can we talk about how she's

Can we talk for a second about how the roles are reversed here because I love this image and the symbolism it harbours. For months, Delphine has been the one to diagnose, examine and comfort Cosima through her illness and treatments. And now suddenly, that’s no longer the case; the patient is now treating the doctor. Look at Delphine, for once she isn’t locked on to Cosima, but rather what is happening to her. It’s almost as if she’s braced for impact. This is a vulnerability we’ve yet to see Delphine display. This is so much more than just an examination of a wound now healed, this is bringing a trauma into dialogue (perhaps for the first time since it happened), this is a revelation of sacrifices and promises and this is a declaration of love, the kind of love that says ‘I’d die for you’, ‘I’d fight for you’, ‘I’d come back for you’. 


tasyateles Can we just talk about how talented the makeup and hair team is on #the100 ..?  💯💯 Hats off to those sexy beasts!! ❤️❤️ Check out these makeup tests Cory threw together last minute for Echo’s war paint. Instructions: They had to have dark eyes, white face of some sort, and touches of red… this is what she comes up with. It gets darker and darker and eventually …. 🐼  #FullPanda #sup

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Think it's kinda common sense that H and his girl would just settle into a relationship but... if he had to ask her to be his girlfriend (just cause she's clueless and doesn't realize she an call him her boyfriend), how would that be? Can we talk about that? 🙊

Hmm… so maybe at first he kind of just brushes it off, but then it’s like… it’s been awhile, and he’s already let the girlfriend word slip to some of his mates. His mum calls her that, his sister, too, and he feels like he’s confident in calling her his girlfriend.

But he’s yet to hear that word – boyfriend – from her mouth.

They spend almost every night together by this point – 4/7 at least – they’ve gone around to friends’ places, his family’s… neither one of you go near another person, and he’s seen you in your cozy clothes on a Saturday night when the two of you had decided to just stay in with a movie and he’d fallen asleep on your shoulder with his mouth open as he snored a bit and you’d had that fluttery feeling in your stomach as you pressed a lingering kiss to the top of his thick, fluffy curls. I really don’t want this to ever change.

But that word.

That bloody word.

You avoid it. This is the person I’m dating, the person I’m seeing, this is my friend, Harry. That’s where he draws the line, cause he loves his friends, but he doesn’t fuck them like he does you, nor does he want to. And he’s been avoiding this for awhile, cause he figured you’d come around, but now he’s hit his limit.

“What’ve I got to do?”

“Do for what?”

“To get you to be my girlfriend?” he says, frustrated.

“Oh….” You’re thoroughly taken aback. “I was kind of waiting for you to ask….”

His lips flap uselessly for a moment, because that’s one of the most infuriatingly simple things he’s ever heard. This? This was it?

“Well, will you be?” 

“I’d like to be… Harry?”

“What?” He’s kind of scowling and grumpy cause he’s annoyed that after all this time that’s all he had to do, and he can’t believe he hadn’t tried it sooner, and also that it wasn’t clear, but he’s also glad it’s over with? 

“What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t know I had to bleedin’ ask yeh!” he exclaims and you can’t help but smile a bit. “Been calling yeh my girlfriend for ages, haven’t I?”

“You have?”

He goes pink and you grin and wrap your arms around his neck, even when he goes stiff as a board and strains to get away from your cheek kisses cause he’s still kinda grumpy, but eventually he caves after the first few ones to his neck. 

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saw my doctor today for a checkup blood test. she asked about my diet and when I told her I was vegan she asked me if I was planning on getting pregnant any time soon (which I'm not). she then went on to tell me how recent studies show that a vegan diet isn't recommended for pregnancy because it lacks amino acids found in animal products that are required for healthy spine development in the fetus. I didn't know how to respond :( what studies is she talking about?

Spinal development issues (spinal bifida) are from a lack of folate. (folate=plants) Plants have all the essential amino acids we need there are none lacking in plants, after all, animals get all the amino acids from plants, too… 

There is a real danger in high protein diets recommended to pregnant women = Preeclampsia & since all protein comes in a high fat package = gestational diabetes. 

