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I know you get a lot of crap about the Wesley character, but I've recently introduced my 9yo niece to TNG, and he's one of her favorite characters. We just started S2 and she keeps bubbling about how excited she is to see him go to the Academy and get his uniform. She's disappointed if he's not in an episode. Her enthusiasm reminds me how much I adored him as a little girl. People use the term "kid-appeal character" as a pejorative, but you were *good* at it. Just wanted to let you know 😊

I really love this. Thank you for sharing it with me. 

Please tell your niece that I talked with Wesley, and he wanted me to tell her: “You can be anything you want, do anything you want, and don’t ever let someone tell you what you can’t do in your life. Don’t give up when things get hard, because everything worth doing is hard! If I can drive the Enterprise, so can you.”


Can we talk about this scene for a second?

I don’t think there’s a single scene in the entire show that shows how much Santana Lopez loves Brittany S. Pierce more than this scene right here.

Santana is entirely alone in this voting booth. She’s not with Brittany, or anyone from glee club. There’s not an eye on her in this moment. But still, Santana checks off Brittany’s name on the ballot with a heart, and she kisses it. It’s not to show Brittany her love, it’s not to prove anything to the glee kids, it’s simply because Santana is so in love she can’t help it. She can’t help but express how proud she is and how much she loves Brittany even though no one’s there to see it.

Baby girl is a dork in love.

Okay so I’m just back from seeing IT again and I know everyone talks about Eddie’s “I’M GONNA KILL YOU” after the leper spews on him (my sun™ is iconic) but can we also talk about Stan and how when IT comes at him as the woman from the painting he KNOCKS THAT BITCH OUT!!!!!!!!! He gets in such a good hit, I’ve honestly never been prouder,,,,, I love my brave son Stanley Uris

The boku no hero academia fandom is so….so pure, god I have never seeing anyone complaining about the characters or the ships, reading the headcanons always make me feel heartwarming bc all the characters are beautiful cinnamon rolls, even characters we don’t know much about like Sero or Tooru, or Shinsou, everyone LOVE that kid (me too, he is so pure ) and he just appeared in the festival and a couple of times after that. How can a fandom love so much, so many characters, in so little time? It’s a bless :) 

Mi…Mineta…? no, i don’t know who you’re talking about, that filthy name must NOT been spoken in this SACRED HOLY FIELD WHERE THIS FANDOM LIVES

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Do I Love You?

GIF credit: @peteschurro

First of all who the heck gave Tom permission to do this? That is not okay?

Tom is asked if he loves you, and he hesitates to answer… Warnings: one f word but that’s it p>

“And that is when I fell.” Jacob finished his story. 

I laughed along with the audience. Tightening the warm blanket around myself, I continued to watch the interview from the couch in Tom’s private room. Traveling with Tom to his final set of interviews was amazing. Not only did it mean that I got to travel around North America, but it also meant I got to spend time with Tom.

“Excuse me miss,” a young woman said poking her head into the room. “May we come in and leave Mr. Hollands gifts?” she asked.

“Sure.” I said standing up from the couch.

The lady smiled and opened the door all the way. Behind her was a very built man pushing a cart filled with flowers, assortments of candy, and gift baskets. They placed them all over the room and left.

My eyes scanned the now filled room, wondering which of the goodies to try first. Obviously I choose the chocolate covered strawberries. 

I mean, Tom doesn’t like those, right? I innocently thought to myself. I grabbed the box of strawberries and sat down on my previous spot.

“Tom did you bring your girlfriend with you today?” asked an older looking reporter.

“Well, she isn’t my property so no, I didn’t bring her. But she did come with me.” he said with a tight smile on his face as the audience laughed lightly. He didn’t quite like answering questions about me since he didn’t know what I considered crossing the line. At least that is what he told me. If he answered every question about me, they would just ask more. But the interviewer didn’t seem to be backing down.

“My apologies,” said the reporter. “I didn’t mean it like that. But as a follow up question. Is it hard to be with one woman with the level of attention you get? Like, after a stressful day, or with all the women who would love to be with you?”

What. The. Fuck.

Zendaya looked at Tom from the corner of her eye and then straight at the audience. Laura just looked startled. Jacob looked like he was about to fight someone. Robert didn’t bother hiding his glare to the reporter. If only your boring buddy, Harrison, was here. We usually kept each other company while Tom was in interviews and such.

I looked at the screen, waiting for Tom’s answer. Tom is cleaver. He wouldn’t say anything that would get him into trouble…right?

But Tom looked calm. Too calm…

“No, it isn’t hard.” He answered. “I believe that there are people in this world that are cheaters and those who are not. And I am pretty sure I am not one of them.”

The crowed of fans cheered and Tom smiled a genuine smile. The reporter looked pretty angry, but just wrote something down.

Other reporters asked the cast questions.

“Zendaya! How come we don’t have any bloopers with you?”

“Imagine if I messed up on my 8 or so lines”

“How did it feel to be the only adult in the main cast, Robert?”

“He didn’t act like an adult!”


Eventually, they asked Tom about Tessa. His whole face lit up. Mine did too, but because I found another box with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. Thank you Godiva!

