can we talk about something else now please

Pastries, Patrol, and gossip
  • Volpina: Hey, Ladybug, why are the pastries you bring out to patrols always from the Dupain-Cheng bakery? Do you live near there or something?
  • Ladybug: what?! Nooo-
  • Queen Bee(interrupting): I know right, like is it a sponsorship or something because if we need backed up financially I can guarantee at least the support of the mayor.
  • Chat: If it's like that then I'd rather stick with the bakery,I don't eat sweets very often at home. Plus the Mayor can be a little over the top and his daughter's been a bit clingy around Ladybug in the past.
  • Queen Bee: just what are you trying to say?!
  • Chat: that was mostly before you two were here. And anyways I liked hanging out with the Dupain-Cheng's daughter more anyways.
  • Ladybug, Volpina, and Bee: WHAT?!
  • Chat: Not like that, she was more helpful with Akumas
  • Bee: That klutz? No way.
  • Ladybug: Guys, can we please talk about something else?
  • Chat: Jealous?
  • Ladybug(deadpanned sarcasm): yeah, let's go with that
  • Volpina: but seriously why that specific bakery every time?
  • Ladybug: Look, if you have a problem then bring your own food and otherwise, bug off
  • ------
  • Later at Marinette's house
  • Marinette: I don't care what Volpina told you Alya, that doesn't sound like any customer I recognize. Now please go tell Chloe to buy something or leave because it's been really crowded since you mentioned that ladybug supposedly picks up pastries to go from here
  • -----
  • Later on patrol again
  • Ladybug: I brought some again but none for you Volpina
  • Volpina: what!? Why?
  • Ladybug: because SOMEONE told the ladyblog where I get food and that place was way too busy!
The Rules of Chopper Base

Seeing as it’s gone next week, have a few silly thoughts about life on Atollon!

The Rules of Chopper Base - by Phoenix Squadron

  • We only have 1 training A-Wing, so be careful with it!
  • Don’t claim the krykna ate your mission briefing notes - they can’t get past the perimeter!
  • Don’t leave your helmets lying around
    • It’s not regulation, and Lieutenant Bridger will steal them. 
  • Don’t ever claim a maneuver is impossible while Phoenix leader is in earshot.
  • Don’t ask if Phoenix Leader and the Jedi are going to get married
    • Don’t ask when Phoenix Leader and the Jedi are going to get married 
    • Don’t ask if Phoenix Leader and the Jedi are already married
  • Don’t play chance cubes with Lieutenant Bridger.  He always wins.  Cheater.
    • No-one can prove anything! - Ezra
  • You are no longer allowed to go on missions myself or commander Sato haven’t assigned.  Especially any “supply raids”.  We do not need more alcohol. - Phoenix Leader
  • Asking Hobbie “what’s your actual job?” stopped being funny after the second time Lieutenant Bridger made that joke.  Please stop.
  • Never ask Lieutenant Wren about art.  I will never be able to forgot early-modern colour theory now!
    • I thought you said you were interested in my artwork? - Sabine
  • Don’t bother complaining to Commander Sato or Phoenix leader if that kriffing astromech electrocutes you.  Apparently it means “he likes you” or something.
  • Don’t try and flirt with either Lieutenant Bridger or Lieutenant Wren.  You will be reassigned to somewhere horrible.
    • Ezra is 17!  What is wrong with you all?
  • Don’t insult AP-5 where he can hear you.  He’ll stock your A-Wing with the worst ration bars.
  • Stop asking  Lieutenant Bridger what happened to his promotion.  It makes him look like a kicked loth-kitten.
  • The dokma are cute.  Yes, fine.  Now can we please talk about something else?
  • Our hidden base is very impressive.  Do Not boast about it over the comms!  What is wrong with you all?
  • Yes, Lieutenant Wren is amazing at everything, but don’t be jealous.
    • Did you write this, Sabine? - Ezra 

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Dating Steve headcon?

yessss i gotchu! thanks for requesting!! - (sorry these are kinda long i got slightly carried away)
(also i know i have a few requests long overdue and im working on them but it’s been a lil tough juggling school)
(thank u sm for bein patient ily <3)


dating steve hcs

  • b prepared for loving insults and/or #roastingsessions
  • butt touching!!! let’s b real…he’s always grabbin ur ass
    • like he’ll stick his hand in ur back pocket aT THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE TIMES
    • like “steve what R U DOIN”
    • “gettin the lint outta ur back pocket, duh” or something like
    • “ur butt looked cold”
  • he is always pickin you up to move u out of the way
    • “cmon you’re in the way" 
    • “steve i don’t wanna move rn" 
    • “fine have it ur way” - and he’ll literally pick u up and then put u down where you’re not in the way
  • he’s always hookin u up with chocolate cake when Aunt Flo is visitin (u feel me?)
    • you’re lucky he loves u enough to go and share his cake w u
    • car  s e x!!!
  • he’s always tryin to teach u about cars and car talk w u
    • he actually teaches u how to replace ur brake pads and how to jump start a car w a dead battery
  • car rides = his hand on ur thigh
    • like always
    • so often that when soda is in the car w him he forgets and puts his hand on sodas thigh by accident
    • “listen man I get ur in love or whatever but can we please talk about something else”
    • “cmon i didn’t finish my story, so we were-”
    • “and I’m getting to the interesting part so listen”
  • he’s literally the heaviest fucking sleeper so when u cuddle and he falls asleep have fun being slept on by a fucking rock
  • he’ll purposely slam the brakes while ur eating or drinking something in his car and then he’ll lowkey get upset u spilled whatever u were holding
    • “what dO U WANT ME TO DO”
  • he is the mESSIEST EATER omG
    • and u gotta remind him to wipe his face or hands or soMETHING
    • and then he’ll wipe it half-assed and miss the spot completely
    • so u gotta wipe it urself
  • he’s always threatening every guy who looks @ u too long
    • he actually almost beat up pony bc he was probably staring at  something u had on ur face or shirt
    • “hey what do u THINK UR DOIN KID”
    • “steve she has grease on her face”
    • “sO WHAT”
  • omg steve literally always wanting ur attention
    • u could be talking to almost anyone and he’ll hold u from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist
    • “it’s been forever since i’ve seen u”
    • “steve i was at ur house last night”
    • “exactly” “long time no see”
Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler sentence starters

“This obituary is filled with errors - most importantly - I AM NOT DEAD!“

“The world is quiet here.”

“Strange as it may seem, I still hope for the best, even though the best, like an interesting piece of mail, so rarely arrives, and even when it does it can be lost so easily.” 

“Our love broke my heart…and stopped yours.”


“I have a long list of things I’d rather not do.”  

“I was in deep denial, and I’m not talking about a river in Egypt.“

“Could it be that our ______ is unreliable?”

“Siblings that say they never fight are most definitely hiding something.”  

“…and that’s why we broke up.”

“The thing with your heart’s desire is that your heart doesn’t even know what it desires until it turns up.” 

“When we were together I felt breathless. Now you are.”  

“S/he gave me a hug and for a second I was embraced by a body that makes me want to go home and never eat again.”

“Sometimes words are not enough.” 

“Everyone tells you it’s all right to cry, but not enough people say it’s all right if you don’t want people to know.”  

“There is no easy way to train an apprentice. My two tools are example and nagging.”  

“But I must admit I miss you terribly. The world is too quiet without you nearby.”

“You, meanwhile, are often dressed like a slob, and spend your days serving coleslaw.”

“Imagining the worst doesn’t keep it from happening.”  

“Well this isn’t too bad, I don’t have a left arm anymore but at least nobody will ever ask me if I’m left-handed or right-handed.”

“You don’t spend your life hanging around books without learning a thing or two.”  

”When something simple and true takes you by surprise, it hits you in the stomach.”

“It was a curious feeling, that something could be so close and so distant at the same time.” 

“Of course you can trust me - we read the same books.”

“You might be afraid of the _____, but the _____ is not afraid of you. That’s why the _____ is always close by.” 

“The way sadness works is one of the strangest riddles of the world.”  

“Someone can break your heart, leave you dead on the lawn, and still you never learn what to say to stop it all over again. ”

“They say love’s like a bus, and if you wait long enough another one will come along, but not in this place where the buses are slow and most of the cute ones are gay.”

“Anyone who thinks the pen is mightier than the sword has not been stabbed with both.”  

“But somewhere in the world there is a place for all of us.”

“The only thing that made sense of the world was you.”

“Once more, this is love: it rings and you open up…unless it looks like an ax murderer.” 

“I want you to love me in particular.”

“I would much prefer it if you were alive and well.”

“Sometimes even in most unfortunate of lives there will occur a moment or two of good.”

“No reality has the power to dispel a dream.”  

““Everyone, at some point in their lives, wakes up in the middle of the night with the feeling that they are all alone in the world.”

“It is difficult, when faced with a situation you cannot control, to admit you can do nothing.” 

“Summer without you is colder than Winter, and Winter without you is even colder.”

“’Finders keepers’ is what they say, and I wanted to be kept.” 

“Nobody should feel pain all by themselves.”  

“We steal the happiness of others in order to be happy ourselves, and when it is stolen from us we voyage desperately to steal it back.”  

“He who wants the world must first escape from it.” 

“It is a lonely feeling when someone you care about becomes a stranger.”  

Confessions - Carl Gallagher Imagine

Originally posted by zgallagher

Warning: Sexual content, swearing, etc.

Word Count: 2277

“Carl, give it back!” you yelled, rolling your eyes and chasing your best friend up the stairs of the Gallgher house.  Since you had stopped to text a few times while the two of you were playing a video game on the couch, he took it upon himself to snatch the phone out of your hands and run away with it.

“Hey, I just wanna know who could possibly be so important that they could distract you as I kicked your ass in Call of Duty,” he teased, sprinting into his room and unsuccessfully attempting to slam the door before you put your foot in the doorway.

“Ow, what the fuck, Carl?” you yelled, limping in on the foot that hadn’t been crushed by the door.  “I was literally just answering my brother to let him know that I was spending the night here per usual!  And I was letting him know that I’d go grocery shopping tomorrow.  Now give me my phone back so I can finish kicking your ass downstairs.”

Carl smirked and raised his eyebrows at you, plopping down on Ian’s empty bed.  “Your brother.  Mhmm.” His eyes continued to nosily scan the screen of your phone.

“Yes, Carl, my brother.  I’m pretty sure we both know that I have nobody interesting to text considering I’ve been single for, what, six months now?  Now give me my phone back,” you demanded, inching forward and banging your hip into his dresser.  The rocking of the dresser caused a box to fall on the ground, spilling out its contents.  A smirk formed on your lips as your eyes scanned the ground.  It was your turn to tease him now.  “Ah, nice condoms.  I see someone has been getting the ladies?”

