I know you might be scared right now and that’s okay. You and your loved ones deserve to be safe. Everyone does. Even when the people who would do you harm win, remember that they do not speak for all of us: there are so many people who care about you and want you to be safe.

You are not alone. We will reach out to each other together as we process the results of one of the worst years we’ve faced recently. We will stand up for each other.

Be your own hero. Be your loved ones’ hero, a stranger’s hero. Find the heroes among you. We can support each other. We can come together in scary and uncertain times.

If you are struggling today, please reach out to someone you love very much. Talk to them. Spend time with them. I know I will be doing this.

Remember that something ugly happening doesn’t destroy all of the beauty in the world. It’s still there. You are still loved and wanted.

can we please talk about Phil Lester

Phil “spent all night in the hospital with Dan when they weren’t sure what was wrong” Lester

Phil “sends his friends customized gifts to congratulate them” Lester

Phil “makes others anxiety feel better by doing the thing with them” Lester

Phil “supported Dan when he decided to drop out of university and helped him through that uncertain time” Lester

Phil “I won’t pull away first when we’re hugging because I know you might need it” Lester

Phil “I lost a friend when I was young but I’m living with a smile because I know that’s what he would’ve wanted” Lester

Phil “I have nothing but love to give” Lester

minor pet peeve: seeing extremely popular fics continuously show up on fic rec lists

Hey guys! This whole discussing has taken up a lot of blog space so I’m going to delete the asks and store them under a read more here so that people in the future can read them if they have at issue + I’ll address some final thoughts! I’d like this to be the last public post I make about this particular topic so if you’ve got any further issues you think need to be addressed, please either ask off of anon or send me a personal message so we can talk about it directly.

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can we just stop everything and talk about jinson for a moment, please.

like, it’s not even in a “shipping” sort of sense anymore, but just within the fact that they are literally each others’ biggest support systems. just watching that got2day video gives you a really solid perception of their relationship. the concept that they can literally be trying to scream over each other one moment, and then have a soft, heart felt conversation the next — it’s so fucking nice. not only that, but they laugh so hard when they’re around each other. they laugh, try to out scream the other, interrupt what the other is saying every two seconds, and yet they still have all this time filled with just them genuinely listening to what the other is saying. just think about that for moment; think about how nice of a relationship they have with each other.

they know each others’ insecurities so well it hurts.

  • jackson knows about how hard jinyoung is on himself.
  • he knows about jinyoung’s tendency to focus and dwell on the tiniest of mistakes instead of how well he’s doing as a whole.
  • he knows about how negative jinyoung can be, especially towards himself.
  • he knows how much raw effort jinyoung puts into reaching the goals he’s set.
  • he knows about jinyoung’s onstage persona and how it differs from how he is on his own.

he knows. jackson knows.

  • jinyoung knows about how hard jackson is on himself.
  • he knows about how heavily jackson burdens himself with making others happy.
  • he knows that jackson doesn’t think highly of himself, and is frustrated with the fact that jackson has a habit of just off handedly insulting himself when given any sort of compliment.
  • he knows that jackson is aware of how many people stereotype him as this mindless, happy idiot who rarely thinks about anything.
  • he knows about jackson’s tendency to use his hat as a clutch.

he knows. jinyoung knows.

and because they know each others’ insecurities, they also want the other to know of their own strengths.

  • jackson always telling jinyoung to stop thinking so negatively.
  • jackson telling jinyoung that he knows, one day, jinyoung is going to accomplish everything he’s ever wanted.
  • jackson telling jinyoung to have confidence in himself because he knows how well jinyoung does and how hard jinyoung works.
  • jackson constantly pushing jinyoung to pursue acting again.
  • jackson wanting jinyoung to only have good thoughts.
  • jackson believing in jinyoung more than jinyoung believes in himself.

the way they take care of each other, not just physically but mentally — it’s almost unreal.

  • jinyoung forever complimenting jackson on how handsome he is.
  • jinyoung wanting to break the “happy, thoughtless” stereotype that fans hold jackson to.
  • jinyoung wanting people to see just how selfless jackson is; how often jackson thinks of ways to make others happy.
  • jinyoung wanting jackson to stop thinking so lowly of his appearance and getting frustrated every time jackson makes a backhanded insult towards himself.
  • jinyoung wanting jackson to know that he is more than his hat.
  • jinyoung telling jackson that he isn’t an amazing performer and talented individual because of his hat, but because he is jackson.

they hold each other in such high regards it’s hard to breathe. you can’t look at them and tell me that they aren’t close. you literally just can’t.

jackson: honestly, I’m one of the precious people in your life, right?
jinyoung: of course you are.
jackson: of course I am.
jinyoung: isn’t that a given? why are you even asking? why is that even a question?
jackson: that’s what i’m saying.
jinyoung: out of all the questions you could have asked, that’s not very creative.

jinson. got2day. 151015.


