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Dear writers, @dasoni and I were talking about an amazing story we would like to see come to life.

It centers around Noah, and how he keeps sneaking into The Mill to stay in Liv’s room because… well we all know how Charity treats him like a spare part and an afterthought half of the time.
Robert starts caring about him and eventually asks Charity if he can move in with them full time and she says yes.

(Oni, fill in the blanks :P)

But yeah… anyone? Pleeeeeease

We also talked about Samson taking up sofa space from time to time because you know…The Mill is home for stray kids whenever they fall out with their parents. And with Aaron and Robert’s backgrounds there’s no way they could deny anyone a place around their table no matter how inconvenient it gets from time to time.

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I'm new here and was wondering if you could suggest blogs owners that are easy to talk or open up to? I mean who are really supportive and caring, really need some genuine people and friends in my life right now

I’m am always here, my love! You can always talk to me about anything!

As for some blogs, there’s too many wonderful people to sit here and list. I’m going to list my top five (my phone is at 3% and I don’t have my charger or laptop. I would list more) :

@grethansdolans rae has been my best friend since I started my blog. We immediately clicked. She’s so easy to talk to and very supportive!

@dolandreaming the most beautiful human! Inside and out!! She has messaged me (on more than one occasion) asking how I am and always giving me the best advice!

@dolans-making-me-crazy is such a good listener!!!! She has been so helpful and genuinely interested in helping!

@delusionaldolan selena is such an amazing person! She’s so sweet and caring!


Hope this helped, my love!

No interview will ever please us completely because a journalist will always have a different aproach than a fan, but this was fairly cool in general. Yesterday, there were plenty of people on my dash bracing themselves for the worst (including me), but none of that today. This is an article in a respected newspaper that still avoids any snarky snobbery about Louis or the band and I think that is unusual. 

And think of how much worse it could have been. I read a comment below the article early this morning that I can’t find anymore somehow, from a reader who was surprised: why did we not hear more about his son? If they wanted to show the man behind the product, why not talk more about such a life-changing event, she thought? And what she said makes perfect sense. I’m so relieved that they avoided this. Probably because the larries would have rioted or left, and they finally want to rather keep us than fight us, I guess? This is hopeful.

To us, it was a bit of a pity party because we know he was the leader of the band and not just the guy in the back without solos (I definitely was a bit disappointed this morning), but judging by the comments from non-fans, this article probably does him more favours than we think.

I'm in here too deep guys.

My sister came into the kitchen as I was staring off into space clearly distraught over something. After she got my attention she asked what was wrong, I said nothing.

But what I really wanted to say was; How can people say that Emily and Alison’s relationship looks forced, that there is no real chemistry there??? Are you kidding me?? they wouldn’t even have been endgame if it wasn’t for the chemistry that they have on screen!!
We’ve watched this relationship play out over 7 years and it’s has been a rough ride but can’t tell me that when you hear the way Emily and Alison talk about each other that it sounds forced? Or they way they look they look at each other is forced? Or it’s forced every time Emily gently brushes her hand through Alison’s hair when they kiss or even when she’s just comforting her!

Thunder In Paradise

Yeah, as I said in my last post, I know all of you watched the new episode and talked about it last night, but I had to write this because I’m really excited! :)

Okay, the first scenes were really awesome. Evil Phoebe rules!

Then we can see how she finally had her revenge from that prank Max pulled on her in the episode “Max vs Phoebe” from season 1. Who would’ve known?

The scene where Phoebe goes to Metroburg  Superjail to talk to Dark Mayhem was really cool too. I don’t know if you’ve thought about it but, this is exactly how the cells looked like in my mind, which was kind of awkward at that moment.

When they made it to Hawaii, it’s really interesting how Phoebe decided to go with Max and the kids to do Kitesurfing instead of going with her parents. I guess evil Phoebe still wanted to spend some time with her twin.

Now we know where all those pictures where they were learning to use ATV’s came from. But here’s something interesting, Max never saw Phoebe using her telekinesis to put Billy in danger, and all the members of the family never suspected something bad was going on with her, Max was the only one who could see that, and that’s why he went after her. Once again, twin thing.

