can we talk about how pleased mads looks as she wears the crown

The future Queen

Request: Hey I hope you are still taking requests but could you please do a thorin x reader where it’s after they reclaim the mountain and thorin is looking for a queen at a ball or something but sneaks out and finds the reader but she doesn’t realize it’s him and they bond before she realizes he’s the king and freaks out?

A/N: First Thorin x reader!! Really like how this turned out. Sorry that I didn’t post it yesterday but I wasn’t entirely pleased with it then. But here it is! Hope you’ll like it. 

Word Count: 1787

After hours of constant bloodshed, the mountain was reclaimed. The company of Thorin Oakenshield had miraculously survived and Erebor was filled with dwarves once again. Although, many lives had been sacrificed for the company to reclaim Erebor. And a great sorrow filled everyone’s hearts from the great loss. To remember the fallen, a grand ball was being held in the mountain. Thorin had insisted that every dwarf, man, wizard and elf was invited. Since the ball was a month after the battle, most of the corpses were gone and Erebor and Dale restored. This ball was not only to remember the dead, it was also a coronation ball to celebrate the king under the mountain. This ball had been a tradition for many generations and Thorin was not an exception. The tradition was that on the coronation ball, the king would choose a queen. However, Thorin hadn’t thought about a life partner the past month due to more important matters than his own pleasure. So here he was, walking around Erebor with Dwalin, trying to find a queen.

 “It’s impossible Dwalin, none of these Darrow dams suits me!” “Ey nothing is impossible! How hard can it be to find one decent lass?” Thorin sighted and looked at the women following him and Dwalin as a bunch of lovesick ants. “Apparently extremely hard, I mean look at them…” He turned around and one of the women blew Dwalin a kiss, which made him turn back around. “Yeah you’re right, there is nothing wrong to be in love but these women are after the title.” Thorin sighted and continued to walk through Erebor. “Yes, she must be real and genuine, not a stalking lovebird.” Dwalin patted his shoulder and laughed. “Yeah and I imagine that you want a tough girl ey?” Thorin shooke his head and smiled. “Well I definitely wouldn’t mind that…” He halted and looked at the grand gate. “I think I’ll go for a walk, this love seeking is tiring for the mind.” Dwalin nodded. “No guard?” He patted Dwalin’s shoulder and shooke his head. “No my friend, not today and I do carry Orcrist with me you now!” “Well that’s a relief and I hope you run into a queen out there because you need one!” Thorin laughed and walked towards the gate. “If it was that easy”


 You were training in the forest outside of Dale. You were tired of your daily life, which was very limited. You had always wanted to fight in the army but no such chance ever came, for you were only a fair face to the race of men. An innocent girl that couldn’t protect herself, if they only knew what you could do. As of now, you hit the target in the center every time with your arrows. Not one missing the spot. Then you heard footsteps coming from behind you and you turned and aimed at the intruder. You had a hood over your head so your hair and face was covered.

 The intruder, who was a dwarf, had his hand on his sword but he didn’t move. “Who are you dwarf?” He hesitated to say his name and before he reveled it he wanted to see your face. “Well you can start to show your face elf if we are to have a proper introduction!” You frowned but removed your hood. Your long hair cascaded in beautiful waves down your shoulders. “I am no elf, I’m human.” Thorin was taken aback by your appearance. You were the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and here you were pointing an arrow at him. He eyed it then looked at you with pleading eyes. You lowered it to ease him a bit. “Thorin Oakenshield at your service and who are you?” You frowned then said your own name. “y/n.” “Well forgive me y/n for startling you, it was not my intention, your shooting was admirable and I was to curios to stay away.” You smiled slightly. “Thank you, no one has ever said anything like that before!” Thorin looked confused at your statement. “What? You must be the captain of the guard with those skills, how come you never hear compliments.” You shooke your head and sat down on the rock beside you. “Quite the opposite, women are not allowed to fight in the guard or anywhere at that. So I am nobody really, just y/n.” You were a bit confused why you were talking so freely with this stranger but he seemed harmless and was very handsome. “Oh, well I am sorry about that.” “Yeah, but what about you, are you a captain or just Thorin?” He was a bit taken aback by that. You had no idea that he was the King and he didn’t want to ruin this casual conversation. “I guess I’m just Thorin.” You smiled and patted the rock beside you. “Well Thorin, I feel like we are very similar you and me. But I am no dwarf so please tell me how Erebor is like.” He walked to the stone and sat beside you. He was quite tall for a dwarf, only a tad shorter than you. “So, what do you want to know first?”

 Several hours later…

 “Wow, I didn’t know the ball was for everyone.” “Well the King ordered that everyone was invited due to the great loss in the battle…and for his coronation.”  “I see, he sounds like a great king.” He smiled at you. You had no idea what that compliment meant for him. “He manages the kingdom I guess.” You nod. “And he has a Queen, yes?” He furrowed his brows and didn’t know what to answer. “Well, not officially, but I believe that he has found his one.” You didn’t catch the true meaning of his words but you smiled anyway. “How wonderful, I bet she is beautiful.” Thorin’s answer were only a whisper. “Oh she is”  “Excuse me?” “Oh nothing.”

 You sat quietly for a while until you spoke up. “Who will you attend with then?” You kind of hoped that it would be you but you never knew if he had a woman waiting for him. “The most beautiful maiden in all of middle earth, it’s just one small obstacle, she has to answer first.” You felt disappointed and dropped your head. Of course it wasn’t you. “Oh, I see.” Thorin looked at you lovingly and noticed your disappointment. Then he laughed. This made you kind of mad at him. “What? Why are you laughing? How can this possibly be funny?” He calmed down and tried to explain between breaths. “It’s just that I gave you the grandest hint of all time and you didn’t catch it.” You face palmed yourself, which made Thorin laugh even more. “So will you? Attend with me that is?” You smiled at him and felt very happy inside. “I will” “Wonderful, I don’t have an official jewel to present to you as the tradition says. But this is the best I can give you. He handed you a ring with a beautiful blue diamond in the middle. “Wow, no I can’t accept that, it’s too beautiful.” He took your hand and placed it on your ring finger. “Nonsense, it’s perfect on you.” You shooke your head and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you” He smiled and stood up again. “Then I will be seeing you at the ball tomorrow night.” “Can’t wait” He smiled even more and walked back to Erebor, while you admired the ring that the handsome stranger had placed there.


 “Did you find a lass out there?” Dwalin was smug, because he knew that very few women could satisfy Thorin. Thorin patted Dwalin’s shoulder and walked past him. “I guess you’ll see tomorrow. “What is that supposed to mean?”


 You walked towards the grand gate of Erebor. Your mother had picked out a beautiful blue dress which hugged your body at the right places. It flowed behind you when you walked and your beautiful curls made the look perfect. “Hello y/n, how are you?” It was Bard who walked with you. “Hi Bard, I’m fine thank you and you?” “Never better, so how come you are attending alone?” You smirked and held up your hand to show him the ring. “I actually have a date, he’s inside.” He had a stunned facial expression. “y/n, do you realize who your date is?” You were confused at his words. “Well yes of course, he’s a kind dwarf I met.” Bard realized that you had no idea that Thorin was the King. That ring represented the royal bloodline of Durin. And you were wearing it which were quit a statement. “You are going to have the shock of your life.” Then he walked away, leaving you with many questions.

 When you entered the ballroom, it was a mix between elves, men, dwarves and other people. You tried to find Thorin but you couldn’t see him. Then you heard a loud bang that came from one of the dwarfs. “Welcome everyone, it is my greatest pleasure to present to you, the King under the Mountain. Thorin son of Thrain.” Your jaw dropped when you saw Thorin walking out with a crown upon his head. Bard was right, you did have the shock of your life. When Thorin had greeted the other kings, he tried to find you in the crowd. When your eyes met, he smiled and walked over to you. “Wow, you look absolutely stunning.” He took your hand and kissed the top of it. You were still very shocked. “What? Do I have something on my face?” You laughed and shooke your head no. “No, it’s just that you failed to mention that you were in fact the King himself.” “Oh did I, small detail, easy to forget.” You hit his arm lightly at his sarcasm. “But true fully I didn’t want you to know me as the King under the Mountain. But as Thorin Oakenshield, a normal, curious dwarf.” You smiled and understood why he did hide his title. “I understand, I myself don’t have a secret title unfortunately. But will you take me as I am? A girl who dreams of being a soldier.” He took your hands in his and admired the blue ring on your finger. “Of course I will” Then he motioned you to walk to the dance floor which you gladly accepted. From afar Dwalin and Balin stood and watched you two. Balin had a proud smile on his face and Dwalin was truly shocked. Thorin did find a lass in the woods. And that lass would later become the Queen under the Mountain.   

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RFA + minor trio please~ I don't admit this very often, but I'm a pretty casual cusser, so their reactions the first time they hear MC curse? Thank you~!

omg i love that you’re using “the minor trio” it just struck me at like 2 am and i thought it was adorable way to refer to the “desperately needs a route” club

okay okay I love this request here we go this got a bit goofier than i intended but w/e


  • what
  • but
  • princesses don’t swear!!!!
  • (well THIS PRINCESS DOES BUDDY [or prince or royal or whatever term of endearment u prefer])
  • You will wear your crown of profanity and rule over your trash kingdom in peace okay
  • Honestly Zen thinks it’s pretty sexy
  • Like every part of you is cute!!!
  • But when you swear it’s like
  • He’s imagining you as a biker chick or something. SO TOUGH. SO COOL.
  • Sometimes he tickles you and you swear at him and he’s just so delighted
  • he can never take it seriously though
  • unless you’re really mad at him
  • then he takes it really seriously.
  • He swears with you sometimes when you’re watching exciting things on TV. (like sports. and emotional dramas. and high-tension cooking shows.)


  • this precious little chick could never swear when his mom was around
  • never
  • n e v e r
  • it is now this super guilty forbidden pleasure so when he hears you just casually go “Ugh, fuck this shit” he’s like
  • ????
  • ?????!?
  • ?????!?!?!?!????!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!
  • why aren’t you whispering omg someone could hear you!!!!
  • You just look at him and you’re like
  • What?
  • dude we’re alone in the apartment
  • Okay so you have to teach this boy how to swear
  • he’s a denizen of the internet how has he not learned this shit by now
  • He says ‘crumbs’ instead of ‘crap’ and ‘darn’ instead of ‘damn’
  • Like holy heckeronni Yoosung UR SO CUTE
  • (one time he gets really drunk and says you have a “damn fine ass” and you’re LIKE OH MY GOD YOOSUNG WHERE DID THAT COME FROM)
  • (he’s quoting something he saw on TV lmao)

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Betty throwing herself into the river instead of Cheryl and Jughead saving her

 Im sorry if this is unacceptably long, I’m still new to this! I added more to the ending than I was asked, but I actually really loved this prompt and personally Im proud of this.

Suicide attempt warning. Au.

Betty didn’t attend school that week. She got rid of the ladder outside the window of her bedroom that lay in wait every night for Romeo to ascend. Betty turned off her phone, locked herself in her room and disconnected from everyone, even Jughead, and Polly. Her slick ponytail turned to a messy bun, she was letting her perfect down, and she liked it. No makeup, no care for clothes besides an S sweater that she stole from Jughead and a comfy pair of ripped jeans. Sitting in her too perfectly pink room, on her too perfectly pink bed she closed her eyes and dug her nails into the palms of her hands. The pain almost a relief for her but it wasn’t enough this time. Her mother had pushed her too far. Alice Cooper never shy of strict perfection on her tired daughter had gone way past her limit, Betty could not fight back.

