can we talk about how white pants were made for beast

😭I Like You Okay? (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: You and Grayson have feelings for each other it’s obvious but you guys never came out to say anything to one another. You finally built the courage to tell him but when he was in an interview earlier when he was asked about you he said you’re just a friend and weren’t his type and it kinda broke your heart. So you kinda gave him the cold shoulder but he eventually realized and ended up confirming his feelings and idk give it a sweet and fluffy ending

Warnings: None

A/N: So This has 3 parts! The others will be posted soon! Sophie Kaczynski, is a character played on 2 Broke Girls and I felt the name fit for a model!

Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4

“Grayson stop.” I pleaded as he was tickling my sides. Grayson, Ethan, and I were hanging out today and we decided to watch Beauty and the Beast but about a quarter of the way through, Grayson got the idea to start tickling me. Ethan continued to eat his popcorn and watch the movie trying his best to ignore Grayson and I.

“Now why would I do that Y/N?” Huh?” Grayson teases as his finger press and curve into my sides. I giggled and tried to kick him off, except I kicked his cup off of the armrest and on to Ethan, covering him in soda.

“That’s it!” Ethan shouts and he stands up turning to Grayson and I. His white t-shirt now had brown wet splotches from the soda and oil from the popcorn. Grayson leans off of me and looks up to Ethan.

“Sorry about that E. You know how ticklish Y/N is.” Grayson points to me which I smack his hand away.

“Shut up Grayson. You shouldn’t have tickled me in the first place!” I argued back at him.

“I would do it again too Y/N. Don’t test me.” He teases at which he begins to tickle me again. This time he’s tickling more of my lower stomach regions which is one of my more ticklish spots.

“Stop it! Both of you! I’m so tired of this!” Ethan says storming off to the kitchen. Grayson and I exchange a confused look before we got off the couch to follow him.

“Ethan it’s just a little soda calm down.” Grayson says calmly.

“It’s not just the soda. It’s the constant third wheeling of you two. I don’t care if you two like each other, but fucking tell each other instead of making me third wheel everything. I’m tired of getting junk spilled on me.” Ethan peels his shirt off and grabs a washrag to dry himself off.

“What are you talking about? We don’t like each other.” Grayson defends as I feel my heart being ripped out of my chest. Ethan gives Gray a sarcastic are-you-serious look which causes me to chuckle. Ethan looks between Grayson and I and starts to laugh.

“Okay you two keep lying to yourselves, but I have eyes and so does everyone else. I guarantee you’ll be asked about Y/N tomorrow during our interview and ask if you two are dating or something.” Ethan claims as he throws his semi damped shirt back on.

“And I’ll say we aren’t dating. Simple.” I wish we were. I’ve liked Grayson for as long as I can remember. We’ve all been friends for about three years now and I just absolutely adored this man and part of me felt like he felt the same way. Ethan has never been this bold about our flirting, but hearing him say it made me realize he sees Grayson’s flirting too. Knowing that Ethan has noticed our flirting made me feel more confident to tell Grayson I did like him. Ethan scoffed and walked back into the living room.

“Okay while you two keep lying to yourselves, I’m going to go pick an outfit out for tomorrow. Y/N are you still coming to the interview with us tomorrow? I think Gray will be less nervous knowing his girlfriend is backstage.” Ethan teases us which we both rolled our eyes.

“Yeah definitely I’ll be there, if that’s still okay?” I asked shyly. I didn’t know if after all of the teasing that Grayson would still want me there.

“Are you kidding? Of course it’s okay! I need my best friend there because I might fight Ethan on stage.” Grayson wraps his arm around my neck and kisses my temple which creates butterflies in my stomach and leaves me smiling.

“Then yeah I’ll see you two in the morning!” I hugged both of the boys and they went to their apartment down the hall from mine. I walked to my room and flopped on my bed. My phone buzzed and I had a text from Ethan

Ethan👑: Yeah so Gray totally likes you don’t let anything he said tonight discourage you or anything okay?

Ethan knew I liked Grayson. I never even told him, but he knew. When rumors were going around that Grayson was dating Sophie Kaczynski, an instagram model. Ethan saw how I changed. I didn’t hang out with the boys as much as I did before. Ethan and I started to hangout more one on one and he just figured it out. Since then he’s been basically my best friend. Always looking out for me when it came to Grayson. I texted him back ‘okay no problem. See you in the morning’ and I rolled over and drifted off to sleep.


“Let’s go Grayson! I told you to pick your outfit out last night! We’re going to be late and the Uber is here!” Ethan hollers as we wait in their apartment for Grayson to get ready. Ethan was wearing a black shirt with green camo pants and a black leather jacket. I was wearing black ripped jeans with a the twins merch hoodie on. Anytime I went with them to anything I always made sure to wear their merch as a sign of support.

“I’m coming!” Grayson races out of his bedroom wearing a black shirt and a brown leather jacket with black ripped jeans. He looked so good. His hair was even up done in his famous quiff. “Nice hoodie Y/N.” Grayson says and I nodded. I wanted to tell Gray how I felt, but I wanted to tell him after the interview just in case things go down like him getting upset and not being able to focus or me getting upset and not wanting to be around him.

“Let’s go guys!” Ethan pushes us out the door into the Uber as we drive about 20 minutes to the building. The boys showed their VIP pass and I had to show my guest pass to security. We all raced up the stairs before we met with Ellen.

“Hey you guys! Are you guys ready? We’re on in two.” Ellen asks the boys and they nodded with excitement. “Okay you must be Y/N? Wow you’re even prettier in person than on their snapchat with the dog filter on your face.” Ellen says which makes me blush. Ellen called me pretty.

“Ellen! Less than a minute! Go!” A producer shouts before walking away.

“Alright boys let’s go. Y/N you can follow us just stay behind the stage okay?” Ellen asks and I nodded. Grayson looks back at me and flashes me a smile. I flashed one back at him which causes him to giggle. “Wait here.” Ellen says to us as she walks out on stage. She talks some and introduces the boys before they follow after her. They all sit down and talk about many different things. The warehouse, a tour, and what the twins were planning for 2017.

“We have a lot of great things coming this year. We’re so excited to share everything real soon. The warehouse is just the beginning.” Ethan says as he exchanges a smile with Grayson.

“Now what about relationships? Is that something that will be happening in 2017?” Ellen asks and I peep my head up to see their reaction. “Like Grayson let’s talk about Y/N. When will that be a thing?” Ellen asks as the crowd erupts with gasps. Grayson looks frozen, but he then starts laughing.

“Oh no no no no no no No! Y/N and I are just friends. Besides, she’s not really my type anyways.” Grayson was smirking while Ethan was not. He looked back to me to check if I was okay. I wasn’t. I swallowed hard trying not to cry. I could tell Ellen was sort of in shock too not knowing what to say.

“I mean you guys are always on each others socials. I just figured…” Ellen trails off.

“Yeah it’s because we’re best friends. Nothing more and nothing less. Just friends.” Grayson says sternly. His smile faltering to a firm line on his lips. I couldn’t do it. I needed to leave or else everyone would see me cry. I ran off to the exit and went outside. Not knowing what to do now. I texted Ethan letting him know that I was leaving. I called an Uber and waited about five minutes before one pulled up in front of the sidewalk.

“Y/N wait!” I heard Ethan shout as I climbed in the back of the Uber letting my tears fall down my cheeks.

“Where to ma’am?” The driver asks. I gave him my address as we started to drive. “Rough day?” He asks trying to make conversation.

“Yeah. I think I just lost my best friend.” I said as I wiped my tears with my sleeve.

Second Chance - Part Three

(I can’t find a good gif…*sheepish grin*)

Holy crapoli. I’ve said it before and I’ll gladly say it again, y’all are amazing. The comments, the PMs, the reblogs and the likes…it’s mind-blowing that this story has gotten as much of a positive response as it has. Tank you for everything, and I hope you all enjoy chunk three! Again, lemme know if you’d like to be tagged in the next chapter!

Also, I love @sannvers because she literally sat on the floor and pretended to be an unconscious Gaston so I could figure out body movements and such. You’re a good sister. And editor.

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 5,794

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress offers you a second chance to save him.

Tagging: @i-wished-upon-a-star-one-night @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @leah5684 @princessbelgoof @hobbithorse19 @captainskyline @theoncergames @geeky-girl-394 @were-allstoriesinthe-end084 @brooke-supernatural16 @certainasthesvn @jordyhaley @superlokidwholock @smilesnjh @prongspower @bitchingqueenoferebor @scarletdarkholme @hemmingbaes @bae-kage @areuslow @lovelylpevensie @uknwwhttheysayboutthecrzy1s @moonbeams-and-pie @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat

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Something There

Summary: While at a convention Jensen is teasing his girlfriend Y/N about her Beauty and the Beast shirt. She tries to ignore it, but when he takes the teasing on stage during a panel, she gives him a choice; she’ll show everyone the video of him singing along to the songs, or he could sing with her on stage.

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Ruth Connell, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict.

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None just fluff

Word Count: 2,764

A/N: This is no way shape or form hate toward Danneel or their family. This is solely fan fiction and nothing against them. I ship the hell out of Jensen and Danneel. This is not beta read, but I had to get this up today! Feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by friendly-neighborhood-fan-girl

“Come on Y/N,” Jensen shouted pounding on the bathroom door, “our panel with Jared starts in like twenty minutes.”

With a final glance at yourself in the mirror, you deemed yourself ready for the busy day. Opening the door you could see Jensen’s nose turn up as you stepped out of the restroom. You looked down at yourself cocking up an eyebrow. You didn’t see anything wrong with your outfit, so why was he looking at you as if were dressed in strange attire?


“You’re kidding me right? You’re not really going to go down and do a panel dressed in that.”

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(Adventures in Wano: story 1)

This is a collaboration for 10 Days of LawLu with the ever-talented @yumenofude who made this absolutely amazing artwork!! 

. ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚ … ༚ ✧༚.

As soon as they’d followed Kine’mon’s vivre card to the secret cove in Wano Luffy lept off the ship to greet his crew and friends.

“Ah, it’s so great to see you guys again!” Luffy cried, stretching his arms out to gather Zoro, Usopp, Franky and Robin into a hug. “But where is Torao?”

Franky tensed up. Usopp started shaking. Robin’s eyebrows knit together, a warm smile falling from her face. They should have known he’d ask.

“He’s not here,” Zoro confessed, “We haven’t been able to find him yet, but we’re pretty sure that Kaido’s men are holding him somewhere.”

… … … … … … … … … …

“You guys aren’t very good at torture, are you?” Law taunted from where he sat on the floor. The chair he’d been tied to lay splintered in pieces around him, his blood splattered across the floor. “I don’t think you’ve broken any of my bones yet and I still have all of my fingernails.”

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Lunar Sirens


(I astral journeyed for this meeting) 

I came upon a group of entities that sat by rocks near the edge of a harbor. The sirens mingled underneath an old pier post protruded from the dark, tumultuous water. I decided to sit on the post, though I could barely fit on it, so that I could speak with the sirens from a safe distance. They didn’t pay me any mind until I spoke up. “Are you lunar sirens?” I asked, the twinkling stars in their dark feathers that lined their arms and their white hair that beautifully glowed like moonlight made me come to that assumption. “Yes,” one answered without looking at me. She was untangling seaweed out of her hair with a small comb. “Might I have an interview?” I asked. She glanced up at me and then quickly returned to what she’s doing after saying, “For a song.”

“You’re going to sing to me….?” I questioned, wanting to clarify what she meant. I’ve never heard of people singing to sirens before after all. “No, you’ll sing to us,” she replied plainly. The other sirens didn’t seem too invested in our conversation as they were braiding each others’ hair or just lounging about in chat amongst themselves. “I’m not much of a singer,” I told the siren who had now stopped brushing her hair. “No song, no interview,” she said as she turned away. For a moment I saw her legs which were covered in dark green scales, almost giving her the appearance of having a fish/mermaid tail. I asked her what song she’d be interested in. “Any song,” she replied.

