can we talk about how beautiful and amazing she is

I just listened to a girl talk about growing up with lesbian moms and how loved she was and supported because of them and like……it’s so healing to me. I think so many of us are brainwashed into thinking that we are not worthy of love or family. That somehow we are doing a disservice to a child if we choose to be mothers and it’s not true. We can be amazing parents. We can create loving beautiful families.

Can we talk about how amazing Dean Winchester is? Just for a minute. Can we talk about how he saved the world, not with his fists, or a gun, or even with a sacrifice, even though he was willing to do that too. No, Dean saved the world with nothing but his empathy and his words because he is a compassionate man who understands what it’s like to feel like you’re not enough and he recognized that in Amara. He knew she just needed love and acceptance. Dean Winchester saved the world with nothing but his compassion. Do you understand how beautiful that is? 

I don’t think we talk enough about Vicki Collins.

I was stalking Misha’s Instagram as always and I came across a comment on a picture with him and Vicki. It was so fucking rude and I felt the need to justify how beautiful Vicki is.

We all talk about Gen and Danneel because they’re actresses themselves but I don’t see posts talking about Vicki. Sure, we don’t see much of her, but I’m sure we can all agree just how amazing she is.

Some things we need to keep in mind:

1.       We talk about how amazing a father Misha is, watching the cooking videos. But we need to remember Vicki is the one behind the camera, filming all of this. Remember how we praised Misha’s patience with West in the first ever video? Yeah, Vicki was with them too, all the while holding the camera and filming the two hours of West’s detour on the way to the supermarket.

2.       Vicki literally travelled to India at the age of 16 after making a presentation about an orphanage there, worked there for two months and came back with babies. She is and always has been an amazing human being.

3.       Misha claims that it is Vicki’s craziness and uniqueness that has rubbed on him.

4.       She has the patience of a saint; with her husband as well as her children. She is the one who has to take care of the kids while Misha is working, and look at how amazing they’ve grown up to be! And she has redesigned Misha’s wedding ring (personalized ring, she herself made) twice now because he keeps losing it.

5.       She has been a part of Misha’s life for 25 years now and he loves her dearly. I think that is reason enough for us to adore her.

So, basically, I just love Victoria Vantoch-Collins so much and I wanted to appreciate her existence and thank her for shaping Misha into the man he is today. Vicki and Misha will always be my favorite power couple.


from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (USA, 2017)
[x] the film’s tag

(Please excuse the crappy quality of the gifs, I will remake them once we have something better to work with.)

Can we please talk about how perfect Emma’s delivery of her lines is? In particular, her “I don’t know.” and later “I love you.”?

The whole post-dance dialogue is actually pretty amazing. The Beast clearly doesn’t want to tell her how he feels, certain she will refuse him. Then he glances back to the ballroom where his servants stood just a moment ago, the very same people who got into this shit because of him and still they help him and care for him, and he finally makes himself ask her if she could ever love him. And you can see that Belle is in no way dismissive of his feelings or his question, she knows by now that she cares for him, that there’s “something there”, but she cannot say she loves him back because she genuinely doesn’t know yet if what she feels is love.

And then, when the Beast dies in her arms, it’s plain from her face that her world just fell apart and she keeps calling him back, completely heartbroken, because her heart, her home, her everything is gone. And then she says “I love you”, it is a confession of a girl who just realized how deep her feelings actually are, she even sounds a bit surprised by it. Like I said, flawless delivery. <3

Dating a God (one-shot?)

Diana Prince/Female reader

A/N: This is shorter than I had hoped, but I think it’s cute (maybe I’m bias?) anyways I am in love with Diana Prince and believe that no man will be good enough for her. I’m going to tag my usual tag list and then also everyone who responded to the post I made a few days ago, if there’s a strike though your username it’s because the tag didn’t work. (if it didn’t work because I spelt it wrong I’m very sorry, tag lists are very difficult)

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After the war, life went back to normal. Or at least the normal that I remember. I was told that I should be focusing on finding a husband and not working. But my family died during the war, so not working wasn’t an option. Not to mention the fact that having a husband is not something I’m interested in. I was eventually fired from working in the factory, forced to give my job to returning soldiers. I started working as a secretary, the British government moved me to people who needed help and I was eventually assigned to work for a British spy. I was trained by Etta Candy and she introduced me to Diana Prince.

