can we talk about how happy louis looks

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Why do you think most people ignore when Camille is standing with Harry's family yet people whip in to hysterics and borderline homophobia whenever Louis's stunts do the same? I don't care either way because it's part of their closets unfortunately, but watching the same bloggers who always have a comment when Louis stunts but ignore Camille or say it's not really happening is.. something

Mmm yeah, there’s a difference in how some people treat the stunts when they’re coming from Harry’s side vs. Louis’ side. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that Louis’ closet is more ironclad than Harry’s is. Louis is much more restricted - he can’t wave rainbows onstage, he can’t make ambiguous comments his sexuality, he can’t even make ambiguous comments about his dating life, instead always having to bring up Eleanor, and so on. When he stunts, people seem more likely to become angry, and some people unfairly direct that anger and bitterness toward him. In contrast, when Harry stunts, I think maybe it’s easier for people to ignore it or minimize it because they can just tell themselves, oh, but he hasn’t talked about her in any interviews like Louis talks about Eleanor all the time so that makes it less of a thing, or oh, but look how flamboyant he was onstage yesterday, or oh, but look at how many LGBTQ+ supportive flags he’s waved lately. Since we don’t have those things to focus on with Louis, I think when he stunts, some fans are unable to ignore it or recognize that while it definitely sucks (mostly for him, but also for us to watch because we love him and want him to be happy), it’s not unusual (he’s been having to do this for years now) and it’s not something we should ever become hostile toward him for. That’s just my two cents on it.

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tell me the parts in VC that make you laugh the most plz & thnx

Well… there are many funny bits aren’t there? And it’s super difficult to list the funniest bits in the entire VC because there are so many!

I really need to do a re-read because I know there is so much stuff I forgot about because of the sheer volume of text and of time in general…
I listen to the audiobooks at work and I’m laughing at stuff all the time, but I really should take notes.

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footie!louis masterpost

i’ve tried to put more thought into this post than i did my braces!louis post but it was so hard, because footie gets me all excited about the clubs and who is playing and the game itself and all that jazz (and man united lost today…again…so i’m a bit more emotional and competitive than usual regarding my club) and you add louis to that and…well..i kind of self implode.

however, how can you say no to a masterpost filled with this:

and this

the answer simply is you can’t, so here is my attempt to keep my wits about me as i talk about why the combination of louis and football is so glorious.

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What happened?

Okay that’s MY point of view, if you don’t like it please just ignore me.

All the things I write don’t mean that I don’t love the boys anymore. I’m a real directioner and will always be just my opinion and I had to get it out of my chest.

Am I the only one who thinks “that’s it”? Like…the boys don’t really need us anymore? Look, they’re on top of the world, and they may still love us but am I the only one who sees that they’ve enough? All the stress lately is just frickin’ much for them, isn’t it? All the mobs, all the paparazzis, all the shit they’ve been through. Directioners used to be a fandom, now it’s like a war here, you get hate if you ship Larry, Elounor, Zerrie, don’t ship Zerrie, Payzer, Sophiam, Diall, Hendall, Haylor, Halvin and all the other shit. Why can’t we just accept the fact that not everyone does see the things the way we do? Why can’t we just be a family again and focus on the boys instead of hating on each other? Isn’t it ridiculous?

The only thing I see is that the boys are tired. Niall is the only one who’s tweeting regularly. Harry is barely tweeting, the same with Liam and about Louis and Zayn’s (fake) account I don’t even wanna talk. (You can think what you want about Zayn’s account, as I said, this is my opinion.)

I don’t know, but it’s been a while since I actually believed it when the boys smiled, it’s been a while since I believed it when they said “We love you, Directioners.” I just can’t see anymore that they’re really happy and all the hate changed them. Don’t you miss the childish Louis too? Of course he’s still the funny one but it’s just not the same as before. But it’s not just how they act it’s also their look. I LOVE THE BOYS AND THEIR LOOKS TOO ITS JUST HOT TBH but I can’t read an imagine with “the curly boy” anymore because I don’t see the curls anymore and they didn’t disappear in a natrually way to be honest.

Don’t get it wrong, I still LOVE their songs and the lyrics is ALWAYS perfect and the melody and actually EVERYTHING, but even the songs aren’t the same anymore, of course the boys grow up and want a more mature image and some are still the same but most of them changed, as I said it’s not bad, but sometimes I don’t see it’s ONE DIRECTION. When I hear one of their songs on the radio I hardly can hold back tears because I’m frickin’ proud of them and to be honest, I think, no matter how much they love us, they don’t really need us anymore.