Alright then. I manifested a guitar and strummed it to see if it worked. That seemed to catch the attention of the other sirens who were now looking at me expectantly. I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t play guitar but what I could do is try to channel a song through me. I pulled up a song on my laptop with my physical body and played it. I let the energies of the song into me and directed it at my astral body. The song was translated into my astral body’s singing and guitar playing. Besides a few mistakes due to glitches in the connection, I wasn’t half bad! The sirens giggled when I shakingly began or whenever I had a misstep but there wasn’t any booing. They murmured about topics that the song made them think of such as railroads, Oregon, and California. None of them clapped when I was done but they didn’t throw things at me either.

“Another song,” the siren that I was talking to earlier demanded. I shook my head, “You said a song for an interview. I will not perform another song until you give me the interview.” I really just didn’t want to make a fool of myself again. “Oh we’ll give you the interview, just give us another song,” she pressed. “I’ll give you another song after you give me the interview,” I countered. She lazily rolled around on the rock, “But why must we give you an interview?” I considered leaving but decided to talk just a bit more, “For I gave you the song as agreed upon.” She gave me a coy look, “But you could give us another song out of niceness?” Her batting eyelashes didn’t sway me, “After the interview,” I returned.

She sat back up and crossed her arms, “Strong arming us into this? That’s not very nice. We’re just some sweet girls looking for a nice time,” she kicked her feet in the water, “Why don’t you come swim with us?” I hope I didn’t look that stupid. “No,” I said. She slid into the water and appeared right next to the post that I was sitting on. “Well then let us give you a song. You can learn a lot from our music,” she offered while looking up at me. “I won’t listen to any song of yours,” I replied. She violently splashed the water, “How rude! Our songs are of the beautiful lunar world! Do you really want to miss out on that?”

“The lunar world, huh?” I asked, “Is that what differentiates you from normal sirens?” She gracefully spun in a circle, “Oh yes! We sing the ancient tunes of the moon. The beautiful call of her white [presence]. You should listen to it, I can sing for you.” I asked another question, “Is the kind of music that you listen to similar to what you sing?” She shook her head, “No, we listen to a lot. There’s always more to learn,” I got mental impressions of harps and other symphonic instruments as being their favorites. “Would you like to hear how I’ve integrated new forms of music into our call?” she offered again. “Do you sing for humans a lot?” I mainly asked this question to gauge how much of active predators they are. “Yes. They’re usually not this difficult,” she snided. I noticed that she was slowly climbing up the post. “What can I say? (I forgot to write down what i said here :V)”, I replied.

Her voice came out agitated, “Well if that’s true, then wouldn’t you like to learn from our voices?” I don’t get the chance to answer that question for she grabs one of my feet, tightly gripping my ankle in her cold hand. I tore my foot out of her grasp and stood up, almost losing my balance and falling backwards into the ocean. That would have been bad! Seemingly relenting, she slided down the post a bit. “Do you usually take offerings of songs like you did with me?” I asked as if nothing just happened. Not going to lie, that question was partly a “Haha, nice try”.

This time, her words were a vicious growl, “Quit evading our song,” she snapped, “I’ll pull you under with or without it!” She pushed off the post and catapulted toward me. I threw my guitar at her in defense but she bursted through it, breaking it into pieces. She slammed her clawed hands down on the top of the post, sending splinters flying into the raging waters below. But I had already leaped away. Before absconding I took one last look at her: her completely black eyes, like never ending voids, and the sharp fish teeth in her panting mouth made her look more beast than beautiful.  

Elorcan fanfic - Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 “healing” of my three part Elorcan fanfic! (Parts are: angst, healing, smut!) You can find Part 1 here! And should read it before Part 2 or else a lot of the plot might not make sense. (No pressure, sometimes I intentionally get lost, too.)

Note* I tried to make sure Part 2 passed the Bechdel Test, but it would be out of character for the fae males to leave wounded Aelin/Elide alone with Asterin on board, and cuz they’re in the middle of a war. I did my best to push them to the sides without compromising what we know about who they are, and how they’d act.

So here it is, Part 2! 

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Brian had done it. He had finally done it. He was Lexi Mason’s boyfriend! The hottest girl in the grade was his, and they had a date tonight. School felt like an eternity, all he thought about was his date. The second the bell rung, he flew out of his chair and packed his bag. It didn’t take him long to find Lexi, and they were walking away from school in no time.

His date was at Lexi’s place. She lived with her Aunt. She always talked about how great her Aunt was, so Brian was anxious to meet her. Lexi walked next to him on the sidewalk, her flawless tan skin glistening in the sun, and her tight shorts making it hard for Brian to conceal his excitement. He wondered how far they could go on the first date. Lexi was famous for going far, he just hoped he wasn’t an exception.

“You’re going to love my Aunt.” Lexi said for the millionth time today. “All the boys do.”
It made Brian a little uncomfortable to hear Lexi talk about “all the boys” because it reminded him of just how many people she has been with. However, she must have one hell of an Aunt if she’s brought up how amazing her Aunt is this often. Brian didn’t think about it too much; he was caught up in the curvature of Lexi’s shorts.
“So what do you want to do once we get there?” Brian asked. She had been so vague about their date and he was dying to know what would happen.
“I don’t know, I guess we’ll play it by ear.” Lexi responded, chuckling.
Brian knew exactly what that meant! He was getting laid!

(Technically, he wasn’t wrong.)

It was a hot day, so Brian bought him and Lexi Popsicles. She gobbled hers down surprisingly quickly, but he remained diligent and took his time with his. It was his favorite flavor, pineapple.

It seemed like forever, but they had finally arrived at Lexi’s house. It was an old, Mediterranean style home that was massive. Moss and ivy grew up the pale stone walls. Brian was thoroughly impressed by the house. Whatever Lexi’s Aunt did for a living, she sure made a lot of money. They walked up a brick pathway to the front door. Lexi knocked three times, and a voice from behind the door shouted, “Coming!!”

It must’ve been Lexi’s Aunt. Brian waited impatiently as the click clack of high heels got louder and the lock turned. The door swung open, and Brian’s jaw dropped. Lexi’s Aunt stood in the doorway, butt naked. She had a robe around her arms, but it didn’t conceal anything. Her breasts were enormous, and her nipples were round, plump, and gorgeous. What surprised Brian the most, however, was the fact that she had a penis. A penis! He would never have guessed it in a million years!

She brushed her black hair out of her face and took a bite of the pizza she had in her hand.
“Mmm, hey Juices. Home already? And brought a boyfriend back with you too? He looks very cute…”
The look Lexi’s Aunt gave Brian froze him. It was like she was dissecting him, and at the same time, worshiping him. Also, he thought, what kind of weird nickname is Juices?
“Hehehe! Hi Aunt Stacey! Looking yummy as always!” Lexi giggled.
Yummy is an odd word to describe someone, Brian pondered. Especially when they are a naked woman with a penis.
“Hehe, this is my friend, he’s coming to stop over.”
Brian smiled and awkward, forced smile. He was still in complete shock.
“Sure thing.” Aunt Stacey responded. “Feel free to help yourself to the kitchen, Hun.” She took a bite of pizza, turned around, and walked inside. Lexi and Brian followed.

“So,” Aunt Stacey said between bites of pizza. “You two can go downstairs after you have what you want to eat. I’ll be there in a minute.”
“Ok!” Lexi replied. “Im not very hungry right now. Are you, Brian?”
Brian shook his head.
“Ok then.” Aunt Stacey said. “It’s probably better that you save your appetite any ways.”

Brian really hoped that she was talking about dinner.

Lexi led Brian into her basement. She had a huge couch that sat across from a flat screen TV. “You can throw that Popsicle stick out if you want.” She told him. “The trashcan is over there.” She pointed to a door beside the staircase. Brian opened the door. The room was pitch black. He felt around for a light switch. His hand came across one and he flicked it. The room lit up, and once again, Brian’s jaw dropped. On the walls were hundreds (that’s right, HUNDREDS) of pictures. Each one of them were a selfie of Aunt Stacey naked, Lexi naked, and some boy naked. In every photo, the boy was covered in semen. Brian even recognized some of the boys in the photos. This was crazy!

Brain’s instinct told him to get the hell out of there, but for some reason he stayed. He knew it was insane, but he really liked Lexi, and Aunt Stacey was gorgeous. He looked at all the photos of the boys, and every last one of them were smiling. He didn’t want to leave and regret it. He spiked his Popsicle stick in the trash, and left the room.

When he came back into the room with the couch, Lexi was snuggled up on Aunt Stacey, both of them naked. They were facing the other way, so Brian cleared his throat to get their attention. They turned around, and both grinned. “Hey there cutie-pie!” Aunt Stacey announced. “How’s that appetite?”
Brian paused. “Famished.” He finally said, his voice wavering.
“You don’t sound to confident in your answer.” She said. “Come over here.”
Brian walked around to the other side of the couch. Two things caught his eye.
The first was the beauty of Lexi. He’d never seen her naked, but it sure didn’t disappoint. She had small perky tits with nipples that popped out of each breast. Her ass was immaculate, not a single mark on it. He could see her small pussy from between her thighs.
The second thing that caught his eye was that Lexi was sucking on Aunt Stacey’s nipple like it was a drug. Lexi’s eyes were closed and her face made that “have mercy” kind of look.

“Sit down on the other side of me and copy Lexi. Trust me, Hun, you won’t regret it.”
Brian started to walk around to the other side of her.
“Oh, and you can lose the clothes.”
Brian stood still for a second. Was he really about to do this? He started to take his belt off. This was it.

Brian pulled down his pants, revealing his stiff penis.
“Would you look at that!” Aunt Stacey said. “That right there is a nice one.”
Brian wondered how she could say that when it paled in comparison to the monster she had in between her legs. He threw his shirt on the floor and lay down next to her. He hesitated for a moment, blushing, and then moved in and began to suck on her enormous tit. Intoxicatingly sweet milk filled his mouth. He closed his eyes like Lexi and reveled in the delicious drink. He couldn’t get enough of the stuff. He started to suck even harder.
“Well aren’t you enthusiastic!” Aunt Stacey blurted. Brian felt her hand grasp his behind and squeeze. “You are a great find, Lexi did a fantastic job.”

Brian didn’t care that she talked to him like he was an object. He liked it. It made his cock furious, and persuaded him to suck the white nectar even more vigorously.
“Alright you two.” Aunt Stacey interrupted. “I can’t help it anymore. Get on your knees and get to work.”
Brian didn’t want to stop sucking. He could do it forever. But he opened his eyes and saw Lexi get on the floor and he followed.

Aunt Stacey spread her legs. Her cock was only half-hard, but that didn’t stop it for being the size of Brian’s head. He was nervous.
“This is your first time, right Brian?” Lexi asked.
“Yeah.” Brian murmured, his eyes still locked on the veiny beast before him.
“Ok then, I’ll show you the ropes.” She reached out and grabbed the base of Aunt Stacey’s cock with both hands. “Start off small and work your way up. First, lick all around. Just the tongue. Get it nice and wet.” She stuck her tongue out and licked from the tip of the penis all the way to the base. “Cmon, Brian. This thing is big enough to share, hehe!”

He leaned in and, along with Lexi, licked all around the dick. He covered it in his spit. He rubbed his lips up it and kissed the tip.
“Look at that, Lexi.” Aunt Stacey noted. “The kid’s a natural.”
Brian looked up at Aunt Stacey, met her eyes, and kissed the tip of her cock once more.
“Ok now we can put it in our mouths.” Lexi instructed. “Just the head at first, and then later we can get bigger.”
She put her mouth over the head of the cock , and pulled her head back quickly, making a popping sound. She backed away, and let Brian do the same. He opened wide, swallowed the head, and pulled pack fast, making the same popping noise as Lexi. He did this twice more before Lexi took over again.
This time, she took it even deeper, going about halfway down. She slowly pulled back this time, closing her lips tightly on the way up and leaving a line of saliva from her mouth to the head.
Brain then opened his mouth and started to fill it with Aunt Stacey’s cock. He swallowed the head, then went further, and then even further to get as far down as Lexi. He gagged on it for a second, and then regained his composure and pulled back like Lexi did.
“Goooood boy.” Encouraged Aunt Stacey as he did this.
Lexi immediately put the cock in her mouth once it was out of Brian’s. She went halfway once more, but then kept going. Her eyes shut tightly as she forced her lips down all the way to the base of the behemoth. Brian was in disbelief. How was that even possible? She then pulled back slowly once again, and stopped at the head which she licked and slobbered on for a bit. She then pulled all the way back.