“Yeah, I love her a lot.” He finished, still talking about Tessa.

“What about y/n?” a familiar voice asked. 

“What about y/n?” Tom asked.

 “Do you love her?” the annoying reporter asked. I froze.

Wow. Awkward. Tom and I never talked about it. I mean, we have talked about how much we mean to each other, but that was more in a teasing way. Do I love Tom? Yeah, I do. Does Tom love me? I don’t know…

I hope he does. I have thought about it, and I CAN see a future with him. Getting married, having kids, getting into arguments, the whole thing.

But I am not sure if he feels the same way…

He looked shocked. My stomach made a noise and I regretted eating so much. Tom was obviously hesitating quite a bit.

I decided to send him a quick text.

Hey, it’s alright. I won’t hold anything against you.

I watched the television as Tom looked down at his phone. He read the text and then look at the camera. It made it seem like he was looking at me.

He took a deep breath then answered, “There have been a lot of things that I am not sure of. But I can tell you with the upmost confidence that yes, I do love her.”

Some fans cheered. Some awed.

I just felt a pain in my chest.


Soon after the interview was over, the cast made its way over to the commons area, where they got to talk and hang out during their breaks and such. I stayed in the room, scrolling on my social media. It was hard. People kept tagging me in videos of Tom saying he loved me, messaging me, someone even sent an email asking if I would like to give an interview about it to a magazine.

The door handle turned and Tom stepping into the room.

“Hey!” I greeted, as if nothing had happened. That was my decision. I was going to pretend it didn’t happen.

“Hey.” he responded as he walked over to me. Tom gave me a quick peck on the cheek and motioned for me to scoot over. I did, giving him a questioning look. Why did he make me move when there was all this space on the other side of the couch.

He sat down and, to my surprise, pulled me towards him. My head was on his chest and his hand was playing with my fingers. We sat there in comfortable silence for a while before I spoke.

“I ate about two dozen chocolate covered strawberries that were for you.” I sheepishly admitted. He laughed softly before responding.

“That’s okay.” Tom took a deep breath before continuing. “We should talk about what happened though.”

Not if it means getting my heart broken…

“I’m sorry, but I’ll buy you more. Promise” I replied, avoiding the real topic.

He shook his head. “No y/n, not that. The other thing.” He paused. “The I lo-”

“I love you.” I finished. “Yeah I guess we should.”

We stayed in our position on the couch for a while before I spoke up again.

“Look Tom, like I said in the text, I’m not holding it against you. This is your way out I guess.” A tear rolled down my face and onto my lip. I licked it off. Salty I thought. “I understand why you did it. And it’s okay.”

“Is it because you don’t love me?” he asked suddenly.

I sat up and looked into his warm brown eyes. His face turned to worry when he saw the tears streaming down my face. Which means if I don’t stop crying soon, booger bubbles will start to form. Hashtag, not a pretty crier.

“No Tom. It’s because I love you. And because I love you, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” I cried. He grabbed my head and brought it back to his chest, stroking my hair.

“That’s the thing y/n. I do love you. I’ve loved you for quite sometime now, I just never told you.” He answered.

“You do?”

“Well, maybe not anymore. I mean you did eat all my chocolate covered strawberries.”

I laughed. A real laugh. And Tom laughed too. He wiped my tears away with his thumb and pressed his lips to mine. Sitting back, I smiled and poked Tom’s cheek.

“Aw Tom, you love me.” I teased. He laughed and stood up, grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder.

“Oh shut up y/n. But yes, I do love you.” He said walking to the door and opening it. “I love you enough to make you Mrs. Holland someday.”



Hey guys so this is my first writing piece on here. Let me know how I did! xx

tfc headcannon

•so we all know neil is oblivious™
•well one day neil is out with the upperclassmen + nicky
•allison wanted to take him shopping so the others tagged along
•andrew is there too
•bc neil
•and they’re all there eating pizza or something in the food court
•renee and andrew are talking quietly to themselves
•matt allison dan and nicky are all talking over each other trying to figure out what store to go to next
•neil is just watching them all thinking sappy thoughts about how much he loves them
•and then some kid that goes to palmetto stumbles over to neil
•he’s probably a freshman because neil doesn’t recognize him at all
•standing behind him are two giggling girls that neil figures also go to palmetto
•he’s standing really awkwardly in front of neil and the others just stop talking to listen in
•"hello?“ neil says
•the kid stumbles on his words “oh hi neil we have a class together?”
•neil doesn’t say anything but he can hear allison and nicky quietly making a bet about something
•"okay?“ neil says
•the kid goes “oh well I was just wondering if maybe you’d like to hang out sometime?” he says
•neil’s so confused
•"umm okay” neil says because he doesn’t know what else to say
•the kids face lights up “okay? cool! i’ll sit beside you in class tuesday?”
•the kid nods happily and writes his name and number on neil’s napkin for some reason, turning back to his friends who are gaping at neil and they all walk away, whispering
•neil turns back to his friends who’s faces are all painted with varying degrees of pity and amusement
•except andrew, who’s face gives away nothing
•"what?” neil asks, confused
•"neil” says nicky, but allison claps a hand over his mouth
•"it’s nothing neil" says allison
•"okay?“ neil says slowly, and turns to andrew, who’s jaw is clenched just a little too tightly
•neil figures andrew will tell him what’s upset him if he feels like it, so neil turns to renee and starts talking about what would happen if the world ended tomorrow