Ok here’s what they’ve said so far…it’s alternating between Dax and the other worker, Nicole, and when you see quotation marks it means they’re quoting a fan’s comment:


listen i get the whole privacy thing but when you’re in public on the beach staring at the cameras…..everyone knows when they go down to the beach in mexico everyone gets photographed….literally every celebrity that’s down in mexico…gets photographed.

…there’s a lot to look at. you see the top going off. you see them look at the camera. then you see them just sitting there.

…i don’t think there’s any way they did not see the camera she would have covered up quickly. and she didn’t….it’s for one for him to tweet about privacy…

…i think there’s a game that needs to be played with celebs and paps. paps need celebs. and celebs need paps.

…i think with anyone you want to stay relevant, you want to stay in the media, and paps provide that for people.

…you put yourself in the position to be seen and you can’t complain about that.

…do you remember when paris and nicole were on top of the world. i found it really funny. she went on tyra banks’ show and she sat there and complained about paps following her around and trailing her…what people didn’t know is that she used to take her car…and drive down by where paps were…a lot of celebs will play the poor me role even though they ask for it or want it.

…“uh he isn’t that famous outside the fandom” uh of course he is he’s part of the biggest boyband in teh world…he’s not on the D list at all! what are you talking about…one direction is the biggest band in the world right now.

…i did not say they called the paps do not get me wrong i also said they know the paps are there you see them looking directly there.

…“"simon takes louis to do all these pr stunts to ruin his image because 1d are leaving him”“…

…can we point out one other thing. she is in mexico with her bf who is crazy famous who is crazy rich who brought out the booze…why is she so miserable?

…he doesn’t look super happy either but she looks so sad she looks like she’s about to cry.

…[talking about how it could be resting bitch face but how she looks more mad and sad than anything else so probably not]

…you don’t need to look ecstatic but she looks really sad.

They moved on to Bieber for now.

Preference #387: Hey Angel

Harry: “Hey Angel,” Harry said, as he walked into your kitchen after a long night’s sleep. You blushed over his use of the nickname he’d given you at the beginning of your relationship. “Hi Baby,” you replied back, as his arms went around your waist from behind. “Sorry about last night,” he laughed, recalling the night before when the boys had been over and they stayed up far too late talking all night about the beginning of their career so many years ago. “It’s fine, you four can talk a lot about those things though.” Harry nodded, still holding onto your tightly, “Do you ever look at us and laugh when we hold on to the past? You’re probably sick of hearing about those years.” You spun around, so your face was inches from Harry’s, as you smiled and assured him that was not the case, “Not at all. I see how much that means to all of you, even now. Hold on to it as long as you want. If it makes you happy, and not like upset you’re not still there, I don’t care how long you hold onto it.”

Louis: You were so organized. So put together. You always knew exactly what you were doing. Totally opposite from Louis. Organizing things and keeping his life in order, that was not his strong suit. He tried sometimes, but it never quite worked for him. “I wish I could be more like you,” he said out of the blue one day, while watching you go through your closet that had everything in it’s proper place at all times. You stopped what you were doing, and turned around to look at him, “What do you mean by that?” “You know, actually have things under control. Organized. Then again, you never seem to loosen up, and that’s not good either.” You had no idea if he was complimenting you or not, “This seems like it’s going all over the place.” Louis shrugged, not feeling the same. He knew what he was trying to say, “I just wish I was more organized. Do you wish you could be more like me? At all?” You were so confused by this conversation, but shrugged your shoulders, “I guess? I’d like to not stress so much, be more easy going. But I don’t think about it. I guess so though, yeah.”

Liam: The middle of the night was not when you expected to get a phone call from Liam. You hadn’t heard from him all day, or much at all this week, so you were surprised. “Liam?” “Hey [Y/N], I couldn’t sleep. Kept thinking about you.” After the past week, those words seemed hard to believe. “Mhm. Sure.” Your tone instantly told Liam you were annoyed. He should have known before that moment though. He knew his calls had been seldom lately. “I’m sorry I haven’t called much. Sometimes it’s just hard to pick up the phone. Makes me miss you more. I should though, because when I heard your voice I come alive. It’s a beautiful sound, it’s a beautiful noise.” You rolled your eyes, even if he could not see that action, “Then call me. It’s hard for me too, but not hearing from you makes it even worse.” Liam took a deep breath, and accepted he was wrong in how he handled being apart. “You’re right. I’m sorry. But just so you know, all I do is think about you. Sometimes I think I’m going a bit crazy. I see you at the bar, at the edge of my bed, backseat of my cat, in the back of my head. You’re always there.” You laughed, “Good. I’m glad you think of me so much. Because I’m always thinking about you too.”

