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Apparently NRJ talked about BTS at the radio? Can you please translate what they are saying?


i didnt even watch the entire video bc i was too mad lmao

basically they said that armys attacked them on twt bc of the bad post they made. Then they passed DNA because “we don’t know how they sound” like they didnt even listen to the song before. After that they complained a second time that ARMYs are attacking them because “apparently we sound condescending”. And let me tell you they sounded condescending.

Then an ARMY called. And they said one of the stupidest thing ever. They compared the popularity of a french artist in France to BTS’s popularity, a korean group, in France. Ofc they aren’t that popular in France THEY ARENT FRENCH. Whats the point of comparing a french artist to BTS? Whats amazing about BTS is that they are still known around the world. While the french artist is only known in France.

At this point I stopped the video bc it was too much for me lmao.

But let’s not forget the “BTS is a korean kpop group”. 

A korean kpop group…

Soulmates can communicate through thoughts AU
  • ‘Oreos are in aisle 5. Wait. Are we in the same store?’ AU
  • ‘The answer to Question 4 is 26, please stop thinking so hard about it,  I had that exam paper too’ AU
  • ‘Hi I’m your neighbour and I can help you with that recipe you’ve just been confused about if you’d like’ AU
  • ‘Stop worrying about the test, I’ve learned more from you studying than I have all semester’ AU
  • ‘I know we haven’t talked before but you’re upset about something someone said and I want you to know they’re a piece of shit for saying that, don’t let it get to you’ AU
  • ‘Why are you thinking about frogs in space at 4am? I’m trying to sleep and now I’m thinking about frogs in space suits too’ AU
  • ‘Soulmates start to hear one another’s thoughts on their 18th birthdays so happy birthday! I guess’ AU
  • ‘You keep thinking about how much you want to hurt yourself and I really don’t want you to go down the path I did, it’ll get better, I promise’ AU
  • ‘You should just go ask them out, you’ve been thinking about them all day every day for months and it’s driving me nuts’ AU
  • ‘Hey soulmate, whoever you are?. I’m bored waiting for class/a bus/train, wanna chat?’ AU
  • ‘I don’t know why I’m helping you break into a house but their safe is under the left bedside table and the code is 1982. You’re welcome’ AU
  • ‘You’ve been studying for 16 hours without a break, please go get some food or something, I’m concerned about you’ AU
  • ‘You’re in the next movie theater watching the movie that’s about to start in mine and I swear to God if you spoil anything I’ll find out who you are and strangle you’ AU


can we PLEASE talk about how scott (according to his fears shown by the anukate) has been afraid of EVERYTHING.


from stiles regressing to the void, to the oni, the dread doctors, the nogitsune, the berserkers, and peter (i’m ignoring the fact that malia was in there because i’m too frazzled to analyze that)????!!,!?





he didn’t open his eyes. he knew he couldn’t. he knew the responsibility that came with who he has become and i think that’s fucking beautiful character development.

not to refer to any of the others as weak,

but goddamn, is scott strong.

Ok but can we please talk about Hufflepuff Kim Mingyu?

  • Kim Mingyu who comes from a pure blood family
  • He grew up quite wealthy, his mom owns an emporium on beauty related potions
  • So there is no surprise as to why Mingyu is so handsome
  • Kim Mingyu who was extremely excited to go to Hogwarts
  • Like puppy level of excited
  • Wouldn’t stop talking about it for the whole summer
  • Because he was an only child and he never really got to hang out with other kids who were like him
  • So obviously he decided to start talking to the first person he saw at the platform
  • This, luckily, happened to be second year Jeon Wonwoo
  • Kim Mingyu who swore he was a Gryffindor the whole train ride
  • Wonwoo laughed when he was placed into hufflepuff
  • “I told you so; you have too much of the hufflepuff vibe.”
  • “When does that even mean?”
  • “Your smile leaves the sun to shame, that’s what it means.”
  • “Oh…well…thanks??”
  • Kim Mingyu who wasn’t ecstatic when he was put into hufflepuff
  • Until he found out that the hufflepuff common room wasn’t only next to the kitchens but it was cozy heaven
  • Kim Mingyu who is dead superstitious
  • By that I mean he doesn’t fuck around with anything that might bring him bad luck
  • So when he found out fifth year that Wonwoo’s animagus was a black cat he nearly fainted
  • “That’s bad luck!”
  • “I’m not bad luck!”
  • “I’m not risking it!”
  • “I’m your best friend!
  • Not now you’re not
    Kim Mingyu who excels at potions
  • It was expected since he helped his mom come up with new hair serums on the regular
  • He loved potions but he hated potions class
  • This lead to a whole lot of sneaking to Snape’s office to steal potion ingredients
  • Because he loved making potions, just not the one’s Snape wanted him to do
  • Kim Mingyu whose amortentia smells like butter beer and fresh baked cookies
  • Kim Mingyu who became the quidditch captain fifth year
  • He’s also a hell of a Keeper
  • Kim Mingyu who has an eternal rivalry with Minghao just to see who the better captain is
  • Hufflepuff vs Slytherin games are brutal because of this
  • Either ways no matter how much they hate each other on the field, they have managed to maintain a pretty good friendship
  • Mingyu often tries hair potions on
  • Minghao’s hair just because his hair can’t really get ruined
  • That doesn’t mean Minghao didn’t spend a whole day trying to make it grow again
  • Mingyu was very apologetic but low-key was having the time of his life
  • So they are as close as they can get
  • Kim Mingyu who is also very obsessed with Jeonghan’s hair
  • But Joenghan would much rather die than let him touch it
  • “You use my mom’s hair products why won’t you use mine?!?”
  • “Because I trust your mother and I just helped Minghao grow back his hair last week because of one of your products!”
  • “It was a prototype, this one actually works and…”
  • “NO!”
  • Kim Mingyu who often helps the house elves cook
  • It took a lot of effort to get them to agree
  • But by third year he was already an avid helper in the kitchens
  • Kim Mingyu who is the mom of hufflepuff
  • He’s always cleaning behind EVERYONE
  • Especially Seokmin and Seungkwan, who just happen to be the messiest people ever
  • Kim Mingyu who spent a whole day with Seokmin trying to get into the ravenclaw common room to see Wonwoo
  • Wonwoo came out of the common room to see two very tired boys arguing
  • “‘Im young when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old’ IT’S CLEARLY TALKING ABOUT YOU!”
  • “I wasn’t that tall when I was a kid Seungkwan! I think maybe it’s a tree”
  • “A tree?? That doesn’t make any sense!”
  • “And my name does??”
  • Kim Mingyu who just happens to be everyone’s best friend
  • And everyone is his best friend
  • Genuinely the most beloved kid in Hogwarts
  • Kim Mingyu who is giving and good hearted

