can we talk about the cuteness in these two screencaps!!!

let’s talk tendou satori

so, it is my lovely son’s birthday today (May 20th), and I wanted to take the opportunity, with season 3 approaching, to talk about why i seriously fucking love tendou, and why everyone else should too. so here we go, my top ten reasons, in no particular order, as to why i am in love with tendou satori.

spoilers for the manga under the cut, and many, many manga screencaps. i have over 100 of tendou. what can i say, i’m obsessed with this lovable redhead.

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[ Describing each other’s flaws ]

About Piero

Ignazio “We have fun with Piero, maybe because we’re both Sicilian… His flaw is that, as any good Sicilian, he impose things to others”    

Gianluca “Well, what comes first to my mind maybe is Piero’s authority, maybe he’s a bit too much, you know, sometimes he can also be a little arrogant…”

About Ignazio

Piero “Ignazio doesn’t notice who’s around him so sometimes he doesn’t even know what he’s saying… He needs to be stopped”

Gianluca “I can say Ignazio is a bit like me, because he’s very instinctive so he doesn’t count to ten before he speaks”

About Gianluca

Ignazio “I don’t know, Gianluca is like the serious one, who is only focused on perfection and wants to do everything perfectly”

Piero “When Gianluca starts talking… he’s long-worded, he doesn’t stop. To get to an ending, he must speak for two hours.”

Gianluca “You know what? I was thinking about it… Sometimes I become demoralized because when I’m on television I can’t hide my feelings, so when I’m happy I can be the nicest person in the world, but when I’m sad I stand like this” *he lowers his head*

Il Volo in Unici, 18/02/2015