Carl immediately shot up to his feet, shoving you to the side and bending down to pick up the condoms off of the ground.  “Ha, I wish,” he said with a chuckle, a slight blush forming on his cheeks.  His shaky hands struggled to shove the contents back into the box.

You raised an eyebrow in response, stepping forward and ripping your phone out of his back pocket.  “What do you mean by that?” you questioned, walking around him and climbing up onto his bed as he remained on the ground.  “We’ve been best friends for years and I’m pretty sure we both know you’ve had your fair share of girls over here.”

“Yeah, I have, but…” He paused for a moment as he shoved the box into one of the drawers and slammed it closed.  “I’ve never gone, like, all the way with any of them… you know. Sure I’ve done just about everything else, but I’ve never actually done that with any of them.”  It was pretty clear he was embarrassed to confess this to you.

The smirk reappeared on your lips as he hesitantly climbed up onto his bed and plopped down beside you, his eyes refusing to meet yours.  “Wow, Carl Gallagher, a virgin?  When did you plan on telling me this?” you mocked, shoving his side before giggling quietly to yourself.

Carl clearly wasn’t amused.  He rolled onto his side so his back was facing you.  “Stopppp.”

You laughed yet again and rolled your eyes, squeezing his shoulder.  “I’m just messing with you.  I’m in the same boat as you.  No need to be embarrassed.”

“Really?” Your words caused Carl to roll back over to face you, his eyes scanning your face.  “Hmm. Interesting.”  Slowly, a smug grin formed on his lips.  “I guess that makes me feel a little better, but not completely.  Now since you’ve embarrassed me, it’s your turn to confess something about yourself.”

Your eyes widened as you shoved his chest with the palm of your hand.  “What? How is that fair?  I just confessed to the same thing!” you exclaimed, but Carl wasn’t having it.

“Nope,” he responded with a chuckle, grabbing your hand off his chest and holding it in his own a few seconds longer than usual. “You can’t have the same confession as me.  It has to be original.”  He was relentless.

“Ugh, fine,” you huffed, rolling over onto your back and staring up at the ceiling.  After a few moments of silent pondering, an idea finally came to your mind.  “I’ve never had an orgasm.”

The sheets ruffled as Carl shot up into a seated position on the bed.  A puzzled look took over his face as he stared down at you in disbelief.  “Wait, huh?”

You bit your lip as your cheeks began to heat up.  “I mean, yeah, is that so weird?”

Carl went silent for another few seconds, combing his fingers through his wavy hair as his face remained scrunched up in confusion.  “Well, yeah, kind of,” he started, nodding his head. “I get that you’ve never had sex, but I know you’ve done just about everything else with your past boyfriends.  And, what?  I just don’t understand.”

Your cheeks darkened even more as you looked down and began to play with your fingers.  “Sure I’ve done a lot of things with my past boyfriends, but… I don’t know.  None of them ever really brought me to that level.”

Still, Carl looked confused.  His eyes wouldn’t leave your embarrassed face as he tried to figure this out.  “Okay, so like, obviously your past boyfriends went down on you, right?”

This wasn’t exactly how had planned to spend your Friday night.  With a sigh, you sat up and rested your back against the wall.  “What do you mean by obviously?  Joey attempted it but got ‘tired’ and gave up after like thirty seconds. And Matt and Ben never did.  Matt said that it was weird and he’d rather not do it.  Ben said that girls like to go down on guys but guys don’t like to go down on girls.” You shook your head and covered your face with your hands.  “Can we please talk about something else now?”

Carl held up his hand in rejection and shook his head.  “No, no, no.  Not yet, Y/N.  I’m still confused,” he said, his wide eyes still burning into your face.  “So you’re trying to tell me that all three of those guys didn’t like going down on their girlfriends?”

“Yes, Carl, I guess that is what I’m saying,” you replied, beginning to get a bit annoyed.  “Why is this so hard for you to understand?”

Finally, a quiet laugh escaped Carl’s lips, but he still continued to shake his head.  “So you’re trying to tell me that there’s real guys that exist that don’t like to go down on their girlfriends?”

“Oh my god, yes, Carl.  That is what I’m saying.” Plopping down on your back again, you grabbed his pillow and threw it at his face.  “Enough now.”

“Wow.” He still wasn’t done.  “You’ve dated some really fucking weird guys, Y/N.”  When you only responded with an eye roll, he finally allowed himself to lay back down beside you.  “But still, never had an orgasm?  That’s insane.  You’ve been deprived.”

Your eyes at last met his as you shot him a glare.  “Wouldn’t know.”

“It’s amazing.  Heavenly, almost.  Feels so good it’s almost indescribable.” Carl’s eyes glowed as he described the obviously incredible sensation you had never experienced.  “Wish I could help you out with this one.”  After realizing what he said, the boy let out an awkward cough as his eyes darted to the ceiling.

“Yeah, me too,” you murmured, your cheeks changing to match the current color of his.  Not wanting to make things too awkward, you cleared your throat and sat up.  “Okay, we’re done with this.  Now it’s time for me to kick your ass in Call of Duty.”

The topic was dropped and the rest of the night was spent playing video games and stuffing your faces with junk food, which were your usual activities.  But something was different.  There was a tension between the two of you that usually wasn’t there.  Every so often, you’d catch Carl staring at you, causing his eyes to immediately dart away whenever you noticed.  More than once, you’d both go to reach into the bowl of popcorn between you at the same time and your hands would brush and linger near each other for a few moments too long.  The typical banter you two always shared now almost appeared to be what it always had been but neither of you would admit: flirting.  Sleeping together had never been an issue for the two of you, but tonight it was much more difficult for you both to get comfortable – not too close or too far away from one another.  Spooning was never weird before, but tonight Carl seemed extra fidgety as you pressed your backside into him.  Still, neither of you addressed the change and eventually managed to drift off to sleep.

You felt like you were on top of the world.  In heaven.  Straight ecstasy.  What a dream.

Your eyes flew open but the feeling didn’t go away. Your legs began to tremble as you propped yourself up on your elbows.  “F-Fuck… Carl?”

The moment you spoke up, the blankets were pulled back from your stomach and Carl’s face became visible between your thighs.  He looked up at you, flashing you a smirk.  “Good morning.  Wasn’t sure you were ever gonna wake up.”  Without another word, he inserted two fingers inside of you and moved his face back between your legs, darting his tongue across your clit.

The sensation was too good that you hardly knew how to react. A gasp escaped your lips as you bucked your hips up toward his face, increasing the pressure.  It was in that moment that it started to dawn on you what was happening.  “W-Wait. F-Fuck, Carl.  S-Stop,” you breathed out, but you knew it wasn’t what you wanted.

Carl pushed your hips back down on the bed and resurfaced again, pushing his wavy hair out of his face.  A smirk formed on his lips again as his eyes glanced between your shaking thighs and your awe struck face.  “You really want me to stop?”

Without another word, you pushed his head back down, caving into the feeling that was taking over your body.  “Don’t stop,” you demanded, contradicting your previous statement and tangling your fingers into his messy hair.

Carl immediately began to move his fingers inside of you again, his lips moving around your clit as he began to suck and swirl his tongue around at the same time.  Your moans got louder, causing Carl to increase the speed of his fingers.  His tongue was now gliding up and down your clit, increasing the pressure each time he made it to the top.

That was all it took.  Your hips ground against his face and you tugged on his hair, your eyes closing tightly as you climaxed and came against his tongue.  

As the world spun around you, you felt Carl climb back up and take his spot beside you, propping himself up on his elbow.  While you recovered, you could feel him staring at you, his eyes filled with nothing but admiration.

When you were finally able to catch your breath, you rolled over onto your side to face him and raised an eyebrow at him, grinning.  “Wow.”

“Sorry I didn’t wait to ask for your permission, but you were kind of moaning my name in your sleep beforehand, so I saw it as the perfect opportunity,” he said with a chuckle.  After a moment, the smile fell from his lips and he rolled onto his back. He cleared his throat and bit down on his swollen lower lip.  “And, uh, I don’t know if it was just me, but something felt different between us yesterday and, um, yeah… Kind felt like all those repressed feelings finally started coming up or something… I don’t know.”

Shaking your head, you moved closer to the embarrassed boy, cuddling into his side.  “It wasn’t just you.”

A small smile formed on Carl’s lips before it transformed into a smirk.  “You know, I once read that in order to have an orgasm, you need to be physically attracted to the other person.”

Rolling your eyes, you pushed Carl onto his back and climbed on top of him, straddling his waist.  “Yes, I’m attracted to you.  I guess everyone was always right whenever they said that we couldn’t just be friends,” you confessed, raising an eyebrow at him as a bulge began to form through his pants.  “And I’m guessing the feeling is mutual.”

Carl’s cheeks darkened a bit, but the smirk remained on his lips.  “You’re right.  I don’t go down on just anyone… Recently, at least.”

“How could I ever repay you?” you flirted, leaning down and resting your forehead against his.  You could tell you had the upper hand for once from the way he swallowed the lump in his throat and stared at you with wide eyes.  “Remember that confession you shared with me yesterday?”

Carl furrowed his brow and gave you a questioning look. “The one where I shamefully told you I’ve never had sex?  Yeah, what about it?”  God was he slow sometimes.

Brushing your nose against his, you wrapped your arms around his neck.  “How would you feel about changing that?”

That was all it took for it to click in his head.  His eyes widened for a moment before he grabbed your hips and flipped you over so he was on top.  He flashed you a smirk before brushing his lips against yours.  

“I guess maybe we’ll be able to call it even then.”


Once again, I’m new to the game on here so please let me know if you enjoy! xx

The purple spot.

request:  Hi love!! If you are taking requests at the moment I would love one where Harrison gave y/n a very dark hickey and so she desperately tries to hide it (from tom and Jacob especially) but ultimately fails? If not that’s totally ok!!

Word count: 791 (it’s a shorter one, sorry)

Tagging: @misshollander1 @tomsleftbrow @newt-parker @rawrimamy16 @bxckytrxsh @theonlyonelives @captainaudreystark @underoosholland

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I Need You [Tim Drake x Reader]

Anon requested: “okay but can you please fuck me up with some angsty 31, 27, and 9 with my boy Tim Drake? Please?”

A/N: Holy…. okay this combination is… omg okay I’ll try not to make myself cry

Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

Warning: Death

Word Count: 1399

Prompt 9: “You walk out of that door and I’m not gonna be here waiting for your ass to come back.”

Prompt 27: “You keep hurting me and I just keep coming back to you.“

Prompt 31: “Sometimes you don’t get what you want in life, and you know what? That’s okay.”


You hated it; all the lonely nights in a cold bed, the fear that wrapped around your heart every single night, the sinking feeling of being ignored, the disgusting injuries and nauseous smell of blood.