•it’s about three days later when neil gets a text from matt
•meet us in the girls room is all it says
•confused, neil makes his way back to fox tower and when he walks in he is met with the sight of all the foxes and katelyn sitting on beanbags and couches, all staring at him
•(aaron is there because katelyn is there and andrew is there because renee lured him in with promises of ice cream and he didn’t want to move when the others started flooding in)
•neil is confused as shit
•"neil” dan says somberly “you need to learn to recognize when you’re being flirted with”
•and neil is just staring at them because this is what they all gathered here for? people flirt with him?
•it was kevin who spoke next “you need to get your shit together neil, this could effect your exy performance”
•(idk how guys but kevin found a way)
•so they all sit him down and explain to him the signs to look for to know you’re being flirted with and how to turn them away gently
•allison elected him to just say “fuck off i have a boyfriend he will knife you” but renee quickly steered her back on track
•but anyway they’re all being 100% serious about this and the fact that andrew is still here tells neil that he agrees with them
•so nicky tells him he has to go find that kid and tell him he has a boyfriend because neil had basically agreed to go on a date with him
•neil is flabbergasted
•so they all go wait around him as he calls the number the kid had given him along with his name (logan)
•he picks up on the third ring “hello?” he says and andrew takes the phone out of his hand and puts it on speakerphone
•"yeah hi it’s neil" neil says into the phone, and he hears a sharp breath from the other end
•"and i just wanted to say that it was brought to my attention that you may have asked me on a date and i didn’t realize that and that i have a boyfriend" neil says in a rush, looking to his friends for approval
•they all nod in silence
•logan stammers a bit, but he squeaks out an “okay, sorry” before disconnecting the call
•allison nicky dan matt renee and katelyn all clap for him
•andrew grabs neil’s hand before dragging him out of the room
•"you’re so stupid,“ he tells neil on the roof, later that night
•"i don’t pay attention to those things they were trying to tell me” neil says “the only one i’m interested in is you”
•andrew stubs out his cigarette and kisses him “shut up” he whispers against neil’s lips, but the hands in his hair are telling him to do anything but
•neil is happy just to stay here with andrew, and the next time someone flirts with neil, a small pinch in neil’s side is all he needs from andrew to get a clue

send me prompts and i will try my best to fill them!

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Can you do a headcanons where your pregnant with Loki's child ples?

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  • Loki doesn’t like the idea of being a father, at least at first
  • He doesn’t think that he will be capable to raise a child and to explain them all the bad stuff he ever did
  • So his reaction is… you know…
  • “I don’t know if we can have this baby”
  • After a lot of fight, and long days of Loki ignoring the fact that you are pregnant (but thinking about it nonstop), he talks to you
  • He tells you all about his insecurity, how he never thought he would have a kid someday, how he’s “literally the worst person to build a family with”, etc
  • And you tell him how much you love him, how he may not become the best dad ever, but that he will fall in love with the baby and will do anything for him/her
  • It’s a slow process, but eventually Loki accepts the pregnancy and gets more excited about it
  • Sometimes you wake up to him chatting with your belly, talking as if he could hear the baby answering him
  • You secretly let Frigga know about the baby - you tell her in a secret trip to Asgard (let’s pretend that she’s not dead, alright? She was important for Loki)
  • And of course she tells Odin
  • So it’s kind of a surprise for Loki when she shows up, giving him a little blanket for the baby - identical to the one he used to have when he was only a little child
  • “This is a present from me and from your dad. You can bring your child to Asgard whenever you want”
  • And of course Loki will never go back to Asgard, but he also can’t keep the kid away from Frigga
  • So he just smiles, sadly
  • “You will be a lovely grandmother”
  • Through the whole pregnancy, Loki has to do his best and fight against not only the voices inside his head, but also the nightmares
  • Nightmares of you not surviving the childbirth, or him doing something terrible to the kid
  • He’s afraid
  • But he’s also so happy to see you happy and with a beautiful belly growing up
  • Loki gives you free rein to choose the baby’s name
  • “It doesn’t matter if is a boy or a girl, you can choose the name, darling”
  • He tries to be one of those guys who’s there for their girls when they have morning sickness, but sometimes he just can’t
  • Which doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you
  • He gets pretty worried, especially when you tell him you’re with a headache or something
  • Overall, I think it would be a very hard but nice experience
  • There would be problems, and fights, and Loki would lose his mind sometimes because he’s overthinking like hell
  • But at the end, when he sees the face of his little daughter for the very first time, everything becomes brighter
  • Like you said, he falls in love with her
  • And he now has another reason to fight against his demons
DILF- Shawn Mendes

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first imagine on Tumblr. It is 2204 words. Not sure if that’s long or short. I really don’t know what to say 😂 Feel free to message me with any feedback and I hope you enjoy! 

