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Percy Jackson Series Starter Sentences #1

  • “Don’t feel bad, I’m usually about to die.”
  • “I’m incognito. Call me Fred.”
  • “You’re not getting away from me. Never again.”
  • “Don’t I get a kiss for luck? It’s kind of a tradition, right?”
  • "You’re cute when you’re worried. Your eyebrows get all scrunched together.”
  • “Now, come over here so I can pat you down.“
  • "I declare that this is stupid.”
  • "The god’s chosen beverage. Tremble before the horror of Diet Coke!”
  • “Every time I’m around you, some monsters attack us. What’s to be nervous about?”
  • “They asked me a lot of questions about you. I played dumb.“ 
  • “Remind me again-why do you hate me so much?”
  • “You weren’t able to talk sense into him?“
  • “Nothing like watching your relatives fight, I always say.”
  • “We need music, how’s your singing?”
  • “We’ve learned that your plans really, really bite!”
  • “There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it.”
  • “Lots of death, huh? Personally, I’m trying to avoid lots of death, but you guys have fun!” 
  • “It was an accident. We were talking, and we fell asleep.”
  • “Yeah, well,not giving people a second thought…that can be dangerous.”
  • “What did you want to tell me earlier?”
  • “Just take the compliment. I swear, is it so hard?”
  • “Can’t this thing go any faster?”
  • “You’re planning something. You’ve got that I’m-planning-something look.” 
  • “ You smell like you’ve been run over by an electric horse.” 
  • “Don’t change the subject.”
  • “Sugar and caffeine. My willpower crumbled.”
  • “Are you trying to tempt me?”
I want to spread love, and not just through music. Tonight, I wanna celebrate love. So there’s a lot of shit going on in the world right now. The song we’re gonna play is about love and the thing we’re supposed to talk about love is that it’s very special and I believe that love can cure hate. Without getting too sappy, that being said, I want everyone, every single person in here, to love someone else here tonight. But, that doesn’t mean literally. Don’t literally love somebody tonight. Don’t make love to someone, just make love with them tonight.
—  Michael Clifford. SLFL Mansfield, July 9th, 2016.

A short SU fansong I wrote back after We Need To Talk, when everyone was very worried about Stevens impending identity crisis! That crisis was averted for the most part thankfully, but here is my idea of how it might’ve played out.

My goal was to make it as much like the style of music in the show as possible. Enjoy. :) 


Chords: D, G, A, C.


I’m just me,
I’m not one thing or another I’m just me
am I more like my father or my mother? neither I’m me
am I a gem? I can form a fusion and do other magic things
am I a human? This planet is my home it’s all I know it’s where I sing
and jam on these four strings

I’m just me
I’m not one thing or the other I’m just me
and I’m still deciding who I’m gonna be
Gems can be smart and fun and brave, and humans can be all of those things too
Humans and gems can both save the day, so do I really have to choose?
No, I’m not confused.

I’m just me
I’m not one thing or the other I’m just me
and I know I’m exactly who I’m meant to be
I am a gem. My power comes from love and it can heal the earth
And I’m a human. This planet is my home and so I know just what it’s worth
and I know first things first

I know me
Yeah I know me
I’m not just me
I’m all of me.


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Can we just talk about the fact that Spock canonically plays the piano beautifully?

But really lemme just take a minute here. Is it not enough that he’s already the most amazing, intelligent and beautiful creature in the galaxy? Was it really necessary to make him a proficient piano player as well? What are you doing to me, Gene Roddenberry?

Do you think he was ever at Christmas parties around all the drunk people with nothing to do all awkward  and just quietly slunk behind the keys when nobody noticed?

(I bet Jim notices like a proud husband and wants to make a big deal out of it but Spock won’t let him. I bet he loves to hear Spock play piano and tries to encourage him to do it whenever the opportunity presents itself.)

Who taught him? Did he learn by himself?

And if Sarek taught Spock how to play the lyre …
Did … did Amanda teach little Spock how to play the human piano?

Oh my God. 


It’s not really about can I do my guitar part now, it’s more … what will serve this song best? How do we not mess up this really good song? Part of the problem is Thom will sit at the piano and play a song like ‘Pyramid Song’ and we’re going to record it and how do we not make it worse, how do we make it better than him just playing it by himself, which is already usually quite great. We’re kind of, we’re arrangers really.
—  Jonny Greenwood talking about the making of A Moon Shaped Pool for NPR Music. Audio here

rose-of-the-wind  asked:



I love the conversations we’ve had. I always feel like I can talk about so many interesting things with you, and you’ve also given me very interesting things to think about and good advice too

I like that you like classical music too and how you can play various instruments. you also know some french and japanese which I think is really cool!!

also this sounds weird but I like that you also like tsubasa and lucina just like me. we jsut like a lot of the same things (like, I remember you saying the polar express is also your favorite christmas movie)

most of all… some people just have such a comforting presence, and to me it comes in different flavors. some are like a soft pillow to lean on, and some are a cool breeze that refreshes your lungs. you are like a steady foundation, always sturdy, solid, and reassuring~

this is just off the top of my head, but you’re one of my oldest mutuals and we go back far! I love seeing you around and I’m always wishing the best for you!!

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ahh i'm so excited to give you your name!!!!!!! can we know a little about you??

I talked about myself a little bit here!