You loved Tim, you loved him more than words could explain. What you didn’t love was the fact that his life seemed to be complete without you. Sure, he claimed to love you with all his heart, but where was he? If he wasn’t out being a hero and saving lives, he was whisked away by the amount of work he had. It was an endless cycle and you wondered if he ever considered putting you, his girlfriend, into the picture.

You tolerated it. You were patient and you waited, and waited, and waited. No matter how much it pained you, you kept waiting like a lovesick fool. Perhaps you were some lovesick fool to stay with someone who sometimes didn’t even bat an eye at you.

And then one day, you finally snapped.

“Hey Timmy.” you said cheerfully when he entered the apartment in a hurry. However, all you felt was a rush of wind as he shuffled past you. “Tim?”

“Not now, I’m late for patrol.” he muttered quickly, hastily changing into his costume. 

Now, you were already upset. However, he had ignored you all day–again–and he didn’t even offer a greeting.

That was when it all came pouring out.

“You’re always patrolling!” you blurted out, stomping your foot. Tim, who had just finished putting his costume on, froze as his eyes widened in shock. You never shouted at him before.


“I hate this, Tim!” you continued, “I hate being the least of your worries! Every night, I go to sleep alone and every morning I wake up to an empty bed! And you know how scared I am each time that happens? I don’t know whether you left for work already or you never returned from patrol, because you don’t even bother to leave a note, or send a simple text saying you’re okay!” By the end of it you had tears of frustration running down your face. “You know, you keep hurting me and I just keep coming back to you, and frankly I don’t know how much more pain I could take!”

Tim frowned. Usually he would be consoling you and apologizing, but he had been having a rough time too. He was on multiple cases that seemed to only lead to a dead end and the crime rate was at its peak. He was frustrated as well.

“Look, can we talk about this after my patrol?” he sighed, already sliding the balcony door open. He wasn’t even waiting for an answer.

His impatience and attitude towards your outburst only fueled your anger, and so you hissed, “You walk out of that door and I’m not gonna be here waiting for your ass to come back.

For the second time that night, Tim froze. He stood on the balcony, staring at you as if you had killed someone. 

“W-What? [F/N], no.” He shook his head in denial. He had not just heard you threaten him with that.

“Make up your mind.” you challenged, crossing your arms. “Well?”

“[F/N], you’re being irrational right now.” Tim warned. He opened his mouth to say something else, but there were police sirens in the distance, and Tim spun around, his body facing the direction the noise came from.

Someone needed his help.

“Tim, are you seriously–”

“[F/N], can we please talk about this when I get home?” Tim said quickly. “Someone is in trouble. Please, I promise we’ll talk.”

You released a breath of defeat and hung your head low. Although you were angry, you couldn’t deny that there was someone out there who could by dying right now. Gotham needed him.

“Fine. Go.” you said quietly.


“No. Just go.” You said in a defeated voice, your voice cracking at the end of the statement. Tim looked at you sadly before dashing to you and giving you a peck on the lips, the first kiss he had given you in a very long time.

And just like that, you were a lovesick fool again.

“Someone needs me right now.” Tim whispered when he pulled away. “I’ll be back.”

As you watched him go, you mumbled weakly, “but I need you too.”

It happened so fast.

You didn’t know how that monster knew about you, but that wasn’t what mattered right now. 

You need to run

You need help.

You need him.

But he was gone. He was out saving Gotham.

You couldn’t even find the courage to scream when it struck you.

When Tim returned to the apartment, he was tired, but he was also worried about you. You seemed furious with him, and understandably so. He hadn’t been a very good partner lately, but he loved you. He loved you more than his poor heart could take, so he was going to do anything he could to make it work.

He had gone over hundreds of scenarios and possibilities in his head, but he never expected to see you on the floor, blood surrounding you and splattered on the walls when he entered the apartment.

No words could describe the shock and utter despair and fear he felt. He rushed to your side, lifting you onto his lap with shaky hands.

“[F/N]? Oh god. [F/N]! [F/N], open your eyes! Please!” Tim cried, trying desperately to get you to regain consciousness. He had tears in his eyes, staining his cowl.

“Please, please wake up.” he pleaded, his voice expressing the pain he was feeling.

“T-Tim?” He gasped when he heard your breathless voice.

“[F/N]! I’m here. I’m here.” Tim said, cradling your face with his hands. “I’m here. I’m not going to leave you, I should have never left. Oh god…”

“Tim… Tim you have to listen to me…” you murmured, your voice small and feeble. It broke his heart.

“No, you have to save your strength! I’ll get help–”

“No… Timmy… I-I’m not going to make it.” you choked. Tim shook his head madly.

“Don’t! Don’t say that, you’re going to make it!” he protested, clearly in denial. You sighed and, with all your strength, you lifted your hand and tucked on the fabric covering his face. Quickly, he removed the cowl.

The sight would’ve broke anyone’s heart. His eyes were red and glistened with tears. His lips were wobbling and he was sniffing as he struggled to control his tears.

“Tim… I-I love you.”

“I-I love you too.” Tim sobbed, holding your hand like his life depended on it. The tears wouldn’t stop.

“Shh… Tim, don’t cry.” you cooed, bringing a hand up to wipe his tears even when it took everything you had.

“Please don’t leave me.” Tim begged tearfully, “I-I need you [F/N].”

You smiled gently at him, your eyes showing so much love and affection. There was no trace of the anger you held for him before, and it only made him cry even harder. 

Sometimes you don’t get what you want in life, and you know what? That’s okay. You’re… you are strong Tim. You are my hero, my Timmy. You’re going to get through this.”

Tim shook his head. “No. I can’t. Not without you.” He was choking up. He could barely see you with how blurry his vision was.

“You can…” You closed your eyes slowly. “You… must…” Your hand went limp and dropped to the floor.

“[F/N]?” There was no response. “[F/N]?! No… please, no, you can’t–please! Please! I beg you! [F/N]!!!”

Tim brought your body into his arms and cried, not caring if he got your blood on his clothes. He held you tightly and refused to let you go, because he couldn’t. He lost too many people in his life, he couldn’t lose you too.

But he did, and in his own home out of all the places. He couldn’t help but think that it was his fault. This wouldn’t have happened if he had listened to you and stayed, if he was there to protect you. 

Tim had saved countless lives. He was always there when people needed him.

Yet the one person who he failed to save, who he failed to be there for when needed, just had to be you.

Make-up artist Pt. 3

Part 1 2

Originally posted by spideycentral

You had just received a video of Peter freaking out over the new suit Tony Stark had sent him. It had been about a month since he had first told you and you two couldn’t be closer.

Y/N: That’s so freaking awesome! I told you you needed a makeover, clearly me and Stark are on the same brainwave ;)

Peter: Oh, so you’re a genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist (his words, not mine)? yeah, nobody is on the same level as him :0

Y/n: well, I am one of those things.

Peter: well if you’re a billionaire, that’s cruel not sharing your fortune with me :(

Y/N: fuck you, you know I’m broke.

Y/N: and I’m a genius, idiot.

Peter: yup you’re a genius idiot alright ^_^

Y/N: oh hush up bug boy *intensely rolls eyes*

Peter: *Rolls them back to you*

Y/N: nerd.

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fashionlive15  asked:

Hi how are you?? , I wanted to request a sirius imagine where is best friends with the reader and start dating but he hurts her and she after feeling awful start haging with lucios and his gang , and then sirius goes crazy for jealousy and because his worry about her and them changing her

@fashionlive15 I am very well thank you very much! <3

I love your request and sorry it took me pretty long to answer! Please leave feedback because it helps me improve my work :)


  Fay <3


Pairing: young!sirius black x reader

Requested: obv

Warnings: mild swearing

Word count: 1892

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inkycompass  asked:

I found your blog yesterday and have been reading through it since, and I have to say I love the notion that if Harville knew about The History, he'd just tow Wentworth over to Anne to make them sort things out. I love Persuasion and Wentworth but the mental image of his brother captain forcing him to Get Over Himself Already is quite delightful (even though that would shorten the story considerably).

Best AU ever. Or take it even further and go back six years when Wentworth was back in England again and Harville just frog-marches him over to Kellynch like “HE WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT ANNE ELLIOT AND HE IS RICH NOW SO PLEASE MARRY HIM AND PUT US ALL OUT OF OUR MISERY SO WE CAN TALK OF SOMETHING ELSE.” And Wentworth is all “but my pride!” And Harville goes “YOU TALK TO ANNE IN YOUR SLEEP DUDE YOU HAVE NONE.”

Show Me (Breaking Alternate Ending #1)

Chapter where split occured

A/N: Welp…you guys wanted this…

Warnings: Just…everything

Wordcount: 2466

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Show me, a path left unseen. Show me, where I have failed. Show me, what could have been. Was balance truly met?

“I love you so, so, so much. I love you more than anything else. You are my fallen star and I would do anything for you, you know that right?” He asked, very seriously.

“Of course I do, Philip. I couldn’t forget that even if I wanted to. You’re the only sunshine that matters to me…” He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips into yours. Yours seemed to fit perfectly with his and the feeling of being stopped in time never changed. He pulled away slightly and you slowly opened your eyes.

“Good… it’s just nice to hear that every once in a while.” He grinned. You are such a cheeseball!

“Well, I’m will to tell you that any time!” You chuckled.

“You’re adorable… I’ll see you in morning, my starlight. I hope you have sweet dreams.” He gave your hand one last squeeze before letting go and making his way down the hall and out of your sights. You went inside your room and closed the door behind you. You ran over to your bed, slammed your head into the pillow and legit screamed. You rolled over and tried to stop smiling, you couldn’t. Philip Hamilton has a very important question to ask me. And he has to ask it in the place where we gave each other our nicknames and shared our first kiss… I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE! I feel like the only person who could be happier than me about this is Angie! You suddenly felt exhausted. I am emotionally drained… You tried to get up so that you could change your clothes but your body wouldn’t move. What the fuck…? You were paralyzed, your eyes began to shut. Your sight was filled with blackness, there was nothing. You couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t move, you couldn’t see. Truly, this was emptiness.  There was no beat, no melody, no voice.

Your eyes fluttered open after that odd slumber, you looked out your window. It was still dark outside. You could tell the sun was about to rise though, the dark blue of the night was beginning to fade to a lovely shade of purple. Any other day, this would be a moment of bliss for you. But for some reason, you felt off, something wasn’t right. You slowly lifted yourself up from the bed, your back was killing you. And that’s when you noticed something, a piece of paper laying on the ground about a foot away from your door. You went over to it, picked it up and saw ‘My Star’ written on the front. What’s this? You opened it up and began to read its contents.

