can we talk about the last picture

Shawn Mendes Imagine

A/N: thanks @supersoldierslover for helping me translate, I usually do this alone but I’m sad and my head hurts 😕.


I was on the set with Carter Jenkins my Boyfriend in the movie. Carter and I knew each other for a long time, since our first movie together and some people think we are dating. However, my boyfriend hates this. Shawn and I had several discussions about it, He’s very jealous, and things are worse now.

“Did you talk with your boyfriend y/n?”

“No, since the last picture came out he doesn’t answer my calls.”

” You can’t Y/N we are filming?“

"I don’t care, Carter, I only care about my relationship with Shawn.

"I understand, but wait two more days, and you go to Toronto to talk to him.”

Before I said something, Miranda, the makeup artist of the movie came desperately into the room.

“Who died?”

“Your relationship,” she says “Did look on Twitter today?”

“No, why?”

"Then look.”

Miranda gave me my cell phone, a picture of my boyfriend kissing Camila Cabello, which made my blood boil, now I would go to Toronto today, I would not expect the weekend off to get this story clean. I handed the cell phone back to Miranda and took out my purse.

“Miranda, are you with your car today?”

“Yes, why?”

“Can you take me to the airport?”

“Right now?”

“Yes, Miranda right now.”

“Are you going to get something at the hotel?”


As soon as I got to the airport I went to buy the ticket. With luck, I got a ticket for the flight of 5 am that left at 6 am from Vancouver.

4 hours later I was in Toronto, and luckily my best friend was waiting for me.


“ It’s okay, do you want to stay at my home today?”

“No, I need to talk to him”

"I understand, I would do the same.”

I came home around midnight, and Shawn was still awake.

“We need to talk.”

“Not now y / n, I’m tired.”

“ We need talk, we are going to do this now”

"I don’t want talk to you, at least not right now.”

“Why not?”

“y/n I already said that I do not want to talk today.”

” Can you stop run away please?”

“I’m tired, so please let’s talk tomorrow.”

“If I wanted to talk to you tomorrow I would come on my day off not today.”

“So now you remember about me”

"You know, Cater and I are just friends nothing more”

“That is not what looks like in that picture”

"You want to talk about pictures then. Let’s talk about the photo where you are kissing Camila Cabello that is all over the internet.

"You cheated on me first.”

“I told you I didn’t cheat on you, Carter and I are just friends.”

"So explain this photo to me?”

“My God, Shawn, this picture is from the first movie I did with Carter, look how my hair is short in this photo. Because of this photo that you kissed Camila?

"Yes,” he said embarrassed

“Will you tell me one thing, it was just a kiss?”

“ Yes, I promise it was just a kiss and I regret it.”

“All right, I’ll excuse you. But if it happens ever again I’ll leave and not come back, okay.

"I promise”

“Just one more thing, next time come and talk to me, don’t do anything stupid.”



hunk: hey have you ever thought who shiros favorite is?

lance: oh hunk. oh my hunky honey bear. you do NOT want to know my thoughts on THAT whole situation

hunk: oh boy. ok I’ll bite, who is shiros favorite?

lance: fine you asked for it. it’s pidge.

hunk: …..huh. I would’ve thought you might have said keith.

lance: oh yeah he is too

hunk: ok you lost me

lance: look the way i see it is, pidge is the favorite the way the baby of the family is always the favorite. Keith is like the eldest son, born to take over the family business or whatever.

hunk: alright….so where do we fall in all of this?

lance: well pidge is first with keith running a close second so while keith may not get more desert at the table or get away with murder like pidge does, he’s given more responsibilities and will ultimately gain more of the inheritance. after him comes allura who’s sort of like the hot girl next door shiro has a crush on but he’s too shy to ever ask out. then it’d be you, the cuddly middle child who’s kind of left to his own devices cause your can obviously take care of yourself, then coran, alluras whacky uncle, then the Lions who are the family pets, then me


lance: the other middle child who’s the obnoxious class clown only there to get a cheap laugh out of the audience and kind of just there to make shiro angry or exasperated and give him more personality otherwise he’ll look boring

hunk: ….lance

lance: but then again I’m not the last one anymore cause now slavs in the picture and HE’S the one who makes shiro angry and annoyed…..although, he is a lot smarter than i am and he brings out an even funnier side of shiro so I’m probably still the least favorite…….what were we talking about again?

hunk getting up and hugging lance from behind: lance you know you can always talk to me about stuff right?

lance trying not to tear up: uh yeah hunky bear i know that why wouldn’t i know that

hunk: us ignored middle children need to stick together

lance: heh yeah

Because we are all emotional right now I felt like it would be a good time to spread some positive vibes when it comes to our beloved Choi Seunghyun. I don’t know how you guys feel about this, but it makes me even sadder when I want to go online and all the news about him are related to the scandel. Which is why I decided to do a little T.O.P. masterpost - starting with pre debute pictures of him being the cutie we all love!