I’m an English student, my biggest passions are books, writing, literature, etc. I’m sort of musical, I guess, I play guitar and a little piano and sing sometimes. I’m bilingual, which is kinda cool. Honestly I’m a big ball of anxiety, although I’d actually say I’m kind of extroverted! I love love love talking to people and being social, I just struggle with it a little. I wear glasses, I have blonde-ish red hair and green eyes, if that’s any use haha? I’m just generally a big dork, I love anything nerdy!

I’m excited to see what you make of that haha!

There are lots of cute ships in Overwatch but like. Can we talk about D.VA and Lucio for a minute?

Consider the following:

  • They both fangirl/boy internally when they first meet (I mean you can hear an interaction showing as much here: XX)
  • D.VA playing Lucio’s music in the background of her livestreams
  • Lucio drawing inspiration from her  battle streams for his music
  • They keep autographed photos of each other in their workspaces (near his DJ equipment, in her plug suit locker etc)
  • Collaborative videos!!!
  • Lucio helping D.VA dye her hair fun colors
  • Being super supportive of each other but at the same time protective because one is a freedom fighter and the other fights giant killer robots for a living? Why do they have such hazardous occupations?!
Just finished reading The Cursed Child

And honestly, i’m so disappointed… I mean, i didn’t have high expectations to begin with (sequels are always bad), but this?? I don’t know if actually watching the play in theatre gives you a different feeling, but the script was absolute shit.
It literally seems like a bad fanfiction, only worse because there is no gay (also the amount of queer baiting is just to much??).
Like seriously can we talk about the plot?? (MAJOR SPOILERS FROM HERE)

  •  Voldemort’s child??? Seriously?? That’s just bad fanfiction material, really. (Also voldemort/bellatrix?? Wtf?? This literally sounds like A Very Potter Musical)
  •  Way, way too much playing around with time turners. I mean, it could be a good idea but not when you use it SEVEN times!! Seven!!
  • Doesn’t matter how much people hate Slytherins, Harry potter’s child will not be bullied. It’s just not realistic.
  • That scene with the trolley witch: WHAT THE HELL??? that was just bad, there are not other words for it. It was just bad writing.
  • I didn’t like the characterization of pretty much every one. Scorpius is unrealistically scared all the time, Albus seems to be in his emo phase, Harry’s a dick, and they completely destroyed Ron. He’s a fundamental part of the trio, and they just made him the useless stupid comic relief. I feel so bad for him.
  • The original characters were so… fanfiction-like. Delphi just didn’t make sense; her motives, how she acted, how she managed to live in secret for 20 years… again, bad writing.
  • What about the other characters?? Lily, James, Hugo, TEDDY??

All in all, the second part was slightly better than the first, and there were some scenes that i didn’t despise (the alternative realities were cool, even if completely unrealistic. Like, blood ball? Scorpion King? really?).

In conclusion: if you are going to see tcc in theatre, go for it, when the actors and the effects are good even a bad script can be amazing. But if you want to just read the book, don’t waste your money. It’s not worth it.

btw, that’s just my opinion, if you liked the script good for you, I’m not trying to push my ideas on anyone.

Hi! My name is Emily and I am tumblr user bitchish
I love dogs, and play cello and piano. If you’re gonna talk to me about dogs, music, or tacos we will be best friends tbh. (I love tacos).

I live in Germany, but am half American and I hope I can spend a lot of time there (hmu if you’re from Minnesota) :)

I’d love to get to know new people on here, so just message me whenever! Also I follow back blogs that are similar to mine :))

Are they gonna take away our music?

Frankly, it’s all rather obscure and arcane. But government policy makers and various players in the music industry are trying to update music copyright laws. These are the laws about who owns music, what can be done with it, how much radio and internet providers must pay when its played (royalties), what buyers can do with the music once they own it, etc. Essentially, these laws cover everything after a song is written and how we, the consumers, interact with it. And, unfortunately, we’re not talking much about these potentially seismic changes.

Here’s the back story. Songwriters are upset about how many folks cover their songs. And music industry groups like the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) are fuming because they don’t believe songwriters get paid enough from Internet radio like Pandora and streaming sites like rdio and Spotify. These groups feel like the current laws are too old and don’t work for the Internet age. And they want artists and writers to have a lot more control over when and how their work is available over the internet.

Look, I’m all for artists getting paid. But it’s been true for a long time that even with sales of CDs and records, artists and writers don’t get paid that much for their work and usually make most of their money through touring and sales of merchandise. The music industry has a long history of funny games with artists (think Motown). So actually I’m skeptical of the intentions of the music industry. They didn’t have the best response back when digital music first came around, and suddenly 80 year old grandmothers were getting sued for copyright infringement. Yes, many consumers illegally downloaded everything though this wasn’t the only reason that the music industry went into crisis. Many argue that Apple rescued the industry with iTunes—offering a convenient and legal platform for music. Now with streaming music like Soundcloud and rdio, it’s a whole different story. We’re consuming music left and right. It’s a feast and the promise of the internet where we have access to everything all the time. Even Apple sees this future and is getting into the game. Even when artists like Taylor Swift and Sam Smith keep their music away from streaming for a while, it still works out.

Now with this updating taking place, some of the proposals sound scary even if it’s a little opaque right now. And while nothing has been decided yet, it certainly sounds like your iTunes and your Spotify could be up for some major shakeups. I mean, it’s already annoying when songs come and go on Spotify. What is being proposed could make that process even worse, vastly more expensive and could potentially even kill streaming as a viable service. Awk.

Post by Matthew.