“Daddy comes home today, baby,” I expressed to my almost year old daughter while I bounced her on my hip.

“Aren’t you so excited?” she only replied with cute giggles and two-teethed smiles.

One thing about Avery was she loved her dad more than anything in the world. Anything about him made her happy. She loved to FaceTime with him or just listen to one of his songs. There had been many occasions when she wouldn’t sleep, but I put on her father’s music and she was out like a light.

I looked at my baby, being captivated by her beauty. Sure she was still young, but I could see her looking like her father more and more every day. She had his curly brown hair, the kind that swooped across her forehead, and his beautiful light brown eyes. Avery had Shawn’s smile and his cute little nose. He always said she looked like me and “Thank God because you’re the cute one.” I didn’t agree with either of those statements. I was glad she looked like him. If I was missing him, I had a little mini him around to dull the longing I felt.

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What Dating George Weasley Would Include:

- Endless amount of cuddles.
- Helping tutor him with his homework.
- George coming to you for your opinion on every new prank Fred and him create.
- George saving a spot for you everyday in class, and shoving Fred out of it when he tries to steal it.
- Making fun of Draco together.
- Him waiting for you every morning in the common room so you two can catch breakfast together.
- George asking you to the Yule Ball in the most romantic way in the Gryffindor common room in front of all of your friends.
- George being in complete and utter awe when he first sees you at the dance.
- Him trying to kiss you all night and whispering sweet nothings in your ear as you two dance together.
- Dancing widely together all night long at the Ball and having the time of your lives.
- George escorting you back to your dorm room and sweetly kissing you goodnight.
- Playing three truths and a lie together, despite the fact that you two practically know everything about one another.
- Ginny looking up to you and growing an extremely close friendship with her.
- Sneaking around the castle together after hours just to play harmless pranks on each other.
- Making insults and poking fun at Umbridge behind her back.
- Comforting each other after gruesome detentions with the pink toad.
- “Y/n look what she did to you! I’m gonna make that bloody git pay for what she did. She’s vile and someone needs to put her in her place.”
- “Georgie it’s alright honestly. We just need to get through this year and we’ll be fine!”
- Practicing nonstop with Dumbledore’s army.
- Constantly stealing all of George’s jumpers just so you can wear them.
- Having a close tight knit friendship with Fred and him treating you like a sister always looking out for you.
- Going to the Quidditch World Cup together every year.
- Falling asleep on George’s lap on the train ride to Hogwarts and him playing with your hair.
- George teaching you how to play Quidditch.
- Laughing at the simplest of things together.
- Going to all of his matched and cheering loudly with his jersey number painted on your cheek in a rich scarlet and gold colors.
- Practically praising him after every game, even the ones they lost, on how amazing he played.
- George spoiling you with small meaningful gifts here and there.
- A infinite number of inside jokes.
- Molly absolutely loving you and inviting you to all their family get together and knitting you your very own Weasley sweater on your first Christmas together with the Weasley family.
- Still stealing George’s cozy ‘G’ sweater even though you have your own.
- Going on the annual Hogsmeade trips together and trying to sneak into the pubs together.
- Scolding George for days on end after the whole ear incident.
- Making ear puns back and forth to one another once you get used to his missing ear.
- “Hey darling, I guess you could say I’m Saint like.”
“What do you mean, love?”
“Well I’m Holy… Get it like my ear is gone…. and it’s just a big hole so I’m holy!”
“Yes of course you crazy fool I get it now go back to bed you need to get some rest.”
- Helping both the twins manage Weasley Wizard Wheezes.
- George being overprotective of you and constantly threatening other students for looking at you.
- Sneaking small kisses in between classes.
- Holding hands together almost all the time.
- Meeting up with each other in the Gryffindor common room after hours just so you two can talk more.
- George making up stupid excuses just so he can kiss you.
- "Y'know love, someday I’m gonna marry you.”
“Why on earth would you ever want to marry me, Georgie?”
“So I can kiss you anytime I want.”
- Talking about you future lives together and how many kids you want.
- "I think we should have a huge family! You will be an amazing mother and our kids will the most adorable children in the world.”
- Making ginger jokes to him.
- Helping dress each other for Bill and Fleur’s wedding.
- George making funny faces at you while the couple are exchanging their vows.
- Dancing around carefree all night long.
- George proposing to you in the middle of the Battle of Hogwarts.
- “Y/n I love you so much, you mean the absolute world to me and I couldn’t imagine living my life out with anyone else by my side-”
“Besides Fred… anyways what I’m trying to say is you’re my world. You’re beautiful, intelligent, and you find my pranks funny which is always a plus and you even join in on them! Y/n would you make me the happiest man to walk this earth and… marry me?”
- George refusing to let you leave his side during the battle.
- Comforting him relentlessly after the death of his brother.
- George slowly slipping away after Fred passes away but you managing to hold him together by a small thread.
- “Y/n, thank you for sticking with me through all of this. I love you so much.”
“I love you too, darling.”
- Getting married a few months after the war and having six lovely, red headed, children together.
- Teaching George how to French braid your youngest twin daughters hair.
- "Why the bloody hell is this so complicated! Girls what do you say about just wearing your hair in normal braid today, hm?”
- Taking your eldest child, Fred ll, to Kings Cross station his first time going to Hogwarts and George holding you as you cry a river of tears.
- Fred ll coming back on his holiday break rambling on about a ghost at the castle that looks just like his father that plays all sorts of pranks on all the other students leaving George and yourself stunned.