“Oh, Elizabeth stop lying. You’re not depressed, my daughter could never be depressed. If you keep up that attitude I’m gonna kill you. You’ll end up just like Jason. Stop ruining my reputation, don’t you think you’ve done enough damage to the people of this town. You know, in my head I always wanted you to go like Cliff Blossom. It’d be easier for me, heck, it’d be easier for everyone. I don’t understand what your friends see that’s so special, poor Jughead. I know he’s not much himself but he doesn’t need an, even more so, lowlife like you making it worse” The conversation had started about going to a dance with Jughead. Betty insisted she wear red, but her mother did not agree. The innocent conversation between mother and daughter soon spiraled into a verbal beatdown on Betty Cooper.

Alice Cooper and her daughter Betty Cooper had gotten closer after Betty solved Jason’s murder with the help of her friends, also her mother coming clean about her unborn son had opened a new sentimental side of their relationship. But when Reggie, Trev, and Chuck had started false rumors about Betty getting pregnant with Jughead’s child just like Polly, Mama Cooper spiraled into madness yet again, constantly degrading, yelling, even hitting her daughter. Before Betty had shut him out, Jughead always found a new bruise or red mark whenever he would visit at night and she was in her pajamas. Betty hadn’t seen Jughead or any of her friends since last Saturday and it’s Monday now. She shut her curtains that Saturday, she knew Archie would try to snoop on her or talk to her. Whenever they would come by she’d stand in the other room to hear her mother tell them she wasn’t seeing anyone. They all thought she was mad at them. She slowly maneuvered from her bed, feeling the stiffness in her legs and back as she walked to her desk to grab her phone and two picture frames. One frame held a picture of Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and her sitting in a dinner at Pop’s drinking milkshakes and laughing… Pop Tate took that on the night of the Jubilee. And the other held a delicate picture of her and Jughead at the dance. She was in her pink dress, the one her and her mother argued about and Jughead was as handsome as ever in a classic black tux and bow tie with this crown beanie on. They were smiling as the slow danced together. She missed him. God, she missed him. She turned to the phone she plucked nonchalantly off her desk and turned it on. She let it sit for a while as all of her texts rushed in from the little group chat named “The Core Four”, they had sent her a total of 268 messages all asking to call or if they could come by, asking if she was mad at them, Ronnie and Archie sent her little paragraphs about their day to keep her updated. Of course, Ronnie kept her updated on the latest gossip and videos of the River Vixen routines.  They only thing Jughead would ever say was, “I love you, I miss you. Please talk to me.” He sent that about 5 times everyday. She knew he worried about her, as she did him.

She bit her lip in thought as she texted the group chat. A simple “I’m not mad at you guys, I love you guys.” she turned their group chat on do not disturb as the texts came rolling in and slipped her phone into her back pocket. She unlocked her door and popped her head out to look into the hall. Her parents were asleep, perfect. She padded downstairs to slip on her sneakers on and wrapped her arms around Jugheads sweater as she opened the door and the winter air of November was giving her chills already. Betty slammed the door shut, not caring to be quiet anymore… who really cared, right? She walked for miles without knowledge of where she was going until she came up to a clearing in the woods of a frozen pond. Sweet Water River. She took out her phone and texted Jughead, and only Jughead.

“I’m gonna go down in the same river we thought Jason did. Maybe they’ll care about me then” Betty dropped her phone in the snow and took a few steps before she heard Jughead’s ringtone. She turned on the spot and kneeled to answer it.

“What do you want Jug?” She was a bit irritated that he interrupted her train of thought.

“Betty?! What are you doing?! Where are you?! Tell me where you are and I’ll come get you!” He was frantic, almost on a verge of a panic attack. He barely survived the week without her.

“Jug I told you where I was. I’m gonna go down how everyone thought Jason did. I love you Juggie.” She hung up and cut him off.

Jughead barged through the front door of his shared trailer almost knocking his father over in the process.

“Hey! Son! Whats the rush?” FP was confused as ever.

“Not enough time. Emergency. Tell you later.” He rushed out as he slammed the door to his truck and took a second to hit the steering wheel. He didn’t notice he started crying until his nose was running. He started the engine and sped off, definitely over the speed limit, but he couldn’t care less at this point.

Betty slid her way onto the middle of the ice. she stared at the solid ice for a minute or two and contemplated on what she was going to do.  She slowly brought her fist up and pounded at the ice, cracking it with every hit. She sat there thinking about everything her mom made her to be. All the lies her mom filled her with. Nonetheless, she was right. Betty Cooper didn’t see herself as anything more than a nuisance, she only got in people’s way and ruined their reputation and their lives basically. Then she thought to Jughead. Poor Jughead. He deserved someone that wasn’t this problematic, someone simple. She hit it to the point if you stood on it, it would completely bottom out and drop you in the ice cold current. She stood up, and something caught her attention. A red flannel wearing, beanie-capped boy with a flashlight. Jughead.

“Betty, come to the shore. Come to me Betty, please.” He pleaded with the girl trying to reason with her.

“Juggie, I can’t.” Betty was a crying mess by now. Tripping over her words, jumbling them together.

“Why.” He took a step towards her. Just one.

“Don’t even think about coming over here Jughead Jones, it’s too dangerous.” She worried for him.

“I know it’s dangerous. That’s why I’m trying to get you to come to me, Betty, you can’t do this to me. I love you,” He slipped off his beanie, signifying his seriousness, “I love you, Elizabeth Cooper. Please don’t do this. You mean the world to me, not only me but Polly, and Veronica, and Archie, and Kevin, and Ethel, I can go on and on about how much you are loved. Betty do not give up. You can come with me, and I will protect you. I will protect you with everything I have. Betty. I love you, I love you, I love you. I cannot stress it enough.” He’s crying now, even more, if possible. But Betty doesn’t notice him taking a step with each sentence.

“Jug. I don’t deserve someone that loves me like you do. I’m a monster. You shouldn’t love a monster. This darkness inside of me is gonna get you too and I can’t let that happen. You deserve someone simple. Someone like Ethel.” Ethel had recently developed feelings for Jughead after he published an article in the Blue and Gold about her achievements. His face scrunched at the thought of having anyone else but Betty. The stood there for what felt like seconds as the ice was cracking under her feet. He took in her messy hair, her makeupless face. He noticed the S sweater he’s been missing for months now, internally he smiled at her forgetting the position they were in. He slowly reached out his hand to her. But before she even thinks about grabbing it. Before she could decide which side to choose, the ice consumed her. Jughead screamed as she just plummeted into the water, vanishing like she was never there. But then his adrenaline kicked in. That was his girl, and this is not gonna be her ending. He dropped to the floor and swept what little snow lay on the ice. He found her drifting with the ice cold current. She was screaming, she was pale already on the brink of turning purple. After what seemed like minutes her drifting stalled and she sat there pounding on the ice, she was running out of air and would definitely suffocate soon if Jughead didn’t do anything. Jughead knelt down right above where she was and started punching the ice full force. he was yelling and crying. He was doing anything he could to get his girl back.

His hands were coated in fresh cherry red blood. Finally, the ice started to break away, he created a hole barely big enough for her to fit, but it was enough for him. He reached his whole arm in to grab her by the wrist and pull her out. Her face was purple, her skin was cold, she wasn’t breathing. Jughead did the only thing he could think of. He quickly places his hands together on her chest and started pushing. He paused for only a moment to plug her nose and try to get her breathing again.

“You can’t do this to me. Elizabeth Cooper! I won’t let you! I’ll die before I let you do this to me!” He yelled at her. He hadn’t stopped crying since he got her call. That was his baby. That was his girl. She looked like an empty shell. Nonetheless, he didn’t stall his attempt to bring her back to life. After 5 minutes she gasped for the cold air. It felt good in her lungs. She held her hands to her head, completely unaware to Jughead sitting next to her until he squishes her into his arms and cries into her hair. Their sitting on the ice, both cold but Betty more so, shivering, crying, hugging. Jughead spreads little kisses all over her face as he worriedly scolds her.

“Betty what is wrong with you?! Don’t you ever do that shit to me ever again! I was so worried! Betty what the hell?! I love you!” He holds her head in between his hands and makes sure she understands him perfectly well. She’s shivering so he takes her (his) sweater and wraps her in her flannel and puts his beanie on her head and picks her up and runs to his truck. Once finally in the car, he cranks up the heater to make an effort to help as much as he can. Half way home he can see she’s still shivering. He unclips her seatbelt and pulls her over to his side and wraps his arm around her. She smiles to herself, despite what they had been through not only fifteen minutes ago, she felt at peace. She always felt at peace with him. He always will be there for her. With the knowledge of affection from him, she feels a great wave of remorse push through her.

“Jug” Only a whisper coming out.

“Yes, Betty?” He looked at her for a moment before training his eyes on the road.

“I’m sorry, I just… I thought you’d be better without me. I don’t do much good to anyone and I-“ she was quickly interrupted.

“Betty. Stop. You deserve me as much as I deserve you. Maybe it’s me that doesn’t deserve you, but how could you say you don’t do much good to anyone? You have changed my Betty Cooper. You have made me believe in love. I will only ever want you. Screw your mother, screw your father. You are such a beautiful human being inside and out that I’m beginning to think you’re not even human, more like a damn goddess Elizabeth Cooper. I love you so much. If I let you just do what you did and die, I would never forgive myself. I will protect you from anything and everything; whether it be your mom, or the rumors that the brain dead jocks like to spread about you, or even you. I will protect you, I promise. I love you, Elizabeth Cooper.” He finishes his little speech with a reassuring kiss on her forehead. He smiles as she rests her sopping wet hair on his lap and gently falls asleep.

“I won’t let anything or anyone her you” He whispers to her sleeping form.

Jughead carries his half asleep girlfriends into his trailer. His dad sitting on the couch jumps up at the sound of the door opening.

“What the hell! Forsythe Pendleton Jones! You had me worried sick!” His father completely ignores the sleeping girl in his arms until Jughead shushes him. Jughead carries Betty into his room. Gently he rubs her shoulder only to wake her enough to throw her some of his pajama bottoms. She nods a little thank you when he smiles at her and kisses her temple. He gives her some privacy to change and peacefully be with herself while he talks to his dad.

“Jughead. What happened?” He pulls his shoulder to guide him to the small circle dining table.

“She tried to kill herself, dad. The love of my life tried to end hers.” Jughead said more to himself, almost like it hasn’t sunk in yet.

“Do you know why?” He knew he was pushing his boundaries but FP cared about Betty, she was like his daughter in law already, of course, he wanted her to be safe.

“Not entirely, I know it has to deal with her mom, rumors the jocks made up, and me. Dad. She doesn’t think she deserves me. Well, she didn’t think she did, we talked in the car and that part is solved.” Jughead doesn’t want to cry anymore, but thinking about what Betty wanted to do terrified him.

“Jughead. I know Mama Cooper is the hardest on Betty. I know how vicious she can get. If Betty would like, she can stay here for as long as she’d like, or for as long as she needs. I know you’ll protect her Jug. You love her, I know you do.” Jughead nodded in agreement with that he thanked his father and went to go ask Betty what she thought. He knocked on the door, he heard no reply, the silence scared him. He opened the door and the window was open. Wide open.
“Shitty Betty!” He ran to the window looking out of it, looking for his blonde.

“What Jug?” She asked him hearing his exasperation from inside the attached bathroom.

“You really think I’d try to leave?” She wore a small smile on her face following a slight chuckle.