Baby Seunghyun will always be one of the sweetest things on this planet

followed by the time when he started to lose weight and was known as “Tempo” plus his selfie game was 10/10 back then already

I mean look at this smug grin

and I don’t know how you guys feel like, but I have a special place in my hear for this haircut - especially the second picture with the baseball cap! Most people will probably say it was terrible, but I think it suited him 

pulling faces while eating or even talking on the phone to the camera - my aesthetic for sure 

Also, can we talk about this shot? I feel like this is the typical “come on, bro, I need a new profile pic for cyworld - and I wanna look really cool!” - “dude, how about we stick a patch on your cheek an- perfect! Now look at me like you looked at Seungri when he ate your favourite candy!”

oh and speaking of cyworld - last but not least: some of my most favourite pics! (feat. the baby dragon bc those two were the masters of taking stupid selfies)

It’s not much, but I hope you guys at least had to smile a bit. It always warms my heart when I see these pictures. The next masterpost will follow for sure! 

Feel free to add more pictures of him

What I love about the YJ Fandom is that we’ve proven that it can actually be done;

We had our show cancelled.
It has been cancelled for years.
But we kept talking about it, kept pestering them over it, kept signing petitions, tweeting, etc-

And we did it.

I’ve been psyched since it was announced last year, but seeing the pictures and how alive the fandom became last night made it feel a million times more real.

Next year we will have 26 new episodes, because we did it.

Our love and dedication to this show brought it back and I’m so happy and proud of this fandom!

southern hospitality

bitty has outgrown this place, and the people in it.

tw: homophobic language/slurs

word count: 1800

for @stitchedopen, 3rd place winner in my fic giveaway! i hope you like it!

The clinking of Jack’s fork against his plate as he sets it down is very unnerving. It’s not the only sound in the room but it’s by far the loudest, to him at least. Even louder than Suzanne’s pleasant babbling (no wonder where Bitty gets it from) and the gentle lull of music being played on a radio somewhere in another room. Probably the kitchen, where Bitty’s finishing up supper.

There’s a shuffling around the corner and Coach becomes visible as he nears the bottom of the staircase. “Jack,” he mumbles gruffly in greeting, giving him a nod and sitting at the head of the table.

“Hello, Mr. Bittle,” Jack replies, smiling a little. “How’s the season going? Still the reigning champs of Morgan County?” If there’s one thing Jack knows he can get Coach to talk about, it’s football. It might be a much different sport than hockey, Jack surmises, but the passion they share for their sports is more than enough for them to hold a conversation.

“Oh, they lost their first game of the season last week. Nevin’s got an injury and we had to switch around the lineups– you remember, Nevin, receiver, curly hair, he’s in the team picture in the living room– anyway, I’m sure it hurt their chemistry.” Coach would talk strategy with Jack for hours, if it was up to him, but Eric is coming into the dining room now. He’s got on yellow oven mitts with tiny white flowers, and he’s holding a tray with a roast and some vegetables.

“The meat’s a little dry, Lord help me, I should stick to baking,” Eric laughs, setting the tray down on the table. “But all the vegetables should be good and I’ve got some pumpkin muffins with a fantastic cream cheese frosting waiting for us in the kitchen.” Everyone starts to serve themselves. The meat’s not dry at all, but Jack keeps that to himself. Sometimes Bitty needs little things to dwell on, to keep himself busy so he’s not worrying so much about the big stuff. Jack knows that.

“So,” Suzanne starts after a minute, and Jack can tell that this is going to be a long one. He glances up at her, a signal that he’s listening. “The Gardeners are having a potluck this Friday, and they sent us an invitation.”

Bitty nearly drops his fork. “The Gardeners?” he hisses. “As in, Melissa and Kyle?”

“Those Gardeners,” Suzanne replies smugly. Jack and Coach exchange a look, humor gleaming in both of their eyes. The drama is about to unfold, they can tell. “What right do they think they’ve got, inviting us to their potluck after what happened at ours?”

Bitty turns to Jack, waving his hands as he speaks. “Two summers ago, we held a potluck here for the neighborhood, and when the Gardeners showed up, Kyle was drunk as a skunk and knocked over our entire dessert table. The whole thing! It was all ruined! And it would have been okay, but they didn’t even bring anything to the potluck in the first place, and they never apologized, and oh, it was such a mess, everyone tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal but darlin’ you should’ve seen the look on Moomaw’s face, I swear she was on the verge of a heart attack.” He shifts abruptly back toward Suzanne. “Mama, we’ve got to go.”

“Oh, I know that, of course we do. Dicky, what you’ve gotta do is bake the best pie those folks have ever tasted, let them know exactly what they were destroying when they had the nerve-”

Jack hums quietly, making a mental note. Potluck on Friday. Prepare for a spectacle.


Bitty’s fingers press against Jack’s neck as he helps him straighten his collar. Jack doesn’t really need the help, he supposes, but the contact is welcome, brief but full of warmth, not the kind of affection Jack usually gets when they’re with Bitty’s parents. They’ve been trying really hard, Jack can tell, and Bitty has too. But he understands why Eric sometimes has trouble being soft with Jack around Suzanne and Coach.

“Don’t you just look dashing,” Bitty says with a smile, placing his hand flat on Jack’s chest.

“Only because you picked my outfit,” Jack laughs. Bitty laughs with him, nodding in agreement. He’s got little crinkles at the edges of his eyes when he laughs, and Jack rubs his thumb over them, absent minded.

