can we talk about josh for a minute

One Bun for Mr. Josh Dun (that’ll make sense in a minute.)

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Request- Josh Dun gets you pregnant and has mixed emotions but happy none the less.
“I’ll be home in a minute babe.” Josh spoke into the phone.

“Ok, can’t wait to see you.” I say back to him. Josh had gone on tour and I can’t wait to him again. I’ve been thinking of starting a family. I told myself I wold talk to Josh about it. Just in case he wasn’t ready.

“Baby girl, I’m home!” I run to hug him he sets his bags down and he picks me up. “Why don’t we make up for lost time, ok?” I nod my head yes and we make out as we walk up the stairs. He slams me on the bed and starts kissing my neck, it feels so good to have him back. He rubs my sides as he dry humps me. I can feel him getting hard.

“C’mon Josh, stop being a tease.” I say. He smirks at me, he slowly unbuttons my jeans. Once they are off he rubs my thighs, slowly spreading them.

“Baby, take your shirt off. Bra as well.” I did as told. He kisses up my body and sucks on the nipples. He hoovers over me and slowly kisses me. He stands up and gets undressed. When he comes back he hooks his fingers into my underwear and slides them off. He inserts two fingers and pumps as hard as he can. I moan out from what he’s doing. I run my fingers through his dyed hair. Somehow it’s still soft and wispy. 

“Ok, I think you’re ready now.” He sucks his fingers and then puts them in my mouth, I suck on them. He goes in very slowly. Waiting for me to give him a sign or something. I nod and he slams all the way in. I scream, he takes this as a sign to go faster. He grips my hips, he moves us so he’s sitting on the bed and I’m riding him in a way. He moves me up and down on him.

“Oh, you feel real nice baby girl.” He says. I grab his face and kiss him. I break it off and moan in his mouth. I push him so he falls back on the bed. He moves my hips so I move faster. I grip the sheets as we move faster. His hands fondle my breasts as he comes. I follow shortly after.

“I forgot how good you are.” Josh says as we get under the covers. I kiss his cheek as we start to fall asleep. 

////////////////////3 DAYS AFTER//////////////////

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Can we just talk for a minute about Josh’s face in this gif and how TOTALLY PRECIOUS it is!?!?!? He’s so happy to be around Maya again, to be talking to her and to hear that she still likes him after everything that’s happened since tell-tale-tot.  He just can’t get enough of this girl and his face proves it.  I mean, come on…. look at him. LOOK AT HIM! 

Everyone always talks about how WDBWOTV is about Josh, but can we talk about The Run and Go for a minute?
It’s not specified, but this is honestly such a Josh song. Because Tyler is hurting and wants help, but he can’t reach out to his best friend.
Josh wants to help, but he has no clue how. He hates seeing his friend struggle.
And all he can do is stay there for Tyler, when he needs him.