-daizy xxx


Can we talk about the fact that it’s Cole fucking Sprouse playing a lead role in Riverdale and that it’s been years since he last played in a production.
I can’t be the only one who still can’t believe it because she remembers exactly how much she loved “the suite life” when she was a kid.
I waited since the last episode of suite life on deck for something like Riverdale - new movie or tv stuff from one of the Sprouses.
Everytime I read something about Riverdale a/o Jughead or see a new edit on youtube I immediatly feel like a proud mother.

This piece of art is one of my favorites since 2007 and I just feel so lucky?

Caught in the Act (J2 RPF)

AO3 Link: Here
Ship: Padackles (Jared/Jensen)
Rating: Explicit
Content Warning: rough sex, coming untouched, non-au, bottom!Jared, top!Jensen, convention, semi-public, praise kink, dirty talk, smut, mentions of wives, barebacking
Summary: Jensen convinces Jared to have a quickie in a spare room at the convention. They forget to lock the door.
Word Count: 2853
Beta’ed by: @brothersonahotelbed
A/N: This was a commission for @glass-closet. Hope you enjoy!! (If y’all like this and want a commission, here’s the info! (prices lowered!))
A/N2: Tags at the bottom. If you’d like to be tagged in future fics, let me know!

“Not a chance,” Jared whispered. He sidestepped out of Jensen’s arms and away from his roaming mouth.

“Come on, we didn’t fuck this morning. You didn’t even get fingered,” Jensen complained, running his fingers over Jared’s ass.

“Jack– We have a panel in twenty.”

“I can fill your ass in ten.”

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All I could think about when watching Toonz’ new video is how that kid acted just like him and Ohm. He was sassy but adorable, almost like he could be their love child. 

Also can we talk about how they acted around him? Like how Toonz was still his cursing self, although much more gentle when speaking to the kid, and how Ohm was just the adorable ‘oh you want to ask all these questions? that’s okay I’ll answer every one!”  

The best part though is when Toonz went “That made me moist, I’m moist” with Ohm responding in that disapproving voice, “Toonz, there’s a child present (°ロ°)”. I just really loved everything about this video. 

Death of a Bachelor

I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m writing fic again so hi, have some Klaine AU happenings based on The Bachelor!

Rated PG… for now. Butts later.

Chapter 1

“You did what?”

“Come on, Blainey Squirt boy. It’ll be fun!”

Blaine grimaced as his older brother rambled into his ear over the phone. Every week they tried to set up at least one time and day to chat and stay in touch with each other’s lives, but Cooper, as always, had derailed that. It was six o’clock on a Thursday morning—Blaine’s one day off this week.

“Look, I had a blast when I was on The Bachelorette. Made a lot of friends, got to go all over the place on really fancy dates. It was great for my image, too. That’s how I got the recurring spot on The Young and the Restless. They’re talking about making me a regular!”

“Didn’t they kill you off last month?”

“That’s not the point. Everyone comes back to life on those shows.”

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I rewatched Soshitsu

You know how this goes, I posted a ton of tweets with my reactions. Will do a more serious analysis later on.

Here are my reactions for Saikai, Ketsui and Kokuhaku.