“Sorry, you didn’t answer to my knock and when I came in the window was wide open. Jesus Betty, why is the window open? It’s November, it’s practically on the brink of snowing.” He walked to her embracing her.

Lifting her head up she took his face in her hands, “It feels good. What was so urgent Jug?”

“Dad said you’re more than welcome to stay here until you feel better. But if you don’t want to and you insist on going home that’s fine too. I just want you to be safe and I want you to be hap-“ He took her hands away from his face and held them in his own.

“Jughead, would it really be okay for me to stay? I don’t feel safe at home anymore.”

Beaming at her he couldn’t contain his happiness, “Betty, like I said more than welcome.”

Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part Four)

Warnings: None? Fluff, mostly.

Summary: Kai Parker comes back from the dead to find that he’s got a daughter. Angst and madness ensues.

A/n: This one is super long and totally a filler with fluff. So forgive me if it sucks i’m not good at writing filler chapters. @geminioriginalsimagines


Originally posted by karamelforever


You wake in the morning to find Kai not in bed. You stretch your hand across the still warm sheet tiredly before you stand. When you check Anna’s room she’s not there either and you start to worry, when you get downstairs you find Kai and Anna eating cereal on the couch and watching cartoons.

“‘Morning.” Kai greets you with a mouth full of Cheerios.

“‘Morning, Mommy.” Anna says from beside Kai, her eyes fixed in the tv screen.

“Good morning.” You walk into the kitchen, and start making yourself coffee. Before Anna was born you weren’t really a coffee person but once she reached her terrible two’s you decided coffee was a necessity.

“So,” You jump when Kai talks from the doorway, he gives you a cocky smile in return, “Were you serious yesterday? About looking for houses far from here?”

“Yes, I was serious. But it’s not like I have the money to pick up and move, I’m not exactly the richest person on planet earth.” You stir your coffee as you talk.

“I can have that taken care of by this afternoon.” You roll your eyes.

“What are you gonna do? Rob a bank?” He smiles even wider.

“That sound like an amazing idea, you know I was just going to compel myself some diamonds and pawn them but robbing a bank is much more fun.” You knew he was still a little bad, even if he was a little different, he was still going to go back to being the Kai Parker that you always tried to stop from doing illegal things but never could.

“Promise not to kill anyone? For Anna’s sake?” Kai walks behind you and presses a kiss to your temple.

“Of course. Be back by three.” He speeds off and you lean back in your chair. Anna walks into the kitchen and pushes her bowl into the sink, she still couldn’t reach the counter.

“Where’s daddy?” Anna asks. You stand up and put your coffee cup down.

“Daddy went to go get stuff ready.” Anna stares up at you as you start to walk towards the stairs.

“Ready for what?” Anna asks as she walks after you.

“We’re gonna be moving soon.” Anna takes the steps slow in front of you, as always.

“Moving to where?” She seems generally unfazed by the idea of moving but then again little kids are usually unfazed by a lot of things.

“I don’t know yet, baby. Let’s go get dressed though, and then we’ll go to the park.” She opens the door to her room with two hands on the door knob and walks in.

Anna’s room was white walled but the walls were lined with her drawings on paper that you had taped to the wall. She had a toy chest and toys were constantly scattered over her floor along with dirty clothes, once a week you and her cleaned her room, it was how she learned about teamwork. Flowers sat in her windowsill, still living even after a year of being there. She loved most her clothes, she liked picking out her own t-shirts, and Anna particularly liked braids being put into her hair.

With Anna finally dressed (she could decide on which shirt was best) you left for the park. She could run around for hours on end, and get dirty all she wanted while you tried to look for good houses and texted Kai. You were a big fan of letting her do her thing, as long as it wasn’t destructive to herself or anyone else, if she wanted to fight imaginary dragons, you’d give her a stick for a sword. If Anna wanted to be a warrior princes and warned you to be the queen you would wear a crown and a dress. As long as no one was getting hurt (mentally or physically) she could do as she pleased. She swung back and forth on a tire swing with another little girl while you talked on the phone with Kai and watched. Other moms and dads around you tried to listen in as discreetly as they could on your call with him.

“So, where we you thinking we could move to?” You knew that some of them would have to know Kai, and that they were definitely spying for someone who wanted to kill him, someone always wanted to kill him. None of them were vampires, you knew that, you could tell when someone was a vampire, they always looked the same.

“There’s a pretty powerful coven down in New Orleans, and Klaus Mikaelson’s been seducing a witch into giving me nightmares the last few days.” You give a cheery wave to Anna when she waves at you from across the park.

“Oh yeah? What’s it about?” Kai knew the stupid code you two had used all the time, it was back when he was still the terrible maniacally crafted villain, you made it up so spies couldn’t find out where you or he were.

“The nightmares? Oh they’re lovely-” His voice cuts off for a second, glass breaks on the other end. “I get these beautiful images of people dying, which is incredibly splendid, and then the witch starts talking to me all fast and cryptic. She says that as long as I kill this super bag guy Marcel, then everything’s good and he’ll give me whatever the hell I want. Granted I don’t kill anyone he loves.”

“Can you even do that anymore? I thought that was outdated?” They probably think you’re talking about buying a house. You give them a tight lipped smile.

“Oh please, you insult me. The witch-y ancestors that made Marcel the super bad guy he is are all gone. Poof- right into the void. Hang on babe-” You hear some muffled muttering on the other end and then the zipping of several bags.

“Okay, I’m back, as I was saying. The witch-y ancestors are all destroyed now, which means that anyone with powerful enough magic could theoretically craft a spell that would turn him into a normal ol’ blood sucker. And since Freya Mikaelson already made one all I’ve gotta do is find the spell, do it, and then kill Marcel. All good.”

“All good?” A car door shuts on his end.

“Completely. So, you wanna start looking for houses at home tonight? I figure the sooner we get away from Damon the better. I don’t want Anna getting mixed up in it again.” You look over to Anna, now playing tag with a few other kids, laughing and running.

“Yeah, me either. But yes, let’s look at houses tonight, I’m at the park with Anna if you wanna come see us.”

“Alright, I’ll just drop this stuff off at the house and meet you at the park. Bye.”

“Bye.” You hang up and tuck your phone back in your purse. Anna comes running over to you, panting but smiling.

“Mommy, can I have a juice box?” You reach into your bag.

“Here you go, baby.” She pokes the straw into the juice box and takes a long gulp before putting it back on the table and running off again to join in tag. You watched after her, smiling.

Kai texts you about an hour later as you and Anna are making your way towards the cafe across the street to get lunch. Just as you’re reading the text you hit someone, and when you look up you find Matt Donovan standing in front of you.

“What do you want Matt?” You don’t stop walking, ever since Anna started showing her power Matt was always pressing you to leave, witches and vampires didn’t belong in Mystic Falls anymore. But you told him that she was a child, that she wouldn’t hurt anyone. And now that Cade had arrived in town Matt really, really wanted you to go.

“I’m just checking in on you.” You scoff and roll your eyes as you lift Anna into a chair at a table.

“Don’t act like you care, Matt, I’m not in the mood.” You open the menu and a waitress walks over to give a kids menu to Anna. She immediately opens it and starts coloring on the pages.

“I do care, Y/n. Anna’s just a kid, she doesn’t deserve to get mixed up in all this.” Matt drops his voice so that Anna can’t hear him.

“Well, for your information, we are moving. So you can stop checking up on us now.” Your eyes skim the menu.


“None of your business, goodbye, Matt.” He cross his arms but you don’t look up.

“Have a good life, Y/n.” Matt leaves without another word and you sigh, relaxing your shoulders.

“What was he doing here?” Kai’s voice makes you look up, he sits down next to you.

“He likes to tell me to leave without telling me to leave, it’s a great tactic, seeing as we’re moving.” You lean back in your chair, still looking at the menu.

“Daddy, can you help me get through the maze?” Anna pushes her kids menu towards Kai and he shifts his chair closer.

After lunch you look for houses, and you find a pretty suitable one not too far out of New Orleans, it was an old plantation house, there were lots of them around there, it had a lot of land, and from the pictures around it there were plenty trees. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a big kitchen, a big living room, and it even had a parlor. What type of house ever had a parlor? An awesome house. But Kai had the money, and Anna was excited as soon as you told her that she’d be able to run around and have a huge backyard to play in.

“We should leave as soon as we can, the house is already furnished, and we can leave this one in my name, it’s already paid off anyways.” You were talking to Kai as you walked, passing a few people on the sidewalk who all parted ways for Annalise, who was happily walk a foot in front of you.

By the time you got to the house though, you were having second thoughts. This was your life, this was Anna’s life, could you really just abandon it? Damon was after Kai, who knew who was after Anna, you had to leave, there was no choice. Tomorrow you would go to the school and get the paperwork to transfer Anna to a school in Louisiana, by Thursday you would be in Louisiana, by Friday Anna would be in a new school, and you would have a new life.

Anna runs up the stairs and into the house, immediately going towards the living room to open her coloring books and her crayons. Kai took his shoes off by the door and then sat on the couch. You were looking at the house again on your phone, he reached over and turns it off.

“Stop worrying, we’re going to be fine.” Kai puts your phone on the coffee table and you lean back on the couch, looking around at all the toys.

“We should start packing.” You say to Kai, and he nods but he looks unwilling to move.

“Yeah,” He stands up, and grabs the keys. “I’m gonna go to the beer distributor, if I remember correctly, they’ll give you free boxes because then they have to pay someone to break them down. Be back soon.”

“Alright, see you then.”

“Bye, daddy.” Kai leans down to kiss her forehead.

“I’ll be back soon, Anna.” He leaves, and you watch the door shut behind him.

I've finished it now presenting HAMILTOTS: A Child's Play

Mr. Washington: 31
Alex Hamilton: 5
Aaron Burr: 5
John Laurens: 5
Hercules Mulligan: 6
Lafayette: 5
Angelica Schuyler: 6
Eliza Schuyler: 4 ½
Peggy Schuyler: 2 ⅔
Sammy Seabury: 5
George King: 6
Rachel Faucette: 25

[The scene starts with minimal set with 3 tables and a teachers desk.
Two tables are SL and the other one is SR with the teacher’s desk
center stage. Mr. Washington walks in SR with Alex, they stop at
Washington’s desk. Lighting only on Washington and Alex.]
Mr. Washington: Ok Alex, you can sit next to Aaron Burr.
Alex: [Timidly] Okay [Washington pushes Alex to the first desk SL
Lights show that one boy is sitting reading a book]
Alex: [Walking cautiously over to the table] Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr?
Aaron: [Looks up from book] That depends who’s askin’
Alex: Oh! I’m Alex Hamilton, Mr. Washington told me to sit here.
Aaron: Okay [goes back to reading]
Alex: [gaining courage] Whatcha’ reading? Do you like to read? Does
Mr. Washington allow a reading period? What about-
Aaron: [Getting frustrated] Talk less
Alex: What?
Aaron: Smile more
Alex: [Confused] heh
Aaron: Don’t let people know what you are thinking. They’ll get
[annunciate] an-noy-ed [During this part, light up full stage]
John: Yo yo yo What time is it?
John, Hercules, and Lafayette: Snack time!

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Found this in my drafts**:

*clears throat* May I present the idea:
~✨Ella Enchanted au✨~

  • •Laurent is from a very well-to-do kingdom
  • •Auguste died (idc how)
  • •Akielos took a bunch of land after that
  • •When Laurent was born his aunt Vannes gave him the “gift” of obedience
  • •When Laurent lost his family he was left to live with his Uncle and his uncle’s men (man? Idk how to fit the evil step-sisters in so like twin Govarts??? LOL)
  • •His uncle tells him that he isn’t allowed to protect/hang out with Nicaise

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Risky Business

for @jilys, who requested both a royalty and/or uni au. enjoy <3

word count: 3,220


Lily, Queen of Evanshire, Empress of the Cokeworth Isles (and outlying territories), almost conqueror of Pottsworth, greeted her guest with a cool smile. She did not rise from her seat.