My dearest Starlight,

                            I write this letter to you with a heavy heart. I could not keep my word to you. As the eldest son, it is my responsibility to shoulder the legacy of my father. Mr. Eacker has sullied the name of not only my family but of you as well. My honor prevents me from backing down against this man’s words, I shall meet him at dawn. If you are reading this, it means that I have not survived the duel. I pray that these letters never meet your beautiful eyes, so that I may see them when the morning comes. I shall not let a tear stray from my eye, I must be strong, if not more myself than for you. Please, take care of my family. They will need you if I am gone. Do not, for a single moment believe that this could be in anyway your fault. My death will be on my hands, no one else’s. It is odd, in the time I need to use my talent in writing the most, I cannot find my words. How does one say goodbye to the person they barely got a chance to be with? My love, it is impossible. What am I to say to you? This letter will have to be short, or else it will be one hundred pages long. I will wait for you, as the world changes and grows so will you. I’ll wait as long as it takes to see your face again. I will bleed and fight for you. If you do read this, do not become stuck on me. Move on, be happy, live your life to the absolute fullest because my love for you will never die, even if I myself do. I will watch over you from the heavens, you shall never be alone. My love, my star, my everything, take your time. I shall see you, one day, on the other side.

With love, P. Ham, your sunshine

Your hands shook as the page cascaded back down to the floor, leaving your fingertips empty. The sun was rising. No…Philip…oh God no…Please don’t do this to me…no! You busted out of the room, tears rolling down your cheeks, you tried to run through the hallway, but you were frantic and ended up running into something. Or more accurately, someone. The person grabbed you by the shoulders to steady you but you were on edge and shook off their hands.

“Titania! What’s the matter?” Alex looked down at you. What’s the matter…? What’s the fucking matter?! You were fuming. Philip hadn’t taken the guns when you interrupted, which meant that Alex had to have given them to him…After you told him he shouldn’t.

“You…You, you, you, you! How could you?” You spat.

“What are you talking about?” Alex asked.

“Fuck you! You know what the hell I’m talking about! You bastard! How could you let him go?” You screamed. He sighed.

“Titania, he is his own man he ha-“

“No! Don’t feed me any of your bullshit Hamilton! If I wasn’t enough to convince not to go then why didn’t you? You knew how I felt, you knew I didn’t want him to go! You let him go, because it was on your name! Not his! Now he’s going to…” You trailed off for a moment. “Fuck…Get out of my way!” You pushed Alex aside and bolted for the door. You ran down the steps and towards the stables, getting ono the closest horse and hurriedly made it move forward. You rode into town and saw a few people waking up to prepare for the day, how could everything be so calm? You remembered the path down to the Hudson from the time you and Eliza decided to go for a stroll there. You looked around and saw the sky changing from its purple shade to more of a pink, it was slowly lightening and various other colors peeked from the horizon. The sun’s almost up! Please! I just need more time! I’m running out time! You made it to the edge of the river and hopped off the horse. There was a man on a small boat that was pulled onto the dock, he seemed to be relaxing.

“Excuse me sir! Did you just let a group of men across?” You asked him, completely out of breath. He looked at you incredulously.

“Yes, ma’am. They went across a little while ago.”

“Can you take me across? Please!” You begged.

“I can, but aren’t you worried about your horse?” He asked, you ran over to boat and jumped in, it shook under the pressure.

“There’s no time for that! Please!” You reinforced. As he began to paddle the boat across you asked him. “Where did they go?”

“Near Weehawken, ma’am. Crazy fools are looking for a fight, plain as day.” This was the first time you had a chance to process what was happening. I’m coming Philip, don’t do anything crazy! You were starting to feel the weight of guilt. He just had to do this! Why couldn’t I stop him? Was it not enough? Will he never be satisfied? The boat hit the other side and your hurried off, giving the man a pressed thank you. The ground was muddy from the river but the further out you went, the drier it became. The lines in the sky was already orange. Tears burnt your eyes as you felt your legs get weaker. I can’t stop! Keep going, damn it! You heard something faint in the distance.

“Seven!” And then a gunshot. You screamed, you could feel the vibrations pull at your throat, wanting you to stop. You ran more, forgetting all about how hard it was to breathe. As you got closer, you heard a few men talking. One man was crouched down on the ground and that’s when you noticed a body lying on the ground. You didn’t think, but you knew. The sun was risen and yet it had fallen at the same time. You couldn’t even feel yourself running the rest of the way, you were there in what seemed like an instant. You saw his curly hair; it was still against the ground but it gave the illusion of movement. The freckles on his face, already beginning to look paler than you remembered. His eyes, they were still alive, still had that loving glow. But it seemed so faint and fragile. The most horrifying part was the blood, it was already all over you and all you had done was sit next to him. He smiled at you, you love his smile so much.

“S-Star…Isn’t it…a beautiful morning…?” He sputtered. You weren’t sure what this feeling was. Was it anger? Was it despair? You were seething with whatever this feeling was. You picked up the pistol still in Philip’s hand and pointed it toward the only other person with a gun.

“Eacker! You cheating son of a bitch!” Your finger hovered against the trigger and just as you were about to pull it, something grabbed your wrist. “Philly…Don’t stop me! He…He!”

“Shh, I know, I know…” He cooed

“We have to get him somewhere, now!” The doctor insisted. That snapped you back to reality, nothing else mattered but Philip.

“Sunshine! Do you think you can stand? We have to g-“

“No…I don’t want to go…” He coughed.

“What the hell are you talking about? We have to go! You’ll die, please don’t do this to me!” You cried.

“I’m not going to die…I’ll be just fine, my love. I don’t want to waste a second of this time with you…stay with me…” Your jaw quivered at the pleading in his voice.

“Philly…please! Don’t leave me, not like this! I don’t know…What the hell do you expect me to do?” You moved closer to him and leaned over. Your fingertips grazed along his forehead and shifting some of the loose hairs out of his face. “What am I supposed to do without you?” You asked. He gave out a pained laugh. How bad does that hurt?

“Without me? My starlight…I should be asking you that question… What am I supposed to do while I wait for you to come back to me? Actually, I know what I’ll do…I’ll watch you grow. Watch you move on from me… because you know I’d want you to find love again. I’ll watch you have children, they’ll be just as beautiful as you and just as smart. You’ll change the world; you’ll be there for my family. Help my family move on with you. You’ll have a nice…quiet life…” He smiled but you shook you head.

“I don’t like the quiet…unless you’re there to fill it…” You hiccupped, cupping your hand around his cheek.

“It’ll be okay… Please, promise me you’ll take your time. I know, we’ve broken a few promises in the past but…this one you’ll have to keep. There’s no rush…If it took a million years for me to see you, it would still be worth it.” You wanted to say no, that you needed him to live. But you had already put him through hell in the past with your honesty. Maybe, for just once, it would be okay to indulge him.

“Okay…I promise…” You nodded, your tears falling onto his cheeks. He smiled at you softly.

“Good…May I ask…one more thing of you?”

“Of course…Whatever you need, my love…” You felt like you were choking, it was so difficult.

“Can you…sing for me? Just one last time… You know how much I love your voice…”

“O-Of c-course… What would you like to hear?”

“Something that you love…something that makes you think of me… I’ll even keep the pace for you…” You bit your bottom lip, trying to hold in how much you wanted to weep. You moved your hand under his head, scooted closes to him and rested his head on your lap. “I was just about to suggest this…this way I can see your eyes better…” You looked down at him.

Titania: “Un…deux…trois…

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You never know, dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away…”

Philip: “Un. Deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf…”

Titania: “The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping

I dreamt I held you in my arms

When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken

So I hung my head, and I cried

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You never know, dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away…”

Philip: “Good…”

Titania: I’ll always love you and make you happy

If you will only say the same

But if you leave me to love another,

You’ll regret it all one day

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You never know, dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away…”

Philip: “I love you…”

The light faded from his eyes.

“Please…don’t take…my sunshine…away….” You buried your face into his chest, no heartbeat. Now, you could finally weep. You clutched onto his clothes with one hand and his hair with the other. “No…Please! Philip!” You were shaking so much that it hurt, and yet you didn’t care. The pain in your heart was greater and it only grew more the higher the sun rose. Your cries were muffled against his chest. You were tired, so, so tired. It was hard to breathe.

“I love you…too…” You whispered as your eyes shut against your own volition. Everything was black.

There was nothing there

You heard something, in the darkness.

It was getting louder.

Where is it?


You feel tired.


Your body is sore.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Your mind is weak.

Beep, beep, beep, beep.

You can breathe.

Fate changer (part 1)

Pairings:Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None..yet

A/N: I hope you liked this. I was inspired to write this from this post. 

Summary: (Soulmate clock au)You meet Bucky before you meet your soulmate and you start falling for him. But what will appen when you actually meet your soulmate

Disclaimer, I don’t own any of these characters

Originally posted by little--batman

You never understood the whole soulmate clock system. Surely, you had one like everyone else, although not having was quite rare. Still you didn’t like it or understood it and that’s why you were in this mess right now.

 It all started on a normal day while you were taking your normal walk at the most mundane park. While walking you turned your head and saw in the other side of the street a new bookstore. Like the bookworm that you were you tought ‘why not’ and walked to the other side of the street. 

 When you entered the bookstore the smell of books, new and old, filled your lungs. You looked around the room and all you could think.. wait, scratch that, you couldn’t think anything anymore. You looked around to see where was the person that owned the place was to personally congratulate them for their excellent work.

 “Excuse me?” you squeezed out.

 “I’ll be with you in a moment” came a man’s voice from a little room in the far corner of the room.

 You took the chance to look around and walked to the fiction section. You found one book that was from the current book series you were reading. 

 “That’s a good book you have there” someone said from behind you and before you turned around you had recognised the voice. It belonged to the man that owned the place.

 Even though you had recognised the voice nothing had prepared you for what you were about to see. The man standing before you was truly beautiful. Not just handsome or hot but beautiful. He was tall and well-built. He had dazzling blue eyes and shoulder-lenght, straight, brown hair. You gulped and gave him a little smile. 

 “Yeah, one of my favourites”

 “How may I help you, madam?” he grinned widely at you.

 “I’ll just have a look” you lied.

 “If you need anything just call my name, which is James” he said and held out his hand.

 “(Y/N), pleasure” you smiled and shook his hand.

 After the handshake you sneaked off to another aisle. You lied to him because although you loved books more than anything somthing or maybe someone was all you could think of. You looked down at your clock you didn’t see what you though you would. 

 Your clock was at 00:02:14:06:46.

 How could it be? You were pretty sure you were head over heals for James. And yet your clock didn’t seem to understand that. 

 That’s when your suspisions about the clock being bullshit were almost confirmed. How could a machine tell you when or who you will love?!