  • i rewatched those 5 first minutes and oh my God if I had been Maki I’d also be PISSED AS HELL 
  • I wonder what happened to the other 3 original Chosen Chikdren
  • Also Daigo x Maki are the original Takari
  • Pyocomon really go super pissed when Sora stepped on her leaf
  • Tokomon is super cute I want to have it for breakfast
  • I love Jou he’s the best in this OVA can someone give him a medal
  • In Adventure the Digimon knew those kids were their partners, they were waiting for them but after the reboot they have no clue of who they are.
  • Meicoomon has to be killed who are we even kidding
  • Koushiro’s such a nerd talking about the Oolong tea I love him so much
  • Motimon really wanted him to stop talking LOL.
  • Tokomon’s teeth are so dangerous
  • How did Mimi turn out to be a chef again
  • Koromon is such a fatass I love him so much
  • Now we know why Sora was carrying two bags, one was mainly for the food
  • Sora really is pissed about the reboot not working out with Meicoomon
  • Can Jou’s girlfriend appear already
  • How can the Digimon not know their own names
  • After Mimi openly stating Palmon was ugly it’s nice to see her saying she’s pretty
  • My brother just really wants Meiko dead LMAOOOO he has no idea
  • Whenever Meicoomon’s angry the infection reappears this is something
  • In 1999 they didn’t have phones life was simpler
  • Taichi and Yamato sharing looks because they know Sora’s unstable
  • Taichi really tries his best to make Sora feel better and Yamato wants to get closer but they really are clueless
  • Maki’s computer has a DigiWorld Google Maps
  • Taichi is the worst he never knows when to SHUT UP
  • Sora really exploded with Taichi and Yamato, perhaps because they’re the closer to her. Calling them selfish, and they really are
  • Can Taichi, Sora and Yamato openly get in a polyamorous relationship already
  • I wonder what would’ve happened if Taichi and Yamato hadn’t gone looking for Sora
  • What did the rest of the gang think when the golden trio came out of the woods how kinky
  • Sora really closes herself when she’s bad with Piyomon yet she doesn’t stop caring for her at all
  • Maki made the reboot her final goal in life, she got obsessed
  • I wonder if Meicoomon opened portals in the distortion so the kids would survive
  • Piyomon is stone cold how many times must she make Sora CRY
  • Will they ever let us know how did Meiko get to the DigiWorld
  • Hikari is so pure so graceful she was simply taking a nap next next to a tree
  • The kids appeared in iconic places i wish they had done more things there
  • Meiko is a girl scout this is canon
  • What kind of drugs did Hackmon use on Daigo oh my GOD
  • Palmon is a better artist than Taichi
  • Piyomon sleeping next to Meiko instead of Sora was too much WHY TOEI WHY
  • The train was coming after Koushiro and Yamato and the Digimon wouldn’t move AT ALL
  • Everyone loves trolling Yamato let’s make an OVA where everyone trolls him 10/10 would watch
  • Hikari saying they should accept their partners as they are now was such a nice thing to say, plus she knows Nyaromon didn’t get to suffer this time around
  • I’m glad Meiko was there to comfort Sora tbh she really needed to be listened
  • Sora saved Meiko’s ass
  • I wonder if the Mysterious Man gets to control whoever he wants
  • Meicoomon opened tge portals so the rest of the gang could go help them out
  • Sora throwing rocks at the MM is so iconic I want this in every fanfiction

The Mysterious Man: licks Sora’s cheek 

Sora: does nothing 

Mugendramon attacks Piyomon. 


  • Will forever fangirl at the fact Taichi and Yamato got into the PORTALS TO SAVE SORA 
  • I wonder if the gang saw Gennai/the MM harassing Sora like shit 

Taichi: are you okay, Sora? 


  • Gennai on full sith mode is scary as fuck 
  • How powerful can Plotmon’s attack be 
  • Joe saying the bad guy is Yg whatever he’s called ayfiebf
  • Koushiro typing random stuff in the laptop and everyone getting his plan is too funny
  • Leaving Meiko alone was a badddd idea y'all
  • Sora’s eyes when Piyomon called her by her name <3 <3
  • Yamato!!!!!!…… kun
  • How did Maki know where to find Bakumon exactly
  • Maki really went full cray cray
  • What was that underwater scene where Taichi and Yamato die it was so weird
  • Was the lake frozen or how did they manage to stand now
  • Palmon saying Tentomon got shrunk is so CUTE
  • what kind of food does Sora eat to make her bones so strong
  • Yeah, don’t mind me here I am about to die yet I want to talk about meatballs
  • I love Hououmon’s sparkly feathers
  • Seraphimon and HerkulesKabuterimon really were unnecessary imo
  • 20 minutes of evolution sequences later
  • Pyocomon’s de-evolution sequence was super cool okay
  • So Jou did notice Piyomon and Sora weren’t getting alone
  • I never knew how much I needed a Star Wars x Digimon crossover
  • The first thing that Sora says to Taichi and Yamato is asking them if they got hurt I adore this woman so MUCH

Taichi: hits Yamato so he’d talk to Sora 

Yamato: hits Taichi so he’d talk to Sora 

Sora: bakas

  • Meiko is like super dead but not really.
  • My brother can’t stop laughing at the fact Seraphimon appeared just because lmao 
  • sooo…. Hackmon is with Homeostasis and Alphamon is with Yggdrasil
  • What I still don’t get is why Gennai needed Ken’s for to get into the Real World when he already could get into with his Digital form

I still feel like I have to watch it one more time to fully appreciate everything… but this definitely was something.

I really enjoyed seeing Sora have the spotlight, I didn’t enjoy all the time lost with evolution sequences, but what to do.

Also, that cliffhanger?? God knows when will OVA number 5 will come out.

When their s/o being older than them and very independent also live in another country

Anonymous said:  Hi! Could I request a BTS reaction to their S/O being older than them and very independent? Maybe throw in that S/O lives in another country if it isn’t asking too much? Thanks! 😀

Kim Namjoon : 

He sighed as he unlock his lockscreen and found you sent him pictures. There you are with your friend, in Hongkong Disneyland wearing cute minnie stuff on your head. He smiled while swiping his phone for more pictures. 

“What are you looking at?” Asked Hoseok. 

“y/n is having a weekend on Disneyland. I wish I could join her but we have tour,” he sighed. Hoseok patted his shoulder, “you’re a strong leader, Namjoon.” 