“You ready, Dicky?” Suzanne calls from the kitchen. The noises of the coffee pot stop and Jack can hear her pouring herself a cup.

“All ready!” Bits yells back. He reaches up his hand and squeezes Jack’s wrist before whirling around into the kitchen. Jack watches Bitty’s hips swing as he leaves, his jeans a little tighter than usual since he’s outgrown some of the clothes that he left here during the school year, and wonders if wore them on purpose.


The potluck is bustling. There are people of all ages, from the tiny toddlers playing in the Slip ‘N Slide far left in the back yard to the old ladies knitting underneath the sugar maple next to the house in a comically stereotypical manner. Jack opens Eric’s door for him not out of chivalry but out of necessity– when he emerges from the car, his arms are full of tupperware containers.

“Let me take some, bud” Jack offers, but Bitty shakes his head.

“I’ve got to bring them over myself.”


“This one’s cherry with a lattice crust,” Eric is explaining as he removes the lid from the nearest tupperware container. The egregious Melissa Gardener turns out to be a petite brunette with a smattering of freckles across her upturned nose. “And this one’s pumpkin, I know it’s not really the season but I had some materials left over from the muffins I made the other night and I’m sure it’ll be just delightful, I made the whipped cream myself– now, they’re all desserts. I was sure you’d need some.”

Jack stifles a laugh. The bite in Bitty’s voice is unmistakable. “Where should I set them?” Eric asks, still sweet as sugar but with a lilt that suggests this isn’t an innocent question. “This table seems a little… unsteady. I wouldn’t want them to fall, heaven forbid.”

“This table’s fine,” Melissa ensures him, smiling. “Thank you so much for the contributions.”

“It’s nothing at all.”

They burst out laughing as soon as she leaves, Bitty collapsing into Jack’s chest. Jack’s arms come around him automatically and squeeze. “Bits, that was cold.”

“Really? Here I was, thinking I was being so courteous.”

They stay in the embrace for a few more seconds before Bitty shifts away from Jack. It’s subtle, but Jack understands. He squeezes Bitty’s shoulder and then takes a step away. Bitty’s out to everyone who matters, but some people don’t know. And some still have their prejudices.

“Bits, where’s the bathroom?” Jack asks. The noise is already getting to him. He knows he’s got a while of this to go, and he’s sure he’ll be fine, but he just needs a minute to adjust. Eric points him in the right direction, then goes back to arranging the pies on the table.

“Eric!” Bitty whips around. It’s a tall guy with acne scars in a red polo shirt. Bitty looks up, his face ghostly stricken for a second, then paints a big smile on.

“Hey, Todd,” he replies as the guy moves closer. “How have you been.”

“I’ve been fine, thanks,” Todd says. Eric tugs on the bottom of his shirt and glances over at Jack, entering the house. “Who’s the guy?” Todd asks, nodding toward him.

“Jack,” Eric says. “My… my boyfriend.”

Todd smiles. He turns his gaze to Bitty. “I’ve gotta say, Eric, I’m impressed! I expected you to come home with some twinky faggot in a pink H&M scarf.”

Eric inhales sharply. “Go away,” he says quietly, looking at his shoes. “My love life is none of your business.”

“We all knew you were a homo, Bittle, I guess it’s just a little surprising that you’re still showing your face around here. Are you queers ever gonna stop shoving your agenda in our faces? Huh? Go back to Samwell, eh?” He’s inching closer now, and Eric’s cheeks are flaming red.

“Go fuck yourself,” Eric mutters, turning his back. He unstacks a tin of macadamia nut cookies from his lemon meringue, and opens it. His hands are shaking as he spreads them out artfully.

Todd ignores his response, instead reaching over Bitty and sweeping up several cookies. “Don’t mind if I do,” he says as he stuffs one in his mouth. “Mmm,” he replies, smirking. “They’re a little bit… fruity, don’t you think?”

“That’s not even funny,” Eric rolls his eyes. “Get the hell away from me.”

“And if I don’t?”

There’s a hand on the back of Bitty’s neck and he’s flinching, he’s freezing, he can’t move he can’t breathe–

“If you don’t,” Jack whispers, his voice robotic and cold. “I’ll beat the shit out of you, and you can crawl home to your mother and tell her you got your ass handed to you by a faggot. Does that sound like a good enough reason to stop?”

Todd takes a step back. “Don’t you fucking touch me,” he hisses at Jack. “You’re not from around here, are you? You don’t know who my dad is, do you?”

“Let me guess. Mayor of some town I’ve never heard of? Principal of the local high school? Do you know who my father is, noune?” Jack puffs up his shoulders. “Because I can guaran-fucking-tee that my dad is a hell of a lot worse to mess with than yours. So you might just wanna step off.”

“Whatever. I shouldn’t be talking to y’all anyway. Just in case it’s contagious, you know?” Todd smirks.

“I’m going to fucking kill you,” Jack says, still matter of fact, balling his fists and lunging toward Todd. Todd flinches, but the blow doesn’t come. Bitty’s caught the back of Jack’s t-shirt in his hand.

“Jack, honey, it’s okay. I can handle it.”

Todd laughs.

“But this– this asshole–”

“Trust me, sweetpea, I’ve got this.” Eric smiles.