 You put a piece of hair behind your ear and walked to the register and placed the book that you were still holding on the counter.

 “That’s all?” James asked from behind the counter.

 “For today” you asked. “How much is it?”

 “Oh, no. You are not paying for this. It’s a gift.”

 “But I can’t-”

 “Okay I’ll make a compromise. I can give this as a gift to you but you will me promise you’ll come again” he winked at you.

 “Believe me I was already planning to” you mumbled under your breath as you rolled your eyes.

 However he still seemed to have heard your answer because he chuckled .

 “Then I’ll see you around (Y/N)” he said and gave you your book.

 “Goodbye James” you said and headed for the door.

 Before you walked outside, you heard him calling out your name and you looked at him.


 “I just wanted to tell you that you can call me Bucky”

 You lingered at the door. “That’s a weird nickname, but okay, sure” you shrugged. 

 “Hey (Y/N), how was your day?” your roommate, Natasha asked when you walked into the kitchen.

 “It was good” you said. “I went to the new bookstore next to the park”.

 “How am I not suprised?” Natasha joked.

 You laughed at that. 

 “And I guess you saw something good there because you haven’t stopped smiling since when you came home this morning” she smirked suggestively and you smiled sadly at that because you knew that when she said something she meant someone.

 “Natasha, you know that my clock is set for two months from now”.

 “Right, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find someone to help you wait” she winked.

 “Natasha!” you gasped.

 “(Y/N)!” she moked you. “What’s his name?”


 “Is he cute?”

 “Stop it!” you said and hid your now blushing face behind your palms.

 “Okay, I’ll stop” she said and held her hands up in a surrendering way.

 “Can we please talk about something else?” you plead with her and she nodded. “How is Clint?”

 “He’s good. I’ll be meeting him in a while for lunch.”

 “That’s exciting!”

 “Yeah, it is but we just met and the whole soulmate thing is a bit weird. I mean definetly he’s the one for me but still, weird.”

 “What do you mean weird”

 “I mean it’s weird to be with a person who is perfect”.

 “Aw, that’s cute”.

 “I should be going” Natasha sighed and sat up from the chair, “I’ll see you later, pumpkin”.

 You woke up and looked at the clock on your bedside table. It was 2am. Turns out the nap you had turned into a 12 hour long sleep. You walked as silently as possible to the kitchen to have a small meal. When you peered inside Nat’s room you found it empty you chuckled and continued walking to the kitchen.

 Since there was no need to be silent you let yourself dance around the room a bit as you prepared your meal.

 When you returned to your bed you shivered because of the cold sheets. You fetched your laptop and sat watching your favourite series on Netflix. Five episodes later, you were fast aslpeep.

(Betty Cooper x Reader): She’s Perfect (1/4)

Summary: Reader met Betty at the internship over the summer and developed feeling for her. Since her parents are detectives they’re brought in to look at the Jason Blossom case, and reader moves to Riverdale.

A/N: Hope you enjoy this! Look out for the next part in a day or two (apologizes for any spelling and grammar mistakes) ((also Grundy literally won’t exist bc i hate her))

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

You’d met Betty over the summer, you’d both been a part of the same internship program. You felt like Betty was one of the easier people to talk to and you clicked right away, you could talk about books, you lives back home, and college and never feel awkward or nervous about it.

When you were both getting ready to leave and go back home you’d promised to text, video chat, whatever it took to stay in contact, you’d even told her that you’d try to convince your parents to come to Riverdale for fall break or something so that you could visit her. You didn’t even realize that you had a crush on her until you were talking about her to you friends when you got home.

“(Y/N), we know you’re excited about your new girlfriend, but can we please talk about something else?” Your friend asked as she flopped down on your bed next to you.

“Sorry,” You replied, blushing slightly, “We’re not dating, she would always talk about her best friend Archie, I could tell she was in love with him. By now she’s probably already dating him.”

“Unless he’s not into her,” Your other friend shoots back.

“It would be impossible to not like Betty. She’s perfect.” You reply.

You all continue talking and your friends tell you about everything you missed while you were gone, who got hot, who broke up, who got together, and all sort of crazy stories from their own jobs over the summer.

Once they all went home your mom called for you, “(Y/N)! We’re having a family meeting.”

You quickly jog down the stares, family meetings are reserved for important news, and you’re curious to hear what it’s about. Once you’re sitting down your dad starts talking.

“Your mother and I have been asked to help with an investigation out of town.” He explains to you, “In small town called Riverdale. A high school kid supposedly drowned and apparently they don’t have any detectives so they asked us to step in.”

“Okay,” You say, trying not to seem to excited about the prospect. Riverdale. As in, the Riverdale where Betty lives, “When were we leaving?” You ask, trying to sound nonchalant.

Your mom looks at you slightly puzzled, “You want to go with? We thought you’d want to stay here with your grandparents or something.”

“Oh, um… No, I mean, you’ll be gone for a while and I don’t mind coming with, it’ll be fun to live somewhere else.” You say, awkwardly trying to cover yourself.

“Are you sure, we don’t mind if you stay here, even if you stay with (Y/BFF/N)’s family.” Your dad replies.

“No! I want to come with. Betty, one of my friends from the internship lives there,” You admit, “I’d already have a friend, I’d been hoping to visit her soon anyway.”

“Okay honey,” Your mom replies with a small smile, “Of course you can come. We’re leaving at the end of the weekend.”

When you were leaving a few days later on Sunday night you hugged your friends goodbye before hopping in the car with your parents.

“We expect to be kept up to date on everything that happens,” Your best friend told you as you stuck your head out the window to say one last goodbye to them.

“Of course.” You reply, “Bye!” You called as your dad drove away.

You pulled into the driveway of the house your were renting as the sun was setting. You helped your parents carry all of your suitcases and bags into the house.

“Shoot, we didn’t get any groceries,” Your mom calls from the living room as you unpack some of your stuff up in your room.

“I think there were some take out restaurant menus in the kitchen,” You call down to her, setting up some of your photos in the nightstand. You had already had one of you and Betty - the photo you’d taken the day before the internship as over - framed and you set it up next to the shot of you and your family from your older sibling’s wedding and the photo of you and your group of friends from before the last school dance.

After you’d unpacked all of you clothes into the dresser and closet your mom knocked on the door of your new room.

“Honey?” She asked, “Would you mind walking down to pick up our dinner? I ordered from this restaurant,” She said, holding up a menu that said Pop’s in a vintage dinner font, “you okay with burgers and fries?”

“Sure, I’ll walk down and pick it up.” You replied, it sounded vaguely familiar, Betty must have mentioned it at one point which you took to be a good sign.

You walked into the dinner and were surprised by how cute it was inside. You walked up to the counter, “Take out order for (Y/L/N).” You tell the cashier with a small smile.

“It’ll be up in a few minutes.” He replies.

“Hey,” You said, as a guy with the most ginger hair you’d ever seen smiled at you.

“Hi,” He said, grinning at you even more.

They girl he was sitting with turned around and your eyes widened with realization. It was Betty.

“So, are the union rings here any good?” You ask, jokingly as you walk over to their table.

“So good,” He replies.

“(Y/N), what are you doing here?” She asks, her face a mixture of confusion and amusement.

“Wait- you guys know each other?” The guy asks.

“Yeah, she was the other girl at my internship,” Betty tells him,

“My parents are here to do some investigation into a murder, they’re detectives.” You reply in response to Betty’s question.

“Wait, you parents are here to investigate the murder of Jason Blossom?” Betty asks you.

“Yeah… how did you know that?” You ask her, surprised.

“It’s a big deal, everyone here in town has been talking about it nonstop.” Archie interjects.

“Oh! I’m (Y/N) by the way,” You add, smiling at the guy.

“Archie Andrews” He responds, introducing himself.

“Oh, I know who you are, Betty told me about you,” You reply with a grin.

“Hopefully good things,” He responds with a grin, “I’m also your peer mentor, I’m going to be giving you your tour tomorrow.” He responds, “Do you want to join us?” He asks, almost a little too quickly.

“I’d love to,” You reply, glancing between Betty and Archie, “But my mom is expecting some burgers so I should probably get back.”

‘We’ll stop by your place tomorrow morning and walk you to school if you want.” Betty adds, giving you one of those smiles that fills your stomach with butterflies.

“Until then,” You reply, “I’ll text you my address.” You add as walk over to the counter and grab your take out from the cashier before leaving the restaurant.

After you’d finished eating dinner you’d gone up to your room, nervously packing your backpack before you remembered to text Betty.

(Y/N) - 10:23: My address is 647 Jefferson St. by the way
Betty - 10: 25: Really?! You’re just down the street from us then. Archie’s the yellow house next door to you and I’m in the white house next to it.
(Y/N) - 10:26: That’s so crazy, must be fate bringing us together :)
Betty - 10:26: Probably, Archie and I’ll stop by around 7:45 to pick you up.
(Y/N) - 10:30: Okay, see you then

Destruction from Habits (2)

Originally posted by chimchams

Jungkook x reader x Jimin
Word count: 5.1K
Angst, romance, smut
For @inktae

Two days and you were lying in Jimin’s queen sized bed as he sat in his computer chair, slouching and held his phone between his hands.
He’s obviously still texting Bora, giggling, and aside from that talking to you about the movie marathon that you both are choosing for the night. However, it seems like Jimin’s procrastinating on the actual idea of picking the series and rather spends time with her.

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The More, The Merrier (Part 11 of Faking It)

And the kinks continue. Enjoy. This one got away from me, so the threesome will actually continue in the next part!!

Read Faking It, Just Breathe, Sex Hair and Blindfolds, Cold as Ice, Rough Around the Edges, Sticky Sweet, Slow Burn, Adult Film 101, Date Night, and Hell on Heels.

Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, threesome (no Destiel), some grace!kink

Word Count: 3100ish

A/N: Thanks y’all. This series has seen so much love from you, and I appreciate every word. Still several more parts to come, including some kinks I’ve never written before!

Dean was on his way home!

It had been twelve long days, and eleven longer nights, since you’d seen him, and you were still pissed. Your ribs had been a little bruised and your ankle had been slightly sprained, but it wasn’t anything you hadn’t dealt with before. And Dean and Sam both hunted injured all the time.

But Dean had insisted you rent a room at the motel meant for long term guests and let them take this case alone. Two hours away. For almost two weeks.

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I’m just going to enjoy it,” he says. “I didn’t think that I was nothing when I wasn’t famous and I certainly don’t think that I’m everything now that I am famous. A bit famous,” he corrects himself. “Not really. You know, just sort of… Oh God, listen to me, I sound like such an idiot, yanging on about myself. Can we please just talk about something else?
—  Andrew Scott talking about fame in the Guardian Magazine (x)

Chris Evans x reader

Loosely based on “19 You + Me” by Dan + Shay

Warnings: fighting, swears, fluff, implied smut

All credit goes to Marvel and Dan + Shay

Word count: 3k              

            “C’mon, Y/N! Don’t do this! We have to be at set in an hour and it’s gonna be a long day for both of us if we don’t quit yelling at each other.”