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Rap Monster: He would explain his band members how you were so beautiful when you two had sex only because he wanted to boast about how amazing you were. He didn’t expect you to walk in in the middle of explaining. “She literally just beams when we do it. Like literally glows and-” he would be cut off by V who covered his mouth and pointed in your direction. You ran out of the room, face redder than a tomato, Namjoon following you. “How could you tell them that!” You would yell. “I can never show my face in there again oh my god.” 

“I’m sorry,” he would laugh. “But you really are beautiful. I won’t talk about it again though I promise.” 

Suga: You would walk in on him telling Jimin about your ‘wild night’ last night and immediately just go bright red. Jimin, being Jimin, would also go red and start giggling to himself which would confuse Yoongi. He turned around to see you and would just start laughing. “Uh babe,” you would stutter. “Wh-What you talking about?” He would pull you close to him and kiss your cheek gently, letting you sit on his lap as he hugged you from behind. 

“Just telling ChimChim here about the best night of my life.” 

Jin: You decided to surprise the boys with food while they were recording in the studio that day, just wanting to be a good girlfriend to Jin and help the boys out. When you got there, you didn’t really expect to hear Jin telling them about how you guys had a special night the night before and that’s why he was so tiring. J-Hope was the first to spot you and would just burst out laughing. Jin turned around and went wide eyed. “Oh h-hey babe. How long h-have you been standing there?” “Long enough to know that you aren’t getting any of this food.” 

“Babe, no. I’m sorry! They asked me! YOU KNOW THIS IS MY FAVORITE FOOD!” 

J-Hope: You walked in on him facetiming Namjoon since he was on vacation, you knew he was talking to him but you also wanted to check on him. You happened to walk in on the worst part. “No RM you don’t understand her boobs are-” He snapped his head around to see you glaring at him. “Y/N wh-what’s up?” You walked over and waved to Namjoon before slamming his laptop screen shut. 

“I’m in trouble aren’t I?” he laughed nervously. 

Taehyung: Taehyung had invited you over for game night with the boys and usually you didn’t like to intrude on guys night but you missed seeing them so you decided to make an appearance. When you got there, you didn’t really get too involved, you were just happy to be there with them. They were talking about sexual experiences that had and when it came to Taehyung he talked about how he got it on with “this girl” when everyone knew it was you. You gripped his thigh, making him whip his head around. “How do you know I was talking about you?” he questioned. “Tae I’m then only girl you’ve been with for the past two years, I know it’s me.” You got up and walked out of the room. 

“I’m sorry but it’s my favorite moment. I had to tell them.” 

Jimin: Jimin was really shy about talking about it at first but the boys were hiping him up so he decided to just go with it. He would tell them about how you screamed really loud or how you gripped his hair really tight. You could hear him talking about the whole thing from the room next to you. You sent Jimin a text, saying you could hear him and you heard the door open almost seconds after. 

“Y/n I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! They asked and I don’t know oh man. I’m sorry…” He went quiet before raising an eyebrow. “But I mean… You are hot though…” 

Jungkook: He was pretty excited about telling the boys about his first time. It was a special moment for both him and you so when you walked in on him telling the boys, you felt like it wasn’t as special to him as it was to you. He turned around and noticed that you had a fallen tear which would break his heart. He ran after you, grabbing your arm only to have you pull away. “Was it not special to you? Did it mean nothing?” “What? Y/n no of course it meant something to me! It was the best moment of my life.” “Then why did you tell the boys?” He would pull you into his arms and kiss your forehead. 

“It was so special for me. I’m sorry if it made you feel like it wasn’t. I love you with all my heart.” 

Just finished watching the existing episodes of The Bold Type and there are a few things I want to rant about:

- the fact that Kat was questioning her sexuality and felt totally comfortable talking about it with her straight friends, didn’t feel like she should be ashamed

- the boss is literally so amazing. Like I love that they’re throwing away the whole “mean lady boss” thing

- Adena is literally so beautiful and elegant like even the way she stands is beautiful, and “proud lesbian muslim” like how many of those are we gonna see? like seriously? she’s beautiful

- they were talking about how a lot of ppl w vaginas can’t have orgasms which is super important because a lot of people feel like they’re broken

- when Kat was harassed online which is something that is totally important and so many people brush it off as “oh it’s just trolls” but it actually has an effect on people? (like I’ve been there and I felt like I was being silly about being upset but I’m feeling #validated rn)

- Sutton is adorable????

- Jane is adorable???

- Kat is adorable???