I hope Jaemin will get well so we can see him back healthy and happy next comeback.

And please stop hating on taeyong. I bat he’s taking it really bad.

Stop talking shit about Taeil being the way he is. It’s his charm

Give Mark rest and don’t stalk him or other NCT members at school*or any other place*

Let’s support NCT and help them reach the top🙏🙏🙏

anonymous asked:

sorry to ask, but what exactly is going on with Henry? I've been out of the fandom for some time and don't know what's happening anymore, please

Hi dear..  

Henry posted this post on Instagram and twitter :

which means :   “It’s so hard. I’m fed up. I don’t think I can do it on my own anymore. It’s been a mistake since 9 years ago. Now that place has become so big, it seems it can’t support (me?) anymore. What should I do from now on?”  (he deleted this comment later) 

and after that he commented on his post :

“I’m… Now it seems my fans are all I have. If you see this post, please talk for me. Our agency won’t listen to me.”   

(you can find the whole post here)

Tbh  I / we don’t know this is about what actually. But i guess it is about his solo album and how SM doesn’t pay attention to him enough. Like it’s always the same, the company doing this to all Super Junior members all the time.. they can’t see the value they deserved from SM. 

I mean Suju making money and sell albums even if company doesn’t support them properly.. everyone knows SM never supported them properly.. 

When I look at other groups’ MVs, comebacks, concerts, stages.. i can see how theirs companies spending money on them.. and we have neglected album covers, wrong typed names, etc.. They deserve more than this.. They deserve a better company that will treat them like talented people they are.

Like Siwon said once :

They working so hard.. Singing, dancing, acting, modeling, MCing, composing songs etc.. But no matter how much they work, company doesn’t give what they deserve. Tbh all they have is US, ELF. Like Henry said : “Now it seems my fans are all I have.. my agency won’t listen to me..” 

Super Junior wouldn’t survive as a group if they weren’t be together as like a family and this hardworking.. and without ELF’s love and support..

Two straight white guys were talking about “idk why it’s racist to support Trump” this morning and I freaking went off on them to the point where our entire class was watching me, obviously about to cry, explain why Trump is so bad for the minorities of our country and when I was done they said “wow we didn’t think of it that way.” My point is PLEASE educate those who feel Trump is good for our country. I know the election’s over but our voices can still make a difference


Yeah, yeah, the airport scene was gorgeous and all, yes, but can we pLEASE talk about how supportive Yurio was in this episode? Like for a second there, he didn’t care about if Yuuri beat him or not, he just knew that Yuuri needed the encouragement and support that he didn’t have and he was willing to give it to him. And I don’t know about you but I think that is pretty amazing because we all have seen how Yurio feels about/ acts toward Yuuri, but he knew that right then, that wasn’t important. It truly does take a lot of maturity and respect to put your own feelings aside for a bit and just do something for someone else, not because you want to, but because you know they need it.

I’m not done though, sorry guys but can we please talk about Marco freaking Reus! This guy, who was out of action for 6 months! 6 months! And received an unfair amount of criticism for winning the FIFA 17 cover vote due to ‘being inactive’ and 'not winning anything’. Well guess what! Marco Reus, made his return to the Football pitch today. He wore the captain’s armband. Played all 90 minutes and finished off with a hattrick! A hattrick! Looks like the inactivity is all behind us. Looks like this guy is back and winning the joy of those who support him! And that’s all that really matters 💛

listen. i’m v lonely and have one friend, my best friend who is also my roommate, and i would love to have at least one more lol. like all i’m lookin for is someone to talk about tv and movies and junk with, who likes to text me literally all the time, and will let me be there for u and support you. that is all. i’m gonna tag the stuff i’m into and if you feel like i’m your kinda person then please for fucks sake send me a message so we can be besties and i can love you forever.

anonymous asked:

Please pray for me. I feel like a burden, have suicidal thoughts and don't know how to reach out to anybody, even though i have loving friends. I feel stuck. Something is holding me back.

Praying for you, friend. You are so, very loved.

Please reach out to someone you trust and tell them about how you’re feeling. Just straight up ask “can I talk with you?” Your friends want to be there to support you.

We’re all here for you and support you. You are made for more, friend.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line:  Text HOME TO 741741

Some news:

I’m officially starting a youth pastor/leadership/director for middle school at my new church in January! It’s a paid position and can possibly go to full time, and there is talk about schooling and support from the church. I’m told: “Dream big with God” since we are basically starting completely fresh! Please pray for our church! :)