can we talk about how these two were amazing

Things were said during that argument and it just got worse, but in a way I’m glad these issues have come up between them and they’re talking honestly, this way they can be worked on before they get married. That aside how amazing were Ryan and Danny tonight?!? We’re so lucky to have these two make up the most amazing couple!!!!!!

MEMES ASIDE, I am so thankful and so happy and so proud of Rhett and Link. Buddy System was a ride. Awesome songs, awesome music videos, awesome cast, a plot that never fails to surprise– it was a treat. The crew was amazing too, like the costumes and makeup were on point and the shots were heavenly. 

We can see how much work Rhett and Link put onto this series and words cannot describe the happiness I feel for them seeing them talk about it in the BTS and being so proud of it. 

Rhett and Link you guys are awesome. We, the Mythical Beasts, are very proud of you two. Keep up the excellent work 💖 we love you guys.

Response to TED lecture

The Ted lecture, How social media can make history, by Clay Skirky, really made me think. This lecture was filmed in 2009. He talked about how much technology has evolved. He explained how in the 20th century communication was normally between two people. That there were many singular forms of media.

The singular forms of media are represented in the picture above. The letter represent that printing press, then the telephones, them recording sounds and videos, then learning how to manipulate radio waves. In the middle of this picture is a colorful organic image. This, Shirky said, is the representation of the internet that we know now. Everything is intertwined and interconnected. It is amazing how fast technology evolves. Now we are able to be connected to anything and everything through our phones.

Another interesting story that Shirky talked about, was the censoring of media in China. He explained how they had a major earthquake at a point in time and the first break of this news was through citizens on Twitter. Awhile after this, china completely shut down twitter because information was being posted too fast for them to monitor it.

It is so scary how fast people can get information out. Shirky also explained how at one point all of the media used to be published by professionals. Now, anyone can post anything on the internet. I have grown up with unlimited access to technology. I couldn’t imagine having out media censored.


She shuffled closer to him on the bench, but didn’t say anything in response. Phillip watched her wipe another tear away.

“And our sons, Ros, my god. Our sons. We have two sons!”  He leaned forward, closing his eyes in happy disbelief. “You did such an amazing job with them. We talked about so much while we waited. They’re both just so amazing. Caleb looks just like you. I can’t believe you named him after me.”

“You know, Caleb always talked about how you were still out there somewhere. He never even knew you, and he didn’t ever give up.” She finally met his eyes. “I’m sorry I gave up.”

can we talk about how little mix did TWO sold out shows today in glasgow - a matinee show and a night show. they did TWO 90 minute shows today, which included hardcore choreography and they didn’t even falter one second. their vocals were still on point in both shows, their harmonies were tight and together. like TWO shows in one day and they were able to keep their night show as energetic as the first, even if they were tired from the matinee. THESE GIRLS and their dancers are out here putting on shows twice in a day like that’s so amazing it really is 

i am amazed right now by this episode.

can we just talk about this?

two gems, who care so much about, and love eachother so much, they don’t like being apart and stay fused at all times. that is so important. and that kiss (aww). like- it might not be a huge deal: but i think its so vital that they didnt even really dance to fuse. they just spun around and i guess were so used to being together.

he accidentally kinda slips, and tells steven about the bad stuff and how gems are bad. it was obvious that he didnt really mean to do that ? but, if he hadnt, steven wouldnt have realized he needed to go back. and greg was willing to give up the only thing left he had of rose, because the crystal gems’ safety meant a lot to steven

BLEss your heart hun. we were so wrong to call you evil- like how in Greg’s Water Witch song he calls her bad and Steven immediately jumps to her defense. I feel like that was foreshadowing. I’m so proud of Lapis.

was still a big fucking nerd bitch dorito whatever. aND SHE WAS THE SAME HEIGHT AS LAPIS SO LMAO (i remember seeing a post abt how peridot was supposedly much taller than her but no they are about the same height. please keep crack shipping them bc its cute and funny. but we wont get to see peridot and lapis fuse now lolol). But, at the end, she gets into an escape pod and gets shot to earth. peridot is on earth now. and thats dangerous !!

THerES A LOT to say, and im nOT gonna type it all. but please we love steven. thank you for going back and protecting your friends. and loving everyone just like your mother.

(new gem which i believe is) JASPER:

wow talk about a good villain but lmao water u doing


So I just watched the whole thing of London Spy. And it is damn twisted.

I like the serial. I really really enjoyed it. Also, can we talk about how hot Alex is? Ed Holcroft, you are the beefcake. Ah, yes, the show. London Spy.

The ending was, in my opinion, amazing. On this one, I don’t want a continuation to the story. I’m satisfied with Danny and Alex’s mum driving down the road to burn “them” down for real. I’m not down with watching them two taking “them” down, we have enough shows about that. What I WANT to watch, is either the background stories of Alex and Danny, how they grew up until they became who they were in the show, OR the whole 8 months of their relationship together. I actually prefer the latter.

We only had a glimpse of their relationship here and there, and while we’re at it, can we talk about that moment where Danny asked Alex to search or experience another person and Alex wasn’t able to form pretty much words other than “no” while crying? OMG THE FEELS. I want to watch that. I don’t know if that is the sappy romantic inside me or just because the romantic story between Danny and Alex was so intriguing.

Or you know what would be good (but most likely impossible to happen)? If Alex got out of the suitcase, actually went to America and left everything behind, zero goodbye to Danny, that would be also interesting. And in one way or another, their path would cross and then THE FEELS WOULD BE REAL LIKE COME ON.

All in all it was a great show to watch. Here’s the trailer.

Now go find some ways to watch it.