- the yoni egg scene… that’s what friends are for

- this show’s whole vibe is just so fucking empowering like when Jane wrote the orgasm article or when Sutton went and made that moodboard or when Kat did anything I was like !!!!! wow they’re my heroes and I want to be exactly like them

- please watch The Bold Type on Freeform or if you’re not in the US please follow their pages and tweet about it and like it because honestly this show is amazing and you gotta support my girls okay

I just thought of something. Like we know how Lance thinks about himself right? (The bedroom scene was practically a cut out of a Langst fanfic.)

We also know Narti (amazing beautiful Narti) can enter people’s mind. Like i remember she can I’m not completely sure.

So what if, she somehow gets to touch Lancey-Lance and catch a glimpse of his insecurities huh? And she, of course, tells magnificent Lotor (i thought i’d hate him, i wrong, i was so so wrong) . And Lotor, our amazing strategist, gets to talk to the sad blue boy.

This, naturally, results in Lance joining them, because maybe “being part of an empire that lets you to rule your own planet wouldn’t be so bad”. (I’m a sucker for dark!Lance aus). Cue a shit ton of Palangst (Paladins angst).

Can you imagine them? The Paladins thinking where did we go wrong? What happened to their goofball? And bam it hits them. Allura remembers when he entrusted Blue to her. Keith remembers the “I’m the odd one out.” Moment while they’re in the middle of the battle. (I wanna scream, bc wtf Keithy boy?? His face was so fucking emotionless the whole season. Like the only emotions he actually showed are anger and frustration. Does he even know how to make an expression that is not one of those two??? ). And they both tell the others their experiences and it’s just a huge angst fest.

I blame the amazing art by @caseydambro for giving me ideas in the middle of the night. Really check them out. They’ve got amazing art.

Edit: also just as amazing art of @maggie-m-mae , whom I believe had this idea first, because I remember seeing her post sometime before i wrote this. But i forgot about it when i was rambling.

While we’re talking nested narratives

You know, there’s this one quote that keeps coming back to me from Dragon’s Den.

Andromeda is the protector of Polaris, a beautiful kingdom of crystal and ice, until the day the evil wizard Orion casts a curse on her. She’ll wander the world forever… but no matter how she searches, she’ll never find her way home.

So Andromeda makes the best of it. She tries. Every day she follows the North Star, which lights the way to Polaris, and on her way she saves people and stops Orion from hurting others… but she never breaks the curse.

Brutal? Maybe. I’ve always found it… beautiful. Sad, of course, but… Andromeda chooses not to accept any of the places she saves. She insists on going to this home, this place she can never go back to. And insists. And insists.

Because it calls back to something we heard earlier.

Y’know – looking at the guy he became, it’s easy for me to forget the kid Mick Mercury used to be. Easy for me to forget the feeling I had when I first saw him, leaning against his hovercycle and telling stories about the city outside Oldtown, where the buildings were made of gold and nobody ever went to sleep hungry, where there weren’t any alcoholic parents or foreclosed schools or murders right outside your bedroom window. Kids up and down the block would gather around him, bringing their scuffed-up faces and hearts, and they’d listen – and you could tell his stories were like food to them.

He was lying, of course. I knew that from minute one. But I stuck around because I was just as hungry as the rest of them. Still am, I think.

So tomorrow I’ll pocket my blaster and I’ll knock on doors and I’ll plan the first battle of my war. But for now I think I’ll sit here awhile next to the King of the Freeway and I’ll think about the past, the loose handful of Good Ol’ Days I can scrape together, and I’ll listen to him spin yarns and lie and build shining cities in the air between us.

His stories don’t make them real, of course. But I need to hear em anyway. Because without someone to tell us what those cities look like… how would we know we found one when we got there?

Juno is Andromeda. That much I think is clear.

But Mick isn’t ever going to be the hero. He can’t– because he’s the one holding the book.

Also he needs to get a job at Northstar because he was doing their job for them since he was a kid. Get on that, Ramses.

Here are my thoughts on 2x15 of Lucifer so...*SPOILERS!!*

I personally loved this ep! There were so many emotions, even for us!
1)I ADORED Lucifer and Trixie’s undercover “mission” and I think he doesn’t despise her so much (I guess they’re gonna grow close to each other someday!).

