can we talk about how beautiful this movie is

can you believe isak and even say each other’s name even when it’s not necessary at all? when they’re by themselves and they’re for sure talking to the other?

good morning, even. did you sleep well, isak? how was english, even? how was chemistry, isak? even, listen to this song! isak, we have to watch this movie! come to bed, isak. even, let’s stay in bed a little more. you’re so beautiful like this, isak. i love you, even. i love you too, isak

they don’t have to say it, but there’s just something so incredibly intimate about saying the name of the person you love. it’s caring. it’s loving. it’s special and unique. it’s two souls in the middle of this universe speaking directly to each other, saying their favorite word

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Talk to me about literature nerd alec i didn't know i needed this but i need more

I made a post here about it, but I will continue to talk about this headcanon cause I love it so much!!!!

so alec, as I said before, quotes literature all the time. like he’ll see maryse or sebastian (before he blows his cover) walking down the hallway and he’ll be like “something wicked this way comes” and everyone is like “ALEC” and he’s like “what what did I do” or like whenever he’s just Done he’s like “ I think that God, in creating man, somewhat overestimated his ability” and jace is like “alec is not the time to quote oscar wilde PLEASE STOP”

his favorite disney movie is beauty and the beast, one of the reasons being that belle is his favorite disney princess because she READS.

he watches movie adaptions of books adamantly and always complains when the movies mess things up (unless if the changes are for the better like shadowhunters with the mortal instruments aHAHA)

I mentioned the book nook, created by @alecsagitta (we have talked CONSTANTLY about book nerd alec so I owe a lot of these ideas to her) and how only certain people can join, such as magnus and helen and aline and they must take certain oaths and swear to never reveal the secrets of the book nook and prove that they believe that every shakespearean character is not straight (cause tbh why would alec be reading it it would be a waste of his time).

alec is very passionate about books and selects the books that the book nook read together, such as choosing authors such as Virginia Woolf, James Baldwin, and Oscar Wilde, who are all a part of the lgbt community. and if he ever hears someone talking hamlet he always stops them and goes “hamlet is bisexual and him and horatio are boyfriends, karen, have a nice day” and goes back to doing whatever he was doing


Movies & Kisses (Steve x Reader)

A/N: Hey!! So sorry that I took so long to post this!! Anyways, I hope this was what you wanted haha😅 Enjoy!!

Request: Hellooo ☺️ Mind doing an imagine with Steve Rogers where you’re a couple and decide to spend the whole day in bed cause it’s rainy and cold. So you show him a few movies from nowadays but Steve gets easily distracted so it ends in a few make out sessions and later you take a relaxing bath together where it ends in some smut ? ☺️☺️ I hope you’re ok with this ❤️❤️

Warnings: smut

You woke up from the sounds of pitter patter against the window. Opening your eyes, you blinked a few times before your vision became clearer, seeing the grey skies as rain fell. You yawned and tried to stretch but paused when you felt someone’s arms around your waist, squeezing you slightly before nuzzling his face against your neck.

You felt a smile slip on your face before you turned in your boyfriend’s arms, cuddling close to him, you tilted your head up to kiss his chin. “Morning, Steve.”

He held you closer for a second before pulling away to look down at you, a smile on his face as well. “Good morning, beautiful.”

You smacked him lightly on the shoulder, before hiding your face as you tucked your head under his chin. “Always the flatterer.”

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ID #94782

Name: Sage
Age: 20
Country: United States

Hi guys! I live in SOUTH Georgia but I’m definitely not a southern girl. I was going to school down here (majoring in psychology) but I’ve decided to take a semester off. SO, what better way to spend my time off than to get a pen pal! So now you probably want to hear some personal stuff…… In order for me to learn anything, I have to experience it first hand. I have so many stories, so many beautiful things to share, and so many tough times to talk about too. I have experienced and felt SO many things (well, for a 20 year old at least).. I can give someone some “sage” advice who needs it but sometimes I also need it myself. I’m just looking for someone who is cool with reading my deepest thoughts, and sharing theirs too. I enjoy talks about space, love, astrology, How we all got here??? soul searchy things. Anything profound, really. While I’m at it.. here are some of my fav things: TV SHOWS: Breaking Bad, Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, American Horror Story, Stanger Things, Orange is the New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. MOVIES: Scarface, American Beauty, Stand by me, Slumdog Millionaire. HARRY POTTER.. the books too, of course……. some other things I love are animals, nature, exploring, & having FUN.

Preferences: I’d like to have a pen pal with an open mind. Someone who is close to me in age would be nice!


I went to go see GOTG2 yesterday and was honestly blown away. I had heard on the radio that it was better then the first but I honestly didn’t believe it. It was absolutely amazing, everything about it was. From the storyline, to the vibrant colours, to how they used the soundtrack. The end had me in tears. If you ignored the title, this is your second warning. THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE.

