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i just got around to watching ice cave and can i just say i am?? LOVING this new trend of episode where the bears hang out with charlie by choice and not out of pity AND they don’t get angry at him for little mistakes any more !! like in private lake i was half expecting that cute scene where charlie talked about how happy he was to hang out with the bears to end in a joke but ?? they all just agreed!!! and even though he was the one who posted their location, the episode didn’t end with ‘the bears get angry at charlie until he fixes things,’ it just ended with them working together to fix things? AND they invited him to play board games and cheered him on and !!!!! i’m so proud of these friends they’re so good,,,

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One of the most interesting pairings in the Twilight saga for me is Jasper and Maria. I know it's crazy I even like them more than Jasper/Alice. I just think they're both so cool! I think the reason I find Jasper/Maria more interesting is because of the dynamic of their relationship and how it came to be and how it is/was in general. Though it was unhealthy I think it did hold some parts of a real relationship instead of the whole ~mystical fated~ thing we see with Jasper/Alice (1)

like we don’t really get much of Jasper and Alice’s relationship dynamics, like how they work together or what they do together? What do they talk about? Idk they seem a little too different that I can’t really see how they’d be compatible together. They’re so ~mystical~ and ~special~ and it just doesn’t do much for me. Not that I don’t like the whole “weren’t meant to be together” thing because it’s cute but I feel like it’s been overused so much now it doesn’t make me feel much towards it  Like it was so heavily implied with them that I was kinda like “Ok we get it they’re so special and different from others because ~mystical~”. Maria/Jasper’s storyline is so interesting to me because they’re like conquering the south together and doing a pretty damn good job at it they’re kicking ass and taking over and creating battle strategies and it seems so much more cool/interesting than what he’s doing now. Being in school, probably accompanying Alice on shopping trips, holding bags and holding hair dryers for Bella!!! (Sorry that particular situation bothered me a little because it may have been a sweet thing for him to do but come on really?! He’s a civil war vet! He deserves better!) Though he is happier now part of me wonders if he misses being more valuable and in charge in a way I really wonder how things would’ve went down if he were actually ~mated~ to Maria. Would it have been less abusive/unhealthy? Would they have changed and grew over time? I also wonder how they truly felt about each other Did they actually care about each other even if it was just a little? Was there some romance or a little bit of feelings had toward each other? I like that Jasper has a little bit of Darkness to him. I like that he’s a little dangerous and I like that together with Maria because they both have that kind of shared darkness that to me works so well together and makes them so intriguing though Jasper may be more humane(?) than Maria maybe he could’ve helped her become more humane as well. Maybe that’s why he’s still in some sort of contact with her maybe he tries to set some kind of example for her idk… I know it’s kind of an unpopular maybe even problematic opinion considering how unhealthy their relationship was but I really like them together. It’s just so badass to me! It’s different because you hardly ever really see a Vampire with an “ex” in the saga. I do like to try and imagine a relationship between them that is better in a healthier way but still badass and interesting. Jasper/Alice are cute, however I am more interested in Jasper/Maria tbh. (I know this was long sorry)

I’m with you on sooooo much of this. The fact that Jasper and Alice is so fated and mystical is why I don’t really “get” them. I’m not really into that kind of romance, the Cupid’s Arrow or Love Potion stuff where some outside force is like “you are Meant to Be.” I’m much more into A/J when it’s more of an “opposites attract” angle, or how she helps him look to the future and he helps her stay grounded in the present then “They weren’t whole until they met each other!” But obviously lots of other people love the fated/mystical dynamic and that’s cool. There are plenty of different kinds of ships for everyone. 

I’m really fascinated by Jasper/Maria and in fact was pretty bummed when the guide came out and we found out that she was doing this because she had lost a mate. I think SM overuses this trope, and I just LOVED the idea that Maria was just this natural-born Napoleon for whom vampirism gave her the means to make war and conquer in a way that wasn’t available to her as a human. That she was conquering for the sake of conquering and not for revenge. While I never really thought Jasper/Maria were ‘mates,’ I do tend to lean toward thinking they had some sort of relationship that was at least a little romantic and/or sexual and that there were some real feelings there–even if they were complicated by all the other unhealthy stuff going on between them. 

And YES!!! to the idea that Jasper has some innate darkness to him. I don’t think he’s evil or anything, just that there’s something about him that made him able to more easily adapt to life as a vampire than people like Carlisle, Edward and Esme, and made him able to survive (and thrive) in Maria’s world. Jasper as this kind of poor defenseless woobie was who was used by Maria totally against his will is less interesting to me than a Jasper who, while obviously manipulated, made some conscious choices of his own to do what it took to survive, and then made choices–with the help of friends like Peter and Alice–to leave that life behind. 

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(1/2)Ok but hi I love my girlfriend?????? I know she'll never see this but I wanna tell someone about how great she is. She's??so sweet??? She always lights up my day when we get to talk and i still can't believe how i found out she had a crush on me,, it was really late at night and we were talking online about cute girls and preferences and she bringes up that she has a crush so I begged her to tell me who but she wouldn't say but she was complimenting her 'crush' so much



No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.


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