“Yeah, you’re sure gonna take care of me, Bittle, what can you weigh, a hundred and ten? I bet you couldn’t even–”


“Pity,” Eric says sweetly as the pie tin slides down Todd’s face, then down his shirt, coating him in cherry filling. “That lattice crust was gorgeous.”

“You– you–” Todd splutters, wiping cherry crud out of his eyes, but Bitty and Jack are already walking away.

“Enjoy the snacks, Melissa,” Eric calls over his shoulder as they make their way to the car. “We’re gonna head out.”

Can we take a minute to think about how the probability of Eleven having been gone still on Mikes birthday is super high? I mean, he was trying to talk to her for almost a year, every single day. The chance one of those days was his birthday is high. Considering this, he was probably heartbroken. (Adding on to how broken hearted he already was)

Can you picture it though? Mike sitting with all his friends in the basement, eating pizza and birthday cake and (he’s having a sleepover duh) he saves the last piece of cake and puts it in the fridge and then goes back to the basement to sleep in the fort, but decides to try to talk to her.

“Eleven? Are you there? It was my birthday today.. I wish you could have been here… I saved you a piece of cake… Its really good, my mom baked it… I got a few new games and some toys but… All I wanted was for you to come back… If you’re there, please say something.. Anything..” He receives nothing but static and just lays down and goes to bed, ignoring the couple of tears that fell.

“Happy birthday… Mike…. I’m.. Sorry..”

shawn’s smile

since I’ve finished all my exams, I decided to take a moment and create an appreciation post with all of my favorite shawn smiles because

 I just need to see his smile. It make me so happy.

none of these gifs or pictures are mine so credit to whoever made these beautiful gifs or took these wonderful pictures!

also i’m not sure if there already is a smile appreciation post but this is mine so WITHOUT FURTHER ADO

buckle your seat belt because this is gonna be a ride :)

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Smile - Jughead x Reader

Request — Can you do a jughead x reader where the reader is very shy but has a huge crush on jughead? Then she walks by and sees in a window Betty and jughead kissing then she runs away? Thanks, I’ve had this in my mind for so long ♡

A/N — I am so happy to write this request as I have been meaning to write something similar for a while, yet again I changed it up a bit. Also, I’m at 100 followers so thank you guys for supporting me and my writing. Also I’m down a couple tags since the buzz lately is everyone getting Bughead smut in tags like Reggie or Thornhill, shit like that, so I’m sticking to the tags that matter to Jughead. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this imagine because I have a feelings it’s going to be adorable as heck.

Words: 1310

Warnings: None

(Y/N) , (E/C) , (H/C) , (S/C) — Your name, eye colour, hair colour, skin colour.

You sat on the bleachers at the Riverdale Bulldog’s first game of the season. You held your camera in your gentle small hands, watching the intense football game as high school heart throb, Archie Andrews, got the crowd’s attention as he was a fan favourite. (Y/N) waited patiently for the half time cheerleader show to start in just a few minutes, as it was her job working for the Blue and Gold as the yearbook photographer, she took the chance to grab some photos.

That Autumn night was chilly, as the students clung onto their coats and scarves, baring the weather to come and support the game. Finally the half time show arrived, the River Vixen’s ran onto the field with their leader, Cheryl Blossom, front and centre. You sat up from your seat, squeezing through the rows of crowded people to get down to the front of the stands. The camera strap slung over (Y/N)’s shoulder as she managed to finally get down, bumping into someone. Unaware of her surroundings, she had the close call of almost dropping her beloved camera, but luckily that figure caught it in time to shatter. And that figure happened to be her ultimate crush, Jughead Jones.

“That was a close one.” Jughead chuckled as he looked down at the camera before staring straight into your (E/C), making your knees easily give in. She was so shy whenever she was around him, she didn’t know what to do or more importantly what to say whenever she had the chance.

“T-Thanks, Jug,”  was all she managed to blurt out to stop herself from rambling on with anxiety. And then the unthinkable happened, she quickly propped up her camera into her hands as she looked through the lens which aimed straight at Jughead. “Smile!” Jughead blinked a couple times, getting use to the sudden flash that caught him. (Y/N) quickly slung her camera over her shoulder, a red blush spreading brightly over her (S/C) complexion. “S-Sorry. Uh, yearbook features, y’know,” she awkwardly chuckled. “Speaking of which, I gotta go!” She flashed Jughead a quick smile before turning away, just when Jughead laid a hand on her shoulder, stopping her.

I didn’t know you did photography until I saw your camera. Maybe one time you could show me whenever I’m in home room or at the Blue and Gold.” Jughead suggested, making you pause a couple seconds to just soak in what she just witnessed. ‘Jughead Jones literally just asked to see my photo’s, is this real?’ Is what she thought to herself.

Uh, s-sure. Yeah, I-I guess so. Um, I gotta go and take more p-photos… bye.” She once again awkwardly said before this time getting the chance to run away, leaving Jughead staring at her before breaking into a cheeky smile and walking off.