“Highness.” Her guest greeted her with equal stiffness, and he did not bow.  

She, for one, couldn’t stomach the usual formalities, so it came as something of a relief that he didn’t, either. Lily gestured to the seat opposite. After a flicker of hesitation, he took it.  Once settled, he leaned back and tried, rather desperately, to project an unruffled air.

Or was that her?

More wine. Now.

“I’d offer you some,” she said as she refilled her glass, “but I daresay it’d go untasted.”

“You’d be right. I’d rather not risk poison.”

“I’ve kept my word,” Lily said. “No emissaries or advisors.”

He looked around the room, which was empty, save them, quiet, save the clock ticking in the corner, and dim but for the tapered candles set on the small table between them. It might have been romantic, under different circumstances.

“I can see that,” he said, “though you won’t get any credit from me.”

“Formalities, Highness. Play nice.”

“I’m still waiting for the assassin.”

“Only Remus, and he’s sleeping, and he’s just as libel to murder me than you.”


“And I wouldn’t try to kill you—by poison or assassin—when you’re holding my baby hostage.”

He laughed bitterly. “And after that?”

Lily slipped her wine, slow and steady, measuring her next words carefully. “If you’re so convinced I mean you harm, Highness, then why did you come?”

Rather than answer, he studied the map covering most of the table—her father’s map—and the pawns which represented their respective armies. She and her sister had painted the pawns as small children. Even in the flickering light, the story the map told was unmistakable: Lily’s failed retaliatory campaign, her ever-shrinking territory, now surrounded on all sides by enemy forces.

Her own forces, cornered and trapped.

A perfect metaphor for how she felt right now, wasn’t it?

Certain defeat for her, and certain victory for her sworn enemy.

Who sat across from her, fidgeting awkwardly, staring anywhere but at her.

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Coming Home Chapter 12 (Shalaska) - Jem

AN: I apologize profusely for the wait. I know I said last chapter that I was back, but I guess I’m not as good at sorting my life as I hoped I would be. That being said, thank you all for sticking by me and giving me feedback on where you’d like to see this story go. Special shout out to @thewritingnymph for advice and support!

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A Love Unrequited

@hoodedbirdie - Hello, sunshine! May I request “I want you to be happy, with or without me.” from the unrequited love list for Jacob (I’d be interested in both views, honestly. The reader being in love with Jacob and him not loving her back and Jacob being in love with reader who is not loving him back. Or they are. Oh God. I need too much of this ._. I’m sorry!).

A/N: So here it is. Some unrequited love with Jacob not being in love with the reader - which is why it isn’t tagged as Jacob x Reader. This is a sad one. There really isn’t a happy ending but there is a cameo of Jacob’s flat cap.

Edit: I forgot to add that I combined this with another request I had for Jacob being in love with a girl of wealth and not being sure how to go about it. Deeply influenced by Eponine and Marius from Les Miserables

Words: 2,545
Warnings: It’s sad. That’s all.

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Acknowledge Part 2

Summary: A continuation to “Acknowledge”. Louise and the rest of the office workers wonder when Dan and their boss’ relationship is going to become official. Contains pastel!Dan + rich and successful Phil.

Read part 1 HERE

“Good morning,” Louise greeted Dan on the Friday of his third week at Lester Global Inc. He was wearing a cute button up lavender colored shirt with sleeves that reached his mid elbow, accompanied with another pair of white skinny jeans. The flower crown that sat atop his head was a combination of pink and white flowers, looking absolutely beautiful. Louise shook her head and set her things on the desk.

“You just get cuter everyday. I think that’s my favorite crown so far.”

“Thanks, Mr. Lester got it for me.” Dan informed her, cheeks flushing as he instinctively felt for the crown.

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Man Out of Time [Part 3]

A/N: I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to send me feedback on my writing. I really do appreciate it.  Before you read this, here are the previous parts:

      Part 1

      Part 2

I hope you like it :) 

It was like seeing a ghost; you spend your whole life believing they exist but when you finally see one, it terrifies the hell out of you. I didn’t even know what to think. It was all happening so fast. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. All I could do was nod and step aside. He entered the apartment and surveyed the place; not much had changed since he had… died.

God, everything was so bloody weird!

I crossed my arms over my chest defensively when Steve turned his attention back to me. He regarded my appearance with a soft smile before holding out his arms for a hug. I reluctantly took a few steps forward. He buried his face into the crook of my neck and inhaled sharply, breathing in my scent. “Jesus, I’ve missed you so much.” He sighed before finally letting go off me. I grimaced as his hand slid down my side. “Are you okay?” His voice was filled with the same concern I remembered. He lifted the hem of my t-shirt and examined the purple bruise – obviously a result of the night before – on my hip.

“Yeah, it’s nothing. I walked into the counter. You remember what a klutz, I can be.” I lied, covering up the gash quickly. Steve chuckled before drawing me into his arms again. I still hadn’t completely processed that he was back. When he tried to kiss me, I moved my head to the side so that his lips collided with my cheek.

“Well, I think you’re still perfect.” He coaxed lovingly, the door to our bedroom opened and Bucky appeared in the doorway. Sarah was balancing on his hip and squeezing his cheeks together. There was a visible change in their features upon seeing Steve; a direct contrast. Sarah’s eyes lit up and Bucky’s expression darkened.

“Look, mommy! It’s the man from the park…” Sarah cheered, pointing at Steve. My eyes widened; I knew there was something familiar about him.

“She doesn’t know who I am?” Steve tried not to sound hurt but his eyes told a different story. He never was a very good liar.

“It’s been six months; I was in a bad place and didn’t speak about you much, do you blame her?” It came out colder than I would have liked. There was an air of awkward tension between us. Bucky whispered something in Sarah’s ear. She leapt off his hip and ran off to her bedroom with an excited smile, leaving the three of us alone. “I’ll get us some coffee.” I announced and left the two of them to their staring contest.

“What are you doing here so early, Buck?” Steve asked, regarding his best friend’s overly comfortable clothing. Bucky sat down on the couch while Steve just perched his thigh on the arm of the couch.

“I could ask you the same thing, Steve.” Bucky challenged in a hushed voice. As I poured the coffee, I tried to listen in on their conversation. I really thought Bucky would have been happier to see Steve alive and well. Heck, I should have been happier to see Steve alive and well. Whenever I fantasized about Steve returning, it always involved smiles, happy tears and never-ending hugs; all I felt was shock, guilt and a little annoyance. He had been alive all this time!  

“I took your advice and came back; seeing you and Sarah at the park made me see how much I am missing out on.” Steve leaned forward and lowered his voice when he saw me watching them. During the exchange, I noticed one thing: Bucky wasn’t surprised to see Steve. Bucky went after Steve at the park. He knew he was alive. He knew and he didn’t tell me.

I was going to kill him…

I stomped into the living room and grabbed the nearest thing I could see – a scatter cushion – and whacked Bucky upside the head as hard as I could. He groaned and massaged the back of his head.

“What was that for?” He asked and I whacked him again. He rose to his feet and pulled the cushion from me. My eyes were beginning to sting from holding back my tears. Bucky looked remorseful when he saw my anguished expression. How could you do this to me?

“You knew…” I accused, “…and last night, how could you?” Bucky raised his eyebrows incredulously when I shoved him with everything I had,

“I tried to tell you last night before we…”

Steve was watching the exchange in confusion, wondering what had happened the night before.

“I can’t believe you, Bucky! You knew how I felt about him, you knew and you didn’t tell me!” I slammed my fists into Bucky’s chest over and over again until my own wrists began to hurt. Bucky didn’t flinch. He didn’t move. He just stood there and let me hit him as many times as I wanted. The hits became harder but still it wasn’t enough to evoke a reaction out of the ‘Winter Soldier’.

“Don’t blame him, honey. I made him promise not to…” I shot a venomous glare in Steve’s direction,

“Oh, you don’t get to ‘honey’ me!” I thought about yelling at him but I wasn’t ready to rehash all the pain of the last six months. I didn’t have the strength for it. “I’m done.” I sighed before retreating to my bedroom.

I had pulled out an old suitcase and was stuffing some of my clothes inside when there was a soft knock on the door. I didn’t answer in hope that whoever it was would take the hint and go away. After a couple more knocks, the door creaked open and Steve entered cautiously.

“Honey, where are you going?” I didn’t bother to look at him, I just kept shoving whatever I could find into the suitcase. I decided that spending the night in a hotel would do me a world of good in light of everything was happening.  “Look, I understand I just got back and things aren’t the same as they were before I… well, before...” He trailed off.

“What? Before you faked your death?” I figured it would be better to rip the Band-Aid off instead of talking around it. Steve took a deep breath before he spoke again,

“…I think we need to sit down and talk about this. We can work this out, okay?” Steve blocked my path to the wardrobe.

“You wanna talk, Steve? Fine. Let’s talk about how you let me and Sarah – your daughter – think you were dead! Why’d you do it?” I snapped before breaking down into violent sobs.  

“You don’t understand, hon.” I planted myself firmly on the edge of the bed and looked at Steve expectantly. “The first time I went under I came back as ‘Captain America’ and for all this time that is who I was forced to be. This time… this time when the building came down and everyone thought I was dead, I had a second chance. I could learn to be Steve Rogers; I could find who I really am.” I shot to my feet.

“That’s the thing, Steve; we were supposed to find ourselves in each other!” I shouted, unable to hide my disgust. 

Steve looked up at me with a sad expression. “If it, this, was too much for you, you should have said something! When I told you I was pregnant I gave you an out; I told you that you didn’t have to stay with me. You didn’t have to fake your death to get away from me, for fuck’s sake!” The tears were still flowing down my face as I tried to zip up my overflowing suitcase. It just wouldn’t close. I screamed out and slammed my fist against the lid. Steve grabbed my hands before I could do it again and raised my knuckles to his lips,

“Hey, hey, listen to me, okay? It wasn’t like that and you know it! You and Sarah were the best things that ever happened to me. I just wasn’t sure I was the best thing for you…” He planted two soft kisses on my hands before using his thumbs to wipe away my tears. “You don’t know how many times in these past months I’ve thought about coming home to you.”

“Then why didn’t you?” I demanded, forcing him to sigh.

“I don’t know, hon.” He confessed and ran a hand through his hair in frustration. I loved when his hair was tousled. I had always thought it looked like he was wearing a crown. I sighed as I walked towards the door, lugging the suitcase behind me. Steve didn’t stop me except for begging me not to be mad at Bucky because it was his fault that he hadn’t told me; his words were of little comfort and all I could do was slam the bedroom door behind me.

Bucky was exactly where he was when I had left except now, Sarah was sitting on the carpet in front of him and playing with her Lego blocks. He was tapping his index finger on the side table. I set my suitcases down with a thud and pulled him out of his thoughts. He looked down at the suitcases and then brought his eyes up to mine.

“Sarah, sweetie, please go get your bag.” I spoke softly, keeping my eyes on Bucky as she ran past me. Bucky had always made me keep a packed bag for Sarah in the event we ever had to leave in a hurry.  

“I guess in all our promises, we never considered the possibility of you leaving me, huh?” He chuckled humourlessly before rising to his feet and shoving his hands inside his pockets.