2)Between Lucifer and Chloe, on the other hand, there’s still coldness and, obviously, pain. But I think the writers are doing a great job because it would be senseless if she forgave and forgot everyhing! Anyway, that beautiful kiss on the beach seems a thousand light-years away 😢💔

3)Okay, that final scene broke my heart into a million pieces but, can we talk about Lucifer’s emotional growth, please?!?! I’m totally IN LOVE with this season and how they’re portraying every single character!! Especially Lucifer! AMAZING! 😍

4)I also loved the complex yet surprisingly beautiful bond between Lucifer and Amenadiel! I really enjoy the evolution of their relationship and, besides the really fun scenes between them in this episode (I burst out laughing when Lucifer caught Amenadiel in that “weird” situation in his apartment! 😂), I ABSOLUTELY loved Amenadiel’s reaction when he found out Lucifer was suffering! He defended his little brother when Mom got angry and he placed his hand on Lucifer’s shoulder trying to cheer him up… Beautiful scene!

5)Although Dr. Linda Martin’s character has got a little screen-time, she rocked!!

6)I liked seeing Chloe and Maze team up! They’re two badass girls! 😏💪

7)Kudos, kudos, kudos to the little actress who’s playing Trixie because she slayed throughout this episode!! Wonderful acting skills!

8)…I still can’t figure out if Mom is in the #FriendTeam or the #FoeTeam 😑

That’s it!

“Cautious” - Part 6

“Cautious” - Part 6

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5)

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2037

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: None that I know of

Summary:  Bucky is now pretty much rehabilitated and able to be part of the group. Reader was taken by Hydra and made the subject of experiments due to her having powers.
   She is slowly getting more comfortable with the Avengers, but is still working on it. Bucky stayed with her while everyone went on a mission. The two have bonded very well. How will Bruce react?

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Author’s Note: Welcome to Part 6! There should be a few more parts after this one. I have the next couple planned out. The next few parts or really the rest of this fic is also going to be on the lengthier side. I hope you guys don’t mind!

Just a reminder: This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m writing this for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has shown so much support with the past pieces I’ve written. I didn’t expect to get such a great response from writing. I hope this storyline doesn’t disappoint!

As usual, a special thank you goes to @goodnightwife​ for being a wonderful person and always being supportive. Please go check out her page for some really great fics as well!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @luciebell-writes@goodnightwife@bexboo616@bicryptids@mayfeather27

The elevator seemed to take longer than usual to go up to the lab. You were excited to see Bruce. You would be lying if you said you didn’t worry about him while he was out on the mission. He was like a father, and you cared about him. So seeing him in one piece through the glass doors of the lab allowed you to let out a sigh of relief. He really was okay.

The automatic doors opened and you came into the lab. Tony saw you first, Bruce was working on writing some sort of chemical composition into the computer.

“Hey there, (Y/N).” Tony said a bit louder than usual in order to get Bruce’s attention away from his computer. He was still a bit weird around you, but you both knew that you would get closer to him at some point. Not today.

You waved hello to him and stood there a bit awkwardly until Bruce got up from his desk and walked towards you. Within seconds of him getting out of his chair, you were in his arms. Warm, protective, and loving. You thought about how different it felt to hug him than to hug Bucky.

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I don’t know has anyone talked about this but how cute was Sana’s that lil excitement when she heard boys in the living room (most probably bc of yousef’s voice) and then how sweet she was while running to the mirror and checking herself and putting a lipstick on. I bet she felt butterflies in her stomach ❤❤❤ and then when she leaned the door?? How beautiful and amazing she looks?? I’ll be on the clouds if we see yousefxsana (yousana?) relationship because Sana deserves someone who cares about her and thinks about her and someone who she can talk to❤ she deserves everything good ❤❤


Lei e lei

Appare sempre all'improvviso, nel metrò, in fila alle poste, in macchina e mi osserva con i suoi occhi gialli, il suo cappello di paglia ed il suo prendisole bianco a fiori azzurri. Lo so, assomiglia a Lei, ma non è Lei, perché Lei non è più così, mentre lei è sempre la stessa dovunque sono, in ogni stagione ed orario. Parla come Lei ma non ha un’ombra, la gente non la vede, non sente quello che dice, non la evita quando camminiamo per strada. Da come vive con i sorrisi dei miei ricordi, ho capito che lei è la mia nostalgia ed ha la forma di come era Lei anni fa, perché è cosi che la penso quando Lei mi manca e ne sento il bisogno. Quando piove, o il lavoro mi regala i suoi veleni e dissanguo la mia vita con le rabbie e le urla di altre vite, lei appare e prende nella sua piccola calda mano la mia. Cosi come ho amato Lei, ci amiamo, in silenzio, mano nella mano osserviamo gli orrori e la bellezza del mondo come due bambini, sorpresi e stupiti guardano le giostre ai luna park. E allora lei mi parla delle nostre spiagge, dell’acqua in cui si vedono i sogni dei pesci e le danze delle meduse, delle barche che annoiate si cullano in silenzio con ninna nanne marine, del vento che scende dai monti pieno di acqua ed insetti, delle case, i castelli, le tonnare che si specchiano in quell’acqua immobile mentre ascoltano le fiabe delle piccole onde, fiabe raccolte in paesi lontani, dove il corallo fiorisce o la spugna si illumina sul fondo e la schiuma delle onde osserva ridenti ragazze e bianche case sui monti. I suoi occhi diventano quelli del cielo al tramonto, ed ha il profumo dei gelsomini che si aprono la notte. Quando arrivo a casa e Lei mi apre la porta sorridendo ed io con le mie poso sulle sue labbra i sorrisi che lei mi ha donato e Lei capisce che l’amo due volte: perché è Lei e perché è lei.