Niall: When the boys announced their break, you were excited. That meant Niall would be home more. That meant he could focus on other things he wanted to do. You did not expect him to just sit there every single day, unsure of what he ever wanted to do. “Niall, you can’t just waste away your life.” He looked up at you, from his spot on the couch, the same one he sat on every single day. “I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to record solo stuff or anything. I just want to wait until the boys are ready to record again.” You felt bad. He really did just miss his friends. He missed the normal he had grown accustomed to. You sat next to him, “Why don’t you want to record solo? You should. Even if it’s just one or two songs. Everyone else is, and I know you’re fans would love that.” He hesitated for a moment, before voicing a lack of confident he had hidden from you for so long, “I just don’t know if I should. I don’t think it would be as good as the others. I wish I could be more than I am. You know?” His words caused tears to spring to your eyes, “Niall, you are more. You’re amazing. So many feel that way. Don’t think you’re not. You are completely amazing in every single way.”

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(1) I know it has been a while since the AMAs but I was on Youtube and found these amazing videos of their performance filmed by fans. I don't know if at the time people talked about this but I thought I should send you because they are so amazing! On this one: www-youtube-com-watch?v=5zfhp6ZvhTY Niall is pointing his head (around 0.41) in a way that seems to be like 'look louis, look, Harry is singing for you' and then he smiles :) And you can see how Louis is sooo happy in the end.

(2) And on this one www-youtube-com-watch?v=6VAMoOJRfk0 you can clearly see Harry singing toward Louis! And I think at some points Louis is completely inclined towards Harry (something we couldn’t see in the live video. I think this is incredible and it should be talked more because it is such a public statement of love!


Oh I don’t think I’ve seen this angle! Lmao it does look like Niall is looking at Louis and shaking his head toward Harry like “Do you see your boyfriend right now? Am I actually witnessing this with me own eyes? You guys are cute. Go get married.” And Liam is taking it all in too looking from one to the other. And you’re right you can see the angle Louis is facing a little better in this one. They were so blatantly obvious during this it was so great.

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What do you think for their punishment? Grounding? No video games? No going out for a week?”

Harry stares at the previously pristine white wall with furrowed brows and a finger resting on his lips as he takes in the scene.  There are drawings littering the bottom in every color of paint imaginable, hand prints and lines and squiggles and little stick figures.  The drawings actually aren’t all that bad.  Sadie’s got an artistic eye for someone her age, but that could be Harry’s bias talking.

“What’s her punishment?” Louis asks, cutting through Harry’s internal art critique.  “Do we ground her?  Tell her she can’t play games on her iPad?  Don’t let her go out for a week?”

“Lou,” Harry laughs, looking over at his husband.  “She’s four - where is she going without us knowing?”

Louis looks down sheepishly, running a hand through his already messy hair.  “What the fuck do we even do?”

“Paint over it, for starters.  Get Niall to paint over it.”

“She knows better than this,” Louis says with a sigh.  “I know we’ve told her she can’t paint on the fuckin’ walls and to keep it on the paper, but.  How are you not even mad about this?  You’re the one in love with all that interior decorating shit, I just approve stuff that’ll make you happy.”

Harry shrugs.  “Her drawings are quite good,” he says calmly, pointing to the wall.  “That one’s labeled Papa.”  He motions.  “Looks just like you.”

“I’m, like, four feet shorter than the one labeled Daddy.”


Louis slaps Harry’s shoulder.  “Twat.”

“Anyway, we can take away X-Factor. She’s been talking about it all day, yeah?  Tell her she can’t watch tonight.”

“Oh, that’s harsh,” Louis says, hooking his chin over Harry’s shoulder as he looks at the wall.  “And I mean, her drawings are quite good.”

Harry just laughs and shakes his head - they’re hopeless.