Later that week, (Y/N) was sitting at the computer uploading her photo’s from the game for the yearbook. One picture really captured her eye, and that was Jughead’s. Although it caught him by surprise, the photo turned out to be quite photogenic. He still managed to look perfect as always, yet half of his face was covered by his hand blocking the flash from my camera. Suddenly she heard the sound of a door opening. First reaction: hide. She had no thoughts about minimising her computer tabs and ran to hide behind the couch, as the door swung open with a very anxious Betty Cooper and concerned Jughead Jones making an entrance. (Y/N) noticed that Betty had something on her mind as she paced around in the same spot for a couple seconds.

“I don’t know what to do, Jug. There’s so much going on, my parents, the Blue and Gold, Jason’s murder. I-I don’t know what to do.” Betty closed her eyes, taking a deep exhale out. You peeked out from behind the couch from the side, watching as Jughead stood there staring at Betty. Betty opened her eyes to find Jughead staring straight at her.

“What?” He just kept staring, Betty now slightly getting a bit agitated. “..What?” Suddenly Jughead cupped Betty’s cheeks and kissed her softly. That’s how easy it is to break a heart. (Y/N) quickly yet quietly turned back sitting against the back of the couch, closing her eyes as she quietly sobbed into her sleeve as the tears started rolling down her cheeks. She heard their lips finally pull away which felt like forever, then a door once again closing. Your sniffled quietly, wiping your tears away as you finally stood up, turning around to find a speechless Jughead standing right there staring at the photo you took of him. You bit your lip to stop your tears from shedding yet again, running over to the computer as you closed the tabs, Jug placed his hand right back on your shoulder.

“(Y/N)… what’s wrong?” He asked concerned for your sake now, staring deep into your red puffy eyes.

“What’s wong? W-What’s wrong? What’s wrong is the fact that I just had my heart shatter for a boy I never had a chance with at all.” (Y/N) yelled at him, before grabbing her bag and storming out the room.

You let your grieve last your for another week. You stood at your locker in the famous Riverdale hallways, placing your books into your locker along with the rest of your belongings. All that was in your mind was that picture of Jughead kissing Betty. That’s a photo she couldn’t erase. She rested her head against the locker next to her, soon interrupting her daydream as someone cleared her throat. She closed her locker door to find a sad Jughead appear in front of her.

“Can we talk?” Jughead asked, almost in a whisper. His blue eyes pierced into yours as he watched you fiddling with the sleeve of your sweater. You just shrugged, but shortly after nodded. “About last week, and what you said… d-did you really mean it? I mean, I have no feelings for Betty whatsoever. I freaked out and didn’t know what to do to make her stop freaking out, s-so I just kissed her.” (Y/N) sighed, still not persuaded enough. “Hey um, I don’t know if you noticed, but I think you left behind last week something important.” He then dug his hand into his satchel, pulling out your camera. With all the emotions hitting you at that time, you must of not looked back to notice that you forgot your camera still hooked up to the computer. You took your camera from his hands, turning it on to make sure all your photos were still there.

“I-I saw your photos of me.” At the mention, your heart sunk once again as you looked up at them. “And I think they’re wonderful. In fact.” He paused, taking out his own camera, turning it on and turning it to face you, many photos of you taking photo’s at the Bulldog’s game that night displayed on his. You never noticed that Jughead brought a camera to the game, you thought he only went to go and judge. “I-I thought you looked beautiful that night, I just had to.” And like that, your frown turned into a smile.

“Hey, I-I was wondering if you wanted to go to Pop’s after school? On a d-date?” You asked shyly, but it earned another cheeky smirk from Jughead.

I’ll walk you there, meet me near the bus stops.” He blushed, before putting his camera back in his satchel, slowing leaning down to your height to place a kiss on your cheek before walking away. You shortly after found yourself standing against your locker, eyes closed with the biggest, goofiest, smile on your face.

A/N — I hope you enjoyed this imagine and it was hopefully like you wanted it to be in a way? Also, my laptop has decided to fuck up suddenly so I might have to wipe my whole laptop and start again because all the settings and everything is locked and I cannot access important files for school and stuff like that, so that might mean I won’t keep up to date with the requests in order for a bit until I get everything settled. Anyway, I hope all of you guys are well and are having a lovely day!


And I think it was foreshadowed, we could have seen it coming… over the last few weeks I saw that little things have been changing!

1. Jackieboy Man’s mask

Yes, I will talk about that picture once again! :D I still kinda doubt that the mask being upside down was a coincidence, I still wanted to find out if there could have been a reason for it… I even tried to write a theory about it… emphasis on “try”. And now - it seems like it was something we were supposed to remember as a hint!

2. Jackieboy Man seems to be called “JackAboy Man” now

Disclaimer: I don’t watch the Southpark series but I do watch every intro and outro - and since when does he refer to himself as JackAboy Man while he confirmed the canon name JackIEboy Man some weeks ago?

3. The “bad side” changed
Until now, the “bad eye” has always been on the right side of his face:

And now, it changed.
The (green) septic eye, which has also always been the right one, is now on the left.




Alright, I know some of people are jumping and/or groaning that Chat Noir gets Akumatized again in response to the new trailer. But I don’t think that’s the case this time. 