It always appears suddenly in the underground, in a row in the mail office, in the car, and looks at me with her yellow eyes, her straw hat, and her white blue sunbathing sundeck. I know, it looks like Her, but she is not Her, because She isn’t any longer so, while she is always the same wherever I are, in every season and time. She talks like Her but do not have a shadow, people do not see her, do not hear what she says, they does not avoid her when we walk down in the street. From how she lives with the smiles of my memories, I understand that she is my nostalgia and she has the shape of Her years ago, because that’s how I think about Her when I looking for Her in my hearth. When it rains, or the work gives me its poison and bleeds my life with the rages and screams of other lives, she looks to me and takes in her little hot hand, mine. Just as I loved Her, I love her, in Silence, hand in hand we observe the horrors and the beauty of the world as two children, surprised and amazed watching the rides at the Carnival. And then she talk to me about our beaches, the water where you can see fish dreams and the dances of jellyfish, the boring boats are silent in silence with the sing of the waves, the wind coming down from the mountains full of water and insects , The houses, castles, the tuna farms are reflected in that immobile water while listening to fairy tales of small waves, fairy tales gathered in distant lands, where the coral blooms in the beaches and the sponge illuminates in the bottom and the waves foam looks laughable girls and white houses on the mountains. Her eyes become those of the sky at sunset, and she has the perfume of the jasmine that open the night. When I come home and She open me the door smiling, with my lips I pass Her on Her lips the smiles that she gave me and She understand that I love Her twice: because She is Her and because She is her.

Cherry Wine || Isaac Lahey

For best effect listen to Cherry Wine by Hozier while reading.

Isaac x Reader fluff

Warnings: Mention of abuse

Word Count: 1,303

Summary: You’re the only one who knows about Isaac’s father abusing him and you want to do something about it- but Isaac doesn’t let you. 

A/N: It’s pretty much fluff. Real cute. I love Isaac. Enjoy!

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Something was definitely wrong. Isaac Lahey, the boy who has never been late for anything in his life, was late to pick me up for a date. I picked up my phone and texted him again.

Where the hell are you?

I set it down next to me on the couch waiting for a response. Isaac and I had set these reservations at one of the classiest restaurants in northern California. He was probably more excited about the dinner than I was. And he was late.

On top of that I was sitting in this itchy dress that was way too tight and my toes felt like they were being crushed by these heels. By this time we’ve already missed our reservation and it was probably given to another couple.

Thing is though, I’m not even mad about that. It was Isaac’s idea to go out to a fancy dinner in the first place. I was fine with ordering in and watching Grey’s Anatomy until we fell asleep. It was the fact that he didn’t even bother to text me saying he was going to be late. He wasn’t answering his phone. I’m mad, but I’m also worried.

I picked up my phone to text him again when the front door opened and I nearly jumped out of my skin. Isaac stumbled into my living room with a suit on.

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ok but can we talk about stephanie corneliussen please? she’s perfect, seriously. she’s beautiful, but she’s even more beautiful on the inside, i learn that she’s vegan, she knows how to speak in like four languages she fights for animals rights, cares about representation on hollywood, talks about really important issues and even better, she’s always tweeting fans and follows them, she’s so kind, she even defends her castmates against bullys, and have you seen her acting on mr robot? she’s amazing. what are you doing with your life?! you should stan stephanie corneliussen. 

anonymous asked:

Tell us your love story! We want deets!

Ahhhhhh ok! I’ll try to be brief so I don’t ramble for days hahaha

So there’s this super wonderful friend we both have who is @gentleman-caller and she writes amazing kylux fics and I started drawing for some of them, and sometimes @theearlgreyalpha would collab fics with her and I drew a few of those too, and then we started talking a little bit. Then I started pining a little bit. And then a lot. Liz is just so nice to talk to and so sweet and funny and was always making me smile. And then I was pining a lot more. 