Later, during the scene where Max, Billy and Nora confronted Phoebe in the cave, there was a scene that got me really nervous. Phoebe was going to get rid of anything that could frustrate her evil plans, so she did what I feared the most about this special…

She destroyed the orb!! Good bye to my latest fic canon :(

At least Hank, Barb and Chloe’s plot made me laugh a couple times after that terrible moment. And then I realized something, Phoebe could easly trick her parents to go and find the volcano, and nobody would be able to stop her. I guess her decision to stick with her twin was also evil Phoebe’s ruin.

And yeah, we finally see Phoebe in her black evil suit. This is what I’ve been waiting for all week! And I was not dissapointed.

Back to the cave, Max and the kids are still trying to escape, and after Max fails to move the rocks with his telekinesis, Nora tried to use her lasers, but they bounced back. That’s weird, because we have seen how her powers have melted other things, like metal (Thundervan) and… rocks can be melted too.

And Even when she was tryin to take over the world with the help of her Colosso/Destructo, she still managed to look like a sweet girl. Damn! Who wouldn’t want to date evil Pheobe! 

And just when I thought the fight has began, nothing went as I expected, and it was a 5 seconds fight, before Phoebe used her little trick. I didn’t like the idea of the family getting trapped in a force field, I wanted to see a fight where Max tried to convince her by appealing to her feelings, but yet, I was cool with how things happened after that.

Yeah, one of the funniest scenes form all the episode was… the selfie scene She even replaced her old phone case with a black one. As I said before, Evil Phoebe rocks!

It was really funny when Hank called Phoebe by her full name, now we know Barb was fan of “Friends” xD (Guys, I finally get what you were talking about in your posts)

But what I liked the most from the next scene, was how Max tried to convince everyone that Pheobe was still in there, he even brought the pieces of the orb to save her! In Thundermans Revealed, Max never said to Phoebe he didn’t hate her, but now she can be sure he doesn’t. Twins stick together.

And yeah, after they took Dark Mayhem powers back, they left the pieces of the orb there, ready to fall in the wrong hands again, but also, saving the canon with my fic. Thanks Max.

And then, one of my favorite parts…

Oh come on, I dare you to tell me you didn’t want to see a thundercest kiss right here. Just look at their eyes, they’re pratically yelling but, oh yeah… the family… shh… they’ll have time for that.

Oh well… I guess they don’t, after Max hugs Phoebe before all the family could do it. Come on Max, we know you love hugging Phoebe, but you didn’t had to run. xD

Then we have some cool scenes of Hank fighting with Destrocto, giving us a sneak peek of how his missions as Thunderman were. But yet, Destrocto was just a robot, his superstrenght should be enough to stop him, and if the enemy tried to scape flying and you’re a flying super hero, you go after him like… flying, but okay… the way he stopped him was really fun :)

After that, there’s a powerful scene between Max and Phoebe, letting us see how much they love and care for each other. And the lines they share during those scenes are just priceless. I can only guess what they would’ve said if Barb and the kids weren’t in the same place with them.

Later, when the twins finally stopped the eruption, we finally get what we were all waiting since the first episode of the show: Max and Phoebe hugging in a scene!

Tell me this is not solid gold for edits.

Wait… are we having a kiss too? Really? Oh great! This is the best day for all the fandom!

Oh fuck!

Well, we didn’t get the kiss, but the world is saved thanks to the Thundertwins, and then we see what happened to Destrocto’s head. 

Is it just my imagination or… the actor who portraits Colosso’s voice was also voicing this character?

The last scenes were really good, after a though day for the Thundermans, a familly dinner at Hawaii, everyone is happy but then… a savage moment similar to season 3 alternate ending, appears…

And yeah, this is Thunder in paradise, one of the best episodes so far! I can’t wait to watch this in spanish guys, really :)

Some of you will actually hate me for what I’m about to say but, Danger & Thunder episode was nothing compared with this. We have action, comedy, and Thundercest, a lot of Thundercest!