It was Brian’s turn.

He put the tip in his mouth, and pushed his neck down to get halfway. This time, he didn’t gag. He kept going, but suddenly found that he couldn’t go any further. He was still about 4 inches from the base.
He felt Lexi’s hand on the back of his head. She started to push him further down the shaft. It was painful, but he loved it. He could feel the flesh filling his throat and her cock growing inside of him.
“Just a bit further, baby. You can do it.”
Lexi’s hand pushed harder, and his nose finally touched the perfectly trimmed hair above her crotch. He held his head there for a few seconds, then dragged his lips up the shaft as sluggishly as he could. He removed his mouth from her dick and took a huge breath of air. He loved the feeling of the penis in his throat. He loved the way he choked and gagged on it.

“Great job, baby.” Aunt Stacey caressed his head.
“Isn’t he great, Aunty?” Lexi asked.
“He’s amazing, sweetie. Best one yet.” Aunt Stacey put her hand around her dick and stroked it a couple times. “Alright guys, I’m as hard as I’m ever gonna get. Lexi, how about you take a seat first?”
Lexi smiled and stood up. Brain watched as she climbed up on the couch over Aunt Stacey’s dick. She squatted down, and the tip of Aunty’s cock went into Lexi’s small pussy. She comminuted to lower herself slowly, moaning and quivering as the giant shaft penetrated her tiny body.

“Brain, how about you sit up hear and watch. I’ll let you suck on me some more.” Brain gladly jumped up onto the couch and buried his face in Aunt Stacey’s voluptuous rack. He drank and watched as Lexi went up and down, up and down, up and down. Her small tits bounced around and she screamed as the cock punished her. Brian could see the bevel in her stomach appear and disappear as the cock went in and out. Aunt Stacey reached down and grabbed Brian’s dick, and began to stroke it. He was in paradise as he sucked Aunty’s addictive milk, watched Lexi bounce on a cock, and got a handjob. Lexi started to go faster and faster, as well as moan louder and louder.
“Come on now!” Aunt Stacey yelled. “Show him why I call you juices!”
Lexi screamed as she got plowed by the monster, and suddenly stood up to the cock was no longer in her, and spewed clear liquid out of her vagina. She shook and rubbed her clit while squirting all over Brian and Aunt Stacey. “Good girl, Lexi!” Aunty cheered over Lexi’s moans. Lexi unleashed her fluids everywhere, coating the couch. She finally stopped, and leaned in to Aunt Stacey, who locked lips with her. They made out intensely, kissing from the neck to the nose. Aunt Stacey continued to stroke Brian’s penis as he fixated on their show.

Lexi pulled away and sat next to Aunty on the opposite side Brian was on. “Ok Brian.” Lexi urged. “Your turn!”

Brain got up and looked at Aunt Stacey.
“Don’t worry, baby. You got this.”
He stood above her immense penis, and squatted. The tip slowly penetrated his asshole. It hurt him like hell. He persevered anyway. Her cock buried deeper into his ass as he slid down, and it began to hurt more. It stretched out his insides, feeling like it was about to rip him in half. However, the feeling of it inside of him drove him crazy. The way it opened him up, and barreled through his insides. He finally hit the bottom. Her cock felt like it was in his throat. He started to rise, watching Aunty’s face smile at him.
“You’re doing great baby.”
He got to the very tip, and sank down once more. This time it hurt less and felt much better. The cock inside of him pushed its way deep into his gut. He let out a moan as it hit the bottom. He rose up again and fell down, and then up, and then down. Just like Lexi. He started to go faster and faster. He was addicted to Aunt Stacey’s cock. He adored the way it disciplined him. How it smashed into his ass over and over. He was flying up and down her dick now, letting it plow him again and again. He could feel his own penis start to swell. He bit his lip as he went even faster, her immense, murderous cock plunging in and out of his innocent ass. Over and over and over and over. Faster and faster and faster and faster. His started to shake.
“I’m about to cum, baby!” Aunt yelled.
“S-so am.. So a-am I!” He moaned. He was barely able to get the words out of his mouth.
“Ready baby?” Aunty asked. “Three, two, one!”
Cum shot out of Brian’s penis onto Aunt Stacey’s face as he sat down with all his force, feeling her hot seed rocket up his ass. It filled him up and kept coming, endless amounts of semen inside of him. Brian stood up off the cock, and let Aunty shoot all over his body, drenching him in thick white cum. He opened his mouth and drank it, adoring the bitter flavor. Her cum went everywhere. Lexi came in and drank some of it with Brian. They kissed as Aunty still hurled her cream at them.

Finally, Aunt Stacey was finished. All three of them were covered in sticky white cum.
“Come over here you two.” Aunt Stacey patted her thighs. “Have a seat.”
The two of them sat on Aunty’s thighs and squeezed their heads in between her semen-soaked breasts. Aunty reached under the couch cushion and manifested a camera. She held it out, facing the three of them and snapped a photo. One more for the wall.

Unexpected Mutant (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Chapter 1

They all split into teams of two, Steve, Nat, and Bruce in search of these lower level Hell’s, and Tony, Thor, and Clint keeping the building secure, as best they could. Upon arrival, it was confirmed that whatever was going on, most of the building had no idea Harry Osborne was taken captive in his own father’s business. After managing to get into the building, finding the lower levels wasn’t as hard as they thought, but it was huge.

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Beauty and the Beast (Negan X Reader)

Ever since you met Negan, you two had a playful relationship. You would throw jokingly rude comments at one another, drink until you couldn’t feel anything anymore, you’d even come to him with your rants, even if they were about him! You and Negan had an unbreakable bond, not even Dwight or Simon could get his attention when you were in the room. You were Negan’s righthand man, well, woman. Though he’d hate to admit it, he was terrified of you when he first saw you. You could shoot from behind and hit a walker right in the eye, you could even punch someone so hard to knock them out (Dwight hasn’t messed with you since).

Negan has thought about asking you to be his wife, but he wasn’t willing to jeopardize the strong friendship you two had. You were best friends, and he knew you didn’t feel that way about him. You saw him as a brother figure, and he saw you as his annoying little sister that he never wanted nor asked for. And he couldn’t have loved you more.

You and Negan especially loved going on runs together. You two got first dibs on everything, whether everyone liked it or not. Though you weren’t one of his wives, everyone still knew you as ‘Negan’s Girl’, and nobody dared to mess with you after that. Runs with Negan were always fun, you two would pick the most childish items to bring back to the Sanctuary, and you would act like complete idiots from the way there to the way back.

You were currently scavenging through an old drugstore, searching through mostly ransacked boxes of old junk, that wasn’t helpful to you guys at all. “I can’t find anything” you muttered softly, as Negan gave a gently push to a spinning rack of post cards. A loud squeak followed at the rack spun. “Nothin’ good, at least” Negan muttered back, before your eyes both met. “It doesn’t hurt to try harder” you smirked, before turning your back towards him, and quietly walking through the trashed isles.

There was nothing but soggy tissue boxes, broken knickknacks and children’s movies lying around. You gave yourself strength to look through the many DVD’s that were sure to bring back heartfelt memories. They were mostly old episodes of Friends, Golden Girls, and Hannah Montana before you came across a movie you dearly loved;

Beauty And The Beast

You gasped, picking up the dusty DVD case, brushing it off with your soft fingertips, revealing a clearer picture of your favorite movie. Negan snook up behind you, releasing a sigh as he saw the cartoon in your hand. “Really, (Y/N)? A Disney movie?” He asked, as you frowned. “We all have our guilty pleasures, Nee” you replied, using the pet name you called him, as he groaned in annoyance, clearing hating the playful name you addressed him as, before you carefully placing the movie in your backpack, before Negan pushed you along, further through the abandoned store.

“Boss, I think we should start headin’ back. It’s gettin’ late” Simon spoke, as Negan gently nodded in agreement, looking around at all of his men, rummaging around for all the useless stuff they could make useful, since they didn’t have enough points to even think about caring for their family. “Alright, let’s move out!” Negan shouted loudly, grabbing the attention from everybody, as they grabbed what they could, and began making their way back to the trucks.

You trailed behind Negan, as he talked with Simon, before you felt a hand grip your shoulder and pull you close. You quickly turned your head to see Dwight, who was smiling down at you. “So (Y/N), find anything good?” Dwight asked. You shrugged. “All I found were disgustingly ruined tissues and Beauty And The Beast” you said, as Dwight stifled a laugh.

“Beauty And The Beast? Isn’t that what your relationship with Negan is called?” Dwight chuckled, before you awkwardly laughed, continuing to walk, before bumping into someone, looking up to see the Beast himself. “Negan, I-”

“(Y/N), you didn’t do anything wrong, sweetheart. Why don’t you go back to the truck, and wait for me?” Negan smiled, brushing a strand of hair out of your face, before you shook your head. “Negan, it was a joke” you grumbled, pressing your forearm against his chest to signal him to back off. The tense pressure within his eased as he softly let go of his breath. Dwight smiled frightened and awkwardly at Negan, before Negan leaned his face closer to Dwight’s.

“You’re lucky the little Beauty 'erself was here to save your ass, because Lucille would’ve loved to add even more damage to your face” Negan gritted through his clenched teeth, before you wrapped you arm around his torso, and began to push Negan out. He didn’t fight you, knowing that he already got Dwight to piss his pants and know that you were his now, brought a smile to his face, one that he couldn’t help laughing with.

“Negan, what’s your problem?” You asked, climbing into the truck, and slamming the door shut as he got in with you. “Problem? My only problem, is my men think they could disrespect me. Not cool” Negan said, before slamming the truck door harder than expected, causing you to flinch and release a sigh. You carefully placed your hand on his shoulder, rubbing small circles on his tense back, through the thick leather of his beloved jacket. Negan began to hold his breath, obviously nervous as your delicate touches began to calm him down.

After he started the truck, and began to drive, you gently paused your soft movements and smiled at him. “Did that help?” You softly asked, before he cranked his neck towards you, and frowned. “No” he muttered, pouting like a child before he started the truck, and causing you to laugh. “You’re such a child” you mumbled, before he smirked, and began to drive back to the Sanctuary.

By the time you arrived, it was already nightfall. Everyone was exhausted, including you and Negan. You bid your good night to Negan, saying how you would see him tomorrow. You had locked yourself in your room, and watched Beauty And The Beast. You were laying comfortably in your bed, wrapped in a soft pink quilt, and the only light that shown through your room was the glare from the television. You missed the way everything was, and this movie was definitely bringing out all the memories you had thought you lost forever. You could feel warm tears begin to stream from your eyes, as you just simply let them gently fall onto the white sheets beneath you.

A hard pound at the door quickly caused you to jump, and wipe the tears off of your face, before the door opened, revealing Negan, who was standing in your doorway in nothing but a pair of boxers. “You’re really watching this goddamn movie?” His voice groaned, as he stumbled over to your bed, and plopped right next to you. “This 'goddamn movie’ happens to be amazing” you smiled, the gentle light of the TV fluttered against your face with every passing scene, marking the beautifully sculpted features you had. The sparkle in your eyes, the pureness of your cheeks, and the structure of your nose all was too much for Negan, that he couldn’t help but smile. “Teacups can’t talk, neither can a candle, clock or closet”

“Armoire” you smirked, playfully correcting him. “It’s a walking closet” he muttered, before reaching over you to grab the remote, making the television louder. You panned your head back to face the screen, watching every movement Belle and the Beast made. You hummed along to the song, as Belle and the Beast danced together. Negan glanced at you, watching the television like you were a little girl, you were mesmerized; your eyes were so wide that he could see the scene dance out within the iris’ of them. Just as your eyes began to close, and you tried to make yourself drift into a sleepy state, you felt Negan’s hands wrap around your waist, and grab you off of your bed.

