can we talk about their hair in this ep

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BRUH, what's ur favorite look for obi-wan between all three of the prequels? I love love love his long hair and beard it makes me wanna die

Episode III. Episode III all the way and forever. 100% my aesthetic. 1000% would bang. If I could I would marry this look to be honest and I am not kidding.

I mean

Look at him.

I cannot even.

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Way of Kings thoughts/feels

So I finally took the time to sit down and actually read this book. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for like two months as I’ve made my way through Mistborn, Elantris, and Warbreaker first, which probably wasn’t a bad idea as WoK was definitely more cosmere heavy than the rest of the books so the foundation I had was good.

and i finished it a couple of days ago

I am still screaming

it was so so good

so here are some of my thoughts and reactions in no particular order:



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Sometimes I ship you with Combeferre and sometimes I ship you with Cosette, and sometimes even Marius and Cosette... but 800% of the time i ship you with Happiness

R: I think you have a fan, Ep.

Ep: Omg!! That is so sweet, thank you! To be honest, I don’t know Ferre that well either, just that he loves moths and *cough maybe Courfeyrac cough cough*. Anyway I’m always open to getting to know new people!

R: I can confirm the moth thing but I’ll have to ask him about Courf *wink wink*.

Ep: Maybe we can subtly invite them to the next meeting too, along with a certain blonde haired statuesque, cerulean eyed boy who I’m sure wants to talk to you, R!

R: You are NOT inviting Enjolras- ugh. nevermind. Anyway, we should probably wrap up. It’s getting late and I should head home. Thank you all for coming, it really made my day a lot better :)

The ask box for Grantaire is now closed. Don’t worry, it’ll reopen soon (probably for the next meeting). Ep’s box is always open, so feel free to send her suggestions for who to invite next week, questions, advice, really anything you want!! 

Also just a reminder that my posts are ALWAYS free to reblog unless it says not to in the tags!! Hope you had fun at the meeting :P


“You got better during that last set of tosses,” Ukai tells Kageyama, catching one of the stray volleyballs the other throws to him to drop in the storage basket. “Did the visualization help?”

“Yeah,” Kageyama says, jogging a few steps to one of the other volleyballs scattered around the gym. “It’s easier to think about a spiker instead of the bottle.”

“I’m glad.” Ukai catches another of Kageyama’s tosses before dragging the basket towards another loose volleyball. “Just keep trying the toss with that in mind.”


Ukai isn’t looking at the gym door. He’s actually in the middle of picking up a volleyball, halfway through the easy motion to drop it in the basket when the sound of his name in that voice stalls him to stillness, turns all his blood to heat and drags his attention up to the doorway, where a breathless Takeda is just stepping into the brightly lit space.

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Yeah ok so young Greg was cute and precious but can we talk about:

-what a nerd rose is
-sour cream’s parents (if Marty isn’t his real dad - Vidalia is clearly onion’s mom- I will eat my hat. Actually Marty probably knocked Vidalia up now that I think about it)
- baby feral eager short hair amethyst
- amethyst probably having long hair because of Greg
- pearl’s jealousy of Greg
- pearl’s legwarmers
- Greg’s big lady fetish
- how cute everyone is i wanna squish them