And then I was like. How do I flirt? How do I talk?? Would she ever even like me like that??? And she posted some selfies and I was like *A* omg she’s so beautiful???? And we were talking more and more and I was already like head-over-heels and she’s so amazing and supportive and we were talking about all sorts of little things and we started sending each other mail! And I was literally like oh hey maybe I can send her lots of cool things maybe I can write her beautiful letters maybe maybe maybe

And THEN one day she posted this art and her tags said it was similar to another drawing she had given to someone she wanted to smooch and I?? Was like??? You drew me a thing like this YOU DREW ME A THING LIKE THIS IS IT ME OMFG WHAT (I think I was actually less coherent than that)

And it was me *A*

And then we talked even more

And we skyped once and I was so giddy to see her and hear her and talk to her like in real time and I was so nervous and I ended up being all squeaky and barely making eye contact. And I’m just. So smitten. 

And then finally finally at the end of November last year I got to go to Chicago for the first time to go visit her and even though we were both crazy nervous, it was so amazing. And every visit since gets better and better and better, even though they’re already the best! 

And I knew I was in love so fast like I’ve just been so sure and I’m so in love with her and everything about her and it’s all just really been the very best thing and a;lsdfkjak Liz is better than I ever could have dreamed, more than I ever could have wanted. I love her more than I ever knew that I could love and I’ve never felt so loved before and she makes me feel so happy and safe and comfortable and wanted and just !!!!!!!

AKDJHFLD have some deets ohgosh 

My youth leader counted down to pray at youth group...

You remember elementary school? When the teacher would count down to get everybody to quiet down? That happened at youth group on Wednesday. We were about to pray. 

During the lesson, we were shushed about ten million times. Well, maybe not quite so many, but it felt like ten million. 

When we are super hungry and a meal is placed in front of us, we don’t turn to our friend and say, “What did the blonde…” No. We are hungry and food is there. So we eat. It is not the time to tell jokes! 

Well what if you knew that there was something more important than food? And let me tell you, God is waaaayyyyy more important than food. Yet, when we see our Bible collecting dust on the shelf, we decide breakfast should come first. Apparently, breakfast is so much more important that you don’t even pray before (I am very guilty of this). Or when we are at church or Bible study or youth group and see that we have a texxt on our phone, a Facebook notification, or a Tumblr post and decide to check that out instead of listening to God saying, “Look, I gave you this opportunity to learn about me. Take it. I love you, please listen to me.” Or our friend has a hilarious joke to say. A joke that is obviously going to last longer than God’s Word. Which is why it must be said at that moment.

No. We are spiritually starving. Yet we continue to neglect the food that is given to us. Today I got an extra slice of pizza at lunch because the first slice was amazing and I was hungry. Why don’t I do that with the Bible? My favorite book is Isaiah. It is so rich! Yet, I will often just read one verse of it. Not the next. 

My youth pastor counted down to pray. God established this church to have a relationship with Him. And guess what, a relationship is more than saying, “God? Yeah, I know Him. He is pretty cool. I like to chill with Him occasionally.” A relationship with God is trying to contain your excitement for the next time you spend with Him. A relationship is boasting in Christ (1 Corinthians 1:31). And how can you boast about someone you don’t know?

If you ask me about my best friend, I can talk for hours on how amazing, strong, beautiful, courageous, and wonderful she is. I will tell you how she has so much going on, but how God created her to overcome this world. I will tell you that I am so blessed to have a friend that I can love in this world. I want that in my relationship with Christ. When people see me and Natalie, they make jokes that we are always around each other. I want people to see that I am with Christ even more. And not in the way that I say, “Yeah, I can’t work Wednesdays because I have youth group. And I have to have time in the day for my personal Bible Study. Sundays I have Bible study before and after church. This summer I am going on a mission’s trip and it will be lit (with the light of Christ)…” You know when you hang out with a person so much that you just adopt a lot of their traits? I want that with Christ. People know Natalie is my best friend because we say the same things and have the same habits. How incredible would it be if people knew Jesus is first just because I act like Him? And this cannot happen when we are starving. 

Don’t count down to pray. Never stop praying. Listen to your pastor in church. to your youth leader at youth group. To your soul when it wants to open your dusty Bible. Because that is God saying, “You know I’m here for you? And I want to be part of the life I created. So invite me. Don’t ignore me. Listen.”