Let’s sit down and think about this. Warning: I’m probably grasping at straws right now just so I can connect some of the spots. There are also going to be a bunch of pictures. With that, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

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Broken Hearts and Momma’s Advice (pt. IV)

Christmas Break at Finn’s//Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part Three

I don’t think you had ever had a better time in your entire life. The concert was in full swing and you were currently on Wyatt’s back belting out the lyrics to Immortals. Jaeden, Jack and Finn were all screaming the words too. You couldn’t see Wyatt’s face but you presumed he was singing. Despite the fact that one of the greatest bands ever was playing right in front of your eyes you couldn’t help but think about how brilliant of an idea this was. Not only did you get to see Fall Out Boy, you were currently sitting on Wyatt Oleff’s back.

As the next song began to play, Finn took his phone out and snapped a picture of you and Wyatt living it up. Not that either of you noticed it. You were too caught up.

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories even though they weren’t so great
He tastes like you, only sweeter
One night, yeah, and one more time
(One night, one more time)
Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories
(For the memories, for the memories
See, he tastes like you, only sweeter

Yes, Wyatt, you thought, Thanks for the memories.
You were currently FREAKING out. After the show was over the band got word that you guys were in the audience and sent someone to invite you backstage. They didn’t know you as you didn’t act but they knew the boys and that was good enough for you. 

A guy from security led you down twisting corridors, up staircases, and finally to the door which said Fall Out Boy. You stifled a squeal as he knocked and opened the door. 

“Come in!” A very familiar voice shouted from the inside

The door opened. Jaeden went in first, then Finn, then Jack, then you and then Wyatt. Standing in front of you was Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman. 

You greeted the band and had lots of photos taken. The guys didn’t mind that you were there of course. Agents had arrived with cameras and were taking pictures for social media, the latest Rocksound magazine, etcetera. It must have gotten around that you guys were going to be there. Probably thanks to Twitter.

“It’s really nice to meet you guys,” Patrick said, “I love Stranger Things, and IT. Scared the hell out of Pete though.”
Everyone laughed
“We’re big fans,” Finn replied, “Especially Y/N here. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t be standing here.”
“Well, thanks, Y/N. It’s really good to meet you.”
“Trust me the pleasure is all mine. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember.”
“Favourite album?” Andy asked
“Folie a deux all the way.”
“No way!” Pete said, shocked, “Everyone usually picks Save Rock and Roll or American Beauty/American Psycho. ”
“No, I prefer the older stuff. But I’m loving your new sound. Champion is genius and The Last of The Real Ones? Now that is what you call a good bop.” Sorry I had to put this :)

The whole of the band smiled and launched into the story of how the songs came to be.

When you woke up the very first thing you did was check social media. Your follower count had quite literally gone up by thousands since last night. Wyatt took pictures of you hugging each of the band members, and every time you saw them your heart skipped a beat. There were pictures of you and the others on Fall Out Boy’s Instagram account which you never imagined would happen in your dizziest daydreams.

You scrolled through the pictures and videos on your camera roll and found loads that the boys had taken before the concert. They must have taken your phone when you went to the bathroom. Trying to stifle your laughter you uploaded a couple to your Instagram and tagged the boys. 

“You up already, Y/N?” Wyatt had just sat up and was looking at you with a huge smile on his face
“Yeah. I honestly can’t stop thinking about last night.”
“Shall we go downstairs and talk? That way we won’t wake the others and we can have coffee.”
“Good idea Noodles.”
“For fuck’s sake, you too?”
“Come on. I need coffee.” You both laughed as you put on jumpers. You were about to put yours on but you saw Wyatt’s Canada hoodie on the floor and put it on as he was leaving his room. Little did you know this would cause Wyatt to become a stuttering mess.

You finished up in the bathroom and ran downstairs to the kitchen. Wyatt was pouring the freshly made coffee. The house smelled wonderful. He looked up at you and immediately turned red.

“I-is that my s-sweater?”
“Uhm,” You looked down at your fluffy Christmas socks, “It looked better than mine and…I’ll take it off if you like I mean-”
“No, Y/N it’s fine. It looked better on you anyway. Now, come and drink this coffee before it gets cold.
So that’s just what you did.
Jaden, Finn and Jack were currently peeking from behind a wall. Y/N was drinking coffee and sitting on the kitchen counter with Wyatt in front of her saying something about a new movie.

“They are so into each other!” Jaeden whisper-shouted, “Look at the two of them being all gooey. It makes me sick.”
“Yeah well he may be a brother to me but if he hurts her I’ll fucking end him.” Finn didn’t take his eyes off of Wyatt and Y/N the whole time
“And if I walk in on the two of them getting it on.” Jack made a motion that I won’t repeat, “Then I will throw up all over them while they’re fu-”
“Alright, Jack?!” Jaeden hissed while Finn just gave him a disgusted look, “I think we get the idea. Also, I think Y/N is wearing Wyatt’s  sweater.”
“What the fuck?” Finn said, “So are they official or not? What is this?”
“How about we ask them.”

Jack strolled out into the kitchen like the Queen of England. 