Since Preeclampsia can cause high protein concentrations in the urine, doctors recommend adjusting your diet prior to becoming pregnant to lower the amount of protein you eat

The best way to respond would be to print out some information for your Dr so they can give better advice to other vegans.  You may just be nervous and didn’t quite understand what your Dr was saying.  If they really said what you just related its time to find a new Dr and report that one for being incompetent.  

You can print this off and give it to your Dr to share with other vegan expectant mothers.  Just say I found this helpful information from the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine on Pregnancy you can look over and see if meets your criteria for any other vegan moms you may encounter.  

You should be so proud of yourself for choosing the healthiest diet for you and your baby.  Don’t let some backwards dinosaur spout illogical nonsense and stress you out.  

If you really want to feel like you need to do something, here are the recommendations of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for Pregnant Vegans. Only follow those if you have actual deficiencies BASED ON BLOOD TESTS.  Supplementation of n-3 / dha have been shown to be neurotoxic in other studies.  (search my tumblr for more info on that) 

We found the medical swap to be completely ignorant of healthy diet for pregnancy and breast feeding & honestly all things infant related.  Get the Forks Over Knives Family Book for more support.  There is no better choice than a properly planned vegan diet.  We have a great RD if you need help, too. 

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NO ONE CAN SAY THEY’RE NOT SOULMATES NOW I MEAN COME ON (though it worked for Kara and Mon-el even though they’re most definitely NOT soulmates but we’ll just ignore that) ANYWAY THAT KISS ADDED AT LEAST FIVE YEARS ONTO MY LIFE THAT WAS THE BEST FLASH MOMENT EVER 

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I doubt myself a lot and I constantly feel alone, but the moment my best friend notices I'm upset she'll immediately tell me that she's here for me and let me vent. When she doesn't fully understand the situation she's really good at distracting me by slowly moving into a different subject we both enjoy talking about. I really appreciate her for it because she somehow always knows how to make things better and I never have to doubt she cares. Figured I'd send in a bit of positivity :)

That’s awesome ♡ I’m glad you guys can support each other like that 


Ive had this youtube idea for a while now. And I’ve been pushing it back because one my schedule is so much with so little time, and my number one i need to pass my boards to have a regular work schedule. 

But today I was on my friends channel who is a youtuber she has these podcasts where she interviews her friends, well she had this segment called casual sex and how good it is, and im sitting here like why can’t we have girls talking about chastity, respecting your body, but more than anything how awesome and fulfilling it is to live your life how Christ wants you too. 

But i also know its in Gods timing, Ive been praying about it and once i get everything going if it is His will i know it’ll help so many people and it’ll happen at the right time. I just can’t wait to get everything together to commit to youtube something I know will help so many! 


Shailene Woodley went on The Late Show to talk about how we can keep up the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline

“The front lines don’t necessarily have to be in North Dakota,” she explained. “The front lines can be wherever you are. You can create a protest in New York City, because protests are about awareness and about people coming together.” She also had some comments about the one thing she wished she’d known when she was taking her now-famous mug shot.

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#when your biology buddy gets outed by text in front of you but you have the decency to not confront him about it because you know he isn’t comfortable #sana bakkoush, aka: your biology buddy goal tbh.


So, are you ready, you think? To start dating? No, definitely not. My grief group said that I wouldn’t be ready until I can get through the whole story of Michael’s death without tearing up.


I have faith in us. I believe in us. Do you?

Can we just talk about how Greg Universe is the most kindest guy ever?

He KNOWS very well who BD is, he knows she is one of the 4 leaders that tried to colonize Earth and hollow it out which would have had ultimately killed ALL of its life, who fought in the war against Rose, he doesn’t even need to sympathize with her here. BD clearly shows no interest in hurting or antagonizing him; she simply wonders what he is doing here, how his kind managed to survive here for so long, whilst her sister Diamond perished. 