            “No, you have to be at set in an hour! I should already be there!”

            “Then just go!”

            “Fine!” You slammed the door shut behind you, leaving Chris alone in your shared home. Stress was high in the Evans household, to say the least. Captain America: Civil War was just wrapping up shooting, and both you and Chris were crumbling under the added pressure, him being the star of it and constantly worrying over if it would do well or not, and you being the co-producer of the movie and also worrying if it would do well or not. They were never big fights, just small, meaningless ones that quickly escalated. They always resolved themselves at the end of the day though.

            You flashed your badge and smiled at a security guard who was roaming the set, watching for any fans that had somehow jumped the fence to get in. “Hey, Y/N!” Kevin waved you over and you gave him a small smile and walked over to him and a couple of the special effect editors. “Check this out, we’re giving Ms. Maximoff her powers!” You watched as the familiar red aura began to float between Elizabeth’s (or Wanda’s) hands. You couldn’t deny it, adding the special effects when everything begins to finish up is your favorite part. You smiled and praised the editors and began to walk away when Kevin jogged up to you. “Hey, you okay? Where’s Chris?”

            You slumped your shoulders, “Chris and I have been fighting a lot lately, nothing serious, but with the added pressure of finishing up the movie, tension’s been a little high. I’m surprised neither of us have gone to live with a friend for a day or two. He’s on his way, though.”

            Kevin winced, “Ouch, sorry Y/N. Do you need some time off?”

            You quickly shook your head, “No, no! Working is exactly what I need so I don’t mope around all day. I’m just looking forward to wrapping this up and doing the press tours and interviews.” You smiled.

            “Well, lucky for you, there’s only two more weeks of this, and if the stress starts getting too much to handle, take a day off, Y/N, you deserve it.” Kevin said with sincerity. You smiled and thanked him, and went on your way to talk to Anthony and Joe about the plan for today.

            “We’re doing the helicopter scene with Sebastian and Chris, taking a lunch break, and then starting the airport scene with Chris, Sebastian, Paul, Elizabeth, Jeremy, and Anthony if we have time. It should be a short day. Speaking of Evans, where is he?”

            You groaned at Chris’s irresponsibility, and excused yourself from the brothers to call him.

            “Hello?” Chris’s voice rang through the line.

            “Where are you?” You all but seethed at him. You heard him scoff.

            “Relax. I’m five minutes away. I brought Dodger to doggy day-care. Not that you would rememb-.” You hung up on him before he could finish that sentence and shoved your phone in your pocket.

            You were walking around the cast and greeting the cast when all of a sudden, a hand smacked your ass. You sharply turned on your foot and saw Chris towering above you, with his signature smirk and boy, did you wanna slap it off of him. You smiled stiffly at him, trying to be civil (hah, get it?) with him in front of all your co-workers. “Joe and Anthony need you, you’re late.”

            “What am I shooting?”

            “Helicopter scene with Sebastian.” He bent down and gave you a kiss on the cheek, placing one hand on your belly and the other on the small of your back. “Kiss-ass.”

            “Only if you want me to!” He yelled, walking away to get ready.

            “Are you sure I can’t take my shirt off for this?”

            “Chris, no, it wouldn’t make any sense.” Joe said. Chris dramatically rolled his eyes at him and laughed, getting back into position. You and Kevin were situated on your chairs right next to Joe and Anthony. You watched Chris as his biceps flexed with the “pull” of the helicopter, but it didn’t go unnoticed, because when they called cut, he sent you a flirty wink. You flipped him off and Kevin laughed beside you.

            “Damn, you’re really giving him hell, Y/N.”

            “He’ll get over it, I decided to be nice and record the Pats game for him while we’re at work,” you checked your phone. “And it looks like they won, so he’ll be in an even better mood. I’m going to go grab lunch, do you want me to bring you back something?”


            “You got it.” you began to walk away, ready to get something in your stomach when Chris stepped in front of you. You looked up at him with an expecting look.

            “I have a proposal for you, or us.”

            “I’m pretty sure we did this 4 years ago.” You said, holding up your wedding ring.

            “No, not that kind of proposal, something else.”

            “I don’t wanna hear it right now, we’ll talk about it tonight.” You tried side stepping him but he grabbed onto your arm and when you looked back at him, he looked desperate.

            “C’mon baby, please. We’re both tired and stressed, we need a vacation. I say we go back to where it all started. We’ll either find some time off now or wait until shooting’s done and we can head up to Kancamangus High-“

            “I’m sorry, Kanga-what?” Robert piped in, seeming to get caught up in word that just left Chris’s mouth. You laughed at his confused expression.

            “Kancamangus Highway, it’s in New Hampshire, it’s famous for its scenery, that’s where Chris and I met,” you laughed. Robert mumbled a small ‘oh’ and curtly nodded, before heading on his way again. “Anyways, you were saying?”

            “We find a space in our schedules, head up there for a couple days or a week. We can spend the days by the rivers, splashing around or reading, we’ll find a hotel for the nights and take advantage of the continental breakfast in the mornings. Let’s just go back to where it all started; where we started.”

 Flashback (2010)

            It was around 11 p.m. when the car skidded to a stop. You looked at your friend, Lisa, who had been driving and she groaned. “I think the car just died.” You looked at her incredulously.

            “Are you serious? We’re on a highway in New Hampshire, 5 hours from home and 32 miles from the nearest gas station. Tell me your phone’s at least alive.” She looked at her phone.

            “Nope,” she said, popping the ‘p’. “Alright, let’s just stay calm, we’ll get out of the car, sit on the hood and hopefully someone will drive by and help us.”

            “Or murder us.”

            “You always have such a positive outlook.” You rolled your eyes, you were tired as hell and wanted nothing more than to get back to your hotel, which was off the exit of the excessively long highway.

            “Where even are we?”

            “No clue.”

            You guys sat on the hood of the car for what felt like an hour, even though it had only been twenty minutes. You slapped your friend’s shoulder when you saw headlights, but quickly stiffened up just in case they weren’t exactly friendly with you. A truck pulled up next to you and the passenger rolled down his window. “You guys need any help?”

            “Our car died and our phones are dead, so clearly death is a common theme tonight if you decide to kill us.” Lisa laughed. The guy laughed, too.

            “Well we won’t kill ya, but we can help,” You stared at the guy’s face, he looked so familiar, but you couldn’t place where you knew him from. “Chris?”

            The driver and passenger got out of the car and each of them shook your hands, the passenger introducing himself as Sebastian, and the driver introducing himself as Chris. “It’s nice to meet you, even if it isn’t under your ideal circumstances.” Chris said to you. You smiled.

            “Trust me, I don’t mind. I’m Y/N.” Chris smiled back at you and Sebastian came up behind him, patting a hand on his shoulder.

            “Triple A said they can’t have someone out here until at least another two hours.” Chris winced at his friend’s words.

            “Well, we’d hate to leave you out here by yourselves. Have you guys had anything to eat?” You and Lisa shook your heads. Sebastian and Chris looked at each other.

            “There’s an all night diner about 10 miles back, do you guys want to grab something to eat until someone can pick up your car?” Lisa spoke before you could, and with one look at her, you knew exactly what she was doing. She was practically undressing Sebastian with her eyes and you swear he had been doing the same.

            “We’d love to.”

            The diner was mediocre, but it was better than sitting outside by the car and waiting for someone to come and get you. Sebastian had let Lisa charge her phone using his car charger, and your phone was still dead in your pocket. As Sebastian and Lisa talked, Chris looked over to you. “So since they’re so wrapped up in conversation, what do you do?”

“           I actually just graduated college with a masters in theatre production. I start an internship at Marvel Studios. I’ll be working for Kevin Fiege and hopefully it’ll go from there.”

            “No way.” Chris laughed.


            “I’m Chris Evans, you’ll be producing my movie,” your jaw dropped. “Captain America, at your service, ma’am.” You and him laughed.

            “Well it’s an honor, I’m very sorry your first impression of me will go along the lines of pissed off at my friend and looking for a ride,” You smirked at him and he returned it. “So should I know him as well?” You whispered, leaning forward on the table, not wanting Sebastian to hear and seem rude to him.

            “That’s Sebastian Stan, he’s from a lot of movies, you’ll see him in my movie too. He plays Bucky Barnes.” You nodded slowly.

            “Is he in Hot Tub Time Machine?” You asked, kicking an eyebrow. Chris laughed and nodded his head. “I knew he looked familiar.”

            “Well have you seen me anywhere else?” You stared at him long and hard. You had seen him somewhere else. Where had you seen him?

            “You were in the Fantastic Four movies. And I believe you were also in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.” Chris nodded.

            “I was in more, but I don’t expect you to know them. Maybe we can talk more about that over dinner one night, you know, after you have a running car.” He laughed.

            You blushed, but with a certain new-found confidence, “Dinner it is, trying to get on the producer’s good side?”

            “Well you don’t see me asking Kevin Fiege out on a date, so maybe you’re a special one.” You smiled slyly at him.

End of flashback

            “Call it a done deal.”

            “Is the car packed up?”


            “Dodger’s at your mom’s house?”


            “Did you make sure we have the hotel reservations?”

            “Yes, you need to stop worrying. I got this.” Chris said, placing his hands on your arms and looking down at you.

            “Says the guy who can’t tie his own tie,” You mumbled, lifting yourself into Chris’s truck, a hand slapping your ass as you climbed up. He closed the door once you were fully inside and came around to the driver’s side, easily sliding in next to you. “You know, you really should be more considerate of your wife’s height, not everyone can be 6 feet tall.” He laughed at your complaint.

            “You’re mean when you don’t have coffee.”

           It was four hours into the car ride, you had your feet up on the dash and was happily sipping on your iced coffee you had gotten from the Dunkin Donuts you had just passed. You looked over at Chris, who had one hand on the wheel and the other on your thigh. He caught you staring.


           “Just thinking.”


           “How long it’s been since we’ve done this; got away from everything for a bit.”

           “I believe the last time we did this was our honeymoon. Which was 4 years ago. It’s been awhile, huh?”

           “We’ve been quite the busy couple.” You said, a small laugh escaping your lips, you continued looking out the window, enjoying the scenic views of New Hampshire. It was late August, the leaves were just beginning to change and it was the perfect temperature, especially for New England. You smiled when you saw the exit for Kancamangus Highway and a rush of memories came over you.