“What are you two bitches gossiping about,” He said with a smirk, “The location for your late night randevu? Let us know where you decide because I’d rather not walk into the bathroom at three in the morning and find you two fucking in the bathtub. I’d go blind.”
“SERIOUSLY?!” You and Wyatt both shouted at the same time
“So,” Jaeden cleared his throat and tried to hide his smile, “How long have you two been up?”
“About half an hour,” You said, “We were wondering if you guys wanted to go out for breakfast?”
“Sure,” Finn said, “Where to?”
“I don’t know,” You said, “You guys decide. I’m going to get ready.”

You were currently sat across Wyatt enjoying your caramel waffle and sipping your hazelnut coffee. Finn noticed how much of it you were drinking.

“Y/N, if you drink one more cup of coffee you’re going to be bouncing off the walls. As your best friend, it’s my duty to cut you off. So,” Finn took your coffee away and poured you a glass of fresh orange juice, “I’m cutting you off.”
“Seriously Finn?” You whined, “We didn’t get back to the house until two this morning!”
“I seem to recall,” Jaeden said, “Waking up to find you and Wyatt talking at three in the morning a few nights ago. And you didn’t drink a hundred cups of coffee then. Correct me if I’m wrong but you were grinning the whole day.”
“Oh go fuck yourself Jaeden,” Wyatt said, “You sound just like Jack.”
“Calm down and eat your waffle,” Finn said with an eye roll, “We’ve got somewhere to be at 11.”
“Where?” Jack asked
“There’s someone Y/N needs to meet. So finish up. We have half an hour.”
You had no idea what he was talking about. But you sure as hell were intrigued.

Part Four coming soon!

Parts 1 & 2: https://riverdaletrash––
Mariana Trench

Prompt: Three times Michael has lied to either Gavin or Ryan for the wrong reasons, and one time he did it for the right ones. (GTA mavinwood)

For Olivia - thank you so much for all your support <3 <3


Michael’s in too deep before he even knows it.

It starts in a club the night after their first successful heist as a full crew, a motley assortment of bounty hunters, hit men and vagabonds that Ramsey pulled together from fucking Craigslist, beggars with big dreams who all have just a touch of eccentricity to them. Enough to make things work.

It’s the most fun he’s had in years. He’s known these men seventy-two hours but they feel as close as family already.

Well, maybe not quite like family, because the three of them have wandered away from the rest of the group to sit together at a booth close to the dance floor, and if they were family he wouldn’t be noticing how nice Ryan’s lips look as he lifts his glass to drink, or how the colourful lights flicker across Gavin’s skin so prettily, how good they look sitting side by side - Gavin latched himself to Ryan early on, like a little golden bird perched on the back of a huge dark-haired wolf - now their shoulders brush, they’re sat so close, and Gavin’s fingers trail across Ryan’s wrist to get his attention. Michael can’t stop thinking about how well he’d fit between the two of them.

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anonymous asked:

“Who were you with?” Coming from y/n

anonymous said: Are you still taking requests for the four word prompts? Can you do “You’re always number one.” Please? X

so i combined these two, hope that’s alright!

The sound of Harry drunkenly stumbling into the living room woke me and I sat up on the couch as he entered. He grinned when he saw me, “Hey, love!” He said over enthusiastically and stumbled over to sit next to me, cuddling up on my shoulder. “Missed you t’night.”

“Where were you?” I asked, mildly annoyed. He had told me he’d be home hours ago.

He frowned, “Told you, was at the bar.”

Who were you with?

He picked up on the coolness in my tone and tilted his head, narrowing his eyes at me, “You’re angry with me.”

“You told me you’d be home by midnight, it’s nearly 3 AM.”

“Okay, I’m sorry, I lost track of the time.”

I scoffed and got up from the couch, heading for our room. I heard Harry following.

“Is there a real reason you’re upset with me?” He asked as he watched be get in on my side of the bed, “You never really have a problem if I come home a little late.”

“Nope.” I popped the ‘P’ hoping it would piss him off. It did.

“Whatever, love, you want to be passive aggressive, that’s fine. I’m going to bed.” He stripped down to his underwear before climbing into bed, facing away from me.

I stared at the ceiling for a few moments in quiet protest. Then, “You didn’t answer my question.”

He sighed and rolled over to look at me, “What question?”

“I asked who you were with.”

He stared at me, “Does it matter?”


“Why are you on about this all of a sudden? You never do this, you’re not the jealous girlfriend.”

“I’m not jealous I just want to know who the fuck you were with!” I snapped.

He stared at me and then turned over, facing away from me.

“So you’re gonna ignore me now?” I said.

“I’m not talking to you when you’re like this, I’ll talk to you in the morning when you’re being reasonable.”

“I saw you with her, I saw the pap photos.”

He turned back over, “With who, love?”

“Don’t play dumb!”

“I’m not—“ He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, sitting up in bed, “If you’re gonna keep yelling at me I’m not having this conversation.”

I almost felt bad, was I overreacting? I reached over to my phone on the bedside table, unlocking it and opening up the link someone else had sent me, pictures of Kendall with her arms looped around Harry’s waist, Harry’s arm thrown over her shoulder, a drink in his other hand. I pushed the phone into his hand and he looks at the picture and then back up at me. “You’re upset about this?”

The way he was looking at me now, I felt stupid. I snatched the phone out of his hand. “Forget it.” I said and turned over to my side of the bed. I didn’t hear him settle back in bed, though. Instead his hand reached over and brushed my hair out of my face and behind my ear.