“Yeah, I guess we never considered the possibility of you keeping secrets from me.” There was little I could do to hide the sadness and disappointment from my voice.

I grabbed the handle of my suitcase and dragged it towards the door when Sarah reappeared with her tiny backpack. Bucky squatted beside her and fastened her ponytail before planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

She threw arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

“I love you, uncle Bucky.” She squeaked and Bucky looked up at me from her shoulder.  “Will you come over and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to me tonight?” She asked hopefully, making Bucky’s eyes glisten with tears. I looked away from them and cleared my throat,

“We should go, sweetie.” She let go off Bucky and took my hand.

“I will miss you, uncle Bucky.”

“I will miss you too, Sar-bear.”  

Damn it, you two! Really tugging on my heartstrings here…

Bucky gave me his best puppy dog eyes as I turned to leave. God, I wished he wouldn’t have looked at me like that. I turned around and grabbed his face as I pressed my lips against his. I had caught him unaware and it took a moment for him to realise I was kissing him again. My hands tangled into his hair and I felt his throat rumble with a soft moan.

“Eww, mommy!” Sarah squealed in disgust before covering her eyes.

When I remembered that it wasn’t just us anymore I pushed him away, as quickly as I had kissed him but it was too late. Steve was already standing in the doorway of our bedroom. He had seen the whole thing.  

A/N: So here it is! The much requested Part 3! Who would you choose, Steve or Bucky? What did you guys think of Part 3? 

Short Request: Bidders’ daughters forcing them to dress up and have tea

“No, daddy! Like this!”
Your daughter was scolding her father, demonstrating with her pudgy little fingers how to hold a teacup and saucer properly. Your husband sat on the ground, his long legs folded awkwardly under him as he sat at the side of the tiny pink table, his large and powerful hands trying not to crush the white plastic teacup as he lifted it to his mouth and took a sip of the juice inside. He smiled gently at her as he set the cup back down on the little saucer and stifled a sigh as he adjusted the blue and purple rose crown that fussed up his slicked hair.
“Better!” She laughed happily and picked up the teapot. “Do you want more, daddy?”
Soryu glanced at you out the corner of his eye, sitting on the couch and reading a newspaper.
“You have to say ‘Yes, please!’” She whined. “You have to be polite at tea.”
‘Yes, please.” He mumbled, and she smiled brightly, pouring him more juice from the pot.
“You are very welcome, daddy!”

“Thank you, Princess!”
He dipped his head to his daughter politely and took a dainty sip from his teacup. She watched him with bright happiness glowing in her eyes. Baba lifted his pinky finger up and lightly replace the cup on his saucer with picturesque perfection. A silvery plastic tiara was in his hair, a little braid done along the side of his long hair, him wearing your pink apron because he couldn’t fit into your dress.
She cut him a slice of cake with a stubby knife and gave it to him on a plate.
“Please enjoy!” She chimed in her sweet little voice, and Baba thanked her, a stunning smile on his face, a dear fondness in his heart. He carefully cut a fork into the slice and ate it.
“It is so delicious!”
She nodded eagerly and cut herself a slice, digging into it so quickly that she smeared some icing on her lip.
“Princess, I see that you have a touch of icing on you. May I offer you a ‘kerchief?”
Baba smiled and smoothly pulled a pink frilly handkerchief from the apron pocket. She takes it with an awkward giggle and quickly wipes her mouth.


“Daddy!” She pouted. “Are you tired? It’s okay… you can go sleep…”
Luke quickly stifled a yawn and rubbed the black bags under his eyes. He wasn’t about to admit to his daughter that he was exhausted from black market operations and cannot attend to her tea party.
“I’m fine.” He smiled ambiguously and took a long swig of the tea she poured him. However much you disapproved of letting a child drink strong tea, Luke had insisted that she get a taste if it was diluted. Your daughter adored tea. “Can you fix this up for me? I think it’s falling.”
She leaned over the table and rearranged the fancy hat on his head - some sort of 1900 London ladies’ wear with ribbons and feathers. Luke blinked hard and forced back another yawn, smiling adoringly at his daughter as she sat back down, pleased with the way the hat looked on his head.

Before the party even started, your daughter took forever dressing - decorating - her father. Ota let her climb all over him, dying his hair with multicoloured elastics, letting her pick out the crazy colours of clothes he wore, icing and designing the cake you baked for the occasion, allowing her to make the tea with warm water.
“There we go!”
He was holding her hands on the hot kettle.
“Careful not to burn your little paws!”
Ota helped her pour the hot water into the teapot, the scent of warm tea flushing up into the air as the steam rose. He helped her set the kettle back down and she clicked the lid onto the teapot, letting him move it onto the tray.
“How about you carry the sugar over, and I’ll take the tea?” Ota offered, picking up the tray as his daughter scooped up the bowl of sugar cubes. She popped one into her mouth and he laughed. “Hey, that’s not fair!”
“Do you want one too, daddy?”
Ota squat down to her level and opened his mouth wide. She grinned and threw one in.

“Would you like some sugar and milk, daddy?”
“Kiddo, this is orange juice.”
Mamoru sighed as his daughter looked up at him with pleading eyes, hoping for him to play along.
“Yes, please.” He grumbled and held out his teacup.
She smiled brightly and added two sugar cubes into his orange juice, tipping a bit of milk and cream into it, gazing at him expectantly, waiting for him to drink it.
Mamoru sighed again and took a sip.
“Gak!” He pulled out the white napkin from the table and coughed into it, muttering something quietly that sounded like ‘This is nasty’.
“Are you okay, daddy?” She hurried around the table to his side and put her small hands on his arm. “Did it taste bad?”
“No.” Mamoru said quickly with a smile. His eyes narrowed fondly at his daughter and he patted her hand. “It was delicious.”

It was the strangest tea party ever.
Your husband sat across from your daughter, neither of them really talking aside from the occasional “Tea?” “Sugar?” “More tea?” “Cream?” “Cake?” that escaped the area.
She was grinning so brightly through, absolutely having fun with her father. Shuichi was a little less entertained.
He was wearing a big pink bow in his hair and a handful of necklaces around his neck, his pinky finger frozen up in a precise angle as he drank from his cup. He smiled gently at his daughter and held out the cup for more tea. She filled it up with a grin.
“Sugar?” She held out the tongs with a cube.
“Of course.” He nodded pleasantly.

Your daughter was wearing the huge Auctioneer’s hat on her head, tipping it this way and that as she tried to keep it off her eyes. Your husband was dressed in a pale blue dress and white apron, a black bow on his head.
She giggled and poured tea into seven or eight teacups on the table. She tossed sugar cubes into half of them and added milk to another random four.
“Welcome to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!” She exclaimed happily, waving her hands in a grand gesture at the tea set out of the table. Your husband chuckled and watched her. “Take your pick!”
“Which one will I like?” He asked gently.
“Liking is just in your head!” She replied with a smirk under the big top hat.
“What do you think?” He chuckled again.
“Thinking, Alice, is also in your head.”

Thanks for the read~ 

I haven’t played Luke or Shuichi so those are probably way off :/ sorry

He Asks You to be His Girlfriend

“Hey, y/n. It’s Ashton. Call me back when you get this.” It was the first message she saw when she woke up, having been texting Ashton constantly now after their trip to Boston Common almost two weeks ago, she was slowly letting the drummer ease his way into her life. They had only met for small coffee dates since then, all resulting in two or more hours spent just mindlessly talking to each other about nothing and everything at the same time.

She swung her legs off the bed into warm slippers, pulling the phone to her ear as she made her way to the kitchen to make a brew before starting an omelette, wanting to be off the phone first to put her full concentration on her breakfast.

“Good morning sleeping beauty,” she heard over the receiver causing her to laugh slightly, her tea seeping into the hot water as she pulled out some honey and lemon.

“Good morning, babe,” she said in almost a whisper, letting the pet name roll off her tongue almost effortlessly. “What was with the crazed voicemail this morning? It sounded important.”

“It is very important. First, how would you feel about taking a trip to Los Angeles with me for a week, next week? It would be Sunday to Sunday,” he questioned almost causing her to drop the thirty dollar mug she bought herself from Starbucks in shock.

“Excuse me? Like California?”

“Mmm,” he responded not giving away his reaction to her own reaction. “They need me for a few meetings with management.”

“Isn’t that a coupley kind of thing to do? I mean…we haven’t really established what we are, Ash…” He cleared his throat, y/n knowing he was growing a bit nervous now since he only seemed to do that when he was, unless he absolutely needed to.

“That kind of brings me to my next thing…and it’s not ideal for me to do this over the phone, but I’m in New York right now and I didn’t want to not ask you about Cali, but, umm…, I kind of want it to be a coupley kind of thing, y/n. You know…us being exclusive and taking a little trip together.” Thank god she had left her mug on the counter because if he had asked her the second question then, she surely would’ve lost the pretty decorative mug. “Y/n? Baby?”

“Give me a second to process this, Ash,” she said back pinching at the bridge of her nose. She wasn’t close to being awake enough to deal with this at the moment. “Ash, that’s a lot in one conversation.”

“I know, but I didn’t want to ask you to be my girlfriend before leaving for LA for a week when I know how you feel about our situation already…and you’ve been talking a lot about wanting to take a break and go on holiday, so why not?”

“Babe, I don’t have the money for a spontaneous plane ticket to LA…it’s Friday?”

“Baby, the ticket’s already paid for…you’ve just been so stressed with school lately, and i know dating a celebrity isn’t your ideal situation, but I want to show you how much I want this and how much I want us. The past month of just getting to know you was probably the best time I’ve had in a long time. I want this to work out,” he pleaded, she could just picture his golden eyes boring into her with their sad, needy hint, his bottom lip jutted out in a pout, quivering slightly as he tried to milk it as best he could.

“…alright, boyfriend, when do I need to be packed by?”

“Oh, look who it is, Poncho,” y/n giggled watching Calum get out of the taxi, bag in hand. It had been two months since she’d seen him, not that she hadn’t talked to the boy every moment she could, but it was different seeing him. The lock clicked only moments later sending Poncho into a barking frenzy, yet refusing to move from his seat on y/n’s lap on the couch.

“Really, Poncho? Haven’t seen me for two months and can’t come say hi?” Calum grumbled dropping his bag, making his way over to the girl on the couch, not even bothering to mutter a hello before pressing their lips together roughly, lightly nipping at her bottom lip causing her to giggle in his mouth.

“Hello to you too, Hood,” she giggled before pressing their lips together again. “How was Asia?”

“Amazing. It’s always so cool going there and seeing how different their culture is than ours,” he stated sitting next to her, wrapping an arm over her shoulder pulling her towards him as Poncho finally made his way into his owner’s lap. “I’m mad at you Poncho.”

“Oh, leave him be,” she responded teasing him as he pressed a kiss to her temple.

“I got you something,” he said reaching towards his bag before pulling out a small box, y/n’s face completely confused.

“You didn’t need to get me anything,” she responded watching as he played with it nervously.

“So I saw this when shopping with Michael one day because he wanted to get something for the new girl he’s seeing, and we stumbled upon this cute jewelry store. So we’re looking and looking for something for his girl and I saw these two bands that fit into each other like puzzle pieces, but when you pull it apart, an image shows, you know? So I asked the lady when they where and she goes ‘it’s a couple’s band. When you are in a relationship and want to show others that you’re taken, you usually wear one of these and your partner gets one as well’. and I’m just thinking to myself that this is pretty damn cool…and then I see this one with a crown on it,” he states opening the box showing the two rings with crowns on them, clearly showing one as a silhouette and the other as the image, “and I thought you would love this, because you’re always talking about Disney princesses and how you want to find a prince…so, I was thinking that maybe I could be your prince.” She looked at the two bands and how they fit perfectly with each other.