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What if Louis is made out to be completely devastated when baby gate ends, won't it seem really horrible for larries to be like "haha told you so"

I honestly couldn’t care less? Like listen, I have no need to go around and say ‘haha told you so’ though I love being right, like I already know I am right, but I know there are people being tricked and yeah, but honestly of course I will be happy and celebrating and nothing is going to stop me from that? The portrayal of the fans in the media is awful almost all the time, fans as general, then especially larries, and it’s been like that for years, so they are going to sell whatever they’re ging to sell, like it is annoying as fuck that it is like this, but it isn’t stopping me from celebrating. Antis have been terrible to us for years too, the bullying has been terrible throughout whole babygate, so if they trash us for celebrating it is over, I couldn’t care less, because yes… we were actually right and most importantly, we KNOW Louis won’t be devasted nor heartbroken, we know it will be a huge relief for him, for his family, for Harry, for the boys, for us.. We know, that Louis has been through so much and doesn’t deserve it at all and once this is all over he is going to be closer to being free and he sure as hell is going to be happy and that is also the thing. We, throughout the years and if you want to talk about babygate then you can talk about babygate especially, have beenfocusing on how the boys are, what they’re telling us and if they’re genuinely happy. And Louis knows that we will be happy with them once this is over. So I couldn’t care less about looking bad to someone, because we have been trough hell as well and it’s about the time this ends. :)

Its clearly shown I put about 0% amount of effort into that edit and its beyond shit but oh well :)

Okay so here goes… When I first made this account, I didn’t expect that I’d keep it for that long. In fact, I thought I would of given up on it by now. But as I kept on using it I began to find out that there are some truly amazing blogs and people on here that make me happy every single day. I said to myself that I’d do a follow forever when I hit 1000 followers which I have. Thank you all for everything and just being yourselves. 

There’s just a few special mention’s I want to say :)

grimshawlowe : Where do I even being?! Lou, you were one of the the first people I ever spoke to on here and I’m so glad I did! In a way you also made me more confident to post and to talk to more people on here. You’re such a nice lovely person and there has never been a time when you’ve messaged me and I haven’t smiled at what you’ve put. I can remember one of our first conversations were about one of Louis’ football matches and it basically consisted of us freaking out about how good he looked :’) Good luck on Wednesday! 

thecurls-loves-thefringe : I love talking to you and again you were one of the first people who I talked to on here! You’re so cute and seem such a nice person. I can also remember it was one of the first times we spoke and it was when you replied to my message (which I didn’t think you’d reply) and I was so happy when you did :) I’d love to get to know you more and I just want to say thank you for messaging me back :’)

sweetharold : I’m literally in love with your blog and you were actually one of the first people to actually follow me and I was really happy you did! One thing that sticks out the most was when we talked about the time my Dad was at the same ski resort at the same time as Louis (I’m still never going to forgive him for not taking me :’)) 

So here are some amazing blogs who have made me love tumblr so much more!

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There are so many moments during the interview where you can see the cracks of the “everything is fine” story….

First Liam nervious actitud while talking about Zayn leaving. Louis open his mouth at one moment during Liam “speach” to say something, but close it quickly and look at the floor. Harry nodding the whole time… just nooding and Niall just looking down… 

Then James ask Niall if they ever talk about quitting and Niall sad broken face is so palpable that broke MY heart, Louis beside him does not look any better.

And there is this moment when James is talking about Louis staying in the bus insted of the fancy suits, Liam looks so out of it, he shrinks and his face just looks like about to scream or cry. Bus 1  like we all know is a Zouis thing. He said he sleeps better there, it feels like home… well…. will it feel like home now that is not a BUS 1 Zouis thing anymore?

I look at my dash and everyone is so happy, yeah there was the Larry, and the sketch was funny and the On no Niall, oh no Liam parts where funny and they look relax talking to James and yeah we are all happy, but there is a friking hole with the shape of Zayn between Harry and Liam that is so noticiable that it blinds me, but everyone is happy, because Liam said they where angry about it…“ he was so honest, he was so real, they are angry that is all we need it to know” really? that is all you need it to know? Can`t you see how sad Liam was, how Louis spam out and look at the floor when something related to Zayn was talk about, how Harry talk so little because he was sick, but he HAVE TO mention a story where Zayn was AND clarify that Zayn was there and James as a fifth memberand Harry was like NO… NO… AND EHHH NOOO… that Niall did not like to answer a Zayn related question and after that James try to light up the mood but Niall laugh was so fake it hurts and then Liam laught like he just remember he is suppose to be having fun…

I am a Zayn stand, I love him and Liam and even thou I enjoy the inteview and see the boys again and the ot4, I did not enjoy it 100% because the boys are not alright… 

—— I’m seeing the posts and I am annoyed. They were angry, yay for raw emotion? I don’t expect people who have ignored Liam in the Larry show to know when he is doing his job. Meh.

can we talk about how happy Harry looks again?

and how he probably wouldn’t be happy if he and Louis were about to enter into a months-long standoff over whether that baby is Louis’

okay? no. we can just keep it on the DL.