           You and Chris were sitting on the edge of the bed of his truck, watching as Lisa and Sebastian were really hitting it off. You sipped at the beer that you guys had bought after your late dinner, and Chris spoke up. “So, how far are you from home?”

           “Trying to get rid of me already?” I laughed. “But about 5 hours. We live in upstate New York, we’re staying in a hotel off the exit.”

           “We could’ve driven you back there if you wanted, that’s no problem.” Chris laughed back.

           “Well, I was going to suggest that, but the way Lisa was eye-fucking Sebastian, I knew that was out of the question. Besides, you’re not all bad company.” You nudged him with my shoulder. He smiled.

           “Do you have a boyfriend?”

           “No, why?”

           “So I can do this.” And then his lips were on yours and yours were on his and wow did he have good lips. He pulled you closer with his hand wrapped around the back of your neck and one gripping your hip. When he pulled away after what felt like only a moment, he looked at you for any sign of doubt or disinterest. When he found none, you were the one to pull him back into you, twisting him over your body as you leaned back into the bed of the truck.

           The kiss was quickly getting heated until you heard Sebastian yell, “How come they’re kissing and we’re not?” You pulled away and laughed at how Sebastian was pouting and watched as Lisa pulled him in harshly. Chris shielded your eyes.

           “At least we didn’t announce it!”

End of flashback

           You were pulled out of your thoughts when you heard Chris’s door slam shut, only for yours to be opened twenty seconds later. He grabbed your hand and helped you down from the obnoxiously high truck. You looked around, breathing in your surroundings. He had brought you to the exact spot your car broke down, with the small clearing in the woods that opened up to a shallow river with rocks lining the sides. God, it was even more beautiful in broad daylight, you and Chris had only seen it at night, but it was certainly one night worth remembering.

           Your husband set up two beach chairs on the rocks, directly overlooking the river. “Do you think it’s moose season?”

           You shrugged, “Do moose even have a season?” You sat down in the rainbow striped beach chair and let the sunshine warm up your body. You didn’t realize how cold your skin was from Chris blasting the A/C. He sat down beside you and took your hand, bringing it up to his lips and kissing the diamond ring.

           “Man, have I missed this.” He breathed.

           “Missed what, exactly?”

           “Traveling with you, getting away with you, having date night whether it’s at a 5-star restaurant or on our couch watching a movie in our pajamas. I miss you. I’m sorry we’ve been fighting so much, we both have a lot on our plate but I think we take for granted that we’re on the same boat as far as movies go. You’re my best friend, I couldn’t ask for anyone else to share these experiences with and man, am I lucky to call you my wife. I love you, Y/N.” You smiled and bit your lip, leaning over the arm of your chair and placing your hand on his.

           “I love you too, Christopher Robert Evans.” You gave him a long, sweet kiss and when you pulled away, you guys sat in a comfortable silence. Holding each other’s hands as you watched the sun sink under the horizon until darkness enveloped you.

           “You want to head to the hotel, get settled for the night?”

           “Sure.” You grabbed the beach chair and folded it up, walking back to the truck to throw it in the back. Chris did the same with his, again helping you into the passenger seat, closing your door, and getting into the driver’s seat. He put the key in the ignition and the car didn’t roar to life per usual.

           “How crazy would it be if the truck died this time around?” You widened your eyes at him, watching as he stared at you with a look you couldn’t quite read before he burst out laughing. “I’m kidding! I put the wrong key in!” You slapped his thigh and rolled your eyes at him, but you couldn’t hide your smile at his joke.

           You stood in front of the mirror in your hotel room, the short satin robe hugging your curves, but hanging open in the front, showing the black lace bra and underwear. You tousled your hair and touched up your makeup. You even shaved your legs. Your eyes flicked to the door when you heard it being unlocked, and you leaned against the large pillar that was placed 10 feet in front of the door and crossed your arms. Chris walked in with large brown paper bags.

           “Hey babe, I got Chinese takeout from down the street, they even had that weird chicken you- woah.” Chris finally looked up from the lock on the door.

           “Remember how we said we were both a little stressed?” You smirked at him. Chris slowly placed the food down on the counter, and within seconds had your legs wrapped around his waist, kissing the tops of your breasts as he walked you two to the bedroom.

           “Have I mentioned that I missed this already?”

That’s it guys! I’m really happy with this one so let me know what you think, please?

Imagine being Crowley's significant other and being a big fan of Batman and Crowley getting jealous and wanting your attention.

Originally posted by supermerwholocked2893

“Oh my god! I would love to be Batman’s side kick! We could seriously kick some ass!” you exclaimed as you watched the Batman movie. “Plus, I would have a few things to say to Joker for treating Batman that way! The dude just deserves a break!”

Crowley just looked back to the TV with a sigh. It was clear he was getting annoyed with the constant fangirling over a dude in a suit that was constantly fighting a clown. Crowley didn’t want to admit it, but he was becoming slightly jealous over the fictional character. If you loved Batman that much then where did it leave the relationship between you and him? He knew it was stupid, but he couldn’t stop himself.

“Did you see that, Crowley?” you asked as Batman busted through the window. “Oh man, Joker’s gonna get it now!”

“I’m gonna kill that bloody bat.” Crowley mumbled under his breath.

“What was that?” you asked.

“I said I’m gonna kill that bloody bat!”

“Aw, you sound like Joker!”

Crowley clenched his jaw. “Don’t compare me to that clown!”

“Aww, is someone jealous?” you teased.

“Me? Jealous over a fictional character? Please, darling.” he said offended. “I just wish you would stop freaking out every time the stupid bat takes a breath. And also, I think I look better than Bruce in a suit.”

That was it. You broke out in laughter. You couldn’t believe it! Crowley, the king of hell, was jealous over a fictional character!

“You are jealous!” you exclaimed.

“Okay, fine. Now, can we please find something else to watch and talk about?”

“Aw.” you said in your best Harley Quinn voice. “No one could replace my puddin”

requested by: @drunkkarkitty


This is super long and super dirty so please don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with smutty stuff. xxx