“You’re a cheesy bastard, Calum Hood,” she muttered, turning her head to kiss his cheek before nuzzling her face in his neck. “I’d want nothing more than for you to be my prince.”

“I wish I didn’t have to come with you every time something involved y/n,” Jack said as they made their way into town to buy one dozen roses before making their way to the beach for Luke to ask y/n to be his girlfriend. “I swear, sometimes you’re helpless.”

“Listen, fucktard, I’ve never been great with girls. My last girlfriend was a lying, gold digging ho that couldn’t give a shit about me, so sorry for wanting to make this work with a girl that actually seems pretty chill,” Luke responded as they walked into the flower shop, the woman at the desk laughing at the words that fell out of Luke’s mouth.

“How can I help you boys?”

“One dozen roses, please,” Luke said sounding smart for once, until more questions came from the woman’s mouth.

“Did you have a preference on the type of rose or what color? Or the length?” Luke’s face fell just hoping she would get the hint and cut a bouquet of a dozen roses.

“I…uhh,” he stuttered as the door opened behind him causing the bell to sound, the woman behind the counter laughing at him once again.

“I’ll give you a minute to think about it, hon,” she said pulling out her notepad to take the next order. “Hello Ms. y/l/n.” Luke turned his head, flushing slightly at the sight of y/n standing next to him in the flower shop.

“What are the odds?”

“Luke? I thought that was you,” she giggled before turning to the lady behind the counter, her tag reading Marie. “Just a bouquet please?”

“What’s the occasion?” he asked curiously.

“Sunday family dinner…what about you?” she asked causing an idea to pop into his head.

“I wanted to give the girl I like something special…and now she’s buying flowers for herself,” he stated, chuckling slightly causing her to blush as he pulled out his debit card. “Just one dozen red roses for her, please.” Marie took the plastic from him as he took one of the note cards from next to the register, scribbling a little handwritten note in it before handing it to the woman while taking his card back.

I really hope this gesture is enough for you to consider being my girlfriend. I’m shit when it comes to this.

Y/n woke up wrapped in Michael’s arms to the sound of a phone vibrating uncontrollably on her night stand, the blonde already on it, picking up his phone bring it to his ear.

“Hi, Luke,” he muttered into the phone, his voice still groggy from having just woken up only moments before. You could picture the blonde vocalist speaking into the phone panicked as to where his guitarist currently was knowing today wasn’t a day off and that if they didn’t have interviews that morning, they’d at least have sound check in the early afternoon. “I’ll be there before two. What time is it now, anyways?” he questioned, y/n sitting up slightly from her place next to Michael, straddling one thigh as his hand came to rest on her hip, hodded eyes watching the female as she rubbed her tired eyes, yawning slightly, her oversized tee covering her lower half that was only clothed with underwear. “Alright. I’ll see you.” He hung up the phone placing it back on the nightstand before bringing his other hand to her hip. “Morning, baby girl.”

“Mornin’ Mikey,” she muttered watching as he pushed himself up so he was seated, putting a finger under her chin, tilting it slightly to press his lips to hers. “How’d you sleep?”

“Fan-fucking-tastic,” he muttered back, smiling before kissing her again. “I don’t want to leave today.”

“I don’t want you to leave,” she said back pouting, the reality of the situation hitting her like a bus. “You’re leaving…”

“Hey, hey, baby girl. Look at me.” He held her face in front of him, waiting for her eyes to flicker back to his before speaking again. “If you couldn’t tell, I like you, y/n. These past two days have been everything I could’ve asked for. It was so chill, and nice, and you didn’t treat me like I was Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer…I was Michael Clifford the video game nerd who got to eat as much pizza as he wanted and not worry about life.” He pressed his lips to hers again before pulling back, keeping his forehead pressed against hers. “I don’t want to let you go…i want you to be my girlfriend.” She froze, looking at him completely shocked not expecting for any of that to leave his mouth because, hey, it’s Michael Fucking Clifford.

“You do?” she questioned, a smile making its way onto his face as he nodded. “Your girlfriend?”

“My girlfriend…I know we literally met two days ago, but I know this is something I’ll regret if I don’t do it…so, what do you say?” she nodded her head, a huge smile making its way onto her lips as he kissed her again. “Now that that’s settled, where can we go get some breakfast?”

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Could you please post some quotes that confirm Loras's and Renlys relationship?? Because I never even thought about the possibility that they could have something together.

Sure. Like, I don’t think it subtle. And it’s no even so much a matter of quotes as it is this overall impression that everyone knows they’re together, and it’s this open secret. As well as the overwhelming impression of Loras’s love for Renly.

In aGoT, Loras and Renly are inseparable. They’re plotting together to bring Margaery to court so that they can pull a Katherine of Aragon on Cersei. When Renly crowns himself king in aCoK, Loras is made Lord Commander of his version of the Kingsguard, the Rainbow Guard. This is rather absurd favouritism, considering that Loras is seventeen and has no actual battle experience.

“From time to time, King Renly would feed Margaery some choice morsel off the point of his dagger, or lean over to plant the lightest of kisses on her cheek, but it was Ser Loras who shared most of his jests and confidences. The king enjoyed his food and drink, that was plain to see, yet he seemed neither glutton nor drunkard. He laughed often, and well, and spoke amiably to highborn lords and lowly serving wenches alike.”

It’s quite obvious to me that they have sex the night before Renly is killed:

“You might do well to pray yourself,” Catelyn added.

“For victory?”

“For wisdom.”

Renly laughed. “Loras, stay and help me pray. It’s been so long I’ve quite forgotten how. As to the rest of you, I want every man in place by first light, armed, armored, and horsed. We shall give Stannis a dawn he will not soon forget.”

An impression that Loras latter reinforces when talking about that night:

“She fled,” he said. “She and Catelyn Stark, they left him in his blood and ran. Why would they, if it was not their work?” He stared at the table. “Renly gave me the van. Otherwise it would have been me helping him don his armor. He often entrusted that task to me. We had … we had prayed together that night. I left him with her. Ser Parmen and Ser Emmon were guarding the tent, and Ser Robar Royce was there as well. Ser Emmon swore Brienne had … although …”

Like, not subtle. Their relationship was sexual:

“Lord Renly always said that books were for maesters.”

“This one is for us. The history of every man who has ever worn a white cloak is written here.”

“I have glanced at it. The shields are pretty. I prefer books with more illuminations. Lord Renly owned a few with drawings that would turn a septon blind.”

Jaime had to smile. “There’s none of that here, ser, but the histories will open your eyes. ”

After Renly’s death, Loras is described as “going mad” with grief:

“It’s said the Knight of Flowers went mad when he saw his king’s body, and slew three of Renly’s guards in his wrath, among them Emmon Cuy and Robar Royce.”

He takes Renly’s body away and buries it himself:

“I buried him with mine own hands, in a place he showed me once when I was a squire at Storm’s End. No one shall ever find him there to disturb his rest.” He looked at Jaime defiantly. “I will defend King Tommen with all my strength, I swear it. I will give my life for his if need be. But I will never betray Renly, by word or deed. He was the king that should have been. He was the best of them.”

He is noticeably upset that he doesn’t get to publicly grieve for Renly:

“That was when Lord Renly was killed, wasn’t it? How terrible for your poor sister.”

“For Margaery?” His voice was tight. “To be sure. She was at Bitterbridge, though. She did not see.”

“Even so, when she heard …”

Ser Loras brushed the hilt of his sword lightly with his hand. Its grip was white leather, its pommel a rose in alabaster. “Renly is dead. Robar as well. What use to speak of them?”

The sharpness in his tone took her aback. “I … my lord, I … I did not mean to give offense, ser.”

“Nor could you, Lady Sansa,” Ser Loras replied, but all the warmth had gone from his voice. Nor did he take her arm again.”

But he makes it clear, Renly was the love of his life:

“House Tyrell continues through my brothers,” Ser Loras said. “It is not necessary for a third son to wed, or breed.”

“Not necessary, but some find it pleasant. What of love?”

“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”

“Is that from a song?” Tyrion cocked his head, smiling. “Yes, you are seventeen, I see that now.”

Ser Loras tensed. “Do you mock me?”

A prickly lad. “No. If I’ve given offense, forgive me. I had my own love once, and we had a song as well.” I loved a maid as fair as summer, with sunlight in her hair. He bid Ser Loras a good evening and went on his way.”

And everyone knows that Loras is homosexual. The semi-taboo nature of homosexuality in Westeros makes it all allusions and innuendo, but it’s not subtle.

“Mace Tyrell actually thought it was his own idea to make Ser Loras’s inclusion in the Kingsguard part of the marriage contract. Who better to protect his daughter than her splendid knightly brother? And it relieved him of the difficult task of trying to find lands and a bride for a third son, never easy, and doubly difficult in Ser Loras’s case.”

“Jaime grabbed the boy with his good hand and yanked him around. “I am the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, you arrogant pup. Your commander, so long as you wear that white cloak. Now sheathe your bloody sword, or I’ll take it from you and shove it up some place even Renly never found.”

“Margaery looked very much like her brother, the Knight of Flowers. The queen wondered if they had other things as common as well. Our little rose has a good many ladies waiting attendance on her, night and day. ”

“ If the gods were good, he would give Ser Loras the glorious end he seemed to want. Assuming the boy does not drown on the way. There had been another storm last night, a savage one. The rain had come down in black sheets for hours. And wouldn’t that be sad? the queen mused. Drowning is ordinary. Ser Loras lusts for glory as real men lust for women, the least the gods can do is grant him a death worthy of a song.”

“ Cersei had seen how tight the bonds grew between squires and the knights they served. She did not want Tommen growing close to Loras Tyrell. The Knight of Flowers was no sort of man for any boy to emulate. ”

“This is the first I have heard of a new master-at-arms. You’ll need to look long and hard to find a better jouster than Loras Tyrell. Ser Loras is—”

“I know what he is. I won’t have him near my son. You had best remind him of his duties.” Her bath was growing cool.”

If you’re very determined, you can argue that, yeah, it’s never actually stated that they had a physical relationship, but I think the text is quite clear.

KBTBB Fanfic: Hidden Identity Prologue

KBTBB Eisuke: Mc’s Hidden Identity

This is my first time to write a fanfic and I’m not that good in english. So please be gentle with the inevitable critisisms.
By the way, please follow me and I will follow you back promise! Oh I also included the other voltage guys here in the story. :)

I wrote a fanfic that the MC is a crown princess from England living in the famous Windsor Castle haha. By the way I also include other voltage characters in my story.
(MC’s name: Mitsuki Asahina)

The day when Eisuke bought me that was the most complicated situation in my life. First let me tell you about myself, my family and the reason why I’m working in Tres Spades Hotel.

I am Asahina Mitsuki, aged 24, graduated culinary arts, can play the piano very well and a crown princess from England and currently working as a housekeeper in Tres Spades for 4 years.