“If you’re really upset we can talk about it.” He says softly, “The last thing I want is for you to feel like someone else comes before you.”

I push his hand away, “Just wanna sleep.”

He scoots closer to me and when his hand slips around my waist, I don’t push him away. “We were just being friendly, promise.” He sweeps my hair back and kisses the back of my neck, sending chills down my spine. “I would never touch anyone the way I touch you.”

I turned in his arms, “You promise you don’t… Still have feelings for her?”

His hand immediately came up to cradle the back of my neck and he pulled me to him, kissing me hard, his tongue running along my bottom lip until I opened up to him his tongue slipping inside to dance with my own. My toes curled when he sucked on my bottom lip before completely pulling away from me. “You’re mine. And I’m yours.” My heart was racing and I wanted to kiss him again, but I could tell he wasn’t finished talking so I waited. “You’re always number one. Always. Don’t question it for one second, ya hear me?”

I nodded and kissed him again, biting down on his lower lip until he moaned and flipped us so he was on top, “This… is what I wanted to come home to.” He smirked, leaning down to kiss along my jaw bone.

“Then I guess…” I was having trouble concentrating as he sucked on my neck, definitely leaving hickeys I’d have to conceal in the morning. “We’ll just have to make up for lost time.”

He chuckled against my skin, “Is that a challenge?”

“Do you accept?”

He straightened and quirked an eyebrow at me, “You know me, love. Can’t resist a good challenge.” And then he winked at me before lowering himself back down to my neck.

Paper Hearts - Harry Styles

Inspired by the song Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly. 

This is the first time I have written something Harry Styles so please let me know if this was any good lol. I hope you guys like it! 

Remember the way you made me feel

Such young love but something in me knew that it was real

Your favorite memory of you and Harry was lying on his couch, his feet propped up on the coffee table and your head laying in his lap with your favorite blanket of his over your legs. You looked up and saw the first couple buttons undone and his tie loosely hanging. You went over in your pajama shorts and oversized t-shirt when Harry called you at 11 p.m. saying, “Y/N, you would not believe the disaster of a date I’ve been on. Please come over and relieve me.”

He talked about how every conversation he initiated turned into the girl finding a way to talk about herself. How she kept wanting to take pictures with him but he kept insisting no (purely because of good judgement from how this date was going. He didn’t want to wake up the next day to messy rumors and headlines). How she kept suggesting ideas about where he should take her for their next dates. By the end of the night he was surprised that she didn’t talk about planning their wedding. And just about multiple other things that he assumed were red flags.

You laughed at his facial expressions as he recalled tonight’s events.

“Harry I don’t get why you keep on going on these blind dates with girls that your friends set you up with. Maybe you should just take a break from dates from now on,” you say, pulling out your phone feeling it vibrate underneath the blanket.

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair before placing that arm back down across your body.

“Maybe you’re right,” he pauses, “but maybe you’re wrong.”

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I wanted to do an aesthetic for it but eh fuck it I can’t find enough pictures

•baby sheep everywhere
•like everywhere
•summer festivals happen at that time when it’s supposed to be night, but it’s still daytime because it’s summer, so people are starting fires and wandering down the streets drinking in the soft orangey sunsets
•introducing the capall caught last October to saddles, since they’re calmer now
•swimming in lakes, since there has to be freshwater coming from somewhere?
•finding strange, castaway figurines in the lakes. Of elongated horses, ceremonial daggers, broken pots and metal pieces from bridles and saddles
•the grass is so green against a watered-down sky
•the beach at sunset, glorious gold
•riding on the beach at sunset. No fear from the November water horses
•the children and their pet dragonflies
•you’ve heard of November Cakes? Get ready for July Pies.
(I completely just made that up wtf Alyx go get some sleep you have a job interview tomorrow)
•rain. Oh, my god, the rain. It never stops. It slicks down the hills, darkens the stonework. Clouds cover St. Columba’s, making it so impressive
•Puck and Sean in the shed while it’s raining. Brushing down a disgruntled Dove, feeling her coat gritty from the water, feeling safe and warm and happy in the yellow shed that’s filled with hay and straw, whole outside is pouring
•Corr stands in the middle of his pasture, resting his bad leg against the ground, head lowered, eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the water slipping over his back and tangling in his mane. It’s not salt water, but it will do
•summer nights. Driving the Morris somewhere, anywhere, the night air cool and clean from the rain that’s finally stopped. Parking near the cliffs and leaning backwards and looking at the stars
•Gabe goes to America and discovers iced tea. Sends it excitedly to Puck- “It’s tea! That’s cold! It’s wonderful for the summer!”
•Puck is ashamed and stubbornly continues boiling her tea, until the kettle is as red as she is
•kittens! The tumble around everyone’s ankles, Dove tries so hard not to step on them, Corr debates eating them but he’s well fed and Puffin is staring at him angrily and oh god, she’s faced down the devil himself, and he’s not gonna fuck with her
•Puck getting into a boat for the first time since her parents death with Finn and Sean. They drift out slightly offshore and watch the sunset. On the beach, the water horses dance
•lazy warm, early mornings. Hearing the sheep outside the window and stretching and staying in bed