You were surprised at his actions, as you opened your eyes and felt his hands guide your arms around his neck, as his arms snaked around your back, as he looked down at you. “Don’t look at me with them big ass doe-eyes you got, darlin’. I’m just tryin’ to be a gentleman” Negan smiled, before the slit of your soft pink lips began to close, forming a smile. He began to gently rock you both back and forth, swaying to the song that played, as his chin rested atop of your head. “Someone’s gonna find us, Nee” you softly spoke, looking up at him. “I don’t care who sees us, I’ve been waitin’ and waitin’ to have an excuse to wrap my arms around you” He spoke. His calloused hand found its way to your chin, guiding your face to close into his.

“Negan,” you whispered, before he gently pushed your lips onto his. His scruff scratching your face with every movement you two made, and you loved it. His hand snaked into your hair, teasing through the soft chunks as he made his way down to your neck. “Nee,” you breathed out “we can’t. You’re wives-”

“They’re gone. I don’t need no wives, (Y/N). I only need a wife” His eyes met with yours, before your hand met with his jaw, your thumb gently playing with the scruff on his face. Your fingers danced along his lips as you pushed back onto him, needing to feel him again. You needed to feel the spark of connection between you, you were pooling with lust and affection towards this psychotic man who you didn’t know had these feelings for you. Just the way his lips roughing fought with yours for dominance signaled how long he’d been letting his true emotions bubble up inside of him.

He pushed you onto your bed, his lips moving from your lips, to your chin, to underneath your chin. Leaving bruising love marks across your delicate skin. You moaned as his hands trailed up your shirt, leaving warm touches on your skin, as he peeled it off of you. He pinned your arms above your head as he trailed his lips along your chest, before removing his lips from your skin, hearing you whimper from the loss.

“What’s wrong?” You breathed, nervous that he was just messing with you. “I’m just going to warn you, I may be a Beauty but darlin’, I’m nothin’ but a beast in the sheets” Negan said, before you laughed and his lips reconnected with your skin, causing you to release a soft moan. Your fingers ran through his hair, and you loved the feeling of it running through your fingers, before you opened your eyes, and looked down at the beast that you loved so much.

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Summary{Requested} - You get into a fight with Stiles and you have makeup sex.

Characters - Stilesxreader

Warnings - Smut, really cute (’:

Three days without smart comments, sarcastic attitude was strange since you were use to it all the time. It has officially been three days since you and Stiles had a this big fight, on day one and two it was tears but today left you angry, angry because he still hasn’t apologized for being an asshole.

With his stubbornness it was expected though. A loud ding coming from the iPhone next to you, broke you out of a long train on thought, clicking on it, it read

From: Scott aka big bad alpha

Emergency pack meeting be here in 20

Groaning because this meant actually getting up and getting ready you knew you had too, but in that second you realized Stiles would be there, which made you a little happier to see how he was.

The drive to Scott’s wasn’t too bad, mostly because you live five minutes away in driving time. Walking through the doors your eyes instantly met with Stiles as his scanned you as well. He looked different; different due to the lack of sleep, and sadness at the moment. The pack meeting wasn’t too long, just about how we need to stay close, and protect as many people as we can from whatever this beast thing is.

It was kind of sad that you expected Stiles to come up to you or even try talking to you but when he didn’t you couldn’t help the sadness that crept along with it. Surprisingly though you found him leaning against the side of the green Jeep you owned.

“I think we need to talk.” His words worried you, worried you because what else did you two need to talk about. You just stare, head cocked to the right. Stiles sighed, “It’s nothing bad, we need to talk this out.”

Nodding you spoke for him for the first time in days. “Do you want to follow me?” He shakes his head, “I’ll just walk back for her.” Her meaning his Jeep of course, you nod again opening the doors with the key in hand. The short ride to your house was silent and awkward both the both of you didn’t expect anything else due to kind of being mad at each other.

The warmth of the house greeted you like a warm blanket making you moan softly, you always hated the cold and especially right now in mid December. Stiles was straight to your room, without any words.

“I’m sorry.” Stiles mumbled as you sat onto your bed. “I should’ve came here right after school and apologized for calling you those names.”

“Is this why you’re being so weird?” You ask, as he nods. “I didn’t mean any of them I was just angry, nothing bothers me more then when I’m trying to protect you and you won’t let me.”

“Stiles I don’t need you protecting me, I will be fine.” He shakes his head sitting next to you, the warmth of his hand resting against your cheek, his thumb rubbing softly against the top of your cheek bone. “I know, but I will try as much as I can. I don’t know what I would do without you. You’re my everything and I want it to stay that way.”

You smile leaning your face closer to Stiles as he does as well, the moment your lips met the amount of passion and sexual tension was high. Leaning over you his body weight pushed you against the soft mattress. Stiles tongue ran along the bottom of your lip, you gladly let him back. Passionately and slowly your tongue and lips met time after time until Stiles couldn’t take it anymore. His hands met with your shirt, lifting it over your head to reveal his favorite red, lacy bra. His hands met with the silky fabric, cupping your clothed breast making a small moan escape from you and onto his lips.

Stiles right hand unbuttoned your jeans pealing them from your legs, but left the panties on due to how much he loved you in red, his soft fingers run against the hem of your panties making you whimper on how close he was to your pussy. Finally his fingers met with your clit, gently rubbing the bundle of nerves. “Stiles.” You moan as he presses soft kisses against your neck as well. He was so gentle, so soft with touch as his finger’s finally slipped inside you, filling you.

His lips once again found the center of your neck, taking in the skin there, sucking gently, and quickly releasing to show the dark, purple mark that was left. He smirked to himself, pumping his fingers into you once again before pulling them out of the silk panties.

“I missed you so much.” He whispers, leaving soft kisses in a trail against your jaw. You smile at him, he was always so sweet which is one the reason you loved him dearly.

Finally your hands grab the thick fabric of his flannel hanley, pulling it up and over his head leaving his pale white chest to the open. Now you’re fingers fumble with his belt, metal clanking against metal as you undo the belt and pull his pants down to his ankles, Stiles stops you as you reach for his boxers. His fingers fall to your bra, unbuckling the back. Your boobs spill from the restrains with a bounce as the bra fell to your stomach only to get thrown across the room by Stiles. With a gentle push, your back laid onto the bed, Stiles taking the now soaked panties off revealing your bare heat to him.

Stiles finally was fully naked as he sat against the head board bringing your body to his, so his hard cock now sat between your thighs, the head of his swollen member touching your belly button. “Are you ready baby?” He mumbles laying a line of kisses against your lips. You nod as he lifts your hips helping you angle yourself onto his hardness.

The feeling of Stiles began to burn as he ripped you, it’s been a while and in this position you felt all of him. A loud moan fell from your mouth as you finally sat on his lower abdomen, him filling you completely.

Stiles helped you move against his cock, Stiles stretched you completely, his cock already resting against your special spot. Stiles’ hips met with yours and with every trust you found yourself closer and closer and so did Stiles as he found you in his favorite position; riding him.

The feeling of the head of his hardness hitting the bottom of your pussy made the warm sensation build up in your stomach and face as the redness grew on both of your faces. “Fuck babe.” Stiles groaned, eyes closing as his head rest against the head board. Before you knew it, you were clenching around his cock, cumming, and soon after his cum filling you.

“I love you so much my angel.” He mumbles, thumb running against your swollen lip due to kissing.

I need this stiles in my life tho, request are open.

Disney Princesses aren't 'bad examples to women'

These ‘feminists’ that come around saying Disney princesses taught girls only how to wait for a man and be girly piss me off. And I’m not talking that just about the recent princesses are standing up for women, they have been doing that for years but in a more discreet way. You all make such a big deal out of falling in love and having a prince, but really what’s the big problem with having a boyfriend?

Some people say that Disney princesses make it seem like all girls should do is cook, clean and take care of a house. Just to clear the fact that only Cinderella and Snow White did these things, the former because she was forced to by her stepmother and the latter to repay the dwarves for letting her stay with them. Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan and Belle didn’t cook or clean. The stereotype of Disney princesses is far off from what really happens in their movies.

Seriously, Ariel defied her father and went after a world she thought was better than hers, made a deal with a witch and grew legs. Yeah, she wanted to fall in love, what’s the issue? We can’t want to have boyfriends anymore? 

Pocahontas taught the english men that their views were not the only ones, that maybe if they stopped to think they would see there’s more in the world than that. And you know how difficult it is to make a guy back then to notice you’re right and he’s wrong? It’s VERY difficult.

And there’s Esmeralda. You people forget that she freaking stood up for all those poor people, tried making justice with her own hands and got almost burned at a stake for standing up for herself and denying to have sex with a man. 

Belle thought for herself, she decided to not marry a man she thought was an ignorant and a chauvinist pig, she stood up to a beast that could probably break her neck in two with a bite, she taught him how to be human again and she didn’t mind that everyone thought of her as the weird girl of the town. She went to a crazy guys place and traded her freedom to save her father and you say that is not something worth doing?

Jasmine got a bloody tiger to make all the guys who tried courting her run away with half their pants. She said 'f*ck the laws, I’m not marrying a man if I don’t want to’. She didn’t care for status, she pushed Aladdin away until she noticed he actually cared for her and not her money. And she even ran away from home so she could live life her own way, only went back because she saw the injustice that was happening under the nose of the palace and went straight to try and make things right for her people.

Jane (from Tarzan), was ambitious and worked in something most men said she could not do, followed her true passion to study and work in Africa, she survived in the jungle, she took care of her crazy father, she put the crazy Clayton, survived an angry mob of baboons just so all the things she strived for would happen. 

Megara didn’t need a man at all, and she said that all during the movie. She was not a damsel in distress, she manipulated Hercules (until she fell in love and gave up). She gave the God of Death a straight on and didn’t bother actually respecting no one who didn’t win her respect.

And just to make my point clear, Mulan. Do I need to start on how she saved China from some huge guys with mostly her wits, saved her father from obvious death, was probably the first ever cross-dresser woman on a show for children and was the best soldier between like 50+ men? Oh and she made 3 guys dress like women and they actually were able to knock out most of the bad guys using feminine traits.

Also, on the matter of 'they make unrealistic expectations on how women should look like’, THEY’RE FREAKING CARTOONS! Do you want to have a head like the PowerPuff Girls? Legs like Dee Dee’s? Be yellow like Lisa Simpson? Some cartoons are more realistic than others, doesn’t make them actually look like reality. Just look at Disney’s princesses hairs! You think you can have those? Everyone knows you can’t look like a Disney princess, so stop fussing over their waists. Want to talk about unrealistic expectations on how to look? Go see some lingerie ads.

If you don’t like Disney movies and how they portray women, it’s you right as a human being and you’re entitled to your opinion. But really, stop to actually see what happens before dissing something you didn’t stop to analyze.

FYI, I did not talk about more recent female characters like Tiana, Merida, Elsa or Rapunzel just to make a point that even older movies still treat the matter of women independency. 

xpegasusuniverse  asked:

Caleo in a Disney's Beauty and the Beast AU with Calypso as the Beast, and instead of Gaston we'll have Leo friends who storm the castle due to a misunderstanding.