Now about my family, I have a twin sister named Riku, she is my identical twin. We have a lot of difference in terms of attitude, hobby, the way we talk and the way we dress. She has a short hair opposite of me and sometimes she acts boyish. I also have a younher brother Kiyoshi, age 29, a lawyer and I’m very close to him, a warm hearted, gentleman type and the heir apparent to the thrown. My father is a Queen-Consort (Queen-Consort: is a term for a man who became a King by marrying a Queen), a celebrity chef and a president of Asahina Corporation a well known company in the Food Industry in Japan. Starting from processed foods to famous restaurants and to famous pastry shops. He is a very understanding father to all of us and I know that I’m her favorite among his children. He sometimes follow what my mother demands him when it comes to us. Obviously my mother is a Queen-Regnant living in Windsor Castle so as you expect she has a ruler’s attitude, demanding, always put our kingdom as her first priority but she’s a kind mother but very strict when it comes to our position especially to my brother Kiyoshi the next King and I being the youngest. She always talk to us about her vision of what she likes us to become.

I grew up not like a normal kid who play outside and have many friends. I always spend my time playing the piano and studying proper etiquette. Not having a freedom to enjoy myself and always had my butler to my side. My mother is always lecturing Kiyoshi and I to do this and that and the things that we can’t do. Even our hobby is a no no to her, all she like us to do is focusing on the things that is related in royalty or our family business. She also reminds us to act gracefully and not to do things which can affect our image being a royalty. Sometimes my parents are arguing because my father doesn’t like the idea of my mom being like that. He always talk to my mom about not being fair in disciplining me and Kiyoshi. She always tells me that she’s doing all of this because I’m the youngest and I’m the heir of our family business in Japan. I envy Riku my twin sister because my mother is not strict to her and she’s always hanging out with her friends and my mother is allowing her to go out anytime she wants.

When Riku and I are now in highschool my father decided to take us back to Japan to study, until we graduated college. I’m so happy about the changes in my life. Riku told me that she’s very happy seeing me with a lot of friends and enjoying my time hanging out with them. “Riku.. I don’t want to get back to my old life in England” i told her.. “I hope so Mitsuki.. I don’t want to see you either with that sad face again.. I know you always envy me.. And i don’t like that” she replied.

When I turned 20 my father told me that we are going back to England for a special appointment and Riku is not coming with us. She ask my father why but he doesn’t give any hint or an answer. When we got back to England I am so shocked that my parents is setting me for an arranged marriage meeting and of course to a Prince. And that is Prince Joshua of Dres Van. I already met him countless times especially when his family is having a special occasion or my family is hosting n event in our castle. My brother told me that their kingdom is very close to us. He was my crush since I was kid but I never expect that he is going to be my fiance. Prince Ivan has a serious attitude but he’s treating me nice and with respect. The arranged marriage meeting went well and both sides approved this idea to strenghten the kingdoms tie.

Few weeks after the arranged marriage meeting the King of Dres Van hosted an event. Our engagement was now officially announced publicly worldwide. Riku called me too when he heard the news about our engagement. My nerves can’t absorb the fact that I’m forced to marry someone by my mother. But I’m so honored to be Prince Joshua’s fiance but I really can’t deny that I don’t like this idea and knowing that I can’t do anything about it. I went outside the ball and went to the castle’s balcony. *sigh* “Oh I’m so sorry Prince Joshua I’m honored and I like you very much. But I can’t do this.. I don’t want my parents to decide for my life forever.. I’m being stubborn..” then suddenly I heard footsteps and I saw the Prince beside me.. I’m so shocked and I guess he heard me.. “Princess Mitsuki.. You don’t have to apologized.. I understand.. But please stay with me.. I know about your situation since then.. I promise to give you what you want..” tears fall down from my eyes.. “But I want freedom Prince Joshua.. Can you give it to me? If you can then I’ll marry you.. I’m so sorry your highness please forgive me for my selfishness..” then he grab and I felt his arms wrap around me.. “Prince Joshua..” i pulled myself away from him and look down.. Then he cups my chin up and his face is very close to mine that I can feel his breath.. “Mitsuki.. I like you for so long.. And I feel that you like me too” he said with a smile and kiss me.. I pulled away from him and said “Please forgive me.. I like you too but I think this is not what I want” then I ran away outside the castle. “Mom.. Dad.. Forgive me..” then that night I flew back to Japan.

Going back to Japan alone is quite a relief for me, I know my twin Riku is here in Japan she stayed here since we went back to England with my father. I can have a normal life here unlike living in England that I am so secured. But I can’t deny the fact that even I ran away home people can notice me that I am the Crown Princess of England so i decided to disguise and act like a normal citizen. I refrain being too graceful in everything that I do and also refrain from wearing elegant dresses so that everyone can’t notice me. “I guess I can get used to this.. I don’t want my twin sister to find me either.. I’m so sorry Riku and Kiyoshi.. I know mom is very mad at me now.. Sorry.. I caused you so much trouble.. *sigh*”
I looked down and I remember Prince Joshua’s face when he confessed what he feels about me and I felt very guilty about it.

A few weeks later I got a notice that all my accounts have been freezed. I know my mother is behind this i sighed. “Oh no.. I’ve got no money.. How can I live with this?.. I can live in a cozy room but not without my savings and my credit cards”..

Then that’s the time that I look for a job and applied as a maid here in Tres Spades so that the media is too dumb they will not think that a crown princess is working as a maid in a hotel.

End of prologue

to be continue


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prompt by "lee-lindsee" :Owen and Amelia go to Disney world!? They would buy Mickey ears and ride the rides and be adorable! And then Owen would do something special in front of Belle’s castle since their Disney song is from Beauty and the Beast (btw i am just pasing this to you!)

Here it is. It turned out to be pretty long, but hope everyone enjoys! Also, I haven’t been to Disney World in 15 years, so I just went off of pictures and the map of Disney now to write this. So just use your imagination for some of this.


“Amelia, I don’t know it’s so far away,” Meredith tells her.

“We’d all go Mer. I think we all need a vacation; especially you and we’ll take the kids. It’ll be a lot of fun.”

“Zola has been talking about it for awhile ever since Callie and Arizona took Sophia. I could kill them.”

“It’ll be a lot of fun all of us traipsing around Disney World.”

“Why can’t we go to Disney Land?” Meredith asks.

“Zola’s been talking about the new Beauty and the Beast castle. We can’t disappoint her,” Amelia argues. “Besides ever since Der…”

“Don’t pull the dead Derek card. Seriously?” Meredith asks rolling her eyes.

“Sorry. It’s just I think the kids could all use something nice, that’s all.”

“Fine. We’ll go,” Meredith consents.

“And with your new salary we can afford Disney World,” Amelia jokes.

“Get out of here,” Meredith throws some laundry she’s folding at Amelia.


The flight down to Florida was eventful to say the very least. First, Maggie got airsick and Ellis had a wicked cold which amped up because of the altitude, making it a miserable flight not just for them but everyone around them.

Amelia didn’t think she’d ever seen Meredith more exhausted or embarrassed in her life. They all traded taking care of the kids and finally Ellis even managed to fall asleep in Owen’s arms.

“You look good with a baby,” Amelia leaned over and whispered to him.

“She’s drooling all over me though,” he pointed to his soaking wet shirt.

“Poor baby,” Amelia cooed, rubbing the baby’s back.

“You’re a good mom, Amelia.”

“One day.”

“No, you already are.”

Amelia let the conversation drop there and knew it was a conversation they would need to revisit, just not at this very moment, not on their vacation.


As soon as they landed in Florida, Zola wanted to head to the Magic Kingdom. Seeing as it was already late afternoon, early evening, they all protested. Instead, checking into their hotels and making sure the kids got something to eat. They promised Zola first thing in the morning they’d head to the Magic Kingdom.

A knock on their adjoining hotel room woke them from their slumber. Owen woke first turning to the clock sitting on the nightstand. 6:03. He groaned as he pulled Amelia close to him.

“I thought you said we’d be able to sleep in on this vacation.”

“Kid doesn’t know how to tell time,” Amelia said as she extracted herself from the bed. Her hair messy, she pulled on her robe and headed to the door. Opening it she asked Zola, “What are they teaching you in that school? And where is your mother?” Amelia asked, looking past Zola into the room, seeing Meredith still sound asleep in the bed.

“Aunt Amelia, I’m ready to go!” Zola said excitedly and Amelia chuckled as she took in Zola’s appearance, thinking she looked so adorable in her Minnie mouse t-shirt and shorts, wearing the princess crown and jewelry she had gotten for her birthday. She couldn’t be mad at her.

“Zo, it’s 6 in the morning. The park doesn’t open until 9,” Amelia said and she could see the disappointment cloud up in Zola’s eyes, watching her heart break.

“But you said first thing in the morning.”

“I’m sorry kiddo. How about you watch some cartoons and then as soon as we’re up we will go get some breakfast. Then, I’ll make sure we are at the park by 9.”

“You promise?”


“Pinky promise?”

“Pinky promise,” Amelia looked pinkies with her, knowing how important a pinky promise is to a 6 year old. “Go ahead and turn the TV on quietly so you don’t wake your mom and brother and sister.”


“I bought us some time,” Amelia said as she slipped back into bed and curled up into Owen.

“Mm,” he mumbled, and she chuckled realizing he was already slipping back into sleep.


Amelia held Zola’s hand as she excitedly skipped toward the gates leading to the park. It was just the three of them. Ellis wasn’t feeling much better and Bailey had woken up with a fever. Maggie continued to throw up, realizing she probably didn’t have airsickness at all. Meredith stayed behind to take care of the invalids and was grateful to Owen and Amelia for taking Zola for the day.

“Okay Zo. Your mom said we should go around the park in order, but she’s not here so what do you want to do first?” Amelia asks her, throwing the map they were given in the trash.

“That probably wasn’t a good idea,” Owen laughs at her enthusiasm.

“We’re in Disney World, baby! We’re living it up!”

“Let’s go this way!” Zola cried, grabbing both of their hands and beginning to drop them down the Main Street.

“Oooo!” Amelia says, pulling both of them back as she spots Mickey Mouse ears in a shop. “I’ve always wanted some since I was a kid. We have to get them!”

“How about on the way out?” Owen suggests, figuring not only would it take forever until they were finished, but he was probably going to end up just carrying bags of souvenirs around all day, figuring the girls wouldn’t last long wearing the ears.

“No, now. Please. Please please please,” Amelia begs him, sending Zola into a fit of endless giggles at her aunt’s antics.

“Fine. How about I wait in line for the ears? Text me where you end up and I’ll come find you,” he says, knowing he would never deny Amelia this childhood fantasy.

“Thank you,” Amelia says, kissing his lips quickly in gratitude. “Oh, we should probably get ears for everyone. They would be jealous.”

Owen begins to get antsy. Things aren’t going how he had planned at all. He planned on the entire group being there and he’d be able to slip away and do what he needed to do, but at least over the hour it took to get all of the Mickey Mouse ears, he was able to at least communicate by phone and confirm his plans for later that evening.

Amelia kept him updated as they moved around the various sections of the park and he finally found them at the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Adventureland.

He put his Mickey Mouse ears on as he approached them, feeling utterly ridiculous. He could only imagine what these small ears looked like on his rather large head. He takes Amelia’s and Zola’s out of the bag and surprises them. They both squeal in delight when they see the ears and place them on their heads.

They both looked so cute and he was just happy that they were happy that he didn’t care what he looked like.

“Can we go to Belle’s castle now?” Zola asks.

“Honey, Belle’s castle is all the way on the other side of the park. Don’t you want to finish up the rides here first?”

“No,” Zola says and Owen laughs.

“What’s funny?” Amelia asks him.

“You’ve already been all over the park haven’t you? I told you not to throw the map away.”

“No, we haven’t been all over the park, right Zo?” she asks the little girl and gives her a pointed look with raised eyebrows.

“No we haven’t been all over the park.”

“You don’t have to lie for her Zola. Would your mommy like it if you lied?”