So can we talk about Yondu for a second? I was actually crying when he died (I swear if someone gets mad at me for spoilers I will lose it). How all the Ravengers (I think that’s how you spell it?) showed up for his funeral even though he was exiled was sad but beautiful at the same time. And the fact that Yondu and Peter finally got a father and son moment on screen was beautiful to say the least. And this is where I wanted to mention the Awesome Mix Vol.2. It came out a couple of weeks before the actual movie did and when I saw that “Father and Son” by Boyzone was on it, I thought it was going to be used for Peter and Ego, not Peter and Yondu but it makes so much more sense. And in the end when Peter and Baby Groot are listening to the song was so cute (foreshadowing maybe?).

Another thing I loved was the fact that Peter and Gamora’s relationship still isn’t being rushed into in the movie. Volume 2 takes place a couple of months after the first one and Peter and Gamora still aren’t a couple but I feel like it works. By the end of the second one Gamora admits to the unspoken thing between then and I feel like two movies was the right amount of time to wait. It wasn’t too short and it wasn’t too long (I’m honestly just waiting for them to kiss now 😂). Also that whole dancing scene was adorable.

Also the 5 after credit scenes were all amazing. The fact that the after credit scene with Stan Lee kinda of confirms the theory that he’s an actual character in the Marvel universe watching the heroes makes me so happy. Of course I have to talk about the Adam Warlock scene! It wasn’t a very long scene and it didn’t reveal much but it still a little introduction. But my favourite after credit scene had to be Peter and Groot as a teenager. Not only was it absolutely hilarious but it also shows that by Infinity Wars Groot will probably be back to his normal size (or at least teenage size) since Infinity Wars takes place 4 years after this movie and he seems to be growing pretty quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I love baby Groot but he can get old very fast.

A few more points I wanted to make were:

• I love how we didn’t know much about the movie since the trailer didn’t reveal much. I think it made the movie better

• When all the Guardians are fighting in that first scene and Baby Groot is just dancing around to Mr.Blue Sky was great

• I don’t really like how Peter and Rocket are fighting the entire movie?

• I don’t like how the Guardians split up either. It worked but I don’t like how they only came together in the end

• Mantis was likeable and not annoying like I thought she would be

• Ego was a very good character and the perfect villain



• I love how Ego called Gamora Peter’s girl and Peter doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t say “oh yeah we’re not together” or anything like that.


• The movie was overall amazing and I already want to go see it again

the play

did you know that jupiter has thirteen moons that have no names? i wasn’t sure i had one either until you said it. a two story home, a one story neighborhood. there has only ever been one story. blue shutters, black shutters, chartreuse shutters. six slat windows, porches, patios, an extended garage. it doesn’t matter, they are houses we can’t live in. board them up and keep driving. rain streaming across the windshield but not like tears. not like that. if forever had a best friend who knew what happiness looked like but only ever knocked on the door it would be me. so what now? the long stretches of road i dragged myself across to give you something real, the dvd and tv that i won’t watch anymore because we promised to watch it together. imagine going to the hotel without me. give me a second, there’s a point to this. imagine checking in and the only room available is on the eighth floor, the one with the view of the highway and all the cigarette burns on the bathroom counter. what were their names? imagine bounding down the hallway holding hands and happening upon the door. imagine wanting to watch a movie, excitedly snapping it from its delicate case. imagine opening the dvd player and there it is. right there. like spite. the feeling after digging a splinter out. can we move past the story and what’s at the bottom of the lake for just a second? you look at the highway and it stretches on forever, a river of red and white lights splitting the darkness apart. someone’s always talking about how beautiful it could’ve been and somewhere you are there in your braided hair and your spring time dress. there you are, hemorrhaging light. what if this was all a play? we were cast the perfect part. you were a girl comprised of honey and solid gold, and i was something else. this is the part where we both get what we want. a holiday perhaps. a picnic on the concrete in the city because you hate the woods. a funeral, because you touched me once and i smiled until i died. flowers then, on the casket or about to be, in your hands as you make your way down the isle. that’s where they belong. you say a few words from a folded sheet of paper: “you used to call me peanut.” it begins in the stomach, and then the throat. you cover your mouth and the paper shakes in your hand. “i can still see you waiting in the rain. i can still see you there. right there. i have to get used to this.” if i could tell you one thing. one last thing. i would like to meet you again, before the crossroads, before whatever this is spilled out of me, before your voice in a motel room eight stories up. it’s not that i don’t believe you. you can cover up the scars with shiny new tattoos but i can’t. maybe love is a door too small to walk through. maybe love is a hotel room on the eighth floor on eighth street filled to the brim with water. maybe not. i believe it’s ripping the plywood off of abandoned houses and living inside them. please just let me breathe. i’ve got to get this out. the splinter, remember? you said hurting people is just like riding a bike. or maybe i said it when you left. i’m not sure anymore. it doesn’t matter but i think you think it does. let’s say for the sake of the story that i pulled the sword from the cinder block, at the bottom of the lake, that i unplugged every tv, every last one and it still wasn’t enough. i stopped singing along at parties, and in cars and even by myself. i stopped dancing in the streets and telling people this was the real thing. there must be a word for drowning without dying at the end. tell me anything i can still make believe, just don’t call me sweetheart anymore.