  • Calypso didn’t mean to get shunned. But as years passed she realized she deserved it. She was being a mean and rude to anyone who was “ugly”. 
  • And that’s how she locked herself in her parent’s castle with all her servants who were now inanimate objects. While she looked ugly. Her hair, wherever her hair grew, grew long to cover every inch of her body. Her K9 teeth grew out and she looked like a scary monster.
  • To make it even worse, there was a rose. A rose that dropped a petal every few months. And if she didn’t find someone who loved her for her by the time the last petal fell, she would be like that forever.
  • A few months later, an intruder came into the building, an older woman. Thinking that the woman wanted to get rid of her, she kept the woman there as her prisoner in a cell.
  • But a young man came to the castle, looking for his mother.
  • When Calypso finally saw the man, she couldn’t believe how handsome the guy was. His curly hair, his elfish looks, all were attractive to her. 
  • “Let my mother go.” He demanded. 
  • “No! I know she was here just to make fun of me! She’s now my prisoner.”
  • “She’s lost and sick. Just let her go.” He said trying to protect her. 
  • “So she can tell everyone where I live and they can destroy me? Never!” Calypso was getting riled up from being afraid of getting exposed to the public.
  • The guy looked at his mother and then at the monster in front of him. “Then take me instead. Let her go back home.”
  • “Leo, don’t do this.” The woman said.
  • Calypso looked at Leo and then the woman. “Do you promise to keep this place a secret? And never mention seeing me?”
  • “I’m not-!”
  • “Mom, just do it, please.” Leo begged. “I’ll be fine.”
  • The woman looked at Calypso. “I promise.” 
  • Calypso unlocked the cell and the woman ran to Leo. She was talking rapidly to Leo in Spanish.
  • “Alright, that’s enough.” Calypso pushed the woman towards the door.
  • “Mom, I’ll be okay. I promise.” Leo told her before she was out of the door.
  • Calypso looked at the young man, who was glaring right back. “I can’t believe you’re doing this. Keeping be hostage because you’re afraid of people seeing you.”
  • “Stop it!” She told him. “Or I’ll put you in that cell too.”
  • “That’s fine with me.” He walked into the cell and closed the door behind him. “I’m your prisoner right? I should be treated like one.”
  • Calypso growled, sounding more animal than human. “Do you want dinner or not?” 
  • “No, I’m not hungry.”
  • “Fine, than don’t eat!” She left, leaving the cell unlocked. 
  • She didn’t care if he ate or not. She now had someone else to look after. 
  • “Calypso, you have to be nice to the boy. He could be the one to break the spell.” She heard her ex-maid who is now a lamp, Annabeth say. “You remember what it’s like to be nice, right?”
  • “Shut up Annabeth. You know that his mother is going to tell the whole village about me.” 
  • “Well, that rose is starting to wilt, so the petals should be coming off soon.” Another servant, Piper the feather duster, said. “Please try and be nice to him.”
  • “Fine. I’ll try, happy?”


  • Over the next few days Calypso tried to be nice to Leo. She gave him his own room, access to the gardens, and three meals. She thought she was being generous.
  • But Leo barely left his new room. He only went to the kitchen when he was hungry and not when Calypso was eating. 
  • She had enough. She wanted to have a meal with him. 
  • She went to his room and knocked on the door. “Leo?” Her voice came out more demanding than she wanted.
  • “Go away!”
  • “Leo, I want you to have dinner with me.”
  • “I don’t want to!” 
  • Calypso felt someone tug on her dress. She looked down and saw Annabeth. “Try saying please and having a lighter tone.”
  • Calypso took a deep breath. “Please come have dinner with me.”
  • There was silence on the other side. Finally the door opened and Leo was standing there. “Fine.” He crossed his arms. 
  • Calypso had the tiniest smile. “This way.”
  • She lead him all the way to the dinning room where dinner was already set up. She sat across from him and watched as he sat down too.
  • Leo started to eat with the knife and fork. Calypso did too, trying to remind herself that she was more human than monster.
  • They ate in silence for a while until Leo spoke.
  • “So, how long have you been…”
  • “A monster?” She asked. “For almost six months now.”
  • “How did you become like that?”
  • She looked down. “I called a beautiful witch ugly and she changed me into this. She said the only way I can change back is if someone loves me for me.”
  • “Sounds like you need some work.”
  • “Work?” 
  • He nodded. “First of all, you’re mean. You can’t just be yelling at people or taking them hostage for no reason.”
  • “No reason?! You mother was-!”
  • “This is what I was talking about.” Leo told her. “You have a major anger issue.”
  • She crossed her arms and sank back into her chair.
  • Leo smiled to himself as he ate, knowing he was right.


  • Weeks went on and Leo and Calypso were tolerating each other. Their meals were always eaten together. 
  • Calypso worked on her anger issue and was truly liking Leo. She even might love him. 
  • But how could he ever love her back? She was just a beast.
  • But as the saying goes, if you love someone, let them free.
  • “Leo, I was thinking, you’re free to leave. You don’t have to come back here ever again.”
  • He stared at her. “I’m free to go?”
  • She nodded. “Yes.”
  • Then he did something that Calypso never expected, he hugged her. She stood there in shock for a few seconds before she hugged him back.
  • “Thank you Calypso. I’m so excited to see my mom.” 
  • “I knew you would be. Just go, I’ll be fine here.”
  • Leo smiled at her before he left.


  • Leo arrived back at the village, which he lived in. He ran to his house and saw his mom doing a little gardening. 
  • “Mom!” He ran over and hugged her. 
  • She turned and hugged him back with tears in her eyes. “Leo. How did you escape?”
  • “She let me go. She’s actually very sweet when you get to know her.” He told her. 
  • “That really ugly monster?”
  • “She’s not that ugly mom. Like I said, she has a sweet interior.”
  • “Leo!” He heard.
  • He turned around and saw a bunch of his friends. He smiled at them.
  • “You’re back! Where did you go?” His friend, Jason, asked.
  • “Just, you know, went on a trip.” He replied.
  • “He wasn’t on a trip. He was taken captive!” His mom told him.
  • Leo looked at his mom.
  • “Captive?” Percy, his other friend, asked. “By who?”
  • “A monster! An ugly monster with hair everywhere and deadly teeth!”
  • “Mom stop it! She isn’t a monster!” Leo told her. “Guys, she isn’t bad-”
  • “Is she going to take someone next?” Frank, another friend, asked.
  • “Most likely! She needs to be stopped before she takes another innocent citizen!” His mom told him.
  • “Well, gentleman, we better stop this monster before she terrorizes us!” Percy told them.
  • “No! Leave her alone!” Leo told them. “She didn’t do anything wrong!”
  • “She took my only child captive. She should be punished.” His mom told him.
  • “We leave tonight.” Percy decided.


  • Calypso sighed as she moped around the castle. She couldn’t believe she allowed Leo to leave. He was the only person that made this castle seem lively.
  • “Calypso, are you okay?” Annabeth asked. 
  • “No, I’m not. I miss Leo.” She told her. “I miss him so much.”
  • Annabeth and Piper shared a look. 
  • “Do you love him?” Piper asked.
  • Calypso thought for a seconds. “I-I think so.” 
  • The two girls squealed with joy. 
  • “All he has to do is love you back!” Annabeth said. “And then the spell is broken!” 
  • “But how can he?” She asked. “He left.”
  • They heard something coming closer to them, like a mop. 
  • “Miss Calypso! That man, Leo, he’s running back towards the castle!” Hazel told her.
  • Calypso got up and ran to a window. She looked down and saw Leo running towards them. 
  • She ran down the stairs to meet him at the front door. Her heart was pounding like crazy. She was so excited to see him. 
  • She opened the door and saw him running. A smile spread across her face.
  • “Calypso! Get inside and lock the doors!” Leo panted as he stopped right in front of her.
  • “What? Why?” 
  • “My friends they-!”
  • There was a gun shot and everything to Calypso slowed down. She pushed Leo behind her and took the bullet to the shoulder.
  • She fell right to the ground.
  • “I got it!” Frank shouted.
  • Leo knelt down besides her. “Calypso, can you hear me?” 
  • “Everything hurts, Leo.” There were tears in her eyes. The pain from the bullet wound was slowly causing her to black out.
  • “It’s going to be okay. I’m here for you.” Leo whispered to her. 
  • “Leo, what are you doing?” Jason asked.
  • He looked at his friends. “She didn’t do anything! She came out to greet me and you shot her!”
  • “We thought-!” Percy started.
  • “You didn’t think! You just acted. Calypso is nice and caring! She saved me from the bullet!” He glared at his friends. “I love her!”
  • “Y-You love me?” Calypso whimpered.
  • Leo looked at her. “I love you.” He leaned down and kissed her.
  • There was a flash of blinding white light. And when it disappeared, a beautiful young woman laid on the ground in Leo’s arms. She was wearing the white dress that Calypso wore and the bullet wound looked like it healed up, but there was a scar.
  • Her eyes opened and she looked right at Leo. 
  • “C-Calypso?” Leo asked.
  • “Leo!” She sat up, a bit sore, but hugged him. 
  • Leo hugged her back, happy that she was okay.
  • And like that, the spell was broken.
All Of Me, Chapter 2

When Yang woke up, all she knew was that she was on a hospital bed. The blonde girl looked around the tent, searching for any signs of life around her. When she found nobody, she decided to checked herself.‘Why am I here? I’m not feeling anything!’ She thought as she reajusted herself to a sitting position.

Yang tried supporting herself with her two arms, but for some reason she didn’t know, her right one failed and she fell to the side.‘What the-’ Yang looked at her right arm, seeking an answer, but was terrified by what she found. Nothing.

“What the hell!?” Yang she yelled. Yang touched the stump viciously, not believing it was real. Then, when she touched the bottom, where the wound was located, she screamed in agony. Her eyes turned red.

Two nurses entered her room, followed by her father. “What’s going on?! Where is my arm? What did you do to me?!”

Taiyang ran to Yang’s left side and got his daughter’s hand in his. Yang was burning up, but he didn’t care. “Yang, sweetie, calm down. I’m here.”

Tears started to roll down Yang’s face and she looked into her father’s eyes. “Dad… Who did this to me? Why did they do this to me?”

“Shh, I’m here.” Taiyang hugged his desperate daughter.

One of the nurses got a stinger with a colorless liquid in it. The other walked to Tai and touched his arm. They shared a look, both frowning deeply. Then Taiyang nodded and looked down. After a few seconds, he pulled away.

“D-Dad?” Yang said, her voice cracking. Then, she saw the stinger. “No! You aren’t going to inject this in me! Dad, don’t let them do this to me!”The girl tried to get up from the bed, but her father held her still. Then, Yang felt her arm being extended and a stinger being introduced in her vein.

“I’m sorry, Yang.” Her father said, his eyes full of unshed tears. “I’m so, so sorry…”

“Dad… Help me…” Yang said in a small, sleepy voice.

“I will, sweetie. I will”


Yang then saw, with her vision blurred, a dark haired figure standing in front of the tent. “Blake…” She whispered, tears rolling down as she passed out.

“Ah!” Yang screamed as her eyes opened. She sat up, her breath heavy. The now red eyes inspected the room. Deep inside, she hoped she had woken up on her bed in Team RWBY’s dorm room, with her sister sleeping on the bed hanged by unstable ropes and their resident Ice Queen having her so called “beauty sleep.” And mainly, she wanted to look under her bunk and find her partner sleeping peacefully. She wanted the Heaven she called Beacon back. But when she looked at her right arm- or what remained of it,- she knew she was still in Hell and sighed. “That dream. Again.”

Yang laid again, letting herself fall back. She stretched her left arm an got her scroll. It was 4 a.m. and her haunted dreams had already come to torment her sleep. Like all of the other nights. Like all of the past six months. The blonde girl threw her legs off the bed and sat up, using her still good arm as support to do so.

The brawler got up and walked lazily to the door, turning on the light in the way out. Her entire body hurt because of the tension that the nightmare caused and the phantom pain was there. She still felt her fist clench, she felt the blood flowing through her veins, she felt the pain in her muscles and the weakness of her bones. But none of it was real. None of the commands that her brain sent were obeyed, none of the information was received. There was a dead end. A line that was cut.