But Greg does, he does sympathizes with her, he sympathizes with her loss. Even sharing his own experience with it. Even Blue Diamond herself recognizes just how kind Greg is being here, “Its a shame. There’s a Geo weapon incubating in your planet that will destroy everything, shortly. But…you don’t deserve that, do you?Wow, Greg. You seduced not only the leader of the rebellion, but then seduced one of the leaders of the established government. You need to chill with your awesomely lovable and sincere nature, buddy bow chicka wow wow

Even when she nabs him up and heads to her Palanquin, downright KIDNAPPING him (just with somewhat more well-intentions) his tone to her doesn’t change, he is still polite and refers to her as an authority of respect, “Please, your highness!”  I just can’t get over how beautiful of a person Greg Universe is, its no mystery where Steven gets it from.  

Can we talk about about that last Sanvers scene a little bit more?  Because yes we talked about the sexual tension and Oh! My! God! it is out of this world. But can we talk about how respectful Maggie is ?

Let me explain :

Maggie is clearly  restraining herself from touching Alex (arm crossed…). Her body language screams her will to touch the woman she loves and almost lost. So why aren’t they all over each other already you might ask?

Well, they are at Alex’s work. Alex might be out to the people close to her, but probably not to the whole DEO? Why would they know about her relationship?  

And I get it, I totally get it. We’ve all wonder whether or not to be out in our place of work. We’ve all been scared of the consequences, the judgments, the changes… It is obviously not Maggie’s decision to make. So she waits. She waits for Alex to be ready. She waits for her to do the first move.

And Alex did the first move. And not just a simple move, she puts her arm around Maggie clearly and proudly showing her love.

So yes, this scene is shining in sexual tension, but the respect, the wait for Alex’s consent that Maggie have in this scene is what’s getting me emotional.

I think this scene mark a new step in their relationship. Let’s remember that outside of the missions, we’ve only seen them at Alex’s or at the alien bar (aka their “safe space”) but we never really saw them in public. And for the first time at the DEO, on those stairs, a place that everyone in the DEO can see, Alex comes out and show to her whole world that Maggie Sawyer is hers.

So yes we can complain about how short and rushed the Sanvers scenes are, but the evolution of their relationship is so slow, intense and healthy, it is giving me life.


#can we talk about this scene for a hot second #can we talk about how soft it is #how careful william is with noora #he’s just like #you’re just having anxiety #like there’s nothing wrong with it he doesn’t make her feel ashamed or more stressed out #and then he carefully gets her to calm down #and when she’s fallen asleep he lays with her until he’s sure she’s completely calm and asleep #and then he kisses her forehead very softly to make sure she doesn’t wake up #and gets up to write the last of her essay that he knows is so important to her #while she sleeps for 15 hours straight #a prince

Can we talk about how badass and totally out of the norm it was for SJM to write a second book in her series RIPPING APART her original male protagonist in the first book??? Like??? She took the entire group of main characters save Feyre basically and shoved them aside and was like NOPE. THESE ONES NOW. THEY ARE YOUR CHILDREN NOW FORGET THOSE OTHER GUYS. Like that takes BALLS. She took an entire ship and just SUNK IT HERSELF. She beautifully crafted a seemingly VILE character that we actually could have drawn a logical conclusion to be abusive and terrible in the first book and made him??? Perfect??? Amazing??? She literally destroyed every preconceived notion we had of him??? And now we see him as a precious being for whom I would lay down my life??? GAH. AMAZING. I’LL NEVER GET OVER IT. I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO RELIVE MY FIRST READING OF ACOMAF BECAUSE I FELT LIKE I HAD WHIPLASH AND MY JAW WAS DROPPED THE WHOLE TIME LIKE WHERE TF DID THAT COME FROM??? AMAZING. 12/10. ACOWAR IS PROBABLY GOING TO DO THE SAME AND IM NOT READY THERES NO WAY WE CAN PREDICT THESE THINGS.