There is nothing quite as adorable as two best friends playing video games together. I LOVE James & Mike Mondays.

Costume rant: BBC War & Peace (2016), ep. 1

Sigh.  You all know I love War and Peace.  Let me start by saying that none of the promo material I had seen going into this version had much impressed me.  It was okay, but other than being sexier, maybe, it wasn’t all that different from the European miniseries made for this a mere 8-9 years ago.  

Speaking of “sexier,” that leads me to the one thing I did find remarkable (aka, annoying) in the lead-up to the airing of this series: its writer/adapter, Andrew Davies, comes off as the most arrogant, annoying prick imaginable.  Pretty much all his interviews involve some variation of him saying, “Oh yeah, well, Tolstoy’s fucking dull, so I had to sex it up a bit,” and then him excusing himself further by saying, “Well, I was just doing what he wanted to do but couldn’t.”  Like, he literally said just that in the latest press interviews for this series: in a recent newspaper article he was quoted as saying about Tolstoy’s writing/not writing sex scenes: “It’s all there but he just didn’t actually write the scenes and I couldn’t see why so I thought I’d better.”  Um, what?  Okay.  You know better than Tolstoy about his own story, got it.   =_______=

That said, and my disdain for this jerk aside, I didn’t hate the first episode.  Well, that is, I didn’t hate it in the way most people would mean when they use that term.  I’ve heard some viewers say that they didn’t much care for the plot/characters in the first episode, but that “the costumes were sublime,” or some such suchness.  Allow me a grave difference of opinion.  The plot/characters were okay, and the costumes were appalling.

I mean, appalling.

I mean, they were at their best when I didn’t notice them, and they were at their worst when I looked at them and seriously wondered if we had suddenly gotten in our time machine and skipped a century.  (To the BBC’s credit, they did manage the remarkable feat of getting pretty much every one of the worst-offending frocks into the promo photos/trailer, so I was fully prepared for a disaster on this scale.)

Being that it’s only one episode in, I don’t have much to say about the adaptation itself yet–it’s basically like War and Peace, but more like Peace, with a Little Side Serving of War, and that done at light-speed.  It’s the costumes that I want to talk about, because really, the BBC should know better by now.

Let’s briefly review the fashion period we’re talking about here.  The beginning of the story is set in 1805.  This is 1805:

So is this:

And all these:

These are from between 1805 and 1810:

So these are all evening dresses, and we’re seeing some pretty obvious patterns here.  Mostly cotton muslin, mostly white or off-white, mostly gathered sleeves and square necklines, mostly long trains.  Okay.  Now let’s see what this War and Peace has brought to the table.


Okay, huh?  Run that by me again?

Yup, it’s as bad as I thought it was the first time.

This is Gillian Anderson as Anna Pavlovna.  Apparently the actress is some kind of big deal, but I don’t know her from Adam, so let’s put that aside and examine this fairly.  Also, the character is pretty much a nobody in the wider scale of this book, so again, let’s put Pavlovna aside too and just look at whatever the hell that is on her body.  What is this?  This looks like a nightgown.  An ill-fitting, easter-egg-colored, cheap polyester satin, one-sleeved (!) nightgown.  I mean, there’s Grecian-inspired, and then there’s…this.  Which is not 1805.  Not even close.  This may come as news to the BBC costume department, but putting an empire waistline on a dress does not, repeat, does not automatically make it an Empire-period dress.

She also whips out this gem later in the episode:

I mean, perfect if we’re in the 1910s, but um…wrong century.  They have no conception of the general look of these dresses, much less the construction of them.  I mean, boob darts?  Yeah, um…That never happened.  It’s 1805–why do all her dresses look like terrible satiny empire-waisted ugly prom dresses?  I also dig the little curly Art Deco touches around the wrists and bodice…soooo fashion forward (like waaaaay forward).