The girl walked lopsidedly to the bathroom, that was at the end of the hall. Yang turned on the light and walked to the sink. She looked at her image in the mirror. The reflection showed her lightless lilac eyes, that one day had been full of life. Her expretionless face made her remember of her one day happy smile and the evident tiredness of her energy. The dark circles surrounding her eyes made her look even worse. Remembering her old self made her tear up, but there were no tears left to spill, no sadness left to let out. Just the emptiness of her being.

“Look. Look at what you are now, Xiao Long,” the girl said in disgust. “You are nothing. Nothing but a fool. An idiot, stupid, dumb fool !” Yang screamed at the reflection, and her eyes turned red as she punched the mirror, breaking it and making some pieces penetrate her hand. The blonde opened her hand and looked at the bloodied part of her body, huffing in the process. “Yeah, look at what you’ve done. Go there, finish what that bull started and keep hurting yourself.”

Yang huffed and opened the sink to wash her bloodied hand. Her aura started working on the injuries, and soon enough it wasn’t even there anymore. ‘Just like my arm,’ she bitterly thought.

With some difficulties, the girl was able to finish her activities. She got out of the bathroom and down the stairs. Yang walked to the kitchen, her stomach speaking up and hunger making it’s way. The blonde got an apple and bit it. Then, she went to the living room and turned on the TV.

“The Atlas Military officially declared that the ports and airports to Atlas are closed. The protective measure was questioned by various leaders all over the world,” declared the voice in the TV. Then, the image of Arthur Camelot, the Haven Academy’s headmaster, came to scene. This protectiveness coming from Atlas just increases the war scenario. It’s spreading fear all over the Kingdoms, and we know the damage a feared population can cause. We had a rather unpleasant example at the Battle of Beacon. Fear brings Grimm. Is that what Atlas desires? Grimm infested cities? A break on our decades long peace? I’d rather believe that’s not the truth.“ Yang huffed. What peace? The world was at the edge of war and the governments still wished to make people believe peace is established and that the one and only threat to it was Atlas. Grimm was gathering, an infiltred psychopath declared the peace to be extremely fragile, the White Fang broke through one of the kingdom’s deffense, and they wanted people to believe the only problem was Atlas deffending themselves? Yang huffed. “If anything, they’re right. After what happened at Beacon…”

The girl’s mind involuntarily fluttered to that night. To that day. It was the day that her whole world fell. People deliberately called her a monster and said she was guilty for something she hadn’t even intended to do. She still could swear Mercury attacked her. She would never attack a defenseless opponent. But the cameras didn’t lie and for the whole world she was still the beast who harmed the innocent boy.

The worst of all happened when night came though. The school was attacked, all she had known for months started to vanish right in front of her eyes. And Ruby… Ruby was away, she had no clue of what might have happened to her sister. All Yang knew was that she didn’t answer her scroll and was probably in danger. And then, the one to calm her down was the same person to make her fall in deep despair. Blake Belladonna, her partner and best friend.

Yang gripped the apple forcefully as thoughts of Blake hit her. The high pitched scream, the hurt look on her usually stoic face. It was enough to make her lose it. It was her last memory before everything went red and then black. When she woke up, her arm was gone, and so was her partner.

Blake ran away, with no letter, no explanation, no goodbye, nothing. And it pissed her off so much. During the three first months after the Battle Yang suffered and was furious. She didn’t want to hear of Blake, she didn’t want to mention Blake… But she was constantly thinking of Blake. And it pissed her even more. However, as the weeks went by, Yang started to grant indifference to it. And then, she went numb. Blake wouldn’t come back to her? Then be it.

Yang bit the apple two more times before deciding she didn’t want to eat anymore. The thoughts of Blake made some kind of anxiety go through her body. Mainly now that the Faunus girl was in Patch. Now that Yang had finally got her so wished numbness to the situation, Blake comes back and shakes her feelings completely, making anger hit her. Did Blake truly think it would be that easy? Did Blake have any idea of how Yang felt after she left? Yang needed her by her side and she simply ran, as if their friendship, their partnership, never mattered to her.

Yang went up the stairs and got back to her room. She opened the curtains and decided to change. This was a hard part of her day. Generally, her father was there to help her, but he went to the city to talk to the physiotherapist of Signal Academy and see if he could visit them again this weekend to check on Yang and also talk to the technology team of the Academy to know about the progress with the mechanical arm they were building for her since last month. Of course it wouldn’t be the same as getting a robo arm with the atlesian technology, but it was already something.

Yang struggled to get her pyjamas off. The shorts were easy, but the shirt was the real problem. Taking off a shirt with only one was no easy job. After three minutes of cursing, Yang was free of the shirt. She put on her orange tank top and gray jacket, making a knot on the right sleeve, and then took off her shorts and put on her cargo pants and shoes.

The girl opened the curtains and the window. ‘Dad said that the doc told him that it’s good to let in some air into my room. He’s coming home today, gotta make my old man happy.’ Yang thought to herself. Taiyang told her that he was happy that she was still with him. After the Battle of Beacon, Ruby had left with Jaune, Nora and Ren, and Qrow left right after that to protect his niece. Yang knew how lonely her father felt and the little happiness she was able to have came from being with him and not leaving him alone. They were both the ones who were left behind and comprehend each other.

After she opened the window, Yang looked at the trees and saw something completely unexpected. Blake was sleeping in an uncomfortable position, sitting with her back against a tree and her head falling to the side.

Yang something fall in her stomach. Had Blake spent the whole night there? Yang frowned. She had forgotten how persistent Blake could be. And if the cat Faunus was being this persistent, even after Yang brushing her off and rejected her with such bitterness, it meant she cared, it meant that Yang was important to her.

Yang let out a long sigh. She wanted so keep her composure, to not let Blake in anymore, to let Blake out there in the cold until she gave up. But she couldn’t do it. She didn’t like to admit it, but she still cared a lot about Blake. She lost an arm for the black haired girl after all. Then, Yang saw a young Beowolf, that looked like it got lost from it’s pack, carefully trying to sneak up on Blake. Her heart sank. She was angry at Blake, but she wouldn’t let her get hurt.

Yang got the left part of Ember Celica and rushed out of the house. She has been training with her father for the last six months. Her abilities weren’t as good as before. They would probably never be. But she believed herself to be able to take down at least a Beowolf.

When Yang came to the scene, the creature of Grimm was raising it’s paw to hit Blake. The brawler let out a war scream to get the Beowolf’s attention. When the monster looked at her, she ran to it and punched the creature in the head forcefully, sending it flying into a tree. Yang put herself in front of the other girl, who woke up with the whole commotion.

“Wha…? Yang?” Blake called grogly, still half-asleep. When she saw the Beowolf getting up and growling at them, she quickly jumped to her feet and stood by the blonde’s side. The brawler was putting herself in danger, and Blake wouldn’t allow her former partner to get hurt again because of her. But then, the Beowolf ran to them and before Blake could get Gambol Shroud, Yang rushed to meet the monster. “What the hell are you doing, Yang?! You’re going to get hurt!”

“And you were going to get yourself killed!” Yang shouted as she punched the wolf’s belly and then under it’s chin. The beast growled in anger and tried to claw Yang, who jumped back but still got three cuts on her ribs region. The girl flinched and gave to steps back, putting her hand on the new wounds.

“Yang!” Blake called. The cat Faunus got her weapon and lunged at the beast. Blake jumped over the Beowolf’s head and cut it off. The young monster fell and disappeared in shadows. ‘Good one, Yang. You came here to try to save her and ended up being saved. Excellent performance!’ Yang thought as she sat on a nearby rock.

Blake rushed to the blonde girl, kneeling by her side and putting a hand on Yang’s back. “Yang… Are you okay?” Yang looked at her with an incredulous expression. Of course she wasn’t, both her body and ego were wounded. Blake sighed and gave her a small smirk. “Right. Can I… Take you inside? Or do you want me to take you until the door, because I know you’re still angry at me and I know that it’s not good to take in somebody that makes you angry and-”

“Blake. Stop rambling. It’s nothing like you to ramble.” Yang interrupted and Blake looked down in shame. “And sure. Take me inside.”

Blake muttered a “okay” before helping Yang up. She supported the blonde wrapping one arm around her shoulders and putting the brawler’s arm over her own. When they got in front of the door, it was opened and Blake looked at Yang in confusion. “I forgot to close it when I rushed out to save your kitty butt.” Blake let out a giggle and Yang let herself smile a little. It was always a good experience for her to make Blake laugh.

Blake took her former partner to the couch, helping her to sit. She looked around, searching for a sign of a first aid kit. When she didn’t find it, she turned to the blonde and asked her for the location of the kit.

“It’s in the kitchen. Wardrobe’s first door from left to right.” Yang said. Blake nodded and ran to the kitchen. The brawler’s wounds were starting to hurt more and the blood spilling from them was making her get lightheaded. She pushed her hand away from the wounded region and took a look. The three cuts were a little bit deep, but certainly hadn’t gotten to any vital organ.

Blake came back with the kit in hands. She asked Yang for permission and took off her jacket and then her tank top, leaving the blonde only with her bra on. Blake blushed a little while she did that. The black haired young woman started her care, cleaning the blood from the wounds and putting medicine on the cuts with a cotton.

The Faunus took a look to see if they were too deep. “Looks like they’ll need stitches.” Yang’s eyes widened. She hated needles and stitches since she was a kid. Noticing the other girl’s distress, Blake quickly put her hand on the blonde’s. “Don’t worry though. It won’t last long.”

Yang flinched when Blake started, looking away from the scene. She thought about how yesterday she told Blake to go away, and now she was accepting the care of the quiet bookworm. But she couldn’t stop wondering why Blake had stayed. She made it clear that she didn’t want the other’s presence.

“Blake…” Yang whispered, hoping the Faunus wouldn’t listen. But she knew that she couldn’t trick the cat ears on top of Blake’s head.

“What is it, Yang?”

“Why didn’t you go? Why did you stay?”

“…” Silence. Yang huffed. She didn’t expect an answer. She didn’t even know why she asked. The brawler continued to look away as Blake finished the last wound. Blake cleaned the needle and put the instruments she used back in the kit and closed it. Then, she looked at Yang. Her eyes held sorrow, pain and tiredness, in contrast to the smile Blake forced herself to keep. Blake put a hand on hers again and spoke. “I couldn’t give up on you, Yang. Not again.”

Yang was surprised by her friend’s words. She looked at their hands and then at Blake, who was quick to take her own away and mutter a small apology. The blonde watched as the cat Faunus got up and went to the kitchen. Yang thought about what Blake said. ‘She had… Given up on me? Is that why she left?’ Yang looked down at her hand and at the now closed wounds. ‘Maybe she didn’t want to carry a burden like me’

“What’s wrong?” Blake asked and Yang jumped, putting her hand on her chest.

“Don’t. Sneak up on me.”

“Sorry.” Blake said. “What’s bugging you?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Yang… I know you. Please, tell me what’s wrong. Let me help you.”

“I told you it’s nothing!” Yang yelled. “Stop pretending you care about me! You left me when I needed you the most and were nowhere to be found for six months and want me to trust you again as if nothing ever happened?!” Yang regretted the words as soon as they left her mouth when she saw the tears in Blake’s eyes. “I’m so-”

“No.” The Faunus interrupted. “No. I’m the one who’s sorry. I left you, I broke you. I know I did. You… You deserve a better partner, a better friend… I am just an useless, disgusting and stupid animal.“ Blake put her face in her hand in shame. Yang immediately brought her closer in a tight hug. Blake was surprised by the gesture and wanted to get away from the embrace, but she couldn’t bring herself to. After all, this was Yang, her teammate, her partner, her best friend.

“Hey… Don’t do this to yourself, okay? It’s not okay, but you don’t have to insult yourself like that. You’re not useless, you’re not stupid and disgusting and you’re certainly not and animal. You’re a person, Blake. You hurt me, yes. You hurt me a lot. But that doesn’t stop me from caring about you. Do you understand me?”