“First we came here and then we went all the way over to Space Mountain and then we came all the way back here. It was far.”

“I was going to get you an ice cream cone,” Amelia told her before turning to Owen. “I told her we could go wherever she wanted, but my feet are already killing me. I can’t keep going back and forth,” she admits.

Owen gives her his ‘I was right’ smirk and she internally groans and rolls her eyes. “Don’t gloat. It’s not attractive on you.”

“Come on Zo. We’re gonna finish Adventureland and make sure we hit all of the parks. We’ll make it to Belle’s castle, I promise.”

“We have to go to Belle’s castle now. She needs to meet you,” Zola says.

“Why does she need to meet us, Zo?” Amelia asks.

“Because of the song,” she says. For awhile she had been telling them that the song “Something There” was their song, written for them, and they would just nod, not encouraging her or acknowledging that as reality, but she was in Disney World, they’d let her have her little fantasy.

“Okay. You can tell her when we get there.”

The rest of the day went off without any more issues. They rode a lot of the rides and Zola made sure to tell Belle that her aunt and Uncle Owen were in love and that Something There was basically written for them.

Owen and Amelia wanted to bury themselves under a mountain of embarrassment, but they knew the characters probably heard things like this all the time.


“Amelia, come on!” Owen called to her from where he sat on the bed. She had spent the last hour getting ready for the date he had planned. He sprung it on her when they got back to the hotel. He bought her a full ensemble for the night, complete with a fancy dress, shoes, and jewelry. He’d had it delivered to their room and she looked at him conspicuously wondering what he was planning.

“You can’t spring this on me and expect me to be on time,” she called out to him as she was putting the finishing touches on her hair and make up.

She came out and he was left breathless at the sight of her. He loved her; he always thought she was beautiful. And he found her most beautiful in her au natural moments, without makeup and her hair messy, but he also thought she was stunning when she would dress up for fundraising events or other special occasions.

“You look amazing,” he told her.

“How’d you pull this off, Major?” she asked, hooking her arms around his neck, using her nickname for him.

“I had some help,” he admitted. “Now, come on. We don’t want to be late.”

Outside, a limo awaited them and she looked on shocked.

“Seriously, when did you have the time to do all of this?” she asked incredulously.

“You don’t need to worry about that.”

Inside was some sparkling cider and chocolate covered strawberries.

After they finished, she curled up next to him, snuggling into his neck, breathing in the subtle scent of his cologne. He didn’t wear it often, he didn’t ever need to, but she still enjoyed when he did.

They sat there in silence as they arrived to their destination.

“Where are we?” She asked as she stepped outside the limo and found herself facing Belle’s castle. Looking around she saw the park empty and only the castle was lit up. “What did you do?”

“Come inside.” Owen took her hand and let her into the restaurant below the castle. Inside, the restaurant was empty and in the middle of all of the tables was one set for the two of them. Entrees already at their places, they sat down and began to eat.

“Did you buy out Disney World?” she asks him as she takes a bit into the delicious cuisine.

“Just for the night,” he admitted.

“My very own Prince Charming,” she said as she took ahold of his hand. “This is an incredibly romantic gesture. Thank you.”

“The night is still young.”

They finished their meal, along with dessert before he took her hand again and they were led back inside the extravagant castle. Inside, in the main ballroom, he takes her into the center of the room as music begins to play.

“Dance with me.”

She had never been a big fan of dancing until she met him. He was a good dancer and had taken her dancing several times before she learned that she actually really enjoyed it. Partly because whenever they danced, it felt as if they were the only two people in the world.

She laid her head on his shoulder as they began to sway softly. He placed gentle kisses along her head and closed his eyes, gathering his nerve.

“Amelia,” he called her so quietly he thought maybe she hadn’t heard him, but she turned her head to look up at him. Their eyes locked and for a moment they were lost in one another. “I love you. I love you so much and I never thought I would again. I want to spend my life with you. Marry me.”

Short and sweet, straight to the point like he always was and he was elated when he saw her break into a grin.

She didn’t say anything; she just leaned forward and sealed her answer with a kiss.

A Tale of Much Madsness: My Adventure Meeting Mads!

Okay, okay, everyone has been asking for deets, and I’m sorry I’ve been slow, but there was the Hanniversary to see through and there was the fact my fingers were ice and then there was work, but finally here I am ;) 

It was pretty crazy, honestly. So @docnickie and I are on our way to brunch, which is an hour bus ride away, and we’re about 50 min in, just sitting in this sleepy sunlight, and suddenly @wiith-my-hands (Nic) texts (she is already at the restaurant where we are meant to be having brunch), and she’s like OMG, HE’S HERE, ARE WE CANCELLING BRUNCH?!?! And sends us a pic of Mads filming that someone took. So in a frantic rush, we cancel brunch (Nic tells them we gotta gooo), get off the bus, get in a cab and are like GET US THERE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. And incidentally, they were filming right outside my office, so I’d already seen the signs and knew exactly where it was and the area. We’re going nuts.

But we finally get off and people tell us a thousand different things, “he’s already left” and “he’s done for the day” and “he was never here” and “who is that?” and we’re just running around like 4 blocks and three avenues, (which if any of you know NYC, this is kind of a lot) going around and around, and finally this one nice PA sort of confirms for Nic that he’s still around, and another nice one points me at where to go to get a closer look at the scene, and one more person tells me where the trailers are. So I get closer to the scene being shot and I see HIS STUNT DOUBLE, and it’s just like ugh, SO CLOSE. So we continue racing around, and the truth is because I am a ball of adrenaline, I know the area like the back of my hand, and I am just so CRAZY AT THIS POINT, I sort of just take off on my own, and I see Chiwetel Ejiofor near his trailer, AGAIN SO CLOSE, and I see Benedict from a distance, lol that costume, but nothing. And it’s almost time to go to the Hanniversary meetup, and we’re like okay, guess that’s that. But Nickie has to go to the bathroom and Nic is sitting, and I’m like OKAY. I’ll go back one more time to where I saw his stunt double, just in case…

So I run the avenue plus street run around, becuase the straight shot down is blocked, and suddenly OMG THERE HE IS.

And so I’m waving like a mad person at him. and he sees me and you can tell that he’s pretty confused, like waving slowly back as though, who is this person, uhhh, kayyy, but then I like point to the flower crown (frantically!) and you can physically see the understanding come over him and he just like OHHH!!s and he grins and blows me a kiss and I blow him one back. (Could this be it?  At this point, I’m mentally and emotionally ready for that to be that. But BEFORE I KNEW IT, HE’S GOT HIS HANDLER AND HE’S WALKING OVER…

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March Madness - Joshifer One Shot

AN: Okay, sorry this took so long, I hope you enjoy this little Joshifer March Madness one shot - it’s a combo of present and future :)  Go Cardinals tonight!

March Madness


Jennifer shut the front door and tossed her purse onto the entry table in the foyer as she heard a squeal of laughter come from the back of the house.  She walked into the open living room and rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest at the sight of the four people she loved most in the world sprawled across the large leather sectional, “Why are all my children wearing blue?”

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Protecter of Hearts - Calum

I am just sitting alone on the tour bus when I hear someone say “knock knock knock” just outside of my curtain. Naturally I jump and give a little squeek because I wasn’t expecting anyone back for at least another hour. When I stick my head out I see Liz leaning against the opposite bunks with a small smile. 

“Hey Liz” I say. “Hey hun” her smile fades to a worried look. “I know that you don’t want to talk about this because otherwise you would have come to me but I think that we need to.” My heart rate increase and I suddenly feel like it is way too small in the bunk. I try to hide my panic by shifting to come stand up across from her. “What do you mean?” I ask innocently. Liz sighs and takes my hands in hers.  “You get up every morning before the boys and throw up, you are going to the bathroom about 40 times more then normal, you seem to have an increased appetite, you never want to go out with the boys when they go to a club and you have been avoiding Calum like the plague. When were you planning on telling someone that you are pregnant?” Speaking of throwing up, I feel like you could at this very moment. I feel my breathing become faster, my head is spinning in a million different directions and I begin to shake. “Calm down Y/N, it’s not healthy for either of you to have your body in a panic.” “You didn’t say anything to anyone did you? I can’t tell him, I can’t let him find out.” “He is going to find out sooner or later, it’s best he hears it from you” she tells me. I take the few steps towards the front room and sit down on the couch. “How exactly did you think you were going to hide this when you start showing?” Liz asks me. I look down at the large sweatshirt I are wearing. “This seems to be working so far” I tell her.  “Love, we need to take you to a doctor and get you some vitamins to make sure that the baby grows healthy but you need to tell him. He has a right to know that he hasn’t done something wrong. He thinks he did something and that’s why you are avoiding him. He is going mad.” Liz gives me a hug and I slowly shake my head.  “Yeah, okay. I will tell him tonight.” We hear the boys coming through the front and I take a deep breath. Cal and I lock eyes before I stand up and take his hand. “ I think we need to talk” I tell him. He has pleading eyes and he looks to Liz before it’s back to me and I can tell he is worried. “Excuse us” I say while walking to the back with Calum’s hand still in mine. I can hear Calum gulp as soon as we get into the back room and the door is shut. “Please don’t leave” he whispers as he wraps his arms around me. My heart shatters and I hold back a sob. I pull back just enough to look in his eyes.  “It’s me that should be saying that to you.” I look up at the ceiling and take a deep breath. “I’m scared that when I tell you why I have been hiding you will run. I’m scared that you will tell me to go home and never contact you and that I will be alone forever. My parent’s are not going to accept me back and I can’t afford a place on my own so I will have to be living on the streets” Calum puts his hands on my shoulders. “Slow down babe, take a breath. I would never send you off to have to live on the streets. I know that you and your parents have a rocky relationship. What’s wrong?” "Rocky?” I ask with acid in my tone. “They kicked me out of the house and told me never to come back because I have a tattoo. They actually think that I’m controlled by some demonic creature. Can you imagine if I told them that I was still unwed and that I’m pregnant” I blurt out and I slap my hand over my mouth. Calum freezes and he looks directly in my eyes. “What?” “I’m so sorry Cal. I don’t know what happened. I had that birth control shot that was supposed to last for a few months and I guess it wore off or something and now I’m pregnant and I was scared to tell you because I can’t live without you guys.” I can feel the hot tears running down my face. “I’m going to be a dad?” he whispers. I don’t know what to do. I can’t process whether he is mad or not so I just stand still. This time he yells. “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD?” and a smile breaks out on his face. “LADS!” I fell the bus shake a bit and hear 3 sets of feet pounding to the back room before the door flies open. “I’M GONNA BE A DAD!” he shouts again and I see all their faces light up. I’m still worried that something could go wrong at any minute when Ashton comes over to hug me. “Don’t be worried princess, I’ve helped raised little ones before and we won’t let anything happen to this one” he says into my ear as he holds on. I smile and let out a gust of air. I receive hugs from the Luke and Michael before they sit down and talk excitedly amongst themselves.  “You are really okay with this Calum?” I ask, still worried that once the excitement goes down and the reality sets it, he will be more worried about the bands appearance then us.  “Let’s get married.” he says. “WHAT?” I practically shout. The room goes quiet. “You don’t want you parents to be upset that you are unwed. Why don’t we get married? Just a little wedding for now and after the little one is here, we can do the whole big thing. We can hide it from the media and tell people we just wanted it to be official and personal and a total surprise.” “This is why I love you Calum Thomas. Always out to protect my heart.” “Now there are two hearts to protect.” He gently pulls me in and holds me before kissing the crown of my head. “I will do anything to protect them.” -Kimmie