Fashion-forward proves to be the main problem here.  All the characters who, in the book, are said to be fashionable are here portrayed as being so clever that not only are they wearing the latest French fashions, but they’ve somehow managed to snag fashions from a hundred years in the future.  Besides Anna Pavlovna, Helene Kuragin is by far the worst offender.  Or rather, her hair is:

Let’s put aside Cumberbatch-wannabe Anatole there and focus on his sister.  What the hell am I looking at?  I feel like I’m in a Great Gatsby movie or something.  That hair!  Those earrings, that dress…!  Seriously, that wig was stolen straight out of the Downton Abbey costuming department.  The dress isn’t much better, though it is at least attempting the white, Grecian-inspired 1805 look:

(Can we also talk about how important it is to Helene’s character that she be incredibly beautiful and charming, most importantly with giant, exposed tits.  I mean, it’s actually a plot point–Pierre totally marries her for her tits.  The older BBC version got this spot on:  

This new Helene, sadly, is the furthest thing from giant tits.)  

Speaking of crap hair design, can someone please explain this to me:

No, I mean, I know they’re trying (desperately) to make Natasha look young in the first episode (in the book she was about 13 here), but really?  Really?  Heavy, long, Korean-pop-star bangs are not the way to accomplish this in 1805 Russia, yo.

Most of Natasha’s costumes aren’t too bad in this first episode, but I foresee trouble on the horizon…

Seriously, are we actually in Downton Abbey and I just missed it…?  I mean, I know Edwardian clothing can occasionally bear a passing resemblance to Empire clothing, but this is ridiculous…

Other costumes were pretty inaccurate, both to the period and to Russian traditional clothing, but I still somehow kinda liked them, just from a personal taste perspective.  Like Marya Bolkonskaya’s sarafan/dress thingy here:

Also, the men were mostly okay, though I’m not qualified to judge the uniforms.

We’ll see what kind of nonsense they come up with in next week’s episode.

So yeah.  The War & Peace versions are proliferating…Soon I’ll have to be doing point-by-point comparisons like I do with the Les Mis adaptations…!  “Every Pierre Ever,” lol.

Watch the trailer for the BBC War and Peace (2016) here:

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BROOKE CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW YOUR DOPPELGANGER IS GAL GADOT I just saw Wonder Woman yesterday and all I could think about is how y'all look EXACTLY alike

this is the biggest compliment??? of my whole life?????????  im literally going to see this movie because of this HAHHAHA this girl is beautiful wow thank you this is so nice 

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Listen wondertrev is the lord's work

wondertrev is good and pure

steve and diana are my parents

tbh wondertrev fans have gotten nothing for such a long time, were constantly ignored in comics and sidelined for other ships.

the great wondertrev depression

pre 52 comics barely had wondertrev, diana was with that one tresser dude or whatever his name was and steve was with etta for such a long time (i dont hate steve/etta tho). n52 introduced steve as her ex and diana and steve had such a icky relationship and steve was treated unfairly anyway and the A.R.G.U.S. comics were horrible imo and diana got fucking paired with clark, where’s the justice

but then,. then the wondertrev depression came to an end

  • smallville comics!!! in which we got tiny diana and tiny steve and got the beautiful meeting again when they’re older
  • wonder woman earth one which is a MESS but it has WONDETREV and black steve!
  • the legend of wonder woman!!!!!
  • DC boMBsHELLs!!!!
  • dc convergence had them again!!! (even if steve died lmao)
  • the DCEU!!!!!!!!
  • now that rebirth is here my wondertrev shipping heart is alive again

if he calls her “angel” in the movie i’ll be dead.

can we just talk about their beauty of the JLU episodes???? how beautiful it was? he called her angel??? they kissed???? they were so in love even if they only knew each other for such a short time? and then he aged and she didnt and she visited him years later when he was an old man and he immediately recognized her and called her “angel”???

can we talk about how in that brave and the bold episode steve kept bragging about diana in front of bruce who was all grumpy about it and then she saved steve, the damsel in distressTM and it was so fucking corny, she fucking caught him in the air, carrying him bridal style and he was like “now thats a wonder woman” or something like that???

can we talk about how despite them not being together in the comics sometimes they still supported each other? they had so many arguments and fights and yet there was always this connection, they didnt just blindly trust each other, they discussed, they had disagreements but they still so very much care for each other 

can we talk about fuckboy steve constantly getting saved by diana and how she fucking corrects his white boy ass and about the ww dcau movie and tbh every comic and 

can we talk about how that one love interest of diana, whatever is name was, agent tresser or smth clearly was just like steve trevor 2.0. but like a bland and washed out copy of him and dc wasnt even slick about it imo. diana and steve belong to each other and bc they were idiots and couldnt do it they gave diana a cheap copy of steve

can we talk about how in the dceu we’ll most likely get steggy’d and he’ll age and she wont and all our hearts are going to be broken??????? because boy, am i not prepared for it even though i’ve seen this coming years ago?

steve and diana are my parents


Can we talk about how this has been a great year for fairy tales?