Blake pulled away a little and looked into Yang’s eyes. She saw many things there. She saw pain, she saw sadness and she saw sorrow. But there was also care and comfort along the turmoil of negativity, and Blake couldn’t stop herself from smiling a little. Even with everything she had put the other girl through, the blonde was still able to genuinely care about her. She gave a small nod.

Yang was about to say something more, but then she heard the door being opened. She looked at the entrance of the house and saw her father standing there with a big smile on his face.

“Yang! You won’t believe it! They said your arm will be ready in one wee-” The enthusiasm faded from the man’s face and a confused and concerned expression took place. Was his daughter using the time he was out to bring young chicks to their house? “Who is that?”

Yang got up and struggled the best she could to put her tank top on. “First of all, it’s not what you’re thinking. And second,” Yang sighed. “This is Blake Belladonna. My partner from Beacon.”

“Uh… Nice to meet you, Mr. Xiao Long.” Blake said nervously as she got up.

“Oh, yeah, nice to meet you too, Mss. Belladonna.” He walked to them, smiling all the way. When he got close enough, he grabbed Blake by the collar of her white coat with gritted teeth. “It’s always nice to meet the people who hurt my children.” He then threw Blake back on the couch, making the black haired girl sit forcefully. Yang was about to say something when he raised his hand. “Go to your room, Yang.”

“But, dad-!”

“Just go, Yang!” The man exclaimed. “Your ‘friend’ and I have a lot to talk about.”

To Bee Continued

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Imagine if Claire didn't speak after going through the stones so no one knew she was English. What would Jamie's reaction be when she finally did speak and he realized that she was English?

They’d ridden hard from the port, eager to move away any marauding redcoats. Murtagh had been on fine form, directing them this way and that, keeping them out of harm’s way. 

The path around the fairy hills had begun to narrow, the rugged terrain creeping in, causing them all to spread out a little.

It was mostly luck that had Jamie glanced to his left, a quick swish of white crossing his peripheral vision as he did so. As quietly as he was able, he dismounted and snuck into the tree line, leaving Murtagh to hold onto his horse. And the others to silly guess at his sudden disappearance.

The white blob moved, shuffling deeper into the dense undergrowth as he shifted closer.

How strange.

Crouching, Jamie shimmied forward, moving the branches of a fallen tree out of his path. There, curled into an absurdly tiny ball, was a slip of a lass. Her head buried between her legs as she panted, her torn shift only just covering her modesty.

“Ey, mistress?” He spoke lowly, not wishing to spook her.


“Mistress?” He tried again, speaking a little bit louder now.

Still nothing.

Reaching out, he tapped her shoulder and she jumped to her feet, twisted around and slammed her back, hard, against a nearby tree trunk.

Her arms and neck were covered in nail marks, small scratches that stood red and sore, contrasting against of her pale cream of the rest of her unblemished skin. She held her hands in front of her as if in surrender, and Jamie’s heart clenched. She’d been hurt, her clothing ripped, and wee bruises were just starting the bloom across her collarbone.

“I willna hurt ye, I’m Jamie, who are ye?” Giving even his first name was risky, if she kent him, she could certainly hand him over to the British for the reward money levied against him. But something told him she wasn’t the sort. He hoped his instincts were correct.

Standing straight, he waited for her gather herself, hoping she’d answer his questions in time.

He could see the gooseflesh rise on her arms as she began wafting her hands around in front of her face, the gestures measured and quite mesmerising.

He tilted his head to the side, unable to understand. What was she doing?

“I’m sorry, I dinna quite…” he began, watching as her eyes flitted to his lips and back up to his eyes once more.

She shook her head from side to side, in a negative motion, pointing to her lips and ears as she did so.

His brows shot up as he started to comprehend her actions.

“Ye canna,” pointing to her mouth he blinked rapidly, “talk?”

She nodded.


“But ye can understand me?”

Another nod.

Well, that was something, at least.

“And someone…hurt ye?”

More nodding. He swallowed back the anger. A lassie travelling alone, one who couldn’t even call out none the less, was certainly at risk from passing ragamuffins.

“Did they touch ye?” His tone was dark, his eyes narrowing to slits as he posed the question.

She scrunched her brows, unsure, no doubt, of his query. And finally shook her head, with renewed vigour, as she grasped his meaning.

He released the breath he’d been holding. ‘Thank God’, he muttered.

Her hands moved again, making shapes and tapping her fingers against her palms as she attempted to communicate with him, the only way she knew how.

(*They robbed me, stole my jewellery, but they didn’t –do that–, no.*)

“Weel, ye canna stay here alone, tis’ne right. Will ye come wi’ me?” He held out his hand, an olive branch offering that he hoped she’d take.

Crossing her arms, she stood at full height now, looking him up and down. He chuckled as she made her assessment of him, amused at her show of independence.

(*What makes you think I need any help? I’m alright by myself! You didn’t see what I did to the last ‘gentleman’ that offered me aid, he won’t be dancing anytime soon!*)

She, fluidly, moved her hands around, as Jamie watched on, her jaw stubbornly set.

“I’m sorry, mistress. But I dinna ken yer meaning.” He felt a wee bit daft, standing in the forest watching a lassie waving her arms around, but he had a feeling she wasn’t simply doing it for the pleasure.

Nevertheless, something about her called to him, and he felt it necessary to reiterate his offer, “I dinna ken whether yer no’ happy at the prospect of me helping ye, or just the idea in general, but please, I can get ye somewhere safe. I promise.” Hoping to ease her caution, he held his hands up in surrender and moved back a little, to allow her space to think.

She was sure of herself, and obviously competent. She could understand him, and yet, he had no clue what she was thinking. He wasn’t sure what the others would make of her, but he’d made his move now, and he wasn’t about to just —-leave her here.

As he was indisposed, taking stock of her, she’d come to her decision and shuffled closer. Picking up a very dirty blanket from the floor, she met him eye to eye and nodded, 

(*Yes, alright. But don’t get any ideas Mister!*)

Jamie smiled once more and took hold of her hands as they gestured in front of his face. She shook her head, good naturedly, and allowed him to guide her away. 

Quite in need of a bath, she hoped he’d take her somewhere decent so that she might finally wash.

When Jamie finally found himself back with his ragged band of Highlanders, Dougal, obviously frustrated by his nephew’s random disappearance, tisked and whirled on him, his eyes alight with impatience. “Dear lord, Jamie! We have t’ be at Leoch in two days. What’s the meaning of running off for nearly an hoor,” in his rage, his Scots accent became incredibly thick and menacing, colour rising in his cheeks as he spoke, “and now, returning! Wi’ a random –woman!”

“Ach, uncle, calm yerself. Would ye ha’ left her?” He scoffed, trying to calm Dougal’s distemper.

“Aye, I would. We dinna need another mouth to feed, do we? Yer enough bother as it is!” He reined in his eager horse, the beast stomping at the earth, unimpressed with staying stationary for so long. Jamie tried not to smile, funny how the steed matched his rider in temperament. “At least yer back,” he acquiesced, still pulling an ‘unhappy’ face, “and if we’re t’ bring along waifs and strays, so be it. What’s her name?”

This pulled Jamie up short, upon learning of her unfortunate position he hadn’t even broached that question. His cheeks heated, embarrassed that he hadn’t even thought to try and find out. “Och, weel, the lassie canna talk. So I dinna ken.” He rubbed the back of his neck, the heat warming his palm.

“Canna *talk*? Are ye sure?!” Dougal barked, half way between suspended disbelief and humour (and NOT the ha-ha kind).

“Aye, perfectly sure. She’s adept at swingin’ her hands about though!” He joked, trying to make light of it.

Dougal wasn’t amused, “ye’d better find out, hadn’t ye. Get the lass parchment tonight, and find out, ye wee fool!”. Turning his horse on its heel, he clicked and trotted on. Conversation over, it seemed.

“Have ye gone mad, lad!” Murtagh whispered, dismounting to help the young lass astride Jamie’s mount, “Dougal –and Colum– will have yer head! Did ye no’ think ye should be keeping yerself out of their way since the last bashing ye had!”

Jamie rubbed the back of his head, surreptitiously, the old wound throbbing in memory. “Aye, o’ course I did! But I couldna just leave her, could I?”

“Suppose no’” He relented, side-eyeing the poor skinny thing, as she righted herself and held on for dear life, the pommel just about keeping her steady. “Wafting her hands, did ye say?” Murtagh stroked his beard thoughtfully, before lightly punching his godson on the arm, “did ye ever consider that, although ye canna *hear her*, she might be talking to you…” He allowed his words to trail off, leaving Jamie to contemplate them.

He mounted behind his new riding companion, wrapped his arms around her and gripped the reins before kicking Donas onwards, Murtagh closely on his heel.

She was *talking to him*, he mused, with her *hands*? He smirked at his foolishness, of course! Too enamoured by her, he’d managed to completely misread the situation. He’d have to pay more attention from now on, lest she think him daft. 

Onwards, they rode, further away from danger and deeper into the Scottish countryside. As the day passed, Jamie found himself keen for their evening stop.

Now it had been suggested to him, he desperately wanted to know her name. Hopefully, he thought, she has the ability to write.

Macaroni pt. 12 // Luke Hemmings

Requested; Yes
Summary; Luke is a struggling single parent and you’re his son’s teacher.

(part 1 - 11)


Dinner was amazing, the night was filled with laughs, random rants, and plans for future trip. You loved how they referred to you as family, making you feel included and at home.

You had a great time despite the fact that you ended up ordering something off the menu that wasn’t exactly great (you had to share with Toby since what Luke ordered was just as unappetizing), everyone seemed to forget about time. It was until Toby began to get fidgety and fell asleep on your lap, that you all realized that it was time to go.

“You got everything son?” Andy helped Luke carry the bags to the car meanwhile you stay behind to finish packing Toby’s backpack.

“Still tired bud?” You ran your hand through Toby’s hair, still sad about it being so short.

“Mhmm,” He lazily nodded, fighting to keep his eyes open.


“Oh hey Liz,” A smile on your face grew as Toby’s tiny hand grasped yours and he clung onto your leg using it as support to fall asleep. Not wanting to torture the poor boy you picked him up in your arms and made your way to her. “Thank you so much for everything, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I really appreciate you giving me the chance to-.”

“(Y/N) you are welcome here anytime. After all you are a part of the family,” She smiled, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear and turned to a sleeping Toby, “all I want is for you to look after my boys, look after them with all your heart.”

“I will, I promise. I love them too much especially this little one.” You hugged the sleeping boy tighter in your arms and you caught Luke watching from the doorway, he sent you a wink.

“And remember,” Liz, however, didn’t realize her son was standing behind her, “as soon as you get home-”

Your body went numb with panic and you were quick to cut her off, “Yes! Uh I mean yes I will.” Luke cocked his head in but thought nothing of it when you called his name. That’s when Liz understood why you reacted the way you did and her eyes widen.

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Films to watch:

Seen 101 // To See 133

About A Boy
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A Clockwork Orange
Alice In Wonderland
Almost Famous
A Long Way Down
American Psycho
A Single Man
Anna Karenina
Anchorman 2
And While We Were Here…
Back To The Future Part I, Part II, Part III
Batman Begins
Beauty and The Beast
Begin Again
Blue Is The Warmest Colour
Blue Valentine
Bride Wars
Bridget Jones Diary
Brokeback Mountain
Captain Philips
Casino Royale
Catch Me If You Can
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Cinema Paradisio
Dallas Buyers Club
Dante’s Peak
Dead Poet’s Society
Despicable Me
Despicable Me 2
Django Unchained
Don Jon
Donnie Darko
Double Jeopardy
Drinking Buddies
Dr. Stranglove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb
Easy A
Ella Enchanted
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Fight Club
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
For A Good Time, Call…
For Ellen
Forrest Gump
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Get Smart
Girl, Interrupted
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Growing Up & Other Lies
Gone Girl
Heart of Nowhere
He’s Just Not That Into You
Home Alone
Hot Fuzz
If I Stay
It’s Kind Of A Funny Story
Inside Llewyn Davis
In Secret
In Time
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Pride and Prejudice
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Star Trek; Into Darkness
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The Dark Knight Rises
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About Dogs and Books

Hello peeps! Here’s is the last today’s one-shot. This wasn’t proofread so forgive my (uncountable) mistakes.