You watched Namjoon’s live and vidcall him as soon as he’s done with his schedules. You waited and waited unti you saw Namjoon with bright face. “Hey, babygirl! I missed you so much!” He said. You chuckled, “you saw the pictures I sent you?”

He nodded, “yeah, you’re very cute. Let’s go there someday, okay?” He said. You smiled at him, “it’s okay, I can wait until you finished your tour. Or maybe I could come for several concerts to see you.” His face lightened up, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” 

Kim Seok Jin : 

He rolled his body with a blanket, making Jimin, as his roommate confused by his hyung behavior. “What are you doing, hyung?” He asked. 

Jin sighed and ruffled his hair, “I missed her so much. It’s been three weeks since she went back to her country…” He sighed. Jimin chuckled and he record him secretly, “what do you miss about her, hyung?” Jimin asked. 

“Everything. I’m gonna cry Jimin, don’t start the conversation.”

“But you look you want to spill it out.”

“I missed her food, okay! She makes delicious food in the world! And now, she’s in another country, which is her’s and she cooks for a lot of people since she works as a chef!” He yelled in frustrated. 

Jimin sent you the video and laughed as Jin rolled himself in a blanket. “What a cutie,” you said. That night, you would tease him until he yelled to Jimin and threatened him to let him starve for a month. 

Min Yoongi : 

For Yoongi, you’re his inspiration. Because people need inspiration for producing good stuffs, including Yoongi. That’s why when you’re not around he would locked himself inside the studio and stalk your social media. 

“I missed you a lot, why don’t you stay here with me?” He frowned as he saw your face on video call. 

‘Yoongi, don’t be such a baby. I have job,’ you chuckled. 

“It’s not like you’re older than me you can do whatever you want, I have enough money for us to live together so don’t worry and comeback.”

You sighed as you saw his childishness, ‘Yoongi, hun, I promise you I’ll be back at the end of the month. Just be patient and focus on your songs.’ 

Jung Hoseok : 

“I love you.”

“I missed you.”

“I’m going to give you a lot of kisses when we meet!!” 

Park Jimin : 

He would do a lot of video calls just to make sure you eat and healthy. ‘I’m not a kid, Jimin. Remember? I born 2 months earlier than you. I ate 2457 more bowls than you.; 

“Y/n…” He pouted. 

‘Ooppss….I’m sorry.” You grinned. He chuckled and shook his head, “I missed you so much…can you please come quickly?” 

Kim Taehyung : 

It’s Taehyung, we’re talking about. He would send you a lot of his selcas and videos that make you laugh. You sometimes tell him how hard living alone in apartment. 

He laughed at your words, “seems like you’re still a kid, y/n.”

‘Kim Taehyung,’ you pouted. He sighed and stared at you deeply, “I wish we could cuddle and tell you how much I love you. You’re not alone” 

Jeon Jungkook : 

Same like Taehyung, you live alone in apartment. Jungkook also worried about you cause he knows that you easily get scared.

‘Jungkook-ah, I can’t sleep,’ you said, ‘I’m scared…’ 

He chuckled and told you to cover yourself with blanket, “don’t be such a baby, I’m the baby here. Now, let me sing you till you fall asleep.” 

State of Westallen: United (Part Two)

Now let’s get into the meat of every good marriage proposal: the dialogue. After re-watching the scene for umpteenth time, I genuinely wondered if the writer’s room had a bet on how much Westallen parallels they could sneak into one monologue. 

Let’s talk about the significance of threes in this season of the show. Right now, we have three speedsters on one Earth. Joe West found himself with three kids. The love story Barry tells is from three generations back. 

Let me see if I can accurately paraphrase it. A man about to begin a dangerous journey fighting evil wanted to propose to his sweetheart, but the time wasn’t right. He left, and he finally got the right ring three years later (or three seasons…). He fought through hell and back, all the while keeping the memory of his sweetheart’s love in his heart while continuing to hope for the future. Once he got back, she was waiting for him, because she had loved him through all the pain and confusion and separation. The moment the biggest danger of the moment had passed, he proposed. Sound like a story we know? 

Originally posted by lolurnotgrantgustin

I’ve said it from the very beginning – the Flash, and by extension Westallen, is about family. Family is a thing that reaches the length of the universe, and is something that will envelope you in warmth and love no matter where you go. It’s something you make for yourself, by choosing friends…

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by choosing your soulmate…

Originally posted by westallengifs

by choosing your children. 

Originally posted by amanitacaplan

Barry and Iris are the beginning of a speedster dynasty, growing a family that will forever change the universe for the better. But they are not the start of their family – the universe has been bringing them together for a long time. Barry’s story about his great-grandparents mirrors his own because history repeats itself. 

Even the Speed Force knows this. Iris has proved herself to be Barry’s lightning rod, but even before the Speed Force was introduced as a concept in the show, it showed itself in two particular moments. The first was during a flashback to Barry’s coma. Iris had a sweet moment telling Barry about her day, and off-handedly mentions that she accepted Eddie’s offer for a date. Iris is lonely, emotionally raw, unsure if she’ll ever be able to say hello or goodbye to her best friend ever again. She is unmoored, and drifting towards Eddie Thawne. Then this happens. 