Damn it took me a couple hours to write this, but I enjoyed doing it

But tell me, what do you think about this episode :)

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Remember ALL THE TIMES that the Gorgans demanded papp pics of David and Gillian? Remember they always demand of people why there aren't any? Remember how they said they would have to see one to believe she spends time with David even a little? Fucking hypocrites are saying now how horrible these photos were and how intrusive it is to Gillian. Funny they said they NEEDED them with Gillovny. Especially one blogger who claimed to be in P.R. FFS if ppl can't see Portofino was STAGED they're blind.

I remember they were also saying that if Gillian was with David she would never talk about him on social media and talk about his dick etc. because she is an extremely private person. Well, now we had Gillian on a holiday in the less private place for the celebrity. tAnd the paps are to blame. Yeah, sure.

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My friend is really talented at art and I'm not that great at it (i mean, i post it and show it to people and they seem to like it but idk maybe theyre lying . but thats another story) and whenever we call and she talks about how she draws almost every single day and works on it for hours, i get kinda jealous? My depression has been getting in the way of my motivation and she can just draw and not worry about anything? Idk. sorry for rambling

Aw yes i understand what you mean. Depression is notorious for blocking motivation and creativity. I suffer from that a lot too. Like i /want/ to be doing that stuff, but every ounce of my being is like “nope.”

I bet your art is good and, yeah, depression probably is preventing it from becoming something spectacular quickly, but any practice is progress, no matter how long it takes. And just don’t let those days you finally feel creative go to waste!

Alternately, you could try blocking out 10 minutes a few days a week where you force yourself to draw something (you could google drawing prompts/exercises maybe). and if you feel like continuing drawing after 10 mins, keep going, but if not, you can quit. Usually you’ll find that you’ll keep going. (This is honestly a good trick to get yourself to do anything you don’t have motivation for. I just did it right now with planning my next yt video)


#when your biology buddy gets outed by text in front of you but you have the decency to not confront him about it because you know he isn’t comfortable #sana bakkoush, aka: your biology buddy goal tbh.

Why there wouldn’t be Skam without Sana

Can we please talk for a moment about how Sana Bakkoush is the link in this show?

Let’s go back to season 1. Noora only joined the girl squad because of Sana, she didn’t want to be part of the bus thing but if Sana was joining, she was joining and that’s how the girl squad was born.

Then also in season 1, Sana was the reason why Eva and P-Chris started talking, she was the one that through Eva’s instragram account followed him and liked his pictures which led to Chris and Eva talking. And THIS led the girl squad to start hanging out with The Penetrators, which was the reason why Vilde and William started talking and then they hooked up.

Also in season 1, Sana was the one that saw P-Chris hooking up with Ingrid, which led Eva to talk to Ingrid and solve their friendship and this conversation led Eva to find out from Iben about Isak being the one who sent the tips about Eva and PChris hooking up, all because Sana saw P-Chris and Ingrid. 

Now let’s go to season 2, like I’ve already said, Sana is the reason why the Penetrators and the girl squad started hanging out in the first place which led to Vilde hooking up with William, which led to Noora falling in love with William.

And not only that because let’s all remember that Sana was the once that convinced Noora to give William a chance and to talk to Vilde about it. 

Also, thanks to Sana, Jamilla was introduced in season 2, without Sana there wouldn’t be a Jamilla.

Now let’s go to season 3. Isak and Even met at the first Kosegruppa meeting. Now, why was Isak there? Because Sana forced him to go. Even and Isak met thanks to Sana

And not only that, when Isak needed reassurance about his relationship with Even, Sana came and gave him her epic “hate doesn’t come from religion it comes from fear” speech. 

And now let’s go to her season, to season 4. It’s because of Sana that the pepsimaxi were back, she was the one that allowed them to join the girl squad bus (as much as we all hated that). 

Then as we all know, Sana was the reason why Noorhelm got back together thanks to the email she sent from Noora’s account. But not only that because when William came back, so did P-Chris making Chriseva happen again. 

I mean, she’s even the reason why Emma is back. Jonas invited Emma to Sana’s party on Saturday which led her to talk to the girls and to Eva finding out about Emma and Jonas which led us (through Chris Berg) to find out about Eva and Jonas hooking up.