Hartbig AU. All lies and all that jazz. SFW. SFF. More than 3k words.


“Hey Grace, are you two bitches already on the road?”

She sighs loudly, running a cold hand through her hair.

“No. Actually I’m leaving the mechanical workshop now. Using my damn legs.”

The background noise she is hearing starts to decrease and Mamrie’s voice is louder now.

“What happened?”

She sighs again, stopping next to the curb and looking at the street, the tiredness clear on her expression.

“An idiot hit my car while it was parked.”

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There is blood everywhere.

From a thousand miles away, I hear a voice speaking to me. “Didn’t you say you would not let your comrades die, Hinata?”

I did say that. I promised I would protect all lives.

Yet bodies litter the battlefield. Moans of pain are heard under the rumbling sounds of the beast before me. Death hovers above us like a starving scavenger. So many have died; I let them die.

I let her die. Karin, my comrade. She leans against me as her last breath escapes through her lips – because of me. She, and many others, are dying because of me.

It’s my fault.

“Look around you,” the voice orders, “and say that again!”

I can’t. I can’t say it. It is a broken promise, nothing but empty words. Lies.

A sob gets stuck in my throat. Or maybe it’s a scream.

“Just join us already,” the voice says. “Accept it is time to give up.”

There is blood everywhere. Soaking my clothes, the ground beneath me, my skin’s pores. Its metallic smell fills my lungs, making them agonize.

I feel like I am drowning.

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Uncle Fed Messer of Haywood County, NC - The Man Who Lived In Three Centuries 1792-1907

A TRIBUTE TO UNCLE FED MESSER By H.E.C. Bryant Feb. 20, 1907 The Observer, Charlotte, North Carolina :

Uncle Fed Messer At Home…

It was 11:00 O'clock when I arrived at Uncle Fed’s home. I left the wagon road about twenty miles out of Waynesville and followed a very old but indistinct trail through the woods, over a small stream whose banks were covered with beautiful laurel, holly and hemlock bushes and by a worn fence to the Messer place. The distance from the road to the house is about a mile. I did not see any route by which a buggy could approach within several hundred yards of the opening in which the house sits. To reach there one must walk or go on a horse.

The Messer Home

The home in which Uncle Fed and his daughter Miss Sue dwell is not attractive to look upon nor would it be comfortable to the up to date people of this age. It is a double roomed log cabin with walls of hewn logs which bear the marks of the ax. Roof of rough riven boards, floors of heavy loose planks and chimney of rocks gathered from the hill side and the streams. The building which is in two sections and used for bedroom and kitchen has become dilapidated and weather beaten. Eighty odd years have passed over it’s timbers and like the man who’s head it sheltered, it must soon totter and fall. In it’s day the house considered first class but the times have changed and styles with them.

Inside The Building

The doors of the building are hung on with hickory thongs. Hinges and staples were unknown to the architect of that house. The chinks between the walls were filled with clay and straw in years earlier but most of them are open now.The wind rushes in and out as if it were tearing through a latticed barn. A half grown boy could crawl through some of the holes. The house is bur little protection against the cold. The furniture of the rooms is scanty and unattractive: the most useful part of it being a carding, spinning, and weaving outfit. But it is here that one of the country’s most noblemen live. He is as fine split silk, as pure as gold. It was to this home that Uncle Fed Messer took his bride eighty four years ago and where he saw her die in 1894, after having become the mother of his nine children and made him a faithful companion for over three-score and ten years.

Welcomed By Miss Sue

When I rode up to the Messer gate which was nothing more than a low place in the fence that encloses the house lot, and yelled “Hello! I saw no one in sight but from the feeble constant stream of smoke that rolled out of the chimney, I knew someone was at home. At the sound of my voice, a strong masculine-looking woman of medium height and passed middle age came out of the kitchen and greeted me. Kindness was written across her homely features. Though a rank stranger, I was welcomed to what she had to offer. Before I could speak, she said, ” Light stranger and come in". “Could you feed my horse, please Mam?” “Yes, I’ll put a bit of corn right here.” She went right to work and before I could dismount, relieve Topsy of the saddle and take the bit out of his mouth, she was there with an apron full of corn. We shucked the ears and gave them to the horse in a small trough, cut out of a chunk of wood. Then I went in to talk to the old man while she returned to the kitchen.

Uncle Fed Himself

I found Uncle Fed seated on a low split bottom chair on the right hand side of the fireplace. The room was dark and it was some time before I had a good look at face. His game leg hurt him and at first he was disposed to be down cast. His head was bent over the hearth and he held his face between his hands. Before starting out that morning I was advised by an acquaintance of the mountaineer to take a bit of whiskey. I did and gave it to him with in ten minutes after I went in he took the bottle and turned it to his mouth swallowing about a teaspoon full, he smacked his lips and exclaimed, “That’s plum good. Did you bring any backer?” I had to confess that I did not and promised to send him a piece from the nearest store in the afternoon. After this Uncle Fed brightened up and talked freely. He was clad in a homespun coat and pants, a soft white cotton shirt, and a heavy pair of brogan shoes and an old slouch hat. His clothes looked like they had been made for a man twice his size and the beard on his face was several days old. Had it not been for his bright gentle eyes his face would have appeared hard but the more I studied it the better I liked it. The milk of human kindness flows from his heart. It is singular that a man his age should have hair that is almost black. There is but a few gray hairs on his head. Uncle Fed warmed to the conversation. The more he talked the more enthusiastic he became. The bible is his favorite theme. Though he cannot read or write he remembers most of what he has heard from others. He quotes the bible with remarkable accuracy. It was quite a task to get him to talk about himself. All subjects led to the bible with him.

What Uncle Fed Talked About

“Uncle Fed how old are you?” “I was born on the 12th day of August 1792, on the south fork of the Catawba River, in Lincoln County, you can count on that. I remember when President Washington the man who fought for us in the revolution died.” I was a Little boy.“ "Who was the first man you voted for President?"That was Jeems Monroe and had a fight at the lection because they wanted to cheat me out of my vote as I wasn’t a free holder. But I walked 12 miles to do it.” “Uncle Fed have you drank whiskey and chewed tobacco long?” “Child I’s taken a little snip o’ spirits before breakfast for ninety odd years. It takes the flashes off of my stomach. But I never took any other time for it ain’t good. took a dram one moring before I started hunting and I seed a deer and I couldn’t shoot it. The whiskey peared to affect my eyes. I didn’t do that again. I’ve made a rule all my life to let everything alone that hurts me once.” “Bout backer I never shewed it till I was grown an'then I took a piece to stop the tooth ache. lacks it but don’t take much at a time.” “Uncle Fed they tell me you never button your shirt, what about it?” “ Well I ain’t had it buttoned but twice in my life. When I got married they made me fasten it at the top and tie a handkerchief around my neck but just as soon as I got foot loose and tore it off. The other time was the cold Saturday when it was so freezing cold all day if you spit it would freeze before it touched the ground. I seed a judge, Judge Dick, was born on that day. I had nine children,four boys and five girls and was married when I was 25 years old. The boys all died and the girls are in the west except Sue who stays here with me.”

Was A Great Hunter

“Yes sir I was a great hunter after bear, deer and turkey’s. There were several men on Pigeon River that could beat me in a days hunt but I was ahead of all in a year. I killed 26 deer in one day. 32 turkeys in one and 4 bear in one. My hunting grounds were right around here, within seven miles of this house. I always used a Flint lock rifle and would not use a shot gun or a cussion-lock rifle. I wanted no caps in mine. When I was in my prime I could run down a deer in two hours, I did it in the snow once, I was very Strong then and could hold a cripple deer. No man could put my back on the ground and it took one with a head on him to out do me at log rolling. I feel all the wrenched I got when as a young man. You ought not strain yourself, you will suffer for it.” I was in danger from wild beasts sometimes, I had to run as fast as I could scale it once to get out of the way of a cripple bear. A buck deer came near getting the best of me one day, but I threw him under a pole and cut his throat. A scalped bear or buck will fight you. I have jumped with my knife and they will rise up with me.“ "Bullets made in Ferginny will flatten on a bears skull. It takes a pewter bullet to go in.” The bears were so thick here once I had to blow a wooden bugle to scare them off. They would kill my hogs. I generally found my dead hog and watched the rough and if I got my eye on him first he was my salad, but he could sent me a far off he would hide behind a tree and watch for me. I killed an old fellow that weighed 200 pounds over a lion one morning. There was a four inch cut of fat on his back.“ "I killed a panther, his tail was three feet long. He was sneaking after me when my old dog struck his trail and put him up a tree, when I put him a tree, I shot hm through the heart, but the game has gone. I have not hunted much in 50 years.

An Illiterate

"Stranger, I can’t read or write and don’t know much about, but I can head off half the preachers. I know more about the bible than anybody in this section. But I’ll bet you don’t know about Sampson’s riddle?” I called for a calf rope and let him answer. “Well out of strength comes sweetness! Sampson pulled the jaw bone off a lion and dropped it in the sun, the bees came out and made honey in the carcass, and that is the way it comes. "I can’t read but when read to quoting from the bible I don’t forget the good measures. Half the educated people forget them and wind up going to old scratch.” Uncle Fed told enough to make a book but I shall leave him hear.

A Mountain Dinner

At 12:30 I bade the old man good man goodbye and started for my horse. He insisted that I stay for dinner, even all that night, but I felt that I had already delayed dinner. I called by the kitchen and gave the lady twenty five cents for my horse feed. She followed me out and said,“Stranger, you’re not goin without your dinner?” “Yes, I have a lunch in my pocket.” “Well, I don’t like that for I was preparing a bit of such as we have and it is ready now. I don’t like for a stranger to come and go away with an empty stomach. Won’t you come back? We will divide with you.” Seeing that she was in earnest I gladly turned back. The dinner was on the table within ten minutes and Uncle Fed, Miss Sue and myself were at the table. I enjoyed every mouthful. We had sweet and Irish potatoes, corn bread, buttermilk, and coffee, a regular mountain menu. I don’t reckon there was ever a regular pound of sugar or flour in the house. The corn bread was made from meal ground at a small water mill on Stevens Creek. Miss Sue had carried a half bushel of corn that day before and had it converted into corn meal. The bread was sweet and wholesome. Miss Sue is the carder, the spinner, the weaver, the seamstress, the cook,the field hand and all on the Messer farm. She is proud of her crop this year. She has plenty of corn, two hogs to kill and two good milch cows. She spinns and weaves cloth for the cloths of her father and herself. With it all, she is happy and cheerful and contented, though there are no fine churches or pipe organs or paid choirs near Uncle Fed and his simple but big hearted daughter, they have the king of Christian piety that the people on earth were as good as Uncle Fed and Miss Sue this would be a glorious old world. They would divide their last crumb with a stranger.


Uncle Fed walked to Waynesville last summer it took him three days to make the trip, but he succeeded. It was then he had his first taste of ice cream. He was at Dr. McFadyen’s for dinner and the day was hot. When had swallowed the last bite of sweet juice he turned to Miss McFadyen who gave him the ice cream and asked “Sissie what kind of cold sass was that you gave me. The next time give it to me first for it cools me so. It cools my throat, my chest and all.” It is said Fed comes to town twice a year on foot always to buy a pint of good whiskey which he uses as a medicine. The people of Waynesville know Uncle Fed Messer. They like him. His daughter has never been to town. She has never seen a town or any kind of railroad. Capt. R.A.L. Hyatt, clerk of the court of Haywood County, had an authentic record of Mr. Messer’s birth. There is no doubt about his age. He would be an attraction worth going to see at an exposition. His mind is sound and quick. His eyes are beginning to fail and his body seems to be drying up.