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But maybe, just maybe, you hate writers like Rupi because of their short writings because you hate your own short writings. Maybe it's not them, it's you. And it's not that their work is bad, it's just your own projection. Don't you think?

Oh my god why is it such a big deal that I don’t like rupi’s writing?? Most of it sounds like some bs high school assignment with immature metaphors and I don’t like it because of that but HONESTLY who gives a fuck????? I like Nayyirah’s and I like Rumi etc so no it is not because it is short writings. I don’t hate my own I just don’t write like that anymore and I don’t want to. I can’t believe this matters so much I’m blown away haha can we stop talking about this PLEASE

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Now is the best time to go for all the AUs. Can we go back to the GoT universe for more SidGeno?

yes please this is a good time to use AUs to drown out this nonsense. i was just talking to @aaronekdad yesterday about Consort Sidney picking up his robes and flying down the hall into Evgeni’s arms. His husband had just returned home from war and Sidney is so relieved. And then there was more about their multiple kiddies crowding around Geno for kisses too. 

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So I know that you're one of the snowbaz fic library admins and I was just curious about how long it takes you to actually put fics in the library after people submit them. I've submitted things to the library before (on a different acccount) and you've talked to me about it so I know that you've gotten the submisssions, but I can't actually find them in the library. How long does that usually take? (I don't mean to be rude I'm just curious about your process) love the library btw, great work!

hi! we’re mostly caught up on adding things to the library so if your fic is not there then i suggest resubmitting it and making sure all relevant info is included (a post regarding this is going up soon)

in the future please send any asks meant for the library to the library and not our personal blogs as those are separate thank you!

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Can we please talk about Change up for a min because hlsjhdjsksh omfg I DIED like legit, they all look so FUCKING GOOOD, especially woozi, i just couldn't take my eyes of him and hoshi's rap tho ??? so amazing??? the video production, the clothes, everything about that was just fucking high quality

and personally one of the best songs seventeen has made tbh, it’s just shows how MUCH they grew, so well produced and it just flows idk i’m not making much sense rn sorry lajdhjsjdh and I dont know if woozi produced it, but if he did then BOI.. Iegit hope the next svt album will follow this vibe, it’s suits them and it sounds amazing!! i’m sorry bout these two long rants but i just needed to talk about this lskjh

first dont apologise for ranting second oh my god SAME GIRL SAME i couldnt take my eyes of jihoon i want to cry i really want to cry u don’t understand I’m so proud of svt??? i agree with everything u say i literally feel u on a level sO MUCH IM SOBBING????? I KNOW SVT ALWAYS DELIVER BUT THEY RLY DELIVERED I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW IM TYPING COHERENTLY RN SADKJSNDF THANKS FOR SHARING THIS I AGREE WITH U 

When I heard they’re not starting with our starter swords, the first thing I thought of was “I hope it’s Souza because I miss using that pink salt.” Ha ha ha.

I feel so conflicted with the uchis getting a kiwame so soon because on one hand we’re getting them (yaaay!!) but on the other I am so not ready. I still don’t have a nice list on who I should kiwame OTL this would be so much easier if the kiwame sets are easier to obtain…

(I’ll talk about the new sword once he’s revealed but all I can say is my resources are crying bc i said not gonna smith anyone but damn he looks so good his jawlines looks so good please end me)

Attention all Whovians!

Hey everyone!

I thought it would be a fun idea to make a big group chat for Whovians. There we can talk about Doctor Who stuff and other things! A chance to make some more friends and stuff like that!

If you’re interested, you can message me your kik username so I can add you! If you don’t have tumblr you can put it in a question and I won’t post it on my blog so it will be private!

I hope lots of people will join!

And would you please please reblog this so more people can see this? I would be forever grateful!