And we got Jamilla back this season, again thanks to Sana.

And let’s not forget about the biggest reunion this season. The Balloon Squad + Even. The Balloon Squad got introduced because Elias is Sana’s brother which led us to find out that they were Even’s old friends. And you know who was the reason why the Balloon Squad and Even reconnected? Exactly, Sana. First Isak saw Mikael in Sana’s laptop which led him to ask Even about it. And the biggest move, the karaoke party. If Sana hadn’t invited the Balloon Squad to the karaoke party the fight would’ve never happened and that fight, as weird as it sounds, was the first step to Even and Balloon Squad reunion. Also we have to talk about Eva’s birthday. The Balloon Squad was there, why? Because Vilde asked them to come. Why? Because she was having trouble with Magnus. Why? Because the Pepsimaxi girls had made the Vilde instragram account. Why? Because Sana had made the Sara instagram account. And that party, Eva’s party was the moment where Even and the Balloon Squad reconnected and are friends again. 

All because of Sana.

So basically? 

There wouldn’t be a show without Sana. 

She’s the reason this show exists and all I can do is be grateful for that. 



So, are you ready, you think? To start dating? No, definitely not. My grief group said that I wouldn’t be ready until I can get through the whole story of Michael’s death without tearing up.

i was talking to some friends about wonder woman today and one of them said how she didn’t like steve, bc wonder woman didn’t need a man, it was supposed to be an empowering film about women and not men 

and here’s the thing, we live in a patriarchal society, yet we’re told by women and feminists everywhere that a woman doesn’t need a man, and that’s is entirely true. women don’t need men! but loving a man doesn’t make a woman weak! it doesn’t make wonder woman any less empowering for loving steve! the problem is that female characters are so often lost in the ‘love interest’ trope that they aren’t empowering characters, and are hardly characters at all outside the relationship. but wonder woman, and many more films and tv shows today, aren’t like that anymore! so let’s stop aligning powerful women as not having a man, and non-powerful women as having a man!

a woman loving a man doesn’t make her any less powerful and independant, and we need to stop portraying and seeing it in that light

I’m sure someone has already said this more eloquently than me but can we just talk about how diana bucks the Strong Female Character stereotype? too many people seem to think that Strong Female Characters = tough as nails, smartass, feisty, would never dream of crying, rejects all things feminine, not like other girls. diana IS tough but she’s also warm and kind and compassionate. she gets excited over a baby, she’s upset by the treatment of the horses, she doesn’t reject her feelings for steve, she’s visibly unsettled by the sight of wounded soldiers and crying children… and none of this is demeaned or treated as weakness or girlish naivety. I just thought that was so important and refreshing and beautiful 

lemme talk about Allura for a sec;

so y’all probably have seen this page from the vld comics;

But right now I wanna talk about this specifically

those cookies Allura is holding are French Macaroons which are an insanely difficult type of baked good. Everything from the delicate batter to the needed temperature regulation to the cream requires extreme precision. 

And we can see from this picture that Allura’s macaroons have pied/feet on then (the edges of the cookie) meaning that they have been baked properly. We can’t speak for the taste but it’s rare to have a good looking but bad tasting macaroons. Further, macaroons are an earth cookie. Meaning Allura had likely never made them before this. 

Allura is a baking savant confirmed

can we talk about how bill potts has had the worst companion experience of all time? in the four-ish years (from her perspective) she’s known the doctor she’s only been on four real adventures. she visited the future human colony and regency england, cool. then termites swallowed every known picture of her mum? she was starved of oxygen and nearly died on a spaceship. she was abandoned by the doctor for six months in an alien regime as part of his tests. at this point, shes ready to sacrifice herself, telling the doctor that its worth it for what theyve done together. is it really? then she visits mars and roman britain, also cool. then she was fatally shot. and she was trapped working in a hospital for two and a half years without even being able to GO OUTSIDE without having a LITERAL HEART ATTACK before being converted into an ACTUAL CYBERMAN. honestly i didnt think anyone could have a worse time than martha jones. but she’s so optimistic and wants to continue to travel and she deserves so much more. I hope she gets it if she stays for s11.