“Truth or dare?”
Y/N hesitated for a moment, not really sure what was the lesser of the two evils. She knew that no matter what she picked it would most definitely get dirty, it was Harry after all.
“Truth.” she decided on finally.
She watched how Harry thought for a few seconds, probably searchingly for the dirtiest question he can come up with. Y/N doesn’t even know why she agreed to play truth and dare with Harry, she knew how it would end. This was probably the worst thing to do with him. He always found a way to go there.
“Have you ever been properly fucked?”
Her eyes widened at his question and a gasp left her parted lips, not expecting him to be that blunt. She couldn’t believe he would ask her that because that is just… filthy.
She really did not know what to say to this, how to answer that question. He knew she was no virgin anymore, she told him. But properly fucked?
She never had dirty and rough sex. It wasn’t love making either, just… Vanilla?
She didn’t want to tell Harry that though, even though they were good friends that was just something she really did not want to talk to him about. Especially because he probably had the best sex life ever, with all the models and hot girls he dated.
“That’s none of your business.”
Harry rolled his eyes at her answer, that wasn’t how this game worked. Not for him anyway.
“You know the rules, love. You have to answer honestly.”
“I do know the rules but my sex life is none of your business.”
Harry groaned at her words, he wanted to know her answer. He wasn’t sure why but somehow her mysterious way of not answering him sparked his interest.
“C'mon now. It isn’t that hard, yes or no?”
She glared at him for not letting this subject go. Didn’t he get the hint? But she also knew that if she won’t answer him he would never let it go.
“No.” she admitted finally.
Harry almost choked on his breath at her one word answer. No. No.
If he was quite honest he didn’t expect her to answer at all, but that answer literally shocked him. He didn’t know why he asked in the first place, didn’t know what answer he expected or wanted to hear. But that answer was just… strange. That poor girl in front of him has never been fucked.
“You’ve never been fucked?”
She heard the incredulous tone of his voice and she regretted ever answering him.
“But you’re not a virgin.” he stated and she almost hit him for being so nosy.
“No I’m not.”
Harry nodded, not understanding anything but he nodded anyway. Y/N was in her early twenties how could she never…?
“But you came during sex, right?”
“Harry…” she whined, her cheeks a deep shade of red.
That was just too private and too intimate. She shouldn’t talk about sex with him or if she came. They were friends. Friends don’t talk about fucking. Or orgasms.
“You didn’t come?!”
She flinched at his question. Why does he ask that much?! It wasn’t any of his business, he wasn’t supposed to know about this stuff.
But she knew he knew the truth now. No, she’s never been fucked and no, she never came during sex.
“With what kind of assholes did you have sex with?”
Y/N just wanted to leave, she felt so uncomfortable. She wanted to stand up from his living room floor and just run out of his apartment. Why did she ever say yes when he proposed that they should play truth or dare?
“Can we please talk about something else now?!”
Her voice was distressed, and he heard the shakiness. He knew he made her uncomfortable but he couldn’t believe she never…
“No. You did experience an orgasm before, right?”
She closed her eyes at that, he was unbelievable.
“Yeah.” she whispered.
He nodded understandingly, at least she made herself come.
“But never during sex?”
“No.” she shook her head.
God, this was so embarrassing. She hated this, always hated people who asked too much. And right now Harry was asking far too much.
“Stand up.” he said, getting up from his sitting position as well.
“What?” she asked confused, not really knowing what he was getting at.
He reached out his hands for her to take, which she did after a second of hesitation.
“Alright, so I don’t want you to do this if you don’t want it or feel uncomfortable with it. But I want to show you how great sex can be.”
A humorless laugh left her lips, her head shaking. Harry frowned at her reaction, not expecting her to laugh at all.
“You’re joking, right?”
“No, actually not.”
He watched how her smile dropped, her eyes widened and her cheeks turned pink. That was what he expected.
“You want to have sex with me?”
“No. I want to fuck you.”
She gasped at his dirty words. That wasn’t an good idea. Probably the worst he ever had.
“Harry, we really shouldn’t-”
“Why not?” he interrupted her immediately.
“I want you to know what it’s supposed to feel like. How you do it right.”
She looked at him with disbelief. They were friends. They weren’t supposed to have sex.
“Harry, we’re friends. Let’s not destroy this.”
He shook his head at her words, taking a step towards her.
“We won’t destroy anything. We’ll have incredible, mind blowing sex one time and tomorrow we’ll forget about it again.”
But Y/N knew she wouldn’t be able to forget about it. You can’t forget sex. Not with your best friends.
“Only once. I promise.”
She sighed, her head shaking with disbelief. One time. Sex with Harry didn’t sound that bad, right? After all he was incredibly sexy and good looking. And if he made her come…
“One time.”
A smile took over his face, his eyes sparkling. He wasn’t doing this for himself. He wanted to show her, wanted to make her feel things she never felt before. Make her feel so good, she would be a screaming mess.
He took one of her hands in his, pulling her body towards him until she was pressed against him. He still saw a tiny bit of hesitation in her eyes, her button lip between her teeth, a habit she had whenever she felt nervous. He wanted her to relax though, there was nothing to be nervous about.
“May I kiss you?” he whispered lowly, bringing one of his big hands to her cheek.
She nodded the tiniest of bits, leaning in and waiting until she felt his lips against hers. His lips were soft and warm, kissing her so gently and making her melt into it. He pressed her against him tightly with one hand at the small of her back, holding her face in his other hand so she wouldn’t move away. She had her hands around his neck, buried in his hair. She moaned against his mouth when she felt the first lick of his tongue. He was a great kisser, she had to admit that. Not that she thought any different but she was still a bit surprised.
He pulled back after a few more hungry kisses against her mouth, looking into her eyes and seeing that her nerves vanished.
“Bedroom?” he asked her cautiously, not wanting to scare her off.
She nodded in agreement though, letting him lead her upstairs and into his master bedroom. He closed the door behind them, turning around to her again. He walked the few little steps that were separating them and pulled her to him again. His mouth covered hers again, kissing her passionately. She moaned against his lips at how good he was kissing her. She felt his smirk against her mouth, his hands traveling from around her waist over her back and onto her ass. His hands were on inside the pockets of her jeans for a moment, testing if she stopped him or not. When she didn’t stop him he pulled his hands out of the pockets and moved them lower, in between her legs and making her jump and wrap her legs around his middle. He moaned against her when she brushed against his dick, causing him to harden in his jeans.
He walked over to the bed with her wrapped around his torso. When he felt his knees hitting his bed he gently placed her down on top of it. He removed his shirt from his upper body, his jeans falling to the floor next.
She watched him how he removed his clothes, mesmerized by his half naked form. She’s seen him shirtless before but this was different. This was intimate. This wasn’t a I-just-walked-into-you-changing situation that was a we-are-about-to-have-sex situation.
He crawled onto the bed when he got rid of his clothes, moving to her. He was still a bit cautious, not wanting to scare her off or make her leave.
“Have to take that off, love.” he whispered, tugging on the hem of her shirt.
She did as he said, pulling her shirt over her head and throwing it onto the floor. She saw how his eyes widened for a second when he saw her, only in her bra.
He reached one hand out, placing it onto her side before he moved it to her back and to the clasp of her bra. She gave him a tiny not, telling him that it was okay. He opened her bra, watching how it then hang loosely from her boobs. She removed the straps from her arms, throwing her bra onto the floor as well.
Harry felt himself hardening even more at the sight of her tits, bare and big. He wasn’t much of a boobs guy but hell hers were sexy.
He leaned in again then, pressing his mouth to hers in a passionate kiss. They both tried not to think about this to much. They knew this would change their friendship forever.
Harry pressed her down on the mattress, his body hovering over hers. He fumbled with the button of her jeans for a second before he finally opened it and wiggled the tight material down her legs.
She took her panties off herself, throwing them across the room. Harry’s gasp was audible when he finally saw her completely bare for the first time.
He had to remind himself that he did that because he wanted to show her what sex can be like. Not because he likes her. Does he like her?
He was surprised, almost shocked when he felt her pull down his boxers, freeing him of the tight material. He watched how her eyes went wide when he saw him, he was bigger than she imagined.
One of Harry’s hands reached in between her legs, separating them. She was wet already, dripping onto the sheets beneath her, her inner thighs sticky. He stroked with one finger over her slit, gathering some of her wetness and watching how her thighs clenched.
“All wet for me, baby?”
She was shocked by his dirty words, she didn’t expect that at all.
“Yeah.” she whispered shyly, her cheeks turning pink.
“Don’t be so shy, baby. I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good.”
She almost moaned at that, she loved how confident he sounded. He seemed to know exactly what he did and what to do to make her scream from pleasure.
His finger was circling her wet entrance, dipping inside every few seconds. He shuffled back on the bed until he was lying with his upper body right between her legs, his face hovering over where she was wet and aching for him.
He pressed soft kisses against her inner thighs, starting at her bent knees and wandering down to her swollen lips. He pressed kisses against her lips as well, purposefully not touching her throbbing clit. This was all new for her, no one has ever eaten her out.
She gasped when she felt his first lick, a broad stripe over her whole pussy. He was looking up at her, watching how her face scrunched up and her lips parted. He wrapped his arms around her thighs, hooking them over his shoulder, one hand on her thigh and the other one on her stomach. His nose was right against her pubic bone when he dived in again, her scent consuming his senses. His tongue lapped against her clit and the moan that left her lips couldn’t be described other than shattering.
He licked deep in between her lips , moving to her entrance and dipping his tongue inside of her. She was already a moaning mess even though he didn’t really start. Her hips were buckling against his mouth, chasing the feeling. His hands were holding her down though, he didn’t want her to move too much, he wanted her to just feel.
He removed his hand from her thigh, parting her pussy lips with two fingers, giving him more access to her swollen bundle of nerves. He wrapped his lips around her clit, sucking on it with just the perfect pressure and his tongue licking against it.
“Fuck, Harry!” she screamed out, her voice hoarse.
He hummed against her, the vibrations of his deep voice hitting her clit perfectly. He knew she was close already, her thighs clenching and her stomach spasming. Her moans got louder with each lick of his tongue against her clit, almost turning into screams.
He moved his hand down when he knew she was only seconds from coming right on his mouth, inserting two fingers inside of her. They slipped on easily with how wet she was and he moaned when he felt how warm and soft her walls were.
Instead of thrusting his fingers in and out of her he curled them until he found the spot he was looking for. She screamed out loud when he did, her thighs closing around his head and her pussy clenching around his fingers.
“I’m gonna come.” she sobbed out, warning him even though he felt it already.
He sucked on her clit harder, licking over it with more pressure. His fingers were massaging the spot inside of her harder as well, making her reach the edge. She screamed out when she finally came, her cum drenching his face and dripping onto the sheets. He moaned against her when he felt her coming, the vibrations only making it more intense. Her lips were moving against his lips, her walls clenching hard around his fingers and her thighs closing around his head. Her voice sounded broken, shattered from the force of her orgasm. His ears rung with her moans and the sloppy sounds his fingers and mouth created against her pussy. The waves of pure pleasure kept hitting her, Harry licking her through it.
When he felt her getting too sensitive he pulled back from her, moving out from in between her legs.
“You good?”
She nodded the tiniest bit, not able to speak yet. He watched her body, how the aftershocks made the muscles in her stomach clench and her thighs were shaking. He felt proud for making her come like this. Making her come for the first time.
“Turn around for me.” he demanded after he gave her a bit to calm down.
Her eyes widened shocked, her pupils dilated.
“What?” she asked with a soft voice.
“Promised to fuck you, didn’t I? Turn around.”
She looked at him for a few more seconds until she did as he said. She turned around, lying on her stomach, her cheek against the pillow.
“Hands and knees.”
She moved up until she was in the position he wanted her in, on her hands and knees. She looked back at him over her shoulder, watching how he positioned himself behind her.
“You want this, right?” he asked a bit hesitant.
She nodded and wiggled her ass in front of him, making him moan at the sight. He grabbed onto her hips, lining his dick up with her entrance and thrusting inside. His body crushed against hers with the force, both of them moaning at the feeling of him inside of her. He was big and thick, stretching her with a delicious burn. His hips were right against her ass, his cock balls deep inside of her.
She was clenching around him, making it hard for him to give her a moment to adjust. When he felt her moving against him he pulled out of her, only to thrust inside of her again.
A moan left her lips when he hit her spot perfectly, his tip right against it. He groaned at how good she felt, wet and hot around him.
He began to move then, hard thrusts inside of her that made her moan uncontrollably and her eyes roll back in her head. His hips were meeting her ass with every thrust, creating a filthy sound. He was pounding her pussy so fucking good, her thighs shaking from the pleasure.
He leaned over her, his chest against her back, thrusting hard inside of her.
“Feels good, baby?” he groaned out.
“How good?” he whispered into her ear, making chills run down her spine.
“So fucking good.” she moaned.
He smirked against her skin before he moved up again, taking her with him. Her back was pressed against his front now, his dick even deeper inside of her now. She shrieked at the new sensation this position brought with it.
He wrapped his arms around her stomach, gripping onto her sides before he began to move again. He was fucking up inside of her, the sound of their skin slapping against each other getting louder. She was holding onto his arms, her voice almost gone from all the screams and moans that left her throat.
Her back was bowed in a unhealthy looking way, her ass pressed against his hips. He was as deep inside her as possible, his balls hitting her with every thrust.
He moved one hand to her stomach, pressing down on it.
“Feel me there? I’m deep, aren’t I?”
“So deep, Harry. Fuck.”
She felt him there, so fucking deep inside of her. He was fucking her so hard, the headboard constantly hitting the wall. This was so different from any other time she had sex before. This was raw and filthy and almost animalistic. Not as boring as any other time she had sex before.
He moved one of his hands to where they were connected, rubbing hard circles over her clit. He felt how close she was, her walls clenching around him and her whole body shaking with every thrust. He wanted her to come. Come so hard she couldn’t do anything else but scream with pure pleasure.
“You gonna come for me, baby?” he asked against her shoulder.
“I’m so close.” she groaned out, she didn’t sound like herself anymore.
“I want you to come. Come all over my cock.”
It took a few more thrusts and rubs against her most sensitive spots until she finally exploded. A scream ripped out of her throat, breaking at the end. Her whole body was spasming and squirming, no control over any movement. She never came this hard before, if Harry didn’t hold her up she would have fallen down on the mattress. Her pussy was clenching so hard around Harry’s dick, causing him to come inside of her. She felt his hot come, how it coated her walls and filled her up. Harry was groaning against her neck, still thrusting inside of her so they could both ride out their orgasms. His hand was still against her clit as well, wanting to get everything from her that he could.

He pulled out of her when he they both finished, their breathing still harsh. Y/N collapsed against the mattress, her body shaking.
“Are you alright?” he asked carefully.
“Yes. God, yes.” she whispered.
She was completely fucked out, tear stains on her flushed cheeks, her hair a absolute mess and her eyes glassy. He loved to see her like that, loved to know he did that to her.
He lied down beside her, looking at her how wracked she was.
“Was it good?”
A incredulous laugh left her lips, her eyes locked onto his.
“Good? Are you kidding me? That was… I can’t even describe it. That was the best sex I ever had.”
Harry smirked at her, satisfied with her answer.
“Good. Now you know how amazing sex can be.”
“Well, thank you.” she giggled softly.
“Anytime, babe.” he grinned.
“Wasn’t that bad you told me, hm?”
“Nope, definitely not.”