The second time is right after Eddie is kidnapped. She is close to making the biggest mistake of her life by becoming engaged to Eddie, but she just saw the man with home she shares a home ripped out of her arms. She is just as unmoored again, but then she is finally reassured by the Flash. Then this happens. 

(gif from @fanaticandfemale

A spark when their ring fingers are about to come together and when they are about to come apart. Each time the building block of the universe is telling two people they are meant to be. 

How can we doubt Iris’ answer will be taken straight out of the comics?

How can I not?

Link to Part One

Be okay

Request:  Could write something where Harry and Y/n have kids and Y/n doesn’t tell Harry that she has Depression?? 


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Seth Rollins - Prompt #80 Part 3

Prompt: Part 1 Part 2 
Requested: I can’t remember sorry… Tell me if you guys want more and want to be tagged if I write more.
Warnings: Swearing? 
y/s/n: Your son’s name

*Seth’s POV* 

As I quietly closed the door to y/n’s hotel room, I leant against the door and sighed. I didn’t know what I was expecting when I showed up at her door. Honestley I kinda thought she would slam the door in my face. When she asked if I wanted to see him, my heart stopped. He was perfect. He looked so peacefully. He had one of his legs out from under his blanket, something y/n does constantly. 

I smiled as I walked down the hall to my room. When I originally found out y/s/n was mine… I’m not going to lie, I freaked out. My mind was racing. But now that I’ve had time to calm down and think and see him. I felt okay. It was still massive and out of the blue but I was okay. Y/n and I had talked about kids after we got engaged. She loved kids. She always babysat for family and friends from a young age. Me, kids weren’t my top priotiy. I didn’t care whether or not I had kids, until that night. 

She lay in bed findling with her engagment ring. It had been a week since I had asked her to marry me and she was still playing with it. 

“I really love it” she smiled as I walked into the bedroom drying my hair with a towel. 

“Now that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together” I said lying on the bed next to her “What’s your biggest fear?” 

“Geez going in deep. I thought you were going to say what my favourite colour was” She smiled 

“That yellow, because it makes you smile” I said rubbing her legs “come on… you always said you’d tell me when we were more serious. I don’t think there is anything more serious then choosing a human to spend the rest of your life with” 

“I don’t want to freak you out” She said taking a deep breath 

“Never” I smiled 

“….Not being able to have kids” 

“Really? I never would have guessed that” 

“Yeah. I’ve thought about it since I was like 15. I’ve always been surrounded by kids. I was the only girl my age in my family friend group. Like everyone else my age were boys and the girls were like 5 when I was 15 so I was always looking after kids when everyone got together. So I loved kids and it made think imagine if I wasn’t able to have kids” she said 

“There’s alaways other options babe” I whispered taking her hands 

“I’ve seen first hand how hard it is for people to have kids. Like yes there’s adoption or fostering but like…I want them to be ours. At least related to one of us. Surragacy can be horrible. I saw my friend go through so much heartache with surragacy and I can’t imagine going through it myself” 

We ended up talking about names for kids and I was really glad that she gave y/s/n the top name that we talked about together. She knew I liked the name, it at least means she was thinking about me when she was pregnant. 

The next morning I headed to the gym with Cesaro and filled him in on everything that had happened in the past 24 hours. 

“Is your life ever normal? Like can you just have no drama in your life?” Cesero asked as we headed to a coffee shop. 

“Apprently not” I shrugged 

“So what are you going to do?” Cesero said grabbing his coffee off the table 

“I’m going to be there obviously. I want to be in his life. I’m probably going to move to Florida. I want to be there. I’m gonna talk to someone to make sure we have the same schedules. I’ve missed heaps in just 6 months. I can’t miss anymore” I said 

“I meant about y/n” Cesaro said “It’s been what two years?” 

“Yeah pretty much” I sighed “I don’t know what to do with her. You know how I feel about her” 

“I know I just want you to say it” Cesaro smirked “You fucked up with her” 

“I know I did” I rolled my eyes. It was the worst mistake of my life. The only thing I can put it down to is having a crisis about the rest of my life but that’s no excuse for cheating. My friends and everyone around constantly reminded me how stupid I was. Dean ripped into me. He was like her big brother and since y/n and Renae were such good friends. “I love her. I never stopped. She’s my perfect girl and now she has my baby. I mean I’m tied to her for the rest of my life” 

“Or at least until y/s/n is 18″ Cesaro said 

“I want her. I want us to be a family again but I ruined that. I hurt her and I don’t think she would ever take me back” 

“You never know until you try” 

“You really want us back together?” 

“You made each other happy. You made her happy as much as she made you happy. I watched your relationship blossom. And it hurt me when you broke up” 

“I get it! I fucked up!” I exclaimed 

“I also miss traveling with her. She was great” 

“You realise if we got back got back together and she travelled with us again there would be a baby here” 

“I can deal with that. I’d be a great uncle. Just promise me you’ll try” 

“I’ll try. I’m gonna give her time though…She needs time” 

Hope you guys liked it